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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EST

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bishops project former german chancellor gerhard schroeder who's now chairman of north stream explains why the fuel route is important all around. gerhard schroeder was chancellor of germany from one nine hundred ninety eight to two thousand and five he's now chairman of the board at nordstrom's russia's new gas pipeline under the baltic sea europe mr further why should the e.u. increase its dependence on gazprom. opinion. we're not talking about russia's dependence we're talking about cooperation between russia on the one side and the european union on the other in the energy sector the stream is viewed as a priority project both by russia and the oil because it's been part of europe's energy networks since two thousand and six not recognized by the european parliament and the e.u. council of energy. which was and from all appears from problem meant. that the
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energy minister stream pipelines have already been laid what top of the third one will be added and what will be its capacity we haven't yet i don't know that we currently have at least two pipelines with a total capacity of fifty five billion cubic metres could be the question of whether a third or even feel like climate living or that should be answered by european stock holders of as you know we have gazprom in the order and holland's got sunni. in germany and the s.f. winter certainly like the investors decide to build a third and fourth pipeline through a privately finals might we're not talking about things like there's a m b then it could be done i do not know whether they will make such a decision as it was not part of my will and mine of. brussels wants all russian energy companies not just gazprom to be allowed to export gas to europe what are the implications of that for gas problem and europe as. regulator repetition is not the issue. and the rest of the nations need gas to sensibly reform that and.
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russia on the other hand has to sell gas to keep its budget and so there's a. culture is a good thing for jay how to be happy to see european companies invest into russia and european markets open up there wasn't a company that it's a good free market economy does is good for the market truck what do you think of the recent you raids on gazprom and its partners in europe think about just the all appear gasp i think europeans need gas to feel as has many years is a dog with a political uncertainty in north africa also good to have a stable partner that you can rely on for a russia is what we did you know better than anyone else secret place that had written recently from export to your old partner how europe will need to gas supply to maintain a stable mix of energy sources and that it's climatic conditions for the northam and to get any norway's united size but also russia's biggest therefore i think opening the market up didn't want companies would be at right some of. the name to
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do some e.u. officials oppose russia whatever it does get us is ford's or just most money i guess it is so that we have to admit that about you and i hope we will get over it it's understandable and says the european union needs russia geopolitically but the reverse is also true in your it's not a question that the time has come to start cooperating on stop looking back at an idea over differences yet to get that is for the could russia switch supply east to china if brussels keeps up its hostility listen as it were to your normans avoid using a situation where it could ship gas to china in and all of asia and europe i hope russia never has to make it tough as these of the russian government is evidently pro european but we are to canada keep pushing the natural way it hurts russians pride about me and we have to keep in mind that while russia has the alternative of the shipping to asia europe has no such alternative and europe's geopolitical position look really improve if it manages to enter
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a tiny hard to ship with russia on under the same time ground zero you ascension to turkey that would never be a sound strategy aimed interleaved the rest. yesterday's debate unless under is better for the guest if russia does decide to go east could that mean a gas shortfall for europe now doesn't it is nice to know what's going on russia was an exceptionally reliable supplier during soviet times so no one has to worry about trying to you know say again that you are on market is incredibly important for russia to keep it logic balance you know other things i guess therefore we're not talking about the kind of a code. to go but we've heard plans to lay an electricity route alongside the nord stream project could germany and europe in your opinion be interested in importing electricity from russia if i sneeze from so i can play i have heard about this i. have long since been rumors about it but so far the talk has been detached from reality i don't the plans will ever be realized in here but ultimately it's up to
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the pipeline donors not the chairman of the stockholders completes and to share with our communities progress in shipping liquefied natural gas. makes europe less dependent on pipelines can that affect this project and. i didn't think it would have a negative effect on the project that is your opinion my gas market is quite limited on the move because there's no way to sell it in germany or poland has a developing a rocket important it's in no way a danger you guys are good not so the reason i'm criticizing the indication that there are alternative sources in the low spot price in this spot deals can be of no one will gain long term supply agreements in a short run they do not offer stability for a sticker for plague of carbon in the wake of the fukushima disaster germany is closing all its nuclear power plants do you support that and how will it change germany's energy mix transit bindiya mid mind consider this me and my team other people who would rigidly negotiated that deal with our energy supply we had agreed
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to make a sensible exit out of nuclear strategy that was followed by a short period when the federal gov. and i thought our agreement should be overturned out of and of course they've since gone the other way and started supporting what i had negotiated on this does not mean a bridge technologies like nuclear energy cannot begin at least until energy efficiency is sufficiently developed but we need gas as an interim energy source for the sake of energy security and that's the reason we need to buy gas from new york city of crime other cultures but primarily from russia and the reason we need to build a gas power station. with this debt crisis mr sarkozy says no hero no hero surely your will survive without the euro so on it does and i know former english is a quote my successor and all of us want to of course europe is going to have problems if the euro has problems but there's one thing you can be sure of at the end of the euro is going to survive as a common currency there even it theoretically things turn out differently which are
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very very approachable we will still have a united europe it is vital you know you were chancellor when greece cooked its books to join the euro should you have stopped athens from joining the single currency. on those it towards your own by i do not think that was our situation of the european commission or its employees that had to conduct the inspections and they had let us know that we could take the responsibility for greece is in a recession ourselves and it was a purely preparatory mission conducted by the european commission and the national governments you from we had made the decision to take greece and we cannot claim without you having a firm proof that the information we got then was on the diplomatic yes we are not entirely correct to various people might keep in mind that the european parliament voted in favor of almost unanimously including the conservatives that you are now trying to distance themselves from that decision sometimes in politics you don't want to believe things that he wants go down and actually happening of us money.
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either the commission was wrong or the handling of greece has been wrong since they tend. which which is it ends in. it's pointless to talk about how things work or past we're talking about him i hope we manage to keep greece in the euro zone so that's why i was the new greek government would have to be nonpartizan. by debate provoked by right wing number that's on front and i hope the package of aid agreements that european leaders have got real a simulant package that if that's the case then i think we can start thinking of stabilizing. with a great deal of help from the great. or there is a hint i would like to make for the country should not be broken down not only does greece neatly budget discipline which is of course trivial should what greece night here are investments and invest it would be good to see wealthy greek citizens who are currently resting abroad interest paid taxes in their own country instead of looking for investment opportunities or shown was
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a good us thought to bring is there a red line beyond which germans to say we're not going to bail out southern europe anymore or does germany have a historic bit to europe has from. been digging about depth i'm not against discussing a red line the problem is that if you start to talk about a red line then you'd eventually have to be correct. interested both politically and economically in a functioning europe at doj that have economic interest as easily as forty percent of our export goes to the european union and beyond if those countries are hit by a price is germany or secondly or the lesson we learned in the past and our prospects for the future dictate that germany is not strong enough geopolitical to play a significant role in a game where the u.s. is one superpower and an asian leader. in this case china is the other new european students and the only one thousand you are going to take a noble like that if that's why germany is interested in him knighted us out just
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for not just because of the past or theater for the sake of our senses and its future after two conference a lot of being to small question many germans many people in. finns are angry at having to pay. or they roll that's enough for it see and i can understand that but i have to explain it very consistently to the current generation of illogical it is clear that it's within our own interests to maintain stability in other countries as germany is a nation that relies hugely on x. idea if markets around us crumbles by it harms us we have to explain to our the new generation the drug prospects for long lasting peace lies in your avoid door when you serve the german chancellor there was no question of receiving financial aid from china or russia directly or indirectly through the i.m.f. do you regret that's happening potentially and what would be the implications if think it doesn't make you not think we should feel bad about other nations get out stronger be they russians chinese brazilians south africans in doing so i did
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should not concern us because these countries offer us more opportunity to export our products as they develop a vehicle. but that's only the case if we stay better and stay more innovative when we fulfill our agenda of twenty thousand up and sort out our social policies and germany is the only country that understood to be back in two thousand and three that for an aging country to maintain prosperity that it must provide for chang and i think it odd i wonder if the rest of the even states are from having understood this a decade later i'll manage to take the action needed to maintain prosperity i on the other hand we have an understanding that an aging society with a decreasing number of people who are deployed be able has problems of that so it will be a mistake that we started taking care of our problems in time or the rest will. be forced to take on a harder mission toward this goes for everyone not just the sound of all plus this but if they've been ignored in certain productivity of the board for the north stream gas pipeline thank you for speaking with l.t.
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world's longest subsidy pipeline is set to start pumping russian gas to warm up western europe without relying on transit countries president and bid in germany ready to play the switch to receive supplies later on tuesday. it's a race for the rescue funds in greece with the prime minister and the leader of the opposition scrambling to form a government with enough power to resolve the crisis pierrot's owns given them fifteen weeks to sort out making the necessary cuts. and israel threatens a strike on iran on top of the recent ground invasions of lebanon and gaza its young people are increasingly turning their backs on the army many of told r t their countries and now too severe for them to enter servants. more news in the next fifteen minutes next though it's the sports update with dimitri.
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you know they're welcome to the sports object thanks for joining us this hour they had. their first international tournament then you had code since a lot of men prepare for the first stage of the year hockey to. developing young skills anyway in the country russia's top waldgrave make. region to find tomorrow's talent. and the goals below their third phase of the longest ever russian football season is over all the strikes are in the final week of action. top european nations four sets out on a four stage continental which starts in a finland they swear can the euro hawk is widely considered as a preparation stage for russia finland sweden and the czech republic ahead of the any a while chapman ships to russia were far from impressive last season after failing to reach their world championship finals the result
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a new man of the. took over the reigns from which the who secured russia back to back world for years ago but it is in a face hope to lead russia all the way to the. twenty fourteen but that coming finnish stage of the euro tour will be classed as head coach of the national team when the next winter games but so is away we'll have plenty of time to come up with an alternate roast. or a very serious and interesting it's fair for me personally as a coach to support team building i want to develop my roster here in russia using primarily players the upcoming international tournaments including the world cup should reveal their capabilities and then we can start thinking about. decided to give us the. chance of opening stage in sync a with his team loud with promising talent will always squalls primary objective so
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it's experience at both ends of the range that the coach will rely on forwards alexandra de former n.h.l. are already has to welsh on but your gold medals and his experience will be unbearable for singable he's displayed. a lot of. your own real talent in the. whole world during the last really good and. doing the be in the team not because the young doesn't be ready and the play goodish are and. it's not it's not surprising at all. in the russian under twenty's big quebec's junior league saw it in the first clash of the twenty seven super series the russians managed to broaden it twice through the risk of opening the scoring seventeen minutes while put down by the double brushes that midway through the game and
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despite the canadians having many as forty two shots on target against the visitors twelve alarie brought his men managed to keep their ego intact. now because i do think it has ended the season on a low note as the russian question at the final a.t.p. event of the year in paris suffered a first round defeat by the telling qualified to open on a tie break it seemed that the second set would go to trial breakers route but to double for gave the intercept. in the match as another book took place in the second round the spaniard. gracious and had come from a set down to beat his opponent in the opening set six three but then the dusk stormed back in the second and third sets taking them sixty six three respect to. another first round winner was joe miller's forum on. jack radek stepanek seven five six three in may next face is a modification of the united states who is trying to make it through the world
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through finals week eight in the rankings and is determined to make it to london. i've never been in this was from before. you know from what i hear you know everything at the o two arena everything that has to do with the world tour finals is pretty amazing. and i love to experience it for myself and not only for myself there's a lot of people who i mean to put a lot of work in. that. you know are pretty emotionally and physically invested in my results and friends and family and coaches and trainers and things like that so they're the ones i want to do it for as well. when she has been taking all necessary steps to try and maintain its dominance in the world of rhythmic gymnastics even the country's remote regions like the town of course getting a visit from the national team with impressive efforts to develop young talent now well under way it was of course the story. eighteen hundred kilometers
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away from moscow but a long journey didn't stop team russia from paying a visit the message being talent across the basque country will be left undiscovered with. an opening a brand new gymnastic school top class instructors are helping young talent blossom into transcendent performers on the biggest stage these students aged three to seven years old washington or as the current top crop of rhythmic gymnasts put on a show at the school's opening ceremony one of the sport's main figures in russia irina venier believes it's the most complete line up she's seen in a while because that's the cream of the crop of global rhythmic gymnastics got us here we haven't even had that many people at the world championships and this time we brought our entire golden reserve gymnastic europe's. have always stood head and shoulders above the competition winning all around gold at three straight gymnastics world championships and at the beijing olympics the twenty one year old
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remaining home will despite clearly being russia's main hope for london two thousand and twelve and beyond that the gym is great for up and coming and hopefully it will be used in preparation for the upcoming russian championships i didn't have such fancy facilities and that's when i started so i'm happy for these kids i have no plans for the index yet because i'm still in the process of qualification the soviet union and russia have always been the world's mecca of rhythmic gymnastics winning sixty one world championship medals over the entire course of history the russians have also won gold in individual and team events during the past three weeks but everybody at the world's gymnastics stronghold are aware that maintaining the title as the greatest in the world won't be easy come next summer. our team. it's official. thing world champion the thirty nine year old finally able to rightfully claim the
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title after coke lation era build him as they turn to eleven when it prematurely the american was initially anointed burned on to them by the second but it was soon discovered that slater would have to win the one to claim be crowned and he did just that place and i will to enjoy the fruits of his labor california. and to end with football the regular season in the russian premier league now wrapped up so let's take a look at all nineteen strikes across the line in game with thirty so it's goals time. live. live.
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live. live. live. live live. live. live live.
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live . ok up to date now more sports news from around the globe for in toss time how naughty it's going to pass by for now.
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the world's longest. pumping russian gas to warm up western europe with president. which. and. more. expensive projects. it's a race for the rescue funds in greece with politicians scrambling to form a government with power to resolve the crisis what greeks themselves think. and as. increasing numbers of young israelis turn their backs on joining the army. for service. broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is. with.


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