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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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so i do not see a flashback to iraq the same experts that claimed baghdad had weapons of mass destruction now endorse i.a.e.a. suggestions that iran is developing a nuclear bomb we have the latest for you. the antigovernment free syrian army reportedly launches a major assault on a loyalist place near damascus that says the arab league turns up the heat on president assad despite his pledge to hold talks and continue reforms plus. bush knocked down a string of forceful a victims of anti corporate occupy protesters across america fails to stop the movement from gearing up to shut down its.
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eight pm wednesday night here in moscow welcome. and you're watching our top stories but a new twist in the controversy surrounding last week's u.n. report into iran's nuclear program and includes the mention of a mysterious foreign expert who western media claims to be russian saying he helped around build an atomic detonator of his illness and now expose the findings and where they may lead. iran has long been a hot topic. but. the greatest threat that america in the world faces at faced was a nuclear iran but it's heated up since last week's report from the un's nuclear
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watchdog sparking fears he ran once pursuing atomic weapons the i.a.e.a. says iran developed a high explosives initiation system a detonator with the help of a foreign expert questions that aren't actually heard is called it a mystery science who is the russian by some western media even though the i.a.e.a. report doesn't name him and he's not russian by ukrainian it here's how former weapons inspector david albright talks suffered a scientist nuclear credentials on c.n.n. when he showed how to build of a thin hemispherical shell with holes in it and they were the detonation happens and you simultaneously set off explosive pellets in a series of holes in that of one of shell and those explosive pellet pellets ignite the high explosive underneath and in a very spiritual way it compresses the core and then you get a nuclear explosion it's just one of many land is a scientist but not a nuclear specialist those who actually know danny and say this. is good he
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worked in a nuclear facility but not every person who does is the nucleus specialist he's actually trained to construct the airplanes and it's not the i.a.e.a. that is question him no but journalists nevertheless all right accuses binny uncut who specialized in nano diamonds in iran of working with the iranians to help them miniaturize their nuclear warhead so they can put it on top of one of their missiles so it can be fired her own right hand history out pointing fingers because before iraq was invaded he said this in two thousand and two. in terms of the chemical and biological weapons iraq has those now how many how could they deliver them i mean these are big questions then backtrack to the l a times once no job u.-n. d. s. were discovered in iraq. if there are no weapons of mass destruction i'll be mad as
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hell i certainly accept it the administration's claims of chemical and biological weapons i figured they were telling the truth and some u.s. politicians think non-truths could be repeating with iran but i'm afraid what's going on right now is similar to the war propaganda that went on against iraq you know they didn't have. the weapons of mass destruction but there were enough of fishy reports implying otherwise in terms of the report there is limited information a lot of the reason it's limited is because it's most likely that iran does not it is you know it is the case of iran does not have a nuclear weapons program outré diplomatic days are who could be called critics say the public especially in the us are about to be inundated with another flood of so-called expert analysis be where are a dangerous mideast country that's presumably hiding secret nuclear weapons and may require a military strike the difference this time it's iran not iraq and he's now artsy
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moscow for the latest claims as to not author journalist actually returns he's been following the story closely from london snyder i've seen very good even if you've covered this line before and we've let's recap again for views of just may just. turns out the foreign expert who's not been named in the report was identified in the news reports as wishes love the linker is not a nuclear weapon science is not the crucial bit isn't it because the next thought after that is what does it tell us about these claims and their credibility. absolutely. probably better off i don't know in hollywood with paris hilton making bigger diamonds than the ones he was used to these are no diamonds technologist if indeed the person is as you say it really does a shadow over the i don't even understand why iran is even part of it anymore given
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the lies that we've heard of since and as for mr armando he's very much i think now under the spotlight for me and i just say wiki leaks did say that their motto according to the u.s. ambassador glyn davis agreed with the united states on all key strategic decision making and agreed on u.s. handling of the iranian nuclear program the malo is obviously a stooge. of course. but it it's announced that it's drawing up a detailed response to the report by the i.a.e.a. but we know what its line has been along along the way although all the time it was said it's cooperated fully and as much as the eyes asked for. last week he said that. as far as he was concerned how is the response likely to influence the debate you think when it finally comes through. well it's obvious what the u.s. and israel's intentions are israel of course with nuclear weapons guy doing nothing about it the spotlight as i said on vienna you must remember there were two
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suicides in the past few years what exactly goes on at this agency why is it even before the releases the report is already leaked onto websites one i think it's called isis one why is it so leaky why is it that we know from el baradei you used to run it the that the united states continually puts pressure on it we know this is all a sham and what's so disappointing is how the media covers the story and basically un institutions can be used in this way to forge a geo strategic purposes by the united states and israel and the us allies we know that nothing new is in this for a war we know that the allegations the word alleged and allegation appears twenty eight times in the new annex that's been provided in this report which is actually just rehashed from previous terms of. this criticism this report and folly of what you say criticism the western media and the reaction to it is all part of some kind
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of drug for war intervention in iran and you really need to surely it's in no one's interest though that iran has got nuclear weapons it. well i think most people would be against nuclear proliferation but the i am vienna seems to be part of a drumbeat for war if not nuclear war i mean some people in the nonaligned movement around the world not wanting a repeat of iraq and afghanistan might be saying you know maybe everyone's nuclear weapons should be used against headquarters in vienna apologies to the population of vienna we are talking to you from a studio quite near m i five british soldiers have been commenting the media here in london is a goal with saying just as in your previous report would you talk to the american media saying yes weapons are on standby military deployments strategic planning is in order for a military attack on iran this isn't funny there are no games here these are
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populations these are these a you know millions of people and the way the media together with the white house and president obama in particular plays around with words and this kind of politicking is. it amounts to some gravity of actual crime let alone the fact that this government supports the image of the mail which has been responsible for a bombing within iran a few months final thought just your observations on or around we've touched on this just now around says all along the line that it has been cooperated with the way do you think it could do a better job. i think people in iran must be looking to their leaders and saying why is iran in the i.a.e.a. at all i think a man who has been a disastrous leader of it and i think there will be pressure on the iranian government from its own people and have been demonstrations in iran against well perhaps not against the government but certainly against what the i have been saying so i think there will be increasing pressure in iran against the iranian
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government as to why iran is a signatory of the nonproliferation treaty but i should return to your children to learn from other things your thoughts on the program tonight much appreciated. it's focusing on syria now their army defectors reportedly attacked a major military base near the country's capital it's the highest profile strike on loyalist forces since anti-government unrest began back in march the free syrian army fighting against the rules of president bashar al assad now claims the number more than twenty five thousand that says the arab league confirms that syria's suspension and france recalled its ambassador from the country club and supporters reportedly storming the moroccan. embassies in the mask a symbol sponsored it's up to speed on this one to get some thoughts on it from peter air is middle east consultant peter thanks for being on the line as well good to see you tonight what there's the arab league was the suspension actually mean for syria what impact is it going to have on the crisis but i think we have to understand that the arab league is a sort of
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a minor version of the united nations it's really not a affective it's certainly pro western so i don't think it's a great loss for syria to be eliminated from the group to be honest with you any co we have to understand that sorry go ahead not continue so that's ok. yeah you're looking at a game of chess here you've got to understand it i think the checkmate are probably come from a round at the end of all this which they've done very successfully before this is nothing to do with the or anything like that i'd like to draw your attention to the words of general clark the ex supreme commander of nato in europe who held press conferences and given talks in speeches about encounter after nine eleven on his visit to the pentagon he went to see donald rumsfeld made a statement to him. along the lines that no one is going to stop the the u.s.
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from bombing where every wants to bomb and also said that nato would become a very mobile unit a very flexible unit which is what it's become but then whilst he was at the pentagon a guy came up to him a senior officer with a very confidential document to say that we're going to take out seven countries in a period of five to ten years and of course i'm doubtless was libya syria lebanon and yemen somalia and of course the final target was iran so this is a very well the planned exercise and then general clark reflected on a previous visit he had with paul wolfowitz souza a very strong zionist cause a lot of damage around the world in the diplomatic sense and he made a statement to general clark along the same lines that plans were forth back in
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nine hundred ninety one that they were going to sort of divide and conquer the middle east ok well this is what it's all about it's all about geopolitics it's nothing to do with the rain the rain ians nuclear capabilities or whatever to be able to take an action you've got to justify that act. and that justification they did attempt to be blamed on the ambassador for what in this interview you see on syria in this interview with we want to focus on syria get your thoughts with us clearly we hear you talking about the big picture there how all these how this all into try focusing on what's happening on the ground today in syria we heard the army defectors have reportedly attacked targets around the capital damascus is the opposition there going to be strong enough to topple assad do you think. well if they're held belt to take out a regime they'll take out a regime that have that capability we know that in most countries especially in the
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middle east there are special forces operating behind the lines of cia mossad m i five you name it and they can they can create a crowd if you want to put it that way they put arms across the border to give to the opposition or breakaway groups and they in turn then first of all look at the arab spring you get people take to the streets in mass why are they out on the street is because they're frustrated with their government in the price hike of commodities food and petrol and loss of employment loss of housing except so they're pretty mad it's at this vulnerable moment when these special forces and secret service operatives intermingle with the crowd and in some cases become the snipers on the rooftop and say take out selective innocent victims people in the crowd in believe that their government is carrying out this action and it becomes a rebellion it's very well orchestrated it is nothing to do with the i.a.e.a.
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the picture you're painting there peter our thanks so much for your thoughts middle east consultant as you are joining someone from a burning him tonight on the program thank you well. it's least newly appointed prime minister mario monti's now been sworn in and he's unveiled his new technocratic government unelected experts and bankers will take charge of the country with monti and self at the helm both as premier and finance minister and you cabinet will be sworn in later on wednesday but have to push through tough assertive measures to bring italy's debt crisis in the control monti says he plans to remain in office until the end of the current legislature in twenty thirteen months and in greece the finance ministers urged the new government to act quickly to ratify the e.u. rescue package and avoid bankruptcy but investors are losing faith of a solution to europe their crisis can be found as borrowing. stepped up for almost all euro states this week we're going to talk to robert oulds he's chairman of the brooch group think from london robert even
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a more eurozone heavyweight economies spain france even the netherlands of seeing even the cost of their borrowing rising now what is your take on the situation in the e.u. right now as we stand tonight well the economies of the eurozone are failing their growth is non-existent in many cases their colonies are going backwards a debt spiral and their lack of economic growth is not helping at the core of their problems is the eurozone problems caused by the single currency and there's serious economic difficulties which are just not being cured whilst these countries will mainly within the e.u. single currency the euro could this even affect this could take everyone's word about even effects of the countries that were thought to be never at risk something in france it's said to be in trouble now the early stages of it with escalating debt or even rumors it may lose it's a much coveted aaa rating in terms of financial security where does paris stand right now as you see it when it comes to market confidence. well there is
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a chance that france can lose its aaa rating which is a great deal of concern to the french economy and of course especially to president sarkozy who if porn stars lose its credit rating then he could well lose the presidential elections which are coming up so this is a great deal of concern but the the answer to their problems really is to cut loose the countries that are struggling economically because of the euro being one of them especially the main focus is of course italy and greece and then those countries can start to grow again and then we can have economic growth back in europe we can have hope for you citizens and jobs can be created and the debt can then be dealt with that's the answer to the problems that the e.u. faces course another interesting side this is the single governments change main form of bankers in europe taking over governments in europe talking about it and greece just how much power lies now in the hands of brussels that. well brussels is now pretty much running the economies of those countries and brussels believes that
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the answer is to have austerity measures to have cut backs in their public expenditure at the same time as raising taxation on fortunately though that is creating growth problems italy has had next to no growth for as good as a decade greece is in recession a lot of these countries don't grow they won't be able to deal with the debt so really the answer to the problems is the european union leadership sees it is actually causing greater difficulties so the medicine is actually beginning to kill off the patient what they need to do is start again and have a different way of doing things inject money into their economies which can be done by the european central bank although germany is stopping that what can also be done is countries to leave the euro and get competitiveness back and then their colonies will start to grow that's the answer not more austerity which is just really beginning to hurt the citizens of the eurozone i wonder if the people the
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crowd are actually listening to you tonight we never know do it but i mean just following on from where we are at the moment the new governments in italy and greece are under immense pressure from the e.u. more and more as we've just been talking about what does that mean for ordinary people on the street their interests. well their interests aren't being looked after really the interests are basically putting accountants in charge of whole countries and trying to run a whole economy from that point of view which is just not the way forward because they don't think about how to create growth they don't think about just the interest of their citizens people with interests of being hurt people job losses unemployment especially among the young is especially high within the european union spain the country which has difficulties with debt has nearly fifty percent youth unemployment twenty percent unemployment for the for the rest of the nation their interests are not being looked after and the main interest going towards
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trying to save back debts which can't be afforded to financial institutions for the banking interests that kili in france and germany that have loaned a great deal of their money to countries that could afford to borrow the cash in the first place and really the ordinary citizen is being neglected in all of this and of course the people having to endure all these are sturdy will not argue for a minute that a lot hasn't been done as far as they can see because they're suffering because of it but nonetheless we're still in crisis the problem goes on there's still endless suddenly this endless meetings high level talks what do you think should be done we know you've given a prescription for what you think should be done but what do you think that that europe is capable of doing to get out of this mess. more you appease just acting so slowly on this nation state a democratically with a democratically elected government would be able to act quickly in the interests of its own citizens but the european union with so many different vested interests
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and power center to the institutions based in gracilis is just part to promote and isn't be isn't acting nearly as fast enough and the solutions that they're coming up with aren't actually in the interest of the citizens because the institutions of the e.u. on accountable to the citizens of both countries so that the technocrats and of bureaucrats only the accountants and now in effect been put in charge of the whole nations cannot deliver what is needed that can only be done by democratically elected government democratic nation states and that should be what happened power should be returned to nation states where they can act in their own country's interests stimulate their economies as best they see fit in their own country and look after their own citizens with their own currency but also it's time to be on the program are going to hear thoughts and i chair of the group talking to us live from london thank you. to corporate occupy protesters have returned to new york zuccotti park but without the tense sleeping gear the supreme court ruled
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demonstrators can no longer count there for the night meaning the two month long occupation of the park is over police and riot gear storms of coffee tuesday morning tearing down tents and of hundreds of activists refusing to leave or forcibly removed me delegations at offices you sound cannon purpose sprayed tear gas authorities side the health and fire hazards as the reasons behind the move the protesters say they think that's a flimsy excuse to kick them out before the movement's two month anniversary on thursday but they say a massive rally will wall street parties christine frazetta looks at how much of an impact occupies made since it first flared up at the bigger well. you could say it started with a whisper. by canadian activist groups and busters that spread on facebook i think you state this very spot wall street is the site of a heinous crime but before long that whisper turned into
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a war was. a collective anger at wall street corruption a growing income inequality in america and at a system in which government policy is often dictated by corporate greed before long the crowds brought police. and police brought pepper spray was a story brought on more protesters a few days later seven hundred of them were arrested on the brooklyn bridge. instead of scaring people away scenes like this i reached the masses and before long occupy movements multiplied from los angeles. to chicago. to boston.
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and just about everywhere in between the mood grew darker as authorities threaten to clear the ten city at zuccotti park at the last minute they were allowed to remain in the park themselves was high time square was next to nothing but scenes like this is not where. the government in. iraq war veteran should mark thomas finding what had become in his eyes widespread police brutality he appeared on our show a few days later they're saying if you want to fight go to iraq go to afghanistan what do you mean by this you know to hurt the citizens that you swear to protect you know is this kind of you know a contradiction to the oath that you take and then there. was occupy oakland here you see another veteran scott olsen standing peacefully. within moments he was hit in the head with a tear gas canister fractured his skull and left him after the condition what happened was that she shot
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a spotlight now shining bright on the role of police all the while the protests spread much to the dismay of authorities who over the weekend evicted encampments once again in oakland. and in portland. st louis to name a few and new york's you can be part of the heart of the movement also clear for the first time since the movement began now many worry what's next for occupy d.c. so one of the first things they did here is to clear this part of the park protesters tell me they've moved their tents closer to one another they say they've condensed their efforts because they want to stay focused they want to stay organized i think there's a chance that some of the protesters from the other occupations around the country could wind up here on k. street because this is one of the last places a very few clashes with police in washington christine for our team.
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tomorrow so i would discuss it with you the eurozone have been able to overcome its troubles because sport ahead this. culture of a business like. thanks kevin accessions of the w t o means russia will have to alter some of its existing contracts with foreign companies in particular in the car industry as often as money and of course are exposed. right now russia isn't a good place financially and is prepared to compromise to make it into the w t o that's the view of driving your points and he says russia is in a much better position than many of its european council for its the country's g.d.p. grew three point two percent in the first nine months of the year and he cites the economic jitters to go away with the new year of course the country is not immune to the debt crisis taking place beyond its borders which is why it's actively seeking ways to help the prime minister says there's a new down through the international monetary fund now but it comes to russia's end
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of the session so that the steel car makers are and main concern lattimer with the says the government support have to change somewhat existing contracts with international companies this year the government already promised stanford's several foreign companies including your gold strike in bruno and exchange they agree to assemble the hundred thousand cars a year in russia using mostly locally made components no the benefits are expected to last months it's once it's mine but one of the big seal means that they could be lifted earlier the prime minister says compensation will be paid to meet russia's promises to investors and that's just one of the many things that needs to be ironed out as the country joins the trade body. and staying with w g o x session russia on a challenge to use new energy rules for the trade building reuters agency quotes a government official who says it could be an effective way to protect the
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country's interests when it becomes a member by the end of the year the russian government has repeatedly complained about the so-called third energy package which bans gas producers from owning the transit routes in particular this affects gas for the sake of the markets while is up over one hundred dollars per barrel the first time since i take a look at that even over one hundred two dollars a barrel for light sweet this is big. as of the decline in u.s. oil inventories and a falling dollar notice the narrow price difference between friends and w.h.y. futures this is pressuring futures shares of midwest petroleum or fires which have been benefiting from chile helping to rise as the sun the u.s. stocks began sharply lower when say that's. the bank of england said prospects for europe's economy had worsened and also disappointing results from companies like b m h. m let's take a look at european stocks they're also lower not go far from the closing bell of
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footsie is down by a not sure that's point two percent led by mainly in the knee on which slumped to the forecast and no it's what you call sales and finally this is the closing picture for russia where the r.t.s. m i six declined around a third of a percent the spikes are high oil prices well that concludes this edition of the business news on r.t. we will be back next hour not their lives are next.


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