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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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politics annoyed peaceful protests with the rough response u.s. police move into arrest occupy activists a victim there comes to the new york party head of the on the corporate movement two month anniversary. moscow steps up its efforts to mediate a diplomatic deal in syria hosting members of the country's opposition urging them to hold talks with the government. reaping the rewards of war british firms lined up to exploit libya's rich oil and gas through its lucrative contracts on offer from the front situational government.
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it's midnight here in moscow you're watching r t with me kevin oh in our top story the birthplace of the anti corporate occupied movement in new york has been raided and cleared out by police hundreds of protesters have been camped out in zuccotti park for two months have been evicted officers reportedly use force to kick out some of the activists with eyewitnesses suggesting pepper sprayed tear gas was used for storage is removed all the tents citing health and safety concerns the protesters say that's just an excuse to sabotage a massive demonstration the plan for thursday night is metaphor not related. here to the mayor michael bloomberg says the first amendment protects free speech but not use sleeping bags and camps to occupy a park and this is why the billionaire mayor says that when he returned she zuccotti park they could not bring any up their tents charts or sleeping bags however the lawyers. or the occupy activists say
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a word order has been issued to allow protesters to green. their tents back to zuccotti park forty two records of york city. said that mayor bloomberg the show cause for the big occupy wall street protesters from the park early tuesday morning when hundreds of these officers dozens of them clad in bright pierre moved into zuccotti park it was somewhat of a secret suite the activists for not foot notified and they knew of this when the cops came in with flood lights and sirens and demanded that all of those occupiers that have been living there about two hundred or so leave immediately and remove their property from the park which i did but it misses he's soft spots using pocket knives to cut open the tennis kids or people were sleeping and yelling for them to
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get out many of the protesters did leave peacefully many of them were shocked they didn't realize what was happening hundreds of cops were surrounding them but other activists did resist some tie themselves to trees there was a video that's been seen and shown in the film of some of their resisting arctic is being manhandled by the police. seventy people thus far have been arrested and some i did mrs say that sound cannons were used by the n.y.p.d. to try to evacuate anybody any of the occupy active is that we're resisting to leave the park this is maybe rally even more support for the for the for the movement but at the same time it has been a huge blow and activist who's in new york at the time with the police raid told us that the authorities heavy handed response was an infringement on civil liberties. what i saw was essentially wall to wall and cops riot gear.
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i've never seen so many police cars in my entire life i think that americans have no choice try to essentially raise these grievances with the government because our government has been controlled by factions you know every institution of society from the press to the this it expired to our elections are controlled by you know dummy factions that are essentially you know creating a myriad ills in an instance of a government that preys on the resources and the spirits of citizens this is the state of our democratic republic it is and u.k. because this continued grouping tally on the part of the caucus especially coming at two am you know not a lot even arresting you know members of the press not allowing any of the press to fill in what was going on i think that it's essentially going to create more dissent in this country because this is not an ideological protests this is a protest that is based on people actually experiencing the consequences of
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a government that preys on the resources and the spirits of the citizens you can arrest an idea you know occupy to me individually is the civic square in america and i doubt americans are going to continue to our success where to be taken from us. well if we watch in this last couple of months for most of the people a very close eye on what nationwide standoff between americans occupy protests and of course problems foldable developments with so you can figure. out what's happening where you tweeted by report to us if you want to keep abreast of twitter look at our oxy twitter feed the latest information for you also have live as they choose to about supposed to or you tube channel. it's.
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this is r.t. moscow's hosting high profile members of syria's opposition in the latest attempt to word them towards talks with the country's government and it comes a day after the kremlin slammed western countries for supporting syrian regime forces in their attempts to overthrow president bashar al assad. reports. well what we've heard from the syrian opposition delegation today is very interesting indeed they said that they would like to see a u.n. resolution put in place now this u.n. resolution would not be a resolution allowing any foreign military intervention that is something that they are vehemently against they share that stance with russia this would be a u.n. resolution allowing observers on the ground in the country and allowing of service to you to see what's going on at the embattled cities that are still under siege in
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syria now they also said that they would continue to keep on calling for the resignation the stepping down of president bashar al assad and they called on the international community to help with us. we have said that we want to give a political solution to the crisis a chance and this is also the demand of the syrian people therefore we are calling on those countries that want a peaceful outcome to put pressure on the president to step down we do want to prevent any military involvement in the syrian crisis and prevent repetition of the libyan scenario we are in favor of a peaceful solution through negotiations. on saturday the arab league announced that they were going to suspend syria from their organization now that suspensions are expected to be rubber stamp to the meeting on wednesday in morocco this really leaves assad down syria alone in the arab world we heard from the king of jordan
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king abdullah saying that if he was in assad's position that he would be considering stepping down himself. the news this syria had be would be suspended from the arab league was greeted with this may here in russia the story minister sergei lavrov saying that it was counterproductive to an ongoing discussions of peace and to getting people to the table to talk this out saying nato by suspending see. area from the arab league that they give the opposition in protests to try and implement regime change instead of trying to talk this out and finding a peaceful solution now the news that syria would be suspended from the arab league cause thousands of people to take to the streets of damascus and other cities across the country protesting against this we saw some protests outside of the embassies of saudi arabia and qatar two nations which voted to suspend syria from
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millie the people of syria and damascus saying clearly thinking that the suspension of syria from the arab league not the way to bring about peace in the country. we turn to government forces inside syria are also turning up the heat of the regime scores of state security officers have been gunned down by suspected army defectors in the south of the country was especially bloody davis or indeed one hundred forty the u.n. estimates that a total of more than three and a half thousand lost their lives since the uprising patrick hayes's from the online magazine spiked told me that exerting pressure of damascus is only inciting more violence and things. increasingly the arab league you know hardly representative in many ways of the middle east and people you know you have saudi arabia bahrain for regimes you know how they're actually done similar things to what the syrian government is doing now basically acting who is an extension of the international community and i think really in
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a sense they are effectively kind of pandering to western interests because they really america is no longer feels like it's or thora t. in the region in the same way that he used to be so you know hide behind groups like the arab league like the u.n. like the i.a.e.a. which we saw the other day who are doing weapons inspections in both syria and iran at the moment in order to try and effectively go behind the scenes be this. kind of organization i don't know if puppet groups to kind of voice their own interests the western interests and i think that's really problematic alternately it shouldn't be for the arab league representative of middle eastern people at all to determine what happens in syria should be for the syrian people to to really get engaged in a struggle so should they so choose and anything any external intervention be it un observers or anyone else who starts meddling in syria is also really go from a situation worse. britain's in pole position to take the lion's share of the
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spoils of libya's vast postwar oil reserves london city executives have been offered lucrative oil and gas contracts now as the national transitional council is touting business opportunities to foreign investors our correspondent covering this story laura smith. the effort to topple gadhafi was an effort that was initially led by the u.k. and also france and the u.k. sent in its air force and it also used its navy to make a naval blockade around libya and now the national transitional council in libya is saying that its friends will be rewarded and these are not just words we've seen a couple of trips in the last two weeks or so earlier this month the u.k. department of trade and industry of working party to libya to have a look around see what needed doing what needed rebuilding and now the national transitional council has come to london to hold
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a meeting with top city business executives to drum up interest of what they're calling massive opportunities to rebuild libya so what we're seeing really is this direct correlation between participation in the effort she ousted saffy and contracts that are awarded afterwards we know that libya has the biggest oil reserves in africa but this seems to give more fuel to that argument seems to make it more obvious that the constant professions of this humanitarian goal seem to have been made a mockery of by this and as someone said to me last we form you know we destroy and now we get the contract to rebuild the place and that there is this seemingly direct correlation as i say and we also heard at the time of reports of evidence of daughter into full nato even got involved in this we've heard reports that the national transitional council told the french that if they sent in their planes then the libyans eventually which awards to tell the french all companies thirty
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five percent of all contracts are up for grabs and for the u.k. of course which which is looking like it could be one of the main players in this this has turned out to be excellent business various to how much the the war cost the u.k. but it was sort of circled around half a billion dollars now and now we're looking at thirty billion dollars in contracts up for grabs over the next ten years so it certainly looks like an excellent investment. laura smith reporting for us but while libya's interim government is quick to hand contracts them for the country's energy resources questions have been raised over its ability to restore all the been clashes between gunmen and different tribal areas resulting in at least thirteen deaths yes they let's get more on this talk to the spokesman for the civilians for peace and the abuse who came chandan is on the line from london superrich evening we're seeing violence in libya again it's not me but a month is it since mama duffy was killed how has the national transitional council got a nuff of a grip on the situation there to lead the country out of this ongoing civil war.
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and he cannot get a grip on anything apart from selling as your pieces of the state of power from selling the natural resources of libya to the former colonial powers i mean everything is going backwards. see it's selling off the oil and now you know when you're reporter said it you know if he said if the french bring in their planes to bomb libya or not get a bigger cut off the oil so this is all very obvious now there is what i've been hearing reports in the western media that saif al islam led an offensive against just a few days ago and my sources on the ground haven't confirmed that in libya but western reports are saying that and some of the biggest tribes in libya have been loyal to the job the former regime of moammar gadhafi so i think when libya is such a tribal society of over one hundred tribes and many more plants western style
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democracy being imposed on libya or the m.t.c. standoff false democracy is just not going to work there's a lot of blood feuds going on not least more of the gadhafi himself. going to prominent and leading members of his tribe so what we're going to see is an increase in this into tribal warfare which has a political content is not just in the tribal it represents forces which want libya to return to independence and the financial times called the resource nationalism or go to parties government and the n.p.c. factions who all fight against other as world who want to sell their country so what is the way forward what can start this warfare between the tribes what should be done do you think. well i think the models we have to see in terms of regime change and the way libya has been subject to this is what happened to iraq and afghanistan and now to libya this is this is what is achieved by western intervention it's knocking out a country which was a problem for western domination of the world and especially africa it's about regaining those military bases which mama gadhafi chucked out in one nine hundred
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seventy it was the biggest u.s. base that was thrown out in one thousand seven hundred field it was about reestablishing that wintry place in africa so everything is going back so i don't see like iraq i mean iraq suffers terrorism and on and on a daily basis which under saddam hussein didn't so i think we're going to see a similar if not worse model developing in libya right now so soon judging by what you're saying the investing no hope at all in the new government to be announced by next sunday is likely to form the government and the how much influence will nato have on it i think i think you know nato has influence is only as much as securing knocking out the german government securing the oil fields and that's it it's been a war on the cheap it's been a war conducted by nato from miles up in the air and no nato soldiers lives have been lost over sixty thousand libyans lives has been lost so really you know nato
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is no interest in anything else and this is this is nato has business and there's no influence on. just following that through you're saying so there's no influence the no that nato has left the job as you say is being done there's no more influence there will be any influence on who the next government will be. now there is there is an influence what i'm saying is in terms of fundamentally nato have achieved what they have and they haven't gone away i'm still getting reports on the ground that nato are still being called in by the rebels to fight against the resistance and that's developing in libya so this is this is the situation that the libyans are facing. whether there was a news line out wasn't a week or two ago but cats are admitting it sent hundreds or going to send hundreds of troops there that was way beyond a u.n. resolution in force at the time it didn't allow it just give me your thoughts about what carter was doing there what is qatar's interest in making that move. the figure of the french newspaper has admitted sent five thousand special forces into
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libya in the last six months so it's not something that's happened just recently or was about to happen they had five thousand special forces who trained these special forces think author we know that the biggest u.s. military base in the region is and we know al jazeera which is the voice of the car three monarchy has played a absolutely fundamental war which you know even so much so the financial times said without without a zero there would be no successful war on libya so cutter is a big player but it's becoming you know the lebanon ization of libya is very is very much in play right now every different rebel faction across the country in libya is connected to different countries in the region and the west but politically in the region. the different emirates and be a counter so far has a vested ralcorp they want to develop as a hedge amount in the region and syria is next as well and people have to have to think do they want to see in syria what's happened in libya do they want to see this kind of anarchy and this is this order and this terrible trauma that the people of libya are living through and this is what nato once and this is what
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carter and you want as well all right thanks for your thoughts on the program spokesman for british civilians for peace in libya on the line from london thanks kiran. we bring up to them some world news in brief report a u.s. drone strike in pakistan's north was there a stand regions killed six suspected militants intelligence officials say the drone fired two missiles on an alleged insurgent base in another one shi'a area and u.s. claims several groups linked to assaults against nato forces in afghanistan are located in the region pakistan's tribal areas have been hit by more than sixty american drone attacks since the start of the year. maoist rebels in west bengal india have called off a month long cease fire the group ended the truth after the government failed to meet their demands to withdraw forces from the region signify the country's indigenous tribal people and for the rural poor rebels have a violent history in india just last year they killed over one hundred people in a train crash. the rails. event of radioactive contamination in the
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soil in northeastern japan has exceeded levels considered safe for fire makes a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered an explosion in the fukushima power plant in march which should allow the radioactive material to leak into the surrounding areas since food production the region is likely now to be severely affected. the consequences of recent events across the arab world this year be felt worldwide brushes opposed military intervention saying that talks and talks alone should lay the path to peace or next r.t. interviews the man who served at the very heart of russia's global diplomacy.
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mr primakov thank you very much for coming here a lot has been happening in the world recently iran and israel for example have been exchanging very harsh words recently while there may be nothing you know about that israel seems to be driving itself into some sort of self isolation should we expect any unreasonable starts from israel. i think you're right in saying that it's israel which is driving itself into international isolation and that shows in many ways one and perhaps the most dangerous aspect is the escalation of tension
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around them even preparations for an attack on iran this is very dangerous another aspect of the isolation is that israel the government of israel in its fight for the status quo is pushing the palestinians to assert themselves as a state in various international organizations and they've already succeeded and you know sco is also as up to isolation for israel itself public opinion against israel and then the other situation you probably remember the incident where a psycho's if you and a microphone it wasn't working they were rather unflattering comments from both sides regarding israel everyone nobody ever says are so cozy who said netanyahu was a liar but obama said it was and i have to deal with him every day so obama was no more flattering about it and your and so cozy was at the all this i think goes to show that israel's policy is not right in my opinion totally wrong. so simply. so you do admit that it is possible that israel may attack iran who. yes
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unfortunately i do a good deal i really hope that it never happens again because this may lead to very dangerous consequences which some say that the usa. we're just waiting for iraq to restore its oil production capacity to start supplying oil to the world market after which the usa will clear israel to attack iran so that's not quite correct if there's ever a strike on the road i think that our own will do everything to gain control of the situation in iraq and nobody knows how events in iraq are going to develop after there right now around has great authority and influence in the shia community just as you've said that israel has gradually been losing a significant part of itself once it broke its connections with turkey and egypt we all heard what president sarkozy and obama said about prime minister. moreover they're experiencing a local economic crisis what role do you see israel playing in the future. i
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believe the best role for israel is to have the kind of leader that used to have historically like a prime minister who supported peace and was killed a leader who would find a compromise settlement with palestine and syria it's important i mention syria as this is a matter that cannot be resolved with palestine only. do you believe that the fundamental problems of today's israel lie with that country's authorities. i certainly do it's also a matter of public opinion of course but the letter can change take a present arab spring for instance it's absolutely obvious to me that it broke out in china sea and egypt without any external preparation i don't share the opinion of those who believe it's been stirred up by americans or europeans and so on it was a spontaneous outrage or a belief if you want a revolution as some put it but what's the health care and what future implications will it have the way i see it and miracles in your approach to the arab states are combining their willingness to protect their national interests in this region
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romanticism issue one has to be are immensely to believe that a western democratic model could be transferred to an arabic country if that's what they really want to do and we're all just so. the marker see are incompatible it's not just a matter of islam it's also a matter of traditions and historical experience religion and mentality you cannot just explore revolution or democracy to another country in this sense they're similar to trust guests who also believe that they could just bring revolution to a country in spite of its local conditions even when it situation wasn't suitable for it was the forces in charge of israel should be able to assess the situation soberly and to understand the danger of extremist activities of any kind they should be willing to find a peaceful solution based on a compromise with palestine and then with syria it's possible to reach a compromise in all very acute issues israel's security should certainly be discussed and backed with certain activities we could make it but most importantly what's been stopping this from happening on the one hand it's the position of the
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israeli leadership that's been striving to consolidate the status quo on the other hand the americans have been reducing their activity in this matter which is quite comprehensive as they want to take time out for the electoral period this time pre-election doesn't encourage the us presidents to work actively on the middle east settlement should this pause on the part of americans is well grounded from their point of view. is a dangerous. it is very dangerous because as we've mentioned at the beginning there's the possibility of an israeli attack on iran and the trends that have been developing could result in a strong us going to russia. mr thank you very much for this interview you're welcome.
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