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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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five thirty pm in moscow the zero g. headlines big day of action starts in new york as anti-corporate protesters begin their ten thousand strong march marking two months of rallies people angry at economic inequality are planning to occupy the city streets bridges and subway as well as shut down wall street itself. russia says syria's leaders and the opposition are the only ones who can end the country's lethal violence that's starting to look like a civil war this is arab states reportedly urged the u.k. to leave the diplomacy against damascus after london's leading role in libya.
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patience running out from one of europe's strongest economies the netherlands calling for least countries to be kicked out of the euro and create a leaner better this is anti austerity protests continue in italy despite the new prime minister's promises to tackle the country's massive debt crisis. as parliamentary elections in a russian move closer are to give the floor to the leader of the patriots of russia party hats coming up next in the spotlight stay with us.
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hello yellow welcome to spotlight been for the show on our team i'll be in auburn they would continue our election free. of the summer for russia is going to renew its policy several parties are campaigning for that four hundred fifty seats in the lower train of the state good out of the new law the m.p.'s through the office will be five years instead of four as the campaign goes on the spotlight gives you an opportunity to hear from all of the parties and today my guest has been largely sunni given leader of the party called patriots of russia. they turn the flame for soldiers fallen in the war against the nazis is one of those special places to feel patriotic during election complains the feeling of patriotism travels from places like the swan to politicians beaches this time around there's also one party running for seats in russia state duma which is tugging at voters
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patriotic card strings the patriots of russia political party was founded in two thousand and five by deny the same meagen before that he had been one of the leading members of russia's communist body also was a successful businessman simeon was mistrusted by the communist old guard who labelled him the red only gone confrontation with the communist party leaders you gonna even should see me again being expelled the party he founded on his own shares some. though years so for me can the boast they need big political victories the last parliamentary election four years ago so the party failed to cross the seven percent threshold needed to gain seats in the state duma. hello mr see me again thank you for being with us hello. could you please tell us straight away what you make of russia's foreign policy whether you like it or not
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and what you would do differently. we believe there are a number of serious problems with our foreign policy especially with regard to the c.i.s. countries what we see today is that our relations with crane kyrgyzstan and uzbekistan are somewhat strained our relations with us there but china answered in a stern are not to do it either so we want to make it our goal to build a eurasian union we definitely need to change our long term and short term political and economic strategy in dealing with the c.i.s. countries but secondly we believe russia should work more closely with countries like india brazil and especially middle east countries where the situation is very difficult at the moment historically we have always will and much power and influence in the region but today the situation has dramatically deteriorated flirting with it because we don't do enough in the middle east or to have to do is because the us has outplayed us in the middle east because america has been super busy there it's worth we nor and all those tendencies and we did not expect this
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social unrest to break out i was with instead we're signing contracts and building relations with those regimes and we'll see those tide coming over such things are quite predictable if you work on it seriously and probably when the u.s. resorted to the use of force in the middle east russia had only two options left kristie it could send its troops to support the other party in the conflict here this is a way the soviet union used to do they can those days when we had many so. local conflicts in africa healed by the soviet union and the united states. the other option was to side with the us which is what we did more or less with but it didn't work out that well. i don't think russia had any other option. what do you think yes there was another option of the more you know the situation in those countries and if you polled the developments there if you maintain a dialogue with the opposition as well because historically the opposition was
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quite strong in those countries you just didn't have an opportunity to come to power so if we had stronger ties with the opposition we would have been able to play our game with both the government and the opposition with those countries you need theory subtle oriental diplomacy. what are your rivals a very influential politician of let him or her enough he said while sitting in this studio that the u.s. remains our number one enemy do you agree with us i wouldn't call it enemy of course i didn't mean the kind of enemy go to war with very tough rivals of course america is a tough rival and any that pretty well an enemy or a rival an opponent it's all in the same category this opponent will definitely take certain economic political and in the military steps to contain russia's influence and increase its own influence there's no doubt about that russia can and must offer the world to fundamentally new development model these are your words and they're true. what are these new forms of society state or economy that russia
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and you speaking in russia they have a ready to offer the world that it would not you know we have a few crucial strategic points in our program that nobody else has these common knowledge that to do the whole world needs new forms and new models of state and society in addition to the economic crisis and what we see today is a political and a social crisis has built a highly unusual state in russia where modernization can't help but this means we have to build a new state and a new society. a new board cool system and you can all mix social and legal systems we have a lot of work to do to win it seemed proof of our political system our economic system our social system our legal system needs much adjustments to our entire society should come together and work out the new model that we are over if we can work out a good model would shared with other countries because it is a challenge of the twenty first century the current economic political and global
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models raise a lot of questions but in ripples. when looking at your program i get the impression that you have a few popular slogans other people's programs for example one of your slogan says i quote from the program due to the escalating crisis world other guards will work to gain control over russia's key natural resources and quote this is akin to taken from the communist platform the communists are against world capitalism you are against the world. which is basically the same thing. but this doesn't mean that we have something from other people this is our position and it has been our position for years compared to the communists we have a clear and the vision of paul the world all the garcon does it economically how they do it in developed countries how deeply in developing countries and how they're trying to do the same thing with russia how can you fight world oligarchies the soviet union fought it for seventy years to no avail there is only one way to
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fight it you need to ramp up your economic potential dramatically but you need strong companies that can fight for their share of the market that can produce quality goods not just export oil natural gas nickel and copper that they should secure in major technological breakthrough and this is possible one of the ways to rim park russia's economic potential today is join the w t o to become part of world only thirty instead of fighting it to perhaps consider phasing is we should become part of it first of all it's going to be a war goal. install america will fight europe and europe will fight america and russia china will fight it will be an all out fight membership in the w t o merely defines the rules of the fight that's all the theft if there are rules does not mean that there will be no fight there will be tough economic political and even social rivalry that's why russia will face a number of serious problems after he joins the w t o i doubt that our car manufacturing aircraft manufacturing and agricultural companies will be more competitive on the market and than there are now i can tell you frankly i don't
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feel sorry for the first industry mentioned automotive i feel sorry for the aircraft manufacturing industry though but i'm ready to sacrifice our automotive industry especially car makers you know there are three options you can use sacrifice it and buy foreign cars you can do the same thing china did china did not sacrifice anything they could almost no car makers in china but they invited all the world's biggest car in minutes after is and now they make their own cars so there is no need to separate anything all you have to do is develop your economy tracting investors a new technology it is not easy but it can be done in the two thousand and seven election he didn't win any seats in the state duma he learned anything from that day there is need any fundamental changes for this complain the point is when we entered the race less time our party was only two years old it was very difficult for us to compete with other parties there was your first attempt there was our first attempt today our party six years old you know of course that other parties are eighteen or twenty or twenty two years old they have a lot of experience but we have made significant changes in the way we work we know
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working in the field that is so we're working with voters on a regional level we have a very good results on a regional level in two thousand and ten and we want forty times more seats in regional salman's than we had before this is just in one year we you know working with people working with n.g.o.s you know we also have our own factions and we have the only non parliamentary party that has its own faction in a regional and municipal sandwich so yes we have changed the current campaign we are offering a few ideas nobody else has used it in new society of the national idea nor the party. is offered a national ideal we say that we promote the ideology of peter distant and that we wanted to be russia's national ideology because we don't think that conservatism as a national ideology can work for russia already is a national breakthrough we're not suggesting modernization we think that russia today is like a cancer patient somewhere in between stage three and stage forty or less radical treatment won't help but shit what you need is a major national breakthrough. there
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a course party says their goal is just to overcome the seven percent threshold to get into the state duma which makes me conclude that they will not make it into the parliament issue it's like in football if you play are invited to join the national squad it says that his goal is no more than just try to stay in the team he's unlikely to put in the starting line up he'll be sitting in the bench at best so what's your goal with our goal is to get from seven to nine percent of the vote why such a figure of seventy nine this week close to what right cause was saying what to believe in surrealistic so you don't have that much of a chance you know our chances are fifty fifty the thing is that unlike the right cost party we have been able to make it into regional parliaments we took part in elections and fifty over russia's regions we have a great number of factions and hundreds and hundreds of deputies so we believe our task is if possible that in march two thousand and eleven we want nine percent of those seen the kaliningrad region in the republic of dagestan why we say it will be nine to ten percent because some votes may get lost during the counting procedure
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and at the end of the day will get just seven which will be enough to say we're taking a realistic approach we're getting fifteen or twenty percent would be nice but it's not realistic when it says see me get a leader of the patriots of russia political spotlight will be back shortly we'll continue this interview they left better midsouth they with us go. wealthy british scientists scientists sometimes.
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but i'm not saying hardly any birds squirrels you know. darks you know what's going on here. john green on a marquee. welcome back to spotlight love and just threw into that my guest in the studio today is good medici meagan the leader of a political party called the patriots rush. the view this is in the first part you begin talking about the national idea that you proposed patriotism as state policy patriotism is often been used in politics it's not innovation or your service it's always been there in czarist russia pleasure it isn't was printed on the banners god save the czar it was the most illustrated many
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frustration of patriotism in those times it was these are embodied patriotism and it's not quite clear who will do it now so my question is what is the environment of russian patriotism today. i would like to clear up one point here criticize you saying that disliking foreigners does not equal patriotism was there a number of points here that i would love to discuss separately as early as in two thousand and six we proposed a national id be treated as faults just just for all unhappiness for each of you not appeared his beard is is not simply about love of your home country introduced means that all decisions of the state must comply with national and people's interests rather than soothing a closed group at the top of have their own economic and political goals we also believe that any citizen must take an active part in the life of the country that he has a coach peter to pay to read to you but and next to peter which is usual could do things in front of a t.v. set with a beer is the mean group of patriots out to peter it is
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a implies that the person has taken some specific steps taken a civic stance doing something seriously that's. peter it is we believe that any party decision could be defined in terms of peter to essentially we apply this approach the authorities would think twice before taking any decision these are two you shoes which i think should not be mixed ideologies one thing we could be able to seal the deal of the fine now a very simple question is investing millions of dollars in russia's football they should you think are not on the one hand we saw thousands of people with russian flags across the country celebrating his victory over the netherlands in euro two thousand and eight the whole night but on the other hand the taxpayers' money which could be spent on children or other issues. if there was investing in food is a necessary thing it's been a article the but the question is how to invest one option is to buy up professionals from abroad nicely another option is to invest in the youth football
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schools in russian teams instead most in sports infrastructure. that would be patriotic and i think i once heard a radical plan saying there's no need to buy players of african origin you just need to buy room in every moment back it would be the best option well i think you could buy foreign professional players but you need to keep some kind of balance as an example i would like to mention the ukrainian club the nats the ratio for international players there is so eighty five to twenty five percent there's just one ukrainian there goalkeeper if there was just one i saw i don't regard these as patriotic but they remind you crean they have such a strong national spirit that they can afford it they don't know what to spend their patriotism on but it's no compere use logans to those of the liberal democratic party of russia it's a very popular party that's why i want to do it they have a slogan no saying that liberal democrats are for the russians you slogan reads is russia above everything isn't it the same thing is definitely not best for russia
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does everything i would like to point out that the russian people comprise up to eighty. percent of the country's population and the russian culture and social protection of russians are all very important but recently some politicians have taken up their role of the defenders of the russian people i'm not sure that the russian people really need this kind of protection but use of the interest when they say that they want to defend the russians they should address the government those officials who are russian and ask them whether they protect the russian people or not what's this protection all the bugs if it's about extremist views if it's about ignoring all other nationalities and overlooking the fact that we're live in a multinational state and i don't think such a position would be appealing to russians we have a very kind hearted and tolerant attitude to other ethnicities i don't think russians would be happy about such kind of care of what it was the reason i have asked this question is that the slogan for the russians as
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a student internationalism while the slogan russia have everything it's makes of imperial chauvinism. absolutely that's another accusation that was open me to get the russians southernism has nothing to do with us because we don't talk in terms of nationalities we see that it's the country russian it should be above everything is spirit so we believe for the russians for the russians and for everyone else we are to become the poor in the center of the eurasian union and then it's only russia above everything i don't think you have much of a chance with this slogan you work it's a different situation in russia but that's down to the difference in mentality i would like to quote another visit from your platform since today all the national wealth in almost all industries belongs to a closed group over five hundred families we can conclude that the national wealth in the course of privatization in twenty years of reforms was redistributed unfairly so it's a clear call for a new revolution a call to repeal the results of the privatization which in the best case scenario
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would lead to a serious shake up in the worst case scenario to rebellion with if you put the full stop there after the word unfairly there is no call there. but maybe you want to ask me what the periods of russia suggesting what could be other options of changing the situation here's what i would like to say in european countries the situation is the same about two hundred families run the state but they tell the people that that's the way it should be because the rich have a sense of social responsibility they donate a lot tax rates are different in many other things but here in russia you see it's wrong and that's wrong this is a billion down to get another mentalities we say strong simply because ten percent of population controls not eight percent of assets and it's least ten percent that get ninety percent of revenues the rest of the nation gets pensions salaries and student allowances if you have these five hundred families manage the national wealth in an efficient way did you see what the oligarchs did in two thousand and eight that the government to hand them out fifty billion to save their businesses
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is that a sign of official management but that happens everywhere in foreign countries too but our all the guards go to the kremlin in their cars well if you remember in the u.s. they flew in private jets in claims they had run out of money. you know this is you can compare these things norilsk nickel was sold four hundred seventy five million dollars when its real value was ten billion and your receipt nine billion dollars arms privatization program in russia could only eat us that's why we see strong reason you shouldn't compare russia with the us men had to do was work from indians for beads and trinkets it wasn't a big price either work you can't compare. all around surprises were set up by the soviet people the reason why people didn't get the level of celery a state is served what store shelves were empty was because the whole country worked hard to build these gigantic factories and then these giants were sold for a dime to something to michel's your party ok plays quite an interesting because
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you pose both the party in power in the official opposition so it's often said that russia took their. path that it should have developed just as china has when the country makes a slow and gradual transition from communism to the kind of system they have now which you suggest is now the path of modernization not even the path of deng xiaoping but rather a breakthrough right. now that is absolutely q why do you think it's more typical of russia to move by leaps and bounds you know simple because we don't have very much time left if you look at the key indicators of personally told me the very same words twenty five years ago there is no time left if we don't move ahead with very strong then it will be done in over with it was right in saying that but he did it all on saying you doing are two different things to do iti of brazil china number of other countries are developing at a faster pace than we are here to do you many international markets are close to russia today we don't have competitive products so what is the future hold for us
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will we still be happy with his slowly declining g.d.p. growth going from five to three percent we need to realize that these figures are very much exaggerated and ten to fifteen years of slow growth will be out competed in chinese doing only brazil is doing a week is doing a leap there are more countries in particular in the middle east that have the potential to do similarly if they set up a proper political system in this respect our rivals trainees moving at a speed of a hundred kilometers per hour while our train is doing just twenty you don't have that we hear a cautious voice is saying we don't need to go along this evolutionary or revolutionary road that it will pass this rich slowly in what is actually a state of the nation if we do so or rebels will be for for ahead of us even before we reach the destination they decide standard of living russian president dmitry need to video believe that modernization projects like skolkovo where he invested a lot of effort and money would help russia to do this leap to bring about a breakthrough why are you against it. which we were not which you don't approve it
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three years ago we proposed creating five international. alice in the fields of agriculture aerospace in earlier years i will not mention all of them here like in russia yes in russia but it should have been done differently was it really efficient to spend huge sums of money to build several facilities on an empty plot of land when we have cities like obviously did not know was obvious and it was obvious the right color fight specialists there the american said you won't be able to go to silicon valley it's called because you don't have the staff there and that's why we believe it would be much more efficient to step up investment in new scientific centers that we already have rather than building just wants that will work for no more than twenty years in the last question we speak my interest really you don't like the un griddled liberalism even say if you're mean enemy what do you mean by and griddled liberalism is it looks like the kind of democracy we had under president yeltsin guinean the really reforms no he doesn't really matter who's in
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power at the moment it could be also understands or it's an attempt to force liberalism on us today because so many positive things about the moral ideas for example democratic principles freedom a market economy so what do you oppose then we don't like the fact that liberal ideas are being used not in the interests of the whole nation but in the interests of a close group of people we saw that went almost all the national assets were handed all of that suit five hundred families they began to rob us and lead a russian the wrong way some say we had democracy under yeltsin but actually it was not democracy with your own mass media and surreal sent them with yes they might have been more outspoken they published more critical reports than to di but even back then they were under someone's control to bring the genuine liberal ideas were not put to life only some elements of western democracy were replicated then but they did not always get rooted in our soil that's what happened again you are saying russia has its own way but you are the patriots of russia and you have the
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right to do it thank you very much for being with us and just to remind you that right yesterday was here that the city good leader. the patriots are russia's political friends and that's it for now from politics the spotlight will be back with more first obama in final what's going on. outside russia and will also help you need more leaders out russian people we could. say on parting and take. a simple. look. looking well look at. sundance technology innovation all the list i'm elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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