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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EST

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there you are watching r.t. police have moved in to clear out occupy protester camps in new york using pepper spray on demonstrators the raid comes after activists vowed heightened action this coming thursday to mark two months since the movement began well arty's marina portnoy has the latest from new york. hundreds of police officers dressed in riot gear descended on zuccotti park and present it the activists that have been camped out there with the letter ordering them to temporarily evacuate the park and after this we're told that all the tents were going to be improved by the police officers police claimed it was a health issue and not the park needed to be inspected new york city police commissioner ray kelly was on scene for this episode as it unfolded this is the first time a new york city police commissioner has been president as police officers and occupy wall street activists. you know been confronted face to face this is been
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going on for two months but clearly this is the pinnacle of all the tension that has been taking place in new york city for the past eight weeks the protesters were told that they were would be allowed to return to the park but not with their property then when the police proceeded i with the evacuation we saw tents being violently ripped down ripped apart removed from the park the peaceful optimists that were there some were being dragged out of the park there have been reports of pepper spray being used on the activists many of whom sat down or refused to leave and there's also been reports of the police department using an el rad machine to you know create enough of an inconvenience than noise sound to get the activists out of the park before the sweep took place the police clearly had a plan because there were barricades put all around zuccotti park within full four
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block within a four block radius and when media when members of the class were trying to get down to zuccotti park to access the event to see what was going on to report about what was going on many members of the press were not being allowed it is clearly looks not just. like a new york city sweep but in nationwide speak of the occupy camps that have settled in major cities throughout the united states many do believe that the new york city police department are trying to get ahead of the game because the occupy wall street movement is planning major protests for thursday that's the seventeenth that marks the two month anniversary of the occupy movement and major events will be taking place all day including what organizers say will be an attempt to shut down the new york stock exchange so as you can imagine new york city officials are probably trying to preempt that trying to avoid it and if that means they're going
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to sweep the camp and try to make this inconvenient for activists to remain there throughout the winter without tents and without their property that's clearly what city officials are trying to do. syrian opposition leaders say they want a peaceful solution to eight month long crisis in their country delegation is in moscow for talks with russian diplomats and pressure that's piling on the regime in syria and iran leaks suspending its membership but the tone of her is following the story for us here and. peter it seems that russia and syria see eye to eye when it comes to the subject of military intervention. well that's right russia has long being opposed to any type of outside military intervention in syria and today the syrian opposition leaders that are in moscow for talks have said just that they don't want to see outside intervention outside military intervention into the situation in syria they don't want to see their country go down the same path as
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what happened in libya now also coming out of the talks that have been held here in moscow is that the syrian opposition say that they are all willing to enter into negotiations with members of al assad's government the president of syria however they are saying that they will only enter into members of that government that this hunt that's hands on and covered with blood for murder so its own they are unclear as of yet which elements of assad's government that they will be wanting to speak to but they are leaving that channel open saying that they are willing to enter into dialogue something that's going to be good news to the russian diplomats and sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister who taking part in these discussions is that the syrian opposition want russia's help in trying to do that now entering into these talks the russian side had said that they wanted to see a peaceful resolution from this russia has offered their services to be
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a free they've been to both sides in the past and they want to see a peaceful solution to the problem in syria that's why these talks are ongoing peter syria has to. cried the arab league's decision as illegitimate however the league responded to that. well the arab league has drawn up a plan that could see five hundred five hundred strong delegation sent into syria on a fact finding mission now that delegation would contain some military personnel and it has been welcomed by the syrian government they said they would like to see this delegation come in and see that they are trying to to to adhere to some of the. causes that were put in place by the arab league on the second of november some of the reforms that they wanted to see happen in the country now. syria syrians across damascus in and other cities have been out protesting in their thousands against
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the decision by the arab league to suspend them they're clearly unhappy with this decision and we did hear from the russian side as well that they said that the decision to suspend them was counterproductive to the peace process and that's certainly been echoed on the streets of damascus as people want to see a peaceful solution to this and not see syria removed from the arab league. to live there from moscow thank you. for the freezing of syria's arab league membership as well as sanctions prompted faires of a military intervention something russia has long been warning against later a former foreign minister and veteran diplomat explains why any primakov says the lessons of iraq must be learned. i don't think the west is prepared to take this action that with a the security council's backing i think we're smarter now than at the time when the first security council resolution was adopted we will not adopt another resolution using vague terms which could be used for legitimize in these activities
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. nobody knows who libya is going to recover from kills look at iraq for example it's been more than eight years and they still can stabilize the situation the t.v. never stops. boarding new casualties fifteen thirty did every day in iraq bombs explosions and so on it could happen so regularly that people get used to it we started thinking this is not the disc hero's of years of occupation there's been nothing we could do in libya's going to be even tougher so don't think we've had much success and would be an. elder full interview with former russian prime minister of getting a permit coffee's head just over time a nutty. new technocrat led governments in greece and italy are getting down to business to tackle then massive debts italy's prime minister designate says it's too early to determine how his country will cope with more anti crisis measures but is warning people of sacrifices ahead monti is trying to rally parties for support
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some want him to go once reforms are questioned through your former e.u. commissioner plans to stay until the twenty three thousand election clock is ticking for greece the new prime minister heading up a fifteen week coalition. in this case is a confidence vote on wednesday and says securing the next bailout is the priority that his country must stick with. business editor nick poole explores now how the single currency is north have led some countries to ruins rather than riches. it was supposed to bring peace and prosperity for all for a while it did but now the euro is costing people their jobs their pensions and even the democratic rights from the beginning the flaws were there for everyone to see skeptics said the economies of the likes of italy and greece which is too different from germany in finland to be regulated by one system but optimism and idealism carried the day a new currency was formed it was strong and stable and was regulated in ways
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a german central bank might approve of but there in lay the seeds of the problem greece italy portugal and spain now had their hands on a strong currency and could borrow against it and unlike before the interest rates they would have to pay would be much less so they could borrow much more which is what they did italy currently has a debt to g.d.p. ratio around one hundred twenty percent greece is more than one hundred sixty percent that's a bit like somebody with an income of twenty thousand dollars a year i mean thirty two thousand on their credit card they will be bankrupt the banks won't lend them any more money the flat screen t.v. will be repossessed and will be a diet of cabbage and potatoes in the worst case the house will go it's similar for a country but instead public sector pay is caught and thousands of people are forced out of jobs before the euro greece and italy always had the possibility of devaluing the currency when times were bad this had the effect of lowering total
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debt and of conferring a competitive advantage as products services and labor became cheaper and this stimulated economic growth it also made people poorer as the money in their pockets was worth less but crucially it did not result in mass redundancies especially not imposed by a foreign power under hard currency like the euro this option is no longer available to the indebted nations so instead they must go out and because they remain uncompetitive they cannot grow the worst of both worlds. big pool there now the politicians failed to put a lid on greece and it's in these soaring borrowing the question now is whether the economic hit squads can do any better financial experts max keiser is far from convinced saying the bankers behind the scenes are continuing to play the system that night of the living dead and all of these zombie bankers they can't get rid of them you can't kill them they live to bank another day they are
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a plague around the world and certainly in europe there are no law actions but they're putting bankers in charge to bring about total banker domination as the world goes down a slippery slope into banker hell in place of elected officials put in place an elected banker and of course they work together they work with the central banks to keep the keys keeping interest rates near zero percent because this allows them to fund their speculations and zero cost they don't want to spend any money to borrow money to put the outrages of bets on the table and every time they lose a bed they impose more austerity measures every time they win a bet they keep one hundred percent of the profits in the eurozone they have an opportunity to bring all the balance sheets of all the countries together and create new lending facilities like the south which is a new five trillion euro lending facility and they want to build on that to create ten twenty trillion euro lending facilities because bankers get paid on how much debt they create never mind the fact that the pay for the debt ultimately their
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film pose more austerity measures more austerity measures more debt more fees for bankers more financial terrorism. rex kaiser they're all coming up later in the program the torture and abuse on america's watch years of course point to a prison that it's still going strong despite widespread condemnation and president obama's pledges to close it also. why this strange on earthly noise is creating a buzz among radio enthusiasm around the world investigates what it could mean and where it may be coming from in a few minutes. moskos sacked former mayor coffee is being questioned by the russian interior ministry and theft of some half a billion dollars from the bank of moscow two years ago the case also involves his billionaire wife has been facing investigation and it's now brought well let's get
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some more details from artie's greaves in moscow on this story jacob this is proving to be a high profile case isn't it. but certainly is because it all comes down to those high profile counts as we have evolved a lot for yuri luzhkov two decades really at the forefront of russian of moscow politics now after his fall from grace to forced to answer questions and be a witness give evidence in the build just behind me at this moment. that question should last a number more hours also his voice he leaned over to enough for questioning be sought after by investigators but so far she's eluded them after three court summons and hasn't turned up in moscow and it's been warned interpol says interpol could get involved if this trend continues its course by force of russia's richest woman amassing her fortune do real estate today cause destruction in
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moscow this case itself actually goes back to two thousand and nine and then city who bought shares in the bank of moscow with just under half a big. dollars investigators say a large chunk of that was energy siphoned off and went to the us alone to premiere states who they see as a bogus company and a total of four hundred twenty seven million dollars ended up in the private account according to investigators of a leper tour and she has denied any wrongdoing in the case so far but she hasn't turned up for that all important questioning the mainstay of attention to days really focus around for their yury luzhkov as it is his first high profile appearance since being sacked from office rather properly last year in september after eighteen years of the reins of power and really is this last year that course his down for allegations of corruption became quite rampant and also present
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crucially lost support and lost trust in his ability to govern. ok artistic increase in moscow thanks for that update. russia is warning against imposing new sanctions on iran saying the policy has outlived its usefulness the foreign minister's comments follow the diplomatic fallout from a u.n. nuclear watchdog report suggesting tehran could be developing an atomic weapon but r.t. has been hearing how further sanctions could backfire on america and europe. it's actually we're at a point where we've run out of things to sanction and we're actually looking at things that are going to sanction ourselves there's talk of sanctioning iran central bank which would effectively take iranian oil off the market and you know it could put the world into economic tailspin there's really there's two paths here either you do the military thing which has been presented as ok a couple one off strikes and then you know it's over but in reality and what the
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u.s. defense secretary recently said is that the best that that would do is set iran's program back by two or three years you would see them rapidly escalate the program they'd go into manhattan project sort of mentality and pursue a nuclear weapon outright and you know in a lot of respects be driven into that. other alternative for the military action is full scale war which nobody can afford right now then the other path that you have is a diplomatic resolution and that's sort of the path that not a lot of people are willing to talk about but if the end goal is to solve this and not do immense damage to the u.s. and the globe there is going to have to be a day in the future when we are at the table with iran and we actually set up an agreement where iran is not able to develop a nuclear weapons capability they have safeguards on their program and you know we address some of the issues that we have concerns about and we avoid a devastating war. and on the cover operation to weaken iran might already be
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underway as r.t. reports on life reversed again claims that israel's intelligence agency could be behind the explosion at a military base in iran that killed seventeen people couldn't key figure defense also. cosmic journey a russian rocket is sending a crew of three on its way to the international space station after a successful launch on monday and other stories at your fingertips dot com. the world's most notorious military prison is still open for business despite repeated pledges by president obama to get it closed down ten years since george w. bush opened the guantanamo bay facility it has been dogged by allegations of torture and abuse secretive reporter jason new poll believes his country is betraying the principles it promotes. we're we're hypocrites where you this administration has actually fought every hate b.s.
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corpus case that has appeared in a d.c. court room so you know we're we're very good at preaching but not practicing what we're preaching so it's integrity it's credibility credibility is is the number one issue right now and there is a lot of rhetoric there's a lot of promises that have been made it's political this came down to deal making with senators such as john mccain lindsey graham where they would not get behind certain policies that the president wanted to push forward unless there were promises made that first of all guantanamo would remain open that military commissions would continue i think that for the most part it's fear mongering and it's politically charged. among the hundreds of radio stations in russia and there's one that seemingly out of this well instead of musical news these brokaw
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sort of mysterious voices in the lenses which of the media and these yes baffled teagle pissing off has been tuning in. the sound has been gripping the imagination of radio spotters worldwide for over three decades. the u.v.b. seventy six also known as the was our. first aroused my interest because it is so strange personally i think it's a legacy device that's been left over from the late seventy's or eighty's or the military operations of the time it's original this is a got i. see is been going like this since the start whenever that was. sometimes the water stops and the mail robotic like voice lists names and numbers in russian. i think is the
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soviet union's and now russia's contact with spies or even civilizations from other worlds. you know slot has been a radio fans since his childhood he's also had his share of the budget but his explanation of his purpose is much more down to earth. with this sort of connection stream a reliable it will shut down in cases where a large nuclear explosion but only for a few hours it's not the pentagon and that's why it's still widely used today by the army the idea is pretty simple a military radio station sends out the buzzer which is received by other army bases by stopping the buzzer operators signals that a command called of letters and numbers is about to be broadcast when the transmission is complete the buzzer sounds on again u.s. law said moscow's radio spot in community nor were the signal used to come from
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a base outside of the capital but this is what we saw there and this man is the only living soul we could find. on the spot used to work at the beach and still do it in the village or by. the looks of it it is used to be one of the best units in the country but two years ago we received an order to shut it down we were told it consumed too much energy there is also another similar unit still operating this could be that the legendary budget used to be out of this building and with the signal coming from now it looks like we won't be able to find any signs of that mysterious transmitter here because the equipment was literally ripped out of the walls and floors of the building when the base was shut down but some things are actually still here like this journal with the last entry dating back to me two thousand and nine. and.
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it's coming from. the radio. has. a simple technology that's conquered the mind of. moscow. it's a real mystery there now back to our top story police are taking down protests to tents in new york's zuccotti park and using pepper spray and sound machines to evict demonstrators which is what's happening right now in the park with these live pictures police in riot gear a victim of protesters some first refusing to leave sitting on the ground and needn't tying themselves to trees. have now apparently left. moving into another new york park we understand that office is now saying zuccotti is almost cleared where police claim that the protesters need to go because of unsanitary conditions
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there the raid comes after activists vowed to escalate their anti corporate action this coming thursday to mark two months since the movement began of course we'll bring you all the latest as we get it here at r.t. . and in fact we have some more for you on this r.t. has obtained video of new york police using tear gas to protesters from zuccotti park that we've seen we think it's been filmed within the past a couple of hours now police are taking down ten cent invicta. demonstrators who've been occupying the park for almost two months now riot police also use sound machines as you say to scare the protesters away these pictures just in. shortly will discover some of the secrets hidden in the corners of russia's colorful city of samarra first business update with.
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hello and a very warm welcome to the program top officials from the world's leading gas exporting countries are meeting in doha between them they hold more than two thirds of the world's gal's reserves and their summit same date balancing the interests of both producers and consumers another discussion of similar topics is underway here in moscow at the annual gals of russia for business archies money in the course is following both events. one of the main points today is a pricing it's no secret that european countries are not happy with russia's gasper right now because it links import rights to oil prices making them face billion euro losses and many believe that with the current market conditions right now russia should rethink its pricing the formula and the wall is a big as gas producer may be going for a compromise right now considering given an additional level of. less than five
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percent at the same time right now ministers. are expected to call for a recent ration of a price to save long term gas contracts russia's energy minister who's there right now gave us his outline of the main concerns for russia when it comes to gas. firstly it's the supremacy of the long term gas contracts with we've relied on this strategy and will stick to it in future secondly it's the principle of linking natural gas prices to oil prices we believe that natural gas should not cost less than crude because natural gas meantime requirement amiss should be priced in by the market the international energy agency actually expects natural gas consumption to double lights thirty five and also now with germany abandon a nuclear energy it will need a lot more power station fifteen billion euros russia's energy minister has already said that russia is ready to finance a large scale project has already forecast that next year european gas sales will
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increase by about eight percent and of course will be more volumes with a newly launched nordstrom gas pipeline so it's really essential for gas from to iron out its differences with its european partners. and time to check on the markets current trading in the. euro. crisis providing some support for prime. expectations that a report by the u.s. energy department jus on wednesday may show declining fuel stockpiles in the u.s. light sweet is trading at ninety eight dollars per barrel while brant is hovering at around one hundred twelve dollars. european markets all over the euro zone debt worries once again plaguing investors and all eyes are on the rise in spanish and italian form deals the footsie is low more than one percent as financial and to
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acknowledge it companies retreated declines on the debts are led by bank and i'm sure it's. finally here in moscow the markets want to negative let's have a look at some of the individual share moves in the might six declines here are led by banks half a percent in the red norilsk nickel is losing just a notch bucking the trend though we. point seven percent. that's it for now europe today another business update in less than fifteen minutes time for you here and you can find more analysis and stories in our website our two dot com slash business.
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in toyland old geezer bailable in hotels. told by the onion tree been called a number who told bankole switzer to look cool grown to be cured poke. prod from a garden so it's a hotel then a princess in bangkok radisson hotel going cold dream hotel bangkok so if you tell some tara grant bangkok come to sydney cotto bangkok told bangkok closer than even called a roll meridian. there is time for a look at our main headlines now here in r.t. new york police are reportedly using tear gas and pepper spray to clear out anti
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corporate protest camps in new york's zuccotti park the great comes off the occupy activists about heightened action this coming thursday to mark two months since the movement began tents were dismantled earlier at the site in open the california. russia hits out of the arab league for deciding to expel syria and imposing sanctions which sparked mass rallies in the troubled country as a pressure piles on the regime of syrian opposition leaders are coming to moscow to secure support for bringing peace at home. unelected bankers and economists take the reins in greece and italy to tackle the ever rising debt levels italian doesn't see his job as a temporary fix but wants to stay in charge until the twenty thirteen election greece's new leader is focusing on securing the next plane out. next we discover more russia.


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