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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EST

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church in new delhi who took the maori babyhood here in connection with the closing of the maiden's hotel believe that was the leader members and shift that was punished but they protested how this. plays on our team putting the wheels in motion moscow ushers in a new era of energy security of the western europe as a landmark for three pipeline begins pumping russian gas straight to germany and beyond. the new supply route please old energy rolls the transit countries which are pretty significant european consumers of russian gas out in the cold with all the details in just a few moments. russia issues another stern warning against israeli military action against iraq as president dmitry medvedev says it could spell a catastrophe for the middle east. and greece politicians scramble to save the country as they inch towards deciding on a new crisis leader r.t.
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asked what greeks themselves think now appears world that italy is next in the financial firing line where debts are piling up and record falling costs. suffer six pm here in the russian capital this is art now it's an historic day for western europe's energy supply which is now being bolstered by russian gas directly for a brand new pipeline president dmitri medvedev the chancellor angela merkel and their partners in a project of the valve that's open the receiving end of the north stream right in germany the ten billion dollar project is the longest subsidy gas route in the world artie's dallal bushel was at the scene of more street but. it will provide long term energy security for europe which had been affected by previous transit rails with the likes of ukraine and belarus the least. phil
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a shortfall in gas which is projected to reach some one hundred million homes by twenty thirty now this is a europe wide project why european leaders are here is because french dutch german companies energy firms have taken stakes in the north stream pipeline that will guarantee supply to homes in those countries for the next fifty years at least the lifetime of this current project there are plans to send this gas in and then alter the existing european network on to countries like the united kingdom as well as a facilities here in russia has always gone to great lengths to fulfill its energy obligations because really it's our highest priority we will continue to supply our european partners with county interruption in the future in order to attract more investment for the project i'm convinced that such involvement will minimize risks a long time energy supply chain nationally would be skinny but now they should also provide cheaper gas for homes in europe with no transit fees to be paid for the
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likes of ukraine and belarus with gas going direct for the first time from russia to the e.u. german chancellor angela merkel is optimistic about the future relations between russia and the european union let's have a listen to what she had to say. about that when speaking about energy supply security but also speak about diversification and russia is one of our most important partners is of supply have to be safe and the demand from europe is also guaranteed russian gas and the economic development of our continent and this means that we will be closely linked to each other for decades to come. it is the longest subsidy pipeline the gas pipeline in the world and it took some engineering brilliance just for one example compressor stations which keep the pressure in gas pipelines usually there are several across the route this one just has has one the beginning of the route it's been planned since the nineteen nineties construction did start a few years ago the second line will come on stream next year and we've just spoken to some of the heads of the of the project who say that
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a third line will be discussed by shareholders very shortly because they expected more for gas to grow and to keep growing even through this crisis the euro to crisis that we're seeing to keep growing through the e.u. in the coming years. orlan gas expert in drover alliance says that the new pipeline is a guarantee that european consumers will not have to relive the nightmare of energy . i think there was a great need for this project as several incidents of shown over the last three four five six years we need as much diversification as we can of energy in europe and this project helps us to reach that and i think the successful implementation of the project scholz with what has always been quite clear is that critical standpoints arguments didn't have much basis in reality they were driven by some kind of of prejudice the contribution of norsemen itself will be positive because it reduces the clout of transit countries to some extent which means that they can
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take a small cuts from the overall price so in this sense it's positive and consumers are not only part of our price they're also worried about. security of supply and nord stream again is one contribution to making everybody feel a bit more relaxed about security of supply. the chairman of the nordstrom project former german chancellor gerhard schroeder tells r t why the pipeline is important for russia and europe relationship here's a brief preview of our interview coming up in about twenty minutes time. european union needs russia geopolitically but the reverse is also true it's not a question of time has come it's not coming for a king and so looking back i'm going to a logical differences when you she's in a situation where you can ship gas to china. and you are you know i hope russia never has to make a choice the russian government is evidently pro european with europe cannot keep pushing russia away it hurts russians pride for you we have to keep in mind all
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that russia has the alternative should be just or europe has no such alternative to europe's geopolitical position we're. just to enter a tight partnership with russia at the same time. or that would be a sound strategy again or into the future for us the rest of us the worst a very gloomy. of the russian president has warned and militarist rhetoric in the middle east and that's how to run it could lead to a catastrophic war in the region we should be vetted statements came during the joint press conference with his german counterpart russia has been voicing strong words against an attack on iran following statements by israel that a strike is more likely that the clumsy atomic watchdog is about to report on iran's nuclear activities and provide evidence that iran has built a testing facility and computer models of warheads iran has dismissed all
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allegations calling them a fabricated court affairs analyst richard reid says the i.a.e.a. report is designed to put pressure on iran in order to implement sanctions against it. first of all we have to be clear that there is a lot of. illusion that the content and consequence of this new. media is really playing on this report as certain pieces were foundation that iran was really moving towards weaponization of nuclear program there for more sanctions and possibly confrontation of your own but if you look at the state and. i think. not come up with any kind of evidence or any kind of smoking gun that you could prove consequential in all of that iran has really been. any kind of program i think we should look at the new report in efforts to enforce new sanctions or
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further sanctions against iran and how this report could be politicized. a more confrontational approach towards iran i think that's a. yawn so. political muscle over iran that the jewish state is hit by a with fruit or a crisis or the later this hour young israelis are increasingly under willing to sign up for military service for their country. but first greek ministers have offered their resignation to pave the way for a new government because as the country's leaders struggled to agree on a new prime minister talks over a unity coalition their second day. will stand down as prime minister his replacement is announced the interim government will leave the country until elections expected to be held in february. under pressure to ratify a one hundred thirty billion euro emergency rescue package and its political crisis
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that's what the entire euro zone in jeopardy our correspondents our first when asked in greece for their take on the situation and the prospects for their country . as the eurozone crisis rumbles on greece is once again the focus of international attention and it seems like everyone's had an opinion about the situation here in the country we decided to come. which is really be an epicenter it's so much of this year oh quite if the find out all the people of greece have to say about it all. the camera and. let the people of take it away alone we are. well. all the people. are saying. everything is made. actually it's like they're trying to frighten us or something like that hi my
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name's vicky. needy and i've been living in greece for ten years now my grandfather fought for this country and it saddens me that. right now there's a chance you might lose everything that we know in this country and there's really not much we can do after i want to jump through. all the european snow but old. but. why do they lend this money to us don't they want the money but the thing with the situation right now at peace is that we don't speak real secure about anything but our salaries our health and you know in my aids thing about that syndrom going to make end of the season so i have to do it from then from now it's really sad because. everybody here things that you know that things could be better there's something more than the trouble there's something more very very angry because
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there is a lot of unemployment in greece now. that the people in greece are very skeptical about the euro i think ok they it's better we are in euro. of course definitely but there are some some serious trouble. because a lot of people lost they lost their jobs you don't know what governments the more you can you can plan your life twenty years old and i don't have a job. i have to leave my parents i don't have money i can leave i hope for everybody to be calm and. try to get out of the crisis and i really hope everybody can help us to do that greece is a european country and greece and hero is a good word. it would hope something can be done so we can save this beautiful country and be able to pass it on to our grandchildren and their children after
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that people thought of the mike and had a chance to have their say the question now is whether anyone's going to be ready to listen to them or their decisions are going to keep being made the hind closed those. things square in. the italian prime minister is main coalition partner has urged him to step aside ahead of a crucial budget frode concerns are growing that italy is on its way to becoming the next victim of europe's financial crisis with debts piling up and had record boring costs italian current affairs columnist francesca c. she says the crisis in italy is more political and economic financially in italy was not. that bad in italy has not war syndrome in the past months in fact for instance in greek banks are already a lot of money to french and german bets italian exposure to greece was very
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limited however the markets didn't trust the italian governments this is a crucial issue and when the markets started not to trust the government and government given come up with a real strong measures to. see what will come out of these political crises i think a little bit different from greece i mean the situation in italy is more a political crisis crisis financial. everything you know way hinges on the opposition claims that he will surely be defeated to be claims he will not be defeated is acute foundries a huge day italy needs a prime minister who can gave the confidence of the markets the markets trust to start the recovery and change necessary for the telly to call the present crisis and coming up in the program for you if you haven't yet consider the trip russia
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store the car business suv might want and how the region is now attracting thousands of tourists probably a strong yard. also made one of the members of the seventeen month long virus five hundred experiments and says the project has had a rap most impact on his life. quite a time when israel is threatening iran with military action confidence in the strength of the jewish state's army is crucial with every year fewer and fewer in surveillance are signing up to the armed forces choosing instead to defend themselves rather than the country our policy reports on why the young generation is turning its back on military service. for years it's been the cornerstone of the country's security but these days there's a real risk these radio defense forces could be left defenseless conscription is at an all time low fifty percent of prison. males who.
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serve in the military one of our congressmen most of the year and a half he was in the army trying to convince his superiors to release him on medical grounds they eventually did but only after he wasted months searching around he says doing nothing while in uniform it would be a draft for a. because of this feeling that it would be fairer sorry if i wouldn't and a couple months later i realized that i just couldn't keep working longer in what's called the israel defense forces which has nothing to do with the fence other than my name and a growing number of israelis agree with him mr friedman made sure she scored low on her army entrance tests so instead of serving as a soldier she's now doing civil service working as an art instructor and a center for the mentally disabled i have our friends in the army and they saw. how they were when they first came to them in how they are now and it's brainwashing actually and they just take you down from your identity and make you
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basically a soldier ten years ago the refusenik movement started in israel youngsters refusing to serve in the army on political grounds add to that the nearly fifty percent of potential draftees who don't serve because of religious reasons and a recent series of scandals also saw public trust in the military decline the state is about to spend so chose not to this video posted on you tube says a true israeli doesn't even read the truth in other words a true israeli avoids conscription fifteen or twenty years ago an average like this would have been unthinkable in those days not serving in the army was something shameful but now young. does have role models like actively or not at a couple years former girlfriend israeli model bar refaeli who evaded service and gave it a little misty relations of human rights. are by israel absolute
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disrespect of international law. it's crystal clear there's no question in our study showed that by twenty twenty the number of military age jewish israelis who will not be serving will be the highest ever the growing train has the military worried it won't have the troops it needs especially now as the region heats up and the army needs all the soldiers it can get paula c.r.t. tel aviv. more world news for you this hour now and first to india where at least twenty people have been killed and dozens injured after a stampede broke out during a religious ceremony in the north of the country well the incident happened when tens of thousands of hindu programs rushed towards a holy site to offer their prayers some of them tripped and fell while those behind continued to push forward many women and children are reported to be among the dead and injured a deadly stampedes are common in india just last january more than one hundred people died. syria's opposition has reportedly appealed for international presence in the central city of homs where activists say at least
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eleven people were killed on monday this comes out to damascus accuse the us of being involved in the by list and ask the arab league for support on the issue of the un claims at least three thousand five hundred people have been killed in the crackdown since anti-government protests started march. michael jackson's doctor conrad murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in an l.a. court was found guilty of administering a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol which killed jackson in two thousand and nine murray could receive a maximum prison sentence of four years and lose his medical license the jury took two days to reach its decision. liberians are heading to the polls to choose their country's president this despite a death during recent opposition protests and a boycott over fraud claims winston tubman who want roughly thirty three percent of the first round in october with crew from the race last week alleging the process
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is rigged ruling party space for his allegations were rejected by international observers who urged people to cast their ballots it's a personal action says the country's fourteen year conflict ended in two thousand and three. now members of the a mars five hundred experiment a simulated round trip to the red planet to spent over seventeen months in isolation are enjoying their first few days back on earth as one of the participants of the project says the mission became a life changing experience for a new norm or was just to have a world which was two hundred meters square. and only five person would think would meet and it was very exciting very. early on that was definitely the highlight. even though we knew it was i mean it was another toward like miles which would be like ten thousand times bigger and more exciting it was it was very different. and
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we felt like being on the front place you know of the real mass but it was very different if i was to go to with a real mess i would say no to everything all our news can be found at any time on our website r.t.e. dot those will still run down billions of dollars have been changing hands during bad transfer demonstrations across the u.s. in a bid to deprive a big backs of their clients also on our web site. march to remember the story global soviet soldiers paraded through red square before leaving to confront the advancing a nazi army is to be reenacted part of the russian. now for many russians caucuses has been synonymous with violence for years its biggest
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battle now is convincing people that times are changing for the better attracting tourists is a key goal with luxury ski resorts of all the developments taking shape as archy's medina questionable reports the p.r. is paying up. thank you. i these glamorous and extravaganza shows are the morton face of the caucasus where an ancient tradition survived for attention with the razzmatazz of twenty first century life and for many started hand with the beautiful game not only go local football club biggest county and she was barely known outside the region now it regularly makes international headlines with its doubles on the global transfer market. just ahead and i'm starting from scratch i've always trophies possible in europe as a player but here it is starting new because i've played little bridge approaches before and he told me a lot about russian food and i do a form of it joining the team the words of the cameroonian star striker and more
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importantly the record price they were prepared to pay made the local team one of the most ambitious clubs in the world and ambition is almost everything and the caucasus discovered a land of opportunity it's fine if the world cross alpine sports results. as the northern caucuses is coming. and there are actually more than a dozen ski resorts ham but all currently stand amitie and the states now aiming to turn that around france has already signed up to the project with one important condition the drash a guarantees a repayment of funds if the security situation worsens or if there is a major incident the first ground in knew how those are due to resit for the upcoming speech season so there is not much time left to growth people's confidence in the safety of a holiday in the caucasus and that sense of a much harder task than building five star accommodation. indeed terrorism and to
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generate an armed attacks are often the first things that contra minds when you think of the caucasus because that's mostly what we hear in the news. but real life is as. always so much more complicated there is another side to living down hand that's barely even heard of beyond the region but which is well worth making the effort to discover your i never thought it would be possible in such a short amount of time what's happened in some kind of miracle i can't believe my eyes and it's not just soaring skyscrapers and business interests popping up hand celebrities have been too and while some like actress hilary swank may have been forced to explain her visit the fallout was only helped for the region on the front pages of a p.r. machine spinning at full speed because where the stars go the cameras follow my dinner question r.t. reporting from the north caucasus i'll be back shortly to bring
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a recap of today's top stories but before that the business news of yoga. hello and a very warm welcome to the business update and to as we've been reporting russia has started pumping gas to europe through the north stream with an eventual capacity of fifty five billion cubic meters the new archery will likely change european energy priorities in particular further shifting the officers away from alternative sources similar from the national energy security fund explains. inside europe. we see a very contradictory if you shale gas you know you were speaking the world russian but there's a north room for example germany france nuance this planter's think about still gives you the future relative you are we see that now the main driver of shale gas production in europe was all about who was the main struggle with all
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three in all on you food right there in the way the rules in place and the sale goals of course are still there could be called for in suspicious presentations but no business at last name is relative so you can compare north through his show his production in europe where you understand that most of them is a reality show guess is two hundred. times have a check on the markets stocks across europe have rebounded as investors await a vote on issues project that will show well the country's prime minister still has a majority in germany the country's exports rose for a second month in september helping europe's largest economy where the sovereign debt crisis the tax is more than two percent up this hour. and here in moscow the markets are gaining the r.g.s. is up under one percent but my service is a quarter of percent and here's a quick look at some of the moves on my successor the picture is mixed here is losing point seven percent gazprom has also slipped into the necks of treasury the
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company. world subsidiary gas from the left has boosted its snuff profit by sixty four percent in the first nine months of the fear and russia's biggest lenders is on the rise giving two percent. hundred or illustrating the the highest level in three months light switches currently trading at around ninety six dollars per barrel while the grain plant is hovering at one hundred and sixteen dollars. zero zero joining the world trade organization will cut russia's exposure to oil price like traces that's the view of fitch credit rating agency which sees a number of benefits to accession they chose to suggest that even the trade club will boost growth and help diversify the economy it also says the move would prove confidence in the business climate and encourage for you investment in the country which confirmed russia's triple berating in september warning that gold price fluctuations could lead to a downgrade. so far no more stories log on to
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a website or two dot com slash business. in canada and the us that it is legal for you to use a bubble bath on your baby that contains
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a known carcinogen something that causes cancer most of the shanties up most cooking event they are sponsored by in the spirit and most of the guys raised donuts clearly the girls were the first to be an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month oh my god nobody with cancer in my five therefore i protect focus because maybe to ninety five percent of cancers hurt people with health funding history of cancer the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. than members of congress.
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ludlum up. its nuclear. tests pits luxor. please please. look for the close up team has been to the bridge for technological breakthroughs say human life sucks hard she goes to the sea. or unusual ways to check new trucks.


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