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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EST

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midnight here in moscow right now welcome you watching artane my name is kevin now in our top story it said historic day for western europe's energy supply which is now being bolstered by russian gas directly through a brand new pipeline president dmitri medvedev chancellor angela merkel and their partners in the project to turn the valve that's open the receiving end of the north streamline in germany the ten billion dollars scheme is the longest subsidy grassroot in the world now bushel was at the scene of an old strain will. it will provide long term energy security for europe which had been affected by previous transit rails with the likes of ukraine and belarus it will also fill a shortfall in gas which is projected to reach some one hundred million homes by twenty thirty now this is a europe wide project why european leaders are here is because french dutch german
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companies energy firms have taken stakes in the north stream pipeline that will guarantee supply to homes in those countries for the next fifty years at least or the lifetime of this current project there are plans to send this gas on to berlin and then on to the existing european network and to countries like the united kingdom as well is that with the with this here rush is always going to great lengths to fulfill its energy obligations because it's our highest priority we will continue to supply our european partners without interruption in the future in order to attract more investment for the project i'm convinced that such involvement will minimize risks along the entire energy supply chain nationally right beside me but now this should also provide cheaper gas for homes in europe with no transit fees to be paid for the likes of ukraine and belarus with gas going direct for the first time from russia to the e.u. german shores langley merkel is optimistic about the future relations between russia and the european. when speaking about energy supply security we also speak
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about diversification and russia is one of our most important partners the sources of supply have to be safe and the demand from europe is also guaranteed we need russian gas for the economic development of our continent and this means that we will be closely linked to each other for decades to come. it is the longest subsidy pipeline the gas pipeline in the world it took some engineering brilliance just for one example compress the stations which keep the pressure in gas pipelines usually there are several across the route this one just has has one the beginning of the route it's been planned since the nineteen nineties construction did start a few years ago the second line will come on stream next year and we've just spoken to some of the heads of the of the project who say that a third line will be discussed by shareholders very shortly because they expect demand for gas to grow and to keep growing even through this crisis the euro crisis that we're seeing to keep growing through the e.u.
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in the coming years i spoke to energy analyst julian lane told me europe's come to rely on russia as its main source of gas because the supplies always been accessible and reliable. there is an overriding view within europe that diversification is important and this is a fein that we've heard echoed for many many years now but within that it is generally recognized within europe and i don't think know some dissenting voice really anywhere in europe that russia is now and always will be a principal provider of gas to the european continent it is simply a vast repository of natural gas resources it is on europe's eastern border it has very stable we turn gas supply relationships with european countries and a nobody is looking really to supplant russian gas what europe wants to do is to ensure that gas comes from other places why are the roots in addition to russian
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gas but not instead of it and if you want to follow more on this story the chairman of the north stream project former german chancellor gerhard schroeder tells r.t. why the parklands important for the russia europe relationship later in the program is a riff preview of that interview the full versions in twenty minutes. the european union needs russia geopolitical but the reverse is also true or it's not a question of the time has come to start cooperating and start looking back on value logical differences or new issues in a situation where you could ship gas to china and all of asia and europe you know i hope russia never has to make a choice and russian government is evidently pro european or europe cannot keep pushing russia or way it hurts russians pride it was a few we have to keep in mind or will russia has the alternative leadership to egypt or europe has no such alternative to europe's geopolitical position to levy
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a fruit or if it manages to enter a tight partnership with russia and at the same time granny recession a turkey or that would be a sound strategy again or into the future us the rest of us in the world to be. the big stories today russia's called the release of the un's atomic watchdog report on iran is it appropriate the i.a.e.a. says the new findings suggest iran has been working on developing nuclear weapons and has credible evidence to prove it iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad has criticized that report and said to run won't stop its peaceful nuclear development now this all comes as the russian president warns that militarist rhetoric in the middle east could lead to a catastrophic war in the region russia's been voicing strong words against an attack on iran following statements by israel that a strike is more likely than diplomacy u.s. foreign policy expert barbara slaven from the atlantic council discussion group told me actually against iran would undermine diplomatic efforts. obviously the
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israelis are very very worried about iran and what iran would do but i think they also understand that the consequences of a strike could actually be worse for israel then allowing iran to proceed on this path hezbollah has forty thousand rockets that it could unleash some of them can reach tel aviv hamas might. attack israel would be even more isolated in the region of course it's very isolated already because of developments in the arab spring i don't think the united states would be playing the french have said they don't want this in the strength of a campaign against iran is building an international consensus against iran having nuclear weapons and that would be shattered by by a military strike at this time. and as israel flexes its political muscle overran the jewish state's meantime hit by a recruitment crisis as we report later this young israelis are increasingly finding ways to avoid conscription more mature. now the story is moving to the
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italian prime minister silvio berlusconi says he will resign after parliament passes economic reforms required by the e.u. approval could take place as early as next week the government earlier won a crucial budget vote but berlusconi lost his majority support debated public finances experts warn the political turmoil could tip italy towards even greater instability the country is moving closer to the center of europe's financial crisis with debts piling up as borrowing costs continue to rock it was totally aggressive the university of reading in england he says that berlusconi should have stepped some time ago. it's very naive to for the entire political debate justin berry to scorn is better sauna i think the counter is going through a very difficult time and what is required is a say serious political debate on what kind of measure. one to take to tackle the krises it's not much about risk or new talent people in caves should water and the
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side what their replacements should be rather then being done through parliamentary gimmicks i think that we should have stepped down at least one year ago or and yes i mean able to sort of arrive just because the court option and the bribery in italian parliament is so wide. fred that these has been possible but honestly i think that's what is required is serious change and serious change can come just through going back to the people and asking them what. school and he should be. meanwhile in greece ministers there offer their resignation to pave the way for a new government comes as the country's leaders struggled to agree on a new prime minister as talks over a unity coalition and to the second day george pup and his prime minister wants his replacement but announced the interim government will then have to lead the country into the elections expected to be held in february greece is under pressure to
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ratify that one hundred thirty billion euro emergency rescue package an end its political crisis has put the entire eurozone in jeopardy of course one of sort of first been asking greeks for their take on the situation and the prospects for their own battle country as they see it. as the euro thing crisis rumbles on greece is once again found itself the focus of international attention and i think like everyone had an opinion about the situation here in the country we decided to come to the square which has really been the epicenter it's very much of this year a quite the find out what the people of greece have to say about it all. so he says that the camera and the mike. to. let the people of greece take it away alone we are in. all the people who. are saying. everything is made money board
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actually. it's like they're trying to frighten us or something like hi my name is vicky and i'm in greek in media and i've been living in greece for ten years now my grandfather fought for this country and it saddens me that. right now there's a chance you might lose everything that we know in this country and. there's really not much we can do and i want to ask somebody else. if all the european snow but all these dead cannot be paid back. why do the. money clash don't they want their money back the thing with the situation right now in greece is that we don't feel real secure about anything but our salaries our health and you know in my aids thing about the timber i'm going to make and then the seasons i have to do from then from now it's really sad because. everybody here things that you know the
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things could be better there are something more than that there's something more very very angry because there is a lot of fun employment in greece now. that the people in greece are very skeptical about the euro i think. it's better we are in euro. of course definitely but. there are so some serious problems. because a lot of people lost they lost their jobs you don't know what. you can do you can plan your life i'm twenty years old and i don't have a job. i have to leave with my parents i don't have money i can leave i hope for everybody to be calm and. try to get out of the crisis and i really hope everybody can help us to do that greece is a european country and greece and europe is a great quote
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a great word i hope something can be done so we can save this beautiful country and be able to pass it on to our grandchildren and the children after that the people of greece the steps up to the mike and had a chance to have their say the question now is whether anyone's going to be ready to listen to them or the decisions again to keep being made the hiding place those surface syntagma square in athens. coming up in the program with me kevin i would read one of the members of the seventeen month old mars five hundred experiment too says the project is sort of a regular simple. on is life. next. at a time when israel threatening iran with military action confidence in the strength of the jewish state's army is crucial but every year more and more israelis are seeking ways to avoid conscription choosing to defend themselves rather than their country paula slayer for reports on why the young generation is turning its back on the military service. for years it's been the cornerstone of the country's security
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but these days there's a real risk these rady defense forces could be left defenseless conscription is at an all time you know about fifty percent of rizzoli jewish males. serve in the military twenty conder spent most of the year and a half he was in the army trying to convince his superiors to release him on medical grounds they eventually did but only after he'd wasted months searching around he says doing nothing while in uniform get drafted for a. because of this feeling that it would be her sorry if i wouldn and a couple of months later i realized that i just couldn't take part in longer in what's called the israel defense forces which has nothing to do with defense other than by name and a growing number of israelis agree with him her friedman made sure she scored low on her army entrance tests so instead of serving as a soldier she's now doing civil service working as an art instructor in
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a center for the mentally disabled i have our friends in the army and they saw. how they were when they first came to them in how they are now and it's a lot of brainwashing actually and they just keep you down from your identity and make you a basically a soldier ten years ago the refusenik movement started in israel youngsters refusing to serve in the army on political grounds add to that the nearly fifteen percent of potential draftees who don't serve because of religious reasons and a recent series of scandals also so public trust in the military decline state about just. this video posted on you tube says a true israeli doesn't evade the truth in other words a true israeli avoids conscription fifteen or twenty years ago an advert like this would have been unthinkable in those days not serving in the army was something shameful but now young. those have role models like activia nodded
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a copy of former girlfriend israeli model barbara faily who evaded service and gave it to the. relations of human rights. carried out by israel's absolute disrespect of international law it's crystal clear there's no question about that study showed that by twenty twenty the number of military age jewish israelis who will not be serving will be the highest ever the growing trend has the military worried it won't have the troops it needs especially now as the region heats up and the army needs all the soldiers it can get. r.t. television. briefing you are no more world news now in india or at least twenty people have been killed and dozens injured after a stampede broke during a religious ceremony in the north of the country that instant when tens of thousands of hindu children rushed towards the holy site to offer their prayers but some of them tripped and fell while those behind continue to push forward many
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women and children are reportedly among the dead and injured the deadly stampede in india a common last january more than one hundred died on route to a shrine. syria's opposition is reportedly appealed for international presence in the central city of homs where like to say at least eleven people were killed on monday it comes after damascus accused the u.s. of being involved in the violence had asked the arab league for support on the issue the u.n. claims now at least three thousand five hundred people have been killed in the crackdown since anti-government protests started in march. polls of close in liberia's presidential elections and made opposition protests that a boycott over fraud claims winston tubman new one some thirty three percent of the first round in october withdrew from the race last week alleging the process is rigged in the ruling party's favor is allegations though were rejected by international observers who urged people to cast their ballots it's the first election since the country's fourteen year conflict ended in two thousand and three
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. michael jackson's doctor conrad murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in an l.a. court he was found guilty of administering a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol which killed jackson in two thousand and nine murray could receive a maximum prison sentence of four years and lose his medical license as a result now the jury took two days to reach its decision. members of the mars five hundred experiment a simulated round trip to the red planet to spend over seventeen months in isolation or join the first few days back on earth not surprisingly i was one of the participants of the project says the mission became a life changing experience for. i knew no more was just to have a world which was two hundred meter square big and only five person that they could meet it was very exciting very intense and the last period was a definite leave the highlight of the tree. even though we knew it was
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a simulation and it was not at all like a real trip to mass which would be like ten thousand times bigger and more exciting it was it was very different. and we felt like being on the front place even of the real mass but it was very different if i was asked to go to with a real mess i would sign up directly. i'm sure we'll see more of. these welcome to the no fly. pilots to jail for smuggling after the made an emergency landing in the south of the country. to go home tonight and this was a costly mistake the microphones accidentally left. between. what's in. the past seems to have done it again. today.
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for the first time we talk next that with the head of the project former german chancellor gerhard schroeder tells us why the important for all sides involved.
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in. the world charles love germany from two thousand and five he's chairman of the board at north stream russia's new gas pipeline under the baltic sea europe why should the e.u. increase its dependence on gas. problem is good nick i know. we're not talking about a dependence on russia we're talking about cooperation between russia on the one side and the european union on the other in the energy sector. north stream is viewed as a priority project by both russia and the e.u. because it's been part of europe's energy networks since two thousand and six is recognized by the european parliament and the e.u. council of energy ministers and for more patient problem and or inform that the energy minister to nordstrom's pipelines have already been laid what top of the third one will be added and what will be its capacity we haven't yet that we
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currently have at least two pipelines with a total capacity of fifty five billion cubic meters the question of whether a third or even fourth pipeline will be laid should be answered by european stock holders of as you know we have gazprom on the one side and holland's got sunni france's g.d.s. suez germany's on and yes if windowsill on the other if investors decide to build a third and fourth pipeline privately financed mind you we're not talking about stink financing and then it could be done i do not know whether they will make such a decision as it was not part of my work of. brussels wants all russian energy companies not just gazprom to be allowed to export gas to europe what are the implications of that for gas prom and europe. regulator reprovision is not the issue that the e.u. germany and the rest of the nations need gas to sensibly reform their energy policy and russia on the other hand has to sell gas to keep its budget in order so there's
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a codependency which is a good thing i would be happy to see european companies invest into russia and european markets open up to russian companies it's a good free market economy is good for marc rich or what do you think of the recent new raids on gazprom and its partners in europe think about the or p.r. guy. i think europeans need gas gas has many uses with the political uncertainty in north africa it's good to have a stable partner that you can rely on and russia is one of the you know better than anyone else for instance that written recently switched from export to india old europe needs a gas supply to maintain a stable mix of energy sources but it's climatic conditions require it needs norway to get outside but also russia's gas and therefore i think opening the market up to national companies would be a wise move of. the name to do some e.u. officials oppose russia whatever it does get us is for the best most i guess it's
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so we have to admit that way but i hope we will get over it it's understandable the european union needs russia geopolitically but the reverse is also true there's no question about it the time has come to start cooperating and stop looking back at ideological differences are. that misrata could russia switch supply east to china if brussels keeps up its hostility was there and is a known as it were to your involvement of which is in a situation where it could ship gas to china and all of asia and europe i hope russia never has to make a choice of the russian government is evidently pro european but europe cannot keep pushing russia or away it hurts russians pride and we have to keep in mind that while russia has the alternative of shipping to asia europe has no such alternative and europe's geo political position will only improve if it manages to enter a tiny hard to ship with russia on and at the same time grant only u.s. session to turkey that would be a sound strategy aimed into the future the rest is yesterday's debate
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a loss and is dead but if and guess then if russia does decide to go east could that mean the gas shortfall for europe does vitter snake no that will not happen russia was an exceptionally reliable supplier during soviet times so no one has to worry about that junction i will say again that you're a canard. is incredibly important for russia to keep it a budget balance among other things therefore we're not talking about dependence here but a codependency to go with her plans to lay an electricity route alongside the nord stream project could germany and europe in in your opinion be interested in importing electricity from russia if i sniffed i've not heard about such plans you want to have long since been rumors about it but so far the talk has been detached from reality i doubt the plans will ever be realized but ultimately it's up to the pipelines owner's not the chairman of the stockholders committee would progress in shipping liquefied natural gas. makes europe less dependent on pipelines can that
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affect this project and. i don't think it would have a negative effect on the project as europe's liquefied gas market is quite limited to move there's nowhere to sell it in germany or poland has a developing market important is it in no way a danger for us that's not the reason i'm criticising is the indication that there are alternative sources of the low spot prices on gas this sport deals can be of no more gain than long term supply agreements in the short run but they do not offer stability for think of that. in the wake of the fukushima disaster germany is closing all its nuclear power plants do you support that and how will it change germany's energy mix. we've been damaged mind consider this me and my team are the people who would rigidly negotiated that deal with our energy suppliers that we had agreed to make a sensible exit out of nuclear strategy that was followed by a short period when the federal government thought our agreement should be
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overturned and they've since gone the other way and started supporting what i had negotiated on this does not mean bridge technologies like nuclear energy cannot be used until energy efficiency is sufficiently developed that we need gas as an interim energy source for the sake of energy security that's the reason we need to buy gas from new york from other. but primarily from russia and the reason we need to build a gas power station as. chairman of the board for the north stream gas pipeline thank you for speaking with r.t. . from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not on the third emergency department beds and not enough nurses and those that to take care of all the people
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who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to be around so i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical that a risk you know waited four hours for i've waited sometimes three hours but i wouldn't say it's a francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care and emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. mission. couldn't take three. three.
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three. three. three. three blown video for your media projects free media r t tom. wealthy british style it's time to. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. headline news.
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stories tonight. new era of energy security for. the. states and pursuing nuclear weapons. which could take place next week. as the country.


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