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world leaders are smiling for the cameras in france about spending a lot of their time focusing on the crisis in the eurozone meanwhile other serious global problems are getting the cold shoulder as the g twenty summit wraps up and world leaders really help save the global economy. lukoil wait for the euro. to get through endless questions and changes and yet all eyes are on greece today as the prime minister prepares for a confidence vote so as this greek drama continues what will it mean for the global economy. when you come home you're full closure on your jobs gone.
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when you were to go to shelters. and they answered uncle sam's call when he needed help but as u.s. veterans head into a different type of battle uncle sam is nowhere to be found leaving the few in the proud to join the masses of homeless and unemployed americans if you can and look for the person who has nothing wrong in their background let me know when that example or what happens in washington doesn't necessarily stay there especially when it comes to the mainstream media's love for political sex scandals so should the politicians personal affairs affect his professional career and with more than a majority of americans saying political correctness has gone too far is it out with the old on in with a new way of thinking. it's friday november fourth five pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for watching our team. what began today with the g twenty summit
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which has just wrapped up and it's been a little drama filled even before the g twenty started reply minister george part and rail was summoned by german chancellor angela merkel and french president nicolas sarkozy it was called by some going to merge and see meeting and by others a scolding papa very well you remember wanted to let his people the people of greece vote on whether or not they wanted to accept the bailout plan that was hard fought to get for that country he has then changed his mind about that vote canceled it but later tonight there will be a vote on him a confidence vote which could decide whether or not he stays in power so you can see the focus of the entire summit this year the euro crisis and what's happened in greece for more on this season is now is on the ground in cannes france for. both the g. twenty no major breakthrough this time around especially on the euro which of course took over as the greek debt saga began to unravel in all different
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directions this week leaders did agree to bolster the role of the i.m.f. in order to prevent contagion but still expectations that the euro crisis for some time will remain in the spotlight the ever changing greek drama took center stage in camphor at the g twenty we hear a host nicolas sarkozy protesting what he calls the beating heart of europe till the end presuppositions resolution which is very strong. real nice and we will fight to defend europe and the euro. france and germany took action with this message to greece play by the rules or get out the greek prime minister made a cameo appearance in cam return to athens and canceled an impromptu referendum that would have more of last amount of public to decide if they stay or if they go when it comes to the euro perish the thought that they should actually be allowed to decide whether they want these things euro leaders say it is to agree to he
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should look like this if for greece is an independent country and i just want to see you know perfectly free i don't want to give any idea that we're trying to increase domestic political. finances given some exactly that idea there is no longer an independent country and has been for a while the conversation is always on what we need to do to satisfy our creditors demands and our creditors are the people who are going to determine whether we survive or don't survive and the so-called backbone of the eurozone could be trying to save its backside with a statement from circles see that those who break deficit rules should be punished some with sanctions even if he is breaking the same rules back home in france they're running a budget deficit budget beyond what what the rules of mass rich provide for the real irony with that is that the french banks are are so desperate for some sort of a bailout and if they didn't get one for greece for example they could potentially
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go under and could be playing a major role in the fight to save the euro which one of the hopes for the euro is help from the emerging economies or the brics but on a condition we heard from president medvedev saying they are part of the i.m.f. they donate money and they want to have more of their voices heard in the financial institutions also in the format of the g twenty and already there seems to be some headway on that in this summit in twenty eight thirteen for the first time ever will be held in a brick country in russia's capital. that was r.j. correspondent and he's there now with the latest at the g. twenty in cannes. keeping on now to a very sad story they were trained to serve and protect their country they put their lives in danger they put in their time but when they return home from the frontlines it turns out no one was there to serve or protect them we're talking about america's veterans wounded by war physically or emotionally others wounded by
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what they found on the homefront a country with few jobs and few prospects for the future are she's on a saucer churkin reports. their job is to defend their country's interests but once there are jobs gaps up their country has no interest in them any longer terms of thousands of american war veterans are simply being discarded the coming home just proportionately of homelessness of foreclosures and infections in two thousand and one in seventy five thousand iraqi history veterans united states homeless were sleeping on the streets were veterans like fifty five year old gentleman joe after sixteen years of military duty he's homeless on the streets of new york with health problems he can't afford to take care of and no job has a figure like this is not even you know it's it's a great you know if you're. on the road for three more large i have no resources you know ok a quarter point about her i was working for. another reporter
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one very near jew says all the u.s. military machine cares about is money well the people who risk their life and limb are disposed of once they've served the purposes of politicians a certain point you hear about numbers. restraint in numbers those are great keep numbers are required to get his money he gets his promotion it's probably through the care for themselves. turns out they care about you all right know. the u.s. is winding down its operations in iraq and afghanistan but the damage to the people who fought in those wars we need to play a system that is unable to provide us with the services that we need the services that we're entitled to as a result of you know signing a contract and putting our lives on the line for our country unemployment rates among war veterans are staggering they're coming home to an unemployment rate is about thirty percent for iraq afghanistan veterans this is you know triple the
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national average joining the military used to be considered a great career staff that led to a life of honor these days this couldn't be further from the truth joining the u.s. military is probably one of the stupidest retirement or career moves you can make as a human being and you tauriel columnist ted rall says military service is one of the biggest courses in american history and they're defending the borders they're expanding the empire the we owe them they've lost their minds and they've lost limbs and they've lost their time and they took the risks and they deserve it but somehow it's just you know generation after generation america keeps screwing its bets there are said to be eighteen suicide attempts a day among veterans in america hundreds each month handling the realities of being provided at home it's tough when you come home you're your foreclosure on the jobs gone and then they want to go to shelters and shelters pretty much housing
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criminals drug addicts and a lot of them can't tolerate that lifestyle the hardest truth is that many believe forgotten bats back at home is a permanent stain on america's image this reality is set to continue indefinitely with no end in sight so despite the iraq war i'm supposedly ending of course that's yet to be seen a reality for soldiers of these constant playmates the words we don't want to fight that's not going to church after almost nine years of war in iraq. u.s. government plans to bring american soldiers back home by the winter holidays but with joblessness homelessness and official neglect an undeniable reality for america's veterans after the cruel two for thousands more may be faced with the cruelty of life after it was those who archie new york. well it didn't take long the twenty twelve presidential field for the g.o.p. is still wide open and as we could predicted one of the front runners is embroiled in an alleged sex scandal with political breaking the story that several years ago
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two of his employees at the national restaurant association received settlements after accusing herman cain of sexually harassing them this is a story you will see just about everywhere but we want to take a look at things a little differently first of all how big of a deal is this really and has political correctness just gone too far already correspondent liz wahl has this report. only the part where asking me the question did you go about ok don't you think the media fascinated by cain's alleged sexual harassment scandal has mine after have line is he and i the cash payout to the two women what is this made people think of herman cain cain's accusers have yet to come forward to tell the public what exactly happened yet the media remains fixated on the issue while at the restaurant association i was accused of sexual harassment falsely accused but do voters really
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care apparently not in iowa where they seem unfazed by his alleged promiscuity back in the ninety's doesn't pass misstep makes someone unfit to lead if you're going to look for the person that has nothing wrong in their background let me know where that can all go for me but despite the revelations cain is keeping his position on top the day after the story rare in. his campaign so the best one reason they ever was more than three hundred thousand dollars in one day a post scandal poll shows cain is still in the lead but twenty six percent of likely republican primary voters supporting him i am going to vote with the person who makes them. who has the most interest that i consider important part could it be that americans are realizing there are just too politically correct a recent poll shows seventy nine percent of americans say political correctness as a serious problem in the nation so far cain has proven staying p.c.
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isn't his top concern with no real sense of where they think. the ledger but. so does america get to learn how to take a joke and who knows once we find out what these allegations were or what if it's you know it could just be the way herman cain is that he jokes and somebody you know look at the wrong way while in the red hot race to be the next republican nominee we're likely to hear a lot more of their deshon about the candidates past the. so is the mainstream media just hyping up the latest political sex scandal to boost their dismal ratings or is there a real story here we want to explore this question at the end of the day does a politician's personal affairs actually affect the way they do their job for more earlier i was joined by chris chambers journalism professor at georgetown university and jennifer achi president of grassroots p.c. i asked them to talk about political correctness and if it's gone too far here's
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where their dissent. i think so and there's a fundamental difference in this story between allegations from anonymous sources of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior and i think the underlying foundation is that voters are exhausted by and a lack of leadership in this country and well they're focused on their spunk shown in congress the economy in shambles just look at recent polling nine percent approval rating for congress which is pretty much family and staffers record lows for the president politico rasmussen just had a poll that eighty two percent of americans feel that they are worse off than they were five years ago gallup pad one saying seventy five percent are no worse economic shape than they were and looking forward to the future as well i think that's the bedrock of the problem right now and what do you think ross well you know if it's political correctness there is
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a dearth of common sense and tolerance in this country. and then there's a difference over want to the words common sense and tolerance mean depending on what side of the spectrum you might be on and that's the key is politics i don't think people don't care about personal life i think they don't care about the candidates personal life if their candidate is targeting their target demographic so in other words if you know you have a campaign that's marketed towards a certain target or could be. african-americans who could be very conservative republican base voters if they're ramped up and hyped up and sparked up no they don't care but it's not i don't care because it's not important it's i don't care because i think that's a really good point and if you look at history there seems to be not a final answer here there's a serious one decision remember back in the late eighty's or in one thousand i think presidential candidate who everyone thought was
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a shoe and gary hart photos surface of him on. cation with a model who was not his wife and his political career was over but then let's fast forward bill clinton in during the campaign season we have the gennifer flowers scandal we have during his presidency the monica lewinsky scandal and guess what he seems to be the most one of the most beloved present presidents of alive right now so are people changing up people become becoming more forgiving what do you think i think again i'd separate the situation between mr cain and a lot of these other individuals i mean you have fully flirting wiener tweeting larry craig tapping his foot bill clinton in his situation i think right now is there it is mysterious you know i think right now the big problem that people are focused again on the economy the despondent congress the dysfunction the political process and the frustration lies with one of these guys have the time to do this stuff so perhaps if the economy was good and things were good then we could care
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about what actually was going on and then again we forgive as well as in bill clinton situation which you are to cue it so. there is what you said earlier readings i mean this keeps the this keeps this churning and it's good for everybody if you're if you're. a certain slow so voters especially the republican side and you are or all of a sudden i was a as a victim and you were a champion you start raising more than a quarter of a million dollars through fifty thousand dollars you know in two days so it's good for everybody let's talk about the media coverage of this chris you're obviously a journalism professor at georgetown for the last few days this herman cain story this has been all of that anyone is talking about it's almost as if nothing else is even going on in the world but i think jon stewart kind of put his finger on it as i want to play a little clip that he did after last night not to talk about it. what the congress
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are debating the motto of the united states. are part of our national heritage ever since our founding fathers created our motto back in one nine hundred fifty six. k. . is that what we're doing are we are we taking suggestions for new novels i got a couple i'll get america you've met our drones now meet our people. you know it's thinking of drones there has been a lot of drone attacks recently and there is a are almost a war going on in somalia right now i'm not hearing about bad you know in times towards talking about what congress is talking about there are things going on in the world but why is the herman cain story taking up so much of the airwaves well this is simply the bogus nature of what is perceived as quite a tabloid here in town being politico going off of this story feeding the narrative from anonymous sources the other problem being i met with some of campaign senior
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leadership on wednesday and this surge in the polls contributions except for a kidnapping evil them it happened so recently they haven't been able to hire an adequate staff to be able to deal with this situation so they in turn as well fed into this narrative if they are able to redirect back on to his strengths talking about the economy talking about we're also have a looming crisis with iran you mentioned somalia ghana eccentric cetera there are so many fundamental huge issues that voters care about that that's where it needs to get redirected on and this is purely just spectacle media it's just a question though you know does the media are they giving us what we want are they telling us we should want well we've talked about this numerous times i mean it is a chicken and egg sort of the lomo but again it depends on what they're trying to do to keep their viewers that they feed to their sponsors. so in other
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words you know on you know on fox you will see you know the talk show kind of defense mechanism triggered might not be for any other reason but to make those viewers happy their target demo happy so they deliver them to the sponsors and it depends on on how much they can get. and that was chris chambers journalism professor at georgetown university as well as daniel ferrazzi president of grassroots peacey. well still ahead here on r t well g. twenty leaders wrap up their meeting in france u.s. unemployment numbers are just about the same so why is greece getting all the attention when there are so many other problems that need to be solved and what solution can really come out of this. with thank. you we. thank the. test the nobody seems to
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know. that every pepper sprayed the base by part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. looking to the capital and. i do want to talk more about the g. twenty i know a little earlier we showed you a report about what was on the agenda what was going on now i want to talk more
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about the implications of it how it may change things earlier i spoke to karl denninger what the markets are here it was a nice fellow florida i asked karl to break down for me what happened what didn't happen and to tell us why anyone should care here's his take. the i.m.f. attempted to get more funding commitments from the g. twenty they are really failed to do that they attempted to get some kind of a deal hammered out that would isolate this to greece and the reason is that greece does not have any hope of actually being able to be say there's a default in the future for that but the concern is not greece because the exposure there is this is able to be handled it's going to hurt but the problem is italy and if it spreads beyond greece and into italy and portugal and italy as pawns in particular have been under attack for the last couple of weeks and despite all of the arm waving and feel good promises of backslapping that has gone on this has not slowed down so we get to
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a point here where in the next few months there is some rollover that has to happen in india tell you that market but most of italy's debt is a fairly long duration so the fear level that's associated with this implies that there was something more involved maybe in the credit protection market for example of credit default swaps that we talk about. yet in this here town that went largely overshadowed by what's happening in greece and i know we're just a couple hours right now way from the confidence there how does greece this time tomorrow. i think the confidence vote is a coin toss but the the real problem here is that whichever way it goes the problem doesn't get solved because if the confidence vote fails and then you have snap elections the question becomes whether or not the next traunch a day will be released and the the answer that we've been given at least at this point from angela merkel and sarkozy is that the answer is no. if the confidence vote passes then we have
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a new coalition government that is basically for the better from that process and does get released but at the end of the day what this means is that greece is going to have to continue to stop spending more than a taking in taxes and they've not managed to figure out how they're going to do this. the retraction of all of these government programs that are going to be necessary to make this happen hasn't taken place and you know we've been at this now where you're going after we're still the same place we were few weeks ago so i don't see any answer from greece's standpoint i think a default there is inevitable the bigger issue for them is you heard angela merkel and it's a cosy say this is a vote on whether or not you want to remain in the euro that's not up to them there is no mechanism in the european union founding documents to allow them to expel the country so if greece leaves it will be on greece's terms start on sort of interesting i wasn't aware of that. and went out and anything good that has come out of this it seems to me there's a lot more time this year about countries like greece that have these weird
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policies about taxes and things like a lot of people there have been able to just get away with not paying taxes not reporting their income fairly and they're starting to talk about other countries where this goes on do you think that that in light of what we've seen in greece that we're going to see a closer eye kept on some of these countries. probably but at the end of the day it all comes down to the same question we have here in america as well which is that the government is spending more money and it takes an attack since we have people both in this country and in those nations that are demanding the government provide certain services whether to be social pensions with the jobs for people that you not have you know it teaching positions or whatever have you doesn't really matter where it is but the government is not take mina no money in taxes to pay for those things that the people demand and one of two things has to happen either the taxes have to go up dramatically in order to cover this or the services have to come down
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dramatically and what that means is that either way you slice this the size of the economy shrinks because if you stop giving away all of this free stuff then obviously the economy gets smaller by the amount that you take out and yet if you raise taxes you're just taking money away from the private economy in order to redistribute to the p. five hundred other side so you neck case the economy shrinks too and this is what nobody wants to face now i think you said two things either it or cut had to be made or taxes have to be raised and i would add a third thing maybe people just have to start paying their taxes that aren't paying their taxes before perhaps. but if people pay the taxes then it's still money that comes out of their pocket so you no matter how we get from one place to another the bottom line is that the size of the overall economy gets all right i want to talk about i think the world leaders that were there including president obama president obama there today talking and i want to play for you one of the questions he got
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while he was at the g. twenty summit. given that you have just witnessed the difficulties. of averting economic problems beyond your control. what state you think you can of people feeling when you face reelection st. jim i have to tell you the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of fear from so what's going on i mean why are reporters you know going to the g twenty summit and talking to the president about the election and things like the focus here should be on today and you know i think the president acknowledged what's going on with these reporters asking these questions i think it's a legitimate question and we just had another report that shows that we have essentially a stagnant unemployment rate hovering in the area of nine percent that's understating the case chromatically the real unemployment rate in our states close to sixteen percent if you look at the people who have given up and you have to count them i mean if i don't have
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a job but i can't find one that certainly counts is unemployed but in government statistics it does but. when you look at that and you say well you know we've got one in seven approximately people that are out of work this is a major problem in this country and this is something that ultimately again goes back to government funding because you cannot collect income taxes so if you're talking to have a job and yet this is the this is the economy that we face in the united states i think it's a major problem for the democratic party coming into the elections the problem is i don't see any answers coming from the republicans either so we're we find solutions here in the u.s. we are definitely in a tough spot that is first our let's talk real briefly karl about the g. twenty itself we have this conference every year and you know it's always played out to be such a big deal you've got all the heavy hitters sitting around the table together what actually comes out of these things. very little and the reason for it is quite simple you don't know for someone to get someone has to give well who wants to give
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. nobody it's the the old question of you know we have currencies in the world today everybody would like you we currency because it makes your exports easier but that means somebody else has to have a strong currency and of course nobody wants to take their exports or give it to you so we we have this very go round game that gets played with the g. twenty. and especially people sit around and feel good in an issue these communications and in fact nothing hardly ever changes. i guess my final question for you is you know we were waiting on results from greece of course. is there anything at this point that can be done you say that greece is not quite the biggest worry that portugal and italy are but is there anything that can be done in the next few days to remedy any sort of these situations you know in the next few days absolutely not this is a problem that is thirty years of the making is not going to go away overnight the
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economies of the western world need to reorganize around sustainable output and consumption within those economies without this government borrow and spend support and that also means without the central bank support that we both the federal reserve this is not something that's going to come willingly but eventually the mathematics just work out the the way they are these institutions and governments are going to be forced to do the right thing even though it's politically very unpopular right always good to hear from you karl denninger from the market sector thank you well that is going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered that r.t. dot com slash usa are check out our you tube page at youtube dot com slash r t america you can also follow me on twitter. if you want to show it coming up at a half hour from now christine for sound.


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