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blaney and get her trainer tells us why the rudest so important for all sides involved. gerhard schroeder was chancellor of germany from one nine hundred ninety eight to two thousand and five he's now chairman of the board at north stream russia's new gas pipeline under the baltic sea europe mr further why should the e.u. increase its dependence on gazprom. opinion. we're not talking about russia's dependence we're talking about cooperation between russia on the one side and the european union on the other in the energy sector stream is viewed as a priority project both by russia and the oil because it's been part of europe's energy networks since two thousand and six not recognized by the european parliament and the e.u. council of energy instead which wasn't from our peers from problem meant. that the energy minister to nordstrom pipelines have already been laid what top of the third
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one will be added and what will be its capacity we haven't yet i don't know that we currently have at least two pipelines with a total capacity of fifty five billion cubic me us could be me the question of whether a third or even fact like climate living or that should be answered by european stock holders of as you know we have gazprom in the order and holland's got sunni. in germany and the s.f. winter certainly like the investors decide to build a third and fourth pipeline through a privately finals might we're not talking about things like that then it could be done i do not know whether they will make such a decision as it was not part of my working mind of. brussels wants all russian energy companies not just gazprom to be allowed to export gas to europe what are the implications of that for gas problem and europe. regulator in a position where it's not the issue. and the rest of the nations need gas to
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sensibly reform that and. russia on the other hand has to sell gas to keep its budget and so there's a. co-dependency culture is a good thing with how to be happy to see european companies invest into russia and european markets open up for what and companies that it's a good free market economy is good for the market truck what do you think of the recent you raids on gazprom and its partners in europe think about just your p.r. gasper i think europeans need gas to feel as has many years is a dog with a political uncertainty in north africa also good to have a stable partner that you can rely for and russia is one of these you know better than anyone else for a space that written recently switched from export to your old partner europe needs a gas supply to maintain a stable mix of energy sources but it's climatic conditions but i want them to get any to norway to get outside but also russia's gas therefore i think opening the market up different companies would be a wiser of or so short a name to do some e.u.
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officials oppose russia whatever it does get us is for though that's most money i guess it is so we have to admit that what i hope we will get over it it's understandable and says the european union needs russia geopolitically but the reverse is also true it's not a question but with the time has come to start cooperating and stop looking back at an idea or degree difference yet again that is for the could russia switch supply east to china if brussels keeps up its hostility towards the listeners it towards your informant's of which is in a situation where it could ship gas to china and all of asia and europe and i hope russia never has to make a choice is the use of the russian government is evidently pro european but europe cannot keep pushing russia away it hurts russians pride about me and we have to keep in mind that while russia has the alternative of shipping to asia europe has no such alternative and europe's geopolitical position look only improved if it manages to enter a tiny hard to ship with russia on and at the same time grant only recession to
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turkey and that would be a sound strategy aimed into the future the rest. yesterday's debate alice and. did better from guess that if russia does decide to go east could that mean the gas shortfall for europe now does vet a snake know whether or not happy russia was an exceptionally reliable supplier during soviet times so no one has to worry about that juncture i will say again that europe hallmark it is incredibly important for russia to keep it logic balance you know other things therefore we're not talking about the kind of a code and it was a good progress in shipping liquefied natural gas. makes europe less dependent on pipelines can that affect this project now let's go. i don't think it would have a negative effect on the project as europe's liquefied gas market is quite limited on the move because there's nowhere to sell it in germany or poland has a developing market important is that it's in no way a danger for us that's not the reason i'm criticizing is the indication that there
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are alternative sources of the low spot prices on gas their support deals can be of no more gain than long term supply agreements in a short run but they do not offer stability for us to go for playing in the wake of the fukushima disaster germany is closing all its nuclear power plants do you support that and how will it change germany's energy mix. have been damaged mind consider this me and my team or the people who would rigidly negotiated that deal with our energy suppliers that we had agreed to make a sensible exit out of nuclear strategy that was followed by a short period when the federal government thought our agreement should be overturned out of court they've since gone the other way and started supporting what i had negotiated on this does not mean bridge technologies like nuclear energy cannot be used until energy efficiency is sufficiently developed that we need gas as an interim energy source for the sake of energy security that's the reason we need to buy gas from new york from other cultures but primarily from russia and the
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reason we need to build a gas power station. morse. with this debt crisis mr sarkozy says no euro no europe surely you're worth of oil without the euro so on that. and a former english is a quote my successor in office likes to work of course europe's going to have problems if the euro has problems but there's one thing you can be sure of at the end of the euro is going to survive as a common currency there even it theoretically things turn out differently which i find very approachable you think we will still have a united europe it is vital in all pugging you would chancellor when greece cooked its books to join the euro should you have stopped athens from joining the single currency. on those it towards your invalid i do not think that was our situation of the european commission its employees that had to conduct inspections they had let us know that we could take the responsibility for greece's e.u. a session on ourselves and it was
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a purely preparatory mission conducted by the european commission and the national governments of course we had made the decision to take greece in we could not claim without having the firm proof that the information we got then was on diplomatically speaking not entirely correct raghav people might keep in mind that the european parliament voted in favor of greece's membership almost unanimously including the conservatives who are now trying to distance themselves from that decision sometimes in politics you don't want to believe things that he wants condoned or actually happening. for and lots. of the commission was wrong or the handling of greece has been wrong since it ended which which is it ends in a bogus if the it's pointless to talk about how things were in the past we're talking about the future i hope we manage to keep greece in the euro zone so that's a half of the new greek government would have to be nonpartizan uninfluenced by debates provoked by right with a number that's on for me i hope the package of aid agreements that european
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leaders have agreed on is implemented if that's the case then i think we can start taking care of stabilizing the market. with a great deal of help from greece here for or there is one point i would like to make the country should not be broken down not only does greece need budget discipline which is of course trivial should what greece needs are investments that invest it would be good to see wealthy greek citizens who are currently vesting abroad with pay taxes in their own country and instead of looking for investment opportunity or so on was a good us thought to bring is there a red line beyond which german thursday we're not going to bail out southern europe anymore or does germany have a historic debt to europe has from it's been there giving a bad debt i'm not against discussing a red line the problem is that if you start to talk about a red line then you'd eventually have to correct it in germany's interested both politically and economically in a functioning europe that have economic interest is easily explainable you get forty percent of our export goes to the european union and beyond if
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a theory if those countries are hit by a crisis then so is germany or your secondly or the lesson we learned in the past and our prospects for the future dictate that germany is not strong enough geo politically to play a significant role in a game where the u.s. is one superpower and an asian leader. in this case china is the other new european state and in the i'm only a united europe can take on a role like that if that's why germany is interested in a night in the us that is not just because of the past or theater for the sake of our citizens future of that conference a lot of being to small question many germans many people many finns are angry at having to pay. of a role that's enough for its c.e.o. i can understand that but i have to explain it very consistently to the current generation of political leaders that it's within our own interests to maintain stability in other countries as germany is a nation that relies hugely on x. here if markets around us crumble it harms us we have to explain it to our people
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the new generation the prospects for long lasting. peace allies in europe are good . when you serve the german chancellor there was no question of receiving financial aid from china or russia directly or indirectly through the i.m.f. do you regret that's happening potentially and what would be the implications i think it doesn't i don't think we should feel bad about other nations get out stronger be they russians chinese brazilians south africans all indians are it should not concern us because these countries offer us more opportunity to export our products as they develop a vague. but that's only the case if we stay back to stay more innovative when we fulfill our agenda of twenty eight and up and sort out our social policies and germany is the only country that understood back in two thousand and three that for an aging country to maintain prosperity as it must provide for chang i think i wonder if the rest of the e.u.
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states having understood this a decade later we'll manage to take the action needed to maintain prosperity eyes on the other hand we have an understanding that an aging society with a decreasing number of people who are about lloyd has problems over that so it will be a mother so we started taking care of our problems in time the rest will regret it and be forced to take on a harder mission this goes for everyone not just the sound of all posts this but if they've been ignored in certain chairman of the board for the north stream gas pipeline thank you for speaking with l.t. . from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses to man does that to take care of all the people who work here the only real health care system that we have in the city of
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los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture as a firefighter i didn't want to be a mask i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the fire department is medical but i had to rescue a couple weeks i waited four hours for a bit i've waited sometimes three hours but i was it's a safe francis and we went for four hours and fifty minutes staring at a wall of patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. the official. from the.
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video. and. the palm of your. twenty years ago country. to see the. truth. where did it take. stories and a review of the week political and economic. crisis from spreading the presidents of russia and the u.s. meet on the sidelines of the apec summit to discuss missile the fans syria and russia's future in the w t o. the
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height of the debt crisis with italy's prime minister silvio berlusconi resigning and. the. release of satellite images and letters which allegedly prove iran could be building a bomb iran says the accusations are fabricated and politicized. and police investigated fresh clashes in northern ca so after a nato peacekeepers fired tear gas and ask at a disputed border crossing. next. well welcome to sport on the r. and c. come and see a live from moscow with me for of our top stories this hour. the red bull flies again sebastian that sold lewis hamilton to claim
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a record equalling fourteenth pole position this season for the album be grand prix . raising the bar russian men dominates the one hundred five k. division at the world weightlifting championships in paris taking the medal tally for gold silver and one bronze. europhile russia had goshen speaks to r.t. after his side were held to a one one friend drop by greece and athens. first to formula one and red bulls sebastian fits all has once again denied michael lewis hamilton pole position by producing a stunning final lap and qualifying for the big grand prix mclaren had dominated every practice session at ya some arena but like so many times this season that's all found some extra pace when it counted to claim his twenty ninth career pole he also equalled nigel mansell all time record of fourteen pole positions in the season sets in one thousand nine hundred so jenson button will start third on the
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grid ahead of the red bull's mark webber and ferrari's fernando alonso rush it's out of petrol isn't. i was not so happy with my first run in q three but the second run much happier especially the first two sectors and with that i was buying myself a little bit of a cushion in the last six which was a bit trickier towards the end of the evening so but all in all enough just enough to you know to to jump ahead of lewis. moving on to ice hockey and russia have claimed their second straight big serie under a new coach is in it to live off with a four one victory over sweden in finland after winning their opening match in the car you lock off in a shootout against the reigning world champion spin lindsey russia secured a more comfortable victory over the swedes a brace of powerplay goals by alexander rhodes wolf in the first period gave the russians a confident leads and a vulture pulled one back in the second alexander and sergei she added their names
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to the scoreboard in the third to seal the final score meanwhile hosts finland beat the czech republic for nothing. tennis now and world number four roger federer has reached the final of the paris masters for the first time in his career after a comprehensive win all writs all mushed burdick the thirty year old wrapped up an impressive sixty four sixty three victory in just eighty one minutes without facing a single break points is the first time they sixteen time grand slam winner has gone through to the final of the masters events since shanghai last october on friday federer became only the seventh man in history to surpass the eight hundred career win mark by beating who want monaco in the paris quarterfinals. very pleased that well played today. well it was pretty good match i think he did actually well to hang with me because i did have more chances to maybe even extend the lead from the start i was able to take control and they were really able to give it away it was and it was not mentioned in the second semifinal so the two thousand and eight
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paris champion for its own god clo out his place in the final after itself three set win over american john eyes there on cd eyes i won the first set six three but some god charged up by the home crowd managed to get back into contention and won the following two sets seven six seven six having saved three match points in the final set so the local players will now face that are in the final thank ounce for being there so. scarier meeting this year with a swiss player coming on three times and the french lights. stay in france where russia weightlifters one individual gold and silver medals in the hundred five kilogram category at the world championships which are being held at the french disneyland's in paris this year's european champion. lifted a combined total of four hundred thirty kilograms in the snatch and clean and jerk for top place on the podium while his teammate the beijing olympics silver medalist
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music local was just too close behind with four hundred twenty eight the third place finisher from ukraine was a full eighteen kilograms behind so the convincing once it finished for the russians in the five k. division could establish domination at the london olympics. and some track and field news now where the international association of athletics federations has named its once eleven athletes of the year at the annual awards ceremony in monte carlo jamaica's same ball go to the owner on the men's side for the third sinus was recognised for the reason for it saving the two hundred meter individual world sidle along with helping his country when the full by one hundred meters relay at a world record pace. but i promise next year will be better. to. really appreciate the. support and all the people. i know much of me
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for everything. and on the ladies' side the accolades went to sally pearson. who recorded the fourth fastest time in the history of the one hundred meter hurdles and an impressive ten victories out of eleven races this season. and again thank you everyone for coming tonight it truly means a lot to all the athletes here because we work so hard for what we get results in this pool and to have not said this means a lot to us it feels that our results have been appreciated. the announcer football where russia were held. greece in a friendly in athens on friday night they continue their preparations for next summer's european championships and the head coach spoke with our richard. match in greece i think is a really good test for us today i mean you probably learn a lot from say as much the very comfortable very reasonable you know
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a lot of said new every day do we point out of the team and we can play the part in the game will be good because a very physical team. for the future i mean how impressed we i mean had a few debits and so i mean. you could see that they were a part of the team and as always important they were not alone there and the. good result i was pleased with have seen the first game is always difficult but i mean i am also i mean you've said you've got three games the head of the european championships in two thousand and twelve has a team progressing you did look very good tonight as well we're progressing already from the from the beginning it is a real team and there's a reason also some promise to change because the team looks very good. in gensis. chances for. three goals of improving yes do you have. vitals as a coach do you have
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a sample scored because i mean very few coaches around europe can call on such a few group of players would you have done the last few years does your basic is base your squad yeah definitely. the majority of the players knows what i want is see the big in the games that simple doesn't that's important and we can only do better still on a semi high i mean obviously the likes of a shot in public. can get figureheads if your team i mean how disappointing is it to use a head coach that they're not getting a lot of game time in. that's the reason that only played today ninety minutes. which i didn't want to tell you is was wrong this is back because this is a fit as. well we're still timing of. loves you can i get a long break until the next year when you're playing normal friendlies i mean which seems you're looking to play in my time or do you not assign decided there's
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a possibility of a plague and. i don't know what's going to happen after a result. of a loss for you know tonight against gracious probably one. of you and mr keating. we will see if we can do that exactly. tributes. world heavyweight boxing champion joe frazier who died and she was the age sixty seven following a short battle with liver cancer the legendary boxer with a trademark sledgehammer that was the olympic disputed world heavyweight boxing champion has a professional career in sixty five to nine hundred seventy six as well as a brief com back in one thousand eighty one frazier's infamous rivalry with muhammad ali was one of the biggest in the history of the sport smokin joe knocked down early in their first ballots in the madison square garden in seventy one but
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then he lost the next to last world title challenge came in one hundred seventy five when he was beaten by ali arguably one of the most famous boxing clashes in history but. one of the greatest things that happened in this philadelphia area and that was. and that was one of the highlights of my life he didn't let money or anything like that get into his in his way he was close to the people and he always wanted to give back. finally over to basketball and while the n.b.a. lockout is still in force us president barack obama and his wife were on hand to witness a unique college game on the flight deck of a u.s. aircraft carrier it took three years to plan this one off game on the flight deck of the u.s.s. carl vinson which six months earlier had varied of some of the law than at sea
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meanwhile it took ten days to build the onboard arena and it will take another four days to take it down president obama and his wife michelle were the v.i.p.'s visitors at the makeshift courts and salt salt france north carolina beat michigan state sixty seven fifty five. i'll be back with another update in a couple hours and don't forget that some of the stories seen here are also available on our you tube channel at our team sport news so enjoy and thanks for watching. twenty years ago in the largest country. to suitability to the. big. each began the journey. where did it take.
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the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. today's top stories and a review of the week global powers come together in hawaii vowing to prevent europe's debt crisis from engulfing the pacific. the russian and american presidents hold talks on the sidelines of the apec summit in hawaii to focus missile defense and russia's future at the w t o we bring you all the latest from
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honolulu just ahead in the program. both greece and italy watched their governments fall at the height of the debt crisis but many are wary of the newly appointed unelected officials and of the euro links to brussels. you an atomic watchdog zeroes in on iran's nuclear ambitions again claiming the country could be building a bomb but tehran says the allegations are fabricated and politicized. and police investigate fresh clashes and break away cars well as we reported on fear is serb resistance to what they say are many attempts to control their lives. it is one pm in the russian capital you're watching r.t. the political and economic heavyweights of the pacific rim are meeting.


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