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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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four thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines of peaceful protests rough response u.s. police moving to arrest the occupy activists of making their camp in new york head of the anti-corporate movement's two month anniversary. of stepping up efforts to mediate peace in syria hosting members of the country's opposition urging them to hold talks with the assad regime. british firms lining up to exploit libya's bridge or oil and gas reserves with lucrative contracts on offer from the national transitional government foreign investors have been doing to reap the rewards of
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war since the ousting of former dictator moammar gadhafi. the consequences of recent events across the arab world this year have been deeply felt internationally russia has long been a against military and military intervention when talks could instead lay a path to peace we hear now from a man who served at the very heart of russia's global diplomacy. mr primakov thank you very much for coming here a lot has been happening in the world recently iran and israel for example have been exchanging very harsh words recently while there may be nothing new about that israel seems to be driving itself into some sort of self isolation should we expect
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any unreasonable steps from israel. i think you're right in saying that it's israel which is driving itself into international isolation and that shows in many ways one and perhaps the most dangerous aspect is the escalation of tension around it even preparations for an attack on iran this is a very dangerous and other aspect of the isolation is that israel the government of israel in its fight for the status quo is pushing the palestinians to assert themselves as a state and various international organizations they've already succeeded in you know sco this also is up to isolation for israel itself public opinion against israel and then the other situation you probably remember the incident where a bomber so cozy and a microphone it wasn't working they were rather unflattering comments from both sides are going to be for everyone else puts the emphasis on so cosy who said netanyahu was a liar but obama said they have to deal with him everyday things so obama was in no more flattering about netanyahu and so cozy was all this i think goes to show that
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israel's policy is not right and in my opinion totally wrong business so soon. there's also the so you do admit that it is possible that israel may attack iran. yes unfortunately i do but i really hope that it never happens because this may lead to very dangerous consequences which some say that the usa can. just waiting for a raft there was still its oil production capacity to start supplying oil to the world market after which the usa will clear israel to attack you don't say that's not quite correct if there's ever a strike on the road i think that iran will do everything to gain control of the situation in iraq and nobody knows how events in iraq are going to develop after right now iran has greater authority and influence in the shia community just as it says that you've said that israel has gradually been losing a significant part of itself once its broke its connections with turkey and egypt we all heard what president sarkozy and obama said about prime minister. moreover
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they're experiencing a local economic crisis what role do you see israel playing in the future. i believe that the best role for israel is to have a kind of leader that used to have historically like the prime minister who supported peace and was killed with a leader who would find a compromise settlement with palestine and syria it's important i mention syria as this is a matter that cannot be resolved with palestine oh do you do you believe that the fundamental problems of today's israel lie word that country's authorities. i certainly do it's also a matter of public opinion of course but the letter can change ticket present arab spring for instance it's absolutely obvious to me that it broke out in tunisia and egypt without any external preparation i don't share the opinion of those who believe it's been stirred up by americans or europeans and so on it was a spontaneous outrage a rebellion if you want
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a revolution as some put it but what's the health care and what future implications will it have and why i say that america has ever approached the arab states a combining their willingness to protect their national interests to this region with a certain romanticism which one has to be remembered to believe that the western democratic model could be transferred to an arabic country if that's what they really want to do she wanted. so. islam and democracy are incompatible it's not just a matter of islam it's also a matter of traditions and historical experience religion and mentality you cannot just export revolution or democracy to another country in this sense they're similar to trust guests who will so believe that they could just bring revolution to a country in spite of its local conditions even when it's situation wasn't suitable for it of course he's in charge of israel should be able to assess the situation soberly and to understand the danger of extremist activities of any kind be willing to find a peaceful solution based on a compromise with palestine and then with syria it's possible to reach
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a compromise in all very acute issues israel's security should certainly be discussed and backed with certain activities it could be done but most importantly what looking at this from happening on the one hand if the position of the israeli leadership has been striving to consolidate the status quo on the other hand the americans have been reducing their activity at this minute which is quite comprehensive as they want to take time out for the electoral period this time pre-election doesn't encourage the us presidents to work actively on the middle east settlement issue this pause on the part of americans is well grounded from their point of view of the various is a dangerous. it is very dangerous because as we've mentioned in the beginning there's the possibility of an israeli attack on iran the trends that have been developing code result in a strong escalation of pressure. what we saw is what there is also the subject of the arab spring that you said you don't believe there had been any external
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influence. no that's not what i said i said i don't believe it could all have been spurred by an outside influence. and that the end and then of course there was in forbes you can see it with your own eyes in libya and in other countries i was in washington at the moment when events in egypt and there was huge turmoil there i talked to madeleine albright and other of my thick skull leagues and they were quite taken off guard by those developments in egypt because mubarak used to be a pro western ruler he had always done what they thought was right he was against terrorism and extremist islamists the americans are still trying to gain control of the situation and retain the position which they used to have and which will give them a foothold for the future it's wrong to think it was america the world through the barack to museum president. mr primakov what looks most terrifying to me is the fact that and all those countries and egypt and libya and tunisia we now have muslim extremists in power when you so she'll know this isn't true you're
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wrong about that first of all it's a conglomerate of forces and i think that we can't be talking about a complete trial for is a best not to reach an easier nor in egypt as you begin to win some seats in the parliament perhaps even more than expected but we should keep in mind that various muslim organizations evolve with time the muslim brothers for example are not the same organization anymore as the one that wanted to overthrow will kill nasser some time back with the muslim brotherhood is different means of course there are extremists amongst them at the same time though i think that all this power of spring first has had an effect on islamic organizations as well because traditional islamic organizations in which it is here in egypt have become more moderate than ever. with them so it's a positive influence. in this respect there's a new craziness in the party the muslim brotherhood is creating in egypt they've announced that even christians can join the party the same time they're not talking
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about abolishing secular state and. using sharia norms it's a social and political life nobody's talking about it. but the new leaders in libya have declared that they are going to build a new state based on sharia law is it possible well some people might say that in libya libya is not egypt after all first of all the americans and all of us this wouldn't matter still haven't analyzed the and he could elfie forces and seen what they made up of this is just plain unprofessional after all it might have been some democratic group there displeased with gadhafi but mostly there are tribes you say well so you think libya is not going to become a fundamentalist islamic state. nobody knows when libya is going to recover from its chaos look at iraq for example it's been more than eight years and we still can't stabilize the situation the t.v. never stops reporting new casualties fifteen thirty every day in iraq explosions and so would have been so regular people used to. we start to think this is normal
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but it's chaos over eight and a half years of occupation have been nothing they could do in libya it's getting tougher so i don't think they've had much success in libya. according to levada center survey twenty five percent of russians believe good after he was killed for knowing too much well at any rate the u.s. media wrote that washington had discussed various actions regarding adolphe the mission of his life among others the cost of the course and finally we've been watching syria and it looks now like the un rest has receded and an election is coming up do you think when this election happens rush arlo's side can remain in power. i think in the case of a fair election he can remain in power and not many people actually think about the peculiarities of these events in the two countries libya syria the arab spring started with armed resistance to an existing regime and i want to stress the fact
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the question is who. gave them a devil i don't think everything is that simple in relation to either syria or libya and when i said earlier that those events were not prepared or interfered with from within iran and egypt and tunisia this certainly includes both train home to the united states fifth navy fleet they don't need any unrest there. can we say that syria has avoided the threat of military intervention by nato and so on. i believe so i don't think the west is prepared to take this action now without security council backing i think we're smarter now than at a time when the first security council resolution was adopted we will not adopt another resolution using vague terms which could be used for legitimizing these activities so i really don't think this is happening furthermore the arab league is very unlikely to support it. mr p. michael thank you very much for this interview you're welcome.
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a renaissance hotel ok grill suite grand pacific. in this room look she's available in some hotels and of various sort of in hotels or recently. a small protests that were off her sponsor us police move in to arrest occupy activists have big taken their cap a new york park ahead of an airtight corporate movement's two month anniversary. moscow steps up efforts to mediate peace in syria hosting members of the country's opposition urging them to hold talks with the assad regime. and british firms lined up to exploit libya's oil rich and gas reserves with lucrative contracts on offer from the national transitional government foreign investors have been going up to reap the rewards open the war since the ousting of former dictator moammar gadhafi . be back in a quarter hour with more about first union joins us with the latest on the world of sports and it could be now or never for the last remaining euro twenty twelve
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hopefuls yes indeed it certainly will be tonight nerves jangling all across europe we're going to see who has one foot in the door who could make it and who really doesn't have a chance in just a sec. if your company this is sports day we have got plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including the following. do or die time the last for euro two thousand and twelve places will be decided tonight with the crucial second leg kicking off in arlington montenegro on portugal. courtside to the court room the n.b.a. season looks in further jeopardy after appears again reject the n.b.a.'s latest offer and threaten a lawsuit results the show
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a. couple of legends the stars who made soviet ice hockey brightest take to the rink once again in moscow. we start with football where the final night of euro twenty twelve qualification kicks off later tonight the second leg of playoff action seeing four games including turkey's quest to overcome a three goal deficit a way to create. it all to do chance of clinching a place at next year's finals in poland and ukraine further diminished by the fact that for the first team are suspended for the clash the spiked up former russian military is full at least nick i'm not sure things this time out. i think and i'm sure that tomorrow's. which is conducive. to really will. will perform and will give it the most.
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maybe maybe maybe maybe to reach the unsinkable. bosnia and herzegovina are preparing to take on portugal in lisbon on tonight's after a goalless draw in the first leg it remains all to play for in the portuguese capital and although portugal will enter as big favorites the prize of a first ever major tournament place for the visitors will surely spur them on will again look too much sister city striker to make a grapefruit in front of goal while portugal with ronaldo and now me in attendance will also of course take some stopping in that. i'm sure that there will be goals today if someone would ask me the result will be to see reasons anita and i replies that i don't believe it because both teams have been tested forwards and bill seems player taken in open food will and i hold this beach allows us to play a fantastic match which we should barring an epic collapse the republic of ireland
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will be playing competitive football next summer giovanni trapattoni charges crush this story for neil and tell him last friday and they'll be hoping for more of the same in dublin this evening the home side's memories of losing out to france in the twenty ten world cup qualifying playoff still fresh cup and robbie keane also aware of how much qualification would mean to his native. it's amazing how you know results can give everyone a lift and certainly the whole country it's it's great to a sport can do that you know. is needed at the moment and if you come back after you know everyone who's in. good form you know looking forward to. the next the next few months and give the whole. the czech republic are aiming to continue their record of reaching every european championship final since czechoslovakia slipped into two countries in one nine hundred ninety three michael ballack side hold
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a two nil advantage over montenegro following the first leg of their play off campaign having never won a competitive match by a two goal margin montenegro world there for how to play against time have a chance in hell greta. nothingness finished years this is going to be a much tougher game they're playing at home they're prepared for anything and we will see what's going to happen during the match change for gold three silver and one bronze medal that's what russia's weightlifters brought home from the recent world championships in chorus and the most majority of that was from the women scored also setting three world records in france the men's results not quite up to that stunning standard had him or outs bringing home the sole gold for them but the bulk of the current russian national team will travel to london next summer for the olympic games oksana sylvain gets certain to be among them after winning the minus
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sixty nine kilogram category over the weekend i would like to think the russian federation and all those who provided us with the necessary training conditions and medals in paris but i think they were all thought a very important part of it without them we wouldn't have achieved our good results now the odds have shortened on there not being an n.b.a. season this year martin after players again rejected the league's latest financial offer calling it quote extremely unfair and quote the players' union threatening to bring their concerns to the courts. a lot of individual players have a lot of things personally a stake in terms of their careers and where they stand and right now they feel is important and we all feel it's important to all of our players not just the ones in this room but our entire group. not only try and get a deal done for it's a day before the body of n.b.a. players that will come it's obviously over the next decade and beyond and so going
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forward the collective bargaining process will not be the way as players this process continues for us and we will allow our legal team to really lead the charge . and hopefully at some point. assist us in getting a deal done. that is fair it's our entire bottle. yeah lots of big names with lots of free time on their hands there let's stay stateside were reaming champions the green bay packers remain the solong defeated team in american football quarterback are in rodgers and cole burley breaking a sweat in monday night's encounter with minnesota rodgers looking to put up plenty of points as usual and help his side improve to a league best nine wins no losses record the milton with great moves after the catch vicious stiff on knocking dion cedric griffin that swore putting the packers twenty four zero up and threw water. leaked into the crowd afterwards a time honored tradition for the puck rogers spreading the field out with five
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receivers next maneuvering just in the off the finals and again in the one that was late on in the quarter twenty five seven the final score against the helpless vikings the holder still very much the team to beat. boxing where near cam is aiming for a december to remember the briton seeks to retain his w.p.a. and i'd be f. super welterweight belts against lamont peterson the champion will fight in his opponent's native washington d.c. on the tenth in a match up of two men who have lost just wants proves little time for their twenty four year old count to show for it for the cameras with veteran trainer freddie roach keeping him on his toes twenty seven will peterson though still he will ruin comes plans to reign supreme over the like roster with the vision the champ holds a record of twenty six wins one loss while peterson who was once homeless in washington before meeting it was a boxer a real rags to riches story that can boast
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a twenty nine wins one loss and one true career to date. no danger is only lost one fight in his whole career he fights so losses are all. test for me i'm going to go in there and do i do best i'm focused and i nor good job behind and hopefully get just by the way and not. when describing when in a good style they will to be going backwards. should fights finally to ice hockey where it was a case of blasts from the past this weekend in the russian capital a couple of legends gathering together those who dominated the game in salvi a times robert fripp down in what's the veterans just on their sticks and on into the brick. their speed and explosiveness might have begun but their skills and competitive spirit are always there. the couple legends hello moscow over the weekend saw the brightest stars of soviet hockey presenting to scar the number sparked up and the vs back on the ice and the eagle
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a great jubilee the first soviet championships was held in one thousand nine hundred forty six within a moscow claiming the first ever a massacre title and says the second sixty five years later the ice is still but we're constantly scattered darby always been like that even before the game or sail. and since i remember i was a kid. for the army and. was a huge driver so what i think was short and i am saying here is how the army man opened the scoring with it in mission netting from an incredibly narrow angle i do not know what we call level measure is the live but the jet ski question in to make it one one. cisco responded to. build one of the greatest fans from an old time i just love because of getting his side delete.
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the helping veterans get around by. getting fines for it and i'll bet it's very much still a tough rivalry with no excuses when everybody fights to the engine is just time around it was a draw thanks that's the way we can do it all times and check out how much we still have to offer. it's always nice when a. group of veterans get together and order organize tournaments like this it's nice to see all full france and you know play for the people who come to the stadium are fortunate enough to make their own selves but i understand that i still . to get you to give the guy something given the stuff stars of the past week that still have this stuff holy in the prison. earthy still. they have still got the news i'm not it's all your sports not whether it's next.
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twenty years ago the largest country. to. have been trying. to teach began a journey. where to take the. all
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