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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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state controlled capitalism is core fashion so when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more. download the official location the phone line called touch from the on choose up story. lunch on sea life on the go.
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video on demand. smiling comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call. the admission is free the cretaceous three pounds for chargers free arrangement the free slippery the stereotype free the old free blog cancelling mediocre for your media projects and a free medio dog to our teeth on tom. luck . more news today violence has once again flared up the phillies are the images. from history of canada.
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today. the luck. oh the bartok are more theoretical burns they've already blown monitoring of it i read a comment there anything i can take care of everything ok i was in a foreign army has been this bad thing or on the way are you are you with her now potholders doing. ok is she conscious. and. around right now i. saw it and. get a. look at berkshire hathaway well the elder girl so as normal first film all possible
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to kill her face all the rest of her clay i mean get this story actually fail at the bottom of it long enough to tell me the premier can't they don't work out at that point where with them at a point yet you're at the group after them am i when i am sam i care not only for you but the quality of the of the hospital there give champagne just like i want to hear it for mercy purposes only and agonize if it's out of the merge mail it is it is not a merchant just blank and i want to use for mass your purposes only as a life threatening emergency it is not.
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c.n.n. . got it let's do everything we can to help b.m.s. thirteen stats. paint the appropriate thoughts christmas parade ten o'clock so still boston twelve thirty three engine six five and rescue two six by.
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three for the guy that got that know you got that i don't know. how you got it all right but in a case of i mean when you are not right about the night you think of them a. good. listener carefully and it's already on the way. i just turn it off the roof. it's about a twenty five foot tall. you can see that there is a lot i think. i think i'm guilty of a little tucson police. department you know you told me this is the whole thing ok .
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let's play a little. track fast enough to get into the silly season get in there fast and. take a deep breath. again. pleasures keep it under four years ago we were averaging nine fifty a day. ever average you know a little hundred three hundred calls one runs a day or let's first. that. we handle six hundred thousand americans see calls a year but the calls around me and inside there's been an explosion in colorado it's about eighty two percent of what we do in the fire department is medical and at the project are several you may just get to have a second how is the address not here more distinct here or is there any please is
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there a levy. and i just don't believe you are the strong one year deal gail answers from her rescue operations bombing this night i want to know how are you there with the right now your i can it's very carefully and it's already on the way what i need to find out from you right now is she conscious. conscious beings the way the rising demand for human services increasing every year on our us runs are going up some percent and hospitals are closing in the last four years ago ten hospitals close so it's less and less hospitals for us to take our five hundred seventeen patients everybody you're going to rest you get for the value eight years the curation that's been referred to as the perfect storm of the county of los angeles just getting bigger and bigger and this is no no relief in sight if you're having a health crisis you'd like to thank you can't count on getting quick treatment in a hospital emergency room across the country today many emergency rooms were packed e.r. visits had grown thirty two percent in the last decade but there are seven percent
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fewer emergency room for los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand. and what's happening in the city of los angeles and in southern california is ground zero for what we're seeing nationwide with the crisis we have heard and seen services. in the impatient beds for capital lois in the country and what we've seen recently is the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department because we've become the de facto health care system. this is the canary in the mauling of health care throughout the united states. outstanding thank you. for at least the physical to me this is to get stuff right here oh yeah.
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september you mistakes in the. kurdish. eight hundred twenty seven. joining us. with a look what's a real talk. to from the shortness of breath which it was still really breathing for all those the number one cause of. station sixty five is in the south los angeles area of our city. there's got to paramedic rescues down there one of our busiest engine companies we have in the city of los angeles and fort unfortunately can't keep personnel that long there they come there they graduate a lot of experience in a relatively short period of time when they want to go on to a better place. before. they see. your.
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theory three. firefighters at first were even even cheap and then they became e m t's and for miners any lot of firefighters pocket i mean one of the many e.m.'s in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to carry a mask i started out i want to just do fire fighting and based soldiers go to three mt license i said i can't hear anything you're doing i took an e.m.t. course and or i don't do it to the class just to get a license to try to get hired and i was only thing i was planning on doing it was just using the license to get out and it turned out that i thoroughly enjoyed even this aspect of it as well with my job where it was that it started with any other
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company making the goods hypoxic hour for about four years five years which a lot of us had to do. i think. our fire code has played an important role in driving down the volume and spirit of fires and because that is the reality that we need is more ambulances. ten years ago with half the entrances that we have now now we had all of them some medical services in the city of los angeles. from the time you dial nine one one here in our dispatch center the time you get to the hospital it's one service the minute you want to family member to come with you to the hospital we want you to know. that you're. here.
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because this was. an. early form you know this. urgency really is very important. we see about three thousand patients a month through the mercy park but. we had a day the other day where we saw one hundred ten in one day and it was exciting and your name is stephanie said just reach your sorry buddy the lady looking for a figure for my mom ok i've had a lot of pain and it's links where meigs can now in the news. that you were a doctor's office today and she was to a certain help but finally had one before when you're pregnant there's a question right now so many we're increasing the staffing and trying to find room where there's never been room like you know closets hallways there's like
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a. sardine examining the hallways because about three times yes. they're still there. because her kindness. the problem is not enough in-patient beds not enough earth merchants in apartment beds and not enough nurses some members that still take care of all the people we work or. we may have a hospital full of patients no boards upstairs patients are equally hard because there's no beds upstairs and we do the best we can where we can't turn them away. and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away from the six care in an emergency room. but the reality is is that these people don't have primary care physicians to take the call so you're going to end up in the emergency room and i think that if we had a system where everyone had. access to care they would
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this would not be happening because they were they would call their doctor. to see if the risk is such a very serious risk. but looking. rather . good. in season one three months earlier. what's worse i know that's not right just me you're just being really. you people saying just me we will defend the foreigners here well or the right thing that you are just all right right now let's get on with rhythm i want to make sure. we question but here again essentially as he drives the last twenty four hours that you are ok.
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to feel horrible you need to treat me. well just on a more clear you know we're going to start ok hi that's a customer in the spacious b. as in boy you six six five four four six five on me he has no adamantly using the hospital there were rising only wrist complications to including. willing to accept those responsibilities. i'm so hostile they want to speak with you. know every teen body on top yeah. yeah oh. yeah if it were. some people are just like that you know they get the female in the middle and they don't want to go yeah a lot of the points. as precious but. a
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lot of times that on how the medicine they can't get the medicine to him or the medicine or they sell it for us. he sees it up like a defective doctor. so because of that a lot of them tend to use more primary care that fresh emergencies. for individuals don't have access to health care or analysts to show up with her medics on there and that's it that's the closest thing those people see so doctor over here so we're actually a doctor in a box if you will and i remember the service. there are there are. not really. make sure everybody's taxes are searched. you want to be more. than just resigned hey we're going to take your money. you should
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go we're strongly recommending it we can't force you to go one have been healthy baby right. was going to hospital they didn't. know you it's only go ginger was a month and not right for the family what you're going to have. to let me do this is for first time i was pregnant yeah and she could be contracting and just like. a young man to this is our family. you know if she doesn't got want to go with us well the worst possible case scenario is the baby can come out good and that's just being we're not going to sugarcoat it it's just being blunt i'm going on behind like grown her leaders have you had three and i pass it off so i'm not an expert i'm good and you're coming up. if you think that you have a woman think once you stand up and find out for us. that like we got can do that with your blood pressure already. or you feels that. clearly. they're not
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telling you not to run the sweetie. so you need to do the right pace a job baby that's less he goes. to the track they want to take your money ok ok ok question who they are looking at is the greatest hospital where it is only right yes they say me and my baby's life they are really really good. this is proof that we're picking up on live from this county supervisor. that opens the door for. that on monday morning at eight o'clock this hospital be open to the patients. watson would welcome the south central area of los angeles county. what was put on the map i don't mean california but by permission of the world. in one thousand six hundred five because of the riots six days of rioting in
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a negro section of los angeles left behind scenes reminiscent of war torn city much of south central los angeles scenes of beyond fire a fire killing five unemployment for education and things like a lack of health care and housing. commission said the economists believe cost of. this thing that we had a section of los angeles county. over a third of a million citizens without adequate hospital care when i transferred in m.l.k. more use of. true hospital was the your facility it was a hospital it was a trauma hospital trauma it was open which was actually pretty state of the art trauma room. i believe we were saying tween fifty and maybe even closer to fifty five fifty seven thousand a year in the second part
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a lot of times we would get the diabetic and comma who knew something was wrong but didn't have the means to go to the doctor's office again that goes to the problem that there are no primary care facilities in that area. a few years ago the county lost interest at a lot of clinics are awful people could go walk in off the street and say clinics in the county a few bad buggers a few years ago they closed those clinics private clinics are going to open up to take under insured or patients who can't pay. you don't have papers yes you have papers just permission almost as if that was your sugar level that it's one hundred twenty. no it's four hundred
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that's very bad for your diabetes. so if you have an appointment with the pharmacy a week ago why didn't you go. and i did go. this is this is a free clinic the medicine is free you see me for free so why don't you come this costs money. while the patients here are not compliant they don't want to structure their own ever raise with structure it with the score you know there are a step or there you know every. so check your sugar to three times a week don't use more not every day this is very expensive to not have insurance then but this is where the money is to go because you believe in primary care why and this diabetic. are a tax cut off you know because if you don't see them on the streets and then two years later the l.a. county hospital you've got to treat it as a cost five hundred thousand dollars to separate if you miss your next appointment or any other appointment you can find
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a new clinic oh yes if i missed appointments i can come back you know when. primary care nationally is a problem when it is an especially a problem here in los angeles county where do you go for primary care physicians first of all the country is not training enough for them.
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so we have a possible candidate for the program. mr mayor has been identified as every one user has been to one. at least six times within the one year period we want some care for also the care management part of it in order to maybe help her keep her out of that yard having to come in ok the thing i made up this is from our own congress my name is. i work with a program called road to house and we help the patient understand better how to use the magical system writing system or maybe. but you are going to have a case worker who is going to communicate with you often them and then ok use them as the way you were telling me how sometimes you have difficulty making appointments say ok so we're going to help you a little bit with that. he called me you know how can i help you know i'm here and
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they didn't give me this mattson you do have to educate empower patients to learn how to access care partly and at the same time you can't do that if the system is not set up to be accessible and if you're educating the patient to go down a road where the bridge is out and there's a fork in the road there's three different ways to go you know which way to go that's not going to be very helpful in our vision is to improve access to care and want to get people access to the right care at the right time at the right place and we need to incentivize pretty and surely our primary care providers are physicians this is your family medicine doctor that you go see for a cold but also the person who's most likely to diagnose you if you answer. and you know you have refills you know but they told me i shouldn't come back without their prescription ok why. because they wouldn't sound to me that's one thing we need to explain to the page and i don't know the field. yes five if she's telling
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me that she it's going to be seen ok fair enough i'm i see. here if you're going for wellness we'll get together later for one. person to see. the good thing for the market. this year well here. we are twenty eight. thirty risk. ok you guys are doing much better you're just about reach for margery's goal of what he wanted to happen a last resource on scene within six minutes you guys are holding down seven minutes flat however the best it's ever been was six hundred forty. five. year old boy all the super necessary just give you the facts.
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i had a doctor call me from a hospital we rescued get there or no and he called me one evening any tells me that they couldn't take any more patients at their mercy room so i asked him to explain exactly what he meant and he says we needed to free our beds for our people and i said i will which people are your people the people that were bringing them from his lower income areas are paying they don't have insurance they got to get treated they got to be seen but you know they're not paying you can't function as a hospital and that's why we've lost in the hospitals an aryan. in los angeles total last just over five years we've had our love and emergency rooms close and in most cases of higher hospitals. if you get a map of the city and you've got where the hospitals or and you put a dog we're all supposed were there yours.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture. of. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. street they have. a. lead even canceling your show these bitches is going to get with the status of the human experiments just
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sitting with your teeth with your problems isn't this rap music or was it just goes to the movies lately trying to make sense of really company and its arcane things about financial temple each of the research grambling to maintain our confidence in long kids and think you're going to be seems way to balance his recession look keep the missions close to collapse in yourself i'm looking for clues times people. to fail so we play banks again feel a little like these us crash and imminent smash the ceiling seems to me just like put it in a transition in st the i think or strikes me and. programs increase because the term economists. culture is the same up and taxpayers are coming to the types of yemen real serious biro of crisis without end euro zone leaders and national governments continue to be a blogger heads on how to rescue a currency. the
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. world. science technology innovation all the least a mellow minutes from around rush hour we've dumped the few jerks covered.


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