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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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no i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture voters all across the country flock to the polls yesterday to overturn of radical conservative agendas of the state level so is the g.o.p. ready to cry uncle and the obama administration's record breaking number of deportations is torn apart families and right thousands of children in foster care of the details of the ground breaking new report i mean just have the answers for problems and later news reality when you can just make up the truth here's
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a hint you know republican congressman it's reckless. it's wednesday night so to kick things off i'm going to bring in my panel of expert conservative commentary commentators for a weekly lone liberal rumble on our panel tonight vince colonies senior editor unlined editor of the daily caller and brian darling column columnist at human events contributor and you have such a once in a red state dot com big government dot com director of government studies at the heritage foundation and also the guy who occupied occupy wall street and brought me the teacher i did i was there last friday a cool like it was a comedy this is our part it was great so welcome guys and what have you with us back to watch all around the nation yesterday. you know there were some couple you
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know virginia went republican like eighty three votes and obamacare didn't do all that well in ohio except that it was never identified as such on the ballot but everything else looked pretty interesting in ohio overwhelmingly. they said to john kay's it out not out but no no no more cut off unions in maine voters restored same day voter registration i still don't get why republican vote by reply republicans want people to vote down in mississippi they said this is our people and on top of the whole thing russell pearce the guy who came up with some of the ten seventy and you know made his. made his chops trashing immigrants got rich got to go to red out of office in arizona so why do republicans . still hang on to this agenda or why do you believe you know it seems like you know twenty twelve is going to be. i would say so i mean those are indications
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look at the last election there was a bloodbath for democrats democrats lost over sixty seats in the house they lost a bunch seats in the senate governorships over six hundred seats and state legislators right because i think because nobody was paying attention everybody figured. this let's go back to lesser people pay attention to these these elections that are off year that aren't presidential election years this is something that a lot of people did show up to vote in ohio to repudiate obamacare and and they did vote in the states that made to feel senate bill five be repudiated obamacare but this is two states that have gone on record to repudiate ing obamacare a vote of the people into this incident it was this fight as you said it was not in any of it but and in fact it's a very weird light so would you like them to put obamacare on the ballot the word obamacare would that have helped but i think actually would have i don't think that you would have gotten at that that you know there was not as sure of brown was asked about this is that there was nobody advocating for there was not one single commercial that said vote no on three when you look so that that that was
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a non-issue is that when you look at ohio's issue two when you look at ohio in this collective bargaining law which the people decided that they weren't interested in gun cases policies what you have is junkies are first of all who decided to go big early this is his first year and he tried to go big on a lot of things very quickly including trying to change collective bargaining rules in the state in an effort to shore up his state's finances and it was all ins and as a result you had the unions and basically the what happened is an example for casey of how much power unions have in that state by three our margin our by a three to one margin all the unions at outspent the for prove the proponents of keeping cases you know no place you know i do know that you know you don't it's impossible to know that because the citizens united we have no idea how much dark money was spent but we knew unions are required by law to disclose their expenditures because they are transparent organizations in the democratic institution it was a but karl rove's organization and the koch brothers organizations all these other
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fronts. they're not required by law to disclose anything so easy for parts on an either side of this issue the chief opponent and i visited the station venus paid twenty four million dollars to get to get this thing down and eight million dollars was the amount that was spent in an effort to keep it officially short of things however you want to class fell off as well into the fact i would be a state it demonstrates the power of the union once absolutely there yet it doesn't start clean on this and you can say what you want about citizens united but we're the unions get all this money forced union dues and this comes from the taxpayers this is all taxpayer money being poured into these public unions that's a terrible name truly you know i it's just out of that they do get their payment they they are paid from taxpayer money that's accurate unions are democratic institutions people choose their leaders people choose whether or not to be a member of a raid and they're going to half of the members of the union say no we don't want to have you know the union gets to certify or in this case that is not that he's in this case john case is going after not private but public unions and their unions that by exist by virtue of the majority their members saying we want this union
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using taxpayer dollars to thrive they're not using taxpayer dollars they're using their own paychecks they're giving out money from the federal i'm sorry the state taxpayers pay into the system right you know then the money that's going to all of our dollar this is like saying oh you know there's there's there's there's urine in this water because you know fifty years ago in some ocean some place of fish and it's been it's been through five filtration system is that right i mean no filtration it goes right to you the individual from not spiegel government check right but who are getting paid and employed by the state if there's a matter of the employer proximity of taxpayer dollars to sue these unions is a lot closer than fish here and from fifty years ago being in our in our water i mean there's just there's about five hundred of us let's move to shore in missoula montana seventy five percent of the voters said they support an amendment to strip corporations of their personal. last weeks a measure passed overwhelmingly in boulder i'm assuming you guys are familiar with those you know corporations are people money isn't speech the supreme court.
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differently so why are republicans on board with this thing personal i wouldn't see as missoula goes america goes i don't think missoula is going on any stretch an example of average america i mean it's a lot so do you really think that when mitt romney says corporations are people that that's something that's going to sell in the election but what you're doing is this this ballot initiative was tricked i think people to vote for it stated a fact corporations are people they may be treated as people for the purposes of the first moment but a corporation is not a person i should dearly to act as a people for purposes the first amendment they're not they're not citizens that are voters in fact most of these corporations in america are now be reincorporated out of the caymans that's how mitt romney has his money was reincorporated his corporations in the cayman or in the burmese are and who don't pay and you don't believe in government controlled speech we believe in freedom of speech what the ideas from individuals from individuals in corporations corporations make up made a budget legal section it's a major action to vigils it's
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a legal fiction it is not made up of individuals it's a legal document grants right in terms of the wording of this thing to be able to say the corporations aren't people is basically true or false to play it so hard to eat and i mean produce it right now so you're absolutely right that on that point that's exactly right but when it comes to legal distinctions we create all sorts of legal distinction is to protect liabilities people from corporations so i mean this is just this is just kind of a silly just a silly vote entirely out of his existence and they certainly had all that represent a union of a friend amendment rights to speak you know elections now they have no right usually you could stop a government could say unions you cannot run any ads and they are not in my opinion person's you but you just said that their lives represent the ideals of all these people that are getting together i mean just made the argument on the half exactly and i think that if you did it you know for individuals for individuals and if you were to say all forms of corporations whether they be nonprofit corporations like news or for profit corporate corporations like you know g.e. or the koch brothers they're not paid. sorry and so then you end up with david koch
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saying how it is you know zillions of employees you must go to a certain way in the go era i don't think so and the union which is pitched you know at least fifty one percent of people voted for it right and they have to bring their punch card back that shows how they voted is that right is that i think i think it would work better than any are a few weeks the gang of twelve is going to turn into a pumpkin right they're going to run into their deadline i want to have trillion dollars they've got to cut out of the deficit republicans are already trying to sabotage the process we democrats aren't happy with it either but john john to me or patty rather john mccain have this little plan you guys i'm sure know about this is that some of it are realities you want to pretty up front about it that make sure the gang of twelve fails to reach a deal right you know we will not but say go online go on record saying no we won't vote if there's if there's increased taxes in this thing and then come up with legislation to prevent the automatic triggers in the in the apartment defense cuts hard found so that their buddies in the defense industry don't get hurt and then under this scenario the reagan bush deficit problem is still there average working
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people across the country are still screwed this is what republicans call a victory are you saying that politics the politics of contention is somehow anti-american or unpatriotic i mean these guys want to see a process done but the fact is i don't think so you don't think that they're declaring upfront where they're no go zone is and that involves raising taxes they want to find ways to do it outside of that i think it's reasonable that that politicians come forward with principles and terms of this is my baseline was a principle of they voted for when they put this thing together was that everything was on the table tax will be did put revenues on the table they put three hundred billion over ten years of revenues on the table i disagree with that i think that's a big mistake but they didn't but bad bad is something that is putting tax increases on the table now i think it's a mistake and you probably think it's a mistake democrats answer with entitlement reforms and i think conservatives and liberals agree that this is a system this is probably not going to work out because the left isn't going to allow democrats who agree to reform. conservatives like me are going to allow these
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guys for increased taxes it's a doomed process it is it absolutely is i think and and it's you know frankly unless somebody has the courage to stand up and do a ronald reagan did seven times nine times raise taxes which he regretted akumal he regretted to delineate last year he was in office his deficit reduction deal he leisurely said here you are at office he raised taxes when he said i trusted that we were going for the tax increases i agreed to was going to the deficit reduction and it just never happened and there's an immense focus here in this process on military cuts all of a sudden because it's there it's coming because one it's de facto going to decrease as we did is we decrease and straight before pulling out of multiple wars and in the process you also have this focus on military benefits the president now pushing this idea of small businesses getting tax incentives for hiring veterans a noble idea but what veterans might not realize is on the other hand the super committee is focused on cutting their benefits so i mean i think the whole thing is just going to implode in the next and the next congresses and the next congress is
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just going to say you know screw it we're not going to go with any of this anyway so ok herman cain. herman cain is you know fox news is coming to his defense and they're basically saying you know what was this woman doing in this car with the spam how dare she i mean this this literally was one of the comments on the fox commentators made a couple days ago then the cain campaign put out this long press release talking about this woman's financial history she says longing for it was for me down to the down to the penny in our kind of thing and of what that is vic i think we've got a graphic. there it is right there and you know it's like here's here's all her personal finances and here's all about her life and so is the message that fox news and herman cain are now sending that powerless women should not be in the company of powerful men but the message is that we're going to be able if you launch an accusation of somebody especially an accusation to not only damage the potential for them to pursue their as in this case he wants to become president united states
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but also damages reputation in the long term so cain of course has an obligation to defend these allegations and defend himself against these allegations and that also means vetting the women who are making these accusations i think that's kind of a reasonable thing i'm speaking to the quick to to what fox brought up which is what was this woman doing in this car with it if brian and i are friends and and you're looking for a job and brian knows me and knows that i'm hiring and he says a vince says he says to me i want to have dinner with vince and talk to about a job nobody's going to think twice about if you're a female and we do then according to fox there's something wrong with that but if you're a male and we're all straight guys then there's nothing wrong with that right that seems to me like a bizarre double standard is being a female preclude you from having the opportunity to actually have your statements vetted i don't party to fox no it's not that you're saying the opposite thing i mean that for the point is that being a woman somehow clout gives her this victimhood status instantly according to your analysis that well this is and this is the equivalent of she shouldn't or an
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actress she should have been in the car with this guy this is what he is going to say he said she said there's really the bottom of this story still hasn't been gotten to know i'm not talking. about the charges you know up let's give herman cain the benefit of the doubt sure why the hell is fox news saying she shouldn't have been in the car with him or she shouldn't have and what was what was this woman having doing having dinner with a married man but she's looking for a job well you know if you could play the clip or show me the quote but i can tell you that it's reasonable to vet all parties in this case and not just let harley chain be on this guy beheaded i mean he's he's god's use of it right now it's not going so well oh yeah you know you got that ok last question put fire it wasn't the bunga bunga parties that brought him down and said it was the economic crisis facing italy but still silvio berlusconi is resigning as prime minister as soon as his government has a new budget law or at least so he says so what's next for the billionaire media mogul who has a thirst for younger women will he eight take over herman cain's old job as president ashleigh restaurant association b go back to being
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a cruise ship lounge singer yes that's how he did start out or see become a consultant for victoria's secret i think well he can't run a company because he ran his own country into the ground it's much like john corazon i don't know why anybody would trust him to run anything i don't think anybody's going to trust. you to run run a. mcdonald's play with them i mean you know with this land singer idea sounds about right mehta fact coming into this i thought maybe maybe cruise director is somebody who could just be the life of the party there you go and not have much more access to anything else that might be my answer you could be headed for prison since he has and unity for all crimes he's committed is when he's in office but that immunity runs out he's out of office where these laws that have passed no more bunga bunga parties time for bubble bubble if not not so good. friend thank you thank you thank you good to. come you know the recent nationwide crackdown on illegal immigration is having some dire consequences for
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a group who truly are innocent bystanders of the details in just a moment. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through to people made who can you trust no one who is in view with a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more.
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thanks to alabama's radical new anti immigration law elementary school students are now being racially profiled like the daughter of scenario gonzales an american citizen who was given a pamphlet at school to take home pamphlet written in spanish outlined the state's new anti immigration law but mr gonzalez went to the school to ask the principal why his daughter was singled out a reasonable and flip it was told they were given out to all students who quote looked like they were from here and quote. tragically thousands of elementary school children including many american citizens have skipped school in alabama since the law went into effect afraid that they will be racially profiled in the classroom and possibly even separated from their parents who may end up in
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a for profit prison this is in the worst of thanks to the recent crackdown on illegal immigration across america thousands of children who are american citizens are being ripped from their mothers and fathers and thrown into foster care to grow up are anti immigration laws are literally tearing families apart so why is this happening for more on this rinku cent joins me she's the executive director at the applied research center and publisher of color lines dot com rico welcome thank you so much tom thank you so much for joining us a fascinating study and great report you all did one of the most emotionally damaging and lifelong scarring things that can happen to a child is to be ripped away from their parents how is it that this is happening here in the united states. well it's really happening because we've got the convergence of historic levels of detention and deportation of immigrants both the people who are here without papers unauthorized immigrants and also non-citizens
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who get caught up in the criminal justice system in some way so we've got historic levels of detention and deportation and up the same time we have child welfare departments that don't really have any consistent policies for addressing the needs of families that might be caught up in immigration enforcement so when a kid is in the child welfare system and his or her parent is in immigration detention that mother or father cannot do any of the things that the child welfare department requires them to do in order to be reunified with the kids and if that goes on long enough if the parent is eventually deported and is out of touch with the child welfare system for long enough then the state can actually move to do something that's called terminating parental rights which basically means that that family is not a family anymore and those kids go. well the kids will either spend
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their childhoods in foster care that is probably the majority of what happens or they are then eligible for adoption and there have been a couple of illegal adoptions that have taken place across the country that aren't in the scope of our study which looks at a very particular moment it takes a snapshot of right now what's happening in child welfare departments but we do know from just following the story over a number of years that those kinds of adoptions have taken place we did a story here on this program some months ago we had an expert on about private prisons in the united states was talking about how the private prisons were lobbying for for stronger laws including immigration laws because they were making money off this is that it is that any piece of this or is this it will be on the scope of your studies. well you know we didn't studied the tension centers on private prisons in particular but it is a factor in this particular problem because the problem really begins when our
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parent is that in immigrant detention and many many immigration detention centers are run by private contractors they're largely unregulated in others in studies that other groups have and we have seen that people are dying and some of these the tension centers and those are the folks that the people who run the detention centers those are the people that a mother or father has to deal with rand she wants to go to family court or call her social worker or have a visit with the kids those are the same people that social workers have to work with when they're trying to find a parent so the problem that private prison industry running our detention centers definitely contributes and goes there and they're being paid a couple hundred dollars a day to keep these people in so you have an incentive to keep them in how you talked about how the state requirements are cooperating with the federal requirements. which is leading to this disaster for these kids who can be done
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about this and who is out there i was assuming that the solution to this would be political as in you know passing was changing laws who's involved in trying to do something about. well on the policy side there are a number of efforts that have been made and that are starting representatives franken and woolsey are have developed a bill that would require immigration and customs enforcement to take into account the needs of u.s. citizen children when their parents are caught up in detention or deportation and so there are things that congress could do but there are also very immediate things that immigration and customs enforcement can do right now that ice could do and that child welfare departments could do so one of them is to on the ice side find alternatives to detention so that child welfare departments can do their job and on both sides we can stop or slow down the clock
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a clock that. takes on the child welfare side on parental rights and the clock that takes on the immigration side on deportation even if a deportation does have to happen eventually we catch ice could put that off until the family is able to resolve that situation those things have just happened now by somebody deciding to make them happen that would be the ice is part of the homeland security i believe which is whether it which is part of the executive branch which means that this could be done by any of the senior ministers in those agencies or boy or the president. it could be and in fact there is a memo that the head of ice wrote over the summer this last summer that says that ice agents and i said tourney's have a lot of discretion in making decisions about family members we found though for example that that discretion is really not being used we found one woman who called
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the police because her partner was beating her up she was arrested along with her abuser. that very night the kids were taken to child welfare and instead of simply getting out of jail when it was all cleared up and getting her kids the woman then was sent to immigration detention to ice detention and when she was an ice the tension she had no ability to communicate with anybody to even figure out where her kids were actually work now she should have been handled differently under the violence against women act and it simply wasn't so the discretion that ice has it is not using it's amazing this tragic will hopefully you know but all the shine it's light on this something will come out of this we can simply thank you so much for being with us them thank you tom children are among the most under-represented and powerless people in our society and the children of undocumented immigrants are the least of the least in terms of power and influence in our society
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a situation where they find themselves through no fault of their own the victims of a cruel and dysfunctional system should provoke all of those frankly to change. you know the fourteenth amendment of the united states says that if you're born here you're a citizen it was passed after the civil war and it's got what's what's called birthright citizenship if we're going to continue to be one of the small minorities of countries in the world that has birthright citizenship and arguably it was a constitutional amendment change that but oddly the fourteenth amendment is also where the supreme court is finding corporate human ship corporate personhood so maybe we should think about modifying it but in any case we're going to get to be one of the small minorities of countries birthright citizenship we need to figure out a way to echo or associate those rights that the children have as citizens to their parents who are not citizens or else we have to go the direction of other nations in a most of the nation say you know europe you're
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a citizen if both your parents are citizens of the gut that's the best the most common system you know it's not where you're born but you know who you're born. but in no matter how we end up resolving this and this this is a debate the whole birth right citizenship thing versus how you know how we do this whatever but however we do it our immigration system is badly broken and it's mean exploited now by for profit prison companies who are lobbying for more prisoners and pushing for not only harsher things like drug sentences but also for a longer detention periods for people who are illegal immigrants and it's being exploited by political demagogues who are for it basically exploiting fear of the other. those prone people from mexico that kind of thing but we really need now is comprehensive immigration reform we need to completely overhaul the system top to bottom and have a good national dialogue about. it's
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time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's today's question cover your ears joe the plumber according to a recent a.b.c. news poll sixty one percent of americans want redistribution of wealth will it happen and the choices are yes americans want washington to pursue policies that try to reduce income inequality that's what sixty one percent of people said yes it will happen or no the wealth gap between the rich and the poor in america will get even larger log on to thom hartmann to com let us know what you think the poll be open until tomorrow. crazy alert is that building wearing a bra in a church of a publicity stunt to raise awareness of the breast cancer campaigns where
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initiative a british stain removal company created the world's biggest resume the makers of banish stain remover spent four months constructing or contract he sued me with the ship's sales company a company of sales for ships to sew together the but he must be for hanging it across the front of a high rise building the undergarment fit for a giant was made with three hundred seventy five square metres of fabric and weighs nearly two hundred pounds as for the size it's reportedly a one thousand two hundred twenty to be anything it's only a matter of time before the i.t.v. south bank building in london on which the monstrous bra was hung comes forward with its own sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. when we come back occupy wall street is taking his message on the road will wall makers in washington be ready to hear them before it's too with. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions
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compared to the breakthrough that they're going to be in may who can you trust no one who is you know view with the global machinery to see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.


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