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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EST

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for along with better in europe about mario monti looking set to take the baton from berlusconi the public reaction so far has been mixed with some celebrating berlusconi's fall while others are wary of the future our correspondent in italy sarah firth has the details. that are stares he lot finally say oh the soviet berlusconi's fate and he stepped down as prime minister of the country now for better or worse he was certainly a character and it's going to be a massive change now that he's resigned from the post optimism certainly for the future but what the future will be right now remains uncertain is that a caretaker government is going to be put in place and the man has been paid for the top spot is very well respected economists here in the country mary monti he's the former commissioner he's a euro crowd he knows the system inside and a good links with brussels there's certainly a question mark over whether he's going to have the democratic legitimacy that is
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needed to gain public support of course and an elected government taking the reins does raise a lot of questions because we've seen these measures pass through these are just the initial steps and was as a short term measure certainly they're going to go some way to stemming that panic that we saw at the beginning of the week and to coming somewhat the fear that it was literally about to be sucked into that spiral that we've seen countries like greece be sucked into it but of course short term measures only last so long you're going to really now need to look at whether whatever government now follows is going to be able to put in place long term sustainable measures to get the country as of the crisis situation that it's found itself now is in the virally today speaking to some people in the town there who were holding a protest there were a couple of thousand and one of the measures that they were protesting was government spending a waste of taxpayers' money and really what they were saying was very clear is that
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whatever happens now and whoever takes power is that the really going to want to see their politicians and those people in charge leading by example and of course they simply haven't seen that under berlusconi especially in the last couple of years i mean quite the opposite. in the face of the crisis he's been perceived as just partying his way very carelessly to be a very critical time for the country i'm reading now that's where the focus is turning to and the country is and has been suffering for it is. economic social and political stagnation and kickstarting that is going to be a major challenge and a big part of that is going to be regaining public trust and the credibility that's been lost in recent times because without the public support these reforms a simply not going to. reporting for us there and staying with the story peter mandelson the former british secretary of state says it's incredible that market
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pressure on greece and italy managed to oust their respective leaders when millions of protesters in those countries could not. well what we've seen recently in the year is a is some government not as strong as all those taking the decisive action that they need to take frankly not getting on top of events now their elected government has trawled the difficult democratic machinery to be used it simply to take out. a government that's been democratically elected and actually what we've seen to be in the case i think of greece and italy we've seen the bond markets being able to achieve what normal democratic means have not been able to do and that is to put those countries to get the governments they need at this particular time now i don't attach any value judgement to that it's merely an observation that in these circumstances we've seen. prating rather more effectively than ordinary
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democracy. and as the crisis continues to chip away at confidence in the european union's leadership max and stacey are back to cast their eyes over why speculators are so eager to see the crisis rage on the kaiser report is coming your way next hour here's what you can expect. every day euro zone creates a dollar or a euro in stimulus they create a hundred euros in naked short sells they'll never going to win that war but the fact is that the tail is wagging the economic and financial dog around the world and we're totally powerless against it and transcript ocracy with unlimited credit zero percent interest rates with the central banks at their bidding and politicians just basically lying down and doing nothing about it so this is the new world order .
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and coming up in just a few minutes. the equality occupy movement blossoms in germany has thousands of protesters. flood the political and financial capitals of the country demanding the government bringing in corporate and banking greed. and the china's booming economy isn't always met with open arms in which the united states sometimes painting the emerging new superpower as a dangerous prospect. the arab league has voted to suspend to syria from the organization until a peace plan is implemented to stop the bloodshed there takes place in about four days time member states have also been urged to withdraw their ambassadors from damascus and use economic and political sanctions the decision of which has already received that use full backing and was praised by u.s. president barack obama came at an emergency session in cairo an overwhelming majority of member states supported the move with only a lebanon yemen and syria itself voting against the director of the center for
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research on globalization michel chossudovsky believes the league's move is an act of provocation orchestrated by washington. this is not the decision. of lee all the arab world is a decision of washington. and it is there to justify. war plans directed this against syria which already on the drawing board of the pentagon this is not a protest movement it is an armed insurrection immediately following the peace proposal of the arab league on gun which are al qaida affiliated entities paramilitary sit in to trigger a new round of civilian casualties it is not to say that the government. doesn't
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bear responsibility but we must understand that the very parties to this to this arab league decision also complicit in supporting an insurgency an armed insurgency with a view to destabilizing syria as the nation states nato and the united states are preparing for a military campaign directed against syria on the humanitarian pretext while at the same time they have supported the other big sur rection which has created this this process of instability the annual apec forum has brought together the world's political and economic heavyweights from asia pacific nations in hawaii this weekend the meeting comes as storm clouds gather thousands of kilometers away over the euro zone or he's going to brings us the latest from honolulu. delegations of high level officials from twenty one economies have finally gathered for a two day summit here in the sunny state of hawaii now traditionally the goals of
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the apec summit are to work on lifting customs barriers boosting trade among countries of the asia pacific as well as eventually creating a free and open trade zone but this year however there is no chance for impact leaders to ignore the fact that a european debt crisis is looming over the global economy and this is certainly something that is going to be discussed here a lot on the ground in the two days to come we are expecting the apec leaders to send a strong message to the european countries for them to start working harder to try to find solutions to the debt crisis going on on the ground where italy has replaced greece as the main routes to security there are a range of working sessions taking place throughout the weekend as well as q. and a's with business leaders from all over the world there are as many as fifteen hundred business leaders gathered here and also of course importantly bilateral meetings between leaders mainly we are expecting a meeting between russian president dmitry medvedev and us president barack obama
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they are expected to talk about things like u.s. plans for european missile defense shield as well as russia's future at the world trade organization as well as a bunch of as well as an area of other different issues so we'll certainly be bringing our viewers all the latest when it comes to events throughout the two days and for instance updates from the asia pacific summit in honolulu to our twitter streams. our correspondents at a very tweeted that the aloha spirit overwhelms the gathering even the new cover agents are patrolling the beaches in flowery shorts and flip flops and there's also plenty more of our facebook and you tube pages as well.
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pro equality the occupy movement is quickly gathering pace in germany with almost twenty thousand people protesting in berlin and frankfurt protesters and waved placards and a locked arms in solidarity seeking to draw attention to rampant corporate greed and of the increasing poverty of the masses the german occupy movement has also made significant steps in that legitimizing itself having earned the support of two major political factions under many of the pro equality attack germany group believes berlin is partly responsible for europe's economic woes it is needed to have protests and broader movements in all european countries i didn't know that tyrann germany germany is one of the countries that causes quite a lot of the trouble we have and europe now because of the way international competition is organized to germany is about you often on the winning side but that
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means that we exploit also poverty and joblessness for people and to be learned during the last years then it's very very soon tex players are forced to help to save the banks we learned in two thousand and eight what happened in such a very short time when billions of euros were given to the bags if you asked people here on the streets they agree with the protests they agreed with the people of the occupy movement that it is needed to go out because everybody learns that democracy is in danger that in our country too there is no perfect if how to go on if this crisis is going on further and it will earlier we spoke to anatoly carlin a founder of the sublime oblivion blog he thinks the occupy movement should work out a better strategy. it is based on a on the there's of was the one that has been going for several years although
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basically people are asking the big banks being bailed out during the economic crisis. only ten percent. basically began asking why they bailed out i was not. there was a tipping point under tipped over some aspects of the movement connecting it with the issues facing americans which i think is important to the movement success so i think it's good that they're connecting it to the issues but what's the problem is the the main fairly amorphous the entire organization and i am not sure that this model is sustainable they have to move on through concrete actions and also. within mainstream politics to take their views into account. still ahead for you
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this hour it is the return of our new york resident where this week lori hart finished finds out of passers by are fed up with political correctness. we've gone thing in england where the sun comedians have been pulled up on political correctness is being carried overboard people who are getting a little crazy with being yeah having to worry about every word they say should we censor every word that comes out of our mouths more of what the people in the big apple think and just around a few minutes time. amid the financial woes of america and europe investors are making a sharp turn to the east where china keeps on rising in the ranks of the global economic stage beijing's might however is not being met with enthusiasm in the u.s. ortiz. assesses the attitudes. we the much younger ones you know we were young the obama may want to see if we can see the
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six or nine years old g.e. say to. succumb to the boss as. she and sad come in don't think you want to go. change the future you have to yikes ok let's just get right down to it shall we should we be afraid of china. well what other place in washington d.c. is china town to find out i don't think we have to be afraid of china but i do think that we should be concerned well concerned might be the right word for it and angelina isn't the only one on march twentieth b.b.c. poll shows that many in the west aren't exactly thrilled about china gaining more economic steam in the span of just five years negative attitudes towards china have skyrocketed with france germany italy the u.k. and the u.s. on unhappy at the thought of china nipping at their heels. and for the us nowhere
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is that clear that in the race to the white house china is on almost every dimension cheating this is no longer a time for us to sit back and say we're going to let them steal our jobs what we need to do is stop enriching china with our money i want to beat china i want to go to war with china and make america the most attractive place in the world to do business woah woah whoa does it have to be us or them and is anybody buying it the world changing you know so like the fact the fact that like china's economy is modernizing. isn't the reason why our economy is doing poorly right now . and so it's maybe just the straw man when. presidential candidates bring that up but i think it is in a business sense that in economics it's most countries to just work with china as any other country so yeah i don't know where the feet comes from from the u.s. about china well there you have it it seems china is the new kid on the economic
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block and it's up to the u.s. and the west to see how they deal with reporting from washington i'm not genocide oh i see dr caroline held men from occidental college in los angeles says that washington that feels the need to paint china as a new evil empire. china becomes this very convenient target we need an enemy right the cold war is over terrorism doesn't provide a concrete enemy for the united states to confront so when we hear these republican competitors talking about china as an enemy i do think that it fills that notion of having something to oppose in order to buoy the resilience of nationalism and again i find i take issue with that nationalism but at the same time i think it's good for the u.s. to have competitors it's never good for a global superpower to be the only one at the top of perceived because then they act with impunity and i believe at various points in u.s. history we have seen the evidence of that i think having china in the mix will be
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very positive for social political relations now moving on to our website or to dot com you can find out how the occupy wall street demonstration was turned into performance art. new york police detained two clowns while nearby their accomplices dressed as a method or attempt to attract. attention at online to see how this fight ended also. a huge protest for polish police ahead of the upcoming euro two thousand and twelve championships as hundreds of football hooligans run riot find out how authorities.
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political correctness may have many stopping to think before opening their mouths these days but is it going too far that's the question lloyd carr finished better known as the resident has been putting to people in new york. a recent poll indicated that people are starting to feel like political correctness is having a negative effect on society how do you feel about it this week let's talk about that it's been carried overboard. people were getting a little crazy with being having to worry about every word they say whether it's actually politically correct or not well if you live in this country you should be politically correct because this is your country what does that mean is that so you can have to censor what you say you should think about what you say you should you should take time to use the correct words before you say something that you don't mean us and i mean we've got a thing in england where comedians have been pulled off on political correctness
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where i think you've just got to realize specially with comedy just loosen up you know everyone's going to be offended by something and i just think there's always going to be someone who looks for something to complain about my generation we don't really we just laugh it's funny but it just depends if like generations accosting if you're talking to some elderly people then yeah you show some respect even if you know you don't completely think it's necessary it's different when you're young but when you start getting a bit older you realize this but sometimes what comes out of your math is not a pearl. it's refreshing to see somebody like chris christie from new jersey. speaks his mind regardless of what the consequences are versus always being worried that people are going to think what the poll numbers show so you'd rather be offended and at least have the truth yes very much so whether or not you feel like political correctness is having a negative effect on society the bottom line is it's probably just going to keep becoming more and more prevalent.
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in kazakhstan at least seven people have died in an attack by what authorities are calling an islamic militant five police officers were among those shot by the gunman in the south. city of toronto he also killed the owner and a customer of a weapons store and hijacked a car reports say the attackers then returned to his home where he collected a rocket launcher and fired on a security forces building just authorities resave a gunman blew himself up once cornered by a police. now some more headlines for you from around the world at this moment. iran has been rocked by a powerful explosion at an ammunition depot about forty kilometers outside of tehran with at least seventeen people reported killed and sixteen wounded two consecutive blasts ripped through the site southwest of the capital shattering windows in nearby buildings and munitions facility supplies the country's revolutionary guard the blasts were ruled accidental but the exact cause remains
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unclear. the crippled fukushima nuclear plant in japan has opened its doors to journalists for the first time in eight months reporters had to wear fully protective clothing before being allowed in the plant suffered a series of meltdowns and explosions after being dale huge by a devastating tsunami in march it was at the world's worst nuclear crisis since. the turkish prime minister has visited the region of vonage which has been struck by two or three weeks in a matter of weeks the latest on wednesday claimed the lives of more than thirty people the body of a japanese aid worker has been returned home he was rescued alive but from the rubble but died later in the hospital two journalists were also among those killed they had been reporting on the previous quake which left six hundred dead. and now it's time for our close up series as we put the spotlight on the many wonders
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of russia for. we're on the black sea coast in the south a place bustling with tourists who come here to get their dose of relaxation under the sun but now this region is also attracting hundreds of thrill seekers artie's tom barton tested the waters. slowly the old soviet resorts on russia's black sea coast are becoming centers for very modern water sports throughout the week hundreds of children and adults have been competing here in the black sea cup windsurfing trophy and it's hoped that with the right support this region could become a real center for water sports. it's the black sea cup in southern russia the waters full of jellyfish the sea full of waves and the wind whips the air with salty spray
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and that's just what everyone here has come for. children and adults have traveled from all over russia to show their skills and share in the growing water sports experience here and on is one of the best. when you ride in your board at top speed your feelings saw you have control of two forces of nature in your hands wind in water. he's currently number two in russia and his skin the waves in european competitions the sport isn't cheap and he's short of financial backing to match that of his european and american competitors but he's hopeful for the black sea coast as a potential world class water sports center. this is a wonderful place with a great wind the infrastructure is ok but with some investment it could be good we had a freestyle competition here not long ago and we have hopes of hosting a world championship he'll be trying to win that championship i was just getting the hang of standing up i'm surrounded by hundreds of when service of all ages
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bathing in the black sea cup it's evidence of the growing status of water sports but that i won't be joining them any time soon. and neither would i be taking part in even more tricky kitesurfing here too they had been battling it out to prove their speed and agility surrogate has been crowned number one in russia. there's a lot of adrenaline that's what it's all about tricks and a lot of adrenaline now it's easier but to master trick you have to fall a hundred times the black sea provides good conditions for this book too. it's a difficult sport to muster with many of these young riders taking years to reach this standard yet we have a number of good spots for riding this wonderful day and on the other side of the black sea here in russia the season is short so we don't have much practiced on the water but the advantage of russia is we can snow kite. again it's money that's the
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problem for most kites now however it's on the way to joining the list of the lympics sports and that raises the profile of what is still a fledgling perceived in russia. do sport needs young people in ten years i want to see hundreds of kids kiting here and then we'll be in good hands we'll have a future. a future that will be played out here in the surging blue of the black sea told often r.t. . and i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in a few minutes. tragically
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in ghost town. one hundred morning. what is now. more than sixty square kilometers or in one move on the mistakes and those who are still surprisingly on live and fighting. we're just. it's getting bad out here. but not saying hardly any birds squirrels you know. you know i don't know what's going on here. on screen on our chief.
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just so. long for such a such technology innovation all the list of melamine spun around russia we've got the future.
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from moscow to do you see to new york this is r t broadcasting live glad to have you with us let's get right to the top headlines the leaning tower of berlusconi
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finally falls the italian prime minister stands down after parliament approves a new austerity package intended as a last line of defense against crumbling confidence in its economy mr berlusconi was met with cheers and cheers at the presidential palace where he handed in his resignation his likely successor is a euro crap mario monti. the dark clouds of a european debt overshadow the apec summit in hawaii as the top asia pacific economies look to limit the fallout and prevent another global recession divisions persist however with china and the u.s. failing to see eye to eye on how to promote trade in the pacific rim. the arab league votes to suspend syria in four days recommending sanctions against the country in an effort to force president assad to end the deadly unrest that's claimed more than three hundred thousand lives the move the support of washington and the e.u. while critics are concerned there could be a repeat of the libya military intervention.


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