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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EST

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eight pm tuesday night here in moscow welcome this is our team my name's kevin know it and first it's an historic day for western europe's energy supply which is now being bolstered by a russian gas directly through a brand new pipeline president dmitri medvedev chancellor angela merkel and their partners in the project turned a valve that opened the receiving and now of the north stream line in germany the ten billion dollars scheme is the longest subsea gas route in the world parties daniel bushell was at the scene of the nordstrom's. it will provide long term energy security for europe which had been affected by previous transit rails with the likes of ukraine and belarus it will also fill a shortfall in gas which is projected to reach some one hundred million homes by twenty thirty now this is a europe wide project why european leaders are here is because french dutch german companies energy firms have taken stakes in the north stream pipeline that will
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guarantee supply to homes in those countries for the next fifty years at least or the lifetime of this current project there are plans to send this gas on to him and then also the existing european network on to countries like the united kingdom as world is that that with these russia is always going to great lengths to fulfill its energy obligations because it's our highest priority we will continue to supply our european partners without interruption in the future in order to attract more investment for the project i'm convinced that such involvement will minimize risks along the entire energy supply chain. but this should also provide cheaper gas for homes in europe with no transit fees to be paid for the likes of ukraine and belarus with gas going direct for the first time from russia to the e.u. german chancellor angela merkel is optimistic about the future relations between russia and the european union. when speaking about energy supply security. we also
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speak about diversification and russia is one of our most important partners the sources of supply have to be safe and the demand from europe is also guaranteed we need russian gas for the economic development of our continent and this means that we will be closely linked to each other for decades to come. it is the longest pipeline the gas pipeline in the world it took some engineering brilliance just for one example compressor stations which keep the pressure in gas pipelines usually there are several across the route this one just has as one of the beginning of the route it's been planned since the ninety's ninety's construction did start a few years ago the second line will come on stream next year and we've just spoken to some of the heads of the of the project to say that a third line will be discussed by shareholders very shortly because they expect demand for gas to grow and to keep growing even through this crisis the euro crisis that we're seeing to keep growing through the e.u. in the coming years. more perspective from
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a senior analyst at the center for global energy studies in london julian julian very good evening thanks very arty tonight so is this finally then an end to europe's energy supply problems those cold winter disappearance we all witnessed now a thing of the past are they well i think it's certainly a step in that direction clearly what russia have done with north stream nice to put in place the first line of. direct communication between russia and germany. without having to depend on transit countries of course but nordstrom pipeline is only a fraction of the capacity of gas lines that currently run across ukraine and those pipelines will remain fight for deliveries and russian gas to europe for many years to come and of course if you're in gas demand grows in the way that we expect in the. gasper on hopes then lawrence freeman alone will never supply all of the
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gas that we expect to be delivered from russia to europe but it will make a a significant contribution as is being greeted by everyone in europe is this good to be hailed it is being as a major step forward in securing energy supplies but some people as well have concerns the maybe then have become too dependent on one provider. i think there is sir you know there is an overriding view within europe that diversification is important and this is a theme that we've heard echoed for many many years now but within that it is generally recognized in europe and i don't think most of dissenting voice really anywhere in europe that russia is now and always will be a principal provider of gas to the european continent eighty's simply a vast repository of natural gas resources it is on europe's eastern border it
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has very stable one term gas supply relationships with your in country so on and nobody's looking really to supplant russian gas what europe wants to do is to ensure that gas comes from other places why are the roots in addition to russian gas but not instead of it julia talked about the stability there that's of course very important as they exist able supplier gas me to stable prices especially now with the european economy say really teetering on the brink if what this one good shot in the our business was certainly stable supply is important i would question whether. whether one could say that gas prices stable i mean even on the long term contracts those crises are flexible in the case of the russian contracts that are generally linked to boil prices an oil product prices and unbowed prices have been anything but stable so while these direct links i
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think help certainly with stability and volumes and stability of chrysler is another question altogether so what's russia getting out of all that is besides the cash of course. what russia is getting i think it's a guaranteed stable access to so europe meets its greatly reduced its dependence on transit across ukraine perhaps not explicitly yet even in shared salut volleying terms but certainly the existence of the first direct pipeline between russia and western europe greatly reduces the the leverage that transit countries have. gazprom to dictate terms and to dictate. transit costs and access to europe so i think from that security point if you this point my niece is important for europe and for gas from and russia generally chile
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imation just to just know that russia set to become a long term provide to western europe at that has the russian and european energy polish it likely to develop over the next few years i would like to see more stuff like this. i think we will see more start like most women i know as you saw in your your introduction. the second parallel north stream pipeline is due to come into operation within the next twelve months there's already talk of a third parallel pipeline that may well depend on you know how demand for gas in germany and other parts of northern europe develops over time of course what gas from its looking out beyond. north stream in east asia similar routes around ukraine to the south through the black sea and into into the balkan countries project but it's soon with some very substantial european partners and
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clearly it would like to see this sort of two pronged approach to reducing it and so you can ultimately ending its dependence on transit countries generally very good of a live program senior analyst as you are the center for global energy studies in london wasn't budging. the russian president has warned well it trist rhetoric in the middle east and the attack on iran that could lead to a catastrophic war in the region to me to a vote of statements came during the joint press conference with his german counterpart russia's been voicing strong words indeed against an attack on iran following statements by israel that a strike is war likely then diplomacy the only time i watched i was about to report to you on iran's nuclear activities and provide evidence it says the valley has built a testing facility and computer models of warheads iran's dismissed all those allegations calling the fabricated let's get up to speed on this one and now talk to us foreign policy expert barbara slaven she's on the atlantic council discussion group barbara
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love to see you tonight now this leaked report this expect to come out within the next twenty four hours or so is believe there's need to be based on foreign intelligence but the first question i guess how reliable is that intelligence do you think. well i think it's fairly reliable this is information that's been developed over a long time and it confirms information that was previously sent to the i.a.e.a. that the agency has been trying to talk to iran about for a number of years basically what it says is that iran has been doing research into how to build a nuclear warhead and how to build an actual nuclear weapon this in itself is of course disturbing news it suggests that the iranians have been less than truthful when they claim that their program is entirely peaceful on the other hand as far as we know iran has not yet actually built or tested a weapon so there is still time for diplomacy to work here we'll find out the details in this report when it's released if it's released in the next twenty four
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hours or so let's talk about reaction that we're likely to see iran's most recently is reno been threatened by the israeli foreign minister said that israel doesn't rule out a military strike against the country what's israel trying to achieve by provoking iran right now i'm thinking at a time when it's got it sound so full with so many other issues domestic producers and of course the ongoing palestinian issue. well i think the israelis want what they call crippling sanctions what ideally what they would like to see is a complete embargo on iran's sale of oil and natural gas they're not going to get that what they might get however is better enforcement of sanctions that are already in place which make it illegal to provide iran with any kind of material that can be used for its nuclear missile programs that make it permissible to stop shipments and cargo and inspect it to see whether there are some of this material in there and also banking restrictions that are making it very very difficult for
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the iranians to do business. depending on what is revealed or tomorrow when we finally see it some explode so worried all the that israel could maybe go it alone if it gets particularly worried that it could go to load even this last we heard a senior american military analyst saying that america is worried that it may not even be consulted if israel wanted to go ahead with a touch i think tel of eve has become such a loose cannon do you think it does feel that pinned into a corner. you know i think a lot of this is bluster obviously the israelis are very very worried about iran and what iran would do but i think they also understand that the consequences of a strike could actually be worse for israel than allowing iran to proceed on this this path hezbollah has forty thousand rockets that it could unleash some of them can reach tel aviv hamas might attack israel would be even more isolated in the region of course it's very isolated already because of developments in the arab
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spring i don't think the united states would be pleased the french have said they don't want this i mean the strength of the campaign against iran is building an international consensus against iran having nuclear weapons and that would be shattered by by a military strike at this time the russians of course of the forefront of the talks of crucially it must be talks nothing else we've seen military campaigns in iraq more recently have got but when you look back at them they haven't really proved that volume's bloodshed is the answer to this kind of thing do you think russia's words are being heeded. yes very much so russia is a very important player in this and russia of course has signed on to sanctions i think an even more important player is china which is now iran's biggest trading partner has enormous influence over iran and if the chinese were to use the information in this new report and go to the iranians and say what about this then i mean that might have some impact because they really could do something to change
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the iranian decision making so what we should do is double down on diplomacy and use the material to convince iran not to build nuclear weapons or above or slavery things it was too much of being on the line with the say. residents senior fellow at the atlantic council discussion group thinks it's a much. the italian prime minister has won a crucial budget vote but has lost his majority support after m.p.'s debated the public finances on tuesday silva berlusconi's no into heavy pressure from the opposition to resign and experts warn the political turmoil could typically towards even greater instability now the country is moving closer to the center of europe's financial crisis with debts piling up as borrowing costs continue to rock it to italian current affairs column is francesco says he says the chaos in italy is far more political than economic financially in italy was not.
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that bad a situation is in italy has not war syndrome magically in the past months in fact for instance in greek banks or with a lot of money to frank and german banks italian exposure to greece was very limited however the markets didn't trust the italian governments this is the crucial issue and when the markets started not to trust the government be italian government didn't come up with real strong measures that boosted didn't we will see what will come out that with these political crises i think really is a little bit different then from greece i mean this iteration in italy is more a political crisis than their financial crisis and everything in a way hinges on the opposition claims that he will surely be defeated he claims he will not be defeated and secured countries a huge day italy needs a prime minister who can get the confidence of the markets the markets trust to
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start to do recovery and change necessary for the telly to cope with the with the present crisis. force there of telling current affairs columnist francesco c. cheap meanwhile in greece ministers of offer their resignation to pave the way for a new government comes as the country's leaders struggle to agree on a new prime minister is talks of the unity coalition and to the second day. his replacement is the interim government will lead the country to the elections expected to be held in february greece is under pressure to ratify a one hundred thirty billion euro emergency rescue package an end its political crisis has put the entire eurozone in jeopardy our correspondent sara first been asking greeks for their take on the situation and the prospects for the embattled country. as the euro saying crisis rumbles on greece has once again found itself the focus of international attention and it seems like everyone's had an opinion
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about the situation here in the country we decided to come. which is really been the epicenter it's very much of this year i quite the find out what the people of greece have to say about it all. so we sense that the camera and the mike want to. let the people of greece take it away alone. we are. well. all the people who. are saying. everything is made money board actually. it's like they're trying to frighten us or something like hi my name is vicky i need in i've been living in greece for ten years now my grandfather fought for this country and it saddens me that. right now there's a chance you might lose everything that we know in this country and. there's really
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not much we can do and i want to ask something else. if all the european snow but all these dead cannot be paid but. why do the olympics my. don't they want their money back the thing with the situation right now and grief is that we don't feel real secure about anything but our salaries our health and you know in my aids thing about the tinder i'm going to make and the decisions i have to do from then from now it's really sad because. everybody here things that you know the things could be better there are something more than the there's something more very very angry because there is a lot of fun employment in greece now. that the people in greece are very skeptical about the euro i think. it's better we are in euro. of course definitely but there are so some serious problems. because
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a lot of people lost they lost their jobs you don't know what. you can do you can plan your life i'm twenty two years old and i don't have a job. i have to leave with my parents i don't have money i can leave i hope for everybody to be calm and. try to get out of the crisis and i really hope everybody can help us to do that greece is a european country and greece and euro is a greek word a greek word i hope something can be done so we can save this beautiful country and be able to pass it on to our grandchildren and the children after that the people of greece the steps up to the mike and had a chance to have their say the question now is whether anyone is going to be ready to listen to them or the decisions again to keep being made the hiding place those surface syntagma square that. will be used for this hour in
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india or at least twenty people have been killed and dozens injured after a stampede broke leaches seven in the north of the country. when tens of thousands . hindu pilgrims rushed towards the holy site to offer their prayers some of them tripped and fell while those behind continue to push forward many women and children are reported to be among the dead and injured that he stampedes a common in india last january more than one hundred died on route to a strong line. syria's opposition supported he appealed for international presence in the central city of homs where activists say at least eleven people were killed on monday it comes after damascus accused the us of being involved in the violence and asked the arab league for support on the issue the u.n. claims at least three thousand five hundred people have been killed in the crackdown since anti-government protests started in march. michael jackson's doctor conrad murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in an l.a. court he was found guilty of administering a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol which killed jackson in two
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thousand and nine murray could receive a maximum prison sentence of four years and lose his medical license the jury took two days to reach its decision. the russian foreign ministry is slanted you could stand for sentencing to russian pilots for eight and a half years putting their relationship between two countries at risk the men were found guilty of smuggling goods violating border rules and breaking international flight regulations their lawyer claims the prosecution did not provide legitimate evidence and witnesses were not allowed to make statements the crews of the two planes involved were detained in march port on the afghan border after requesting an emergency landing two aircraft in their cargo have been confiscated by the. government. all the members rather of the mars five hundred experiment a simulated round trip to the red planet and spent over seventeen months in isolation are enjoying the first few days back on earth and is one of the
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participants in the project roman charles says the mission became a life changing experience. but i knew no more and was just to have a world which was two hundred meters square big and only five person that they could meet it was very exciting very intense period was a definitely the highlight of our trip and even though we knew it was a simulation and it was not at all like a real trip to mars which would be like ten thousand times bigger and more exciting it was it was very different. and we felt like being on the front place even of the real mass but it was very different if a was to good to was a real mass i would say no directly roman shelves now what used to be families have of course on our website our t. dot com let's take a look at a few stories we've got lined up for you tonight millions of dollars have been changing hands during bank transfer demonstrations across the u.s. in a bid to deprive big banks of their clients that get
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a lot of hits for you tonight if you haven't checked it already today and you got a minute want to take a look also on our web site of march to remember we reported this yesterday and again refresh my if not seen it the historic moment when salvi at soldiers paraded through red square before leaving to confront the advancing nazi army it was reenacted in the heart of the russian capital but some are good pictures online for you to hide out on. coming your way just a bit off of action our sports policy in about twenty minutes time tonight with russian ice hockey in the headlines plus as well we'll be talking to the nord stream chairman who explains the significance of that massive gas pipeline project for europe that opened probably today all that enough to you earlier and the business news.
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hello and a very warm welcome to the business update and as we've been reporting russia has started pumping gas to europe through the north stream pipeline with an eventual capacity of fifty five billion cubic metres the new artery will likely change european energy priorities in particular thought the shifting of the emphasis away from alternative gas sources as seem enough from the national energy security fund explains. inside the europe. we see a very contradictory headed you the shale gas you know you were speaking about russian. for example germany france the nuance in this country. is the future reality if you will always see that now the main driver of shale gas production in europe is paul about who was. in those three ball and if we try to analyze the real situation the sale goes of course we still have could
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we see conference suspicious presentations but no business. so you can compare notes through showgirls production in europe where you will understand that north rim is a reality show this is to a dream. let's take a look at how the market's not performing oil is trading near the highest level in three months lights which is currently trading at around nine to six dollars per barrel while brant is at one hundred fifteen dollars. and u.s. stocks have open time but quickly slipped into red as italian prime minister won a budget both without an absolute majority and the european central bank council members set the e.c.b. current bailout governments by printing money. and markets across europe narrowed the early gains on berlusconi's budget vote in germany the country's exports growth for a second month in september helping europe's largest economy whether the sovereign debt crisis both projects within one. percent higher. in most of the markets closed mix the r.t.s.
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will stop under one percent but the my six what's flat too negative and here's a quick look at some of the individual show moves on the might six the picture was mixed among the blue chips left last point four percent from was also in the red at the close the company's oil subsidiary gasper met says a boost to dismiss profit by sixty four percent in the first nine months of the russia's biggest lenders burbank gained two percent at the close. also relative economic data obviously also driving the market we've seen some positive reports from the european banks such as boyd's and association are all today relatively positive which also helps the european exchanges up one point five percent roughly on the day which is obviously very important because the. hit on the banking system following the greece debt situation is clearly one of the key concerns at the moment. well joining the world trade organization will cut russia's
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exposure to oil price fluctuations thoughts of your fix credit rating agency which says a number of benefits to accession to the agency such as being in the trade club will boost growth and help diversify the economy it also says the move will improve confidence in the business climate and encourage foreign investment which confirmed russia's triple the rating in september warning that oil price fluctuations could lead to a dollar fright. that's it for now don't forget you can find more analysis and more stores on our website r.t.e. dot com slash business and you can join me in less than one for another business update here on our team.
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r.t. moschonas are top stories tonight moscow ushers in a new era of energy security for western europe as a landmark north stream pipeline begins pumping russian gas straight to germany and beyond. pressure issues another stern warning against a western attack on iran as president dmitry medvedev says it could spell catastrophe for the middle east meanwhile the u.n. a toy watchdog about to release a report on to iran's nuclear activities. italian prime minister's won a crucial budget vote but has lost his majority support columns experts fear the country is on its way to becoming the next victim of europe's financial crisis. but one of his top stories is no stream gas enters europe them for the first time we sit down next with the man who's headed the ambitious project the very personal used to lead to germany at the beginning of the millennium as its chancellor gerhard schroeder tells us why it's so important for all sides involved right.


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