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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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earth. hello i'm starving in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture it was the midnight re there michael bloomberg in the middle of the night the occupy wall street's home base was cleared and crashed but hundreds of riot clad new right gear clad police officers so what happens now and what's of the media blackout during last night's crackdown and millionaires and billionaires are descending on a place where they're usually not met with open arms capitol hill i'll tell you why the message carried by these patriotic one percenters may not be what our politicians at least our republican politicians want to hear finally when cops beat
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up journalists pro-democracy dogs i'll tell you why would happen last night in soprani park as a sign of our democracy are. getting to know this for the first time in nearly two months security park in lower manhattan is no longer home to the occupy wall street shortly after midnight under the order of new york city mayor michael bloomberg hundreds of riot clad and y.p. officers surrounded zuccotti park and passed out flyers warning the occupy patriots to leave the park immediately or face arrest five hours later the park was completely cleared and as many as two hundred people were arrested everything in the park from tents to the makeshift kitchen and any other belongings were
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destroyed and tossed in a nearby sanitation trucks during the raid police blocked all roads into zuccotti park in an effort to prevent journalists from witnessing what was happening. also closed the airspace above the park to prevent news chopper some covering what the police were doing journalists were shoved out of the car beaten and arrested it was a complete media blackout according to some reports the did get out police beat people with petards spray tear gas even used a sound can it is the crowd here was mayor bloomberg explain why the camp was raised in the middle of the night. from the beginning i've said that the city has two principal goals guaranteeing public health and safety and guaranteeing the protesters first amendment rights but when those two goals clash the health and safety of the public and our first respond is must be the priority in response the occupy wall street team released a statement saying such a movement cannot be
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a victim some politicians may physically remove us from public spaces our spaces and physically they may succeed but we are engaged in a battle over ideas our idea is that our political structure should serve us the people all of us not just those who amassed great wealth and power you cannot a victim idea whose time has come at six am this morning the national lawyers guild the liberty park legal working group of teen restraining orders in court against the city of new york and brookfield properties to allow patriots to move back into the cottage park with their belongings including tents and tarps but that order was reversed just hours ago when a judge upheld mayor bloomberg vixen of occupy wall street and apparently lawyers on behalf of the movement plan to submit an appeal with the new york supreme court for the latest on what's going on in new york city i'm joined by adult lekas miller freelance writer and contributor to alter net who was in zuccotti park where it was
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rated j. meyerson contributor to truthout and sara jaffe sociate editor alter net who's been covering the legal action in the wake of the police crackdown welcome to all of you glad to have you with us so let me start out slow it seems sara you've been covering the illegal stuff. yeah i was in the court all day today ok so quick question i hear the n.y.p.d. was occupying zuccotti park all day what were their demands. i don't think they issued any procurable jokes aside what you know what happened in court today and and and and i understand that just in the last catch in the live blog in the live stream from from the from the protest site that the that the people are back in the park now it's being reoccupied what happened in court so what happened what was essentially a persuading order was denied but the argument coming from brooke shields lawyers and mayor bloomberg lawyers was essentially. the purchasers are welcome to stay
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there for twenty four hours they just can't camp out so essentially well then an argument over expense. and and i understand that there's a debate over whether or at least an hour ago i was hearing a debate over whether sleeping bags are allowed or not that they weren't specifically prohibited but jay you're nodding your head you have some information on that. just that the discrepancy is ongoing the lawyers in their press are after the judge issued his ruling told us that there was nothing to prevent sleeping bags but when i got down to liberty plaza park and we were allowed back in to use the park the cops on their bullhorns which i thought were pretty good in zuccotti park told us that actually sleeping bags were not allowed in the park and indeed down although our lawyers informed us that nothing was in the ruling to prevent us from sleeping over at night so the discrepancy is there and it will i'm sure that will
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shake out with more police brutality and more arrests of journalists and beatings of city council members and detaining them and it's of lovely things that the n.y.p.d. is fond of perpetrating these days and what was your experience there. well i went down to the park at one am last night the minute i got the text the park was being affected and my experience was when i got there i couldn't even get to zuccotti park because i got off the train and the barricades were already up it was already too late so i joined a bunch of other people who are sort of responders to this text messages emergency text message on the sidewalks occupying the sidewalks and the police were incredibly violent with us they pushed us down cortland street they tear gassed us as a mass and they were threatening us with batons and as we marched once we marched to foley square i was part of that initial march they lined up around foley square were deploying more and more and more cop cars and really just focusing on
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intimidating as much as possible. sara why is bloomberg making such an effort to prevent there being any media coverage of the actual take down oh well i mean it's the same reason they do it at one o'clock in the morning i mean the judge did rule basically in favor of them today so it was proved that they could win their fight if they wanted to do it in the. borders. limburg and killed through the fact that they do in the middle of the night is because they know that public outcry is going to be huge it already is on november seventeenth two days from now there are their plans for all sorts of actions and now they affectively guarantee that crowds going to go well the fact that was my my next question curious what you're hearing from from the crowd my guess was that
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just like they want to take him down you know the next day suddenly there were a lot more people there can we expect that the occupy wall street occupy this new york stock exchange of the day is going to be much larger than it would have been other words. oh of course yeah it's actually the stupidest formulation they can make someone in city hall has to be thinking you know if we go in with bulldozers and tear gas and sound cannons and the tons at one am probably what'll happen the next day is that the movement will be over which is the most ludicrous lunatic formulation that you could possibly come up with and in fact it's likely to as it's been all along to explode the enthusiasm for the thing i can tell you right now that i plan on putting my body up for arrest in front of the stock exchange on thursday and doing an act of civil disobedience if this is unacceptable my city councilman you've got news for us was held in custody and not arraigned for like
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fifteen hours and not allowed to see his lawyer is not allowed to have no medical staff attending him even though he was bleeding from the head this is not this is this is not what happens in a country whose president is a nobel peace prize laureate and was formerly a constitutional law professor at the university of chicago it's not i'm sick of it and we just have thirty seconds quick thoughts from you on where this is going now that there can be physical structures in the park will people maintain a physical presence in the park with their bodies and have meetings and things elsewhere oh the people definitely at the occupy as much as humanly possible but i think what's really important at this point is the fact that this has really occupied our hearts and minds and that this idea is so i'm shakable at this point that it's almost addicting for all of us who have been a part of that and it's it's impossible to take that and when you see all these riot cops with their baton and their tear gas and only jazz that idea. so that's
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not going on right now and sarah thank you all for joining us tonight. thanks jeff you have a right to see what happened in new york city it's undeniable that there is now a nationwide effort by mirrors to put an end to the occupy wall street movement. in a radio interview with the b.b.c. open marriage gene on who's senior legal advisor and deputy mayor resigned over the recent crackdown on occupy oakland admit it and she's spoken with eighteen mayors or mirrors in eighteen cities to discuss how to handle occupations sadly the nationwide assault on the first amendment continues more on this insights daily take. self described liberty. ok and actually let me let me give you a little more information on this today a self described libertarian called into my radio show here's what he had to say
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and i challenge anyone to point out how there is a constitutional right to take over public lands and live on them just under the name of a protest movement for instance would you be happy if a group of pro lifers went to the cutty park and camped out there for two months protesting against abortion or gun owners going to the park in san francisco and disputing a shanty town there and saying they have a constitutional right to actually live there my my first response to him was you know not really sure let me think about that. you know i hadn't considered in that context on reflection i'd say congratulations on your passion if somebody's going to take over a park damn right last time americans with that passion it was nineteen thirty two it was the bonus army only fifty eight percent of americans today have
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a job i mean back then it was the numbers were actually even worse but that was the bonus army people occupying the area from the white house down to the potomac river to day only fifty three million people have to be fully fifty three million people are without health insurance forty nine million americans live in poverty clue one out of every four children today forty four million americans are on food stamps today the top one percent owns over forty percent of all of america's wealth and takes on almost a third of all of america's income by the way when ronald reagan came into office the top one percent that now takes almost a third of our and it was nine percent the bottom eighty percent only seven percent of the nation's wealth and the average annual income for the bottom ninety nine percent of americans is below twenty five thousand dollars a year are really wages are going up just a dollar twenty three in the last thirty six years while income for the top one
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percent has gone up more than two hundred fifty percent since ronald reagan on average american households are carrying over seventy five thousand dollars in debt today the top one percent own a half the nation's stock the bottom fifty percent on one app of one percent of the nation's stock a quarter of all people who earn over a million dollars a year pay lower taxes than average middle class people one in four homeowners are under water down right people should be passionate and camped out. is time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think occupy wall street zuccotti p.r. said you cannot evict an idea whose time has come so here's today's question occupy wall street zuccotti continue to get stronger your choices are yes get ready for a turbulent time in the big apple or no the massive police crackdown will put a damper on those a coddy community but on its own army dot com let us know what you think the pole
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will be open until tomorrow morning. coming up everyone knows republicans only care about millionaires and billionaires so what happens when millionaires and billionaires ask for their taxes to go up up next more on the movement that could lead to republicans heads exploding. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through to be made who can you trust no one who is in view with the global machinery to see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called fashion's when nobody dares to ask what we do you are t. question more.
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who's screwing the ninety nine percent but help is on the way occupy wall street is going through a challenging time their message is being carried forward by an unlikely ally the top one percent tomorrow the organization patriotic millionaires for fiscal strength a group of millionaires who want their taxes to go up is descending on capitol hill to take a ninety nine percent movement's message to members of congress members of the
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group will testify any hearing put on by the house progressive caucus and they'll meet with members of the gang of twelve super committee and even meet with the republican tax master grover norquist who elected him anyway the message of patriotic millionaires that they want to convey to congress is pretty simple if any super committee deficit reduction deal doesn't include tax hikes on millionaires and billionaires then it should be rejected so as congress craft legislation that seems to only benefit millionaires and billionaires will it finally start listening to what millionaires and billionaires actually want. for more on this i'm joined by carl furnish partner at both right strategies city hated columnist and occasional radio host to be filling in for me in fright and charlie fink former l well executive and founder and artistic director of the new musical development foundation as well as former president of american greetings dot com thank you to both of you for just a little great to have you with thanks for it so you can call. these inequities stats that i was sharing in the rant
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a few minutes ago these are not the result of. you know wealthy people being evil people or that kind of thing with the result of a relatively small number of people reading this really game of the system we find from statistics that sixty three percent this last poll sixty three percent of people who are over a million dollars a year actually want their taxes to go up so. charlie let me put it first to you there there what do you say to people who think the things when tax rates were higher were like somehow worse in the fifty's sixty's seventy's and there's there's no evidence that the low tax environment the historically low tax environment under which we have now has not created any of the jobs that the high tax environment of the ninety's created so so should we i mean is there counter evidence well reducing taxes on millionaires does not create jobs. i have worked in many companies large and small taxes were never
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a consideration when making hiring decisions those decisions were driven by demand for our products and services and demand his was caused by people having money in their pockets which is called wages correct. ok. carl why did tea partiers defend the super rich against unionized cops inches teachers i don't get it most of these tea partiers are from your lifetime of many a moron so steve you just get out of the way of the governments in your regulations if those will just get out of the way. libertarian magic dust will make every tea partier wealthy overnight is the magic so you know the idea is one day i'll be a millionaire one day i'll do i'll be the billionaire that they want to tax i hate to break it to him they won't be especially if these policies continue because what we find is you know this is the first generation were people raised and middle class families have are going to have a difficulty raising their own families the middle class households you've got more
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and more people slipping into poverty you've got a shrinking middle class and the reverse social mobility absolutely and if they think that they're going to be exempt from that if anything they will be the biggest victims charlie i. some months ago there was a fascinating interview. a german businessman by an american reporter and he was and it was very wealthy businessman and american reporter was like well how much you're paying taxes and i was like fifty seven percent and he was there. and the guy was like you know and then he came back to that repeatedly and finally you know he said aren't doesn't make you crazy pay fifty seven percent taxes and the guy said well look at what under seven hundred fifty seven percent he said and what the guy said was i don't want to be a rich man a poor country. and i'm wondering if you could speak well certainly it isn't worth it to have money in a society that is falling apart and is bankrupt in you know what used to be and what should be the richest country in the world so obviously the health of our
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society is something that benefits all of us and having a lopsided society where people standards of living and their upward mobility has been stifled benefits no one and as you said of course it takes money out of the economy which creates less demand for people's products and services and votes less jobs and then it we're at downward spiral so you're taking a message to the super committee as a as a rich guy you're going to the super committee and saying well the i mean the thing that people need to understand is the wealthy are going to pay these bills sooner or later because they're the only ones who have money. when you have a country where you have systematically bankrupted the system through through quote unquote tax reduction you start two wars you don't i mean let me let me ask you a question just because i know you're somebody who has an interest in history as any nation in the history of western civilization started and maintained two
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protracted wars while cutting taxes on its wealthiest citizens traditionally like let's say feudal europe the nobles restrained the royals from waging war because they would have to pay for it so we in america have. protected the wealth the wealth of the one percent. putting everything on the credit of the ninety nine percent and the result has been that we have a massive federal debt the tea party is absolutely right about this and who's going to pay for it it certainly can't come out of the pockets of the people who are who are already underwater with their mortgages who already can't keep up with their car payments meanwhile every family in america has between fifty and a hundred pounds. in dollars in debt now when you can't make your car payments how are you to start paying down the federal deficit the only people who have the money to pay it are wealthy people now we've taken these tremendous expenses and we put them on a credit card now anybody with
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a credit card knows if you don't pay your credit card bill every month it gets bigger and if you don't pay it every year it gets even bigger and then you wait i don't know ten fifteen years and it's on pay what so that we are hurdling toward an apocalyptic solution like a south american style currency devaluation which would absolutely devastate wealthy people like me well we've already seen our currency for about forty percent against the euro and or against the want the chinese will the one thing the tea partiers have right every dollar that gets printed makes the dollar in your wallet worth less so it is a certain point you really can't print enough money to keep up because you've diluted the value of your currency we have just go back to rational tax policy we're out of time but it is a conversation we could have for hours gentlemen charly thank you karl is great so you can thank you very much for showing up your budget so even though millionaires are begging for congress to raise tax rates on the rich republicans aren't listening at the end of last year as the bush tax cuts are set to expire
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republicans dug in demanding that of millionaire taxes go up so too would middle class taxes then a debt limit deal earlier this year republicans brought the nation to the edge of your thought even had our credit downgraded to protect millionaires from any tax increases and in the last month senate republicans have filibustered three different pieces of legislation that would create millions of new jobs just that they could protect millionaires and billionaires from less than a one percent tax increase so why is it with huge deficits taxes at the lowest in fifty years unrest in the streets and millionaires begging for their taxes to go out and grow republicans refuse to budge your offer is take his david selleck federal tax practitioner and pro-business advocate david welcome. thank you tom i appreciate you having me on thanks to you for joining us from our new york studios the majority of millionaires in america now officially want to pay higher taxes like they did when we had no budget deficit and high general prosperity so why do you hate million nonsense that's nonsense first of all that's not true i think what
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we should emphasize on is spending the government has been spending like drunken sailors and we really got to get our arms around that the answer is not onerous taxes we're already overtaxed the answer is fiscal responsibility how can you possibly say that are overtaxed right now when we're paying when when both corporations and individuals are paying lower tax rates and they have in the last eighty years but you know i'm glad you brought that up tom i think what we should do is treat these large corporations very much the same way we treat a smaller corporation like an s. corporate where the money actually passes through and is only taxed upon the individual the whole pether as you know on corporations and taxes and no i do not think that citibank services well they most certainly do but you know what this is paid for the point that i was going to but no one sees as a corporation you don't think that they should pay for
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a fire department to protect their buildings absolutely the same way any other individual who goes to war has entitled to those protections even those people it's parker entitle to these protections albeit they're not paying any taxes but if the moneys passed through the corporation to the individual those really the same thing and then we would alleviate that double taxation which has been deleterious to our economy so you want the saudi prince who owns a good chunk of citibank or maybe a bank of america and he also owns a good chunk of news corp company so percent you want him to be paying the taxes not the corporation. well on the monies that the individual receives spy all means if you get a distribution from the corporation then you're obligated to pay your fair share of the tax ok so you're saying is let's not confuse you talk about dividends you know when a corporation as it often passes out for profit that that should be taxed did i hear you say that to the individual i don't believe there should be
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a separate corporate tax it is really breaking the back particularly where we live here in new york it is very difficult for these medium sized corporations to really get going so. i'm just i'm just boggled by this david you know you don't you think that a corporation will actually let me ask you the question do you think that the tax rate that is paid on capital gains on capital is to gains that it's actually it's only for capitalists that which is right now at maximum fifteen percent and the maximum tax rate for workers for people who work for a living is thirty six percent i believe it is right now do you want to maintain that or do you think that they should like ronald reagan raised you know equalize the be set them both at twenty eight percent. do you do you agree with reagan on that that the capitalist should pay the city that straight as workers well. well
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here what do they say. let me put it very plainly to those wealthy individuals who saved their money isn't put it aside or those not so wealthy individuals who save their money and receive capital gains will they still go out and work and they're still subject to their regular income tax but on the monies that have previously been taxed why should they be penalized the way they are why do you want to take what little they have away from them you know there's a lot of seniors who are dependent on these dividends and such just to pay their bills just to buy groceries and you want it there anyway you and i both know david david that's very that's that's a very. dishonest is too strong a word but you and i both know that if somebody is there any fifteen or twenty thousand dollars a year in capital gains that they're going to pay no capital gains tax just as they would pay no income tax that their you know their somebody is living in poverty bad say you know capital capitalist gains taxes or progressive taxes just like income
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taxes are so you're saying that people who earn their living with money should pay a lower tax rate than people who earn their living by working well and remember a lot of the people who make their money work for them also work these are employers not i'm not i'm not resume so i shakers and it's not right to kick them square in the butt too because you want more of their money so the government can just waste it willy nilly oh you're saying that they all have been properly told you have i'm a outlier who has a race should pay a higher tax rate than a guy who's making money with many money on wall street like john paulson who made four billion dollars last year and paid seventeen percent john paulson pay a hell of a lot more taxes than a policeman or teacher pay seven to the son and that's a much lower rate than i am god has worked hard ok. well sources say percents of up a big pile is a lot more than a little bit of money and we both know that's our david abroad sent thanks
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