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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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welcome to the lot of show where the real headlines with none of the mercy for me live in washington d.c. now tonight we're going to take a look back to last night's presidential debate now the focus here was the economy but once again seemed like the candidates got away without having to offer any real solutions then yesterday protesters at u.c. berkeley clashed with police that attacked with their talents sort of get more details from somebody who was there and asked why the media was so much more interested and rowdy students at penn state and as our military and the cia increased their use of drone strikes in secrecy with which they kill becomes more
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and more problematic for me to speak to philip alstom former u.n. special special rapporteur on extrajudicial so mary and arbitrary execution talked about what needs to be done by the government by the media and lot of people to demand more transparency or you have all that and more feet and i couldn't because of happy hour but first let's take a look with the mainstream media has decided to miss. all right so last night c n b c hosted a republican presidential debate the focus there was on the economy but just like any other debate there are of course some bad jokes that fell on deaf ears some goof from the crowd when herman cain scandal was brought up and some gaffes one really bad gaffe by rick perry in fact by now it's probably been played hundreds if not thousands of times on every single cable network. rick perry's campaign trying to limit the fallout from what some are calling a brain for is in major damage control mode today doing the morning talk shows it's
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three agencies of government what i get there that are gone commerce education and the what's the third one there would see the texas governor's train of thought do re already forgot the name of one of the agencies that he would shut down at all like the president during what was an excruciating fifty three seconds of really a presidential train wreck you can only remember two of those departments texas governor rick perry saying he's not quitting despite what some are calling. a big gaffe yes there was a very awkward moment forty five seconds of a stammering texas governor rick perry despite the really disastrous showing presidential candidate rick perry this morning says he's not quitting. all right now let's get a few things straight here is that a pretty bad message by rick perry most definitely for starters if you're going to start slashing away government agencies right left you better damn well know which ones you want to get rid of and why we don't have government agencies just because
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they're fun to create they actually serve a purpose is their way stand this management and a lot of these agencies most definitely but that does not mean that you just like them off the map all together anyway the other thing about this is it's not like it's the first time that perry's ever messed up so he's even more deserving of critique because he does this every single debate which will probably make voters think twice about electing another guy that's going to make us all look like idiots on the world stage but at the end of the day last night's debate was about the biggest issue facing this country right now and that is the economy so while those fifty three seconds of perry forgetting his words was rather excruciating it didn't compare the fact of the entire two hours it was excruciating because these candidates don't answer any questions about the most pertinent and immediate crises that are facing us take for example italy the entire eurozone sovereign debt crisis yesterday markets were imploding the world was panicking the i.m.f. chief was warning of a global downward economic spiral and yet when c.f.b.
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seawitch rightfully asked about the issue at the very start of the debate when they asked the candidates just completely ignored it. so the domestic economy we will see so yes focus on the domestic economy first there's not a lot that the united states can directly do but get it right now well europe is able to take care of their own problems. tribute to the international monetary fund and the i.m.f. has given one hundred fifty billion dollars to the eurozone are you saying the u.s. should stop contributing to the i.m.f. i'm happy to continue to participate in world efforts at the world bank of the i.m.f. . and so just focus on the domestic economy let europe take care of itself and i know people we can't just sit here and add like we live in a bubble if italy goes down the european banking sector goes down our banking system istra it will be a worldwide domino effect and yet all these candidates can say is focus all it's going on at home or we will bail them out you know mitt romney must have also forgotten the fed gave trillions to foreign banks at the time the crash in two
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thousand and eight anyway so scary issue number one the base of the world absolutely no answers for it so then c. and b. c. is moderators went to messick they asked about the housing crisis the fact that millions of americans homes are underwater and you should it isn't going to magically disappear because the health of our economy is tied to it and yet here is what the candidates say. you have to let the market work and get people into homes again and the best way for that to happen is to is to allow this economy to reboot i would find a way to say that maybe fred america says that the marketplace. is the republican house next week would repeal dodd frank and allow us to put pressure on the senate to repeal but frank you'd see the housing market start to improve overnight dodd frank kill small banks and kill small business the federal regulators are anti housing loan and it has naturalized the frame of a. so there really that simple you guys if you just allow the economy to reboot then that's
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where closures will go away or according to you gingrich if you just repealed thought frank the housing crisis will easily be fixed i mean these are the most childish ridiculous answers that i've ever heard and these are candidates the want to be the president of the united states so that's the excruciating part of last night's fiasco is that none of them offer any concrete solutions they just spew off more parrot talking points i had if you were watching the mainstream media's coverage of the debate today you forget all about that who wants to get into those details or playing fifty three seconds of awkwardness is just so much more fun because rick perry making himself look like an idiot totally race and the fact that this entire country is in trouble if any of the people on that stage win and that's what the mainstream media chooses to miss. all right so let's continue looking at last night's republican debate on the economy was fatally the theme once again we had to hear
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a lot of nine nine nine descriptions of other tax plans that would get the economy growing again but in all cases the candidates did agree on one thing more government more problems but isn't it time to step away from the theoretical start talking straight about what needs to happen right now the government or perhaps better said congress has the most part been doing nothing about the jobs crisis or about the housing crisis they have been raising taxes and they actually have been cutting everything at these candidates want on a micro level and yet that isn't getting the country back on track so let's try to bring last night's posturing back into the real world are discussed with these care thompson senior editor at the atlantic a so much for being here tonight if you're let's quickly go back a step to what i was just saying with these clips in terms of talking about europe in terms of talking about housing i think rightfully so europe was the first question that the moderators asked last night and i don't even think herman cain said the word italy or said europe all they want to. phase focus on what's going on at home is it because they are oblivious to what's going on do they not want to
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have to say that yes maybe we will you know go with another bailout when it comes to a global level what he thinks going on the one hand the republicans didn't say anything of use when it came to the european debt crisis on the other hand that puts them in pretty good company you have the e.c.b. the european central bank which has no idea the sickly out of bail out italy the third largest economy in europe and u.s. policymakers are having the same problem you know i talk to the treasury department and you say what can america do to help europe out and you can you can encourage the companies to get countries to come together and say all right let's put up enough money we can back the losses back the bad debt that exists right now in greece and italy and other per four economies in order to make the market believe it will pay back their debt is just really really difficult right now because we've crossed the rubicon of sorts when it comes to italy's debt and greece's debt it's very difficult to get investors cockney and see at least when you say it sounds eloquent and you understand that there are problems involved here and you
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understand that nobody in the world right now like you said including the e.c.b. he really has a solution to this and so it's some point you have to start thinking about what might happen if you have to have a plan b. but i just feel like these guys if they just completely ignore it we can just live in our fix on work on fixing our economy here at home and pretend like it doesn't exist let's move on to housing is well you can't judge thinks that they're playing god frank is going to fix something that easy. has nothing to do with putting money in people's pockets and helping them pay back their mortgages and it has nothing to do with principal write downs or reducing the interest on mortgages which is the only way that you could possibly get people to pay back all of the loans the that they can afford in their homes and get people to buy new homes because they have enough money that they think they can make another enormous investment in something as large as a house so dr frank who is in this has anything to do with that all the dodd frank is trying to do is find better ways to. encourage our banks to be more responsible and then encourage government to have
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a better pathway to bailing them out or not bailing them out winding them down when they become so large and unwieldy that we realize we have to split up the assets i get unfortunately somehow you no longer really hear obama care being used as much of course it comes up in a republican debate it's no longer the bad word last night it seems like god frank became the bad words and show it to the audience or clik. the biggest regulatory problem we have is obamacare and dodd frank i will repeal those bills yes the republican house next week would repeal god frank and allow us to put pressure on the senate to repeal good friend you'd see the housing market start to improve overnight dodd frank kills small banks it kills small business the federal regulators are anti housing loans and it has maximize the pain level the dog crying for obamacare that's what's killing america there's three big things wrong with dodd frank which is why it needs to be a top priority to repeal the two of the biggest problems with dodd frank dodd and
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fright i. charmer that herman cain i mean seriously died and frank dodd frank the bill it's like the worst thing that's ever happened to america it's really interesting you know you pull back the lens and you think what just happened three years ago the economy you must acquit if the global economy and it's a cliff because banks were reckless and we had no idea what to do with the trillions of dollars of assets that were going that dodd frank is at least a step towards us reclaiming the kind of regulations that we had before they were unwound in one thousand nine hundred and two thousand it's amazing to me that you have the me a major party in this country one of two major parties in this country and all they can talk about is getting back making conditions to where they were in two thousand and five two thousand and six and two thousand and seven when we know they didn't work it's possible god frank is not the ideal bank regulation it is it least a step towards a better banking regulation rule and law that will have the effect of not having two thousand seven happen all over it one of the things that we heard
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a lot last night to is that institutions banks cannot be too big to fail and that's one of the things that god frank has entirely do unfortunately when it comes to reform is you know making breaking up the banks are making it so that they can no longer be too big to fail but they hate frank but they don't want to be too big to fail anymore that there's a lot of hypocrisy going around and same way when it came to mentioning fannie and freddie last night i want to show you a clip that's something that michele bachmann had to say. they just gave four nisus of almost thirteen million dollars to ten top executives this is the epicenter of capital crony as corny capitalism that's what's wrong with washington d.c. . ok so a i agree i don't think that millions of dollars in bonuses at fannie and freddie are warranted at this point but it boggles my mind that they can critique betty and freddie and the bonuses going to be given out but then not care at all about the fact that bankers on wall street who are also beat out by bailed out by american
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taxpayers have have much much much larger bonuses right now it looks like they're looking at this extremely complicated byzantine issue and focusing only on the parts of it that have to do with government criticizing criticizing them saying that we should take away the regulations that have been in place it's as if you know it's the same playbook that they're using. with financial regulation in general without frank you know it's disappointing to me that i think republicans have a point that the government's involvement in housing was a factor in the bad loans and the stupid mortgage backed securities. you saw in the in the decade leading up to the big crash but like you said their prescriptions for fixing the crisis are boilerplate but you think that that's going to work with you know when it comes to voters who think that they're actually going to buy it because as i was saying before if everything is so simple they clearly have these talking points right absolutely no more taxes no increases in taxes less government he were agencies but then there's no really concrete plans i feel like in terms of
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getting people back to work everything is just the economy fix itself let it grow right i mean you can focus on the nitty gritty but i think at the end of the day would voters are looking for is an echo of their own ideology i think people have a general sense about whether or not government can work or not work and the republican party is now a party that is saying over and over again in different ways government is not working it doesn't work obama is not working this isn't it and that's why we want control of the guy that's right and we don't really think it's a little bit weird i think but but it but that is the argument and it is at least a very consistent argument it's one that's easy to grapple with so you see a lot of variations on that theme democrats actually in this case you know to veer into a little bit of political messaging now have to have a much harder case to make their case is that government has. worked well enough but we can make it work better it's a little bit more nuance and that's often why republicans win these elections and you know i feel like if you look at occupy wall street movement right now tell me what you can say is more left wing the whole feeling is that government is no longer working for anybody for right or left now i'm just one of the other clips
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that i had michele bachmann and i want to go over to our last line where finally the candidates were forced to address the issue of student loan debt because student loan debt is surpassed a trillion dollars in this country and it's a huge problem and yet again not exactly satisfy have the answers take a listen. but i think you proved that the policy of student loans is a total failure i mean a trillion dollars of. the college of those arks is a work study college you cannot apply to low she needs student aid and they have no student you have to work twenty hours a week during the year to pay tuition and books you work forty hours a week during the summer to pay for room and board ninety two percent of the students graduate owing no death and i don't think the federal government should be in the business of paying for programs and building up out there i think we need to look at how do you get rid of this universe. first starters what is
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this utopian education system that newt gingrich talks about where you just work forty hours a week during the summer i mean this is some school of the ozarks where they're like a couple hundred people and i love that he's trying to discredit the fact that unfortunately they're told as a young adult in this country that you have to go to a good university unfortunately some universities manage to charge you have to fifty thousand dollars a year but if you have that specific degree that you're told that you have that more of a chance of getting a good job what are the exact let's just be honest here if it's no student who takes on debt could go to college most students currently in college be forced to leave college grads were both idea we don't know absolutely that every single person in college is going to benefit from his or her college experience what we do know though is that the group of people who have gone to college earn more and have a lower unemployment rate than people who don't go to college college in the aggregate works and we should try to get as many people to go to college as possible now in order for them i agree i agree with republicans and democrats of
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the same thing there's just too much too student debt out there and it's a problem because you've seen kids take on all of this debt believing that the economy would give them a job to pay it back and they happen to graduate into the worst economy in eighty years but that's not colleges problem what we need to do is find better ways to create affordable community colleges and frankly you know online colleges as well that don't give students or students off that are efficient we actually seen how those for profit colleges are doing and that's exactly what they do is they rip students off and fortunately they're going to thank you so much for joining us tonight. no mention of defense cuts yesterday either another thing i'm very upset about when it comes to talking about the economy what we're going to do with it thanks so much for being here. i there is still much more to come tonight briefing on the latest on the occupy movement demonstrators are getting creative about preparations for the winter months at u.c. berkeley occupy protests got violent yesterday with police trying to do people from sprout plaza to bring up again tell us about what went down since we were trying.
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to look at least the repetition of. what a protester nobody seems to know. that never of pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know story at the scene so you think you understand it and the. other part of it and realize that everything in. our world is a big. blow
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to the counseling was here. yesterday students professors other supporters of the occupy movement all gathered at u.c. berkeley's plaza to join an occupy cow and the university told protesters that they could stay around the clock for a week but only if they didn't use. or any other items that might suggest to people that they would be sleeping there and occupy calgary voted not to comply with the demands i continued to peacefully set up a tent site but then police used force to get them to go. ok god. god god god god thank you thank god thank. my now and of the day more
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than thirty people were arrested but if i didn't see that on the news the mainstream media was more concerned with another student protester right whatever you want to call it it was going on at penn state. thank. god. i so let's find out more about what happened on the ground at cow and see why police violence on campus and make the t.v. cut for me to discuss this is cali made off ph d. student at u.c. berkeley and occupy callup protester thanks so much for joining us tonight if you can just start by telling us what happened yesterday what you saw and how close you were to the police that really started using violence against some of these people you know it's a really great day long action there were lots of people involved and it was just it was a mass mobilization of the whole campus that was really wonderful in six us will and marred by these pretty extreme instances of the silence and unnecessary arrests
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now would you say that the police were excessive in their force from what i know it was the campus police as well as the alameda county sheriff's to. absolutely absolutely i mean there were people in the hospital of the last word and they were too if they were excesses excessive is not saying well i mean watching that video right there is definitely something that's visually disturbing but like i just mentioned you know last night everybody was focused on the job a turn of scandal that was going on at penn state where students came out and started knocking down a local t.v. truck when they heard that he was going to be fired why do you think though that the media was so focused on that story and yet when you saw police being physically violent abusing students here berkeley it did make the cut you know i mean it's crazy i'm not sure what what they're thinking except that you know we we didn't
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overturn t.v. trucks we didn't even her feet ears threw bottles or anything and yet there were thirty nine arrests including one this warning. as opposed to just two but do you feel like that means the media still isn't paying enough attention to the occupy wall street movement to you know to what this is all about if they're looking at something that clearly you know this is a big scandal going on over at penn state but this is something that i feel like people express a lot of disgust towards that students were out you know showing their support for this coach how do you feel that that compares to the social inequality the occupy wall street is protesting against. oh absolutely i'm going to think that it really does show that media is focusing on the wrong things also you know the nature of this kind of struggle it's it's not just a one off thing this is not something that's going to affect change overnight but
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it's a long struggle and you know mainstream media often isn't good at covering things that last for weeks or months like it was the spectacular one time so it's well this is now starting to last weeks and months and i'm curious if you can explain retail i know that members of occupy oakland came down yesterday to the berkeley campus but of berkeley specifically a lot of anger has to deal with you see regions with a lot of the cuts that we've seen to education in california as a state so do you feel like it's more of a localized protest than what the occupy movement is protesting actually i think one of the really spectacular things that's happened and movement across the united states is that it is linked together in these national issues we local struggles so on use at u.c. berkeley we have really been talking about this fee hikes the privatization of education specifically and oakland it's also going about three weeks retaliates and
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going on for years and you know the kind of race troubles that are really important at that site so i think that what was bringing them all together were these economic issues and it's been exciting to see how they're differently or to get laid it in different states across the united states now kallie i want to show you a clip really quick last night there was another g.o.p. debate and i actually brought up occupy wall street so take a look what i said about it. we just say that i want to be the president of the ninety nine percent i also want to be the president of the one percent and i have yet to reassure reporter asked for a single occupy wall street first in a single rational question about the economy that would leave the story for example who's going to pay for the park you're occupying if there are no businesses making a profit. and then kerry is what you think of the answers in the cabinet there i mean i think the big houllier really don't
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know how to address what still might not agree the rhetoric that's being used the ninety nine percent is trying to link people together in a way it. really does not make sense in republican terms but at least they were forced to talk about it and i think about means. is doing something you know and getting some kind of proper attention here thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks for having. well now we're into the first ten days of november there that winter is coming so for those that are taking part in the occupy movement the lowering temperatures and longer nights are a sure sign of the things to come they're fighting the chill and vow to continue forward and in fact they vow to continue protesting and marching protesters are just begun occupy the highway well their march two hundred miles to washington d.c. .
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now the changing season means that adjustments will have to be made to the occupiers strategy and as of now by move it has been setting up camp and outdoor parks across the country but as winter approaches those who are protesting are anxiously awaiting the cold temperatures so all points of the movement are hoping that the frigid temperatures are going discourage the protestors force them to pack up and head home some people like the new yorkers hendrik hertzberg fears of the cold would pare the numbers in the camps leaving only radical support which could change the message of the occupy wall street movement now those camping of showed their allegiance just spite or bitter chill for example you are demonstrators stuck out in the first round of blistering cold weather at the end of october despite the fact that police took away heat generators and scotty parked the night before but based donations on a program called occupy supply forty two thousand dollars have already been spent on cold weather supplies and even military grade tents designed to keep protesters warrant but the ranks of those pitching in to help the protesters to beat the chill
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are growing for example in boston and mighty students are now coming up with their own ways of keeping warm as part of the winterization working group occupy boston and i come across a coffin shaved box on wheels and it's tiny tiny house is actually a good way to stay warm designer stage radical creating the soul out of a spare kitchen cabinet with several layers of styrofoam plywood polyethylene sheets from the designer says the tiny hole that. very well insulated keep him ward at night and a structure on wheels keeps his body away from the ground and also complies with the city ordinance and the best part is the temporary home cost a mere hundred dollars to built in a fusible option to recreate for more occupiers are out of house he isn't the only ones working to keep the occupy our soldiers warm mit professor jan wampler is calling on students to come up with strategies and designs to help the protesters beat the free it's one of the models they're working on now is a tepee could be ideal for daily general assembly meetings but the winterization
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group hopes to have many more designs in the near future with some of the best and brightest minds in the company testifying the coal so what's the prognosis for the occupiers well this be their valley forge or their epic encounter to the likes of a starts in the lancers i hope they get advise a plan soon because the weather is changing no matter what and nobody wants to be caught off guard when a long cold winter arrives. now still to come tonight we have our show and tell segments and it will be us drone policy one back one day come back to bite us and look at the issue of the drone program and wide secrecy is so problematic just. into the only places you don't work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government through if you want to know why i pay taxes. i would characterize obama.


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