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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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machinery easy where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more. fuck fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. are you ready to rumble joining me this week for the big picture rumble our very cutter columnist a town hall contributing writer for big government dot com the daily caller erica canoing a democratic strategist here in washington d.c.
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and tony katz host of the tony has radio spectacular on the aisle patriots media network let's get started so why do republicans hate average americans and love billionaires we have a jobs and poverty crisis in america the republicans filibustered another jobs bill the senate last night you know president obama wants before to fifty thousand americans back to work rebuilding roads that really need it and would have paid for with it seven tenths of one percent surtax on every dollar made after the first million it won a majority of votes in the senate but it was still filibustered by the republicans filled by republicans and filibustered cut off will subsidies to the five big oil companies exxon chevron b.p. conoco phillips show up shell even though they're already making over one hundred billion this year and we've got to give them another six billion in corporate welfare republicans are calling for lower corporate tax rates even though g.e. boeing wells fargo paid zero taxes the last three years made one hundred sixty billion bucks and you know i just don't get it and i don't get we're trying to come
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from with this. it was a bipartisan filibuster it was to demagogue democrat including you don't like the democrats who voted against it but that's just how he would. be. it wasn't on the grass but i would say i was south enough for republicans here and i'll say the town i'm not going to say that they don't hate everyday americans they just really love billionaires much much much much more than. you rock obama's dinner with billionaires all the time so he seems very fond of them and i think let's go back to the senate bill here and the jobs and and this issue with the infrastructure the infrastructure in this country is it is a massive problem we saw the minneapolis bridge which class which is why nick i wish i was the sponsor of this bill and we know how many bridges are out there that are not structurally sound and it's shovel ready you know a lot of places one was a little bit worse there was the grunow stimulus we passed there was money and. then there was neither where there was a trillion dollars that was the state to help out
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a little bit they didn't spend on interest or a problem with the conversation is that i apologize if i got the wrong nelson there you're thinking that government is the answer for how we get jobs back it we're moving regulation decreasing of corporate tax rates allow the small business owner ok it will save me because i don't think that i mean i wish i was a hands are arrangements but i think that government and green jobs yeah you know government is necessary to the job it's just like the period tony how do you say or what agency up there government there are for private sector jobs tell me how the economy suffers from government jobs are teachers' jobs not is now as we grow under government you know the private sector again those it creates more jobs and you know that the child is a child no it's not a job how do you know it's going to have some job to somebody in the. nation and the private sector job creates wealth there's a huge difference of the employed government and government workers at some of them that i would say so are you need are you going on the record saying that you think
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we should raise unemployment yes because when the republicans are going to lead the way i ate a hundred thousand people so far this year they buy groceries with their mortgage you want to talk about anemic job growth we had eighty thousand jobs created this was you know hundred for. and we still need three hundred. of these roads alone to maintain zero. degree this stuff filibustering the pro he needs are for us to get. what is being a trillion dollars you're going to do it kind of there are out there those of us private construction companies that build roads and bridges and infrastructure those are private sector jobs there's plenty of say are you know it's not it's not a trader's you know what you're all right why do you need that you really against those which you're. going to move on to because you're this is this is tell you how do you republicans put together they were put forward their first proposal for the gang of twelve was eight hundred billion dollars in tax cuts mostly for the rich so reagan's tax cuts in the one nine hundred eighty s. were super can see in the stimulus right he grows three times the national debt
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spends it and then claims credit for the good times that came out about it was george tenet with. the second does the same thing five trillion dollars originally and house yes indeed and actually these were these were the budgets the reagan proposal struck you go back and these were the budgets that reagan. no budget proposed ever got maybe not to the pay they were called into the way every every scenario but here's the question are republicans you know here's you know reagan runs our national debt bush runs up our national debt this is supposed to give us economic good times and then the republicans are screaming about the debt but you're opposed to running the national debt or do you get yourself as a greater respect for not going back to the only person that. i think would be a democrat that that is the last time it was done i'm sorry but i think there are definitely coming up a. good you know not everybody here mike my point is that is that there is there's
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a meet i just have to answer that newt gingrich stood on the floor of the house of representatives and ordered every single republican to vote against their budget to balance the budget with bill clinton and said in fact that bell if their budget was passed it. lead america into quoting newt gingrich next great depression was going slow going on there was not one single republican i will tell you that ninety three republicans took over and. the balance budget started happening in the city but i doubt it since help me out of the next inning you know how do you post you know that the sending of the right one thousand nine hundred four in one thousand nine hundred four i mean you have to also native i know that you. want to go back to this idea that the idea that taxes are the big problem here when you have a pool of money you need to be with raising money you need to have money coming in and money going out and this idea that will continue to have money going out and these works but for now starting out from down below me and i don't let me finish is that the money it's just going out and going out and we're not it's not going to be discretionary spending that we just not killed any dollars we're taking in last
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money that we took in before when we were young yes we take. wealth disparity and the fact that there are corporations and that as you know was it but that says that he paid a higher lower tax rate than his secretary secretary or raise or cut a check to the government he's free to pay as much as instead of taking it out of the did. you think it is that we need to. the way that it is structured is structured that people like him are paying a lower rate they're not i mean you know you really are going to. x. ray for people who make their money with money i don't know a lot of guys like they are so little interest because i think these hires the biggest accounting firms in the world. does his own tax and you know if you're only in dollars for berkshire hathaway's there are a few conversations that i hold on i got interrupt you there are two conversations that play if you were in favor of balancing budgets why the world would be fit in favor of obama because he isn't balancing the budget he is spending like
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a drunken sailor and i knew what your saying is your claiming that reagan exploded by the republicans you really are just waiting like your last good luck because you might lose a year's worth of the nancy pelosi thing yourself and those are a few names. a lot of money. even though you know what's the i don't have time to nothing in terms of how many bells and path and the level of. rasping we need is no i don't it gets you nothing like that without it i think not anywhere near enough to do it i mean nobody wants to criticize something that many people can effect because she did nothing and now you're going to say that it would be better if she did nothing for the economy she did nothing for the fight if you think it's bad because it was a guy who said to stimulate my way out lied to the other day when she said we had fifteen percent unemployment and. i need my bell here she did pass two hundred twenty pieces of legislation that got filibustered by the republicans and that's a great economy would you want to see legislation that would as we're going to give people tax or corporations tax breaks for bringing jobs oh and democrats have sixty
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votes in the senate circle with your job as was stated if i don't see what i'm going to want to move i want to hear about the state of vermont housing. on this. i don't know some possible the state of vermont is trying to be the first statement country to set up a single wide single payer state wide single payer system health care system two different nonpolitical governmental agencies you know basically guys in green age in vermont crunch the numbers on this and the state of vermont will see if they put into place was. basically medicare part d. everybody's garbage and it was put into this place and they will say to anybody you want your point eight billion for everybody one point eight billion dollars over the next decade and here's a chart this is from the national nurses association the church shows how a national single payer system would not only replace all the jobs lost in the last year the bush administration the two point six million jobs and medicare and. it's
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over here and. look at the economic stimulus the citi group bailout cost us three and this is for a national health care program the secret to our cost is three hundred fifty one billion they made for america. this is two hundred thirty billion causes one hundred sixty eight billion edgy cost is one hundred fifty billion to cover every single american with a national health care program cost sixty three billion dollars i wouldn't say it is and i do that and i think no one first first we'll go back go back to that chart if you go back really quickly i am not in favor of any of those bailouts and i'll sure as heck not in favor of any kind of health care plan that forces me into contract b. of the barrel of a gun it's just wrong you know i'm talking about national. analysts that the heritage foundation i study i have my sympathy canada. is moving away from their single payer system they're going to you try telling that to a canadian something i try to tell you because it was great until you get seriously you know you get the flu it's great you get cancer you send the united states because you can't it's not free so you know they're moving towards
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a private system because the public system is failing absolute keep we treat everybody equally badly absolutely it's a great system as long as you don't have sinatra this is this is it is i'll actually i'm very wary people would come across. as well when i was around her cancer treatment nonsense i think now i'm going to i would go back to your growers and or and a half south of. what is the montreal thank you and and everyone we are going private i never saw a canadian in montpelier looking for health care but every single we go was did you see everybody in the series is every week the buses would line up to fill with americans to go up to montreal to buy pharmacy those same buses would bring cancer patients back to you no it wasn't i would bet your ass i want to hear any reason at all what you might mean when eric told me to undermine this is the government's going for mind is a really great and a great state to kind of program as it's a rather homogeneous population it's a smaller population so you can get on a smaller scale of love's ferret system came to the united states for his cancer treatment the guy who decides who gets life as we came to the united states you
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can't keep going down that road and we can do anecdotes if you came across the border from what i'm going to go. many usually good state to try and a pilot program. i don't care facilities go to. well you need a lot of it because what it does it allow the only thing you know a system that's large enough to actually test out what it's like to do something you know personally but not so large that it's become you know too difficult to actually show. this. wasn't so i'm not saying that they're not pretty good just hold on one minute so my point is that interview when we looked at doing this for the national for the for america across the board we found that it was it was a tough thing to do because they and others and the charts and then charts companies and the way the system currently is now with the economy being as as kind of volatile as it was that it was kind of you know and i'm sure and we were trying to do a more a bigger compromise and a hybrid of bill and economic systems that the republicans supported and then the republicans backed out and didn't want to play it off but that's not to say that
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that single payer wouldn't work it would just need to be all in if you're going to do it if there's no way to do it until the people without insurance are flooding their somebody with six they move their you know sort of a years ago well massachusetts and everybody who wanted to do the math as you say this is going to this yes it's works with it's health care so that it is actually a single payer so that is how to do whatever it is without seeing patients there they're not in. so we all agree run the screwed up ideas because democrats only ate sacred as it were if you can't make progress in michigan to make it work in the our own sweet social just. democrats in michigan have passed a law trying to crack down on bullying the leading cause of teen suicides the united states is mostly gay teens who are bullied and so they passed this law they named it after this kid met airplane and the republicans just in the senate today passed an amendment to the bill as the bill does not prohibit does not prohibit the
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statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction in other words if your religion teaches you to hate gays it's ok to believe them to death i was mad to show my. where i want you to show me where in this conversation that you have could you're attacking christians that's what you're doing god i'm going to actually believe. this i want to do this or not hate you i love you i want you to show us where i want you to show me where there are questions out there saying i did not eat in schools i hate you and i hope you jump off a bridge and die because you're gay oh you're so beautiful i don't react to that you are. just anybody who's really as that's disgusting that you would even mention that there are universally condemned and you know that's like the good guy. coming at me in both directions or we can actually a conversation right when you think you know me are standing out in my point if i
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talk about school small hold on you said show me some christians i'm going to i'm like mike if you want to hold on when i have two conversations or when i said he said show me some christians and the point that their extremist with every religion the same way that nobody thinks that al qaeda represents muslims no one should think that the westboro baptist church reflects christians but christians are to say that because god told me that i can beat this kid because you know his what he's doing is wrong i don't believe it is no it's not ok it's not that you're getting old and it is all you think it is it's your. legislator who are out of the we're not agreeing with what we are so you can't can't legislate so we should not have laws against. that's not what i said. since that's by the way was not a series of show it's not immoral as you know you want to know what your saying is that you want to legislate. as you will that legislators may have likely to say if you are not. going all four of us are talking and nobody can hear a word or say just you know just for the record ok so back to this point if you're
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saying that if your religion teaches you to hate gays it's ok to intimidate a kid with point i absolutely did not say that never once go back and check the tape what i'm saying is that what this law is trying to do is prevent christian from being christians and christians teach that homosexuality is a sin and you want to take that out yet can't you can argue whether christians are right about it but you can't tell christians they can or can't teach based on their beliefs and i was never taught in my church that being gay is wrong and. actually i was taught that what jesus was here on earth could do was to teach us to treat he had he had dinner with the tax collectors and the lepers and the prostitutes and that god is the ultimate judge. and that it is not good that is to love i don't love my neighbor. as to what is really into you as in believing to me is unwilling to the camera man it's subjective it's more thought policing than anything else it's a crime it's a. nose under the tent and
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a thought crime going should be dealt with by the teacher and by the terrorists it happens it helps think it's terrorism is terrorism so the guys who flew planes and nine eleven are the same as a kid somebody for their goal was to secure that your perverted view of the reality is to change terrorism is trying to change the news behavior of the bullying leave just. because. it's not suicide to us so what happens there the only people who as if it was i don't believe on this is not in dispute and yes it is also called bullying is trying to mitigate another person through threat of violence or the pressure or the kind of persistent. terror over art of being a kid for god i actually think you can throw under such an iou grow up as a child without being made fun of and frankly how do we end up being made fun of him with really high self-esteem and no justification for it who end up paying so when he hardly maiming other people people tell me that if people think that they deserve if you're a veteran you're not going to start right away we had to go to court for sexual
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harassment allegations a surface against herman cain over the weekend his campaign announced he's raised a lobbying run point two million bucks so it's like getting yourself involved in a scandal and then blaming liberals for targeting you is a pretty lucrative tactic so one of the scandal nights some cash hungry republican candidates get themselves involved in this is a quick fire this is a little fifteen twenty second answer just to bring in a few more bucks a mitt romney leads a story that he's embraced as polygamous roots and has for secret wives be rick perry fesses up to his bizarre speech in new hampshire and admits yeah he's one of the losers people were in human caused and see rick santorum assaults a starbucks worker after he's asked if he wants his cappuccino extra frothy or you can make up your own well i think that might be mitt romney's caught drinking a coke or maybe one of them spread the rumor that they spent thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars to have dinner with obama one of his rich people congress. means i think it's starbucks for i think we can all agree that we are tired of
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paying four dollars for a coffee and that we would like to go back to being a life in the teens in fact in a land where you got your coffee. how do you follow the eighty nine same club. none of the stories that are worth the time it's just the important thing to remember is that if you don't like herman cain you're racist and i think that's the important thing to remember here and here's my take on it is that herman cain is going to jump into another scandal make another million bucks by announcing that he is the love child of the koch brothers dad fred koch here he is. just so i can clarify this but immediate this might be a break to do that now submit to media. i am the. brother from another mother. yeah. but. i want a piece that will. i do have my own thank you and i think it's
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a thank you all thank you all for being here also koch brothers money. coming up on the big picture find our dangerous people the conservative media been pal around with a no i'm not talking about republican lawmakers. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions through . who can you trust no one who is in view with the global mission where we had a state control. sections when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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remember. this back in two thousand and eight. is someone who sees america as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country my question is why does sarah pailin herself think america is imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists and target their own country after all she's a paid employee of g.o.p. t.v. also known as fox news and fox is pretty well connected with some deranged
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terrorists and for radical militia men in georgia who were arrested this week after plotting to blow up government officials and poisoned cities and highly toxic rice one of the plotters allegedly said there's no way for us as militiamen to save this country save the constitution save georgia without doing something that's highly highly illegal murder these terrorists were inspired by a former militia leader turned author my gander who wrote about a revolt against the federal government by militias in a boat previously called for americans to violently throw bricks through the windows of democratic offices to protest health care reform back in two thousand and nine by the way some were thrown and he's also been featured as a commentator just like sarah palin on you guessed it boxer called news or g.o.p. t.v. i guess fox often led to doing bets on t.v. as do a lot of networks so i can't really blame them if one of their commentators inspired
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a bunch of terrorists in georgia but then there's a case of terrorist scott roeder who killed abortion doctor george tiller in his church back in two thousand and nine any idea where roeder might have got his motivation to kill george tiller and terrorize other abortion doctors across america. the the. the yes the free the al qaeda the. exception in the us. the the. the the. the the. the the. so rotors inspire is another terrorist inspired by something he signs g.o.p. t v what about terrorist byron williams the guy who loaded his car full of guns and
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ammunition and jumped on the highway on a mission to kill members of the a.c.l.u. inside foundation byron was stopped on the way by cops were any got into a twelve minute shoot out with them more than two hundred rounds fired before surrendering contrast in what motivated him to terrorize this left leaning organization and here's what he had seen. the conservative values of the country the rebel media. exception to the of. the of. the of. the day. when back blue is mine when back devoted
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a number of segments on his show to vilifying the tides foundation he called the bullies who want to quote warp your children's brains and make sure they know how evil capitalism is and abroad. back warren the tides foundation on his shows saying to them i'm comin for you no need to go after them though clown byron williams tried to do it for you the point is as much as g.o.p. t.v. likes to hype islamic terrorism and muslim caliphates and ground zero mosque the biggest threat doesn't come from the middle east it comes from right here at home they come from domestic terror as this chart from the f.b.i. shows between one thousand nine hundred eighty ok here's the this is this is basically the this is are all the other forms of terrorism in the united happened in the u.s. is according to the f.b.i. and this includes you know nine eleven this is muslim terrorism inside the united states i mean so and in fact the interesting way
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a chunk of this was puerto rican it actually happened in puerto rico per of nationalism there are other groups you know and basically none of them are no slums six percent muslims so between one thousand eight hundred and two thousand and five of all the terror attacks on u.s. soil including nine eleven and least six percent were carried out by muslims just six percent that's it according to the southern poverty law center there are over one thousand known hate groups operating right here inside the united states of america and their number has grown fifty four percent since two thousand or since farcical news took on their all to right wing stance and these hate groups are capable of one thinkable destruction as we learned with the oklahoma city bombing and we nearly learned with this case of these militia men who were arrested for plotting rice and attacks in georgia between the militia men scott roeder byron
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williams and who knows who else has picked up a weapon after being frightened of violence there's a common thread and that common thread the thing that you find going through all of these terrorist efforts. at least in the united states the the the though you can probably generalize this worldwide but speaking of this common thread is fear fear of the other whether they be people of color or muslims or gays you name there's an industry in america and always has been that lives on fear it's only when americans learn to stand up to the fear industry and say we're americans we're the land of the free and the home of the brave we are not afraid it's only then that these people will be stripped of their power to incite fear and will see the hate groups and the domestic terrorists begin to fade away. i saw the picture first and i have a quick announcement for our viewers in los angeles saturday nights might be
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