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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EST

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all. beers are the biggest specific agreement connelly's meeting in hawaii pledged to prevent a european debt crisis from spreading to the region and triggering another global recession. and while some euro zone hopes for a rescue play with china recent polls suggest u.s. attitudes to the asian giant are growing increasingly hostile also. we're seeing really a very ugly develop. with people a big issue because they serve the interests of the demands of the european union.
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concern at the growing influence of brussels over either member states as greece and now italy look to choose prime ministers based on the support of europe not the people. and debate over palestinian statehood bid and that was deadlock out the un security council with the quest for sovereignty fuelling tension and clashes over israeli settlements on the west bank. what are you coming to live from moscow i'm reading joshua leaders from the asia pacific region are gathering for a summit in. dark clouds of european financial turmoil thousands of miles away are likely to dominate proceedings weekend gathering is focused on establishing a pacific wide free trade zone but the euro crisis and its implications are set to muddy the blue pacific waters are jesus is here to work in
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a reports from honolulu. basically even though the primary primary goals of the apec summit are improving the trade relationship and economic relationship all the countries that make up the asia pacific because of the extent of the european financial crisis this is certainly a headache that's looming over leaders having gathered here and many are seeing this as sort of a continuation of the g twenty summit without the participation of the european states we are expecting the leaders gathered for the apec summit to send another push to send an extra message to the european countries to try to find to step up their attempts to improve the financial situation so this is an extra message important message that we're expecting to hear a lot of about here on the ground in the next year based on even though the the top of the topic and the substance of the apec summit is usually traditionally economic issues certainly political issues are surfacing we've been hearing because of the situation in syria where anti-government clashes have been really attracting so
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many headlines and we have heard from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the united states believes that the syrian president should step down regarding syria we discuss the ongoing an escalating violence perpetrated by the assad government against its own people our position is clear we are supporting peaceful transition assad has lost his legitimacy to rule and he should step down russia on the other hand believes that it's important to take for negotiations to take place and it says that it intends to help and kick starting those talks inside syria the russian foreign minister has spoken and said that he believes that it's the only responsible thing to do some opposition groups and see clearly these means in turkey and the u.s. any calls for dialogue which just position can be needed. we will continue to encourage field position to structures leads to and should concern all these
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countries and the syrian people with well it seems to go to sleep with russia believes its import. to avoid the libyan scenario when it comes to syria but this is certainly not the only political issue that is being touched upon here on the ground we are expecting a meeting between the russian and u.s. presidents to take place where they're very likely to discuss the u.s. plans for a european missile defense shield as well as russia's accession to the world trade organization as well as really a range of other political issues so definitely a lot of the agenda here in honolulu. as you are reporting there from honolulu well to discuss this further i'm joined now by professor john do assistant from the chinese university of hong kong's rejoinder thank you very much for being with us here on the program well as you have just heard about the agenda of the some of the euro crisis of course is expected to come up there in hawaii and mainly because everyone expects china to get involved but talk us through the reasons why china would hand over cash to you or. i think i mean.
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he's considering contributing to the rescue package if you are the two who promoted you to soft power and the. relations with the e.u. but i guess i'd predict that the chinese reader is where the money now so much. as a. gesture of good i mean just trying to ship it to the e.u. to. europe in part. because of china. european countries. well what's interesting though i mean now the attention is kind of going eastwards for help i mean china is a member of the brics blog and also in the blog that's called the emerging markets so to speak is it still justified to call this block emerging i mean china emerging
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country or do you think it's time to change the terminology. and know it's. going to change in china is. a market economy and not how you can protect the charms. you can face is an all powerful pressure for oil economy for you social care for social same thing that provision for as a people it's an adequate care system you see your. yes it's a it's an education. and everything i mean here you terms of social system it's anything up. so the chinese people i mean you come so i kept the tax revenue it's cold around you china is the only. proportion off. the u.s. so it's a it's still true i don't think that china has a great day south yet. well and also. just very
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briefly i mean was the eurozone in a financial turmoil how do you expect the financial landscape in the world to change in the next a couple of years. of course i mean. it will contribute to the printer in power at the strand. and even in the us and to some extent and of course. here china and then you stage are retiring we're all rising. also the brics countries are also rising. and you want to see the economics sphere so that's my prediction. ok press john do from the chinese university of hong kong thanks very much indeed for sharing your views with us here in the program. well and as we have just heard it's beijing that may offer her the best chance of health for debt stricken
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countries but the rise of the asian giant with its financial might is not mad with open arms by the us is a zero explains. ways i'm. always here. maybe we. will see some better work. g.'s rated. in the process. jen sacramento to get warm and go. to the future you have to yikes ok let's just get right down to it shall we should we be afraid of china. well what other place in washington d.c. is chinatown to find out i don't think we have to be of fraid of china but i do think that we should be concerned well concerned might be the right word for it and angelina isn't the only one a march twentieth eleven b.b.c.
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poll shows that many in the west aren't exactly thrilled about china gaining more economic steam in the span of just five years negative attitudes towards china have skyrocketed with france germany italy the u.k. and the u.s. on unhappy at the thought of china nipping at their heels and for the us nowhere is that clear that in the race to the white house china is on almost every dimension cheating this is no longer a time for us to sit back and say we're going to let them steal our jobs what we need to do is start in rich saying china with our money i want to be china i want to go to war with china and make america the most attractive place in the world to do business woah woah whoa does it have to be us or them and is anyone buying it's the world changing those who like the fact that they like china's economy is modernizing. isn't the reason why are commies doing poorly right now.
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and so it's maybe just a straw man when. presidential candidates bring it up but i think even in a business sense that it can all make sense was countries to just work with china as any other country so yeah i don't know where it comes from from the u.s. about china well there you have it it seems to china is the new kid on the economic block and it's up to the you was asked to see how they deal with reporting from washington and my parents said oh i see. russia is taking part in the apec summit more on that coming up in our business bulletin. russia says it hopes to improve ties with asian countries to preserve global economic stability business bulletin presidential. issues for russia. italy could welcome a new prime minister and government as early as saturday after a final vote on a sterile finalizes the exit of cilia berlusconi the most likely successor is
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a former eurocrat leading to some public concern that the influence of brussels will be ad the very center of national politics at the center for of has more from rome. the m.p.'s we've been speaking to here has that italy is absolutely desperate to send a very strong signal that they're able to get the situation under control now if the measures get that a preview today though that of course pave the way for the resignation of prime minister berlusconi as he promised. the man he's being paid at the moment to take the top spot is very monti now he's not only a respected economist here in the country but he's also the former commissioner and as we've seen in greece with the appointments the top spot for the e.c.b. official you know mario monti's you're across the system inside and out at that appointment with certainly these processes but there is concern about whether that will gain public that will because there is a question mark really whether an unelected government is going to have credibility
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or what you're seeing now is an extension of brussels in the selfish you really that is what's happening again the m.p.'s that we're speaking to was saying that this technocratic government now is really good it is pushing through these harsh measures just getting them off the ground because they've been long promised and have failed to materialize we've seen rioting in the past in the country over these measures now that public support as you said is absolutely vital because implementing these asperity measures having a new head coming up with a caretaker government is not going to be enough certainly if everything goes ahead this weekend without any glitches and italy will have one of basle but they still have a war on their hands and it's a war that the entire eurozone now has to face and that's just how you put in long term sustainable solutions to kick start stagnating economies like it's least. tara first reporting there are now the changes in italy and greece were instigated in brussels and to show that you stand and see the words dictatorship massive you are
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john martin director are studies out of paris institute of democracy and cooperation. these people who have taken power in greece and surely to take our in italy have never been elected these are men who have made their entire careers through garnering important apartments in places like the european commission or the european central bank and they have no democratic mandate at all and precisely what is so frightening about what is happening in one of the european union and the euro enters its death agonies because that's what i think it is is the way in which the european union really is showing and i say this without any eight hundred eight true nature as a dictatorship after all it is europe which has effectively commanded these two prime ministers to leave office happen to you have to leave office the moment he suggested a referendum on the day package and pose goni had to leave office the moment he said that italians had become poor under the euro so we're seeing really
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a very ugly development in europe where people are being put in car because they serve the interests of the demands of the european union not because they have done it any and electoral support in their home countries and they only need bailouts from the european union because they don't have the option of devaluation they don't have the option of managing their own economic and monetary affairs it's precisely europe that has got them into this situation. well you're watching are you live from moscow still have for you this hour our team's flows of team travels through russia's black sea coast to see how the popular resort is attracting growing numbers of tearing water sports fans. people are getting a little crazy with being yeah having to worry about every day or they say. they are tea travels to the core of the big apple to find out whether people are tired of political correctness or modern necessity.
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israeli forces have clashed with palestinian activists protesting against the confiscation of land across the west bank protesters hurled rocks at israeli troops who responded with tear gas and water cannon over a dozen demonstrators are reported to have been injured the situation in the area has been even more tans than usual following the palestinian bid for statehood and full membership at the un but the latest round of debate at the security council and in dad walk after members failed to reach agreement u.s. has been strongly opposed to the recognition of palestine and has been a wielding its veto power leaving palestinians to question washington's commitment to a two state solution and the middle east. the approach to the united nations is less the membership of palestine in the united nations and more of challenging the worst in the ability to walk the walk of a can speak paradigm what we're seeing is forty four years of the west specifically
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. making a case for two states but in the first real test of bringing about the move forward i believe that the u.s. foreign policy as it relates to this issue has been hijacked by you proves really love inside u.s. politics and i don't believe the united states is acting in its into. by ignoring this good which is exactly in line with what it has been calling for no need for forty four years but for twenty intense years of nearby natural negotiations the palestinians have been given twenty years to negotiations with israel is have come to the conclusion that they are not interested in allowing a state to emerge in palestine so we have tried negotiations israel has completely ignored its commitments to our bass basically is
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a first for his political survival he cannot continue to sell to his people. and collapse in the process and i think that's one mission and remember you can always find more stories in our website r.t. dot com including five and the wall street brawl new york police detain two clowns while nearby their accomplices dressed as a matter dora tampa to track the beast a chance to sell daughter what's there to dot com to see how the spider and. also dream destination and british tour operator offers a one hundred and twenty percent safe trip to the war ravaged iraq promising the journey will for a smile on your face check out the price on our website. well it's a common complaint across the world political correctness has gone too far so our t. sans laurie harkness to sample new york to ask people whether there's just too much
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you can talk about in public. a recent poll indicated that people are starting to feel like political correctness is having a negative affect them for society how do you feel about it this week let's talk about that being carried aboard. people were getting a little crazy with being having to worry about every word they say whether it's actually politically correct or if you live in this country you should be politically correct because this is your country what does that mean that is so you can have to censor what you say you should think about what you say you should you should take time to use the correct words before you say something that you don't mean us and i mean we've called thing in england where comedians have been holed up in political correctness where i think you just got to realize specially the comedy just loosen up you know everyone's going to be offended by something and i just think there's always going to be someone who look for something to complain about
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my generation we don't really we just laugh it's funny but it just depends if like generations accosting if you're talking smelly people then yeah you show some respect even if you know you don't completely think it's necessary it's different when you're younger but when you start getting a bit o. do you realize this but sometimes what comes out of your math is not. it's refreshing to see somebody like chris christie from new jersey cause here that speaks his mind regardless of what the consequences are versus always being worried that people are going to think what the poll numbers show so you'd rather be offended in at least have the truth yes very much so but they're not you feel like political correctness is having a negative effect on society the bottom line is it's probably just going to keep becoming more and more prevalent. now seek a look at some other stories from around the world service commandos have stormed a hijacked ferry and shot a lone how into our authorities say none of the eighteen passengers or crew members
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were hurt the vessel was seized a few hours ago by a suspected kurdish militants of the turkish city of his downfall. hijacker was reportedly armed with explosives but had only demanded food and fuel. two lebanese were wounded when a landmine exploded on the lebanon syria border opposition activists claim government troops laid mines in the area to prevent army defectors and opponents of president bashar asad fleeing however authorities say they're trying to stop illegal arms and weapons smuggling which has soared in recent months. nearly forty people have been injured after anti mining protests turned violent in peru the clash happened as the nation's mining and agriculture minister refused to sign a pledge to ban mining in the region eighteen thousand protesters came out to complain that reverse are being polluted something the government strongly denies. you're watching and if you live from moscow and it's time now for our russia close
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up series today we're hitting the beach. well we are in the black sea which has long been a popular holiday resort for russians however the region is now becoming a hub for daring action water sports hazards dumbarton discovered. slowly the old soviet resorts on russia's black sea coast are becoming centers for very modern water sports the route the week hundreds of children and adults have been competing here in the black sea cup windsurfing trophy and it's hoped that with the right support this region could become a real center for water sports. it's the black sea cup in southern russia the waters full of jellyfish received full of waves and the wind whips the air with
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salty spray and that's just what everyone here has come for back children and adults have traveled from all over russia to show their skills and share in the growing water sports experience here and on as one of the best like that but when you write in your book at top speed your feelings saw you have control of two forces of nature in your hands we need water and he's currently number two in russia and his skin the waves in european competitions because sport isn't cheap and he's short of financial backing to match that of his european and american competitors but he's hopeful for the black sea coast as a potential world class water sports center. this is a wonderful place with great when the infrastructure is ok but with some investments it could be good we had a three star competition here not long ago and we have hopes of hosting a world championship he'll be trying to win that championship i was just getting
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the hang of standing up i'm surrounded by hundreds of when the purpose of all a day's bathing in the black sea if the evidence of the growing states is the water sports here. i would be joining them any time soon. and neither would i be taking part in an even more tricky kitesurfing here too they have been battling it out to prove their speed and agility surrogate has been crowned number one in russian. well as. a lot of adrenaline that's what it's all about tricks and a lot of adrenaline now it's easier to master trick you have a full one hundred times the black sea provides good conditions for this war two. it's a difficult sport to master with many of these young riders taking years to reach the standard yet we have a number of good spots for arriving this wonderful day and on the other side of the black sea here in russia the season is short so we don't have much practice time on the water but the advantage of russia is we can snow kite. again it's money is the
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problem for most kitesurfing now however it's on the way to joining the list of the lympics sports and that raises the profile of what is still a fledgling pursuit in russia. the sport needs young people in ten years i want to see hundreds of kids kiting here then we'll be in good hands we'll have a future. a future that will be played out here in a surgeon blue of the black sea tom watson r.t. well right now it's going for the business news with carrie and i can stay with us . welcome to the business of the thanks for joining me they had still some of the world's largest financial institutions are not go discussing the main challenges facing the global financial system the gathering is pegged to bear banks hundred and seventy fifth anniversary our correspondent joins us live from best in
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a conference hello again marina so what's the main purpose of this gathering and any interesting comments made stuff. all good of the experts here say it could help out across the financial turmoil in europe and how that might affect russia or the head of sperm banks that i was down to over the adequacy of the policy of european regulators saying that they're making them harder for financial sectors like making european banks increased or debts one of debts but still increasing capital requirements in the congress we've spoken to says that the situation in the euro zone is what impression of russian can have a serious impact. here but this is a great sure that we call these all of them even more eurozone come through for themselves the faults over there soon or even restructuring or the faults on the package that it's in the spirit for the companies or if you are one or more hours
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of the especially the large ones exit the euro zone that trial could be much larger than there is all the other softly brothers in this part of the cause of a major mall the prices would fall sharply out there make sure that the russian ships are still in the european system sorceries a rugby league in the eurozone with the fact scenario is that your all the way to russia. on a lighter note business isn't here are also this doesn't amount to use the latest technology to manage complex processes and the large enterprises and for the first time in russia as burbank is using crowdsourcing. generate ideas they're looking for new and innovative ideas from web users and they're asking them questions like what will the bank i am also look like inside the years and one million dollars has already been allocated supported so we'll come out of that and some of them include a social network to help older citizens with financial matters and other one is
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offering a secure service was storing only live bait out knows more about it is now being rated that's one see its strongest bank in the world the only also banks and make it into the rating so it's very important for the country to make sure it continues growing and developing. ok thank you mary because for this update it's going to cost a lot from the international conference and moscow. to improve ties with its asian part as it attends the nineteenth annual asian pacific economic cooperation summit presidential aides are calling for coverage all kinds the key issues for russia. i would like to see the interest in our interview integration projects in the. risk countries speaking more actually in this customs union. and you just can sure
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there's. a good compliment to the efforts of the old undertaken for your for global economic stability and global economy. also would like to put forth our upcoming project for next year is pick mission for it so that it would give us till close. in to our interests to be the primary there is even open to. transfer of conclude your. asian pacific region. liberalization or investments in the region from food security council or the musician or. just no interest including issues city late introduction proper tourist. ok that's it for now but don't forget second always by last always if you log on to all that site active dot com slash posts.
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tragically in those towns. squandered money. abandoned. what is now. more than sixty square kilometers of environmental devastation and those who are still supervising new lives and finding are just.


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