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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EST

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north stream pipeline will pump fuel along the baltic sea floor and straight to e.u. customers without relying on transit countries like ukraine and belarus president medvedev will start the flow in germany later on tuesday artie's arena is there the key points of the russian president's visit to germany is the launch the official opening of the north stream gas pipeline of course the gas pipeline which is an offshore pipeline runs for more than twelve hundred kilometers from a russian town of to germany its offshore pipeline that runs along the bottom of the baltic sea it has been in construction since april of two thousand and ten the key of this particular pipeline is that it will allow for russian gas to be transported to europe without any intermediary points like ukraine and belarus which is the case right now of course through during the construction there has been some criticism from politicians or economists who are saying that this pipeline will make your of too dependent on russian gas but others of course have
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argued that vice versa this goes along diversification of european energy sources so the only please well for europe to have this pipeline running from russia to germany of course there have also been some environmental concerns are all hurdles have been asked and after it has been proven that this pipeline in fact does not present any danger to the environment or to european gas or energy supply the pipeline is going to be launched today on the sea coast of germany of course the russian president to be very will be accompanied by the german chancellor angela merkel along with the french prime minister. this is a very very busy day ahead for the russian president we're expecting a lot from this particular visit of course we'll bring you the latest as we get it . and business our team twenty minutes discover nordstrom's journey from pipe dream to reality then and later former germany chancellor gerhard schroeder who is now
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chairman of north stream tells us why it means everyone's a winner. of. the european union needs russia geopolitically but the reverse is also true it's not a question of the time has come to start cooperating and start looking back on but if you look at different just or new issues in a situation where you could ship gas to china. and you are or i hope russia does it has to make a good. government is evidently pro european or europe or canada keep pushing your sure way it hurts russians pride of fuel we have to keep in mind russia has the alternative should us or europe has no such alternative to europe's geopolitical position but it will be approved if it manages to enter a tight partnership with russia under the same time grand e.u. a session a turkey or that would be a sound strategy again or into the future the rest of us work to basically.
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you can see the full interview with gary hart schroeder chairman of the board of north stream project and twenty five minutes here on our. great leaders are struggling to decide who should become the new prime minister to lead a crisis coalition george pop on those agreed to go but is locked in a row with the opposition leader over who should replace some athens is under enormous pressure to act fast and push through cuts before it can get more emergency cash sarah firth's asked the greeks how they assess the mess there and. as the euro saying crisis rumbles on greece is once again found itself the focus of international attention and it seems like everyone's had an opinion about the situation here in the country we decided to come from and. which is really be me out it's so much of this year a crisis if the find out what the people of greece have to say about it all. so we sense that the camera and the mike. to. let the people have taken away
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alone we are. all the people. i thing. everything is. actually it's like they're trying to frighten us or something like hi my name is vicky. nady and i've been living in greece for ten years now my grandfather fought for this country and it saddens me that. right now there's a chance you might lose everything that we know in this country and. there's really not much we can do and i want to ask. if all the european snow but bowles is dead. but. why do the olympics money plus don't they want the money but the thing with the situation right now and greece is that we don't feel
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real secure about anything but our salaries our health and you know in my aids thing about the team that i'm going to make and the decisions i have to do from then from now it's really sad because. everybody here things that you know the things could be better there's something more. there's something more there there are very. very fine employ. people in a very skeptical. i think. it's better we are in euro. of course definitely but. there are some serious problems. because a lot of people lost they lost their jobs you don't know what. you can you can't blame your life i'm twenty years old and i don't have a job. i have to leave my parents i don't have money
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i can leave i hope for everybody to be calm and. try to get out of the crisis and i really hope everybody can help us to do that groups is a european country and euro is a greek word a greek word i hope something can be done so we can save this beautiful country and be able to pass it on to our grandchildren and the children after that the people of greece to step up to the mike and had a chance to have a say the question now is whether anyone is going to be ready to listen to them or the decisions again to keep being made behind. the square into the. next in the financial firing line is italy more deaths are piling up amid record borrowing costs prime minister berlusconi is rapidly losing support all around him he remains resolute in being the one to pass the country's austerity budget but even his former allies are not so sure one great financial analyst says it always
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politics are worse off than in his own country. i think italy and spain are probably still the two largest threats to the eurozone and certainly italy is very concerning the political situation there is more unstable than it is in greece and the borrowing rates are reaching very unsustainable levels and i think there are many good reasons to worry for other countries and even cool countries like france who may well lose their aaa rating at some point in the future what they do have to do of course other than just bailing out some countries and putting up some defenses in the short term which is have a really good look at the trees and the infrastructure of the whole project and see if there is some reform that can make it more workable of course when you have seventeen different very different economies in very different countries setting one uniform monetary policy is always going to be haphazard and when the e.c.b.
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itself count lent to countries then things can be very problematic. still ahead for you this hour when confrontation is not an option. we look at how israel's military muscle flexing and fierce foreign policy is turning its own people against signing up for service. and while russia's restive north caucasus is rising from the ruins with a powerful p.r. machine helping to attack attract thousands to the region. russia has issued a clear warning to israel over a possible attack on iran the foreign minister was responding to the israel president's suggestion that a military strike on iran is more likely than diplomacy said again level of said any such attash would be a serious mistake with unpredictable consequences if u.n. nuclear watchdog is about to report on iran's nuclear activities where it's thought it will reveal computer models of an atomic warhead and other weapons related work
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israel's main ally the u.s. says it will focus on diplomacy but is ready to keep all options open political analyst ivan eland says washington is unlikely to support israel's push for an attack. in china when mao and the chinese got nuclear weapons mao made direct threats to nuke the united states and of course lyndon johnson explored military options etc and of course they didn't take the chinese nuclear weapons you can deter this we have thousands of nuclear warheads russia has thousands of nuclear warheads iran will have a few and they haven't even put them on a missile yet missile design takes a lot of technology etc so they've shown that they can design a warhead that will fit on the missile getting the missile over here we've seen north korea had a lot of problems with that so we're not in the panic mode yet but i think what the foreign minister said there is absolutely correct there's no good military option here if you want to make sure you get all the stuff you have to launch a ground invasion which would make the invasion of iraq look nice and right i mean
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look easy runs a much bigger country the terrain the people there are not in a good mood towards america or you'd have a lot of a lot of problems and of course they could attack by air israel or the united states could do that and that's the that's the fear i think but there's just no good option. it's israel's increasingly tough talk that's driving away the very people who would need to defend itself that's on top of recent aggressive foreign policy moves such as the ground invasions of lebanon two thousand and six and gaza three years ago reports on the israeli conflicts that are repellent it's conscripts . for years it's been the cornerstone of the country's security but these days there's a real risk these radio defense forces could be left defenseless conscription is at an all time low between the it into forty. fifty percent of the. jewish males. serve in the military instead of
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choosing to serve the country people are choosing to serve themselves. most of the year and a half he was in the army trying to convince his superiors to release him or maybe . they eventually did but only after he'd wasted months searching around he says doing nothing while in uniform get drafted for. because of this feeling that there would be. if they would and. later i realized actually my. human being just couldn't take. his. forces which has nothing to do with defense other than by name and a growing number of israelis agree with him friedman made sure she scored low on her tastes so instead of serving as a soldier she's not doing civil service working as an art instructor in the center for the mentally disabled i have our friends in the army and they saw. how they
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were when they first came to them in how they are now and it's brainwashing actually and they just keep you down from your identity and make you a basically a soldier ten years ago the refusenik movement started in israel youngsters refusing to serve in the army. on political grounds add to that the nearly fifteen percent of potential draftees who don't serve because of religious reasons and a recent series of scandals also saw public trust in the military decline the state it's about to stand still and chose not to this video posted on you tube says a true israeli doesn't evade the truth in other words a true israeli avoids conscription fifteen or twenty years ago an advert like this would have been unthinkable in those days not serving in the army was something shameful but now youngsters have role models like actively in order to copy former girlfriend israeli model bar refaeli who evaded service and gave it which are
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timoci violations of human rights. are by israel's absolute disrespect of international law it's crystal clear there's no question about it i mean as far as moral decisions go it's not a big dilemma the only think overcome is actually a social pressure. but that social pressure is loosening up which is why volunteers next one have our own are trying to stop a draft dodgers who by lobbying the government and speaking at schools she says part of the problem is with the army itself it's very easy to be exempt you know if you go to the mental health officer with that you paid for he doesn't have the facilities the money the time to check if you lie to him or not he doesn't want to take the. study showed that by twenty twenty the number of military age jewish israelis who will not be serving will be the highest ever the
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growing trend has the military why we need it won't have all the troops it needs especially now as the region heats up and the army needs all the soldiers it can get. our team tell of. dot com for more on all our stories there's plenty more there too. the hackers are back the notorious anonymous group is warming up for another audacious online attack this time targeting america's imminent presidential election campaign. and history comes alive in red square. of the moment soviet soldiers marched to tackle the nazis as they made their move on moscow seventeen years ago we've got the video and the significance of the event . and on our youtube channel. is he.
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the official. from. the. video. and. an eleven mile neighborhood march in new york on monday became the latest occupy protests against corporate greed in the meantime police continue to crackdown on demonstrators after violent clashes and arrests over the weekend for activists the movement increasingly brings
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a vital issues back into the line of america prominent politicians. the occupy wall street protests are already changing the political dialogue in the country republicans are talking about social inequality democrats are talking about corporate personhood then you know in these are very these are important issues to a lot of people down at the protest in the financial district police brutality is a big problem in the united states and the wall street protests are showing that are you know that's one issue that a lot of people are organizing around when there has been violence it's when there are you know dozens upon dozens of riot police in full gear you know it's almost like the police come in looking for a fight and with that kind of an attitude you're going you're going to get one economics blogger michael snyder says the spiraling number of people losing their jobs and hopes for the future is falling fuelling the protests nationwide well the
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obama administration seems to think that it was stock market is surging that everything is ok but the truth is that the worst of the more they keep increasing last year two point six million more americans slipped over the power to those that most americans believe all of the poverty. and if you look back and this is part of a long term trend to back your true selves and you have one out of every line of americans living in poverty today we have one out of every seven americans living in poverty. and we don't we want to give them assistance and food stamps and so on but those are only temporary solutions what they really need are jobs but those jobs are leaving this country by the millions who is winter many older americans are going to have to choose between using their homes putting food on the table or getting their medicine but it's a real tough choice made our correspondent lucy craft will continue to report from inside the occupy movement protests follow our twitter stream to keep in touch.
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more world news this hour. michael jackson's doctor has been convicted of killing the king of pop the jury took two days to find conrad murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter by administering a lethal dose of the painkiller well there was an emotional reaction inside an outside court as the verdict was delivered murray faces four years prison and has lost his medical license. a woman who accuse u.s. presidential hopeful herman cain of sexually abusing her has gone public with her accusations sharon bialek says the republican groped her when she asked for his help finding work in the one nine hundred ninety s. it's the fourth allegation of sexual misconduct against the candidate cain denies all the charges but it's not stopping support from ebbing away. nicaragua's president is cruising towards a third term in office with most votes now counted in the election daniel ortega
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secured over sixty percent of the ballots so far that's more than double his nearest rival conservative idea was rejecting the results and accuses ortega of voter fraud. for many russia caucuses has been synonymous with violence for years its biggest battle now is convincing people that times are changing for the better attracting tourists is a key goal with luxury ski results among the developments taking place as in the reports the p.r. is paying off. thank you. these glamorous and extravaganza shows the morgan face of the caucasus where anxious traditions survive for attention with the razzmatazz of twenty first century life and for many started hand with the beautiful game not too long ago local football club biggest on and she was barely known outside the region now it regularly makes international headlines with instead on the global transfer market
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. and i'm starting from scratch i've always possible in europe as a player to start a new plus i've played with roberto carlos before and he told me a lot about russian football and i do look forward to joining the team the words of the camera man star striker and more importantly the record price they were prepared to pay made the local team one of the most ambitious clubs in the world and a mission is almost everything and the caucasus discovered a land of opportunities find the world crawls out on sports results in the new era of the northern caucasus is coming. and there actually more than a dozen ski resorts ham but all currently stand empty and the states now aiming to turn that around france has already signed on to the project with one important condition the drug guarantees the repayment of funds if the security situation worsens or if there is a major incident the first ground in knew how it's also due to the residue from the
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upcoming ski season so there's not much time left to boost people's confidence in the safety of a holiday in the caucasus and that sense of a much harder task than building five star accommodation. indeed terrorism anti terror raids and armed attacks are often the first things that come to mind when you think of the caucasus because that's mostly what we hear in the news. but real life is as always much more complicated there is another side to living down hand that's barely even heard of beyond the region but which is well worth making the effort to discover you i never thought it would be possible in such a short amount of time what's happened in some kind of miracle i can't believe my eyes and it's not just soaring skyscrapers and business interests popping up bam celebrities have been too and while some like actress hilary swank may have been forced to explain her visit the fall outs only helped to put the region on the
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front pages the p.r. machine spinning and full speed because where the stars go the cameras follow my dinner question our reporting from the north caucasus. in a few minutes we talk to the chairman of nordstrom gas pipeline project more on that now in the business update with korea. hello welcome top business bulletin thanks for joining me this hour i'll talk story vladimir putin press the start button on gas supplies from russia to germany through the north stream pipeline two months ago now it's president medvedev who is in germany to log the arrival of a forest shipment will keep you updated throughout the day but now big pool explains how the world's longest underwater gas pipe came to fruition. russia's been selling gas to europe for half a century with the first pipeline running to austria completed in one thousand nine
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hundred eighty seven trading survived a long list of upheavals even the depths of the cold war failed to disrupt supplies however the breakup of the soviet union brought a new set of problems much of the energy infrastructure became the property of countries bordering russia with political and economic ambition this resulted in a couple of so-called gas was with ukraine and the old stop with bella ruse which is where north stream comes in the pipeline runs beneath the baltic linking russia directly to germany it's the longest subsidy pipeline in the world at over twelve hundred kilometers and it bypasses all transit countries that nine billion euros it's down to the expensive but a pipeline last for up to fifty years so there's plenty of time to make a return to the immediate benefit does it provide security of supply to europe which gets twenty five percent of its gas from russia but after thirteen years of planning and two years of construction the first delivery is about to be made pool
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business altie. taking a look at the markets now all prices are mixed up the crude futures close above ninety five dollars on monday the highest level since late july lightweight as currently trading at around ninety five and a half dollars a barrel while brand is at one hundred fourteen dollars markets in asia are mixed this hour explorer is among the leading the cloud as in tokyo. high currency sony and i kind of both down around one a half percent and hong kong's hang seng is moving higher financials along the main game as they're the bank of communications up almost four percent. here in moscow trading stars away both allies x. and the r.t. has gained over one point three percent on monday supported by stronger crude. global equities we may wabi on monday in general that's after the g twenty failed to meet investor expectations on the eurozone debt problem. capital believes that this will continue to dominate the markets. expect good there were markets to
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remain quite. quiet last fall. investors are going to be in and suspicion of what what comes out of greece and italy next i guess there are more risk of a downside during the course of the week we saw on monday that the market out of the europe is starting to get even weaker with factories or germany below expectational and probably that trend is going to continue in the s. and the other hand the macro is probably going to be not as bad given the nature of the councils there is the regulation goes the companies are going to be in there's a lot in cap ex this year versus versus next and probably ficarra music going to dip it's going to be next year or so of us market is going to be more resilient than syrup in kind of parts and all eyes are going to continue the new russia will be no different and obviously in the high better market you obviously go up and down more than the others provided there were press for so. that's up for now more
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and less than one hour trying to.
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in two thousand and ten especially economic zone for industrial production was established in russia somalia region with a total area of six hundred sixty hertz as. its investors are granted exclusive tax and customs benefits which includes a five year exemption from property land and transport taxes as well as an income tax reduction to fifteen point five percent. to special economic zone operates as a free customs zone which enables manufacturers to market their products in russia free of employer duties to some our region sees it is currently witnessing a sewage infrastructure construction the smaller region special economic zone promises exceptional of the treaties for developing fuel business in russia will come to the smaller regions for more information. invest in some new.
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world's longest subsea pipeline is set to start pumping russian gas to warm up western europe without relying on transit countries president medvedev in germany ready to flick the switch to receive supplies later on tuesday. it's a race for the rescue funds and the prime minister and the leader of the opposition scrambling to form a government with enough power to resolve the crisis in the eurozone has given them fifteen weeks to sort out making the necessary cuts. and a strike on iran on top of. of lebanon and its young people are increasingly turning their backs on the army many have told our country is now too severe for them to enter service. head of the north stream gas pipelines first deliveries we talked to a man who was behind.


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