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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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largest country in. this case it. must have been itching. to speak any german. where did it take the. leaders of the biggest pacific rim economies meeting in hawaii pledge to prevent the european debt crisis from spreading to the region and triggering yet another global recession. and while some eurozone hopes for a rescue lay with china recent polls suggest to us and it used to be asian giants are growing increasingly hostile. also. we're seeing really a very ugly development. plan people are being put in town because they serve the interests of the demands of the european union concerned at the growing influence of brussels over e.u. member states greece and now italy look to choose prime ministers based on the
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support of europe and north from the people. and debate over palestinian statehood would be ends with a deadlock at the un security council the quest for sovereignty fuelling tension on clashes over israeli settlements on the west bank. it's good of you to join us on a saturday you're watching artsy with me here we're used to shy leaders from the asia pacific region are gathering for a summit in sunny hawaii but the dark clouds of european financial turmoil thousands of miles away are likely to dominate the proceedings the weekend gathering is focused on establishing a pacific wide free trade zone but the euro crisis and its implications are set to muddy the local waters and i see it i reports from hunted.
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basically even though the primary primary goals of the apec summit are improving the trade relationship i think anomic relationship all the countries that make up the asia pacific because of the extent of the european financial crisis this is certainly a headache that's looming over leaders having gathered here and many are seeing this as sort of a continuation of the g twenty summit without the participation of the european states we are expecting the leaders gathered for the apec summit to send another push to send an extra message to the european countries to try to find to step up their attempts to improve the financial situation so this is an extra message important message that we're expecting to hear a lot of about here on the ground in the next few days to come even though the the top of the talk and the substance of the effect summit is usually traditionally konami issues certainly political issues are surfacing we've been hearing because of the situation in syria where anti-government clashes have been just really
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attracting so many headlines that we have heard from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the united states believes that the syrian president should step down regarding syria we discuss the ongoing and escalating violence perpetrated by the assad government against its own people our position is clear we are supporting peaceful transition assad has lost his legitimacy to rule and he should step down russia on the other hand believes that it's important to take for negotiations to take place and it says that it intends to help and kick starting those talks inside syria the russian foreign minister has spoken and said that he believes that it's it's the only responsible thing to do some opposition groups to see clearly. the u.s. . calls for dialogue which just position can be needed just to continue to encourage field position to constructions leads to and to show concern about this
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country and the syrian people with. russia believes its import. to avoid the libyan scenario when it comes to syria and this is certainly not the only political issue that is being touched upon here on the ground we are expecting a meeting between the russian and u.s. presidents to take place where they are very likely to discuss the u.s. plans for a european missile defense shield as well as russia's accession to the world trade organization as well as really a range of other political issues so definitely a lot on the agenda here in honolulu those are he's on of the future reporting right there where the summit is held near one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and it's not his office on a boycott of tweets from want to look aloha spirit is ruling the gathering she says she is a particularly impressed with the undercover special agents dressed in the floral hawaiian shirts and flipflops as like a troll beach to follow us around to underscore comparable first time impressions of the ongoing something. china which is holding huge cash reserves
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may offer the best chance of help for debt stricken countries and the rise of the asian giant with its financial knights is not being met with open arms by the us it was sort of explains. we know we. maybe we can see the season. ends on t.v. so i think. it's. gen zack i'm going to get warm and go. into the future you have to yikes ok let's just get right down to it shall we should we be afraid of china. well what other place in washington d.c. is chinatown to find out i don't think we have to be afraid of china but i do think that we should be concerned well concerned might be the right word for it and
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angelina isn't the only one a march twentieth love and b.b.c. poll shows that many in the west aren't exactly thrilled about china gaining more economic steam in the span of just five years negative attitudes towards china have skyrocketed with france germany italy the u.k. and the u.s. on unhappy at the thought of china nipping at their heels and for the us nowhere is that clear and in the race to the white house china is on almost every dimension cheating this is no longer a time for us to sit back and say we're going to let them steal our jobs we need to do is stop enriching china with our money i want to be china i want to go to war with china and make america the most attractive place in the world to do business. does it have to be us or them and is anybody buying it's the world changing those who like the fact the fact that like china's economy is modernizing
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. isn't the reason why our economy is going right now. and so it's maybe just the straw man. presidential candidates bring out but to get into business sensitive economics it's most countries to just work with china as any other country so yeah i don't know whether it comes from from the us about china well there you have it it seems china is the new kid on the economic block and it's up to the u.s. and the west to see how they deal with that reporting from washington and i genocide oh i see. caroline hellman from occidental college in l.a. says the china may become the new enemy for politicians in washington. china becomes this very convenient target we need an enemy right the cold war is over terrorism doesn't provide a concrete enemy for the united states to confront someone we hear these republican competitors talking about china as an enemy i do think that it fills that notion of
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having something to oppose in order to do that resilience of nationalism and again i find i take issue with that nationalism but at the same time i think it's good for the u.s. to have competitors it's never good for a global superpower to be the only one at the top the perceived because then they act with impunity and i believe at various points in u.s. history we have seen the evidence of that i think having china in the mix will be very positive for social political relations. and without if you live from moscow we're still ahead for you this hour our very own close up to travel to russia's black sea coast to see how the popular resort is attracting growing numbers of varing watersports friends plus. people were getting a little crazy with being having to worry about every word they say as he travels to the core of the big apple to find out what the people there are tired of political correctness or if they find it
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a modern necessity. now eight minutes past the hour here in moscow. welcome the new prime minister and government as early as saturday after a final vote on austerity finally finishes i think exit of silvio berlusconi the most likely successor is a former euro crowd living to some public concern influence in brussels will be at the very center of national politics. reports from rome. the m.p.'s we've been speaking to here has that italy is now absolutely desperate to send a very strong signal that they're able to get the situation under control now the measures get the people today that would then of course pave the way for the resignation of prime minister berlusconi as he promised. the man he's been paid to the main is to take the top spot is. he now he's not only
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a respected economist here in the country but he's also the former commissioner and as we've seen increases the appointments the top spot for me e.c.b. official you know very montes your nasal system inside and that appointment would certainly these processes but there is concern about whether that will gain public school because there is a question mark over whether an unelected government is going to have credibility what you're seeing now is an extension of brussels in the sense that you really that is what's happening again the m.p.'s that we're speaking to is saying that this technocratic government now is really good it is pushing through these harsh measures just getting them off the ground because they've been long promised and have failed to materialize and we see rioting in the past in the country over these measures now that public support as he said is absolutely vital because implementing these a starting measures having a new head coming up with a caretaker government is not going to be enough certainly if everything goes ahead
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this weekend without any glitches in italy will have one of battle but they still have a war on their hands and it's a war that the entire eurozone now has to face and that's just how you bring long term sustainable solutions to kick start stagnating economies like italy. parties are so forth strangers in italy greece instigated in brussels show that you used tendency towards dictatorship but asked if you were going to. paris to do it of democracy cooperation. these people who have taken power in greece and surely to take our initially have never been elected these are men who have made their entire careers through garnering and often appointments and cases like the european commission or the european central bank they have no democratic mandate at all and precisely what is so frightening about what is happening in north as the european union and the euro enters its death agonies because that's what i think it is is
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the way in which the european union really is showing and i say this without any exaggeration it's true nature as a dictatorship cultural it is europe which has effectively command it needs to prime ministers to leave office andrew had to leave office the moment is suggested a referendum on the day package and those crony had to leave office a moment he said that italians have become poor under the euro so we're seeing really a very ugly development in europe where people are being put in power because they serve the interests of the demands of the european union not because they have done it any and electoral support in their home countries and they only need bailouts from the european union because they don't have the option of devaluation agent have the option of managing their own economic and monetary a therapist it's precisely europe that has got them into this situation and as always our mascot and stacy herbert offer their rather unique take on all the latest twists and turns of that crisis saga and the foreclosure port are coming
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your way a little bit later today. every time the eurozone creates a dollar or euro in stimulus they create a hundred euros in naked short sells well never going to win that war but the fact is that the tail is wagging the economic and financial dog around the world and we're totally powerless against an entrenched takhar see with unlimited credit and zero percent interest rates with the central banks at their bidding and politicians just basically lying down and doing nothing about it so this is the new world order . nearly quarter past the hour now here in moscow israeli forces have clashed with palestinian activists protesting against the confiscation of land across the west bank protesters held rocks at israeli troops who then responded with tear gas and water cannons over a dozen demonstrators are reported to have been injured at this point the situation
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in the area has been even more tense certainly more tense and usual following the palestinian bid for statehood and full membership of the un the latest round of debate at the security council ended and deadlock after members failed to reach an agreement the u.s. has been strongly opposed to the recognition of palestine and has been wielding its veto power its living of palestinians a question that washington's commitment to a two state solution in the middle east. the approach to the united nations is less about membership of palestine in the united nations and more of challenging the west in the ability to walk the walk of a true state paradigm what we're seeing is forty four years of the west specifically the united states making a case for two speeds but in the first real test of bringing to speak about his field to move it forward i believe that the u.s. foreign policy as it relates to this issue has been hijacked by crude israeli lobby
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inside u.s. politics and i don't believe the united states is acting in its interests by ignoring this big which is exactly in line with what it has been calling for not only for forty four years but for twenty intense years of not bilateral negotiations the palestinians having given twenty years to negotiations with the israelis have come to the conclusion that they are not interested in allowing a state to emerge in palestine so we have tried negotiations israel has completely ignored its commitments so our bass basically is a first for his political survival he cannot continue to sell to his people if and collapse peace process and i think that's why he took the nation's. i do without any idea remember you can always find more stories on our website or including this
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one fighting the wall street bull new york police detained two clowns by their accomplice dressed as a door to attract attention i do not want to see how this fight and. also. i dream destination a british tour operator offers one hundred twenty percent safe trip to war ravaged iraq promising the journey will put a big fat smile on your face check out the price on our website. it's a common complaint all across the world political correctness has gone too far so we sent us to central new york to ask people that there's just too much that you can't talk about in public. a recent poll indicated that people are starting to feel like political correctness is having
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a negative impact them for how do you feel about it this week let's talk about that it's been carried overboard. people were getting a little crazy with being having to worry about every word they say whether it's actually politically correct or not well if you live in this country you should be politically correct because this is your country what does that mean that say you have to censor what you say you should think about what you say you should you should take time to use the correct words before you say something that you don't mean. thing in england comedians are being political correctness well i think you just got to realize special of comedy. just loosen up you know everyone's going to be offended by something and i just think there's always going to be someone who look for something to complain about my generation we don't really cat we just laugh it's funny but it just depends if like generations across if you're talking to people then yeah you show some respect even if you know you don't completely think it's necessary it's different when you're younger but when you start getting
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a bit older you realize that sometimes what comes out of your man. it's refreshing to see somebody like chris christie from new jersey close here if it speaks his mind regardless of what the consequences are versus always being worried that people are going to think what the poll numbers show that you'd rather be offended in at least half the truth yes very much so whether or not you feel like political correctness is having a negative effect on society the bottom line is it's probably just going to keep becoming more and more prevalent. in the business news for you in just a few minutes here on our time from the world update in turkey the number of people killed in the earthquake that hit the eastern city of it's now thirty two the bodies of two local drug busts were among those also found under the rubble of dozens of others that pulled alive from ruin hotels that collapsed from the trauma struck on the quake is the second surfing in
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a fortnight and over six hundred people killed in the first one. to lebanese people were wounded when a landmine exploded on eleven on. position activists claim government troops laid mines in the area in order to prevent army defectors and opponents of president bashar assad from fleeing. trying to stop illegal on his own weapon smuggling which was sort of recent ones. maybe forty people have been injured after mining protests turned violent in a room by the clash as the nation's mining and agriculture minister refused to sign a pledge to ban mining in the region if he felt protesters came out to complain that the rivers are being polluted and this is something the government strongly denies. it. well that was a bit later in the program we take a deeper look inside health care in america and the potentially harmful products
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being used every day for another here's a quick preview of what's coming up today in our special report. in the u.s. that it is legal for you to use a bubble bath on your baby they contain a known carcinogen something that causes cancer most commissioned to write another book in the print they are sponsored by in the spirit and most of the time great don't like create a conflict of interest today an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month. and nobody with cancer in my family therefore i predict. because the nature of ninety five percent of cancers hurts people with a family history of cancer the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry
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lobbyists in washington d.c. and members of congress. twenty past the hour now here in moscow well time now for our russia close up series or today we're hitting the beach. we are on the black sea which has a long been a very popular holiday resort for russians however the region is now becoming a hub for daring action watersports things from god and discover it. slowly the old soviet resorts on russia's black sea coast are becoming centers for very modern water sports throughout the week hundreds of children and adults have been competing here in the black sea cup windsurfing trophy and it's hoped that
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with the right support this region could become a real center for water sports. it's the black sea cup in southern russia the waters full of jellyfish the sea full of waves and the wind whips the air with salty spray and that's just what everyone here has come for. children and adults have traveled from all over russia to show their skills sharing the growing water sports experience here and on is one of the best. when you ride in your board at top speed your feelings so you have control of two forces of nature in your hands when you're mortar. he's currently number two in russian risk in the waves in european competitions his sport isn't cheap and he sure has a financial backing to match the to his european american actors but he's hopeful for the black sea coast as a potential world class with sports center. this is a wonderful place with great when the infrastructure is ok but with some investment
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it could be cured we had a freestyle competition here not long ago and we have hopes of hosting a world championship he'll be trying to win the championship i was just getting the hang of standing up i'm surrounded by hugs and when the ball a thing in the black cup it's evidence of the growing status of water sports. i won't be joining them any time soon. and neither would i be taking part in an even more tricky kitesurfing here too they have been battling it out to prove their speed and agility surrogate has been crowned number one in russia. there's a lot of adrenaline as well it's all about tricks and a lot of adrenaline now it's easier to master trick you have to full one hundred times the black sea provides good conditions for this book too. it's a difficult sport to master with many of these young riders taking years to reach
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that standard yet we have a number of good spots for arriving this wonderful day and on the other side of the black sea here in russia the season is short so we don't have much track this time of the water but the advantage of russia is we can snow kites. again it's money that's the problem for most clients or another whether it's on the way to joining the list of the sport that raises the roof but it's still a fledging seat. the sport needs young people in ten years i want to see hundreds of kids kiting here and then we'll be in good hands we'll have a future. teacher that will be played out here in the staging blue of the black sea from boston r.t. . for the business news item eatery next. heller's here in a warm welcome to the special edition of
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a business see the heads of the some the world's largest financial institutions are in moscow discussing the main challenges facing the global financial system as meeting as practiced by banks one hundred seventieth anniversary and of course dollars milion acosta has the details. the answer is here today i couldn't help but address the financial turmoil in europe and how it might affect russia the head all square banks of the u.s. downs over the adequacy of the policy of the regulators saying that they're seriously affecting the financial sector by making european banks survive that's what increasing capital requirements and that's what we've spoken to the so-called dr doom of the global economy assume the world would be to set up the situation they know something have a serious impact on russia we've had this equation or to be followed these all of them even more eurozone is going to them solve the faults along with all the dads or even those that are sitting over the faults of banking that it's going to be
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spiritual not because all of us are one or more than those of the euro the spurs are the large ones exit the eurozone that childhood could be much larger than there is on the lot so the brothers in the fall of gaza that made them all the prices would fall is probably a mix with the russian financial system and the european financial system so stories of rising being in the eurozone with the fact that sooner always the all the way to russia on the line or no business as well here are also this doesn't help to use the latest technology to manage complex processes and the large enterprises and for the first time in russia's poor bankers using crowdsourcing to generate ideas they're looking for new and innovative ideas from web users and they're asking them questions like what will the bank and russia look like in ten years and one million dollars has already been allocated support itself will come out of that and some of them include a social network to help all those citizens with financial matters and another one
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is offering a secure service for storing online data now is for a bank is now being rated that's one c. the strongest bank in the world the only russian bank to make it into the rating so it's very important for the country to make sure it can see news of growing. well of. course promoting of course reporting that russia hopes to improve ties with its asian partners as it attends the nineteenth annual asian pacific economic cooperation summit presidential you know how do you know of course outlines the king issues for russia they would like to see their interests in power in three integration projects in the. area. countries so to speak more actually in develop this custom union. this could serve as a call from him for the efforts over on the taking these are for global economics the beach and world economy for groves also electable fourth hour cutting edge and
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for next year expect anything for that in will give us still cook for him to our interests build a primary there the. transfer of printed school system since the asian pacific region. liberalization of investments in the region for food security with the musician or. technologists including issues that relate to international property rights. coming up next amounting to headlines with roaring through stables for us.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand separate home is not enough in-patient beds not enough heard emergency department beds and not enough nurses commandoes that's to take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to hear your house and i started out i want to just do firefighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the fire departments medical but they had a rescue couple weeks ago we did four hours for a bit i waited sometimes three hours and i was it's a it's a francis and we went for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with a patient and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care and emergency.


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