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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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the u.n. nuclear watchdog reports that iran could be working on atomic weapons raising worries its findings that might be a pretext for a preemptive strike against iraq. like the standoff in the northern kosovo between serbs and a nato backed kosovan police finally draws u.n. attention while the locals lend their barricades into the scenery as part of everyday life. and as the financial fall of rome looms closer the previously politically bulletproof premier berlusconi finally agrees to go but not get.
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and welcome back you're watching our team glad to have you with us let's get right to the top stories the international nuclear agency says iran it might be working on developing atomic weapons and its most critical report yet on the country and its findings were widely expected and to come days after israel bluntly said military action against iran is getting closer raising fears the report could be a pretext to an attack going to such a camp has more on the atomic study. right now the u.n. nuclear watchdog found no smoking gun but hyped up fears that you rank continues research on nuclear weapons it doesn't say iran is building a weapon but it says it's collecting all the information it needs a team south and has a lot of technology and the international atomic energy agency claims to have iranian computer models of you who were heads which the watched our views as a possible indication that iran plans to build an atomic bomb among other evidence
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a satellite image of a steel container that might be used to secretly cast the high explosives is needed to trigger any clue why i would be very skeptical about this report that's coming out from the international atomic energy agency because the i.a.e.a. doesn't really have any intelligence capabilities of its own and if it's relying on reports that are coming from other people i would rather suspect those reports are coming from the united states and israel the president of u.s. intelligence presenting false evidence to build a case for the war in iraq raises alarm bells as to the accuracy of the atomic agency's latest report on the ranch you may have a piece of evidence of some kind but that piece of evidence is subject to your interpretation as to what it means when they saw aerial footage photographs in iraq showing certain things they interpreted those photographs to mean something which which was it was not correct back in two thousand and three the u.s. was adamant it's evidence on iraq's weapons of mass destruction and kerry said to
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me he was as solid as could be satellite images of a base where saddam hussein was believed train al qaida terrorists and it is of more laps will cry a logical weapons aluminum tubes presented as components of centrifuges to enrich uranium all of the above proved to be a hoax. and yet it was enough to start a war that would last eight plus years until more than a hundred thousand civilians israel is considering military action to take out iran's nuclear facilities preemptively the question may now ask is could the un's atomic watchdog reforms serve as a justification to start a war with iran security experts say the consequences for such action would be catastrophic and we would most likely see new kinds of attacks probably on israel from as all our other groups we'd see attacks on american troops perhaps in iraq
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and afghanistan even more than what we've seen so far iran i mean could retaliate in conventional terms that could attack saudi arabian oil fields if you really want to see a crisis in the in your in the international economy despite tough rhetoric coming from both israel and the u.s. many agree that washington and tel aviv are most likely to use the report as political leverage to try and isolate iran and possibly to put advantage needs flourishing economic relations with china no one in the international community wants you plan to have nuclear weapons but what they hear is addressed unilateral action by israel with the backing of the united states that could set the region on fire at a time when it is as on stable as it gets millions of lives could be in danger if policymakers in washington or tel aviv is psyched to jump the gun and start a war on grounds which are far from being transparent i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. political analyst adrian believes iran has
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never been the danger it is being portrayed as. over the past hundred years iran has invaded and attacked nobody it has however been invaded by britain world war one by britain and the former soviet union in world war two in one nine hundred forty one to grab it soil when its democratically elected president mohamed must be nationalized the iranian oil company which is today british petroleum the cia backed coup got rid of him imposed the shah of percy a park clearly until one nine hundred seventy nine and one in one nine hundred seventy nine iran recovers its own identity immediately once the dam hussein i think we all remember him was in the service of the united states britain and israel with chemical weapons of mass destruction provided by the united states to lead an eight year war of attrition against iran so if anything one has to ask who is the danger in the region the united states britain france and israel or iran who
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has invaded and attacked nobody in a century and we want to know how close you think a military strike against iran now is so far the majority thinks an attack is imminent as it runs along with american and israeli interests sixteen percent doubt it arguing that no one wants to see a bloodbath in the region ten percent think the whole thing is still depends on tehran's willingness to cooperate slightly fewer think that there will be a military strike only if you run actually admit to having a nuclear bomb i drove voice now and vote on the home page of. it former cia officer who once headed the osama bin laden intelligence unit says america's policies on the muslim. create policies and is one create enemies rather than security here is some of what michael sure will tell us next hour. washington's enemy is an enemy that doesn't exist we're fighting and the
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sonic enemy that washington believes is out to last because we have elections because we're free because we have women in the workplace is an ending that doesn't exist didn't exist when bin laden was alive it doesn't exist now america is being attacked because of its foreign policy in the muslim world because of its support for israel because of its support for the saudi police state because of its presence on the arab peninsula and until we accept that until americans can say to each other whether you support aid to israel or not our relationship with israel is causing this war we are not going to be able to do to defeat this enemy. the un head has voiced concerns over the increased attacks on the minority serbs and their property in northern kosovo going to put part of the blame on the decision of kosovo albanian leadership to extend its control over the serb run area
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for months serbs in the region have been very killing in not only against the unwanted authorities but also nato peacekeeping forces likes and explains. i think that. perhaps not an obvious venue for a wedding but this serbian couple living in northern ca civil decided to get married at the barricades and meet of its local call up we're getting together here and there we do feel with intense. interest presidio also is serving this sort of barricades in northern kosovo have been standing for several months now for those who built them there are just a part of everyday life not only have the kosovo serbs i selected them songs from the k. four troops but also from their unwanted neighbors this is the famous bridge in which splits the town and the serbian and albanian parts it was called the bridge of friendship it was meant to symbolize that the two can easily live together but
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the size of the barricades on the serbian part tells the whole story are unwilling to be part of the self-proclaimed state while the cemented barricades in the middle of it so have become the town's main gathering spot tensions are still running high just a few kilometers. for every sound off the call the case for troops managed to demolish stubborn serbs built two hundred miles there are times when the two pro sisters take place a multimedia sleep. on our feet but. people like the. serbs say they have no choice but to continue barricading themselves in they believe albanians would not hesitate to wipe them off their land forcefully hell if they believe by k. four troops despite constant clashes with the nato contingent and political pressure from belgrade because civil servants have become accustomed to living in
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this cage they have built for themselves a book. but all of it is hard at first when we run out of food and how would we serbs are people who you. used to improvising and finding a way out we've built alternative routes through the mountains so now we can again receive supplies we've prevented a humanitarian catastrophe or do the orthodox priest of the town's brand new temple sat he has never been with easier with all the people flocking in lately to pray for the well being of their families. closer to his sin different times even being occupied by turkey ones but terry's with stupid old heart tests of times and everyone and made sure of it so now you see this land is the cradle of serb culture and state. another deadlock in this balkan melting pot continues belgrade is still unwilling to resume negotiations with pristina which could put bates to the standoff with raul politicians clash this sort of family has little trust in
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diplomacy their kids may be too young to realize what it's all about and why they are being shown the barriers but there is little doubt what views they will inherit once they grow up looksee russia r.t. reporting from cost. in kosovo and still ahead for you this hour russia's first interplanetary mission in fifteen years. will tell you why describable wants to dig of the dirt on the martian of moola for those bones ground control fixes a post launch which. also why india's a government believes that these people are no longer poor enough to get the help of millions of them still believe. and western europe is getting its first gas from russia and why the newly built north stream pipeline that bypass the trials of countries to route is designed to bring cheaper gas to homes and businesses in the
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e.u. joining me in ten minutes more about the significance of this project after. climbs up for the man who's dominated italian politics for the best part of two decades prime minister silvio berlusconi's been seemingly indestructible facing a mountain of corruption lawsuits and sex crime allegations but it's italy's it well for finances which i thought only led him to agree to quit his majority of operating parliament passed at least twenty ten ending a key vote to decide the next budget cuts which will be voted on next week italy is europe's next big warning after greece its borrowing costs are at a record high and financial firms are losing faith but claiming berlusconi's political stripe might not be enough to help the country stay afloat. it's very naive before political debates just one barrel of scorn. i think.
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very difficult time and what is required is a say a serious political debate on what's kind of a measure it's one to take to the cries it's not so much about it's middle school and italian people in caves should would then decide what their replacements should be rather then being down through parliamentary gimmicks i think that should have stepped down at least one year ago or and yes and. unable to survive just because of the corruption and bribery in thailand parliamentary so widespread that these has been possible but honestly i think that's what is required is serious change and serious change just through going back to the people and asking them what their . scorning should be. silvio berlusconi's pledge to resign comes at the same time as the greek prime minister prepares to step down joe wiesenthal from america's business insider online magazine says dramatic political changes are now
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minute in europe and there's obviously we sort of financial contagion angle as the crisis goes from one country to another but there's also just political contagion and the fact that no leader in europe on any level has really behaved in a bold or admirable way at all during this crisis has really been going on since mid to late two thousand there's been no real progress on solving anything if italy were to go the way of greece and really have a collapse it would have huge impacts on the rest of europe improv united states i think italy is simultaneously too big to fail and too big to rescue the best hope is that the e.c.b. which you know technically does have unlimited amounts of money thanks to the fact that it controls the printing press and europe could step in in a big way i think people are think that has to be the end game and maybe there's a chance now that berlusconi is gone but the e.c.b. will do more prior to berlusconi still there i think nobody wanted to you know make things any easier for italy reward italy in any way if you leave as he says he will
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perhaps. you know the perhaps italy will get the help it needs. with the eurozone in a new currency crisis cross-talk later asked if it's time for brussels to butt out and restore power to national governments here's what's ahead at seven thirty am g.m.t. . if greece last week were to have voted in the referendum to have passed over and i left the choice to the persons there would have meant that greece greek citizens would have got a veto on fact on economic governance within the euro zone which is almost unheard of let's say there should be there couldn't be afraid to again so of course that is the good thing of this crisis and i said if you see real clear me moving this direction also the little valleys are wise you see action to say there you see a losing their jobs there is a good side to this crisis. that is still going to be no i said don't go there and there's only because it's on the streets people will know and you say there's
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a good thing to these crises. russia has launched an unmanned probe to one of mars's moons in the early hours of wednesday but it has hit technical trouble. a series of robotic or a new version should have taken place after the probe separated from its booster rocket that has not happened and federal space agency officials say they have three days to sort the problem out there probably isn't designed to bring back soil from the martian moon for those which should on earth some secrets about our solar system is creation also on board is china's first mars satellite which will be put in observation orbit around the red planet type of cover explains the mission of ambition. ever since galileo galilei first point of hysteria scale but most people couldn't help but wonder is there
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life on the red planet the question is still in the air now russian scientists have decided to study mass in one of its two moons phobos in a single ambitious mission. we're serious our focus is obtaining a piece of focus soil for a proper study. so the whole project and the probe have become known as food is groomed meaning soil in russian costing around one hundred fifty six million dollars it will become russia's first interplanetary mission since one thousand nine hundred ninety six it will take eleven months for it to reach the martian albeit and another six months to approach focus immediately after touchdown a remote the controlled arm must sink its claws into the unknown. and if we are nobody knows how hard the surface is going to be but will be able to collect it whether it is sound or rock. the return rocket will make its way back to earth straight away with a fast and a sample from a martian moon on board this mission is one of the most complicated ever planned
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what you see here is two parts of what was groomed the whole structure weighs over thirty thousand kilos but only seven kilos placed right on the top of the return rocket will make it back to earth all this just four hundred grams of precious extraterrestrial soil however the rocket will also carry some unusual passengers russian and u.s. scientists are sending caps you with terrestrial micro-organisms on the three year round trip with a manned mission to mars high on the world's wish list but still impossible the exterior will act as test subjects those will be able to see which spores will survive the severe radiation of an interplanetary flight and as they were put together by different scientists there's already a lot of joking about which bacteria will survive russian or american history records however that's not the end of the mission part of this spacecraft will remain on food was to continue experiments with a whole array of instruments put together by various countries with
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a project promising a rich scientific harvest china france and germany among other countries and make sure they're part of the enterprise nonu goals new breed of the rule the main thing is that we understand better the forming of the solar system and maybe it will help us to figure out if mars can be a reserve planet for mankind. and with sunni people across the globe even this mission to succeed hopes are it'll turn in the possible into reality gary pushed a rock r.t. moscow. more world news for you this hour first starting in thailand where the floodwaters are finally receding cleanups are now under way in a northern provinces but things are far from over and very part where there's a struggle to clear debris and trucking the capital's drains. the floods are taking a huge toll on thailand over five hundred people have been killed and many thousands displaced while key firms such as toyota honda and nestle have seen
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a production in profits dropped massively. american presidential hopeful herman cain is that defiant about staying in the game despite the increasingly sexual harassment claims swirling around him a second woman has now gone public about her alleged assault and she wants all four accusers to come forward saying is a surprise a front runner for the republican nomination to take on president obama in two thousand and twelve and denies all the claims. about. india says it's now got fewer poor people but the numbers that don't tell the whole story the government there now thinks that nice than a dollar a day is enough to get by as pressure either explains. in india's capital city the sights and sounds of one of the world's fastest growing economies are everywhere. but intermingled with the new malls and shopping developments slums like this one are still home to about forty million people many of the people who
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live here however don't even count as being port thanks to a new definition that has moved india's poverty line to thirty per day or think that romney was works twelve hours six days a week as a cobbler you can make up to two dollars per day he sends most of his money back to his village to support the wife and three children he left behind the fact that his country doesn't classify him as poor is shocking to him but you couldn't thirty two rupees are the benchmark to decide the poverty line is wrong because one cannot do anything with that amount someone like me who makes three thousand rupees per month finds it hard to survive here how can someone who are only thirty two rupees survive the people behind the allegations say that it's simply an adjustment based on the current economic climate according to them the new definition actually means that there are less people living in poverty in india than twenty years ago when almost half of all indians were living below the poverty line they also claim it
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has no impact on who can access government welfare services and many people above the poverty line are also vulnerable i mean they're not it's not as if you know if you're. poor and if you got more than the rich who are a lot for that's what our strategy is but new data also suggests those living in poverty should get by on the equivalent of two dollars a month for their health and education sparking outrage across india where do you feed your family where do you look after your kids where you send them for education how is not that anywhere close to the poverty line. thirty thirty rupees oh it's also not good enough forget about it then a piece a day he does know the it's an eight hundred sixty for now the debate over the poverty line is meaningless and it's like he just wants to be able to support his family. got a good job but my only wish for my future is that i continue doing this work of
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mine without any hindrance from anyone or anything as long as the government doesn't interfere continue doing his business and feed and educate my kids focusing and depending on himself preassure either artsy new delhi india in less than ten minutes time we're going to russia as a wild far east to place where nature still rules first but we'll get this business with korea. welcome to the south thanks for joining it or go straight to our top story western europe is getting its first russian gas why the newly built iraq's north pipeline. was until many suppliers start up. this new route should bring cheaper gas for homes and businesses in the european union for the first time there are no transit fees to be paid to countries like ukraine and belarus it also eliminates the threat of supply cuts which we've seen in recent years actually leaving some e.u.
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states out in the cold now this is an e.u. wide project there are german shareholders also french as part of this goes from lead project and it will guarantee supply to citizens of those countries for the next fifty years or so even through this year's euro debt crisis dimona for gas in europe has gone up now this is the pipeline that people said could be built that it was too long too expensive some said it was take became possible for example there's only one compressor station along the route once again you said there was several needed to make it happen and now this really has been planned since the ninety ninety second blow and will come on top next year project leaders have said that the third line troubling capacity of north stream will be discussed very soon by shareholders. and russia's largest company gas promise to publish second quarter results later on wednesday analysts serviettes by the into practice news agency expects a seventy percent increase in that profit with the company benefiting from increased
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output and stronger prices deliveries to europe jumped by more than twenty percent coinciding with the launch of the north seam gas pipeline and cost more than seventy seven billion dollars and leading russian energy consultants. believes it will take a decade to break the. real time off for a total this and less well it will depend on the price of gas in european markets because the treasury's there related with gas prices in the european union but of course it will take only a. very mild to be. involved with all of this money away because you know that from one point a little gasp room is the main although it's mostly about from another point of view because of the main supply route and a strong gave all girl cheese but more three would be no thank you. looking at the markets now oil is heading high on speculation that iran's nuclear plans could threaten stability and then at least another boost comes from italy where prime minister silvio berlusconi said he may step down if parliament measures the move is
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meant to convince investors that italy can curb its record borrowing costs voigt the fate of greece markets in asia are climbing on italian news and chinese data hong kong stocks are leading a regional rally that's after china reported cooling inflation giving a boost to bank and property stocks china overseas land and investment bank of china two percent black and tokyo listen exporters and banks are also rising i made improved risk sentiment. it's one hour ahead of the opening bell here in moscow the russian markets finished tuesday's trading session makes the artist ended up under a percent but in my eyes it was flat to negative role you can from what creates a financial corporation explains what local factors will be driving trade. markets will clearly can change me hostage by the european saga developments however in terms of the local events that are worth highlighting perhaps we have
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guessed from numbers. out on wednesday and apart from the second quarter results which are perhaps outdated irrelevant at this point the key focus will be on the conference call with investors and the renegotiations of european contracts is one of the key points to discuss to investors or perhaps i'm just waiting some clarity on the evolution of the relationship with the european customers. forces largest lenders burbank is looking at buying a bank in poland as part of its expansion into central and eastern europe polish media is reporting that is there a bank is most likely to acquire at your bank which is owned by the time from national group carloads asara analysts suggest it's a good time to make acquisitions ask kastrup european banks are selling assets from bargain prices id or bank as both retail and business services but credit card for
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you know of around four billion dollars grab aggro easily botanists the snooping on the false banks and announced plans to buy in from turkey's debt it's. also happening at this hour by don't forget you can always log on to a website article contrasts. and discovery.
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communications with you want to. test yourself and become free. and see what nature can give you. the closer she has been to the richer for technological breakthroughs save humanoids. on she goes to this. the unusual ways to protect nature. are farming pioneers place local cuisine. and for future developments the way. russia flows up on our city.


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