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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EST

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sent for marketing in a ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. than members of congress just so. i'll come back this is r t and live from moscow here's a recap of all our top stories a push up for diplomacy russia warns an attack on iran could have disastrous regional rep and caution as these are also as a military action is a real possibility meanwhile the u. what atomic rush job is expected to release a report showing terawatt is secretly developing to nuclear weapons capability. and fire and forget nato says it has no role in post gadhafi libya which seems to be sinking into retribution violence and radicalism shari'a law is now the
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country's political forces all former gadhafi loyalists are allegedly being hunted down by the north koreans. be i have half a dash for kremlin head of the international monetary fund the visits moscow in search of support as it struggles for prop up crisis that economies russia is christina guards first stop on a mission to the world's up and coming for the national palace. and album overture but as subsidies for a.v.c. of the super rich russians at legal loggerheads in london as a light to show at all the shady business dealings of the past with billions of dollars at stake. and next we'll talk to a former british government minister who shares his views on the origins of europe's debt crisis well he says that the european union is suffocating its members that's in our interview next.
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i'm joined by lord hesketh a former cabinet minister in both margaret thatcher's and john major's governments and he's just become the most high profile defector from david cameron's conservative party joining you keep the u.k. independence party note hesketh thanks going to r.t. now you've been a member of the tory party although i don't life why jump ship now well it's been a long process and i think the simple summation is this. every government. that we have had with the exception of margaret souter has essentially allowed itself to be bamboozled by the civil service into avoiding having a serious discussion with the europeans about sorting out the problem and i'm afraid that has happened with this government there's no point listening to
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all people telling you what they believe when they failed carried out in government and throw in the party which actually recognizes that you cannot deal with the good of the europeans have no desire to negotiate. europe only you is a new kind of religion. it is run by people who pay the file taxes than anyone else in europe and have their children educated creative child in a circle and we've got fourteen private schools from brussels and the european parliament would most the numbers of paid about three or four times not they would have run in any other top put your eye line up to do in life and the system is essentially corrupt and he's unchangeable therefore i draw an apology which believes in two things one is telling people the truth. and sticking with it when we achieve office but eventually we will because the public our ups absolutely fed up to the back to us we as mainstream politicians. happen is
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hopes and promises and delivering absolutely nothing but the opposite david cameron has said they will be a referendum on principle listen in the e.u. he wants three patrick powers to britain to not believe him and you know think he treats his word well he's already lied once which was over promising a referendum. after the election and then saying oh well because there's been seeing him being signed it doesn't make any sense that in world war tax matters i don't believe him and the second thing is the europeans for much more dangerous than any british politician have already stated that we will not have a power of veto over the so-called financial transaction tax which we will pay eighty percent of the entire european collection by forty billion out of the fifty because it will put on a little put through under b.h.p. regulations so. as always westminster talks
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a big game but is not capable. why is it so important to have the referenda now do you not believe cameron when he says it's not the right time and we need to help the team this is absolutely the time to help the way that you help the is you recognise it for what it is which is an organization that has no interest in assisting this country whatsoever so if we're going to help them so exactly the same with selling a car sack the same as selling a loaf of bread do you wait through the other side has the advantage over your old picture we've got of them in a situation where they've got a problem we put those together get rid of those problems but for us to talk as if we will get any credit. from europe for actually helping them out of this crisis using the british taxpayer funded i mean come on really a combination of united states the united kingdom and russia europe in world war
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two and i don't see many things going around iran through either of those few problems so absolutely no problems whatsoever that there is any alternative but to have around as soon as possible but if we do have that and we do believe in the e.u. crisis continues from a long and gets worse when our economy suffers well well that that of course is one of the great lies that is given i mean. the reality is this the figures for exports as they are well over eighty percent of british exports go to europe well actually that seems to imply that every rolls royce aero engine really of which i for instance founded on hereford aircraft. to lose and remain with the european union is complete nonsense and the wings on those aircraft are all made in the united kingdom who they all made in europe also did they go to russia they go to
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asia they go to south america they go to north america they go all over the place and so that number in itself is a sort of typical euros lie the second issue and it's an even more important one is that if the germans say well you know we don't care we're going to we're going we're just going to squeeze through boys out of the market and we're going to put on carrots they export fifty one billion pair round and more so if you're from europe into the u.k. then the other way around we have a very viable industry here we've got we've got a fantastic car industry and if the torch walks all through the roof people refuse switching straight out of mercedes benz b.m.w. or whatever i'm buying jagger's discoveries range rovers and this and you name it toyotas made in darby so i think this is this is. it's a sort of rather pathetic script and true to expect remanufactured by
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a combination of the liberal party and the b.b.c. on the grounds of neither neither of those two groups have any experience of the real world the bail out is just beneath green with the extra five pounds in the bank figuring to hearth greece's debt is this really the shot the needs or is it just another band aid that's about it. and so bad because the real numbers say three trillion maybe four crillon and secondly. the markets are looking for detail and there is new detail that never has been any detail there was no detail in july there was no detail last year and there will be no detail this time and this deal will fall apart and the markets will make that happen because the market steps like being lied to and as europe as usual they are being lied to let's just say what if it does work ok what if they recovers and britain's
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not part of it and if they leave one of what we stand to lose and if we stand to lose and live like sponges the rest of the european censors they run a huge trade surplus with us so they're going to be the losers there's no particular i mean it that the europeans i mean look the german army does take grandmama provided german and we consume more beer in afghanistan when it does aviation fuel i mean your there are some there are some pretty fundamental problems in europe. in terms of what they're actually capable of doing and delivering i mean really today we have the last sort of great lies right now because which is if we don't all agree to this magnificent suffer want it's going to be wall so is this the beginning of the end would he save the e.u. i deduce i'm going to the end of the tall a i think maybe the beginning of a new beginning which will be based on facts rather than fiction because the problem at the moment is the you with based on fiction because it doesn't have political reality the whole problem with this crisis is it was created by the
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europeans themselves because who could not have a single currency without a political union they knew they couldn't get away with the political game and so they disappeared to the equivalent of las vegas and signed up to and maybe proposition which is to have a unified currency with no unified policy results here is you have a situation you would take to get trillions forget billions forget hundreds of millions over the reality you want to get to have a cup of coffee in central one of the most expensive places in the world because the same as paying harras. increase but if you're going to get rid of unemployment in greece you're going to have to get the price down and it's almost everything is priced in europe is that i never pay possible to have their whole best think that i was agree i would be down to get a graph. to get out of this what happens they're still in the euro zone so that
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french banks take a hack. but they're still stuck with the euro and of course everyone prices you see to give you an example before the euro zone and a car manufacturer in europe would have a different pricing structure the cars were sold in greece the cars so going to turkey because or so in italy southern italy in northern italy and u.k. parts suddenly england northern england wales and wherever because the markets would take the what the was the level of individual pricing now the name of the euro zone came in and the single market can't be more then happened was you couldn't actually do that a deal so the result was that there was an automatic solution of inflation particular countries like greece which produces practically nothing unless the
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clear in a capital goods market so the result was that the costs went out of progressively higher scale than elsewhere in germany that's why northern europe have been the winner writes the euro zone and southern europe has been basically impoverished by . thank you thank you very much. closer to the region where technological breakthroughs save human lives. marty goes to the sea. the unusual ways to protect. where farming pioneers place local cuisine. and where future developments
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depends on a great. coast should close up on the heart. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street friends play at. least in chance a good chance to try to get the status of the human experiment is exploding. because you see this rap music what it knows moves slowly trying to make sense of global economy and it's all changed things as financial temples. to maintain confidence in markets and. wants to be easing trade imbalances recession look even the nation's close to collapse even some close calls. some fail so we played the game feel like
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things the u.s. cracked. in places and in street. for sale just programs increase the total economy. renewed the latest in science and technology from the realms. of the future coverage.
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absolutes on r.t.o. push for diplomacy russia warns an attack on iran could have disastrous regional rep of caution as easy as military action is a real possibility that he was atomic watchdog is expected to release a report showing toronto is secretly developing nuclear weapons capability. fire and forget nato says it has no role in post about the libya which seems to be sinking into retribution of violence and radicalism shari'a law is now in the country's political course while former gadhafi loyalists are allegedly being hunted down by the new authorities. the i.m.f. a dash for kremlin cash the head of the international monetary fund and visits
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moscow in search of support as it struggles for progress is that economies russia is we've seen the guards first stop admission to the world stop the coming financial problems. but as the courts the a.b.c. of the super rich russians are legal loggerheads in london has a life shown on the shady business doing something fast with billions of dollars at stake. the human spirit of all the latest in sports and now the serious stuff begins in the russian premier league it's certainly those tests normally twenty years november is the time the champions happen in russian football but not this year we're going to discover why it just a sec. great to have your company this is sports today plenty ahead of the next ten minutes or
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so including the following. chart of the charts reaming russian football champions nice and petersburg and this year's regular season in first place. braving the swoop falls more snow near neighbors pittsburgh for a game winning streak in the n.f.l. . take your pick the first phase of the longest ever football season in russia is now over and see all the stripes which fund the nets in the final week of auction for a short. it's nice in petersburg finished the russian premier league regular season on top of the pile luciano spa let these men drawing a result which proved good enough in game week three the visitors securing the lead midway through the first tough her to see both this is a perv strike by igor it in the self that is the russian internationals first goal of the season when close to equalling modest soon after the break but the neat
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goalkeeper just. look on his side this time the fortune would run out sixty six minutes in last seen a troll raced warning from the spot after a brutal all day age on ball in the area one well in the final score leavings they don't sixty one points out the summit's. cisco had a chance to move level in points later on sunday when they travel to luck on the t.v. it was the home studies though he struck first. of ignorance he had not messing around on eleven minutes c.b. jim big sister right back into it though on sixty four minutes the league's top score points for. on number twenty three but one one one how and that meaning c.s.k. must be content with a second place regular season finish. but of course the season is not finished yet from twenty twelve russia switches to an often spring session meaning
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this year a rolling robin stage will be played with the eventual champions crying to mate the top eight regular season finishers will play each other for the title european football places similar will happen with all the mates only instead of battling for the prize they will fight to avoid relegation. to the spanish being christiana where naldo has become the first clear in history to score for tricks no less during the season's first eleven game expect after stuff really the portuguese celebrating his golden boot award picked all just two days ago with yet another stunning performance this time it was the turn of us assume it would feel the fear ronaldo knocking off his triple in style making a major contribution to reality dominant seven one victory over a new side well they are not three points clear at the top of the tape.
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is because champions barcelona feel to see plenty bilbo way from the home the home side twice taking the lead and froch before who else came to the rescue for the giants messi mopping up the spillage here right up until she threw the final score portion of three points adrift of reality after eleven. there was to be no big celebrations for russia's tennis stars over the weekend the country's fed cup squad losing in the final of a competition against the czech republic right here in moscow that clash with the decisive doubles rubber after petra and i'm seeing. cenk of us both won their singles ties the vastly experienced czech pairing off gets beaten in the street car jackers just to get for three of her lanka best enough of her julie recording there
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for his first ever face cup triumph after a briefing from slovakia. when you me. and he spoke with my coach that. we have to win here and i mean i think that this can be easy but ok and the final. you know in the final so i think that in the support and you know it's true i didn't three many tournaments with the limits to not use variables we were you know. think it was a good reason we last night. progress simply. made well and we were unlucky to lose them let's talk american football with the green bay packers all the so defeated team about halfway stage of the n.f.l. season the defending champions edging the chargers last year is going to shock pittsburgh from of late on against her arch rivals the ravens let's take a look at that one ray rice as always giving pittsburgh's the why start from
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defense plenty of problems the twenty four year old with the first touched on of the game in the third quarter making it six leagues the steelers ben roethlisberger though also doing what he does best the twenty nine year old trembling on finding mike wallace for the touchdown in the fourth twenty sixteen pittsburgh following no effort by the pleasing fast receiver joe flacco where i work on collectively just sixteen seconds left in the game finding twenty smith for the winning score twenty three twenty how it ended the ravens the sweep the season series i can stare into next. to buffalo bills on their x. harvard quarterback ryan fits perfectly well failed. the test against her neighbors the new york jets dean ian tomlinson showing great cool line awareness to make it thirty nothing jets here quarterback mark sanchez on the same page with santonio holmes this time around the touchstone couch increasing the jets question two for
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seventeen points the bills not helped either by fullback fred jackson's from bowl late in the fourth twenty seven eleven the finals. it's official this time kelly slater is the eleven time e.s.p. surfing world champ in that thirty nine you will finally able to rightfully claim the title after a calculation error the old hymn of the twenty eleven winner prematurely the american was initially annoyed to jump in on the venture the second but it's the scope that's leader would have to win to play in the car he did just that slater now able to rightfully enjoy the fruits of us labor over in his native california pretty incredible that. just holding well let's stay on the beach volleyball where change. of china thailand open the concluding roland of the fifteen event twenty eleven women's tour the jew defeating the american pair of jennifer kesse see on
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your progress in the cool metal notch the chinese leavings needing just forty minutes to wrap all the straight sets victory the defending champions came in the first set twenty one sixteen in the region better in the second taking that one twenty one for the winning per share and the thirty thousand dollar first prize it is their ninth victory ever in the world tour on their second he. ok let's end where we started with football i mentioned earlier the regular season in the russian premier league wrapped up let's take a look all nineteen strikes that cross the line in game week thirty eight is of course the time gold. live.
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live. live. live. live. live live. live
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that was where we have to leave the sports world weather is coming up just draw in the corner though and i'll see you shortly. clusters that so much a lot of people at highbury awful bad signal stuff the flow of rain on some chemical divorce for well over a generation of voters and consumers around the world were told that democracy and capitalism. wealthy british style. markets finally. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r g. from. the.
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