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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EST

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welcome back you're watching our team let's take a look at the top stories the latest summit of pacific powers in hawaii opens a financial can of worms between the world's two biggest economies the u.s. has criticized china for its trade and currency practices and all of that to play by the rules. syria seeks to reverse the arab league's decision to suspend of from the organization by wednesday i mean a growing protests which some believe are sponsored problem broad the phrase on a country's membership received wide support from the imbued and the u.s. . and blasting off for orbit
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a crew of three has to the international space station in russia so he's rockets it's the first launch since a similar rocket carrying an unmanned supply of craft pressure back to earth three months ago. next we we operate chances of israel launching a strike on iran's nuclear facilities and they are. with now have only have nearly a long time israeli peace activist and a former member of all things waiting on him and the stuff mary thank you very much for joining us here on our t.v. you have said that you also said that israel will not attack iran what makes you so certain you can note. conduct any major military operation without the consent of the united states it's absolutely impossible it's impossible really. we need spare parts of it a militia we need
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a new war. continue of support from america america are not letters attacking iran the israeli attack on iraq would be the same with america the reaction would be the same so why even all the hype and talk of israel attacking iran before christmas several objects but no object is to push the invented state or to do something. and maybe did a lot then it is. really attention for the protest movement. early this year this was becoming. the government is it not possible that the united states supports israel in launching
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a strike against iran although publicly if very much says it's against it it merely attack on iran will be considered. an american attack. it's no different to you did you cannot. pretend to doesn't concern you you would get the full action that if america. were leading that is there any benefit to the united states from the israeli rich trick that it will attack iran yes sure sure because. i don't think all this talk would be an american of the good and wanted. of course if you really want to attack you don't talk iran insists that it is not causing any. move as if your own good see iran. well it's not a pleasant prospect but. to most of my countrymen i'm not
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frightened of. iran it's a very big country people realize how big it is bigger than germany france italy and spain. it's going to be country very very long glorious history. it is a civilized country figured out a given or do the same we do not use the same space after the second world war you get how can you be sure that they won't hurt your countrymen are very worried if they would use it would be the end of iran it would be their pets and a visitor but it also would be the end of your lot and. even the credit people would look at risk of total destruction of his own country in order to. do
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something which is completely unimportant by the way iran is no quarrel with. iran has been for a long time all close. there's no pleasure of interest. it's a religious talk by somebody who pretends to be a religious fanatic and absolutely people use the atom bomb if it all really the less we thought of this why doesn't rand capability let me remind you of that a few years ago. doing the states was governed by a bunch of so-called new york conservatives. who. decided. first to or tech iraq finish a coup or three weeks and then the syria or iran this
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was openly say openly proclaimed. north of the. leader of iran after that. before that would dare not to produce. the only. country like iran head against such. plans is haven't had one total insurance what about the threat of further sanctions against iran are sanctions part of the solution or part of the problem i don't believe in franks and frankly i think should may slow it down but if a country decides. to have a nuclear bomb. forge own fifty friends. it only provides them sanctions won't help and. i think sanctions are just
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a pretext for the united states and europe not to do anything but they have to do something you cannot be an american president for reelection. seeming to do something. to to frighten the iranians of therefore this door talk about sanctions knowing that function. but they're not coercion is he ran justified in its core to the international atomic energy agency that it check whether or not israel has nuclear capabilities. two hundred or four hundred nuclear bombs why should we have to have a nuclear bomb to defend. against this is. this is being said it would be you could be. very. curious
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situation just like. no one in the world we have a very big amount of nuclear bombs yet we want to do you know i know of a country from having your club wrong does israel have the military capability to fight a war with iran many people don't it it's a very significant fact that oh is this the only security establishment not just me but also the diligence community how they gainst an attack on iran the chief of the mossad the former chief of staff said that iran is the absolute worst. ever heard in his life. my father biggest war which is the love of their fault in comparable to any of the
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world's. other conflicts. it was with the iran would mean one that is clearly our movement have two dozen. of ukraine still ations. underground. to do the job to do this it has to fly over. turkish syrian jordanian so. if the question bites. and. risk. reaction. certainty of reaction would be tense of the missing. plane it dawned on us. here on your research. in lebanon maybe hamas.
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from gaza it would come from all directions. certainly not prepared. civil defense to. prevent. be said for the got us just the israeli public support for a strike on iran. is a slight majority because one could expect. any public in any country of the world maybe except germany or supports the idea of making war and why it's human nature i think you. pick somebody or the devil. you. destroy you so you must. go first to destroy them before to destroy you
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and it's very. probably i think in this respect for one of. you can or with insight or people. we had to just stick it was going to war is part of the incitement on behalf of the government action talk about because of the growing isolation obvious role in international community if we if you tax and islamic country the whole world will unite against them. and make no difference he. in connection with the air of spraying the democratic revolution to have a country with. the resort all that. cold hostile conflicts will be will be face a good day for that of birth the next day. i think the more you think about it more
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irresponsible it is to pick the whole idea looks are you afraid for the future as well. deflate of developed. for data i think is. reasonably secure really really bill being for. a long time to come if you don't make peace with the palestinians. apartheid state. this is a real danger because this is this would mean the collapse of anything. if you had hope for you oh yes mary thank you very much for joining us here on our t.v. thank you.
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it's just so. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians room today.
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the latest summit off the civic powers in hawaii opens a financial can of worms between the world's two biggest economies the u.s. has criticized china for its trade and currency practices and called on it to play by the rules. serious seeks to reverse the arab league's decision to suspend a from the organization by wednesday and growing protests which some believe are sponsored problem broad a freeze on a country's membership received life support from the e.u. and the us. have blasting off for orbit a group three had to the international space station in russia so he's rocking it's the first launch since a similar rocket carrying an on man supplied craft crashed back to earth three months ago. this may have lines i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime dimitry brings us the latest sports news stay with us.
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hello there sports are not too good for the company again coming up in the books. as news hamilton wins the other job a grand prix ahead of ferrari's fernando alonso after sebastian vettel retires with a puncture. superstar killing time while the existing n.b.a. lockout still continues to draw on james conducts a clinic for aspiring young british possible place in london. and flawless victory in russia's wrestling team wins for european nations cup in most. places not with tennis where world number four roger federer has worn his first other paris last just final beating frenchman joke in straight sets that dress survived to break well into the opening game from the two thousand and eight
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champion before racing through the open a six one in just half an hour preferred seats will stand simple second set on a tie break to read his eighteenth masters title in one hour and twenty five minutes was also a thirty year old federal sixteen i wanted success and victory number ten went to history. america hears it's going to want to go to an information start to finish or. drop is that the ring is more like i remember i know. of a great story great in british great integrator so i couldn't be more happy and well it was a great end to the season can you feel good and feel good. i think. because it was a good show. in formula one cars lewis hamilton returned to form to claim his third way know the season with victory at abu dhabi grand prix after suppress them
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but still retired on the first lap. picked up a puncture the second corner it was the first retirement since korea last year and and it's his run as the only driver this season to finish every race as well as blowing his chances of pulling michael schumacher his record of team victories in one season while ferrari's fernando alonso tried to take the lead at the final pitstop with finish nine seconds behind tom watson plans johnson box and. also mark webber ferrari's philip and i so was while rose went out of control finished thirteenth. actually i think it was more of a better races. i said to myself slow down just you know to hold on to the best riders in the world and off throughout the throughout the race is very very tough to do and you know just it's not a time i was just managing the gap. between different i think you're going to get stops but let me start. really really very happy to be back out here and
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this is great i can write tonight and be. in the. failed to not use world realities and drive with victory in the final race of the year in wales the frenchman claimed his record eight successive title project as his opponent had to retire from the race despite that was claiming sports monday anyway trying to win his fourth straight season ending the entered the final day just six seconds behind you very much a lot to learn but soon after that he had to withdraw for the recollection with a spectator but the list stayed focused for the remainder of the day to win his first race and to leaven the spirits remains high despite this little upset. wrong. wrong wrong.
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wrong wrong. but. then we said we're going to. go over. you know where russia have claimed the. main one all their three games that the euro hockey is opening comments in the final match russia defeated the czech republic su one czech so took the lead in the second period with that wrist shot from thirty nine year old better never read machine managed to level in the final period as alexander all of scored his fourth goal of the tournament with just ten seconds to go until the final buzzer junior world champion give gainey who's been sort of snatched the winner so russia won the title regardless of the later result between reigning world champions finland and sweden which the swedes warn for three. football egypt and brazil prepare to meet each other in a friendly clash this evening american manageable bradley will be leaving the
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pharaoh's for the very first time credit lost just enough to go after a charge of the american national team and since that time reigning african cup of nations temperance already missed out on a place at next year's tournament the new manager and some help egypt regain its confidence on the world stage this summer boys are preparing for a sterner test following its only a win over last friday and how do they gain brazil's defender david luiz with the stress and probably his side's most talented player named. what you decided to have boy name or is unique where we'll know all that it's not strange and he's known worldwide even played in brazil and the country itself to see him differently not only as a players exporter but as a place with experience football was right you know what it's called it has been here in the country and see you showed it in brazil so you can learn and brule in
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qualifies as a player. in a flatter subs are more a car has one they are trying to live an athens marathon in greece the thirty rock cross to live with a ton of tiles eleven minutes and forty seconds thus they beat the existing record by a minute and i finish second while the filters down i'll get there or. in the women's race i'll flash a miracle if her so clue talk almost with the time off that's five minutes and twenty five seconds to train and camilla a little over finished only six seconds behind the went out and are at the north of tunisia completing the plateau. and base of a solid wrong james has conducted a clinic for aspiring young british possible place in the capital james would normally be playing for a man hate this time of year partly containing and out the filth in the its history lesson it's around two hundred british dancers the plantain school of possible
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james showed off his skills and perhaps lost a few on to the next generation of players some of whom much i think that's a play in the world's highest profile possible like all these fans keep their fingers crossed that the walk off will be sourced out soon and then based stars will be ready to put on a show at the olympic games. over to the european nations cup in moscow where russia claimed a flawless victory as the pit as a passion and both the greco-roman and freestyle wrestling finals are not ripples. entering any wrestling event as one of the favorites has always been a petfood russia the european nations cup held a new school with a weekend's was no exception and with seven nations taking part in the can be dishing it was answered by john we do in russia in the finals the freestyle wrestlers who are the first on the mat to sue scores in so when we divisions
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between two ten world cup winner and the man is an appeal of prove his class here to give the host a one little lead right before russia's pride in the sport three time olympic champion who i certainly hear. nevertheless as there by general motors through their guru as governor of signaling this would be far from a walk in the park for the heavy side and as it was three all after full question is this super heavyweight russia's bar circus and azerbaijan's iceland's abyss of were destined to resolve the outcome. of this it was tough and i realize. that i was responsible for the final result so i was pretty nervous in the beginning but as the clash went on and as soon as i started getting a bit tired i said to myself it's auction time i need to take a risk and it worked. the twenty two year old didn't let his coaches down securing the crucial points in the dying seconds of the clash yet this time around
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we decided to give our leading man arrests and let some way young guns show up and test themselves at a higher level and it paid off some of them won the others could have been better they have time to prove they're still nine months left before the london olympics the most important thing right now is that we've won and kept the european cup in russia. and their russian greco-roman counterparts repeatedly speed but in a much more convincing way the same opponents in the finals is there by john but this time around the hosts were presented by their number one athletes with the two thousand and four olympic champions has some butter on it and alexei mission giving their opponents free musser classes of greco-roman wrestling. i've just started getting back into shape after a long break so my task was to get the feeling your command back practice my favorite throws and as one of them. prove that russia remains one of the
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world's leading wrestling nations old a major test for the generation the twenty twelve summer olympics is still ahead recording on the marquee most skilled. ok up to the back and last time with more sports news from rather go for that is next. spy. spy.
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