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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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construction of the somalia region special economic zone promises exceptional of that she did seize the debility fuel business in russia will come to the small region for more information log on to the contest and some are of all you. back with us here live from moscow with the headlines now renewed rifts at the heart of the greek government distain it replaces it just barely over the prime minister's bailout referendum stun poll with just a few hours to go now until a vote of confidence in parliament. the turmoil in greece adds to the trauma of global leaders at the g. twenty summit in cannes who are struggling to stem the debt contagion from spreading across europe. the mocked up mission touches down a simulated flight to mars is completed by
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a six man crew spending over five hundred days in isolation all as part of an ambitious and space experience. on the road to extradition campaigners cried foul as a computer whiz kid was told he had committed no major crime in the u.k. because still face trial in the united states. ok well up next. if you would join us on our trip across russia as we take you to discover the fascinating land of. the first settlements were founded here thousands of years ago. this is a land of ancient manton's and pristine forests and mountains here are very old and they are popularly known as the gray headed urals. brushes best honey is produced
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here. this is what we've got for today. and they use meds milk to make a strong beverage. freelances of cooma sedate keep the doctor away. and at the same time enjoy a view of the landscape. and i saw how he started falling down a stranger to grand. best key area a cherished blend of the foothills of ancient hymns. best kid is a republican central russia its southern poet is often they claim as one of russia's most spectacular natural features. the plame gradually blends with the old. newton the seven year olds his way europe in asia meet the landscape
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seems to be the best of what nature has to offer on both continents it is the place this place is surrounded by three nature reserves and three mountain ranges. that's part of the front settled. a little bit higher. pull this bit back oh. one of the most of these twelve tourists. this is the first tory they have ridden a horse. if there's a group in a ten man group only one has ever been on horseback for a lot of us and our job is to teach people how to saddle brush and bridle horses and. just this movie is the starting point of a tourist route to the republic's most famous so it's. it will culminate in a sense of mouth shut tight the highest mountain in the region. but before that these
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tourists will take a trip to examine ancient cabins can be as intense along the way. the base caves a file the length of the belly a river that's curious major was the way. you guys let's make a break. the only one of them right now we are on the horseback track of the route what will in six days we will head back to base. and some members of this group will then go rafting a lot. tries to visit this place. not to mention the breathtaking views. of film. for more than a year. this summer the energy of the urals is different from the mountains
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of the alps or the cult. don't feel that you can feel inside how it inspires you but the old wisdom and ancient beauty of. the. day the strong winds make paragliding a very dangerous undertaking. strong gusts of wind make it impossible to raise the wings. i'm waiting for the wind to change because right now this draft won't give me any lives. the first attempts to take off fail. this really makes it impossible for me. i should
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find another place maybe i'll get lucky i will pack away my parachute just yet. cath of a cave. tourist attraction is located. about three hundred fifty kilometers from the republic's capital. gang. maybe bones maybe stella tights. every fifteen minutes this group of moscow. pauses to answer questions from a to a group visiting the celebrated cave they want to know what the scientists are looking for. here take a look. may have come here to keep up this rock we assume that it was some sort of
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ritual. recently that it's found traces of an ancient people under several layers of cash while they were deciding what another tourist route. to skulls and skull fragments make it clear that the young girls were of an ethnic group that inhabited the urals. it is not entirely certain you know we think that the girls may have been killed and then buried here. this. however tourists are not allowed to see the most important discoveries of the cap of a cave there is the so-called graffiti at the top of the cave only researches are allowed to visit it. here we can see the first griffey ever found on the territory of the urals that was back in one thousand fifty nine. they were discovered two thousand
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kilometers from the western european center of paleolithic art the discovery sparked a lively response. the graffiti picturing moments of course is fifteen thousand years they are a unique example of prehistoric such graffiti have been found only in caves in the south of france. scientists still unclear about how ancient people could make paints that have lost for thousands of years. these natural paints are made from clay. they either used a stick or their fingers to spread them across the wall. i speed eulogists you're really has come to bust curia for the express purpose of
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studying the cap of a cave he has seen it thirty times in his many years yuri has already examined almost every nook and cranny of its passageways this book took hundreds of thousands of years to come as a vast three take a for the stream or broke call it what you like a rose the way the rock to make its way under it. and comes out from the other side as a full fledged stream after merging with other subdural any and streams. what we do we know it has enough water to feed into the so called blue lake but. when you get a monument of natural beauty. there divers can go down to a depth of more than eighty meters and that. it pains the
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scientists to see a cave with unique microclimate and rock graffiti slowly decaying under the impact of tourists. with the disease you got can see the enormous entrance to the cave people look like small insects against it of course the wind heat and moisture get into every corner of the enormous caverns ruining the ancient creations we're faced with a gigantic task of saving them i mean while the group of tourists is taken as a customer of the full mounting who says one small they will rough down the via river all the way to cap of a k. . the big is best cherry is lot just the most important waterway i. count on altogether. until. less forced catching i there in
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a challenging rapid so dangerous will pools in the belly or river even begin as can go rafting i this time however the tourists have got off to a nova stalls only two of them in the group have ever laid the heads on a paddle. at the headlight is a relaxing route for the beginners. where doing great i. the good sense to district is one of most popular tourist sites in past kariya. did a belly a river is squeezed between two cliffs. many of them contain deep caves which are being studied the tourist halls outside the so-called antony's cave. them there were several levels in the case. as an engineer i was very interested in
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how they could climb to the second level. they took a tree under the tree up a bit they cut away the branches and then climbed up the stumps with the pacific omes a bit and. nick it is in his first year medical college and five he comes from the indian state of goa which is a will develops tourist industry. he's delighted with the beauty of the belly a river. especially the scenic mountains and the fog especially it was really beautiful i mean like in third our european nature like i've never seen before it was a great experience right coming on their own an even the mountains and the river and the flowers and everything that was raised. alexi the paraglider has found an ideal spot for takeoff he has been shooting a film featuring the best kitty is beautiful scenery. alexy took
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a few moments before had to plan his flight and select some points for filming this time his first attempt to raise the wing was successful. the close up team has been to the richer for technological breakthroughs save human lives. now karachi goes to the sea. where unusual ways to protect nature. where farming pioneers place local cuisine to the highest pitch. but where future developments depends on the way. russia's black sea coast should close up on r.c.
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. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on holds true today at. least in chance a good chance to choose news to get with the status of the human experiments given . the weakness you see misrepresenting what it knows the basilica the triumph of sense of global economy and its arcane things as financial temple each of the pieces clambering to meet a no confidence in markets and taking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look keep the nations close to collapsing a subprime loan for people. to fail so we play banks again feel a little like think is us crash and imminent smash the ceiling it seems like christmas in the transition and three d.
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i think put strikes me on just programs increase the total economy. paraglider alexy continues filming the beauty of best kuria police video camera but after five minutes of flight the winds become stronger. i'll try to land. there some turbulence. he ends up being caught in a dangerous downdraft the wing collapses thirty metres from the ground.
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still luckily the strongest flow was focused on alexey safety still here don't try to help me up i'll do it myself. if the shock is gone now i'm ok and i will be fine no worries it's ok. you get used to the world is beautiful again. well it happens when you want forty paragliders sometimes take many risks they choose extreme routes and they might be in danger at any moment i'm used to it and i did everything in my power to save myself from the turbulence do you think you can go. to that alexy decides to call it a day. students as local history whose them
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is not so extreme in exploring his native country he was born in another part of bash kuria at all to several trips to the head of the barely a river he decided to stay here. believes that the whole best kid a nation originated here in the southern foothills of the us. this territory is the visiting card of the whole republic here as well as this area . it is second st bridge bashed here. in the name of this range. and it is close to the. people. from a war not older. if
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the territory surrounding the mountain range is part of the best kid nature is a member it's rare animals have been preserved here. in siberia india is treasured most of all they were brutal past kuria from the mountains in russia's east several decades. since then the animals have fully adapted to the new environment. these are the fleurs of a siberian deer and they shed them each spring these antlers have six prongs on them which means the deer was six years old siberian dear girl an extra one with every year. however isn't all for a siberian deer in this forest he wants to find could apply used to make a pest musical instrument of the same day. it is
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taken roost him several hours to find one an experienced player had time to look for the play. a low. down. sit down place. here a found us question. so you find one fault you found many of them. its great work. let me have a look at it. and we try for the. making you could avoid taste just health or you need to do is make several holes in the stork or this is how the first fool is me.
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what. another one will be three fingers away. like any musician. needs to have a good if in music this republican that was but that's only half of the story also he needs normally position teeth. the curry is not just a plant or a folk instrument it features on best curious national emblem. of the kind of could i close only here in the southern europe this is where my people live might as he says live here too they may have played such instruments
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fashions of years ago. and inside it's a set to go to the forest to inspect that beehives just so. they are some of the few farmers they keep up a long standing tradition of wild honey farming. these bees produce highly valued honey. there are twice as many enzymes and wild honey as there would be in beehive honey when the enzymes account for only sixteen percent. wild honey do not use any special equipment. that is needed to trunk of the tree is a length of rope. gathering wild honey is a treacherous toss. there are two men to a team in case one of them has an accident. i broke two bridge when i fell
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off the street for the first time ever that. i became a wild honey former in one thousand nine hundred two after my father retired having worked here for twenty years or less. my legs trembled during my first climb. but now it's just routine. playing. in fact the local species of birds and b. is just a symbolic of pressure as the cooler i is these bees produced the source off the honey. fitz this is the first hole you've inspection of the salma they hope this year would yield a good harvest. since. for . them because we didn't get to much today. are out of the
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bees have only just got down to work. it's a bit too early to judge this honey is not yet crystallised. like many of the locals wild honey farmers get around the forest on horseback the horse is the main means of transportation here. the best kids have always been a nomadic people but he says used to getting around. this is the most famous commis farm in best kuria commis is a beverage made of maize mill. but not one where you found two liter it's a time of three to four liters a day. there's need to be milked every two hours six times a day. is
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a drink coalmines all turkic peoples they use the same production techniques and bashkirian kyrgyzstan and. fresh milk is poured into a barrel made of a whole tree trunk. adding yeast they leave it for a while this sparks the fermentation process. the end product is a low alcohol beverage. fresh cuma spot has been fermented for one day contains one percent about the whole. left for two or three more days its content is higher. used to treat tuberculosis gastritis and stomach ulcers. having finished their off good venture the tourists camp out for the last time. they are preparing for tomorrow's final journey.
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in the morning they we faced with the trips greatest challenge scaling mouth shut tight the highest mountain in the area. it's in accordance with local tradition anyone who has visited this land at least once is expected to take away a symbolic souvenir these tourists a lucky they are presented with it could i made by a muster. of the local oh you know what can rise no. it's not it's a national desk your instrument and also a symbol of bashkirian. looks beautiful can i have one yes yes you can how do you play it it's difficult it was little you have to learn which is easy to make a tricky to play me i'm sure it is just the best kids souvenir thank you very much
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. the distance between the tourist camp and the rural village that crowns metal shop hike is a mere ten kilometers. however the scenery read the key changes over the two hours that the group takes to cover the distance. as an altitude of one thousand five hundred meters the plug life is completely different. if the last stage of mccloy and the tourists are confronted by a cliff. only following mr rhys the fall but the reward is worth it. to the top a shock. we'll
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. bring you the latest in science and technology from the ground. with the future of coverage.
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