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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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i'm jim saxton per tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture two months ago the occupy wall street movement started and today the movement reminded everyone everywhere around the country just how organized and disciplined it is a completely top of the day's events as they are happening in just a moment plus scott walker's days as governor could be numbered but not if republicans in the badger state have their say of the latest on the scott walker recall effort later in the show.
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you need to know this happy birthday occupy wall street today officially marks two months since the ninety nine percent movement kicked off in lower manhattan zuccotti park and despite mayor bloomberg has midnight raid on the part two days ago the movement is stronger than ever just look at what's happening across america today this was the scene in new york city where thousands took to the streets to literally occupy wall street they were met as usual by n.y.p.d. cops in riot gear upwards of two hundred people were arrested for engaging in civil disobedience and there were more widespread reports of police brutality and injured protesters. and this was the scene in los angeles where thousands of people met at a local bank of america and march through downtown l.a.
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shutting down traffic mass arrests reported there too and this is what happened in the nation's capital today the shut down traffic in march through the city so needless to say it's been quite a birthday for occupy wall street. first to recap what she saw on the streets of new york city is lucy capping off senior t.v. news producer with r.t. america lucy welcome i am sure you know when will we see how you doing. great we actually just reached out to the brooklyn. be i mean that's the. first right mark. like you were and parading around i don't know how. many i thought i or. so what's what's the police presence there like what's what's kind of the mood there is is a tense what's what do you expect happening in the next few minutes or hours. here is. clearly right now pretty durable but. after what we have seen throughout
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the day as you have mentioned. one of my favorite i think you know me. or what i am going to fredricka i mean it and i propose and their friends if you think i am . sure you are right there. you know if i were to be followed after i would meet you i would. really really really have that i mean we. expect your where i am a. better question out of the way would be to protect the reporter and plan to get. a much better you know for reporters he perhaps with her religious but her country that must be. going on. fusion and it's heartening to see how difficult it is to. perpetrate your own that part yeah certainly
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interest just about the minute we have left i know there are probably a lot of a lot of questions about how successful this native action of the especially new york city after zuccotti park was just raided. did the movement make a lot of students a day is this been a complete success for me what was the turnout like everything like that and i think their impact it really made me think that you sat next to the friend that night your great park new york i'm sorry so many people were mean you could turn out and catch turned out and i mean right now. we are nearly free for you to get in for a party and for that i'm. very proud members and i don't think anything and. i think that's how we should on. going away i mean you. know we're going to actually build a great occupier mean. everything. many people can turn out ok and
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a flavor would be good and i think it's going to. country park we. could point well said and keep up the great porting lucy and stay safe tonight thank you thanks that was lucy catherine author now for more on what happened today and what happens now that occupy wall street is two months old i want to welcome from san francisco joshua holland senior writer and editor at alter net and from new york an elitist miller freelance writer and also a contributor to alternatives and joshua welcome. and i want to start with you you were on our show tuesday right after the raid and you were on with jay meyerson . and i understand he was arrested today is that right. yes that is that is correct. what happened j j he participated in the act of civil disobedience he was sitting in the street while we were occupying the new york stock exchange while we were attempting to surround the surrounding areas really filling the
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streets and the police were being very violent and brutal with pushing us physically out of the streets and on to the sidewalk and a few people are today including chose to sit in the street in an active nonviolent disobedience using their bodies as part of the movement and he was arrested along with several other people for doing that very early on in the morning i believe the exact time was nine fifteen. i don't know if you just heard i was talking with lucy and she kind of went over her take on the events of today i'm assuming you've been out and about on the streets hey what's what's your overall feeling of today's day of action in new york city. oh it's just all over the place the beginning the morning was so hopeful there were so many people that turned out at seven in the morning and i was here on september seventeenth the very first day where anyone that actually turned out was a little bit crazy and just just the fact that so many people turned out so early
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even earlier than the first day and worse had so much faith in the movement today just showed so much so it really began with that level of faith and everyone filled the streets and there was a lot of jubal as there is music there is dad saying even though the police were all over the place and being completely intimidating completely violent in several instances with arrests it really didn't get any one. point some was sort of died down a little bit and then and then i would say the next huge event that happened was people took the square back and were able to fill zuccotti park liberty plaza. and around one thirty one of the protesters kicked the barricade and the police just descended on everyone they came into the park which previously had been a completely safe space free of police and were doing assaults right of arrests etc
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it was really who drove who is going i want to bring your first they're going to approach from california here we saw lots of action in los angeles that your your reporting research has really done some great reporting on what's been going on in oakland what's what's the way this in oakland right now. well in oakland they had planned to have their day of action this coming saturday the nineteenth so there have been few kind of solidarity actions today they're staking that out and they intend to try to reoccupy i different space they've of course been. from the plaza in front of city hall and they're going to establish a new camp or try to establish a new cap on saturday as part of a major day protest there's a labor rally scheduled for saturday a number of local unions are involved it should be a pretty big day out here on saturday. on the issue of police crackdowns we've seen a lot of them today you have a piece of on alternate right now alternate. talking. from oakland talked about
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how she was on a conference call with eighteen mayors there are a lot of people discussing the possibility of maybe mayors around the country recording in an effort to crack down nationwide on the occupy wall street movement what do you what do you say to that. that there is yeah i think that it should be expected for you know city officials to talk to each other to consult with one another it's it's a little different the some of the speculation has been that the federal government is coordinating or directing cities to crack down on occupations across the country i don't see a lot of evidence for that that would actually be a very significant and disturbing story because of course with the exception of a few federal crimes law enforcement is a local matter i think that there have been some reports that the department of homeland security and perhaps the f.b.i.
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is providing advice to cities but the ultimate decision is being made city by city by local officials as far as i can discern and that's a very different kind of proposition than what a lot of speculation is about this week ok well we'll keep tabs on the draw for some great reporting and i wish we had more time to talk more about it or new york new york we got to move on stay safe out there and keep up the good work occupying the city. just over two months ago and his weekly radio program mayor bloomberg said something that's particularly poignant today referring to the high rate of youth unemployment around the country bloomberg said quote you have a lot of kids graduating college who can't find jobs that's what happened in cairo that's what happened in madrid you don't want those kind of riots here. on the very next day just one day after bloomberg said that on september seventeenth people started occupying zuccotti park and the occupy wall street movement officially
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started and we all know what's happened in america in the two months since then call him an a.t.m. bloomberg triggering his own riot when he have acted zuccotti park two days ago but despite all the police crackdowns all the ridicule from the corporate media all the time stop hijacked the movement occupy wall street isn't going anywhere and mayor bloomberg knows this his crackdown didn't work today two months after he warned against arab spring riots coming to america the mayor struck a different tone speaking to a roomful of business leaders bloomberg said quote we're coming to a point where occupy wall street is just the beginning the public is getting scared they don't know what to do and they're going to strike out and they don't know where well today they struck out in new york city and in los angeles and in portland and in boston and in washington d.c. and as the chant goes occupy america occupy everywhere. up next the recall scott walker campaign is in full swing in wisconsin so what are republicans up to
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in the badger state to keep their hero from being faked out of office by the people . that drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through bits of it including me who can you trust no one who is in view with a global mission that we see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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who's screwed and voters in wisconsin on tuesday the governor scott walker recall effort officially kicked off and so too did the republican plot to sabotage the governor scott walker recall effort first leading up to tuesday self identified conservatives ragnall bribed online about plans to oppose his recall canvassers collect tens of thousands of signatures and then burn the petitions right after that by the way is a felony then on tuesday the first day of the recall campaign there was a cyber attack against the united wisconsin website the group that is spearheading the recall effort the republicans in the state legislator legislature maneuvered
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this week to make it harder for college students to vote in upcoming elections college students to send a vote liberal and now there's this wisconsin with senate governor rebecca kleefisch who might face a recall or self coded ad recently urging voters to please consider the cost of a recall election and the ad kleefisch says quote there may be a day when someone asked you for a signature signing a recall petition is like saying you're ok with spending seven point seven million dollars on another recall election seven point seven million that may already be allocated to merit raises for teachers or health care for the poor or school books for your kids. please just think about the kids what kleefisch fails to mention is that scott walker doesn't give a damn about the kids he signed a budget this year that already cut one point eight five billion not million but
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billion dollars out of his state's education budget welker's cuts education this year are two hundred in forty times more expensive than any recall election and when it comes to health care for the poor kleefisch suddenly seems to care so much about the walker budget signed this year also cuts i have hundred million dollars out of medicaid so that seven point seven million dollars price tag on a recall election is pocket change compared to the money that could be sucked out of wisconsin's education and health care budgets if walker stays in office a few more years. but despite all of these underhanded tactics the recall effort continues for the latest on it i'm joined by tony is so minute a reporter and blogger with think progress i hope i didn't put your last name out just fine well it's good to have you on tony so. these efforts by republicans to stop the recall and strikes yeah so first on the on the day that the recall
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started in the united wisconsin website when town and it was subject to a pos attack so all service was cut from the watch that right when it was launched . the democratic party called walker and called on the republican party to condemn the attacks if they wanted a fair recall election in a fair election process they asked that at least walker and anybody else like it to recall it condemned the attack and you know it's not a fair way to play was there any condemnation not that i've heard it as of yet but of course not. who knows who did it but what it will say. and then now there's this effort now we've seen these voter id laws you know all around the country that are forcing people to obtain some sort of i.d. if they don't if they don't have a driver's license or something in order to vote and most of the people who don't have a driver's license are elderly people minority students people who tend to vote
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democratic. in particular was students what are what are republicans and wisconsin doing to make sure that it's even harder for students to vote sure well in wisconsin very few institutions universities and colleges comply with what the law required which was to have a certain amount of information where you're from things like your birthday and so originally they were going to require the universities to reissue it which would have cost the university is like seven hundred thousand dollars or something like that so they're allowing the. universe that he's to put stickers which will cost them money but a little bit of last however when a student goes to the polls they still have to prove on top of having that id they still have to prove that they go to college it's not very clear exactly what they need to bring perhaps they're in you know registrar list or you can actually. yeah
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anything to prove that they are actually a student but those are for a select few students if you go to a technical college in wisconsin originally you weren't allowed to have an idea a student use your c. ninety at all they just made those people second class citizens your id does not count so they would have to go to there it is there and there are costs for that or is there a whole imagine there because the individual amy and you know as some democrats are saying by forcing somebody to pay that's tantamount to a poll tax however the states government accountability board has decided that that was a mistake and they decided to interpret the law now to allow technical student technical college students to use their i.d. to vote but it was not i was of course vaal wisconsin republican lawmakers weren't too thrilled with that interpretation so they have asked. to make a formal rule and by making
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a formal rule governor walker can overturn it it's one thing well. even more power for walker to make sure that he doesn't get recalled here. speaking of the people who support walker and want to make sure nobody gets recalled we saw tons of secret corporate flood the senate recall elections a few months ago. it looked it looked like early on the democrats might succeed and unseat three republican senators and taken over the early polls showed that but i think there's something like forty million dollars in cash was dumped in. election democrats just barely missed out on claiming that thirty they got two which was a pretty good victory but they missed the third one. or should we expect the same sort of effort time and probably twice that i mean yeah this is this is the head of the state now and you know it's an executive it's these aren't lawmakers these aren't people in the legislature this is the head who's been representative of
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a lot of what the g.o.p. as a national party is trying to attain in states across the country so to lose him it's quite a referendum on what they've been trying to achieve in a lot of other states so i imagine that there's going to be quite a bit of money pouring in to you know kind of beat back that momentum so common and you might get an actual phone call from the koch brothers this. may be one that we have heard about here today. so well despite over. all this corporate money there is some good news i mean last week ohio just repealed five. restrictive collective bargaining rights for public workers and that's pretty much the main reason why scott walker is being recalled now is because he passed a law just like that so you think there is this energy in the country right now that's going to carry this recall effort forward to unseat walker and if so what can be carried all the way over to the two thousand and twelve elections it is a long period of time and it asked me if i was an identifiable issue scott walker
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is a elected official who has a lot of issues that he can cover that he can try to. convince the public you know i might have been terrible on this but i'm really great on this and that and that's makes it a little bit more tough but you know walker has been pretty terrible on a lot of things so it's going to be difficult for him to say with all this momentum for people who are fighting for workers' rights we're fighting for voters' rights these are very basic things this isn't have to do with the economy or just number of jobs these are going they're attacking a fundamental. american liberties so i think that. if if those activists who are looking to recall. governor rock air really wanted to do that they just have to really listen and be very clear about everything he's done which is a lot and if you think you can be very clear about that i think they can carry the mantle there well let's let's hope let's hope that happens and we'll keep watching thanks for coming on again thank you for having me here with your morning tony
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thank you. governor scott walker sealed his fate earlier this year when you went after labor unions instead of attacking them walker and the rest of us should be thanking labor unions because most of the stuff we take for granted today was workplace safety regulations the minimum wage the forty hour work week all that cool stuff were brought to us by labor unions recently had this to say the issue. we should all take a moment to think about the important role labor unions have played in shaping america and say thank you the unions have brought us a number of substantial changes and toward the end of the show i want to tell you about some of the we're going to talk about a guy who just recently committed suicide because of conservative shows i'm frankly a little pissed off that the unions have ended child labor we had it it was organized labor put into child labor it was organized labor that created eight hour work day and overtime it was organized labor was unions they created workman's comp
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it was union and by the way these union members fought and died going right back to the middle of the of the nineteenth century i mean literally the nineteenth century not actually even into the late eighteenth century you know abraham lincoln was the first president to actually use the word strike prior to lincoln's presidency it was always in newspapers he used the word strike link him president lincoln said labor is superior to capital because it preceded capital in other words you have no wealth until somebody makes something. organized labor brought us minimum wage organized labor said you know people shouldn't have to die in the workplace we should have laws that will that will guarantee workplace safety and in fact that. passion is the government governor excuse me in in wisconsin who wants who wants the boss the unions wants to do it in part over the issue of workplace safety i
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mean that's one of the major issues that the republican excuse me i called him a fish out of mix the words of those. workplace safety pensions whether or not you should have any security to old age. this is i just find this is found i grew up in a world my you know my dad worked for forty years at two and i shop when he does when he retired he had a pension literally until the day he died in fact my mother had continued their pension until she died. that used to be the majority of americans that used to be the story of most working people in this country you could be in the case my father you could raise four kids you could be you could put them through school you could own a house a car have a decent middle class life work in a tool and die shop no longer now you've got conservatives say hey put it where the hell do you think you are the usually have any right to join a union. health insurance health insurance in the workplace came about as
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a result of people sitting down in flint nine hundred thirty five and striking it came about as a result of people standing in front of police and getting shot at go back to haymarket square you go back to the pullman porter health insurance the civil rights act the family medical leave act all of these programs all of these advances all of the really significant substantial you want to you want to know why you have a forty hour week and you know that unions instead of a sixty or seventy or we you know before there were unions there were actually states that had maximum wage laws this is something that was inherited from england in the u.k. it was a way of preventing a middle class from emerging you couldn't pay people over a certain amount because they wanted to keep a working poor. unions flip that upside down so you know we could have a minimum wage. when you look around. at what's left of the american middle class say thank you too are you it's.
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rick perry is learning that rejection hurts at any age so apparently perry's sent a letter to house minority leader nancy pelosi challenging her to a debate next monday when he'll be in d.c. yes the man who is setting new records for debate gaffes one student wants to debate one of the most seasoned members of congress and public what could possibly go wrong right well pelosi couldn't let this opportunity to remind perry that a public debate may not be in the best interest passed her by and took to twitter with this response decline to his debate invitation governor perry and one day i'll be in portland later visiting the labs in california that's two i can't remember the third thing and it's just the gift that keeps on getting in his letter perry had suggested alternate dates for the debate of pelosi wasn't available next week but he may just want to let it go as he himself said. he's done poorly in almost
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every single debate so it's tough to overcome this subtext for his candidacy. irresponsible well and for electing a good bader in chief don't elect me and so why on earth would rick perry want to give debating another go if you related stories george w. bush wants to give his economic policies another try him car dashing wants to give marriage another shot and bill buckner wants to play first base for the red sox again some people never learn. the next we know teacher you teachers unions are under attack but teachers themselves are to tell your corporate interests are trying to make sure that students in the future are taught not by actual humans but instead by digital avatars.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think. even well. we have the government says to keep him safe get ready because of the freedom. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you limp something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry for going to the big picture.


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