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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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get off some bushes see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. i'm glorious for.
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the police corruption of. what. nobody seems to know. that never break the face but hardly argument that they're being overly dramatic. our guys it's time for showing talents and i program now last time we discussed how the g.o.p. presidential candidates felt about one of the most pressing issues facing the country the economy and you know with the media question the hopefuls about the last debate but what if not the questions would you ask the candidates for the
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producer treatment center to find out what you have to say. and last week's republican debate which was supposed to focus on the economy because the republican presidential candidates seem to pros only two ideas total reduce regulations and reduce taxes but many of us watching could not quite understand how those are adoptions are supposed to create jobs and not just jobs but the millions of jobs we need to turn around our economy once and for all so we want to know what questions on the economy would you like to ask the candidates joanie said why should we lower taxes and then trust job creators to actually create jobs they have believed the tax breaks for corporations and the rich have been shown not to create jobs so why do they believe lower tax rates will create jobs now look all the way back to the late fifty's and early sixty's when the highest tax rates were at not over ninety percent and asked if higher taxes on the wealthy are bad then why was the economy so good when taxes were at
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a historic high now most of you who responded really had some serious questions about lowering taxes on the wealthy including how much you would add to the already bold looming deficit you would have to wonder how many of you jobs it will take to make up for all the lost tax revenue with republicans lower tax rates for the wealthy and as for reducing regulations what regulations are we talking about and how specifically will less regulations great new jobs the bottom line voters need so better understand how these two are adoptions will give us back the jobs we lost when you really. seem to be asking is that someone on the republican side should take the time and show us the map. as always thanks for your responses and here's our next question for you at home or the show reported to you the judge ruled in favor of mayor michael bloomberg a vision of protesters from zuccotti park the sighting of the city has the right to keep the occupy wall street protesters from taking tents so is the eviction of the protesters in the name of public safety
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a reasonable limit to the first amendment let us know what you think you can respond on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows the response it just might make on here. and just last week the obama administration delayed any further consideration on the keystone x.l. pipeline and the face of growing public opposition to the project not only have thousands repeatedly protested and part of the white house but the state of nebraska has also worked hard to stop the pipeline due to concerns of the pipeline crossing over some of the very sensitive sand hills in the state and today the baskets are celebrate because trans canada has agreed to reroute the pipeline despite the fact that it would add another billion dollars to the already seven billion dollar project now the company has agreed to a minor route change and rather than crossing the state sand hills it could potentially cross other environmentally sensitive areas like streams and other waterways so why is trans canada finally decided to think about the impact the keystone pipeline would cause and why are they suddenly on board with these recruits they were originally too expensive to do well maybe the president of trans
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canada can clue us in an interview president alex said as i understand the concern of the state department and listening in on their press conference last week they indicated that the reason for the delay was the concern that with was excuse me it would be concern that was raised by the brass kins with respect to the route and particularly the sandhills we have now reached an agreement with the nebraska legislature and i would hope that this would give the state department reason to consider shortening that time frame so the truth comes out prince campbell isn't actually concerned about the well being of those who would live near the pipeline they just want to make sure the project actually happens now the. resident company also noted that across nebraska the department of environmental quality thinks they can compete complete a review of the alternate route in just six months more initiative to get the ball rolling on this project but let's also talk about the politics behind all of this as we told you last week by applying is a very touchy issue for president obama he's stuck in between a supporters who see the prospect as a job creator like labor unions and then of course environmental activists who
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warned of a huge carbon footprint from the pipeline so obama was really just going to delay the issue until after the next election that is until a transplant of the agreed to actually route the pipeline so now that much of the nebraska opposition is neutralized that could chip away at some of the opposition to the project a lot of people think of it still plays well for obama come election time as bill mckibben explains the president's promise to keep greenhouse gas emissions under consideration appeases the environmental crowd who is at the breaking point with him and despite the fact that trans canada is making concessions to make the pipeline happen soon the state department says a new review of the ruby required we might not see those results until two thousand and thirteen so in the meantime president obama can campaign on being green friendly and still win the support of both sides of the issue come next november sixth mr president we'll see if it actually works for you. now republicans have been reeling ever since president obama announced that all u.s. troops would be leaving iraq at the end of this year and the deal that could have them stay was not reached so today they got their chance to grill militarily
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military leaders and new secretary of defense leon panetta but exactly what happened despite panetta reminders of the administration had no other choice and this is about what the iraqis want and not what america wants senator john mccain went on full attack saying i continue to believe that this decision represents a failure of leadership both iraqi and american and it was a sad case of political expediency supplanting military necessity both in baghdad and in washington and it will have serious negative consequences for the stability of iraq and the national security interests of the united states and he followed up by saying that it's hard to see the withdrawal of u.s. forces from iraq as anything but a win for iran so is this just a bitter old politician getting his anger out or woman cain's cries about iran lead to more military action by the u.s. joining me to discuss it is robert farley sr professor at the university of kentucky and blogger at lawyers guns and money robert thanks so much for joining us tonight i want to start with what mccain is trying to argue here that clearly u.s.
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troops leaving iraq is a win for iran how do you think that he does the logic come from if you think about it we're just going to have thousands of state department contractors we're expanding our reach in the persian gulf sending more troops to kuwait what it is and we already have iran surrounded right. well there's a logic because his argument is if we don't have a certain number of troops say three thousand or ten thousand in the actual numbers that are really all that then iranian militias and supporters of the iranian government within the iraqi government are going to attempt to if not outright seize power in iraq just to undo influence in favor of it. was never really specified in its argument how exactly having three thousand or five thousand or ten thousand american troops there actually prevent that from happening again a lot of it would make the argument already that iran does have a substantial amount of influence on the iraqi government which it certainly does
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but even with the role of troops it's not as if it's not a set of enemies in iraq there are many people in iraq resent iranian influence and will continue to orient themselves away from iran and so it's hard to understand how the senator gets from a to b. and how the other critics of the organization and the iraqi administration to get from a to b. in terms of thinking that this is a major winter for iran if there was a win for iran it was in two thousand and three when we suppose. what about the fact that i'm sure defense leon panetta kept having to remind senator john mccain on the other lawmakers up there on capitol hill today that this isn't about what america wants it's about what iraq wants at the end of the day. well i was going to guess you just played from the senate it was it was almost incoherent it was suggested in iraq you really have to say about about what's best for the iraqis i mean you sort of outright came out and said the iraqis are doing this really out of
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political expediency which when you think about it kind of means you're doing it because the iraqis want the americans out this is not a surprising outcome. and it's fascinating that the senator is so certain that he has a better idea. how to secure the iraqi state of what iraqis want and what iraqis need than the iraqis to. take together it's intended as a critic for the obama administration obama probably could have pushed harder than he did to keep forces there you probably saw that there was going to be some political advantage in the united states war were drawing troops for the election and therefore didn't push as hard as they could and so now the troops are coming home well i was one of his campaign promises that seemed like he wasn't going to fulfill and then when it didn't actually work out the way he wanted to do now he's acting like he fulfilled his campaign promise but let's go back to you know the way that the rhetoric has really heated up over iran this is just one example today but
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recently had the i.a.e.a. report that came out about iran's nuclear program and you wrote a piece about how it's really it's not the end of the world if iran does acquire a nuclear weapon can you elaborate on that a little for us. well i mean most of my thinking all this all has been generated by comparing it won't even nuclear power only nuclear weapons with what we've seen before and almost every time that a new country has developed nuclear weapons we have had outlandish rhetoric about what that country is going to do with its weapons and this goes all the way back to the one nine hundred sixty s. when everyone insistent that mao was a mad man and i don't doubt if you were allowed to have nuclear weapons he would start a war with the united states but even put the statements one amount said we can win the war against the united states even without nuclear weapons because we have so many so many more people and it turned out that chinese nukes were to be convenient for the united states but they didn't really you didn't really change the world and in the world but recently we've seen the north koreans that you know it's not great
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but the north koreans have nuclear weapons but it's not as if north korea has been able to dominate its region and it really doesn't hurt any proliferation and so now from my point you were saying almost exactly the same kind of rhetoric. talking about how dangerous or wrong is talk again turns around and rhetoric years and so for and so forth and it's hard for me to see how a country as weak and as economically vulnerable as it is wrong actually uses nuclear weapons to dominate its region and so from what you're saying if we look back at examples throughout history there isn't necessarily proof that if you acquire a nuclear weapon it means you can do whatever you want and have this you know unlimited influence over your neighbors here but there are a lot of moves you know we've heard reports that the u.s. is going to start expanding its wings out there you know more troops going to kuwait perhaps another arms sale of the u.a.e. all right now president obama is going to australia where he recently announced a permanent u.s. base there and so how do you see that playing into this is this focus shifting over
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more to east asia rather than the middle east or just a continuous expansion to be everywhere all at once. well you know i think almost being responsive to the pentagon on this issue in the pentagon is tired of the middle east the pentagon is tired of devoting resources to the middle east it's totally broken start of afghanistan but maybe in particular but also the air force want to go and do other things they don't but they will next big deal is going to china i don't think we're going to probably right and i think that obama has been responsive and so that's why we're seeing these new creation agreements with australia why we're seeing some places shifting around in northeast asia and warm and so forth that we're seeing a reorientation u.s. military interest and u.s. military focus towards the asia pacific region and i think that's why for example we took a back seat on libya but this is no group in focus i mean united states it's redistributing executive or direction somehow i feel like you know the troops and the families of the troops that are still fighting in iraq and afghanistan i find it disconcerting
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not completely disturbing to hear that the pentagon simply is just tired of them and why i want to move on to another area but do you think that somehow plays into that his rhetoric on one hand he was the reasonable line of this iraq hearing today but at the same time he has been playing up these doomsday mechanisms if more defense cuts were to happen if the trigger effect sets in and he said they would lower our troop numbers down to levels that were below what we had in one nine hundred forty but do we really need that many troops anymore if you know if they're going to start focusing more on drone strikes on special operations smaller operations. i mean from my point of view we don't need that many troops anymore we don't need a defense budget which is as large as it is we don't need to be spending more than four percent of our g.d.p. on defense we're going certainly come back and run. and it is very interesting because he seems to be getting a lot of pressure from below it's actually example of someone who takes a bureaucratic position and then have to essentially change everything that he's argued before about about defense budget in this case he has to or feel that right
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now we have to add act as an advocate for the defense department which means argument that we need a bigger army and we need a bigger air force and we need a bigger navy and it's been a little bit disconcerting that he. responded to that pressure in such an ineffective way that he's responded by essentially just channeling it through to congress by presenting any sort of constructive proposal for reducing the defense budget i definitely agree that. robin thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. coming up next think issues on who he'd like to have out of cabinet if he was elected we're going to tell you that very special man is in our tools final segment and happy hour. lot of warranty waterboarding three. and you'll never guess what one children's health is for risk of your. country what it is or we thought it supposed to be in order to realize that this
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idea of the ninety nine percent has been born and i nine percent that can't relate to the going percent the lives on a different plane that's completely untouchable but on this veterans day i'd like for us to look at another one percent that the rest of the country has such a distance from i'd like to take for a piece will be coming out in time later this month mark thompson and he looks at the number of troops that have fought in our wars since nine eleven and around afghanistan and iraq and that number is about two point four million that's exactly one percent of the two hundred forty million americans over the age of eighteen so it's the one percent as of five wars lose lives limbs family friends in some cases lose their sanity and their sense of humanity and they're doing this supposedly on our behalf that's what they've sworn to do is to protect this country its national interest and all of those who live in it but they only make up one percent of us and the other ninety nine just can't relate they cannot to a country that often forgets the world war two
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a national mentality that no longer sees war as the worst possible thing that could happen but this is a normal fact of life now we're going to war in afghanistan for ten years it's officially the longest war in u.s. history and yet it's not a register of the top of concerns of americans in polls or questionnaires and sure the economy is in a horrible state people can't get can't get jobs they can't pay for their homes their lives are falling apart others are getting by watching reality t.v. reading about celebrity gossip i'm bothered by the troubles of the world but we have to remember that our immediate lives are. no more important no more horrifying than those that are living and fighting daily through war and this isn't an issue of politics you know where i stand in our wars in iraq and afghanistan our shadow wars in pakistan yemen and somalia one war based on a lie the other was no chance of victory and yet our generals and politicians allow troops to continue dying because they don't like the teens the word failed so i remember the troops every day because i don't want.
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our guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and so night goes to the godfather of pizza herman cain has not really been out of the best few weeks not only is he facing several allegations of sexual harassment but it's also slipping in the polls after some core debate performances on top of that the milwaukee journal sentinel released a few clips of an interview with the cain which we played last night in our happy hour showing just how much he really knows about foreign policy which seems to be absolutely nothing and so i think that we owe it to our audience to play cave's response when asked about president obama's course of action in libya just one more time. president obama supported the overrides correct. i do not agree with what you. wrote.
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so it's a different war. you are going to see. good well today the milwaukee journal sentinel released a number of clip from that same interview with cain asking him who he'd like to be part of his presidential administration and as a response kind of blew me away. we just talked for a few minutes about some of the people that you admire that we made she came to this tradition. not because of your training or for that the secretary of state. he said he's perfectly happy to go what he's doing. you're right he wanted henry kissinger to be his secretary of state but kissinger turned him down maybe that's because he can't travel much because he's wanted for work rhymes all over the world
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just a thought but let me back up and take a minute to explain why are these scary as hell to have henry kissinger back in the white house for anybody who isn't familiar with him he was a national security advisor under nixon secretary of state under president ford and during vietnam under his direction kissed kissinger propped up an unpopular war and dropped more bombs that were dropped during all over world war two he is responsible for the deaths of millions of civilians and he's also responsible for dropping agent orange a powerful chemical that bully on the enemy civilians as well something it's considered a war crime under the geneva convention convention so now that he's retired kissinger is still a wanted man in europe and he's confronted about his actions during the vietnam war eighteen year old merely responds the nonchalant no one can say that he served in ministration the did not make mistakes right and killing millions of civilians and brutally disfiguring others are just little mistakes so obviously not enough to make herman cain not want to put his top foreign policy role in his ministrations who cares if you ate years old and a war criminal god to be fair he's probably the only day when foreign policy became
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his ever heard of so for asking henry kissinger to be secretary of state herman cain is tonight still time with. our guys time for happy hour and joining me this evening is lauren lyster host of the capital account on r.t. and mike riggs has the editor at reason magazine and reason dot com it was frightening for us i think is the case so we heard a lot about torture and waterboarding and how awesome a lot of the republican candidates thought it was the last debate with the exclusion or exception of jon huntsman or ron paul and now senator allen west has decided to join in the chorus but here's a really good explanation for why we should waterboard. furthermore in the movie g.i. jane demi moore was waterboarding and we do use that in military training in survival
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to scary resistance and evasion training and she ended up with a much younger husband in real life so that's right it's really. totally related solely related to first love and this is how we try to sell torture to the american people they can remember that one time g.i. jane and i mean morgan had a look at anybody can and i think eli zorro the fox like max somebody like you want to talk about the penn state scandal. oh and worse is like you know they're torturing me space in the sand and firing a gun right above their head like terrify them i don't know i mean he got in trouble for that right so i'm not sure is a great authority on the morality of torture you know that was just take it was. watching p.b.s. you know we've heard a lot about them and the sneaky ways the super committee is actually trying to get out of having to do with they're supposed to be doing as a super committee which is agreeing upon one point two trillion dollars in cuts whether it comes from actual cuts or revenues and yesterday we were telling you about how they want to use war savings turns out that they might be changing. over
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in washington they're looking at a paltry little one point two trillion in shavings i want to go at savings and what what do we know if we believe they're going to come up with a deal because now they're saying it's not so much going to be a success as it's going to be a partial failure which then they can call a success. rate is repeat everything i did. with the corroborated your claim your eight day is that suddenly now they finally got it after a little bit of public anger that they can't discount a trillion war savings that was supposed to be spent in the first place because we're not supposed to be an endless war as something that they really came up with . ok well here's the thing i feel like after reading this and saying all accounting gimmicks are the new bailouts and they're the new tactics being used to paper over a house of cards it's going to collapse and it's what people are using now you see with the budget committee you see it with wall street banks ok that's how they got their earnings this last earnings season they all you see they counting damage to
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get these again these are new bailouts yeah i think so except their belts for like the u.s. government stuff so they don't really count also i mean no nobody has any interest whatsoever in trimming military spending and i try to really ridiculous as i do just as we are from spending in iraq and afghanistan they're not responding at all i mean like we clearly have an interest in sort of possibly invading mexico and hoping to fight the drug war resistance in iran yeah bombing a bomb bomb bomb iran right you know we have a lot of stuff left to do without money so i would actually i love the idea of like us not spinning out on war elsewhere i hate the idea of a spending here i hate the idea of spending any money at all but like i just don't think it's i don't think it's true that we're not going to just move that money to some other military operations or it's like really we grew in a savings that isn't even binding it's literally if this was based on what you know prior person that's what it is t.b.o. estimate that they just plugged in numbers it's not based on anything nobody is bound to this and we've also seen obama try to use it. on to you basically so i want to say let's move on to something far less mature and important
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for the country. it's really impacting on other colorado take a look. a store called kids in kenya they have like a little cuddly little animal backpack and your friend said she saw underwear and we actually hani and i was mortified my first initial response was i really mean that you know they have for you back catalog skillful video is what french took as proof but it looked like on there until she opened it up and so you got it absolutely cops are. actually had the same demonstrations out of the four at a nightclub recently i don't know it was like a lot better there than it was on but you know we all know this is like your village without a lot of that so i've been single for twenty years was i when you know you know right you do your teenage crotchless there's just caution everybody. is what
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teenagers might say i'm going to anybody who wears practice i don't know i really see the point of crotchless people and they have on their shelves i'm so you could deduce that they are going to do so you guys are just stories where you take them on like you do you remember your underwear and with a little round my point of view. that's got to rise for a lot of weight. because. it is for some reason there is a people getting high on bath salts in doing weird stuff epidemic first there is a story of the guy who was found standing over a goat with a knife wearing women's lingerie now this guy was on bass salts and he broke into a family's home put a christmas decorations and then plopped on the couch to watch television and the eleven year old boy found. really like who's going to break any dictionary in their answers over this country has totally given up on celebrating thanksgiving like. you did my right to be in a holding
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a cornucopia in their house you know or like tracing his hand and then painting it and putting up with a lot but no we have told you given up on thanksgiving we've totally given up on our heritage and we go straight to christmas and you know going broke in this is outrageous i hope they lock him up for life if this is the new drug to this seemed really conducive to weird stories which will be really great for you and i benefit a happier because these are like the most bizarre drug story we've heard a long time i mean i think it's horrible you know people are getting so. it's. like it was when i started writing it and so you know i think it's an approach really are because people can even afford meth which is like the cheapest drug there instead where you can buy you back so you know if you get a already in iraq i mean the difference is if you can harm your truck stops and you don't have to go to the bathroom to do it and i think that's why more people are using it you know if i don't get it you have to stop at the truck stops because sometimes i drive on the interstate or i think that everybody has know things already tonight it's every night so thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow and he ran down for a reason to be back on the program at the time the biggest and the largest facebook
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followers on twitter if you miss anything at all and you got under sail and coming up next he's. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sleep you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't. harbor welcome to the big picture.
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