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was aimed at getting a soil sample from the moon of phobos to attain a better knowledge of how the universe of all. the top stories moscow does next and today we're exploring the russian capital through the eyes of business travelers. he's telling. dynamic. to friends. among.
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a. trusted secretary that a welcome to the show this week fargo will be taking a look at business facilities and locations in the russian capital every week thousands of business women come to moscow for various meetings conferences. by arriving here. there are all three international airports in moscow sheremetyevo in the north to the south to the southwest of the capital around thirty kilometers from the city since each they all served by express trains on
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major highways. if traveling by car the way of traffic journey time spent a great deal to all these transport hubs depending on the time of day says the nine hundred ninety s. with globalization and perestroika interest from western companies. to do business in russia has increased dramatically thousands of foreign companies have moved here i mean to gain profit in the country's developing markets is terminal and share a message was recently voted the best in europe for this new hotels and restaurants areas business lounges services and information in english and russian facilities away at what the app or often several years ago soviet out's high tech question in . the field or should be as always. we have. an executive lounge for the first in business class passengers there's also a sense of business aviation for those passengers who prefer to travel on their own
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private jets in all these lounges prissie of the guests is our priority but. leaving the airport and we are met by a driver any private companies official taxi firms operate. from limousines to any vehicle can be preordered organized at the airport arrival lounge prices to the city center from sheremeta start at around one thousand two hundred rubles roughly forty dollars. schedules schedules schedules time is money when traveling on business so it's into the car and off we go to accommodation now and moscow has a wide range of business hotels that cater for and budgets wisconsin's elegant modern building is located on the street to the sky. just across the road from red square and the kremlin is one of the most convenient hotels in moscow for business or tourism opened in the summer of two thousand and seven it brought a new level of luxury to the city with extremely spacious exquisitely appointed
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rooms and suites a superb range of amenities. the hotels public spaces are even more lavish but the city's biggest boardroom heading the list of spectacular conference a meeting spaces. this hotel. i would say to seventy eighty percent it's all business travelers. is one of those business nations where business is booming. for the majority of our business travelers and they have business center they have conference rooms we have eleven conference rooms and meeting rooms as well but with all the facilities technical facilities. everywhere . everywhere business people feel truly truly at home. with a friend. and. the.
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top foreign politicians celebrities and. the ritz carlton hotel here sixty six suites popular with other women from. all around the world everything is. special service is. documented but. menus all that. you can think of including. a fully functional. there's a wide range of services. in. private secretaries business centers where you can rent your office or office equipment. and legal services also many major companies realize the growing need for language support english. becoming a necessity to many russian business is. that the
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glittering skyscrapers of the complex as the capital city canary wharf in london for example and the three hundred thousand people working living in the complex at any given time. and contemporary. look confidently along the polished floors this area depicts russia at its best the moscow international business center is still under development when finished it's expected to become the first in russia taken by business activity entertainment a living space in the wallet singlet development hundreds of companies are already working here including many international investment. boasting some of the best facilities in your possibly some of the best views this area is clearly the future business in russia. from children's and conference hall to private meeting rooms.
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every need catered for. is aimed to be at the front of. the top notch office spaces here will not disappoint. in europe everything is already more or less standard so you have your. business you know russian you have to invent more or less something every day and this is my point of view the main difference between russia and europe so far. on and what other business locations or facilities are worth taking note of in moscow. for years there have been two main stock exchanges inversely capital my sex and yes my sex the must go into bank exchange that opened in one thousand nine hundred is one of the largest stock exchanges in eastern europe. at the same time party yes the russian trading system is
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a stock market established in moscow in one thousand nine hundred five to consolidate regional trading companies into want to exchange recently a decision has been made to incorporate the two of them in a new headquarters just opened. for business travelers who want to stay close. in the city center the lottery hotel you are by the street is a great choice the area is a thriving financial and shopping center it's also one of the capital's major sites and none marks the five star property group is part of careers largest luxury hotel group and features three hundred more. swanky restaurants banquet halls and the spa . like various business services are provided in our club lounge the right to meet and ability to organize a video conference and also a translator and secretary services. the crew this group is a project from a successful businessman and. in two thousand and one he founded the crocus city
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complex a moscow's ring road and. now hundreds of thousands of people a week visit the city within a city as it's called for both business and pleasure the complex includes a business hotel and a large international exhibition center called crocus expo that features dozens of conference halls the complex also boasts a concert hall several shopping malls restaurants and even a yacht club. successful businessman is often too busy to deal with car rental ticket or restaurant reservations and other entertainment needs for those in need of telephone service the worldwide concierge service quintessentially is one answer to that needs the membership strictly limited it does come at a price but for those who know the price of that i'm having any requests twenty four seven around the globe is essential. sixty offices all over the world. our client is
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a business. the business. would like. is a vibrant place to say the least and bordeaux will be the last of any this is his worries while the business moves quickly and many high end deals are made visits to the. city's elegant restaurants hectic meetings can even end up in the city's night clubs. mentioning soho rooms a must party scene that's if you get in the face control here suit and tie all glamorous dress aside is. one way to gain access is to be invited. into that group such as intonations small world and the british business club to name just a few. such
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a ruse the aim to connect ex-pats together with foreigners and business minded. to impress your business partner. is a changing world. business. in the russian capital and with. interest. international investment. exhibition. in the thirty fifth. city one thing is for sure. it's all the something. crazy.
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great. comfortable. journey. so different but the only one. moscow. twenty years ago when the largest country. to certain places of.
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what had been trying. to teach began a journey. where did it take the. mission to free accreditation free zones for charges free commitment free risk free. to child free. download free blow against cloning video for your media projects and free media oh god our teeth dot com. would be soo much brighter if you knew no bounds from phones to impressions. from stunts on t.v.
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don't come. into the sand rushes to vote through a staring plan to clear the way for a new government once silvio berlusconi steps down but many say the dead were duction measures are too late to keep one of the large. economies from following in the food stamps of greece and portugal. bombing for billions companies from countries that to pardon even campaign look to cash in on reconstruction lucrative contracts and wind have sparked new questions over the real motives for military strikes. russian space x. birds are struggling to fix technical problems and boarding probe launched into martian moon a few days ago interplanetary mission was aimed at getting a small sample from the moon of us to have attained a better knowledge of how the universe evolved. well randa morning to you and we are talking the world of sports where another world record
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fell out of the hands of a russian weightlifter in paris you're absolutely right marie there's always that there's that you've improved on her own mork said back in april and became this second russians to break a world record this year your world media. that's on the way so stick around. well welcome to sport on artsy with me for a plenty of news up ahead including the following top stories. ready for greece. where a friendly match will take place head of the next summer's year olds once it's well . while counting the cost we'll look at russia's opponents greece and discover how sport has helped give the recession his country something to cheer about.
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and another record falls russia's not just sets a new world market the weightlifting championships in paris. but was start with football where russia had been training ahead of friday's encounter with greece even though their session didn't start in the dark. head coach has called up to new faces to the squad to face greece with pride strikers. and alexander cook or in both hoping to win their first caps for the russian senior side the dutchman is short of striking options as both. are still with injuries meanwhile faith is still likely to star in goal as first choice number one get i can faith is still a long way off making his return to competitive football after a serious knee injury others are caught says he will resist the temptation to make wholesale changes and says every game leading up to next year's is by its all. the
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one of the necessities of. no i suppose. i would go out so tomorrow night julian's i will i would like to see him. because everybody's. experience. meanwhile the country of greece has been grabbing the headlines around the world over the last few weeks for all the wrong reasons due to the state of its economy and it seems the financial crisis has been affecting sport in greece as well however as richard poor fleet finds out sport has been able to give this football and basketball mad country something to cheer about . scenes like these have been all too common in greece recently while the world watches as the country's economy falls further and further into despair and for the greek national football team's hold your some of us who plays his club football in scotland he says it's hard to watch what is happening to his country. when the
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headlines. the headlines. hostname here. on this one as possible with. the problems. is not. strong. enough to go through. this nation has always been at the forefront of european club football and basketball competitions however leading teams such as puff and i cosigned limpy our costs are finding it more and more difficult to hold on to their best player is one such example is meals to your dosage a serbian point guard had been a heartbeat of olympiakos for four years however during the summer he moved to say a sky moscow as his former club couldn't afford him. the brothers own
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p.r. course the basketball club well the football side olympiacos was run by they call it these teams world their toys and they pour into their money into them before the financial crisis but now even they don't want to spend their money down globalism brothers wanted to quit supporting the course but after fans rights they decided not to leave the club in this situation when you push the link between greece and sports goes back centuries even thousands of years the country has given so much to sports one could even say the country helped invent the idea of a principle of organized competitions for the first ever olympics held in a limpy in hundred seven. hundred seventy six b. c. greece would also hold the first ever modern olympics in eight hundred ninety six. times i'm obviously changed and this is one of the country's more modern stadiums where greece will take on russia in a friendly match on friday
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a great fans of some most passionate in europe and even despite the economic crisis which is crippling their country still turning out in the tens of thousands to watch my favorite teams play that said a crowd of only fifteen thousand is expected to watch russia's friendly game on friday but small turnout has little to do with the current economic situation. after winning the euro two thousand and two or the national side is something really special for the greeks but the club culture is much more developed and the rivalry between the n.p.r. course of the ninety nine course. is more important when then defending champions of two thousand and six easily came to play in greece only five thousand people turn up to see the strongest national side in the world. but i doubt sport is playing a vital role in helping the people of greece scribus very difficult period of their lives and their heroes understand they have an important role to play in helping to
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boost the morale of the local population. superior to. the people. in their sport. greece and all the people living. there anything like a pianist. to do it to give them happiness and all to give them. moments they can escape from the problems. he's maybe on the verge of leaving the euro currency but they are very much still in the euro two thousand and twelve championships seven years ago they shot the continent has altered a hognose men went. when the tournament. playing in poland and ukraine also boost it would be the people of greece best side to repeat to her except two thousand and four richard been brutally donte athens. staying with football and
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four places are still available at next summer's europe's once it's all championships with four playoff fixtures also taking place this friday and former russia manager goes hiddink is hoping to lead the first leg advantage as they host croatia. very keen to to play the stool much yes. of course against the will respect its opponent an opponent who has also history with. independents. but i think it's a well respected opponent because they are. presenting themselves well in on international level. elsewhere boston herzegovina out finished one point behind france same group take on portugal who edged out norway on their head to head record the world's newest national side wants in the grove who were second to england in group g.
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go to the czech republic with an edge behind spain while as someone who overcame the likes of serbia and slovenia to finish runners up in group c. take on all ireland who are second to russia alexander cares a call who scored against ireland in russia's three to victory in dublin thinks that arlen's deserves to be in the final stages of the year olds once it's well. one year to us it isn't so good i think island will be dystonia the boys in green are always told site to play against the first time they faced them was in a qualifier for two thousand and four i think arlen deserved to give the euros especially after the result against france in the previous two. while here in russia sports minister gets a call says the cities that will host that's when the world cup matches will be decided next year for a football extravaganza that is estimated to cost between six hundred to eight hundred million u.s. dollars. we've established if one criteria for choosing seat is that will host the
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world cups next to the committee will name the eleven c.d.'s as well stadiums together with the fun we've decided to make it two point budget defers to me until twenty fourteen and the second for the full in four years so the total sum will be around six to eight hundred million dollars and this budget is organizing and holding the world cup in which to study the size of. the world record was set by a russian wait lists are at the world championship taking place at the french disneyland in paris russia's european champion that. improved on her own results off one hundred six it's a kilogram in april setting the new world mark at one hundred and sixty three kilograms and us world champion award for gold medal in the clean and jerk in the sun i think it was edging the title defender so that ball did bed. by six pm the second record was the first in paris with that i thought that was the first
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step in the sixty three page edition. and find it's a golf where lead the straight and open by one shot the head of the second day with former world number one side or woods just three throw further back lyle was the surprise leader after finishing the first round with a seven under par sixty five this friday and set up an eagle on the par five fourteenth after a well placed second shot and takes a one shot lead into the second round after a slow start woods got going on the back nine placing his second shot within birdie range on the par four tenth and the fourteen time major winner ends of the day with a share of the africa already his first bogey free round in nine months aching for birdies for an opening round of sixty eight but it was john daly who made the headlines for the wrong reasons the forty five year old. merican made and then barry's an exit walking off the course midway through the first round it's
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a good sign major winner quits after hitting six balls into the water from the eleventh seat and on his way out state his gold friends and i cloud doc is took a swipe at a photographer. i'll be back with all rob's aides and a couple of hours from now but don't forget that you can rate on comments on some of the stories seen here on our you tube channel at our sport news thanks for watching. the show is that so much news about the feeling that i think you think you can give it really can be read when the film is china and then again there is the world undergoes massive economic and geopolitical shifts and as world changes to china take on a greater. moment
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of truth for italy the sand of russia's to vote on and a stereo plan to clear the way for a new government but many say the debt reduction measures are too late to fix one of the largest economies. bombing for billions the lucrative contracts nato countries expect to reconstruct and levy a spark new questions over the real motives for military strives. and the eye of ukraine's political storm the nation's mood turns ugly as local breaks of unrest in the country read their return to the bad old days of national turmoil. now in the russian capital you're watching r t with me arena joshie welcome italy's rushing through a painful.


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