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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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i don't think i should. use you know put it in your. right. if you want to look at it how do you see it but. so the question is will mitt romney upgrade his magic mormon underwear. after the break frack here frag their frack everywhere i'm joined by filmmaker josh fox to talk about what boyle and gas companies are planning to do it in a delaware river that could spell disaster for. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through. who can you trust no one who is in view with the global machinery see where we had it state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour the fate of the delaware river hangs in the balance would he vote scheduled for next week filmmaker josh fox and talk about where oil and gas for and plan to take their fracking endeavors next and what republican governor is happy to oblige and what
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did mayor michael bloomberg learn from former egyptian president hosni mubarak you for clearing out zuccotti park in the lineup the answer coming up in tonight's delete. the. last week environmentalist movement scored a big victory when the white house pushed back a decision on the trans national he stone x.l. pipeline already the company building the pipeline trans canada has agreed to reroute the pipeline to avoid some environmentally sensitive areas but while the environment might be saved in this instance there is very much still out on that it's in danger in ohio governor john k sick who got shellacked at the polls last week and saw his signature anti-union law repealed went ahead with another very unpopular initiative in ohio fracking in state parks despite so. seventy percent of
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ohioans opposing drilling on public lands he says argued that his state will not quote walk away from a potential industry and work and looking like a six campaign contributions you can see why he's not walking away from the oil and gas industry he received over two hundred thirteen thousand dollars in contributions from that industry oil and gas industry and most of any politician in the entire state of ohio the oil and gas industry doesn't just want to do business and it wants to frack the delaware river to next week on november twenty first the delaware river basin commission will hold a key vote on whether or not to open up the river basin of more than twenty thousand new gas wells fracking has been known and tammany groundwater destroy ecosystems even cause earthquakes and now the oil and gas parents want to frack even more spearheading the effort against opening up the delaware to fracking is filmmaker josh fox creator of the movie gasland box released
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a short film last month raise awareness regarding the danger of the delaware river take a look. at nation's independence was born on the shores of the door of. the wild and seen the corridors of streets it is you're going to clear policy states and certain selected rivers of the nation which environments there's still more people see creation of children fish and wildlife historic cultural or other similar values should be preserved and free flowing conditions and that they. should be protected for the benefit and enjoy present and future. as never. never been a more decisive or important moment in the fight against fracking.
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so josh what the frak. it's going on in delaware well basically this is actually what we're talking about is an area in pennsylvania and new york the headwaters of the delaware river the delaware river feeds about fifteen point six million people with clean drinking water those people in new york pennsylvania delaware and so the new jersey and for the past three and a half years that river basin has been in moratorium because of numerous groups fighting i mean actually probably hundreds of groups fighting against fracking in the delaware river basin the delaware river basin commission is a five member body the governors of new york new jersey pennsylvania. and new york and a representative from the obama administration in this case the army corps of engineers so three out of five wins they're going to pass this regulatory package which they have called it would allow twenty two thousand gas wells in the delaware river basin which would basically industrialize the headwaters of that river and contaminate them and forever change what is a national wild and scenic river a tourist destination for five point four million people and again the source of
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drinking water for five fifteen point six million people it also happens to be where i live so i've been campaigning with film gas and all across united states two hundred cities in the u.s. in the last eighteen months showing the film doing q. and a is doing rallies and on five continents. europe australia north america and another one so i'm having a rick perry moment but but basically. what i what i have to do now is come home and take a stand and this is what we're asking at save the delaware river dot com you can find information about the protests that are going to be happening on november twenty first and we really need a strong showing of people as well as calls to the obama administration and to the governor of delaware jack markell those are the two votes that are in play we know that tom corbett who by the way to more than a million dollars from the natural gas industry his campaign recently a pipe exactly. orbit and chris christie will vote yes we know that new york
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actually is going to vote no surprisingly they came out that we're not going to pass this regulatory package obama and jack markel in delaware and interestingly the vice president i think has a role to play here because you know as both of those guys being a seller and being as president so we're asking people to weigh in right now with both the obama administration and the governor of delaware specifically and please if you can get down to trenton the place right near where george washington crossed the delaware to defeat the british and started the united states of america the barracks that he left behind the protest is right across from there and i think the place where b.p. the british corporation brink's i'm assuming they're involved in taking business but actually in my county in the upper delaware which is the headquarters like i said fifteen point six million people taking water and that is being leased least in large part by hess corp which is a foreign corporation and you're seeing a lot of foreign interest in the marcellus shale so you have this situation and i
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was also marcellus shale you have marcellus shale that stretch across fifty percent of your state sixty five to seventy five percent of pennsylvania depending on how you look at half of ohio all of west virginia and this fracking campaign that's been going on at thirty four states to disastrous effect now could continue there in the delaware river basin let me let me challenge that with media and the what i'm seen on every television network in particular and all the cable networks that might have any kind of political show at all is literally millions maybe tens of millions of dollars worth of ads that show isn't fracking they don't need it never use the word fracking and i say the natural gas is wonderful and here's the well here's where our little daughter plays with the teeter totter and everything is happy but by the way we figured out that we have to have these wells lined with cement casings they've got these nice little illustrations and we go through the water level scare fully and and seal it down miles below where the gas is found everything's wonderful not to worry i'm glad you brought up the ads because you can't take a look at cable news these days you can open
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a magazine without saying it out from shop. under shell or exxon mobil about fracking or about how great natural gas is without using the word fracking he said and this is a charm offensive what we saw when the film first came out is they attack it like crazy they mounted a huge smear campaign in your campaign against the against myself against the families in the field against the new york times whose incredible coverage on the issue it has been in line with the film against pro publica basically every news outfit that roof reporting on this they attacked and they even sent a letter to the oscars asking that our oscar nomination be rescinded and all these things backfire what it ended up doing was it drew more attention to the film people who watch the film realize these were just ordinary american actually extraordinary americans who had no reason and lying were simply reporting on the devastation in their own backyard and what they're doing now is they're moving into this other mode where it's feel good natural gas we're trying to try to put the genie back in the bottle and i don't think it's going to work so in the thirty seconds we have left what percentage of the time when they drill these beautiful
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elegant wells that they show us on television what percentage of the time does that actually end up leaking well in these documents that we have uncovered that will eat show that they have a forty percent well integrity problem forty percent will be celebrated forty percent of wells have uncontrollable discharges which means they're losing their product and their chemicals and went out for into the air and this is why i think streaming important why people cannot allow this process to come to the delaware river basin and and we really especially need just like with the keystone x.l. to put obama on the hot seat and make sure that he weighs in on this got it or think we're out of time i'm very sorry but thank you so well so. great work we don't need more fracking we need the opposite we need more and even more environmental regulations put aside republican talking points for second new environmental regulations don't kill jobs and create jobs based on a study out of the university of massachusetts at least a quarter million new jobs would be created by passing new e.p.a. regulations to force industries to clean up what they're spewing into the air to
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grow. and as the c.e.o. of american electric power mike morris noted we have to hire plumbers electricians painters folks to do that kind of work when you retrofit a plant jobs are created in the process no question about that all around the country there are stories of factories having to employ more people to build scrubbers and install other cleaner technology to comply with the p. of regulations in fact since the e.p.a. was created in the one nine hundred seventy s. carbon emissions in america have gone down sixty three percent of our g.d.p. has tripled plain and simple environmental regulations are better for our health and our economy although they mean less profit for c.e.o.'s which is why republicans hate. it's the good the bad and the very very quickly ugly the good one wisconsin now the progressive group is spearheading the governor scott walker recall effort
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with a campaign appropriately called occupy walker the purpose of the campaign is quote to publicize the disastrous policies of the pro corporate anti middle class scott walker mr bush. won wisconsin now and a slew of other groups have sixty days to collect the five hundred forty thousand signatures needed to trigger a recall you can find more information on wisconsin no doubt work to get out there collect signatures and sponsor the bad herman cain the pizza man who's pretending to run for president is once again suffering from foot and mouth disease in a recent interview cain again echoed the often deep islamophobia claims that a majority of muslims hold extremist views speak when g.q. cain said i have had one very well known muslim voice say to me directly that a majority of muslims share those six the extremist views and president rather not he thinks the claim is right cain said yes because that's his community that's his
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community i can't tell you his name but he's a very prominent voice of the muslim community and he said that. you know and i can't tell you where i heard it but i heard it thing made famous by michele bachmann when she said someone she can't say who but someone told her the h.p.v. virus or vaccine rather can give children brain it shouldn't surprise us too much coming from cain who admitted he got his entire nine nine nine plan from quote some guy in cleveland and quote so much longer do we have to take mccain train series and the very very ugly the bank of america even though the mega bank walked back its plans to impose a five dollars debit card fee. we are hard at work stealing from the poor forty one states across the country contracting with big banks like bank of america to administer unemployment benefits meaning the state will deposit the benefits in a bank account and the recipients then have to use a debit card to collect them and in south carolina bank of america is charging fees for people to collect their benefits fees a size five bucks a pop those fees are crippling people like she want to busby who collects two
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hundred sixty four dollars a week in unemployment but has paid over three hundred bucks in fees to bank of america and sure one isn't alone bank of america's profit in millions of dollars of similar fees to similar unemployed americans i wonder why six hundred fifty thousand americans have move their money to local credit unions because the way the banks are behaving is very very. after the break journalists enter at your own risk but last night's raid in occupy wall street did the nation's fourth a state of journalism and what it means for democracy its and its military. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who made decisions. through bit through to be made who can you trust no one who is you and you with a global missionary see where we had
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a state controlled capitalism is called fascism when nobody dares to ask me do you r t question more. for. for. your take my take is the second of the show when we answer your questions comments criticisms and opinions here in the big picture last week i told you about secular
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students who attend private religious colleges and are being and from forming student groups based around atheism and ministers of the university of dayton notre dame university and baylor university every checked in student applications to form atheist agnostic or humanistic organizations on campus at the university of dayton arguing that non-believing groups go against the mission of the school to educate for formation in faith but they do allow all other non-christian students students of islam judaism humanistic faiths and form student organizations and get on campus so i asked my guest jesse gallop and occasions director of the secular student alliance why he and his fellow student atheists are pitching their belief system as a religion. why not just pitch it to them hey you know we have a belief system our belief system is we're not sure about that god we're not sure about any gods but it's our belief system and that all if isaac is
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a religion and in fact some of us are even evangelical we're all trying to spread it and so get ok just call us a religion and give us our damn club. well we don't consider ourselves religious and atheism isn't usually considered a religion but it has come up when the schools try to send a student group to the campus ministry for approval it's much more appropriate to send the student groups to say glossy departments something like that because it's more about discussing these things and promoting a safe community for these issues to be discussed and for non religious schools to meet. but if you're not if i if i may. you know if if if you are going to go to the flossy department of the political science department you're not getting together to discuss whether or not. you know particular political party should be a like it or something like back as in the case of the democratic or republican cause you're getting together to discuss existential issues you know the presence
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or lack of presence of a deity the presence or lack of presence of a point of creation how did it all come about how did it not come about how do people interact with with belief systems how are we sure that that sounds to me like a religion i think you've got a strong pitch here so a lot of the student groups go beyond simply the existence or nonexistence of god be discussed as you said you know it takes more ality what it means to be a good person and even to those in the last only parts of religion. obviously jesse and i were on the same page with many of you agreed with jesse on our facebook page carmen asked isn't it an anti religion or also said why wednesday is not not a religion and on a thought you wrote as an atheist i agree that it would be insulting to be labeled as having a religion and treated as though i do i have no religion that's the whole point i'm free from religious teachings and dogma and god instead if they want to have an atheist club on campus like any other club that exists for people who like the same
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things to get together and like these things in a group i see nothing wrong with that at all but to call the absence of religion a religion strikes me as insane. well in my humble opinion it really isn't all that insane. when people keep it to themselves i might entirely agree with you but even jellicoe atheists seem to me to have simply created another church i'm talking about the evangelical ones they are nonprofit organizations of their creator just like churches they have a belief system in something unprovable or unprovable provable just like a church they have a powerful message that they want to spread to the masses just like an organized religion or a church they're organized is like a church they carry out community outreach just like a church in fact and as i said these are the ones i'm very mother down right evangelical about so if it quacks like a duck because i would make a very good t.v. evangelist or a very good evangelical atheist also last week i told you about
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a charity fundraiser in stunt that had the advertising executives over a victoria's secret wondering why didn't i think of that. crazy alert is that building wearing a bra off in a charitable publicity stunt to raise awareness of the breast cancer campaigns where it pink initiative a british stain removal company created the world's biggest resume or the makers of vanish stain remover spent four months constructing their contract the city with the ship's sales company company's sales for ships to sew together the but he with before hanging it across the front of a high rise building the undergarment fit for a giant was made with three hundred seventy five square metres of fabric and weighs nearly two hundred pounds as for the size it's reportedly a one thousand two hundred twenty two b. meaning it's only a matter of time before the i.t.v. south bank building in london on which the monster is probably song comes forward with its own sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. so on facebook adam said they should have put it on the bank of america building that places full of
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giant boobs and jenny asked the question that i'm sure was on the minds of many of our female viewers yes but is that supportive i can't top that so that's it for your my take tonight if you'd like your questions and comments heard on the segment the big picture listen up we want to know your to send us your comments but visiting the tom hartman facebook page but twittering at underscore apartment or in the champ room on the message boards or the blog at tom hartman. you can also leave a message on a rant line at two two by three sixty three zero six agree disagree sound off it's all welcome to remember that your comments may be used on the year. when former egyptian president hosni mubarak wanted to clear a color square of demonstrators who had been camped out for weeks there he went after them he did this but late last night when york city mayor michael bloomberg
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decided to break up the occupy wall street and campaign shortly after one am in made sure that he didn't make that same mistake that mubarak he ordered a complete media blackout of his read his police military style frankly police operation images of god or whatever the police intended to do to the patriots camped out there for nearly two months billionaire bloomberg did not want the forests so today we can assume that there weren't any camels or whips in zuccotti park last night but that's about it roadways in the park were blocked off to stop any news trucks from surrounding police cracka air traffic above zuccotti park was closed to prevent the news choppers from hovering above and there's been several reports of reporters being turned away from the park and a few were even beaten by police and arrested. a reporter for example with the
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village voice told police she was press and the police responded not tonight as in was not tonight we've suspended the first amendment not tonight there's no press not tonight a new york post reporter was put in a choke hold numerous members of the press had their new york eighty issued press badges these were issued by the police department say yes you really are the press had them confiscated by the new york police department during the raid another jones reporter was violently shoved out of the park when he tried to take video of a man beans carried away on a stretcher to reporters with the associated press and one with the daily news were arrested among others during the raid when police police noticed someone tweeting or photographing with a phone camera they immediately seized them and threw them out of. the intentions
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of the new york police department during the raid would clear no information go in the information coming out as a reporter with the new york observer said he as well as reporters from c n b c and d c c.b.s. the wall street journal and reuters were all blocked from viewing this raid nightmare bloomberg says police department and despite this unprecedented media blackout are any of the major news networks reporting in detail on that blackout answer simply no but tells you everything you need to know about corporate owned media one percent income reporters and so-called news organizations that don't want to lose access to people like the billionaire mayor of new york city michael bloomberg. speaking a blurb or a defended the police raid last night by saying zuccotti park had become
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a fire hazard and a sensation three. as for why he didn't like journalists and he said this. the police department routinely keeps members of the press to the side and when they're in the middle of a police action it's to prevent situation getting worse and to protect the members of the press who have the same rights as everybody else to brew we have to provide protection and we've done exactly that are they going to protect the members of the press by i mean this is incredible it would done exactly that by shoving protesters out of the area put them in chokeholds and arresting them i mean some of these reporters have been embedded in iraq i don't think they need protection from occupy wall street apparently if anything they need protection from mayor bloomberg police department which might be a little jack down by the fact that they recently took four point six million
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dollars as a donation from wall street's jamie diamond and his j.p. morgan chase bank right down the street there on wall street as we saw what happened back in two thousand and eight journalist any good at the republican national convention are increasingly militarized police departments have a history of beating reporters and shutting down the me. i. am. i actually i'm. sorry i was going to run away because i don't see. why he. was. right there. and so it happened again
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last night but with no media there we don't know for sure what happened there are reports that upwards of two hundred people were arrested in the raid there were reports that riot gear clad police beat people with the times including new york city council member rodriguez who was bleeding out of his head when the police took him into custody there were reports of the police deployed tear gas and even use sound cannons to disperse the crowds who knows what else happened in zuccotti park last night we know one thing for sure not only was occupy wall street shut down at least temporarily but our democracy guide a little last night. our constitution only specifically names one industry and that's the press it's the fourth the state of our democracy without an independent and free press there is no transparency in government and without transparency in government there is no democracy occupy wall street will live on
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and grow stronger as it has after each and every police crackdown but last night when billionaire bloomberg police officers beat and arrested journalists and enforced a media blackout on the midnight raid our democracy suffered a wound that tragically will take a long long time to heal. and that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we've covered visit our web sites thom hartmann dot com free speech dot org dot com also check out our two you tube channels there are lots of talk about this entire show is also available for free video podcast on i tunes and we have a free time when i phone and i pad apne aap still you sent us feedback at twitter at thomas car but on facebook it's all mothers who are our blogs message boards and tell them comment line over time. and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there and get active show up chad your it occupies something see the.
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mission in three couldn't take three. three arrangement three. three stooges free. floating videos for your media projects a free media dog archie talked to tom.


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