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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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five thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlights peaceful protest but a rough response to us police move in to arrest occupy activists making their camp a new york park had to be anti corporate movement's two month anniversary. moscow steps out efforts to mediate peace in syria hosting members of the country's opposition urging them to hold talks with the assad regime. the british for lining up to exploiting libya's original oil and gas reserves but lucrative contracts on offer from the national transitional government foreign investors have been queuing to reap the rewards of war since the ousting the former dictator moammar gadhafi.
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the battle to win votes next month for a place in russia's parliament is underway this time it's tougher than ever r.t. for years now from party leaders and weighs their chances in stopping. well look. it's technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got this huge earth covered. with. hello again to walk into the spotlight they interview shout on our team i'm out there who are going to they were talking about russian politics they were actually town pain i was officially kicked off in russia seven properties will be
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fighting for seats in the state duma the lower chambre of the russian part of the general election will take place under several folks and this time it may be quite different the m.p. is well served for five years instead of four and the pressure of the candidates have to overcome has been raised making the struggle tens and more entries over the course of the campaign spotlight will give you ideas new competency to hear from leaders pumped all the parties first up today is unbelievable not the leader of the right cause. of. russia's most famous shopping mall symbol the cliff faces the kremlin money and paulo have always gone hand in hand the soviet regime however so the to grow were pods now the business is back its claim and each share of this isn't making these days the right schools political party describe in itself a sprawl business is fighting for seats in the state duma the right whose political
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party was born three years ago as a result of really a group parties none of which managed to cross the seven percent threshold again this. seat in the two thousand and seven state duma election almost immediately after the party emerged it wasn't ruled in a scandal as they anticipated handover small scale region branch new guinea chinch market phone of a major move while phone retailing in russia flew at the country after criminal charges were brought against him the first major political test of the right was the moscow city do my lection in it too but two thousand and nine the party failed to get any seats it was not until the some of the the party became the focus of media attention it was when one of russia's richest businessman and owner of the new jersey nets basketball team anyhow croaker of became the party's leader however in september right whose party members voted to oust the tycoon live in
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a town so voters possible go over a decision taken just three months before the election the party's leader now is under a deny for had been hot of the executive committee of the right cause since those days of the party's existence. as a wrestler mr deny it thank you for joining us today first of all could you explain to our viewers does the word rights in the right title mean opposites of the left's more of their proper isn't the right thing to do. it stands for both the right thing to do and the right wing politically. according to you i quote stagnation is very likely to happen in the country you said yourself but you were willing to leave the country if you were reluctant to send your children to a russian school what is the reason behind this hopelessness there's no hopelessness on the contrary on leading our right course party into the state duma
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to ensure that people like me would not feel hopeless but would rather leave a more confident unstable life in this country what i would want to see in russia is not the c.u. to stability something that often used as a euphemism for the word stagnation rather want to see a developing country russia should be a developing country should you believe that your presence in this the duma would drastically change the situation. would give us a platform to infer the situation this doesn't mean we will be able to bring about a complete overhaul with almost back to when the majority in the state duma will form a faction that will seriously compete with that of the ruling party for instance but we would have the platform and deride to put forward our legislative initiatives so if there is a feature of the russian spirit. i think it was the seat of history do mother parliament or the kremlin so that we have the opportunity to simplemente our
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creative ideas or we will move abroad can the people do it on their own without a platform like that. wait a minute where are the kind of a political party that unites people who are willing to change things our party and i don't just mean myself is the only group that consists of absolutely new people otherwise none of the political leaders present in the states. duma have been able to make a difference over the past twenty two years. i don't mean their record has been that. there were a lot of things done but now the time has come for new blood because we've seen the same faces for twenty five years that would. mean stability what's wrong with that stability is great but people get older and all kinds of things can happen to them so what comes next will their apologies be just banded because they've always been one leader part is that's not right or the way out party doesn't have
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a single leader it's all about a team sharing the same political views in the well is going to stem from your election campaign and the one that had been known before you threw the helm of the party. people that's right cause you know it's want to second place following the party in power or else they will leave the country. sounds like a bad ideology according to the official statistics one point five thousand people have been moving abroad from our country daily this really trains packed with people leave daily there's only one way to start this process that is to ensure these people are in demand here mainly is the most successful and self-sufficient individuals that i don't mean the wealthiest i mean those who don't have the opportunity to apply their skills and talents here due to some obstacles we can certainly take to a policy of just letting them google the development of every society depends on the most active part of the population. and i'm part of this generation i'm one of
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the class of these self-sufficient people. so i emphasize again it's not the wealthy but rather self-sufficient people who basically have everything they need. we can probably afford buying a new car every three years and sending children to private schools here in russia and doing other things but people like me cannot leave without an opportunity to climb the. social ladder in a situation where you can gain access to power through one party only that. this situation is not acceptable for us or both of them and. the party carries springboard for you personally no it's not as you know i became a member with sleeper ship as soon as i joined it but once again for me this party is an association of like minded people who help me and all of us to do what we think is necessary in russia people don't like the regions well known facts and even foreigners are aware of what groups do you expect to support you. as i said
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even you mention them it's exactly of those who sit at homes and often talk of leaving the country along with their families. for those who stand firm on their feet and do not discuss possible migration but you don't see any prospects or a chance for any further prospects for themselves as well as for the children this group of citizens should come and vote for us i think those who seriously intend to leave the country will not go to tool is they're not interested in it but those among you who are willing to stay i would rather vote for the ruling party. you know let's give them the right to make their own choice right i think the main point is to get people to both of. us i agree with you on this one eventually it's less important what party they vote for but they should always have the right to say that they have voted on not voted for one party or another. do you expect in the december election i think sixty to seventy percent of the most sixty to seventy percent is that what your analysis shows yes i have
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a quote of yours on the situation as policy earlier this year we wanted a leader for our policy our ideas and views ahead of the stadium or election campaign going to guarantee the accuracy of his quotes so that's what i have here i want you to call it essentially the rights of illegals choice over to someone else on the top like their presidential administration so to speak. is the first of all the party didn't actually hand this ride to the presidential administration it's just the job of the latter to contact all registered parties and perhaps even non-registered ones too but there are only seven registered parties today any of them draws the attention of the country's leaders rather than the presidential administration i want to stress this fact it is obviously the president gives certain tasks to the administration and the administrations officials are obliged to fulfill them. secondly breve background information says that the party has been operating for three years only it's made up of three parties had the point of its
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foundation there was a tree in very top political leaders who had to make all political and management decisions unanimously. but in terms of their personality they were absolutely different certainly they all shared liberal views which meant there were no not ideological contradictions between them. their personalities apply different and it was very difficult or virtually impossible to make any management decisions if this situation was good when the party was just found it and all three parties were equal in the integration process. but once they were united definitely the pattern had to change and we were expecting to see just one person heading the party i stress it wasn't meant to be a single leader but rather a formal leader because. we expected for it to take place in the summer of twenty ten however it didn't happen then for various reasons or.
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is it true that we discussed in the candidacy of mr could bring the then finance minister because i believe so i didn't participate in those talks though i believe it was so according to media reports and my own guessing and implicit comments by certain individuals mr baez discussed this matter with the president but it's quite possible that mr putin's candidacy was not supported by his superior of the time prime minister. who. proposed to make mr prosser of the party's leader. as if he were about to start the election campaign and we realize that our triumvirate would not be helpful if not harmful for us mr prothero for made his proposal and we responded immediately and certainly his candidacy was recommended if not approved by the president as well as prime minister but at our first meeting we did a standard mistake we didn't ask him whether he here really supported liberal views
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or right wing views. we just assumed that since he had achieved that much in the country he would want to keep all his achievements and leave the party so i think less than your model unfortunately that was a mistake. it was the proper for the mistake yes we'll talk about that in the minutes just to remind you that i'm the only real leader of the right political party is my guest for sure. all right we'll be back in a minute or so after a break so stay with us though. twenty years ago i just country. the sorts of places.
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you can adjust. where to take. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. streets play at. least in chance a good chance to choose seems to get a book makes the status of the human experiment to explode with the weeks you will see this rap music in which it snows to be trying to make sense of global economy and it's all changed things as financial tips. to maintain our confidence in markets and beyond wants to be seen trade imbalances recession looks to be the nation's close to collapsing the subprime loan foreclosed homes. to fail simple
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a basic in feel like thing is us crash seven in smashed ceiling is this close to the classes in athens greece the i.m.f. puts me on just programs increase the total economy. welcome back to spotlight time i'll do you know i've been just a reminder that my guess. and there is one very good i have the leader of the right political party. this one mr benoit the last thing you said before the break was
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the choosing nico proper of the party's leader was a mistake i think that was both his and your mistake i mislike it was also the mistake of the presidential restraint as this whole affair was called united with this many people tend to believe the brain saw a procrit intrigue both his emergency and his removal was part of a plan masterminded by the kremlin what devilish plan yes they think that we can traverse was deliberately staged from beginning to end do you believe that no i don't believe it indeed there had been consultations between mr broker of and myself in the presidential administration but the concern routine issues and never went outside the scope of general information. you see that's one of the tasks so that ministration to be updated on where the various political parties stand and what their election agendas are. it is a no win then to impose any opinions in this case mr prosser of the nomination was you knew vocally in bridge by the administration. that as for the developments that ensued have a demonstration had no c.
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played no role in ousting protheroe from the party leadership there is a people that had almost unanimously elected profer of as the party leader in june . in september also next unanimously. obviously the administration could never have influenced the vote of so many delegates. you have surprisingly discipline ponson members they voted for proffer of winter also then they voted to merits when they would still choose a bad guy. so what have you done wrong i mentioned he could have fallen out of the kremlin people that's how could he have says an entire party ok when i discussed mr prosser of right now of course if you find that interesting we're discussing your party members so was this a really high level of party discipline. in the situation was very simple instead of can. position the right course as a liberal or at least a right wing party is a broker of decided to position himself rather than the party as a political one with different views which definitely weren't liberal but you know
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whether that was made explicit by his staffing choices by that we were often hestia and grounded in those he dismissed a thousand three hundred members from the party in petersburg with a single stroke of pen. closer to the end of his chairmanship is singlehandedly the sole the regional party branch involved formally was dissolved by the parties federal political council but in fact the council never issued such a resolution it was falsified there is one more thing that i have to tell you although i don't mean to accuse brock of himself but rather the people he had appointed they started extorting money from prospective nominees for the election you can say they offered the party ballot for sale naturally all the party members didn't like that so the message was if you want to be you a member of parliament with our party just put up the money absolutely right thing
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by the way program himself invested heavily in the call and see as far as i know you've returned almost all that money so how you going to raise money now we are definitely very short of money now besides the party is now in a tight spot in terms of organization the regional branch is the proper of has dissolved are reluctantly returning to the party and far from all of them are willing to come back we have less money now but we still have don't need it and i'd like to emphasize that they support the party's ideology rather than a particular only garc however their contributions are certainly a long shot from the best ones the proper if is a billionaire you're also a very rich person and you also commit your personal money i'm not a rich person i'm rather independent but i'm not really rich so you do donate your own money you know i can put up my own money but there's no point in discussing that by the way my company had also invested in the party long. before mr prothero joined there by the end of the day that is not the money that can provide for election campaign. how much can muster one hundred two hundred or five hundred
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thousand rubles a cost so. as far as i know when you graduated from the university or ten years ago and i first university the first one you went to work on for b.f. is we did working for the f.s.b. appealed to you back then i want majors stones and you career later on. i choose my first university because i love the profession is the age of fourteen i constantly tinkered with my father's car i was full of mathematics mechanics and automobiles i like that but i also had another sacred dream i had always wanted to be in the military my father was a serviceman and this is so happened that after the university i was offered a contract with the federal security service at the time i actually went in for martial arts so which was a sports related occupation my wife subsequently took another tour and. my f. is b. career being a senior criminal investigator tenuously i was starting to get
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a law degree investigating various trials was a unique experience for a young man like me i still consider myself young now but back then it was all the more an insightful experience what made me quit the f.s.b. i think it was the realisation by the time that i had a family to support i didn't want to take bribes or get an additional job i simply wanted to make enough to sustain a family which after the salaries at the time did not provide for was what about now does it as we work allowed to simply having i don't know how it's now they say there is no such thing as a former if it's be agent it's not an exaggeration it was this my service record testifies that i'm a reservist all right you're just like mr putin you're graduated from university did not flawless you join the f.s.b. now you're in politics. your major milestones are somewhat similar to his own play that's a confusing comparison and pushing is also one of cause if you notice especially soviet vintage vehicles like the projects of older well this is not intended
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similarity was it your love of sport that prompted you to make tennis player returns a number three in your politics she's not the most successful tennis player in russia or the georgian last name to boot. actually her last name is a perfect illustration or parties stance on the issue with this city among others in essence we may have the various ethnic groups in russia but we don't really have an issue with this city it has been falsely inflated and the fact that america does is on our list it proves that we don't care about ethnic origin. i would nothing against danny i know her personally she's a very nice girl that she would but she's not a politician why do you need her as number three just to have a phase in your campaign cost is definitely how i am prone to criticize myself for being entrenched because i've already been in politics with three years but arnie's new to politics where positioning ourselves as a party of new people in politics and is not just p.r. most of us are indeed freshman to really think that's how it would work as an m.p.
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if she gets elected i think so what choice has she got to remember that in the previous election many celebrities with campaign for certain policy would confess they wouldn't actually work in parliament once elected. that all parties strongly against using celebrities as campaign last carts well that is why we don't do business with parties that resort to such practices i won't name the party everybody knows what i mean. but you do your shame go off as far as i know in your election commercial you shoot off representatives of other parties that is the communists you know i'm wrong if you play billiards against them this is the right image. anyway we don't welcome the so-called locomotives everybody we have on our policy list will work in the state do. they win a seat and arnie's ready to work your share of the votes you expect to win i do hold that we will manage the seven percent threshold we're trying our best running
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on the conditions of yes it's another restaurant in or a full fledged faction and how much is this drop in seeing is it five percent yes so what was previously used to be a vote threshold is now a strapon thing if you support a seven percent barrier you will have a fraction of all rights in the beginning if you interview you clearly define your position to the general good words about the need to create conditions for people to stay in the country nope not in europe it seems is for them what is it that you do like about putin advantage and they seem we don't like illusions that are being imposed on society what's the main illusion which the kremlin is imposing on me and its stability very serious insights because there's no stability in the essence of stability is one thing moreover it's a period of stagnation in the country and there is a possibility of a total economic standstill in the worst sense of this word we're going to have problems with translation because knavish stagnation also means standstill. control sorry i didn't think about that. i knew that i was strong in your opinion people in
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russia like stability it's good i've said there is an illusion of stability in russia west around by illusions we have a jury parliament which is not a defacto place for discussions we have a jury public chamber of which we don't need to facto because it's superseding the parliament we should have decent representatives of our society we have an illusion that there is an army this is one hundred percent illusion because inflatable tanks are the only thing that has left of that army they have some a bit exaggerating we probably have some kind of armed forces now but they are in a desperate state many people accuse me and all the democrats of ruining the russian armed forces but it's not us who did that the armed forces were destroyed in the early nineties by people who discredited liberal. dia's in russia but as for me i consider myself a liberal but i also feel sorry for russia that it has lost all its naval bases abroad. they know if i'm not mistaken couldn't used to be the greatest liberal in
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the government and he was the one who opposed the various plans to spend more money on defense this is a kind of a vicious circle that there could be others and you go i'm not even talking about increasing defense spending they need to steal less corruption in the government defense order amounts to seventy percent is just horrible corruption levels are higher than in road construction in fact what we need to do is to increase control over this money so far we've only heard empty talk we're also talking about that because we don't have an opportunity to organize parliamentary control over how this money is being spent fighting for it we need to optimize military spending rather than cutting it and that was called and said i'm not saying that we should increase defense spending and simply raise the sellers of servicemen on one's bare word no that wouldn't be right we simply need to take an optimized and balanced approach thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that right yes i'm a show today was and they do that if the leader of the right calls political party
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and that's it for now for all of us here if you are and have yourself probably just got there like spotlight we'll be back with more first and comments on what's going on outside russia until then stay on r.t. and take it it as .
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