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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you don't. charge the big. the big. three two one action occupy wall street protesters call for a day of unity and protests squaring off with police in zuccotti park standing their ground in los angeles and marching to the key bridge in the nation's capital r t as on the ground from coast to coast we'll have live reports from los angeles new york. that idea to the idea that we're going to get on a set of americans that you know we should resist the. financial abuse of the corporations. and that idea is certainly spreading from a small rally against wall street to a movement that united thousands
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a lot of change since the occupy wall street protests began will take a look back at its determine start an uncertain future. it's thursday november seventeenth five pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching artsy well from coast to coast occupy wall street protesters storming the u.s. cities today today is the two month anniversary of the movement and protesters are commemorating head with what they are calling a day of action and york city where it all began they aim to shut down wall street once again it turned violent as police cracked down and arrested dozens. it was you can see be chaotic scene here police decked out in riot gear dragging and arresting protesters and we have this
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serving video of police arresting a woman take a look. at. the girl obviously in pain there struggling on the ground as police restraint her these violent images becoming an all too familiar sight over the past few months but this movement has progressed well r.t. has been covering this story from day one and we have correspondents. in all the movements hot spots around the country to bring us the latest on associate church going to and york and ramon in los angeles let's begin with you on a stasia what is going on there right now. well you know live like you mentioned in the videos that are popping up all over the internet and that we have been bringing our viewers a sometimes really shocking to try to believe that this brutality is happening here in new york city in the big apple this is certainly something that new york has not
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seen for many many years some of the graphic videos really show police dragging people around bruising them stepping on people's necks we just heard that there was a report that one man had his head gassed to the point of having white meat being shown on his head leading certainly very graphic images hard to believe and this all started today of course the day of action throughout new york city and some other big cities across the united states two months after the occupy wall street movement kick started here in new york we saw hundreds come out onto the streets this morning this is grown into thousands and protests and marches are taking place all throughout the city ramona how are things unfolding over there in los angeles. well as today was the biggest demonstration we've seen in los angeles over the last couple months since occupy wall street started but it was definitely one of the
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more symbolic demonstrations it's definitely the demonstration in which they have been the most police officers especially riot police now they moved in on a demonstration early this morning which started at seven am in hopes of showing down parts of the financial district here in los angeles during that demonstration some twenty three people were arrested for setting up camp in doing a virtual occupation of the intersection there in the middle of the financial district now a second march has just wrapped up in downtown near city hall where three other people were arrested and now police say that the second march did not have a permit some of the people that we talked to say the first amendment is the only permit that they need now we saw several hundred up to a thousand people hit the streets here in los angeles with more demonstrations being planned throughout the day and in cities throughout the west coast so definitely a national day of action has caught on here and heavy police presence on the
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streets of los angeles and we just heard from an associate some pretty shocking accounts of. police brutality an hour and the violence erupting between protesters and police ramon have you seen anything like that in our. well besides a little bit of pushing and shoving of the crowds there isn't any sort of berry dishes brutal attacks from the police however what we are seeing is that every time that a demonstration is announced than a demonstration is planned here in los angeles the police presence just keeps growing and growing and growing and these are not just plainclothes police officers or excuse me city police officers these are police officers in full riot gear with rubber bullets with tear gas canisters ready to fire now fortunately things have not gotten that serious here in los angeles book but we are seeing that the police
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are becoming ever more increasingly concerned with these demonstrations here in los angeles now we saw the police and politicians be very supportive of the occupy l.a. encampment over the past few weeks yet that tone has changed in the past couple weeks and we may be seen some of that change in attitude as far as law enforcement and politicians go as we see more and more police turning out to these protests in some instances outnumbering the demonstrators with their show of police presence and honest. protesters over there in new york had sat a number of clear goals they wanted to shut down wall street they want to infiltrate the transportation hubs over there also there was talk about on taking over the brooklyn bridge how successful have they been in actually having some of these core. well you know elizabeth the protesters here in new york definitely kick started the day with trying to occupy the new york stock exchange. gathered outside
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wall street kind of holding hands and creating human barricade and it was interesting to see some of the bankers trying to get through this human barricade to get into their offices were not able to do this so to that extent the occupy wall street movement has definitely fulfilled its goal of shutting down wall street in terms of the brooklyn bridge job walked through in march this is something that is still going to happen later on in the day and we have to keep in mind that last time the occupy wall street protesters walked along the brooklyn bridge almost eight hundred people were arrested and so far today here in new york we know that the numbers are definitely over one hundred and they're very likely to grow as the marches continue in places like foley square and different parts and most importantly across the brooklyn bridge well this really is a big day for the occupy wall street movement it commemorates their their two month anniversary since it sparked. i mean so far they have used ambitious goals as is it hasn't been seen as
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a success for the movement ramon. well definitely from the people that we talked to did today they are definitely courage you know many of the people that we talked to may not be the most hurt by the financial crisis but they see themselves being affected by a very soon with austerity coming in yet they see that congress doesn't seem to care so much about their feelings so we see all these people who would not have protested in the past all of a sudden coming now showing that they they are they do have something in common with other people so many of the people that we talk to they say yes this is a success this shows that people who are otherwise apathetic or apolitical are all of a sudden taking a stand they see that things are not working as far as the economic and political system and this see that the occupy wall street movement is changing the discourse
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in their nation and we're also seem that on the subject of police now many of these protesters do come from formally middle class neighborhoods and one of the protests or who i talked to came from south central los angeles a place where people have a genuine distress of the police now some of these demonstrators who are being cracked down on in different parts of the country are now seeing the things that have happened in these impoverished. neighborhoods and now they are truth is starting to evolve into another cause now we'll see whether or not. and the police brutality becomes another rallying cry for occupy wall street but it does seem like some of the people that were in the crowd today to start notice scene that riot police may not necessarily be necessary for peaceful protesters to southie any of are there any new york on how mayor bloomberg is reacting and surpass. well it is interesting we mayor bloomberg seems to have. somewhat silent definitely
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throughout the day today we are very likely to of course hear something from him as protests move closer and closer to his headquarters but you know interestingly i'd like to mention in terms of the successes of this movement we heard skeptics when occupy wall street was getting started that they would not be able to gather the promise twenty thousand people if we look at all the numbers throughout the united states that that number has definitely been outgrown if we look at skeptics saying that the occupy wall street movement are just young teenage hippies we've seen from the young to the old come out onto the streets the retired the seniors we saw even the other day a sixty something year old woman an old clinton get tear gassed in the face so those stereotypes have been broken and in terms of the goals and the message of messages of the occupy wall street movement they're continuing to push through there continue to try to get their voice heard in terms of wealth equality in this country and that will guardedly determine the success of the movement once their messages are actually heard by wall street and the politicians and not just shoved
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around on the streets. you know on a thought out for the protesters were evicted there and park earlier this week there were talks that maybe this would be the beginning of the end of the occupy wall street movement but today is there a sense that there is this new beginning. well you know that definitely looks like that might be the case liz because as you rightfully said many people were saying once it's going to get really have close once the eviction actually takes place people will start feeling weaker and leave the park and move away but although they have been evicted from zuccotti park definitely the strength of the movement is not dying down the vigor is not dying down and neither are the numbers of people are still out there they're in the thousands and they did continue they intend to keep going with all their strength and what about over there and i'm not santa listen ramona is there a sense that this is kind of gaining c.n.n.
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and possibly a new beginning for this movement well there's definitely a lot of enthusiasm here know we'll see how the police action invigorated things here but so far i mean ever since the occupy wall street started ever since occupy l.a. started its and catman the sort of demonstrations that we've been seeing here on the west coast here in los angeles have all become more and more popular just behind me at the university of california los angeles there's a rally as we speak where students are speaking out against these high tuition is cause today just south of us are walking out into a test of high tuition cause so these issues that occupy wall street have brought up are definitely galvanizing people here who may have not wanted to speak out but it has gone to that point where people just cannot stay quiet and are starting to hit the streets with more and more frequency thank you both for keeping us updated
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that was correspondent armonica lindo and honest. and joining me now from the streets of the big apple someone who has been watching the protests all morning marine corps and i am marina what are you seeing there right now. liz what i'm seeing what i'm hearing is helicopters flying above helicopters are hovering overhead the same way they were this morning there were five helicopters up in the air when thousands of these occupy activists hit the streets in the early morning and now we know that thousands of them are making their way down to. where which is about nine blocks north of the park and this is arguably the biggest crowd that is gathered today because it's not just the occupy activists that have been marching in the street all day now students have joined them join them a few hours ago and liebert unions are joining them as well this crowd from the
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pictures we've been seeing from the people we've been speaking with is literally occupying the streets shutting down the streets police were getting on their megaphones warning the protesters and activists that if they do not get out of the roadways they will be subject to iraqi. students even on top of car building signs saying that students and workers are joining the occupy movement ramon was just talking about the students that were rising awful with occupy l.a. that was ruining joining the movement there and that can be opposed by what is happening here in new york at the made it a crowd is reaching numbers as high five thousand at this point being reported so far in new york city officials is that at least one hundred seventy seven people have been arrested out there today some of those arrest turned very violent will be so both male and female activists tackled to the crowd dragged on the street
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arrested handcuffed some circumstances. they were businesses where we saw officers refusing to take on. some of the activists say they were acting disobedience but clearly this movement this tight mirroring despite all of. actions. we were just discussing for instance is a police resorting to force police brutality. can you provide some kind of a context i mean what prompted police to to really crack down and resort to violence. well i mean one example i could tell you but that i've been watching all day is that there's barricades up on the sidewalk and as soon as the activists step on the street there was a radio and the cops were dressed in riot gear started pushing up to distract him and they did not want them on the street at all so if any of the optimists but the street occupy the street that's down the street they started arresting them one on
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one of the rest we still don't know there was a female journalists that were toppled to the ground dragged and arrested and it's still not clear why why that happened we don't know for a young man. who was beaten and arrested in zuccotti park we don't know what kind of provocation to place because when we arrived at the sea all we saw was what appeared to be blood on the ground and is with their eye witnesses told us that he was tackled by these that at some point he was standing by the barricades maybe pushing against that meeting friday jump over them but that is not clear. the police are you know they really are ready to act they are dressed and prepare to take on the outs of this if they if they if the activists opt out of drawing and so now the momentum or thing was among those people arrested among those people arrested was the words hired police officer from philadelphia that you know to be
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honest spoken or that we. were supposed to be protecting the citizens and allow them protecting their freedom of speech and what you've seen so far in the crowds out in new york city and around the country he could not he had to come out he was dressed in uniform the past three days holding signs supporting the occupy movement and he is one of those people were we saw that was arrested today in new york city well and we certainly are seeing people from all walks of life joining this movement for the most part would you say that protesters are trying to remain peaceful. they are remaining peaceful from what i've seen they have not attacked the police officers they have not tried to buy we have not seen the russians i have not seen any any kind of physical action against the police officers but civil disobedience
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is civil disobedience but if you go out into the street and sit down in the middle of it up we saw your question with that because that is destructing you know some kind of normal i would be of like but i think that it is all going to go that far because i think they're willing to sacrifice with everything about this point not all of them i can call them but those that i've spoken with say they are doing that like it's getting. more of this movement and not just the movement with the movement stands for the state and not for you know more you know economic inequality in the united states they're trying to fight against corporate influence on you was all it takes they're trying to do you believe what systems will work something out of the ninety nine percent that's what they say so a lot of them are prepared and in a prepared to get arrested so they get there with their ultimate goal is to get the
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message out marina thank you so much for keeping us updated on the ground there in new york that was our team's own marina in iowa and new york city and from coast to coast the occupy movement is not slowing down any time soon all the turnout for the day of action where the largest in l.a. and new york d.c. was not left out of the mix the crowds were not as big but their message was still loud and clear artie's christine for hours spent the day following the protesters and their march around the nation's capitol i am standing here on the key bridge where he occupy wall street protesters they marched here from the fierce and square it was about a two and a half mile walk and there were about two hundred of them so you see behind me this is georgetown washington d.c. and to give you a little perspective about. where we are the washington monument is right here on the other side of this bridge this is virginia so the protesters have been standing here for the last few hours they're holding signs they're hoping the people driving by driving to and from work can see their signs get here they're not suggest he
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said it's going to stay here until about six pm tonight one of the interesting parts of today at least for the occupy d.c. movement has been the police presence there have been just as many officers as protesters they've been parked at every corner they have walked with the protesters and if you take a look here in the potomac river there they are there waiting so far i have not seen any handcuffs any police batons over there have been no clashes with police that we know of as protesters have stayed on this side of the bridge getting their messages hard but not disrupting the flow of traffic not doing anything that has caused police to have to get involved i think that's one of the different things about what's happening here in d.c. for r.t. i'm christine for south. well when we return it's a night we'll take a look at the occupy movement from day one until now. thank. me.
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do you believe the reaction of the one. who just nobody seems to know. the number of pepper spray to the face by part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. i'm mr.
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what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions it's. made who can you trust no one. is him do you.
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see where are we cutting. capital school sat when nobody dares to ask we do. question more. do you like or is she here which is the world go and learn a trick or brand new internet official hard. question more. well this all comes on the two month anniversary since the movement sparked and since it began we've seen it evolve from a small grassroots protest to an all out national and even global movement as one the backing of labor groups and been the target of ridicule from much of the mainstream media r.t. is marina for an eye out takes a look back at the evolving movement. in the financial capital of the world a movement called occupy wall street is born in eight short weeks the fight against
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us corporate greed and wealth inequality and that affect us in all fifty states i dynamic american movement not seen since the sixty's and the power of the people grows louder police force strong peaceful activists by the tons blinded by nice and thrown to the ground unarmed activists pitched tents law enforcement flash grenades responses. of fear there. are basic. things that. people like despising their democratic rights are. why would. there. be any of this over you but and so they would be. forced to help you. get them disappeared this is
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a lucky thousands of occupy activists have been jailed throughout the two month campaign and mass arrests of eight hundred on the brooklyn bridge garnered international attention but this image of an eighty four year old former schoolteacher pepper sprayed during a demonstration captures the crackdown activists face brought to a boiling point by economic injustice and a political system failing the majority protesters demonstrated unprecedented resilience. and then u.s. authorities began occupying the occupations one by one even activists under the pretext of health or safety concerns a raid on the headquarters in new york came at one am hundreds of armed officers destroying and displacing. the heart of this democratic movement you can't evict an idea to the idea that we are that i said of americans that you know we need to
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resist the good points of financial institution the corporations fight record over test those messages that are being spread around the country every time that the authorities come in and try to make some type of offensive strike in a cowardly way at one am without any warning it shows the public support for this because the numbers in the streets doubled the next day people come out out and determined to carry on what began as an occupation in a park has grown into a national movement fighting for principles for most through times square support for the occupy movement has topped the streets uniting tens of thousands of strangers balanced by common hardship and frustration two months in there is no denying the grassroots movement has become a brand of the big apple in the social marker in america arena for ny artsy new york. and as us you presidents protest corruption and corporate greed the case is
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much different in india by government there are things its people can live on less than one dollar a day but is that enough r.t. correspondent prius three there exclaims. in india's capital city the sights and sounds of one of the world's fastest growing economies are everywhere. but intermingled with the new malls and shopping developments slums like this one are still home to about forty million people many of the people who live here however can only been counted as being poor thanks to a new definition that has moved into yet poverty line thirty three were paid per day or think that romney was works twelve hours six days a week as a cobbler you can make up to two dollars per day he sends most of his money back to his village to support the wife and three children he left behind the fact that his country doesn't classify him as before is shocking to him but the four hundred thirty two rupees are the benchmark to decide the poverty line is wrong because one
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cannot do anything with that amount someone like me who makes three thousand rupees per month finds it hard to survive here how can someone who earns only thirty two can survive the people behind i should say that it's simply an adjustment based on the current economic climate according to them the new definition actually means that there are less people living in poverty in india than twenty years ago when almost half of all indians were living below the poverty line they also claim it has no impact on who can access government welfare services many people above the poverty line also i mean they're not it's not as if you know if you will grow the poverty line you're poor and if you got more than the poverty line you're rich we have a good lot for that and that's what our strategy is but new data also suggests those living in poverty should get by on the equivalent of two dollars per month for their health and education sparking outrage across india where do you feed your
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family where do you look after your kids where you send them for education house not that anywhere close to the property line. thirty thirty rupees per hour is also not good enough for get out in a piece like that leader's number you could have made it would be easy for now i knew that if he over the poverty line is meaningless in his life he just wants to be able to support his family but. it's just that my only wish for my future is that i continue doing this work of mine without any hindrance from anyone or anything as long as the government doesn't interfere i'll continue doing his business to feed and educate my kids focusing and depending on himself preassure either artsy new delhi india. well that does it for now for the very latest information on the occupy wall street movement or far more than any of the stories we covered today go to our to dot com slash usa and said are you ok that's youtube dot com splash arts in america you can also follow me on.


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