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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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hello again this is aussie coming to live from moscow the headline. in greek prime minister george papandreou will is a parliamentary confidence followed by a narrow margin and seeks to form a government of national unity to save the country's crippled economy. us police the way in which flash grenades batons and tear gas to break up the anti corporate occupy movement but activists say they're determined to stand their ground. and their of the raise begins in russia's parliamentary elections with t.v. speeches and campaign posters trying to catch voters' eyes as several parties
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compete in the december fourth apart. and our financial showcase report is up next here on alt. max kaiser this is the kaiser report what school of economics are we all involved with right now actually none we're only involved in massive banking fraud and i want stacey herbert to come in and give us some details stacey well a crucial element to the banking fraud is accounting fraud and accounting errors the first headline max hoops the financial crisis was actually just an accounting error you can all go shopping again and this is from max kaiser dot com i wrote the headline. and it was referring to two headlines that i noticed germany discovers extra seventy eight billion dollars
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a major accounting error and then accounting error trims irish debt load so ireland's finance department has discovered an accounting error that will bring down its national debt by four point nine billion the unexpected bonus will true marlin's two thousand and debt to one hundred ninety seven billion dollars this is the shadow banking system where they do all of the banking deals it's about the same size as the visible banking system and depending on the politics of the moment the banks and add or subtract that that will depending on what their political agenda is remember during the two thousand and eight crisis suddenly hank paulson in the u.s. that oh there's a all kinds of dead about to be unleashed give us money and he put a gun to people's head and he held them hostage and this is the problem of having a shadow banking system it gives the bank robbers and the politicians a way to put a gun to people's head and remarkably in the united states they always criticize
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socialism as the government having a gun to your head and yet literally goldman sachs has a gun to a. america's head but they call that capitalism well speaking of terms one of the things that. many heads of corporations are politicians resist is a debt to believe even though we've had it for thousands of years and i thought this was a good way to actually use their own term something that they're familiar and comfortable with of accounting fraud and just use this as a way to get rid of all of our debt problems just by you know swapping things around on the ledger right well this is the banking system needs to be reduced which is the same thing as a debt jubilee. this is something new in the annals of banking scandals it's only been about thirty years in the whole history of banking that you have the development of the shadow banking system the dark pools as i recall the completely opaque global trading that goes on the fact that ireland and greece or germany or
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some other country can announce that they've discovered or they adding new debt that they didn't see it shows you how connected these things are at the very top as we know from a report that just came out recently the entire banking system is controlled by a very few group of bankers with barclays at the very top of the pyramid and notice again the word error is an accounting error when the top point one percent those people who control the entire global financial system when they commit fraud is called an error just a simple accounting error when a normal person does it they end up in jail pregnant mom arrested child taken over five dollars shoplifting charge so this is a woman in honolulu she was seven months pregnant she was famished and she ate two sandwiches worth five dollars in a safeway supermarket in honolulu and she was arrested on shoplifting charges
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because she forgot to pay which is exactly an accounting error right in the error is an interesting word here when i was working on wall street we have the air. error account which is the error account for the office of every office as an error account where whenever you break the law and you commit an act of criminality that results in a loss you stick that in the error account and then you work it off through i.p.o. hot i.p.o.'s for example this group on i p o or any i.p.o. where it's hot the day one it's up twenty or thirty percent and you do that on purpose to wipe away the errors in the error account if you make an error and there is a game by accident that of course you keep that immediately goes right into your pocket or the manager of the compliance officer bribes brokers for privileged and privy to that positive error here she has an accounting error that results in her losing her child and being thrown in jail for the night here is another accounting error in the news punch for m.f. global's missing seven hundred million dollars so m.f.
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global is a futures broker headed by john kors signed the former head of goldman sachs who then went on to be the governor of new jersey and was in line to replace timothy geithner at treasury now remember timothy geithner also committed a crime by failing to pay his taxes because he it was an accounting error he forgot for ten years and then went on to head the i.r.s. so who knows what will happen to john chorus line but apparently m.f. global commingled. it's a count yeah this is one of the worst things you can do is take your customers money and just slap it in with a fund with everyone else's money or even your own money and then when you again have losses then somehow only the customer experiences those losses but when you have gains you take all the gains so instead of just people called socializing the losses and capitalizing on the gains but is beyond that is just outright
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co-mingling of funds putting a gun to people says and stealing their money i mean this is we're getting to the one nine hundred thirty s. where it's basically gave us all your money and we're going to send you to get out anything complained we're going to do the final solution and kill you in a business insider says that that commingling is the regulatory equivalent of a felony offense. but then they continue there is a basically put nine interpretation which is that m.f. global was guilty of nothing more than sloppy bookkeeping right well this is always the excuse i mean again i work on wall street and there is the law on wall street all the errors accrue to you is game you know the losses are distributed to your customers it occasionally there's a customer who actually makes money at the end of the year we call these on wall street the gifted client because no matter how many times you try to kill them they still end up making money they're gifted in this sense so how do you own course i'm big corrupted his firm m.f. global has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection making it the first us
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financial firm to fall victim to encore so i was a victim per victim of europe's debt crisis so he is falling victim to the european debt crisis it wasn't him leveraging up m.f. global and its customer accounts in a while the reckless bet on what he did is he bet that big on sovereign debt in europe because he was certain that the taxpayer would be forced to bail out all of these debts at one hundred cents on the dollar that's right joke or sign as a victim he's obviously we shall feel bad for but he did drive the two hundred year old firm off the cliff in less than two years for this he gets a twelve million dollar guaranteed contractual obligation that m.f. global must meet so he gets a twelve million dollar golden parachute but how did he destroy it in trying to become what some dubbed a mini goldman course signs m.f. global and they have leveraged his bets too much and may not have paid enough
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attention to risk so hearing that john chorus line wanted to turn this company into a mini goldman sachs i thought of episode twenty one of the kaiser report time for a flashback who. just talk about among other things goldman sachs this is quickly becoming the most vilified financial. grand in history why well when you're successful. bring in the all of those other things that are truly human and then when you make an occasional mistake. public mistake some public you later then refers to it as being these credit default swaps that were sold to greece you know those conus back to greece and look up and drafts over there and gracie's calling for a referendum and the strong the global banking system under the bus as rightfully should be these goldman sachs needs to be euthanized but it comes back again to an
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accounting error is a mistake that goldman sachs' me about he was referring to and it's that mistake and the elevation into a holy sort of divinity where your fraud becomes just a mere mistake because one can never be evil if one is one of these goldman sachs people so he was hoping that his fraud his fraud by stealing m.f. global clients' money would just be considered an error in an accounting error well it's a michaela deception let me explain another words goldman and other banks loan money into existence there's no collateral for it they simply long money to people to do deals mergers acquisitions initial public offerings and this money comes out of the money oh it's fear there's no basis for it there's no collateral for it there's no physical representation of it goldman sachs because the money is
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a mac about lee created from nowhere they consider themselves above all the law and if they get caught stealing they simply macula they create more of the street out money out of nowhere to bribe whoever needs their own private bamma the bribed it's already a general eric holder they'll bribe the entire republican and democratic party think immaculately conceived of money from nowhere to bribe anyone they need to do whatever they want with impunity because they're doing god's work so accounting error and fraud john chorus line bankrupted m.f. global a two hundred year old company by leveraging long going betting big on europe. here's this headline max selling more insurance on europe debt reason is risk for u.s. banks yes guarantees provided by u.s. lenders on government bank and corporate debt in europe rose by eighteen point seven billion dollars to five hundred eighteen billion according to the bank for international settlements almost all of these are credit default swaps the sellers of the insurance last credit default swap take the premium as cash immediately and
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they're never on the hook for any liabilities because they're causing systemic failure when the system collapses and they say we can't pay out because a system collapsed well what about the money you took selling the insurance against on a collapse we can find it it was junk or sign it's in the shadow banking system where do you go like jackie mason is running a global system where you go i don't know who or what this is going to go it was they were looking at it was it both of them i don't know just me they've got to go i got to me i don't know what about what i go through ha ha they don't know but it all comes back to these occupy wall street protests and all the media the puppets the mouthpieces for these bankers for the goldman sachs bankers say that these protesters are anti-capitalists well time and time again every single headline we show you we expose the truth that they are relying all of these guys goldman sachs j.p. morgan morgan stanley dexie all the people investing in these companies all the bankers they expect
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a taxpayer bailout that the whole system depends on that then it will capitalism and for that you need. our artwork here max now this is a good once you have those illa that there's the when you're looking angry but that's you on the background with the big big look that's you when you're looking pretty violent angry there max is not you in the background. but certainly my faith is that big fifty foot tall stacy stalking the globe well stacey that's unfortunately all the time we have thanks so much for being on the cries the report thank you. oh go away must work coming your way stay right there. discover it.
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becomes very. nature can give you. i am max foster welcome back to the kaiser report so i'm now to go to upstate new york and talk with author blogger thinker all around swell guy james howard kunstler james our problems are welcome back to the kaiser report a mess you forgot to say goodnight big cookies and require you include yards of make your own cookies and putting the girl scouts of the community and run for
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their money all right. you've been veteran of the culture wars over the years and right now the global financial collapse is gathering speed in your travels and from visits to your website consular dot com i get the sense that you sense a great social uprising is happening right now that this is really not just a flash in the pan what we're seeing with these occupy movement for something bigger i mean talk on not a little bit one of the things that. nobody has. talked about is what's going to happen in the summer of two thousand and twelve when the party conventions are held and it seems to me that we're going to be facing something that will make the nine hundred sixty eight conventions look like a labor day picnic and they fail year of the both parties is really sort of bringing us back to something like the lady eight hundred fifty s.
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when the american political parties lost legitimacy so they started to disappear you know the weeks were running america for thirty years going into the mid eight hundred fifty s. and one day they were just gone because they didn't stand for anything anymore and nobody believed him and they lost their legitimacy and they're gone virtually overnight you know so you're going into the eight hundred sixty election and you know this this new party comes along the republican party they've already run one candidate making fifty six jonesy freemont their western explorer and he obviously did not win the presidential election but eight hundred sixty to come up with another by you know abraham lincoln a congressman from a one term congressman who came out of nowhere a railroad lawyer who had one amazing ability he was able to articulate the terms of the convulsion that the nation was entering into and i think there were
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a similar situation now as we were the last time that america faced a really great civic convulsion and that was the period just before the civil war so i think we're heading for a tremendous political upheaval in the coming year i mention two periods in american history marked by war eight hundred sixteen a civil war which was coming about in the course one nine hundred sixty eight the vietnam war bit now more in america the draft resulted and the popular up. at that time the youth movement and the anti-war sentiment of course america doesn't draft any more people for their wars anymore they outsourced to private contractors and mercenaries like halliburton and they get people however in the us to pay for this war and to impose austerity measures a lot o. ways you could say that people are being drafted into the poverty the war against the wealthy the continuation of this wealth and income gap people are being drafted
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into that there's a war going on between that that one percent versus everybody else south i guess the comparison you're making is that it it is similar to the one nine hundred sixty eight in that we do have this war going on it's just an undeclared war with all of these equal historic. predicaments you know you get new problems coming along and the problem that we're facing really is the rule of law in money matters and we can't seem to reestablish it and i think it was one among the great hopes for change that mr obama represented was that he would reestablish the rule of law on wall street and banking in money matters and he has absolutely failed to get the the f.c.c. to enforce the law or to refer cases to the department of justice he's done nothing to reestablish the glass steagall at he allowed the supreme court decision on citizens united to just pass by without. doing anything to
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even start a legislative process to redefine what the personhood of a corporation is because obviously corporations are not people in the way that people do they don't have rights they don't have duties obligations and responsibilities to the public interest in the same way that people do you think they're sociopathic you know they exist really only to have allegiance to the shareholders and the boards of directors and that's where it begins it is so the idea that they should be able to express themselves. freely by corrupting the entire political process by flooding money into the political process is absurd but more to the point president obama did nothing to introduce legislation to redefine what a corporation is or to stephen start the process of a constitutional amendment to redefine it he allowed the f.c.c. to destroy eighteen thousand files of matters under investigation which could have
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been used for possible referrals for criminal activity vs he say the dodd frank finn reagan legislation is a joke it really didn't even include any regulation that was all left until after the bill was passed and for the. banks stir lobbyists to go in and actually write the rules which is what they've been doing for the last eighteen months and that's absurd you know reason nothing to deconstruct the too big to fail banks and make them smaller and make them less dangerous to the systemic integrity of the financial system so i think that you know these failures are just so monumental that they really invite i threw a party and i did something interesting the other night i was to i was at a conference in virginia and i was talking to a guy was a political operative for howard dean and i told him i've heard of a podcast in which larry kotlikoff the boston university economist one of the only
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economist in the whole usa who has a you know a credible idea about anything had been talking about vising a possible third party candidate and i was wondering if it was actually howard dean because he's kind of stepped out of the picture for the last four or five months but it's beginning to look like it may actually be michael bloomberg and michael bloomberg is very quietly going around hiring people including a lot of. people who work in. the hillary clinton campaign and he's a political independent now and you know i think there may be a possibility that he may be mere wanting a third party campaign he doesn't have to you know he does have to go out there and raise money he can just wait for these republican stooges and dunces to knock themselves off and for mr obama to keep on just doing what he's doing which is pretty much nothing and then you know will be in the spring or summer of two
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thousand and twelve and you know mr bloomberg may present himself as at a very interesting historical threshold moment so we'll see how that works out all right james howard kunstler let me ask your thoughts a bit of a thought experiment here for a second because you mentioned corporations have the rights of individuals in america this is something that came out actually of the civil rights movements of the fifty's where there was a huge grab power by corporate america is that related to the power given over to minorities in the u.s. but let's go into a thought experiment here for a second if corporations are in fact individuals and in fact they're committing crimes commensurate with crimes that you see being committed in states like texas where individuals are that are given capital punishment they're given the needle.
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one it isn't better therefore true that a corporation like a goldman sachs or j.p. morgan was committing crimes commensurate with other crimes that the state is giving capital punishment for that these corporations and someone represent these corporations should be should be given capital punishment for their crimes against capital if they're individuals should they also get capital punishment for some other crimes while you can really say about this is that there's been so much tension building up as a result of the failure to act in any way to discipline these banks and corporations there's just so much tension building go it sooner or later when it is released it's liable to be very shocking and surprising and you know we're we could heading into a situation that i think is going or resemble the french revolution only you know instead of being directed against their aristocratic or gorky or will be directed against corporate or or were gorky or not or you know it could be very ugly but
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what made the cut in the first i mean take somebody like i guess john course being right he's a former goldman sachs had he becomes governor new jersey he's also has fund manager now he's missing seven hundred million dollars and he was co-mingling accounts customer accounts of corporate accounts which is a shocking transgression all s.t.c. laws for decades here somebody who is clearly committing crimes against capital that if in fact that company is an individual then he should get capital punishment and i mean that's only fair that lets the argument against that i don't get it i know the words if you're black in your taxes and you're a kid you get killed but if you're like i new jersey you still need nearly a billion dollars if adama gives you a pat on the head in a big fat webcasts what's going on here there's two laws that i guess there's two sets of laws there there's one set of laws for the ninety nine percent and then for a cause like john coursing. the more crimes he commits the greater. benefits he
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gets and recognition from this administration correct well look when you don't enforce the law at all you get all kinds of distortions and perversions the fact is that we don't electrocute people or give them lethal injections for stealing money i mean you can put them in jail for one hundred twenty years and you know you can lock them away for a long time what you're proposing is rather a jack of bacon kind of solution to this and and that's precisely what i mean when i say that you know we're we're in for your kind of french revolution. at political atmosphere but the problem with checkered uprisings is they tend to get out of hand and you know you set up a guillotine and you want to get rid of a few bad guys and all of a sudden you get rid of everybody and then everybody's getting rid of you so these things can get out of him and i that's why i think that we have to pay a lot of attention to what the rule of law actually means and what it means in the case of the usa as we have
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a lot of laws that are on the books for prosecuting criminal misbehavior in banking and you know i mean and all kinds of things and we're not really in forcing so you know i wouldn't want to apply the criminal code for murder and arson and rape child molestation or you know for crimes you know stealing or robbery i mean that well mascot in there in france actually there is a movement to create a lost a little statute for financial pornography and financial rape to prosecute bankers in france because they fail as dow this is the only way they can grab the public's attention as a group of lawyers here that want to introduce the concept of financial rape and financial pro not afraid for this very reason that there needs to be a greater understanding in the public's mind of like guys like john corey's xena pine fine and and jamie diamond do on a daily basis now before we go tell us about your site that. and i just got
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a note about the consular cast book published this week tell us about that my i pod cast meister duncan career published a book of true scripts of our conversations over the last three years. speaking published by you sorry press. books in his name he's the author duncan query writers call the consular cast all right well look for that there's the consular cast book published this week and there's a podcast that goes with the james howard kunstler that's all the time we have thanks so much for being on the kaiser report if you mix or r r i that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me maximizer and stacy herbert our thank my guest james howard kunstler if you want to follow us on twitter it's kaiser report or on facebook and forward slash kaiser report or e-mail me at kaiser report at r t t v dot are you until next time this is max kaiser saying.
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