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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 7:01am-7:31am EDT

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is now holding talks to form a temporary governing coalition after narrowly surviving a crucial confidence vote in parliament but george papandreou is far from secure following a week of intense criticism after announcing and then withdrawing a referendum on the e.u. bailout conditions firth is in athens for us. it was a week where we thought everything it could have changed and yet we've wakened this morning at the end of the week see that everything remains the same at least for the time being we saw a prime minister passenger and his government narrowly managing to survive that confidence mission in parliament yesterday one hundred fifty three votes for one hundred forty five against it was very very close but then it was always going to be it's been a week of gymnastic decisions i just want to show you the front page of one of the great newspapers here are the headlines saying the politicians play with fire and that's really very much the sense that you get from a lot of the people here and it's not just the people it's the politicians as well this was the message that was sent to the year is
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a need is this week and it was one of uncertainty because we began the week of course with the announcement from prime minister passenger a about the possibility of a referendum on the easy bad out plans now we were in parliament last night to listen to his address to the m. case to try to save his political career he did hint that he might be willing now to step down from the place are still a very realistic possibility he said he didn't care at this point whether or not he was reelected he's meeting with the president of the republic to discuss his cause for the new coalition government but a lot of confusion surrounding just what this coalition is going to look like because the heads of the main opposition party rejected the coups for a coalition so we're going to have to wait and see now whether passageways going to be able to pull off forming some kind of unity government without them or whether they're now going to have to be included into another possibility a lot of people here are talking about is having a will still resign and then someone from his own party could step up into that
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spot right now what was interesting last night was that the last person to address the m.p.'s was the finance minister in venice well us here a lot of people saying that is the hint that perhaps he could be the next one for the future that both lists. about mid december they gang need that next tranche before they run out of cash and now that was really one of the big things and the focus of a lot of the talks yesterday was that these calls the snap elections really a lot of the politicians felt that if elections and happen j. himself that if elections are going ahead that by the time they finished the country would be bankrupt they really are trying to ram three anything that needs to be done to get this final bailout chanche of course this was the focus of the year is a need is the meeting of the g. twenty over the last couple of days with allies on greece the focus is also turning now to italy if you see a country like italy start to get the same way as greece and really
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a lot of people feeling that that's game aver amongst the greek people here certainly as feeling of disappointment at a time when they really needed to show unity and solidarity and we really haven't seen out there in fact if anything people say what they seen from climate prime minister happen j. is a very uncertain unpredictable leader all speculation that greece will have to exit the euro zone is growing along with the country's debt levels but great economist yanis varoufakis says if out this leaves the impact will be felt across the region . mr suttles and mrs merkel said that if you're ever and what is outside no to the agreement of brussels that last week we will interrupt this to be an old good result and in fact the rule with us on this is a non-critical threat because there is absolutely no way legally to do that because it and secondly financially economically if any member of that unit so evenly build because he's thrown out the whole of the eurozone perhaps it's this is not
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a greek this is a good as in practice which is being felt the most harshly in greece because greece is that we believe of the problematic chain this inability of the eurozone to deal with this crisis is symptomatic of its state of denial about this being a systemic crisis and think it does and as long as the eurozone remains in the state of denial the euro will be history before too long and we need grumbles then the rest of the global economy is going to be seriously significantly negatively affected. police in the u.s. are intensifying the crackdown on all compiled wall street protesters across the country scuffles broke out in washington when police moved in to arrest activists there an officer shoved a protester to the ground while making arrests three people were detained and earlier a peaceful protest descended into violence in the california city of oakland which also left another army veteran badly injured the second such incident in as many
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weeks at least one hundred arrests roommate new york mayor michael bloomberg said the one style violence won't be repeated in his city but protesters are worried that means police could shut down their camps as explains the occupy wall street movement has cemented its presence here in zuccotti park for nearly eight weeks but now many believe that the city will try to evacuate demonstrators under the pretext of crime new york city mayor michael bloomberg is now accusing these activists of the lou danger in the entire community saying they are failing to report crimes that are taking place here according to published reports the police have arrested seven people at zuccotti park on non protest related charges since early october now some crimes according to reports have been attempted rape or rape the activists here say that they try to police minor infractions but when it comes to
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very serious crime or violence these activists say they do take reports to the police some media outlets have also learned that it is actually new york city police officers some at least that have encouraged criminals and people to come down to do coffee part in an effort to stir up some trouble the n.y.p.d. has denied those accusations we did speak with a few of the hundreds of activists that are down here and here's what they had to say my experience in. it's been that i've been safe here and i feel safe here but i think that you know the mayor is just got things things quick time that aren't haven't been reported what are those kinds that you think the mayor is probably gearing up to make another attempt to. turn the park simply because someone walks into the park doesn't mean that they're part of the movement a lot of these out with that even critical of us characterize anyone who is within you know a mile radius of this place as
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a protester and therefore reflective of our movement but as you can see anyone can come in here and that's fine you know we want to welcome people in but certainly because someone's destructive doesn't mean they reflect what we're doing or that we promote what they're doing princeton professor and activist up there cornell west who's been a huge supporter of the occupation movement was down here in zuccotti park r.t. had a chance to catch up with him to get his thoughts on what mayor bloomberg has recently said i just think the rome bureau they did try to come up with a rationalization without a convincing reason do you think there's anything criminal about you know dangerous about this encampment that anything i think every section of new york city has a day then. what it is they have a human community every every human community had something still supporting oh my god yes one hundred twenty was it overall though all the activists that we have spoken with today say they feel as safe today as they have felt since day one of these occupy wall street movement they say the momentum is growing bigger it's
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growing louder it's growing larger and they are here to stay reporting from wall street marina r.t. . meantime police in washington decided not to charge a driver who raft his car into a crowd of protesters artie's loose a calf and i was at the scene and has been posting her comments on twitter and she says the incident left three protesters injured that sparked fury among the crowd a one of her latest comments says the police were quick to arrest the demonstrators off the driver is also film footage of the brutal arrests which is available through her twitter feed. while god take. what a few minutes are to return to new york to ask when it comes to well how much is too much. if people make more than a million dollars and they have better in their bank account a moral or a moral and out in general glory hoffa diskettes the view from the street as to whether it's time to get the rich to dig deeper also. the report from
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india where the march of the multinationals is seen by some as grabbing a deeper divide between the rich ever expanding population. of the campaign to win seats in russia's lower house of parliament has begun seven parties are vying for a place in the state duma in what's likely to be a tough contest in a month's time it got there he now has more now on how the cabinets are wooing voters. for the next thirty days old t.v. sets in russia will be talking politics politics and politics in other words. the labor the rule of the people and socialism. freedom solidarity and justice alfre saying sure some of the most story can only. be russian. banners the future is with the. banners educating for the top political parties
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head of the december vote have been out for one of the most cherished kc free t.v. and radio and has just been sliced seven parties are in the running for the duma seats and while the country's main political force united russia party is only concerned by home the majority will be getting this time many are there is a dash for it to just make it into the parliament and the race is on a staunch communists are appealing to. the loop communists haven't lied a single time in one hundred years. we saved the country from fascism in world war two we twice save the country from collapsing we were the first in space with. liberal democrats are yet again appealing to nationalism but. the russian president should be the sole ruler in the caucuses we have to eliminate the clan culture in this region and introduce curfews in some areas video surveillance is
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a must go with us while just russia comes up with a robin hood plan to help the poor with the money of the reach a form of reform number one is fighting poverty and introducing tax on luxury business and country should brief really all about the what the log there had been and now the runner in this race lobbying for both small and big businesses billionaire me how proper of hopes were high he would create a powerful lobby for western minded liberals in parliament probably of himself was even considering running for president for the complaint fails to power do what it feels because of cross personality he thought that to run a party is the seems to run a business this is a strategic mistake he considered other party members who'd been with the right cause much longer than him not his team mates as his subordinates and they responded by ousting him with all their might cause will take part in the vote but it's listed among outsiders one month ahead of the elections polls suggest you not
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a russia will gain at least forty three percent of the votes coming second our communists with fourteen percent the liberal democrats will secure at least nine percent for the other four parties it will be largely about how they perform in t.v. debates and to secure at least one seat in the duma they will have to overcome a five percent threshold which image very far has the united russia party his list has even put his political future on the table saying his possible post as the country's prime minister could depend on how. well the point is reforms and election booths prime minister putin is also backing united russia and has even become somewhat of a trademark of the party over the years they've chosen december elections will each receive a sparkling new tea set a welcome gift from the government the specifics of the order are exacting the search will be made from white porcelain each with a gold trim each cup must hold
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a certain amount of tea interesting new though not all circuits are all the same size two hundred for our tea and coffee for twelve persons while the remaining four hundred fifty are just scaled down six person sets and while it's not clear which devotees will win which set some joke the discrepancy means they're not at russia party has horn current plans for a tea party of its own following the december vote by winning at least two hundred four duma seats exceeded r t. afghanistan's opium production has more than double that this year the country already produces ninety percent of the world's opium and as a lucrative lifeline for taliban insurgents artie's military contributor explains why he believes the u.s. is still unable to wipe out the problem. according to the opium survey. the harvest has jumped from thirty six to fifty eight hundred
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metric tons just in one year because the main competition ends of the deep a b u s eight in the last five years has been the manhunt and dick mint off victor butcher of a county justice against victor boot in the united states is their own latest symptom of the systemic failure of the u.s. intelligence and law enforcement community until law enforcement and intel community remains hostage to political expediency until then the justice ruby justice hypocrisy cover in the united states and any american or for an individual stands at pretty fair chance to get a fair trial and herring in the united states of america. keep across all are stories that are. plenty for you this week including a new case. in hot water with which.
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though he's never stepped foot in the states. you have reached your destination a rush a sat nav system gets a boost as more. stories that are also check out our best videos. is to be. the official.
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video. and. now one multinationals move to countries with large poverty stricken populations for some it's seen as a way of boosting and raising living standards for any a simmering maoist rebels it's regarded as pillaging the country and now they're taking inspiration from the arab uprisings. reports. these are the images people recognize when they think of india as maoist rebels for almost twenty five years the group has attempted to overthrow the government in violence and intimidation to turn india into a communist society in their eyes the government is not taking any interest in the indigenous people of rural india and has actually displaced the population from its
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mineral rich land for development projects the government has called the maoists the single biggest security threat to india and its hold them responsible for displacing and killing thousands of civilians. but far from the jungles of india a new maoist revolution is brewing the maoist argue that the arrival of multinational companies here is actually caused a further divide between rich and poor they want to stay in india without the presence of quote unquote dominating western companies where everyone has access to basic right meet var of our rao the brains behind the uprising the highly educated man is in most senses the opposite of his counterparts in the jungle armed with a pen and paper and sitting in his relatively modern flat in hyderabad rao is seen as the intellectual leader of the maoists and a voice for a growing group of indians against globalization if the investment is from the.
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big companies and. the hyderabad is a symbol for many indians of the countries booming economy and presence on the global stage the city has the biggest microsoft research and development office outside the united states and is home to several major multinational groups i.t. firms and bio pharmaceutical companies and for many in the city the presence of foreign firms is welcome we are providing us the opportunity and we had a good year a lot of getting to. their dead end is being used to buy their time and seeds but if they're not using a video we stared at boarding different applications for our needs like a small market says big a.t.m. should deliver would only occur because of corporate companies educated people like getting more jobs they can earn more money within short periods of time with
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dignity but the maoists aren't convinced that modernization means a better quality of life for everyone those who did not get the fruits of this globalization the pain. and lundy. gin grievances are not addressed and tried to go through all of us including middle class was sitting there in a while most indians aren't convinced that communism is the answer many agree that india needs to find a way to improve on its own ideas that think that india has such a rich who do the sorts of minerals. whom on science and technology has called different human resources that we can produce anything we need not depend on him and he does immense is who need india while they watch the uprisings around the arab world they believe it's the sub continents turn to demand change preassure either r.t.
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hyderabad india. well here's a look at more world news for you this hour the top commander of colombia's revolutionary armed forces group fark has been killed alfonso cano died along with four other rebels during a ground assault by state security forces this excessive three year old took over a latin america's last remaining rebel group in two thousand and eight after the killing of its co-founder colombia's president described as death as the biggest blow to the guerrilla movement in its forty seven year history. and gun attacks in nigeria's northeastern city have done but to have left dozens dead and at least one hundred injured the attackers targeted a number of police stations and several churches it comes after similar raids were carried out in another city nearby for which islamised militants were blamed. all forty five surviving bios of been rescued from a chinese coraline of more than thirty six hours after
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a cave in the accident which killed eight was caused by a small earthquake fifty kilometers away trying as coal mines are the deadliest in the world although safety has improved in recent years. syrian security forces have been shelling the city of homs despite agreeing to withdraw from urban areas under an arab league peace deal at least nineteen were killed and dozens wounded in the latest anti government crackdown doctors claiming more than one hundred twenty bodies were brought to hospitals in the past three days there's doubt over whether the arab league plan can end the months of bloodshed. and when times of a sturdy many people wonder about how much money they'd need for a comfortable life but is it time for the mega rich to spread the spoils laurie harshness cagers where people in new york draw the line between affluence and avarice. the general public has been vilifying the very rich lately so what does the public
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consider too much money this week let's talk about that more than a million too much money yeah if someone has more than a million should they pay more in taxes yes they absolutely said yes well i want too much money so i'm not going to answer. those ten million in two months to emerge for too much one when the limit when millions enough to have it would say if people make more than a million dollars and they have better in their bank account should they be forced to give back a more of their a marlins out in general interestingly i saw once that the to answer the question do you have enough money to curve goes like this as your wealth increases so people who don't have a lot feel that they don't have enough as they as people get wealthier a higher percentage of the think they have enough until they passed a certain point whereas as you get even wealthier you want even more so if you made ten million dollars i would give some of it away it's too much money are people
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that don't give it away and have that much in the wrong i guess it's a personal decision i just think that if you make that much money you could share it with someone that doesn't have so much should they be forced to through taxes like they do in scandinavia maybe so because sometimes if you don't force someone to do something and are going to do it no matter how much wealth you consider to be obscene the bottom line is when it comes to money it's hard for anyone to not want just a little bit more. more than a five hundred days in isolation all to test mankind's metal for a mission to mars russia's ambitious simulated round trip to the red planet has concluded testing how a crew michael on a long space wife and it was all done without leaving moscow artie's peter already been following the mission and hearing reaction from the volunteers themselves. after five hundred twenty days of russian history proud we are proud today to to
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prove that humanity. good to mass this is experiment to see basically the psychological effects a trip to mars would have on the crew and how they would work together inside such a facility now those that took part in this are looking to be part of future martian missions this of a whole operation was an international cooperative mission the russian space agency working with the european space agency to put this experiment into into practice now the crew itself was made up from people from all around the world three of them were russian there was representatives from china as well as from france and central america who would find out a little bit what it's like on the scene where the mars five hundred module is we can now cross to tom who is there tom what's going on where you are well peter i remember on june the third last year watching this door behind me shot sealed and
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that was the start of the five hundred twenty day which ended when i watched them the door open at last after all that time and the crew emerged little bit white faced a little bit bleary eyed into work and to a cheering crowd after all that time they all stood together in front of microphones and they said how glad they were to work with their other crew members and to have got through what is really quite a feat of an jurors really to be in relation and with a very strict routine day in day out for all the time i remember seeing the some bookmakers have put eight to one of us on that one of the crew going insane as a result of this experiment that hasn't materialized and i think they can now look forward to the deep brief period free of all those tensions. and later martin andrews explores how the russian capital is becoming more turf. stand while a friendly for those looking for a bunch of bad for the night. now
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in the past we've discussed the rising world of beauty hostels to five star luxurious hotels here in the russian capital but what about the middle market today no a star lodgings needn't look soviet or like western standards. martin checks and for moscow out in the next hour right here on our t.v. but shortly the spotlight is on libya as our talk show looks at the task ahead in repairing a nation that's been battered by war and nato bombs that's after the headlines just in a few moments. coming
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. up we'll. the limited. let's just
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say six feet six. six. six six six. six six six. six six six six. six more daring. historic. friendly. dynamics. to france felix.
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welcome back this is our live from moscow and these are the headlines reeses prime minister narrowly clings to his following a problem a confidence vote after pledging a new coalition government but a total solution for the debt ridden country it still remains some way on. america's corporate protesters refused to give up the fight despite ever increasing tough police action earlier some one hundred people were arrested in oakland california. and the race for seats in russia's lower house of parliament has begun seven political parties are now a lot of media charm offensive to voters. other bombs are no longer dropping on libya but the red cross says it's got a mammoth job ahead as we hear next in spotlight.


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