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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EST

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cueing loudly inside italy's government sparing it senate to push through the country's harshest or sturdy package in the nation's president has promised once the law is passed prime minister silvio berlusconi will resign with his possible successor being a former e.u. commissioner of course firth is in rome with more from there. a lot of the people a lot of the m.p.'s we've been speaking to the last couple of days they want to send a very clear message to the markets to the international community that they can take decisive action now at a very critical moment in its latest three now we saw that they posses reasonably easily today one hundred fifty six days to twelve and it's expected tomorrow that similar things going to happen in their final approval will be given in the lower house and that of course with them pave the way for the prime minister berlusconi to step aside to see vowed to do one safe reforms had been passed and at that point his thought that the a tally in president will try to appoint a new hairs and some sort of technocratic government will be formed it's all going
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to happen very quickly from what we've been hearing is that the emphasis really head now is on decisive action and the front runner that's emerged recently is a man named mary muncie he's a former. and he says they've noticed among politicians here that amongst you is a need is well he's got very close links with brussels he's thought to be the man he can lead the way three this crisis situation is lead now finds itself in by no means is the new government going to be a quick fix to all the problems that it is essential at this moment there's some form of action is taken to stand a strong message next week to try and stem a lot of that uncertainty and mistrust and the political guidance here in the country that we've seen from the markets and from the international community and as he said mary months is a favorite we saw the italian president making quite a clever chesney when he appointed him istana to the life another has made him a much more appealing candidate the m.p.'s much more politically viable to take the
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top spot and we've also seen the top spot in greece taken by former e.c.b. official you've now got married monti possibly gehring out to take the top spot he served for me commissioner there is definitely concern amongst the public in these countries that what you're saying. as an extension of processing the sofa surely that is what's happening again the m.p.'s that we're speaking to was saying that this technocratic government now is really good it is pushing three these harsh measures just getting them off the ground because they've been long promised and have failed to materialize and that's really what's needed to stay now from the years and leaders and of course it's labor the entire usa it's future right now looking extremely uncertain but the public very concerned about the losses the credit say about whether the new governments are going to be acting in their country's interest here in italy we still got those very harsh reforms that not only have to be passed but they don't have to be influenced so is one thing to put in place these euro kratz who are going to appease brussels at the quite another to
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gain up public support and we've seen in the past and countries like greece a lot of public support them really have a very significant impact in d.c. by no means it's league game to be out of the words if and when that new government is formed it's expected to happen as early as saturday they're not out of the woods yet there's still a long way to go the funds are the very critical point and the teacher and there's a lot that needs to be done we've been taking a closer look at these economy. the italian brand has always seemed to be going strong. the land divest business presses. it in fashion is a country that economy wise is used to getting is best food. recently at least in this economy stagnating has now become the latest country to be dragged into the center of the eurozone crisis. italy has
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a strong economy and could have. been far better than it is now italy could now face a similar fate these countries having to see convergence see parallels despite being one of the year isn't largest economies we're not greece we're not greece because we have a lot of savings we are not greece because we have been very prudent in this recession we haven't done big deficits in this recession might not be greece but with a mammoth that soaring boring costs just how did italy and in this situation right now nobody is spending nobody spending in all or all of europe consumers are not spending they are saving they're scared to death of what's going to happen meeting here is in demands to be tough reforms has been a large part of was made with beating growth in the country so difficult hopes are now pinned on a new government being able to bring about positive change we have had too many
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years of leadership that was not credible outside and very divisive inside i don't think it's only an italian problem i mean there's quite some support for saying that mr berlusconi was not able to deliver what he promised i think there might be a transfer some of your of with. him but that's not going to be enough. we need support from europe otherwise everybody on its own and that's the scariest part with the situation in italy right now the u.s. is saying faces its biggest challenge yet it's unclear whether they its ideals of a peaceful and culturally united europe can survive the failure to adapt and to find decisive leadership at this point and they say deals could be in ruins. within the last hour the new greek prime minister lucas papademos has been sworn in as the head of a unity government the makeup of his new cabinet was also announced on state
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television. after the ceremony the former banker and european central bank vice president's immediate task will be to implement yet more austerity measures in return for continued e.u. payments it was the president was valid to do all he can to bring greece's finances under control and promise to keep the country in the euro zone and laughlin the director of studies at the paris institute of democracy incorporation believes brussels as a skate much of the blame for the blocks debt crisis. these people who have taken power in greece and surely to take our initially have never been elected these are men who made their entire careers through garnering important appointment in cases like the european commission or the european central bank they have no democratic mandate at all and precisely what is so frightening about what is really not that is the european union and the euro enters its death agonies because that's what i think it is is the way in which the european union really is showing and i'm say this without any exaggeration it's true nature as
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a dictatorship after all it is europe which has effectively commanded these two prime ministers to leave office and had to leave office the moment he suggested a referendum on the debt package and berlusconi had to leave office the moment he said that italians would become poorer under the euro so we're seeing really a very ugly development now and you are of course the governments are responsible for the crisis but there is a code responsible element and that is the euro itself they only need bailouts from the european union because they don't have the option of devaluation they don't have the option of managing their own economic and monetary affairs i am absolutely convinced that the euro project is at an end i can't say when it's going to break down but it is at an end yes there's been financial irresponsibility in greece and italy but the situation has been made worse well catastrophic by their membership of the euro. and with europe's debt burden growing ever harder for the block to
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shoulder all eyes are turning to the east in the hope china will commit its vast cash reserves to save the e.u. but so far it's reluctance has been all too well vs the reasons why one of the things being discussed in today's cross talk that's coming your way at seven thirty g.m.t. . the chinese have been very houser ten because they see that the europeans just can't get their house in order we've created such a mess of their economies are nowhere near is cutting them strategic is china. we've got to be clear that funding our moral hazard in keeping us behaving badly either in europe or the united states is not in china's long term best interest it's always want to see the west continue to harm itself we re any and opposing issue given all the problems we have to talk top down to china and say why do we decide discord and what we think is good and what you would do is. that's coming your way at nineteen thirty g.m.t.
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that's cross talk for you know nato may have finished its bombing mission in libya but now there's a full scale western invasion energy corporations are queuing up to do business with the new government which is rewarding the military victory with lucrative oil and gas contracts smith looks at how the harvest of war is being raped. first british bombs tourists apart now british companies will get paid to put it back together libya is open for business and you k. firms are being encouraged to join the gold rush is a relatively wealthy country with oil reserves and i expect that there will be opportunities for british. companies to get involved in the reconstruction of libya philip hammond is urging c.e.o.'s and sales directors to pack their suitcases and head to the north african country the u.k.'s bill for its part in the nato
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intervention in libya is estimated at just under five hundred million dollars but according to the u.k. department of trade and investment the value of contracts to rebuild libya in areas ranging from electricity and water supplies to health care and education could amounts to upwards of three hundred billion dollars over the next ten years and the british government will make sure it takes a leading role in that just as it did in the war and that's raising more questions about the u.k.'s motives in playing such a big role in the recent conflict john hillery of war on want says it has shades of post-war iraq when companies from countries involved in the allied invasion were awarded all the best gigs. we destroy. journalist john pilger says there was evidence of battering before nato even got involved actually a transitional council told the french way. they
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would give the church over thirty five. for one thing really. the u.k. department for trade and investment already has star on the ground in libya ready to welcome british companies. awarded contracts wanting to get in on the action or oil firm shell and b.p. shares rose on the news they were talking to the transitional government and generic firms and mark macdonald also reportedly keen but if the latter refused to put up a spokesman when asked preferring instead to send basic statements which critics say is a new tactic to avoid defending their ethics it's better for the. public discussion of why that. so far the conflict in libya looks like
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an excellent investment hoth a billion dollars to oust a dictator with a return of three hundred billion in business contracts when it's all over now the humanitarian goals no longer need to be touted wall suddenly makes great business sense nora smith r.t. london. plenty more still to come here on this hour including to the team syrian authorities ringing the alarm bells over an increased amount of weapons being smuggled into the country to boost the extremist factions fighting the regime. still to come but first a senior politician has gone on trial for atrocities carried out against prisoners during the kosovo war at the end of the ninety's it comes at a time of heightened tension in the region and then the standoff has developed between nato peacekeepers and the local minority ok for troops used tear gas and opened fire on protesters and as they try to dismantle one of the roadblocks not
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joined live from belgrade by christian currencies a former nato is a turn journalist and author who's written a book apologizing to the serbian people and i understand he's just returned from the barricades there thanks very much indeed for being with us here on our team now before we talk about your experience the impact it's had on you during that time during the course of a conflict all those years ago first tell us what is the situation in north kosovo right now well bill the situation is relatively calm it was expected that k. four was the demolishing the barricades. but of course there is no way the government in pristina is going to have any kind of governance of these four municipalities not a cart of all serbs who will continue to get into north through dirt roads and it does not matter how many roadblocks or how much paper is doing there because there is always called it the new roads that will be opened to serbia let's now talk
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about the situation when you took part in the yugoslav it war as i said those many years ago back in one thousand nine hundred nine as a nato officer i understand that now you're apologizing to the serbian people for what happened what are you sorrier about and who was to blame. well. i have not yet written a book i am in the process of writing a book. march twenty four this year i went public on serbian national t.v. and apologized to the serbian people. as a former nato after for not being able to protect serbs and albanians in their territory of course of. the for many years i had felt the collective responsibility that we were not able to. protect the minorities but it became very close up and personal when i met. that norway my country had sent back.
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so i think we lost the line here why do you think no to everything you're saying just tell us why do you think briefly you failed in that mission to protect. during that time. can you hear me there cars can you hear me well i'm sorry it looks as if we have actually lost the line there policies for that to belgrade let me just try once more can you hear me there laws or lot no i believe that we have lost that line hopefully we'll be able to get back to him a little later apologies for that. in the meantime russia is calling on the syrian opposition to stop aligning itself with extremist gangs which are smuggling weapons into the country and only triggering more violence this comes amid an increase in illegal shipments of arms i mean and military supplies from neighboring lebanon over the last few months a professor of international relations mark omened has been telling r.t.
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that he thinks syria is falling victim to lebanese political games. the people doing the smuggling may be doing it for money but of course somebody is paid and i think there is ground thinking that in lebanon for instance the explosive situation there is being made worse by the fact that one faction of politics the sunni muslim factions voted with former prime minister hariri and also backed by the saudis for instance. see the fall of the syrian regime because its its rival and it supports its rivals has alarmed the christians in lebanon who don't wish to see a revolution in syria bring to power a sunny fundamentalist regime which will likely be hostile to the religious minorities and so we are seeing there are cynical people who do anything for money we're also seeing people who say the way to paris with. the u.n. security council is reviewing palestine's it for u.n. membership in new york the motion was filed in september too much euphoria in the west bank and the deciding vote may come as soon as next week. weighs up
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palestine's chances. palestinians have resigned themselves to the fact that it's unlikely they going to get the two thirds majority they need in the united nations security council for the statehood bid what this means is that they will not become full members of the united nations and the united states will not be forced to exercise its veto rights there are eight countries amongst the security council who have indicated that they will vote in favor of the palestinian bid these include russia china india south africa brazil levanon nigeria and gabon both the british and the french have announced that they will abstain from the vote there they will abstain alongside portugal and bosnia while germany and colombia might either abstain or vote against it alongside the united states now this really leaves the palestinians with two options the one is that they can still next week demand that the security council vote on the statehood bid this will force those
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countries who are not supporting it to publicly justify their position and the palestinians might go ahead with this although they know that they're not going to get that admission into the security council the other option and this seems likely is that they still take the bird to the general assembly what this will give them is upgraded observer status or though they will not become full members of the international body seems a lot of pressure going on behind the scenes the palestinians have accused the united states of meddling and putting pressure on other countries not to support the statehood but you just need to look at the united kingdom as one example and here the foreign secretary william hague has said that it is to quote him tactical judgment why the u.k. is abstaining from this bid now the palestinians were relying on the british to support the bird and the foreign secretary has now been accused of being hypocritical and abdicating responsibility when you mention the e.u.
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nasco admission to the palestinians in need. the following that the united states canada and israel withdrew all stopped giving funding to the bodies so much so that you miska has had to suspend temporarily its activities now that kind of pressure comes while israel continues to build settlements in occupied east jerusalem and the occupied territories so certainly while the palestinians a short time ago had a lot of euphoria that the international community would back the bid for statehood this kind of pressure going on behind the scenes seems to be paying off the russia close up team continues its journey now across the biggest country on earth and we're about to join them right now. today is another chance to discover more of the black sea coast of the southern cross and our region where people's love of nature is reflected in all walks of
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life from saving animals who become street photographers slaves to turning rubbish into tom barton has been delving deeper. all your life i have no need to find construction materials. now a bit of paint and they'll turn this battle into something beautiful. some critics might call nina's art complete rubbish and they'd be totally right everything you see in her gallery is made from litter much emotions aside and we are covering our living space with litter i need to have contributed to is good for me to use this waste creatively. her friend alexei provides some creative accompaniment also using rubbish as instruments was up to i started with just one
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barrel when i was invited to a festival before i even had time to work on my instruments so i just experimented i just walk around listening to things and what sound they can make nina collects her rubbish from the coastline the winter and spring storms bring her home greatest harvest. i come to the seashore every day no matter whether weather or the time of year it's all the same to me recreation inspiration conservation but it's not just pieces of rubbish but got a second life one month old lee and the hair has just been rescued from captivity but she'll have to spend the rest of her life here recovering of a special center where as nina rescues pieces of rubbish the staff at this park rescue far more vulnerable things most of these animals were formally kept by street photographers who let people pose with them for money. they're kept on drugs so they remain tranquil have their teeth pulled out so they can't hurt people and
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starved so they remain small this is it that go with me if we take circus bears who have finished their usual life it's not a secret that they could well be made into sausages many of the animals we receive we just can't save they've been treated as just a commodity. big cats like rameses lord arthur and homer here make up most of the parts residence there isn't the money to give them as much space as they would have in the wild but at least here they have some exercise a good diet and the veterinary care they so often need there is a lot in the park workers try to do something to save the situation so do i try to save the earth from the savagery of people so we're colleagues really. from plastic bottles to lion cubs saving the planet can come in many shapes and sizes here on the black sea coast they might be rubbish to some but not to everyone.
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tom barton marty. lovely that with the summer on the news stories about six minutes from now in the meantime business is next with union. thanks bill and a very warm welcome to the business update russia's entry to the world trade organization would obligate the united states to establish normal trade relations with more scope for all kabamba has called for a cold war era provision which restricts american businessmen from working with certain countries to be abolished the jets of any commandment is suspended every year with russia but it's still formally remains on the statutes. basically u.s. companies don't benefit from the expression of russia from the lower tariffs and the improved administrative procedures until the u.s. congress repeals ducks advantage so it creates a lot interest for appealing jackson verdict in the us but it's
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a matter for congress not the administration so obama can't promise it but i think that do are very likely to see a repeal of jackson verdict following russia's deputy accession. president richard medvedev says russia's economy is in a stable position compared to other g. twenty nations he made the statement while visiting the thought eastern city of. economic situation in our country looks better than in many european countries disappoint recent difficulties we have managed to achieve fairly rapid g.d.p. growth this year it will reach four to fall a half percent while in europe and the us g.d.p. growth will range from zero to one percent this year we will also have the lowest inflation in the last twenty years of around seven percent but i cannot say we are protected from danger we need to cut our dependence on fluctuations in commodity prices and develop the industrial sector. and a look at the markets now u.s.
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stocks are rallying and trade is american consumer confidence topped estimates and italy's approval or debt reduction plans eased concern about europe's debt crisis. and stocks are rising across europe after the italian senate approved an austerity package raising optimism that the euro area second most indebted country will contain the tax hikes. but here in moscow the markets were mixed at the close the r.t.s. was flat to positive under my six point three percent here's a look at some of the individual share moves on the my six energy majors and banking stocks while we're well john look was dropped on speculation it failed to find all of the gas of garner the to be it was also a world where about one percent had gone and that told us bucking the trend again for men took on higher gold price. the russian market has mainly followed. its cue from our europe and you know how. weak i guess you know the focus
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is turned for greece to italy. and i guess on friday the market. has been a better weaker than europe i guess europe and u.s. futures have had an uptick. you know it always seems to have. us focused on a new prime minister candidate russia has or traded a bit do a week or you know on the whole you know it's been in a bit of a disappointing week for russia. a russian court has handed oil major be a win in its legal battle with minority shareholders in its russian oil venture it . the court rejected two claims for around sixteen billion dollars minority shareholders say they suffered financial losses by being excluded from the strategic alliance between left and b.p. to explore the arctic for oil that deal was blocked by russian partners and the on the grounds it breached their shareholder greenmount the minority shareholders say
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they will appeal before object. and call make a rainbow is setting up its own bank in russia of the french company's lender rayno credit international is opening a subsidiary in moscow with funding of four hundred million euros the bank will provide call lowes and underwrite dealerships credit international operates in twenty seven countries and brings seven hundred million euro a year to this owner. but perhaps not the business program for more stories you can log onto our website archie dot com slash business or join me in less than ten minutes.
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the mood.
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of just a very welcome this is all tonight here in moscow top stories now this hour the italian senate approves its cautious new austerity nor yet a growing consensus that the euro zone's third largest economy is forming to the ravages of the euro crisis. is expected to push for a vote on. even if it loses it wants the brits opponents to justify their decision which it believes will be dictated by the us. and western corporations the center point for the rich libya seeking to exploit the riches left following nato's bombing mission. that brings up today for the moment well for me in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime moscow what is next and for those of you eager to come to the russian capital for business we have the ultimate guide stay with us.


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