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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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bringing you the latest inside story. from. the future. that it's time for the headlines out there about alternators fight for democracy in the country's new chapter sharing a surgeon of radical islam the strict sharia law and al qaeda flags and evidence that washington seems unconcerned about what's next gadhafi is gone and. the race to stop europe from drowning in its floundering finances says the i.m.f. chief and head to moscow to see if russia can come to the rescue russia is offering a ten billion dollars to the new through the i.m.f. investment bank innocents. and two. titans
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are slugging it out over a six and a half billion dollars under recantations london's high court next hour he says when he says it is all skewed once the cash from chelsea football club owner from on other motives saying he was intimidated the same distance on the cheek. next we talked to a former british government minister who explains the origins of europe's debt crisis. i'm joined by lord hesketh a former cabinet minister in both margaret thatcher's and all mages governments and he's just become the most high profile defector from david cameron's conservative party joining you keep the u.k. independence party note hesketh thanks speaking to r.t. you've been a member of the tory party although i don't life why jump ship now well it's been
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a long process and i think the simple summation is this. every government. that we have had with the exception of margaret souter has essentially. allowed itself to be bamboozled by civil service into avoiding having a serious discussion with the europeans about sorting out the problem and i'm afraid that has happened with this government the snow point listening for a lot of people telling what they knew when they failed carried out in government thanks for being a party which actually recognizes that you cannot deal with the europeans or your parents have no desire to negotiate. europe we. is a new kind of religion. you can have run by people who claim to follow taxes than anyone
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else in europe and have that trial going to create a creative child in the surplus of you know fourteen private schools from brussels and a european parliament would most the members of paid about three or four times as much money as they would ever own in any other problem your i want to do in life and the system is essential to corrupt and his unchangeable and therefore i've done the part which believes in two things one is telling people the truth and sticking with it when we achieve office would have been sure we will because the public our ups absolutely fed up to the back treaties with mainstream politicians. happiness hopes and promises and delivering absolutely nothing but the opposite david cameron has said they will be a referendum on the principle mission in the e.u. he wants three countries powers the britain cannot believe him and you know i think he treats his word well he's already lied once which was over promising
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a referendum on. the election and then saying oh well because those unseeing been signed it doesn't make any sense to them or what facts the matter is i don't believe and the second thing is the europeans were much more dangerous than any british politician and i have already stated that we will not have a power of veto over the so-called financial transaction tax which we will pay eighty percent of the entire european collection i forty billion i'm with the fifty because it will put hundreds of puts through under v.a. t. regulations so. as always westminster talks a big game but it's not cable good why is it so important to have the referendum now do you not believe cameron when he says it's not the right time we need to help thinking this is absolutely the time to help the way that you help the you if you recognize it for what it is which is an organization that has no interest in
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assisting this country whatsoever so if we're going to help them so exactly the same with selling a car this is exactly the same assigning a loaf of bread if you wait through the other side has the advantage over you don't think we've got them in a situation where they've got a problem we call that those together get rid of both problems but for us to talk as if we will get any credit. from your fractionally helping them out of this crisis using the british taxpayers' money i mean come on really a combination of united states significant to russia bailed out europe in world war two and i don't see many thank you hundred run through either of those few problems so i have absolutely no confidence whatsoever that there is any alternative but to have around as soon as possible but if we do have that and we do live in the e.u. crisis continues from london gets worse when our commonly suffer as well but that
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of course is one of the great lie is that he's given i mean. the reality is this the figures for exports is there are well eighty percent of british exports go to europe well actually that seems to imply that every rose from his era engine many of which are for instance food on our flight aircraft. good to lose and remain within the european union is complete nonsense and the wings on this aircraft are all made in the united kingdom through they all made in europe also get to go to russia they go to asia they go to south america or to north america they go all over the place and so that number itself is a sort of typical euro lie the second issue and it's an even more important one is that if the germans say well you know we don't care we're going to get what we're just going to squeeze from boys out of the market i'm going to put on carrots
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they export fifty one billion pair round the borders of europe from europe into the u.k. then the other way around we have a very viable industry here we've got we've got a fantastic car industry and if the deutsche marks all through the roof people refuse switching straight out a mercedes benz b.m.w. or whatever i'm buying jagger's discoveries range rovers and the sams you name the toyotas made in darby so i think this is this is. it's a sort of rather pathetic threat to children spectrum manufactured by a combination of the liberal party and the people you see on the grounds of neither of those two groups have any experience of the real world the bailout it's just been a green with the extra firepower and the banks agreeing to how greece's debt is really the shot that he needs or is it just another band aid that's about it. and so
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band-aid because the real numbers so three trillion maybe four trillion and secondly the markets are looking for detail and there is no detail there never has been any detail there was no detail in july it was no detail last year and there will be no detail this time and this deal will fall apart and the markets will make that happen because the markets correct like they lied to and as you are as usual they are being lied to let's just say what if it does work ok what if he recovers and britain's not part of it or if they leak if what if what he stands leaves i don't think we stand to lose in the lives of hundreds of arrests of european censors they run a huge trade surplus with us so they're going to be the losers there's no particular i mean that the europeans i mean look at the german army let's take the german army for example grandmama consumed more beer in afghanistan that it does
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aviation fuel i mean you're there are some there are some pretty fundamental problems in europe in terms of what they're actually capable of doing and delivering i mean today we have the last sort of great lies right now has which is if we don't all agree to this magnificent suffer want it's going to be war so is this the beginning of the end would you save the e.u. i did this i'm going to the end of the thought i think maybe the beginning of a new beginning which would be based on facts rather than fiction because the problem it is the you with based on fact. because it doesn't have political reality the whole problem with this crisis is it was created by the europeans themselves because who could not have a single currency without a political union they knew they couldn't get away with the political union and so they disappeared to the equivalent of las vegas and signed up to and maybe a proposition which is to have a unified cards with no unified policy results eight years you have
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a situation we want to take to get trillions forget billions forget hundreds of millions for that reality you want to get to have a cup of coffee in central paris one of the most expensive places in the world because you the same as going to harras. increase pay for going to get rid of unemployment in greece you're going to have to get the price down and it's almost everything is priced and euro's that will never be possible to have their whole best thing that i was agree i will be down to get a graph to get out of this because what happens there still in the euro zone so that french banks take a hack. but they're still stuck with the euro and of course everyone prices you see to give you an example before the euro zone and a car manufacturer in europe would have a different pricing structure the cars were so in greece the cars so in turkey cars
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or so in italy southern italy in northern little bit the u.k. parts some england northern england and wales where up because the markets would take the what the was the level of individual pricing now the moment euro zone came in and the single market can't be what then happened was we couldn't actually do that it will so the result was that there was an automatic solution of inflation particular countries like greece which produces practically nothing domestically in the capital goods market so the result was that the costs went out of progressively higher scale than elsewhere in germany that's why northern europe have been winterized the euro zone and southern europe has been basically impoverished by. thank you thank you very much.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand three hundred one is not enough information beds not enough heard emergency department beds and not enough nurses commandos best to take care of all the people who are here the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to be a mask i started out one interesting fire fight it's about eighty two percent of what we do in the fire the problem is medical but that a rescue couple we saw waited for hours for a big. i waited sometimes three hours but i wouldn't say it's a francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes steady against a wall with a patient and we have a federal law that we mandate steady canter no want away six care and emergency
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room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably in value the least least. close up scene has been to the penitentiary for technological breakthroughs save human lives. if no cartridge goes to the seat. little unusual ways to protect new trucks. and where farming pioneers place local cuisine to the highest pitch look good for future developments to trend on the way. to russia's black sea coast but should close up on the marquee. look. to the world to. bring you the latest
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in science stimson cultures from around the world. we've got the future of coverage . mine. would be soo much brighter if you moon about sun moon from feinstein professionals. whose fruit stands on t.v. dot com. in india all cheese available in the grand central shirts in mumbai the taj mahal the. taj president mubarak should be what for schools home on a beach resort park close to go on taj mahal her toe carriages the cement her town palace hotel closer in the radio to lead up to the judge the hotel's church in new delhi her. babyhood tones tree collection remote up close of the maidens
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hotel believe park plaza louis de pretis and shift it was promised but they promised. alternators quiet for democracy in the country's new chapters sharing a surge in radical islam a strict sharia law or an al qaeda flags and evidence that washington seems unconcerned about what's next now that the dolphin has gone to. the race to stop europe from drowning in a sea of debt as i.m.f. chief head to moscow for russia could come to the rescue russia is offering ten billion dollars to take me through the. mechanisms. and to russian tycoon titans slugging it out over six in the hope of billion dollars on their reputations. course. this is what. he wants the cash from
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chelsea football club no other movie i mean he was intimidated into selling investments on the cheap. sports. looking for this and i see the headline. next gate heartbreak for russia in the deciding doubles match as the czech republic wins its first ever fed cup title since gaining independence. bragging rights isn't it finished the russian premier league's regular season on top to sponsor one all draw against bankers that are. hitting the high stakes a new star ruffling feathers a monkey boxing salit and his russian find out shortly why but the hospital is the name to remember. so let's start with. the finish the first phase of the longest
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russian primarily season on top at souths a one zero draw at combine a visit to the late made with through the first half court so this accident strike was a good genesis of the russian international scoring pace first goal of the season leaving the keeper absolutely no chance of unimproved in the second half and went close to equalise in from base ricky itself but they made a mess of that drive from a distance they hope sod will pull level own sixty six minutes from the pound just after bruna handles in the arabella senator already made no mistake in restoring the parity and score his old team for the productive season for the ivory coast. and to their regular season campaign in a heartbeat saying i'm card c one the home side took the late at the end of it by south thanks to its. consider all of and they would double their lead just three
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minutes after the break the hiree ceroc of convulsing from the penalty spot and kyle would pull one go back in the dying minutes. ne to call of game them hope but that was it for the poem side so to one how it finished. first of all going to go with the first win six games is the big three been one of this size for a mission of taking thirty minutes into the game should. pounced on the surrogate bridge to fail to see how that shorts would be clock ticking away with pushes men forwards in search of an equalizer and kristen the ball had chances to own his side a single point but some both occasions caper was equal to the task so it finished one nil to. me while in the late game available to help second place a scots draw eval to slough ignite if strike stalled in the eleventh minutes two
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for home crowd out of the men got back in their second period sagem be saving the day for it's a star once again with a sixty four minute strike one of the final schools anything top of the leak with scott and second in the railway men an all time i don't point three four placed spots are mostly. intel is the czech republic warm the trying to live and fed cup after beating russia three two in a fascinating final in moscow the match between. these sides went down to decide the patrick came back to be set on cars and so we have three sets and then to say it will change the way so what to listen for when a straight sets it to make it still the fifth match saw the boss for experienced check of credit and lucy had downed russia's merry kurylenko and unanimous not and there would wrap up a straight sets victory to bring the fed cup to the czech republic for the first
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time since the construct gained its independence in film clips of a sad she was confident effect written long before the final and the way. we. and we spoke in may called. we have to win here. i mean i thought it it's going to be easy ok and the final and. you know it's the finals but i think. it's true i didn't play many tournaments really was there not even novels probably were you and i don't speak was a good reason really last night the czechs aggressively have their own game. and we were unlucky to lose. the russian box and is already looking ahead to the future just days after beating american james toney on points here in the russian capital the thirty two year old took his record to twenty three wins
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and just won the seat by the following his name and most points victory of james toney in a one sided but it seems level of his now gunning for another american veteran having already beaten tony and roy jones jr over the last six months in the white swan sides is torn. with the most recent victim tony saying put not only the defeating the forty two year old. russian kickboxing stumble to high school he's now a fully fledged member of the sport's later but too hard to beat albatross earlier this year claiming victory over another player one greater in the weekend's robots was in and watched from the ringside for us. to eat every fight as if is the fight over a life that freed by which but the classical is lived his entire career but that culminating in the biggest bug of all in moscow unsteadily russia still
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welterweight kickboxer against one of the toughest men in the business minds and business the reigning w. fide gent them to greet the second one legend to death the thirty one year old. in march made his way out of the letter by admitting i bet drugs but a unanimous decision the stand around he didn't wait to run some video is also known as iron mike but but the demeanor of something even stronger in the night one of his danger is nice forcings embarrassed to give up the fight due to fracture early in the first round loads it would clear when the pistol heats came. my plan for the fight was to make mike constantly move and not let him stay firm on his feet that's where he's extremely dangerous but punching very hard when it comes to knees and kicks well that's where on strongest. so who's next will but the front
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that question is yet to be answered although the met himself knows what he wants. to view isn't the very best cable writers should keep coming to russia to show what they have to offer and i can fight on my own terms and not have to travel. the main event of the night was preceded by a number of exciting fights for russia's wino mixed martial arts to go up to go in ukraine's heat get it cost enough and the same this book maybe it was weak to show why she deserved the favorite stat claiming a unanimous decision when hugely skillful fire and and duffel bag lady it is a good deciding not to stick to watching until she fresh. up belittle the source of the two words and i had to doctor couldn't fool rules which are not quite suitable for me just a lot of attention to keep me at that while my forties books even though tonight i'm focused on wrestling and that's what gave me the age meanwhile declares between
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rushes to get would you show me love and joy this one so real masterclass book the man from the martial arts moment for school why the local will see all aspects of the clash over for the new archie. let's move to the autumn earthenware job for him with ten year war in the renowned new york competition and in record time the winner of this year's posts in math as well and so i finished in time i was five minutes and six seconds but seeing the previous mark by more than two minutes full of canon m n l filters so again i bet it a second and third respect for breaking the old course records the thirty year old went out and two hundred thousand dollars for his triumph and was also handed a bonus of a million as the world martha majors. darger
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won the women's race in dramatic style a personal best of twenty three minutes spent fifteen seconds was just enough to claim the top sports i said should be contenders but true and had a memory cross the finish line only seconds behind it's one hundred seventy thousand dollars that doggerel takes home from new york. and finally to the world of engines where tony stewart has claimed his second straight fifty three in the nascar five hundred race fortunately there were no big crashes during the events this time just some minor incidents which didn't really disturb the other drivers. had a five second lead late in the race with stewart and cult leader how edwards running second then with all it's a goes to super late when button suddenly ran out of fuel the venture when it finished just ahead of edwards to cut the deficit from eight to free points in the chase for the sprint car with only two races to go.
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ok year to date now i'll be back in touch with more sports fans from around the world for you soon whether it's next. please. the limits. just seem to. see.
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him in. coming. to. see if. he can use today paul and says once again flared up if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of chant of the last cycle for issuance of six. six six six six six six six .
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