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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 8:02am-8:30am EST

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activists didn't resist some tied themselves to trees and there was a video that's been seen and shown in the film of some of their resisting octave is being manhandled by the police least seventy people thus far have been arrested and some eye witnesses say that sound cannons were used by the n.y.p.d. to try to evacuate anybody any of the occupy activities that were resisting to leave the park or the city says that activists will be allowed back in the park after it's cleared out but that they will not be allowed to bring in tents tarps for sleeping bags and clearly making this circumstance a lot more difficult for for the activists to occupy the park with the winter weather approaching but for now hundreds if maybe it maybe not thousands of activists have marched about nine blocks north to our place called police square
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and that is where unions are reportedly good will be showing up to join protesters so if anything this have this is maybe rallied more support for the for the for the movement but at the same time it has been a huge blow for more perspective on this what's go live to occupy activist alexei o'brien live in new york thanks for being with us so you are in the park when the police started their raid what did you see happen. actually i was i was on pine and broadway i got the sort of notification that the park was being raided at about two am and i raced down to occupy wall street but the blocks like sort of two blocks. to leave the park was blockaded and we were blocked from zuccotti by about a two block grammar around the park. and what did you see i mean what kind of what i saw was essentially wall to wall we stand cops in riot gear.
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i've never seen so many cars in my entire life every single parking spot was taken out and all around wall street i mean on september seventeenth you know the n.y.p.d. blockaded and occupied wall street and essentially you know they had mounted cops on wall street. and you couldn't really get anywhere near zuccotti so there was about a mass of five hundred people that ended up accumulating at pine and broadway and they were eventually just first by a rush on the part of the n.y.p.d. towards them what's been the reaction from you when the other activists and you plan for any kind of resistance or anything like that well activists is a funny word to me most most these people actually aren't activists they're just normal ordinary citizens and i'm not an activist i'm a citizen yes certainly resistance can dissent yes i mean i think that americans have no choice try to essentially raise these grievances with government because our government has been controlled by factions you know every institution of
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society from the press to the civic square to our elections are controlled by you know dominant factions that are essentially you know creating a myriad ills and abuses of a government that preys on the resources and the spirits of citizens. and some of the leaders have faced criticism for some of the tactics that they've used have you been surprised by the way they've been gone about trying to dismantle what are. peaceful protests or have relations with the police been up to this point what they're doing is essentially tyrannical i'm not surprised by it because you know the citizens and prevented from exercising their right to peaceable assembly in new york city and across the nation because the forces stablish to serve and protect civil society now justifies an increased budget with you know armaments using the war on terror as a sort of rationale for those increased budgets and many of these forces have become you know like the the n.y.p.d.
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and become essentially counter intel paramilitary forces so i'm not surprised you know when you think about just a couple months ago it was reported that the police commissioner had confirmed that a cia officer was even working out of these headquarters i mean this is the state of democracy in our you know in this is the state of our democratic republic it is in decay you know up to this point i mean do you think the police have been patient and respectful of the protesters up till this point it appears as though the police including mayor bloomberg at the top of the administration have been very tolerant of the protesters staying in the park and being allowed to use the facilities. what a tolerant of the protesters this is not a permission granted by some kind of overlord for the first amendment you know we're talking whether or not you know even the public agrees or disagrees citizens united states have the right to peaceable assembly now you know what the strategy
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of the marriage is with regards to zuccotti park i mean obviously his. you know his his his girlfriend is on the board of that property. you know i'm a founder of an organization that interest original called occupy wall street and we suggested that the public sidewalk was a far stronger assertion of first amendment rights but the easement laws in new york you know now that this sort of activity has sort of developed and mature it's not a black and white issue so we don't need permission from the u.s. government or from any law enforcement official to peaceably assemble to address government with our grievances what do you think is going to happen on thursday we were hearing reports that there will be a mass march then. i think that that this continued brutality on the part of the cops especially coming at two am you know not a lot even arresting you know members of the press not allowing any of the press to film what was going on i think that it's essentially going to create a war dissent in this country because this is not an ideological protest this is
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a protest that is based on people actually experiencing the consequences of a government that preys on the resources and the spirits of citizens. how long do you think we expect the occupy protests to continue. it depends i mean we when we talk about new york city you know just in general the occupy protests as a concept is this going to shutdown going to be the end of it in places like new york in oakland or do you think it's going to keep building as a movement and continue on. you can't arrest an idea you know occupy to me individually is the civic square in america and i doubt americans are going to continue to allow our civic square to be taken from us it belongs to the citizens more will be revealed all right we'll look forward to that brian occupy activist thanks for joining us from new york thank you so much we're keeping an eye on this story on the nationwide standoff between the occupy protesters and police for the
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video on the protests log on to our you tube. following developments from the scene visit her twitter page to get the latest information and updates first. moscow's hosting high profile members of syria's opposition in the latest attempt to urge them toward talks with the assad regime this is a day after the kremlin criticized western countries for backing syrian regime forces in attempts to overthrow president bashar al assad latest on this from
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people all over outside the foreign ministry. has been trying to bring both sides in syria to the table for months now what's the significance of this latest push. well what we've heard from the syrian opposition delegation today is very interesting indeed they've said this they would like to see a u.n. resolution place now this u.n. resolution would not be a resolution allowing any. intervention not is something that they are vehemently against. they share that stance with russia this would be a u.n. resolution allowing observers on the ground in the country and allowing observers to to see what's going on at the embattled cities that are still under siege in syria now they also said that they would continue to keep on calling for the resignation the stepping down of president bashar al assad and they called on the
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international community to help with us they don't want as they said they don't want any foreign military intervention but they are calling on the nations of the world to ask assad and tell assad to step down now they said as a glimmer of hope of getting people to a table to discuss things and talk the situation out they said that they were willing to negotiate with anybody whose hands were not a bloodied. in their own words essentially the long and short of it seems to be that the syrian opposition here in moscow today are willing to talk which is not to assad. we have said that we want to give a political solution to the crisis a chance and this is also the demand of the syrian people therefore we are calling on those countries that want a peaceful outcome to put pressure on the president to step down we do want to prevent any military involvement in the syrian crisis and to prevent a repetition of the libyan scenario we are in favor of a peaceful solution through negotiations. appears as though president assad's been
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backed into a corner running out of allies even among his neighbors and in the arab world what impact is all this happening. well that's right on saturday the arab league announced that they were going to suspend syria from their organization now that suspensions expected to be rubber stamp today meeting on wednesday in morocco this really leaves assad on syria alone in the arab world we heard from the king of jordan king of. saying this if he was in assad's position that he would be considering stepping down himself. the news they say syria had be would be suspended from the arab league was greeted with dismay here in russia his foreign minister sergei lavrov saying that it was counterproductive to an ongoing discussions of peace and to getting people to the table to talk this out saying this by suspending syria from the arab league that they give the opposition in
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protests to try and implement regime change instead of trying to talk this out and finding a peaceful solution now the news that syria would be suspended from the arab league coolest thousands of people to take to the streets of damascus and other cities across the country protesting against this we saw some protests outside of the embassies of saudi arabia and qatar two nations which voted to suspend syria for all middle east the people of syria and damascus saying clearly thinking that the suspension olf syria from the arab league not the way to bring about peace in the country right artie's peter all the live in moscow thanks for that report. britain is in pole position to take the lion's share of the spoils of libya's vast postwar oil reserves london city executives have been offered lucrative oil and gas contracts as the national transitional council is touting business opportunities to
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foreign investors archy's laura smith has more from london. the effort to topple gadhafi was an effort that was initially led by the u.k. and also france and the u.k. sent in its air force and it also used its navy to make a naval blockade around libya and now the national transitional council in libya is saying that its friends will be rewarded and these are not just words we've seen a couple of trips in the last two weeks or so earlier this month the u.k. department of trade and industry ledge of working party to libya to have a look around see what needed doing what needed rebuilding and now the national transitional council has come to london to hold a meeting with top city business executives to drum up interest of what they're calling massive opportunities in. libya so what we're seeing really is this direct correlation between participation in the effort to oust gadhafi and contracts that
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are awarded afterwards we know that libya has the biggest oil reserves in africa but this seems to give more fuel to that argument seems to make it more obvious that the constant professions of this humanitarian goals seem to have been made a mockery of by this and as someone said to me last week we form you know we destroyed and now we get the contract to rebuild the place and that there is this seemingly direct correlation as i say and we also heard at the time of reports of evidence of faltering before nato even got involved in this we've heard reports that the national transitional council told the french that if they sent in their war planes then the libyans eventually would awards to tell the french or company thirty five percent of all contracts up for grabs and for the u.k. of course which which is looking like it could be one of the main players in this this is turned out to be excellent business estimates vary as to how much the the war cost the u.k.
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but it was sort of settled around tough a billion dollars now and now we're looking at thirty billion dollars in contracts up for grabs over the next ten years so it certainly looks like an excellent investment. stay with us here on archy's still to come the radio station with something of an enigmatic message. that sound like much but this bizarre noise has sparked interest among radio enthusiasm around the world we take a look at what it could mean and where it's coming from in a few minutes. turning first to some other stories making headlines across the globe are reporting the u.s. drone strike in pakistan's north was near a standard region has built six suspected militants intelligence officials say the drone fired two missiles on an alleged insurgent base in the miranshah area the u.s. claims several groups linked to assaults against nato forces in afghanistan are located in that region pakistan's tribal areas have been hit by more than sixty u.s.
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drone strikes since the start of the year. and maoist rebels in west bengal india have called off a month long cease fire the group says they're fighting for the country's indigenous tribal people in rural poor i would to continue to stand against the government until all anti maoist operations stopped a truce started in october after the group held peace talks with the government appointed mediators. radioactive material in northeastern japan has exceeded levels considered safe for farming a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered an explosion at the fukushima power plant in march that allowed nuclear radiation to leak into surrounding areas food production in the region is likely to be severely affected by the high levels of contamination. moscow's sacked former mayor u.-t. luzhkov has been interrogated by the russian interior ministry over the case of around a half billion dollars thought to have been embezzled from the bank of moscow two
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years ago the case also involved involves a loose cobbs high profile wife russia's richest woman who allegedly evaded the investigation is currently abroad or he's jacob greaves has been following developments. earlier this day we had four mayor yuri luzhkov arriving in the building behind me upon the request of the interior ministry to ask the questions there is a witness to give evidence now that last about four and a half hours and after he left he did promise to return again for further questioning in the future of this case here also seeking to question his wife elena bitter in a case actually dates back to two thousand and nine and then city hall for shares in the bank of moscow for just under half a billion dollars investigators say that a hefty part of that sum will then siphoned off disguised as a loan to probe the s.j.c. they claim is a bogus company and they actually arrived they say in the account of elaina but her and her private and personal accounts so far she has denied any wrongdoing in this
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matter yuri luzhkov lawyers became today said that a new best gate has been appointed to look into the actions of the dealings of bank of moscow at this time in two thousand and nine overall so said that in the future that really should remain only as a witness in this case and nothing else luzhkov who resigned in power for eighteen years preside over a long period change in the capital as well with a massive construction to that ten year old came to an end just last year september on the back of allegations of corruption and really has poured so far in or completion after person expressed they no longer trusted. to rule over moscow turned out for her part well she's described as force of russia's richest woman she's also actually amassed a fortune as a real estate tycoon jury in those days of course because struction booms are two very prominent people people still very interested in what they have to say. a
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mysterious radio broadcast coming from somewhere in russia has kept frequency followers puzzled for decades hidden transmitter just broadcasts a strange series of beeps and buzzes stopping only to announce names in a russian it leaves some wondering what purpose it actually serves in all of tunes in. this sound has been gripping the imagination of radio spotters worldwide for over three decades. the u.v.b. seventy six also known as the was our. first aroused my interest because it is so strange personally i think it's a legacy device that's been left over from the late seventy's or eighty's. the military operations at the time its original has been forgotten.
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the sea is been going like this since the start whenever that was. sometimes the wiser stops in a mail robotic like voice lists names and numbers in russian. and he is the soviet union's and now russia's contact with spies or even civilizations from other worlds. he has been a radio fantasy since his childhood he's also had his share of the buzzer but his explanation of his purpose is much more down to earth. with this sort of connection stream a reliable it will shut down in case of a large nuclear explosion but only for a few hours it's not dependable anything that's why it's still widely used today by the army the idea is pretty simple a military a radio station sends out the buzzer which is received by other army bases by stopping the buzzer operator signals that a command called of letters and numbers is about to be broadcast and when the
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transmission is complete the buzzer sounds on again you just lost said moscow's radio spot in community nor were the signal used to come from a base outside of the capital but this is what we saw there and this man is the only living soul we could find. on the spot he used to work at the beach and still lives in the village nearby. a little but it is used to be one of the best units in the country but two years ago we received an order to shut it down when we were told it consumed too much energy there is also another similar unit it still operate this could be that the legendary budget used to be out of this building and with the signal coming from now it looks like we won't be able to find any signs of that mysterious transmitter here because the equipment was literally ripped out of the walls and floors of the building when the base was shut down but some things
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are actually still here like the journal with the last entry dating back to me two thousand and nine. but the sound is still there were ever it's coming from. boise through the radio ether as if it has. a simple technology that's conquered the minds of thousands. of. moscow. some are baffled by receiving mysterious radio transmissions others are concerned what they might be sending out because they can't know who is necessarily listening in porto online big brother taxi is to make its debut in the british city of oxford as the city council orders all licensed cabs to be equipped with c.c.t.v. cameras book courting both audio and video plus.
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more on our top story the occupy movement and the musician who performed the anti-corporate protest anthem for barack obama and apec leaders during a dinner in hawaii all that and more. in a few minutes we take a look at the race for seats in russia's parliament but first the business news with dmitri. thanks matt top officials from the world's leading gas exporting countries are meeting in doha between them they hold a more than two ferd's of the world's gas reserves and their summits aimed at bouncing the interests of both producers and consumers another discussion of
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similar topics is underway in moscow at the annual gas of russia forum business out sees many in the course of his following. some of the main issues so far have been pricing innovation and competition it's no secret that many european countries are dissatisfied right now with russia's gas because it links its import rights to oil prices and many believe that given the current market conditions russia should rethink its pricing of formula at the same time today ministers. are considered returning to apply swing to oil to save long term gas contracts russia's energy minister who is in qatar right now outlined his main concerns for us. firstly it's the supremacy of the law. and will stick to it in future secondly it's the principle of linking natural gas prices to oil. we believe that natural gas. crude because natural.
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energy demand is skyrocketing around the world. and also germany wants it abandons nuclear energy it will need to build new power stations worth around fifteen a billion dollars and russia's energy minister already said that russia is prepared to finance that large scale. we also heard from the vice president of gas. energy demand expect that. in the next twenty years there will need an extra two hundred billion cubic meters of gas and that additional lives may have to build gas pipeline when it comes to the immediate future gas from has already forecast an increase in european cells around eight per cent and of course will be more volumes now with a newly launched the north stream gas pipeline so it's a really essential for gas iron out its differences with its european counterparts
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. on this move from gas to. trading nearer to speculation that europe will. struggle to contain it's that crisis providing some support for prices right spectators that a report by the u.s. energy department due out on wednesday may show declining fuels in the u.s. light sweet is down thirty eight cents brant is actually up twenty cents but their european markets are low as euro zone debt worries once again weighing in on the best is and all eyes are on the rising spanish and italian bond yields footsies down a percent the dax is down one point nine percent declines on the dax are led by deutsche bank and i'm sure. they're moscow the markets are down also with the one point two percent lower than my six hollow percent know so the situation has improved since we last looked at it still banks some of the biggest losers with burbank declining almost a percent make up the vast here's a low up around two percent that's despite reporting
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a boost of net profit to why five and a half times of poor russian accounting standards quarrel is also down half a cent on the world. that's all for now the headlines are next with that do stay with us.
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five thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlights peaceful protest but a rough response to your.


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