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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EST

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discipline in touch with certainly touching the future a good girl would international flood achieve every green in talk of. the u.n. nuclear agency desexed iran's ambitions pounce on a mysterious scientist from its report was wrongly claimed as being russian and edged helps tehran build a prob also. i. picked out but carrying on the wall street demonstrators demand access to their h.q. the police swept out the new york based two months of campaigning. for money to run greece and italy its concern over whether the technocrats priority is pleasing the banks people face hardship. plus
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a cosmic journey reaches its go to russian cosmonauts and astronauts reach the space station prepared to greet their colleagues after a two day trek to the stars. world news and much more twenty four hours a day this is r t i'm carrie johnson the u.n. nuclear watchdog is discussing iran after delivering its harshest report yet i think tehran could be developing atomic bombs and includes evidence from a foreign expert western media wrongly portrayed as a russian saying he's helped run build a detonator. not only reports with ground sentiments high such flaky findings could see it follow in your rocks what steps. iran has long been a hot topic but iran. anyway the greatest
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threat that america in the world faces at faced with a nuclear iran but it's heated up since last week's report from the un's nuclear watchdog sparking fears iran was pursuing atomic weapons the i.a.e.a. says iran developed a high explosives initiation system a detonator with the help of a foreign expert question that current expert is called the mystery scientists and russian by some western media even though the i.a.e.a. report doesn't name him and he's not russian but ukrainian it here's how former weapons inspector david albright can't suffer the scientists nuclear credentials on c.n.n. weapons show them how to build of a thin hemispherical shell with holes in it and where the detonation happens and you simultaneously set off explosive pellets in a series of holes in that are going to shell and those explosive pellet pellets
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ignite the high explosive underneath and in a very spiritual way it compresses the core and then you get a nuclear explosion it just. is a scientist but not under clear specialist those who actually know danny and say this. he worked in a nuclear facility but not every person who does is a nucleus specialist he's actually trained to construct an airplane and it's not the i.a.e.a. that is questioning him now but journalists nevertheless all right accused is going to come who specialized in nano diamonds in iran working with the iranians to help them miniaturize their nuclear warhead so they can put it on top of one of their missiles so it can be fired or old right has a history of pointing fingers because before iraq was invaded he said this in two thousand and two. in. terms of the chemical and biological weapons iraq has those now how many how could they deliver them i mean these are big questions then
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backtrack to the l a times once known w m d's were discovered in iraq. if there are no weapons of mass destruction i'll be mad as hell i certainly accepted the administration's claims on chemical and biological weapons i figured they were telling the truth and some u.s. politicians think non-truths could be repeating with iran and i'm afraid what's going on right now is similar to the war propaganda that went on against iraq and you know they didn't have weapons of mass destruction but there were enough official reports implying otherwise in terms of the report there is limited information a lot of the reason it's limited is because it's most likely that iran does not it is you know it is the case in iran does not have a nuclear weapons program there is no magic days of who could be called critics say the public especially in the us are about to be inundated with another flood of
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so-called expert analysis be aware of a dangerous mideast country that's presumably hiding secret nuclear weapons and may require a military strike the difference this time it's iran not iraq he's now artsy moscow well it's he has been hearing concerns over the suppose at prep work for a move on iran at least experts professor such as mannish says america is using any excuse to pressure iran and prepare the ground for attention invasion. the individual has actually you know. he's in new york. he's here since. the chemo was that he was actually giving lectures in the iran. nuclear scientists and he was helping them we . hear reported fury very.
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restricted or. so. only so strange. and reports we were here and. if there. are almost the whole was the neutral war. well. yes it seems to be have. been used in an instrument. of war actually to do regime change in iran secretly. rodney's down the birthplace of the occupy wall street movement in the u.s. has been cleared out a new york court has plans demonstrators from setting up camp at zuccotti park after their tents were forcibly removed by police activists about that legal challenge and therefore it is decided they could only return without their tents or
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sleeping bags going up at night as the details. the scene here is a crowded park has literally been turned on its head and that's because all the occupy protesters and activists and supporters are standing on the outside of the park behind barricades and inside of the park and take a look right over here occupying zuccotti park are police officers in riot gear police officers in regular uniforms and also a what is believed to be private security on the top of the property owners of zuccotti park quite a stark difference from the past eight weeks that we've seen hundreds of occupy wall street up to camps out there creating a community of unity to to get out the message of out wealth inequality but of course that community watch shut down to say one am when the hundreds of police officers raided this area that you waited hundreds of activists are there were
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boards that police officers even use knives to rip over the tents that people were sleeping and there were huge clashes between optimus that resisted the park and police officers that were forcing them out first the reports and video of police using the times for spray maze against our attitude is that refused to leave ultimately everyone vacated about two hundred people were arrested but the property inside was destroyed and the books the food the medical supplies new york city mayor michael bloomberg said the park needed to be evacuated temporarily for health concerns are you just concerned that it was becoming a concert and so the park was cleaned out mayor michael bloomberg said that these activists could go back it but not that they're sleeping that stop their chance of making it much harder for them to withstand the cold temperatures in the coming weeks the occupy wall street movement
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a movement that and marking its two month anniversary on thursday. many people believe that that is the reason why the advice eat up and dropped it was sweeping really because this movement is gaining momentum pretty good to be with some of the activists that take a part of the movement that were part of the reason that is what occurred as it stands this campaign is not giving up it is maybe even been inspired by the resistance that recently things force one of marx's two month anniversary they say that the city can expect many more demonstrations about the work i was free for him or not or to. it's been a turbulent two months for the occupy movement christian facade looks at how it started and why it spread so rapidly across the u.s. . you could say it started with a whisper a call by canadian activist group and busters that spread on facebook.
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this very spot wall street is a sign of weakness crime but before long that whisper turned into a roar with. a collective anger at wall street corruption a growing income inequality in america and at a system in which government policy is often dictated by corporate greed and before long the crowds brought police. and police brought pepper spray. to the story brought on more protesters and a few days later seven hundred of them were arrested on the brooklyn bridge. instead of scaring people away scenes like this. since and before long occupy movements multiplied from los angeles.
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to chicago. to boston. and just about everywhere in between the mood grew darker as authorities threaten to clear the ten city at zuccotti park at the last minute they were allowed to remain after clearing the park themselves. occupy times square was next and brought scenes like this is not where. the government in. iraq war veteran shamar thomas fighting what had become in his eyes wide spread police brutality he appeared on our show a few days later they're saying if you want to fight go to iraq or afghanistan what do you mean by this you know to hurt the citizens that you swore to protect you know this is kind of you know a contradiction to the oath that you take and then there was occupy oakland here you see another veteran scott olsen standing peacefully. within moments he was hit
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in the head with a tear gas canister fractured his skull and left him can pretty good condition what a lot of the shot a spotlight now shining bright on a roll of police all the while the protests spread much to the dismay of authorities who over the weekend if they did encampments once again in oakland. and in portland. st louis to name a few and new york's zuccotti park the heart of the movement also clear for the first time since the movement began now many worry what's next for occupy d.c. so one of the first things they did here is to clear this part of the park protesters tell me they've moved their tents closer to one another they say they've condensed their efforts because they want to stay focused they want to stay. organized i think there's a chance that some of the protesters and the other occupations around the country could wind up here on k.
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street because this is one of the last places a very few clashes with police in washington christine preserve r.t. . well still ahead this hour a syria gets shot out r.t.o. asks who's pulling the strings arab league is taking a tough stance on one of its own we investigated outside influence in the decision to suspend syria. random and so you spacecraft safe who delivers its crew to the international space station two russian cosmonauts some of the american astronauts have created a colleagues in orbit. it is just. a new number crunching leaders in greece and italy are getting it into the country's financial problems prime minister designate monti says he sure they can get back on track or announces cabinet on wednesday secured support from italy's main political parties but has a massive task ahead to cut almost two trillion euros of debt while in greece time
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is of the essence and the finance minister warning the e.u. rescue package needs rapid ratification to stop the country going under was artie's bushell has been hearing europeans are convinced the military industrial can pull it off. greece's new leader used to be voice president of the european central bank italy's new premier is also an explained and devoid of to goldman sachs to so mario monti's first actions in charge prove he's there to help fellow going to his people number one of the first things. we have to see financial stability of course will take care of the social problems that exist bubbles we have a government led by a banker and that he wasn't even elected in the first place and he's not going to seek reelection so he can do whatever he pleases without having to go back to his
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previous post after two three years but the suits the e.u. says the institute for democracy in corporations john mclaughlin and brussels has put into men who continue with the going and not support the public the way they predict this is did. you actually have office the moment he suggested a referendum on the debt package scully had leave office a moment he said that italians should hold or under the euro be useful to have insisted on elected officials taking charge in italy and greece all of those countries' leaders questions the reforms being imposed on them but that's open brussels up to charges of being dictatorial and the democratic one politicians think this is a warning to all e.u. leaders who try to help the population oppose all spending cuts and you have to go all of it can be done in italy and it can be done in greece it's only a matter of time. before it can be done anywhere else good financial analyst makes
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causes of things because of the very worst sort to put in charge at this time people say well the bankers know best what the bankers are the ones who are stolen all the money so are we going to give them more ability to steal more money in a pause more austerity measures that's insane but there are signs that we may have gone to. with boiling over at the ritz images. seventy people have been injured in protests digitally want greek civil servants and teachers walked out of their jobs on tuesday open and pension cards. gearing up for more violence that's a noble public demonstration on thursday in brussels forty. the international space station is welcoming its new crew members the hatches between the station and the so use capsules and short want to be open. to all of her is watching the mission for us live in peace at the crewmembers on board at the ice chest have been by themselves longer than expected so they must have been happy to see some fresh
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faces certainly they are indeed we can see right now the full six man crew of the s.s. at the moment there speaking with mission control they arrived well not a long time ago. just basically checking in with mission control stretching their legs you have to remember these guys have been trapped inside a tiny so used module for the best part of just over two days you have a look now at the moment when they entered into the international space station but the hatch opening from the soyuz module the module has to be guided in by hand right to the top to the the entrance into the space station then they can form a seal they want to equalize the pressures then this happens the open of the hutch and we should see. cosmonauts appear the three men who've entered into the international space station have had a bit of
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a wait to get up there their mission was delayed by two months perth's they did make up some of that time apparently there were nine minutes earlier when it came to docking with the space station so i'm torn it. up live obviously for me to say on a totally given issue of even ition a bigger pardon and daniel burbank all on board the international space station safe and sound there so happy see. how much of a relief was it though that this mission went without a hitch peter well yes follow the reason that this mission was delayed by two months was due to the crash of a soyuz rocket carrying a supply module to the international space station at the end of august now that so used rocket is a similar type of rocket that's used for months spaceflight now they were going to take any risks when it came to if there was any technical problems with the soyuz they tested it they took it apart they put it back together they tried several unmanned missions they all went off without any kind of a problem so they decided to go ahead with the manned mission at the so used to
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make twenty two rockets taking off on monday docking successfully with the international space station today all the crew on board safe and sound great stuff that's all you want to hear peter thank you for that update. well change of pace now a serious suspension from the arab league along with other side sions was decided last saturday in an attempt to force the regime to end its crackdown on anti-government protests the league is now set to curtail syria's membership later on wednesday at a meeting damascus is boycotting he wants syrian defectors have attacked a military base their capital damascus using rockets machine guns robberies more than an obvious month since the uprising began in march at least one hundred forty people have died during the past three days later nations and now arab gulf states are blasting the regime and neighboring turkey says it will cut electricity
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supplies and stop joint all exploration next if president assad doesn't change course the u.n. nuclear watchdog is also adding pressure on syria it's time it worked which online journalist patrick hayes sees as an extension of the west's will in the area. i think increasingly the arab league you know how to be representative in many ways of the middle east and people you know you have saudi arabia bahrain other regimes you know how that actually done similar things to what the syrian government is doing now basically acting here is an extension of the international community and i think really in that sense they are effectively kind of pandering to western interests because really america is no longer. in the region in the same way that it used to be so now hide behind groups like the arab league like the u.n. like the i.a.e.a. which we saw the other day and infection from both syria and iran at the moment in
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order to try and effectively go behind the scenes is these kind of organization i don't know if puppet groups boy from the west and anything any intervention by u.n. observers or anyone else it's not meddling in syria is going from a figure. the foreign pressure is piling on syria but gadhafi libya you really this have at least one ace up this if oil. wants online how western companies are lining up for the stake that's the u.k. that's likely to come out and talk about why the brits are being paid but. also online under the boot the russian capital for man answer some uncomfortable questions about half a billion dollars that went missing from the bank of moscow two years ago. and some of the world's other main headlines for you now this hour a massive gathering of afghan elders to discuss how much their country should stay
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and why the united states grand council decide the level of washington's involvement combat troops in the bottom twenty. percent karzai wants to secure long term support but is increasingly furious natural actions which of course. president obama has arrived in australia twice ransley his visit last year because of problems back part of the trip is to try and expand america's military presence there by station cities joint training exercises and increasing access to bases with a counterbalance china which is dominant in the pacific area. colombia's largest rebel group of iraq has chosen its new leader really under no change is accused of being behind some of the group's most notorious attacks and kidnapping rates proxy previous leader was killed three weeks ago to a massive ration. julia sands is making
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a last ditch effort against extradition from britain to sweden wiki leaks founder wants to overturn a high court ruling to send him to face sex qualifications which he denies and has been under house arrest for nearly a year has never been charged supporters say it's a politically motivated to publish the student there is incompetent and that it takes. it we discuss whether the e.u. will ever be able to come to grips with its financial dramas first its cost of the business this can join you. and. by those twenty three minutes past the hour here in moscow welcome to your business update russia could team up with its key rival in the global natural gas industry is eyeing a stake in russia's top private gas producer norma turk and its jamar project in the arctic area of western siberia the project is expected to produce five million
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tons of liquefied natural gas per year starting in two thousand and sixteen it should then take two years for production to reach fifteen million tonnes annually russian officials believe that carter's expertise in a range inc liquefied natural gas shipments would be of use talks are underway but there's no indication as to how big can't i stay could be. russian carmaker gas troop is joining up with chinese truck maker which could see ten thousand feet cause roll off the production line pretty year it will be a fifty fifty venture with first automobile works but firms that keeping their lips tight on the level of investment but alice expected to reach sixty million dollars they also believe the new crops will face this competition from russia's come us which controls half of the domestic market there while gas group is also planning to launch a simple local lives for votes are going and chevalier next year. the euro zone is
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on the brink of recession its economy grew just point two percent in the first quarter but economists offering only a sleek prospect of growth in the next two quarters are compounding the problem spanish and italian bond yields are rising despite a new prime minister and the approval of more cuts. in some better than expected consumer data over in the u.s. let's look at the markets how they're performing this hour well have dropped from its highest level in more than three months it's in the wake of a report by the american petroleum institute which says crude stockpiles in the u.s. rose by one point three million barrels last week but it is not trading at ninety eight dollars for a while branch is offering a one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel. and asian stock markets are lower on wednesday weighed by european news anchor global use leading to the action. european markets are heading lower at the opening both the dax underfoot see are
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losing more than half a percent of the south. and here in moscow the markets are mixed well though they are still their lowest level in a week as well dropped after your stockpiles increased and with europe's debt crisis still weighing on investors here. let's have a look at some of the individual show moves in the mite's that's most blue chips are in the roche the world's biggest oil the new producer and russia's largest producer still make you call much or are both declining one point seven and two point three percent respectively rough spots is bucking the trend though with the buy buyback announcement for the premium sixty percent of the market alteration of coal miner has soared by fifteen percent this hour. well. europe is continuing to see across international borders and is weighing on sentiment here in moscow here in russia or western at
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a town recommends buying into cash rich companies but high dividend payouts for investors willing to risk a dip in the market growth of kara's rich companies go for dividend i mean you have to guess perhaps. common as well even though the corporate governance can be clearly questioned in this company i mean they do have cash to pay one of the highest dividend in the oil sector in the russian was it was because. you have other companies. it's a must group looks like a very interesting company you kill of used to be defensive but it has had a good period but i was still a good this too much risk you had a good actions in that sector has been some you know the whole problem would be missing to backtrack go on that used to be a favorite sector in two thousand and ten i think that has completely reversed unfortunately. what is cash in this dividend. as a fairly defensive sector defensive stop as well. here of steepening debt crisis
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a stoke and concerns that a cash squeeze among russian lenders growing yields on banks bonds have prompted a record injection of cash from the central bank prissy alone over twenty six billion dollars to banks yesterday the most to nine years unless they reduce trouble the quiddity in russia is making lenders that's more expensive additional pressure is coming from capital flight which may double this year to seventy billion dollars. that's all we have time for now drawn in less than fifteen minutes for another business update here on r.t. . if. you. go to.
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