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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EST

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she's telling. travelers turns into a high profile discussion the heads of the asia pacific nations gather in a hawaii they're hoping to isolate themselves from the spreading eurozone crisis. italy prepares for the dawn of a post era as its parliament sits down to vote on a new austerity package intended as a last line of defense. confidence in its economy. and china's a booming economy isn't always met with open arms but the united states sometimes painting be emerging superpower as a dangerous prospect. seven
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o'clock on a saturday night here in moscow this is. the world of political and economic heavyweights from the asia pacific nations descend upon a sunny whole life this weekend storm clouds continue to build thousands of miles away over the eurozone forcing apec leaders to five ways to protect the region from the e.u.'s economic trauma. takes a look at what's on the table in one of the. basically even though the primary primary goals of the apec summit are improving the trade relationship an economic relationship all the countries that make up the asia pacific because of the extent of the european financial crisis this is certainly a headache that's looming over leaders having gathered here and many are seeing this as sort of a continuation of the g twenty summit without the participation of the european
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states we are expecting the leaders gathered for the apec summit to send another push to send an extra message to the european countries to try to find to step up their attempts to improve the financial situation so this is an extra message important message that we're expecting to hear a lot of about here on the ground in the next few days to come even though the talk the talk and the substance of the effect summit is usually traditionally economic issues certainly political issues are surfacing we've been hearing because of the situation in syria where anti-government clashes have been really attracting so many headlines as we have heard from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the united states believes that the syrian president should step down regarding syria we discuss the ongoing and escalating violence perpetrated by the assad government against its own people our position is clear we are supporting peaceful transition assad has lost his legitimacy to rule and he should step down well russia on the other hand believes
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that it's important to take two for negotiations to take place and it says that it intends to help and kick starting those talks inside syria the russian foreign minister has spoken and said that he believes that it's the only responsible thing to do some opposition groups so you can leave these ways in turkey and the u.s. . calls for dialogue which just position can be me this is just to continue to encourage the opposition to i'm small structures leads to and to show concern about this country and the syrian people. well russia believes it's important to avoid the libyan scenario when it comes to syria but this is certainly not the only political issue that is being touched upon here on the ground we are expecting a meeting between the russian and u.s. presidents to take place where they're very likely to discuss the u.s. plans for a european missile defense shield as well as russia's accession to the world trade organization and those really a range of other political issues so definitely
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a lot on the agenda here in honolulu and we'll bring our viewers all the latest as events in the arrival. reporting right. from the asia pacific summit in honolulu just ahead a twitter streams are one of our correspondents there as. she tweets to the aloha spirit overwhelms the gathering even undercover agents are patrolling the beaches in flowery shirts and flip flops also plenty more facebook and youtube page. is he. just as easy.
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as his off the line from a source that i have for you this hour it's the return of a new york resident this week laura half innocent finds out it causes by off with political correctness. legal thing in england where comedians have been pulled off on political correctness being carried overboard people who are getting a little crazy with being here having to worry about every word they say should research every word that comes out of our mouth more of what the people of the big apple have to say in just a few. plus. throughout the week hundreds of children and adults of the competing here in the black sea windsurfing trading and it's hoped that with the right support this region could become a real sense of the u.s. schools russia close some serious invites you to dip your toes in the warm waters of the black sea where lovers of daring water sports action heads for their daily
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dose of the draft. five minutes past the hour here in moscow prime minister silvio berlusconi's decade long grip on power could come to an end within just a few hours that's if italy's lower house of parliament approved the vast new austerity package the prime minister's seat though won't remain vacant for long with a veteran if you're a crappy looking set to take the baton from bulles county our correspondent sarah furthur is in rome with more on the build up to the vote. the m.p.'s we've been speaking to here said italy is now absolutely desperate to send a very strong signal that they're able to get the situation under control now if the measures get that a preview today that would then of course pave the way for the resignation of prime minister berlusconi as he promised. the man he's being paid at the moment to take the top spot is. he now he's not only a respected economist here in the country but he's also the former commissioner and
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as we've seen in greece with the appointments the top spot before me e.c.b. official you know very montes if you're in a system inside and out that appointment would certainly please brussels but there is concern about whether that would gain public support because there is a question mark really of whether an unelected government is going to have credibility what you're seeing now is an extension of brussels in the sense that you really that is what's happening again the m.p.'s that we're speaking to was saying that this take me quite government now is really good it is pushing through these harsh measures just getting them off the ground because they've been long promised and have failed to materialize we seen rioting in the past in the country over these measures now that public support as he said is absolutely vital because implementing these are scary few measures having a new head coming up with a caretaker government is not going to be enough certainly if everything goes ahead this weekend without any glitches in italy will have one of battle but they still
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have a war on their hands and it's a war that the entire. now has to face and that's just how you bring long term sustainable solutions to kick start stagnating economies like italy. well i mean peter mandelson the former british secretary of state says it's incredible the market pressure on greece and italy to ask their respective leaders when millions of protesters in those countries could not. well what we've seen recently in the year is there is some government not as strong as all those not taking the decisive action that they need to take frankly not getting on top of the events now their elected government to stall the difficult for democratic machine reach a peace boost simply to take out. a government that's been democratically elected and actually what we've seen certainly in the case i think of greece and italy
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we've seen the bond markets being able to achieve what normal democratic means has not been able to do in that is to put those countries to get the governments they need at this particular time no i don't attach any value judgement to that it's merely an observation that it needs circumstances we've seen. breaking rather more effectively than ordinary democracy. and as the euro crisis continues to chip away at confidence in the european union's leadership max and stacey are back to cause their eyes over why speculators are so eager to see the crisis rage on report coming your way at five thirty g.m.t. here's what you can expect. every time the euro zone creates a dollar or a euro instead they create a hundred euros in naked short selling i'll never going to win that war but the fact is that the tail is wagging the economic and financial dog around the world and we're totally powerless against it in transcript ocracy with unlimited credit
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and zero percent interest rates with the central banks at their bidding and politicians just basically lying down and doing nothing about it so this is the new world order. ten minutes past the hour here in moscow pro equality occupy movement is quickly gathering pace in germany fresh protests now starting in the capital in the country's financial heartland of frankfurt more than ten thousand people have joined the demonstrations seeking to draw attention to brampton corporate greed and the increasing poverty of the masses and german occupy movement has also made significant steps in the generalizing it's having the support of two major political factions we spoke to one of the organizers of the event max planck who believes if democracy is to survive in germany now is the time to make a stand. we have
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a worldwide problem in the financial sector which is absolutely dilute deregulated and we need for the regulation in order to make this sector of compatible. societies. we always seen such measures as the in larchmont. we saw a couple of weeks ago here in the german parliament. within days bailout policies necessary in two thousand and eight in truth. but they were without conditions and we need clear conditions for those bangs who. holds so and that hasn't happened in germany that's what we criticize order to make a clear sign that democratic societies can no longer tolerate systemically relevant that can suppress our society. now on our
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website artie dot com find out how the occupy wall street demonstration was turned into performance. new york police detained at two columns while nearby there accomplice dressed as a attempted to attract beasts attention and online to see how this five percent also. huge test for polish police ahead of the upcoming and euro two thousand and twelve championships as a hundreds of football hooligans rather run amuck find out how to go forward as coach dot com. right to clean town. squandered morning.
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more than sixty square kilometers of the environmental devastation and those who are still surprising new lives and finding we're just. getting bad out here but not saying hardly any birds squirrels you know. you know i don't know what's going on here. concrete monarchy. quarter past here in moscow you're watching arts he made europe and america's
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financial workers investors are making a sharp turn to the east where china keeps on rising in the ranks of the global economic stage beijing's night however is not being met with enthusiasm in the united states. and. assesses the attitudes. we know we. maybe we can see most easily. each waking. moments. gen zack i'm going to get warm and go. change the future you have to yikes ok let's just get right down to it shall we should we be afraid of china. well what other place in washington d.c. is chinatown to find out i don't think we have to be afraid of china but i do think that we should be concerned well concerned might be the right word for it and
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angelina isn't the only one a much twenty in love and b.b.c. full shows that many in the west aren't exactly thrilled about china gaining more economic steam in the span of just five years negative attitudes towards china have skyrocketed with france germany italy the u.k. and the u.s. on happy at the thought of china nipping at their heels and for the us nowhere is that clear that in the race to the white house china is on almost every dimension cheated this is no longer a time for us to sit back and say we're going to let them steal our jobs we need to do is stop enriching china with our money i want to beat china i want to go to war with china and make america the most attractive place in the world to do business woah woah whoa does it have to be us or them and is anyone buying it the world's changing you know so like the fact the fact that like china's economy
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is modernizing. isn't the reason why our economy is doing poorly right now. and so it's just a straw man when. presidential candidates bring that up but i think even in a business sense that it can all make sense was countries to just work with china as any other country so yeah i don't know where it comes from from the u.s. about china well there you have it it seems china is the new kid on the economic block and it's up to the u.s. and go west to see how they deal with reporting from washington and i can say oh i see. caroline helpmann from the occidental college in los angeles says the washington feels the need to paint china as a new evil empire. china becomes this very convenient target we need an enemy right the cold war is over terrorism doesn't provide a concrete enemy for the united states to confront someone we hear these republican
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competitors talking about china as an enemy i do think that it fills that notion of having something to oppose in order to prove the resilience of nationalism and again i find i take issue with that nationalism but at the same time i think it's good for the u.s. to have competitors it's never good for a global superpower to be the only one at the top of perceived because then they act with impunity and i believe at various points in u.s. history we have seen the evidence of that i think having china in the mix will be very positive for social political relations. if you want to not see political correctness may have many stopping to think before opening their mouths these days but hasn't gone too far that's the question laurie how finished known as the resident has been putting the people in new york. a recent poll indicated that people are starting to feel like political correctness
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is having a negative impact them for society how do you feel about it this week let's talk about that being carried overboard people were getting a little crazy with being having to worry about every word they say whether it's actually politically correct or not if you live in this country you should be politically correct because this is your country what does that mean that is so you have to censor what you say you should think about what you say you should you should take time to use the correct words before you say something that you don't mean and i mean we've got thing in england where comedians have been holed up in political correctness where i think you just got to realize specially the comedy. you know everyone's going to be offended by something and i just think there's always going to be someone who looks for something to complain about my generation we don't really care that we just laugh it's funny but it just depends if like generations accosting if you're talking smelly people then yeah respect even if you know you don't completely think it's necessary it's different when you're young but
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when you start getting a bit older you realize but sometimes what comes out of your math is not a pearl. it's refreshing to see somebody like chris christie from new jersey cause here that speaks his mind regardless of what the consequences are versus always being worried and people are going to think what the poll number show for you rather be offended in at least have the truth yes very much so but they're not you feel like political correctness is having a negative effect on society the bottom line is it's probably just going to keep becoming more and more prevalent. now twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow seven people including five policemen killed in a suicide blast and shootout in kazakhstan you have taught us. officials said that a robber raided a weapon store now killing a security guard in the process before trying to escape in a car several policemen were shot dead in the subsequent pursuit and when police
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eventually tried to arrest the man he blew himself but the blast claimed. the incident has been officially classified as a terrorist attack it comes just two weeks after twenty explosions in the west of the country for which an islamic militant group did claim responsibility. let's get some other headlines for you from around the world in the world update here on our team syria has been suspended from the arab league until a peace plan is implemented to stop the bloodshed there a member states of also called to pull their ambassadors from damascus and implement economic and political sanctions the decision came out an emergency session in cairo which discussed the masses its inability to end the eight month long violent crackdown on civil protesters overwhelming majority of member states supported the move with only eleven on yemen and syria itself voting against. iran has been rocked by a powerful explosion of. about forty kilometers outside of tehran at least fifteen
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people killed two consecutive blasts ripped through the site southwest of the capital shattering windows in nearby buildings munitions facility supplies the country's revolutionary guard of course for now the last remains on. the crippled fukushima nuclear plant in japan has opened its doors to journalists for the first time in eight months reporters had to wear fully protective clothing before being allowed in by the plant suffered a series of meltdowns and explosions after being deluged by a devastating tsunami in march it was the world's worst nuclear crisis since chernobyl. ok now it's time for our close up series here on r.t. as you put a spotlight on the many wonders of russia. i
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know this time we're on the black sea coast not just down in the south it's a place bustling with tourists who come here to get their dose of relaxation under the sun but now this region is also attracting hundreds of thrill seekers such as artie's tonga. slowly the old soviet resorts on russia's black sea coast are becoming centers for very modern water sports throughout the week hundreds of children and adults have been competing here in the black sea cup windsurfing trophy and it's hoped that with the right support this region could become a real center for water sports. it's the black sea cup in southern russia a waters full of jellyfish the sea full of waves and the wind whips the air with salty spray and that's just what everyone here has come for. children and adults of travel from all over russia to show their skills and sharing the growing water
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sports experience here and on is one of the best. when you ride in your top speed your feelings so you have control of two forces of nature in your hands wind in water. he's currently number two in russian risk in the waves in european competitions the sport isn't cheap and he short of financial backing to match that of his european and american competitors but he's hopeful for the black sea coast as a potential world class water sports center. this is a wonderful place with great when the infrastructure is ok but with some investments it could be good we had a freestyle competition here not long ago and we have hopes of hosting a world championship he will be trying to win the championship i was just getting the hang of standing up i'm surrounded by a. big thing in the blood. of the growing taters of water sports. i won't be joining them many times. a neither would i be taking
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part in even more tricky kitesurfing here too they have been battling it out to prove their speed and agility surrogate has been crowned number one in russia. there's a lot of adrenaline that's what it's all about tricks and a lot of adrenaline now it's easier it's a master trick you have for a full one hundred times the black sea provides good conditions for the sport too it's a difficult sport to master with many of these young riders taking years to reach this standard. we have a number of good spots for arriving this wonderful day and on the other side of the black sea here in russia the season is short so we don't have much practice time in the water the advantage of russia is we can snow kites. again it's money that's the problem for most tight circuits now whether it's on the way to joining the list of the limp league sports and that raises the profile which is still
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a fledgling seat. the sport needs young people in ten years i want to see hundreds of kids kiting here then we'll be in good hands we'll have a future. the feature that will be played out here in the surgeon blue of the black sea tom watson r.t. . twenty five minutes past the hour here in moscow they are supposed to help people tackle diseases but are folks simply creating them with a relentless chase for profit that is special report on some filthy floors of the pharmaceutical industry in america coming your way at a six thirty pm g.m.t. . in canada and the u.s. that it is legal for you to use a bubble bath on your baby they contains a known carcinogen something that causes cancer most of the chances of motherhood in the present day are sponsored by the industry and most of the guys raised on
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that creates a conflict of interest today an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month oh my god i'm a nobody with cancer and my father therefore i protect fops because the navy to ninety five percent of cancers her among people with health funding keester of just a pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. and members of congress. while i still have you here on our spotlight host i'll gun off interviews the deputy c. of russia's the biggest bank it's on the day of its one hundred seventieth anniversary that's just after a recap of the stories in just a moment. wealthy
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british scientists are some expert on the tireless. market why not come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with much cause or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. for . if. russia would be soon which bryson if you knew more about someone from funds to question some.
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of these firms totty don't come. plenty of years ago the largest country in the us to certain places of. the from but how did you come home to teach began in germany. where did it take. me is evenings if. you. could please. come. see.


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