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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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which bryson. from constant pressure. starts on t.v. dot com. flashback to iraq the same experts the claimed baghdad had weapons of mass destruction now endorse i.a.e.a. suggestions that iran is developing a nuclear bomb. the antigovernment free syrian army reportedly launches a major assault on a loyalist base near damascus that says the arab league turns up the heat on president assad despite his pledge to hold talks and continue reforms plus. i. book marked down a string of forceful of actions of anti corporate occupy protesters across america fails to stop the movement from gearing up to shut down wall street. oil reaches
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one hundred and two dollars per barrel on a declining dollar falling u.s. symmetries but that's not really providing support to russian stocks find out why and when you get a sign that business starts. nine pm wednesday night here in moscow well come on i'm scared to go in and you're watching r t international our top story there's been a new twist in the controversy surrounding last week's u.n. report into iran's nuclear program it includes the mention of a mysterious foreign expert who western media claims to be russian saying he helped around build an atomic detonator he's innocent explores the findings and where they may be. iran has long been a hot topic but. the
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greatest threat that america the world faces had faced was a nuclear iran but it's heated up since last week's report from the un's nuclear watchdog starting fears iran was pursuing atomic weapons the i.a.e.a. says iran developed a high explosives initiation system a detonator with the help of a foreign expert questions that aren't expert is called at the mystery scientists that's a russian by some western movie on tape even though the i.a.e.a. report doesn't name him and he's not russian by ukrainian many years now former weapons inspector david albright talks suffered a scientist nuclear credential on c.n.n. with weapons showed him how to build of a thin hemispherical shell with holes in it and they were the detonation happens and you simultaneously set off explosive pellets in a series of holes in that of a move shell and those explosive pellet pellets ignite the high explosive underneath and in a very spiritual way it compresses the core and then you get
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a nuclear explosion that's just one hundred twenty and is a scientist but not a nuclear specialist those who actually know danny and say this. he worked in a clear facility but not every person who does is a nucleus specialist he's actually trained to construct the airplanes to and it's not the i.a.e.a. that is questioning him now but journalists roddie and remember the last all right accuses the young couple who specialized in not only diamonds in iran of working with the iranians to help them miniaturize their nuclear warhead so they can put it on top of one of their missiles so it can be fired by her own right has a history of pointing fingers because for iraq was invaded he said this in two thousand and two. in terms of the chemical and biological weapons iraq has those now how many how could they deliver them i mean these are big questions then backtrack to the l a times once no w m d's were discovered in iraq.
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if there are no weapons of mass destruction i'll be mad as hell i certainly accepted the administration's claims on chemical and biological weapons i figured they were telling the truth and some us politicians think non-truths could be repeating with iran but i'm afraid what's going on right now is similar to the war propaganda that when i want to instill iraqis you know they didn't have nuclear weapons of mass destruction but there were enough official reports implying otherwise in terms of the report there is limited information a lot of the reason it's limited is because it's most likely that iran does not it is you know it is the case iran does not have a nuclear weapons program their problematic days are who could be called critics say the public especially in the us are about to be inundated with another flood of so-called expert analysis the way are of
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a dangerous mideast country that's presumably hiding secret nuclear weapons and may require a military strike the difference this time it's iran not iraq and he's now an artsy moscow. let's have some analysis now and talk to patricia. senior fellow at the policy if you go for it is good to see you tonight we all remember of course how the invasion of iraq to be carried out. intelligence to the day would never is there enough evidence to suggest that iran is a developing a nuclear weapon a stage an odd enough grounds for the iraqi scenario not to be repeated. well it sounds also earlier if you ask me we're seeing the same types of reports may have they may have i mean one thing we know for sure is that iraq does have great sophisticated nuclear energy. so we know that russia has helped them.
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over the last decade and the u.s. has been very knowledgeable about that but as far as the weapons per ounce we're not really sure i think we're playing a very dangerous game of rhetoric here on both sides of the fence if you will and i think we need to be really careful about the miscalculations the misunderstandings and start listening to each other instead of just talking at. the way patricia i mean we've seen reports the u.s. and israel planning a strike on iran for years and has not yet how much of a possibility of military conflict now. well you know i think definitely the rhetoric for military conflict is escalating above and beyond but i don't i think in today's world the international community is quite active and paying attention to this very closely and we are seeing a lot of talk coming out of europe saying that this is just not ok with down china is against the russians against it so you are seeing you know
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a large scale at city or actually attention to this matter right now and then just into that i think u.s. officials and u.s. leaders especially in the military are very concerned about this kind of story said not just because they have been involved in two wars in the area which is definitely a consideration but i think you know they feel that this is playing in a little different level and there are a lot more parties affected and such as turkey such as there are exceptions afghanistan india etc so this is this is not so black and white you know the ability just let's go into a few airstrikes to get out and see what happens now for a round you think of what response from a side up of course the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and so was stressed is not seeking to create atomic weapons should we take them they would go on this so are all the reasons why some would actually want to have a nuclear arsenal beyond this and. of course there are reasons you know countries
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supply nuclear arsenal to nuclear nuclear nuclear arsenals three years so they can be taken seriously within the context of being a player on international stage iran has been removed from that for a long time they want to happen so for than this this is kind of a hedging game and so it's not surprising that they would they would want this this type of problem even when publicly even though publicly even the president himself has gone to the president not so long ago and said himself it's not a human weapon would his words he said never never would we want a nuclear weapon if you think there is something going on this seems the most likely. well that's up to them to be able to so and i think there's two issues there i mean iran wants to be able to keep its sovereignty and wants a bill just so that it has some authority in the world so this constant pushing of you know you show us your so it's yours but it's not important who else so within the region are what else people have with them and i think that that's really an issue within the context of the negotiations and addition to that you know constant
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threats do not always make people come to the table and we've been doing this nonstop so i think we both parties really need to sit back and see really what the consequences and implications are of this you know high level very very dangerous rhetoric will cause there's been some reaction in the wake of the report from iranian lawmakers they've called for a review of the country's cooperation with the organization without due to the whole debate and. the nuclear issue if they pull. well that is definitely to complicate things and i don't think we want to see that you know i'm kind of surprised that they haven't considered it already. you know it shows me there though that government is serious about maintaining relationships in the international community so i mean perhaps we you know we just sit back again it and say is there some other way we can take slower steps to see what's happening there and you know everybody's really concerned that this nuclear weapon is going to
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happen over the next twenty four months but i think it's more important that we build relationships and i you know i think you're right in the us i actually have reasons to do that i'm sick of history been able to do that so it's time that they get back on track ok so people would say it's a fair point for round one of the nuclear weapon maybe it should have one i think if you're in pakistan both nuclear powers of course they've always said they wouldn't use it is that threat of mutual destruction of course in the middle east the only. power of a with nuclear weapons is israel so the problem from not is well if israel's got it why shouldn't i run but i think this is always the you know the million dollar question is israel is not a member of the n.p.t. treaty they've never been forced to be a member of it and it will still kind of push the fact that they supposedly have all these nuclear weapons three hundred plus under the rug we don't want to talk about it so you know i mean i think israel is was very serious about moving or
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making sure that they are protected and not attacked they want to come here on this it comes at the table and maybe it's it's again going back to that nuclear free zone and they really have to put their own actions where their mouth is if they want to stay for a region on a safer place for themselves or i love new york compression did you know senior fellow who will listen something. a little suited for you to know what you think about all big stories of the day today we're asking if you think we need clarification you can still run the the justify. votes on our web site r t dot com let's see what you're telling us that this hour the most popular response appears to be that iran should be allowed to go do clear coming a close second go through say the claims are of western propaganda campaign but eleven percent believe the evidence around trying to acquire nuclear weapons is vastly inferior of you say to rand is in fact building a bomb go online to cast your vote. syrian our army defectors reportedly attacked
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a major military base near the country's capital it's the highest profile strike on loyalist forces since anti-government unrest began in march and free syrian army fighting against the rule of president bashar al assad now claims number more than twenty five thousand that says the arab league confirmed serious suspension and france recalls its ambassador from the country government supporters reportedly stormed the moroccan qatar and emirates the embassy the same damascus in response. to search. out of sec says the conflict won't be resolved unless foreign powers urge the armed opposition to stop fighting. but the arab league is pressing for the syrian government to withdraw its forces and the syrian government and the military and intelligence services are being attacked quite violently well armed people then there's not really much chance for the syrian government to take the troops from the streets to the tanks really right now should be putting pressure not only on the syrian government but also on the protesters and if they're going to require
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syria the syrian government to enter into dialogue and certainly the protesters should stop the violence and also enter into a dialogue with the government so right now really the pressure is being directed only to one side in the conflict as you cited and so we really need to start focusing on the escalation of the opposition in syria if there is a civil war has to be averted and that this the way the opposition is framing things they're not thinking about how many people are still in the country and who support president and this is really really potentially destructive because they could pretend that they're a popular movement of course they have a lot of support but they also have a lot of opposition in syria people come into the streets by the tens of thousands to protest for the government and for president assad and right now the opposition is considering that they're not thinking about the fact that the markers the means
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that they're going have to dialogue with all syrians including those people who support president assad. coming up in the program the eurozone teetering on the brink investor confidence is taken as europe crisis spreads to every way to colonies well greece and italy battle for survival. next though i think corporate occupy protesters have returned to new york's zuccotti park but without the tents and their sleeping here the supreme court ruled that demonstrators can no longer camp out there for the night when with two month long occupation of the park is over police in riot gear storms are called to choose their morning tearing down tension a victim hundreds of activists refusing to leave or forcibly removed amid allegations of offices you sound cannons pepper spray and tear gas authorities cited health and fire hazards as the reasons why the move tests are seen as a flimsy excuse to kick them out before the movement's two month anniversary first day and they say a massive rally will shut down wall street i think christine for a look at how much of an impact ok made since it first flared up in
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a big apple. you could say it started with a whisper close by canadian activist group and busters that spread on facebook i think the street i see this very spot wall street is this i mean it's crime but before long that whisper turned into rules. lots of anger and wall street corruption a growing income inequality in america and at a system in which government policy is often dictated by corporate greed before long the crowds brought police. and police brought pepper spray. to the story brought on more protesters a few days later seven hundred of them were arrested on the brooklyn bridge. instead of scaring people away scenes like this i reached the now six and before
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long. movements multiplied from los angeles. to chicago. to boston. and just about everywhere in between the mood grew darker as authorities threaten to clear the ten city zuccotti park at the last minute they were allowed to remain to clean the park themselves. and comply time square was next and not brought scenes like this. doesn't make it. iraq war veteran should mark thomas finding what had become in his eyes widespread police brutality he appeared on our show a few days later there saying if you want to fight go to iraq go to afghanistan what do you mean by this you know it's i heard the citizens that you swear to
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protect you know this is kind of you know a contradiction to the oath if you take and then there was occupy oakland here you see another veteran scott olsen standing peacefully. within moments he was hit in the head with a tear gas canister the structure of the school and left to consider the condition what a lot of the shot a spotlight now shining bright on the role of police all the while the protests spread much to the dismay of authorities who over the weekend if they did encampments once again you know played. and important in. st louis to name a few and new york's zuccotti park the heart of the movement also clearly for the first time since the movement again now many worry what's next for occupy d.c. so one of the first things they did here is to clear this part of the park protesters tell me they've moved their tents closer to one another they say they've condensed their efforts because they want to stay focused they want to stay
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organized if there's a chance that some of production the. if there's any other occupations around the country could wind up here m k street because this is one of the last places a very few clashes with police in washington christine for example. italy's newly appointed prime minister mario monti has now been sworn in and he's unveiled his new technocrat government and elected experts and bankers will take charge of the country with one himself at the helm both as premier and finance minister and you cabinet will be sworn in later on wednesday love to push through some tough austerity measures though more of them to bring italy's debt crisis under control but he says he plans to remain in office until the end of the current parliament in twenty thirty and in greece the new government is one a confidence vote in parliament a coalition where we'll know after work quickly to ratify the rescue package and avoid bankruptcy but as our correspondent a bushel found out running a country calls for a lot more than an economic background. greece's new leader used to be voice
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president of the european central bank italy's new premier is also an explain close advisor to goldman sachs to so mario monti's first actions in charge prove he's doing to help fellow going to his north his people monti one of the first things. we have to see financial stability of course will take care of the social problems that is just double speak if you have a government led by a banker that he wasn't even the elected in the first place and he's not going to seek reelection so he can do whatever he pleases without having to fear is this going to go back to his previous post after two or three years but the e.u. says the institute for democracy is corporations just local and brussels is put into men who continue with going and not support the public the way they're pretty decisions did. you actually have office the moment you suggested
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a referendum on the. scrutiny had to leave office the moment she said that intelligence had become. who are under your it be useful to have insisted on elected officials taking charge in italy and greece all of those countries leaders questions the reforms being imposed on them but that's open brussels up to charges of being dictatorial and the democratic one politician thinks this is a walling to all e.u. leaders who try to help their population oppose all spending cuts and you have to go all of it can be done in italy and can be done in greece it's only a matter of time. before it can be done anywhere else get financial analyst mix cause of things going because of the very worst sort to put in charge at this time when people say well the bankers know best but the bankers are the ones throughout stole all the money so are we going to give them more ability to steal more money and oppose more austerity measures that's insane with there are signs the e.u.
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may have gone too far with anger boiling over its servitude spirity measures demanded blood crosses seventy people have been injured in protests in italy while greek civil servants and teachers walked out of big jobs on tuesday open wage and pension cuts i think this is gearing up for more violence that's another public demonstration on thursday in brussels the new cultural forty. put investors losing faith in a solution to europe's debt crisis can be found as poor in costs went up for almost all euro states this week chairman of the british group think and robert all still me that the answer to europe's problems is to cut loose some of its struggling members. economies of the eurozone of failing their growth is non-existent in many cases big economies are going backwards they're in a debt spiral and their lack of economic growth is not helping at the core of their problems is the eurozone problems caused by the single currency and there's serious economic difficulties which are just not being cured these countries were mainly
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within the e.u. single currency the euro the of the answer to their problems really is to cut loose the countries that are struggling economically because of the euro france being one of them especially but the main focus is of course italy and greece and then those countries can start to grow again and then we can have economic growth back in europe we can have hope for europe citizens and jobs can be created and they can then be dealt with the european union with so many different vested interests and power center to the institutions based in brasil which is just part to the mode is and b. is an acting nearly as fast enough and the solutions are there coming up with actually in the interests of the citizens because the institutions of the you and accountable to the citizens of those countries. good news in brief tonight u.s. drones have killed at least sixteen people in pakistan official said miss elsie two compounds in a village of the northwest of the country the region considered a taliban stronghold hours before the strikes militants attacked an army checkpoint
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at the same region with rockets killing one soldier and wounding another pakistan's frequently criticized u.s. drone strikes as a violation of the country's sovereignty. western china a minibus on its way to kindergartens collided head on with a truck killing eighteen children and two adults the bus only had nine seats but was reportedly carrying sixty two youngsters many of them were taken to a nearby hospital there in a critical condition officials say the crash was caused by the blast being so heavily overloaded. afghan president hamid karzai has demanded the foreign troops ends night raids and stop detailing afghans addressing a council of tribal elders he was also critical of nato played its departure in twenty fourteen will be good for the country because i pledge to restore national sovereignty after growing increasingly angry of u.s. military action resulting in civilian. u.s. is expanding its military presence in a stroller with
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a total of two thousand five hundred troops expected to arrive there over the next few years a plan was unveiled by president obama under strain prime minister jugular it seems by some as an attempt to offset trial is growing global influence a digital media to question whether bringing in u.s. ships aircraft and vehicles would help stability of the region in a few minutes we look at the environmental catastrophe it has devoured vast swathes of america's oklahoma that's coming up soon then after the hour is business now with me tree. good evening and welcome to business extensions of the w g o means russia will have to alter some of its existing contracts with foreign companies in particular as concerns the car industry as are things but in a cost of explaining. right now russia isn't a good place financially and is prepared to compromise to make it inside the w.c.l. that's the beauty of driving your puts him he says russia is in
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a much better position than many of its supports the country's g.d.p. grew four point two percent in the first nine months of the year and as you cites the economic jitters to build play with me here of course the country is not immune to the debt crisis taking place beyond its borders which is why it's a big something like this to help the prime minister says this is mainly done through the international monetary fund now one of them so russia's end of the session says that the c.e.o. carmakers are and main concern and lattimer says the government was to treat someone like system contracts with international companies this year the government already promised transparency several foreign companies including the word gold strike in bruno and it changed lately to assemble the hundred thousand cars here in russia using mostly locally made known is not the benefits are expected some last ounce it's once it's one by one the company c.e.o.
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means that they could only hear the prime minister says compensation will be paid to meet russia's promises to investors and that's just one of the many things that need to be ironed out as the country joins the trade all the. another news the russian government is aiming to cut you inflation below three and a half percent but in britain says this could be achieved in just a short to medium term as for this year consumer prices are expected to rise by roughly seven percent as lows freights in modern russian history coming back to the topic of the easier access in russia may challenge that use new energy rules for the trade body noises agency quotes a government official who says it could be an effective way to protect the country's interests when it becomes a member by the end of the year the russian government recently complained about the so-called third energy package which bans gas producers from owning the transit routes in particular this affects gas. from gas to poor oil it's up over one
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hundred dollars per barrel the first time since april of this year this is because of the time in the us we're in the trees on a falling dollar not just the narrow work price difference between brant and w g i futures this is pressure in shares of midwest but surely refiners which have been benefiting from cheaper prices are the reason. u.s. stocks are lower on wednesday after the bank of england said prospects for europe's economy had worsened and also disappointing results from companies like the computer fitch in europe pretty much the same situation at the close the footsie and the dax and the flats and the dax is seeing a third day of losses as if any in technology slumped after forecasting twenty two of six. and this is the close in moscow the r.t.s. m i six did not see much support from the high up world prices let's look a look at so what's moving the nice x. pretty much the only company benefiting from those oil prices which was snapped up
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one point six percent net show the metals producers down four percent as a reporter disappointing sales results for the first quarter and just bought sky is the outstanding gainer was bucking the trend for the buyback announcement of a premium to see a sixty percent premium to the market price it has seen its share prices go up more than ten percent in just one session. cry for more business news you can always log on to our web site that's out forward slash business and i'll be back around fifty five minutes time glad if you can join me.
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right you clean ghost town. squandered my. one. more than sixty square kilometers an environmental devastation and those who are still surprising me live i'm finding are just good stuff that's getting bad out here but not saying hardly any birds squirrels you know. ducks you know i don't know what's going on here. on crete on our q. twenty years ago and i just country.


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