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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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this is r t and tonight france tells syria's president his time is up and seeks more pressure on the violence plagued country as russia calls for a more balanced approach. we won't repeat the mistakes of the european union integration the e.u. to shorten the charge to some extent our situation is different it raises economies of scale as russia belarus and present start moves towards creating a new trade block to protect the region from economic to. the new signs of rupture within the e.u. itself as britain clashes with germany which wants countries to surrender control of the financial and political decision.
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hello this is r t it's ten pm friday night here in moscow my name is kevin zero in on our top story for you then france's foreign minister has told syria it's too late long promised reforms and says tougher sanctions and i needed syria earlier agreed in principle to let international observers enter the country partly to comply with an arab league ultimatum for the regime to stop the violence by saturday i think test the reports from brussels and the growing pressure from europe. tough words coming from the from allen he had met his counterpart in a turkey and they both agreed that syria needs tougher and stronger sanctions again you were mentioning earlier these sanctions are saying they're saying it's too late to implement any reforms at this point and this is coming on the back of the three
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day deadline for the arab league had given to syria to basically end the bloodshed now aside from this there's also the movement at the united nations now there are countries in germany u.k. and france has been pushing for a resolution to be human rights violations are calling in syria now as we know they have tried to do this in the past and china and russia have vetoed it this time this draft one will be out be a human rights committee all of this happening all of this movement coming on the back of strong words again are coming from leaders what has to be noted that of course russia has said many times in the past that it's a very very careful approach now or prime minister putin have met his account french counterpart francois fuel and their prime minister putin had said that russia again is very careful in this scenario and also that the conflict that they're seeing in syria is certainly not by sight and by imposing more sanctions and calling for tougher restrictions on syria it seems like you're taking one side and also our foreign minister sergei lavrov again said they do not want to see this
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drama decision of the syrian story to be used as a basis for any form of military intervention essentially were russia saying that they don't want to see a repeat of that media scenario for now they're seeing that there are signs there leading to this power my colleague ivan bennett's has tried to look at all sir are these signs leading to that seeing the libyan scenario after its pivotal role in the overthrew gadhafi britain's become the new going when there's trouble in the middle east prime minister david cameron's hand picked his team captain for another libya country. group aimed at forcing president bashar al assad out to begin with it will be a diplomatic offensive russia piece it's an overreaction that could pave the way for military intervention. we suggested in order to put the arab initiative in place all countries concerned with
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a peaceful outcome of developments in serious demand not only from the syrian authorities but also from the opposition at least stop the violence the ongoing attacks of government buildings in syria looks like a civil war. at the moment there's no mention of military action from britain their offensive is purely verbal for now but that's exactly how the libyan intervention began and the timing is very similar to the opposition in syria is now militarized making it much easier to support and adds more weight to any international threats . from house for regime change and clearly provide. learn the lessons of. well the no. nato bombing or any other intervention another military intervention will have even more serious consequences because of the region north. of iraq the whole question of israel the u.k. has apparently been handed its leading role by king abdullah of jordan so far the
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only arab leader to publicly call for to quit but the patience of ceres other neighbors in a crucial regional brokers' is now wearing thin to the arab league suspended series membership and given presents as sad until saturday to end the violence with britain already primed this could be the last ditch attempt at conventional diplomacy they're in a position now where they have to take some action in the first place expect that they're from the region that works right yesterday another conference or another three days so perhaps they're trying to offer as a side as much as possible in order to get over your virginity but having sort of taken gregson them. gone this far we really are in a position to have to have to make good on the promise that if you like otherwise the civilians of money credibility the free syrian army has been the main driving force behind the growing opposition movement most of defectors from the army launching their latest attack on a security base russia and china still appealing for dialogue is the way to end
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what they call two way violence desperate to avoid another libya style intervention but that chance may be fading but the wheels are already in motion for a coordinated attack it's verbal for now but when it came to libya it wasn't long before the words were backed up by weapons and bombs ivan it r t. let's get some more thoughts on this and we're joined live from new york by ted rall is an american political cartoonist and author ted hi there and we've just been hearing that britain has appointed a senior diplomat if we talk with the syrian opposition who think our situation will follow the same path we watched emerge that with the rebels in libya now. well the author mark twain said that history doesn't repeat but it often rhymes i think we're looking at a scenario that could go down the same path but not intentionally in the same way that the libyan intervention went if we go back to february and march it was very clear that the united states and nato had pretty much had it in for khadafy from
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day one and the things and looking back now with the benefit of hindsight it was clear that the denouement was something that was desired and plans that the way it went down in the syrian situation i don't think that the americans or the brits or the nato has thought this through quite as far and clearly the wild card here is turkey but what we're really looking at is a regional conflict between turkey that's trying to reassert itself southward towards its former ottoman domains and syria which is also squeezed. by jordan which is jordan and syria have never had a really good relation with the you know they've considered it they considered it during the saddam hussein era in iraq to be sort of a cousin. in iraq so we're really looking at a clash between between too many regional powers and how the big powers such as the
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united states and britain and russia play into it is really going to determine the outcome and ted your thoughts about france's musician and the french foreign ministers have been said within five when he said the time for reforms is passed to what extent do you think france is prepared to escalate. well france certainly has a history of intervention in syria just recently a seventy years ago and more recently than that so i think france has some sort of neo colonial designs on the assad regime they see some opportunities there but it's i think that none of the people involved here are really truly are looking to green light a full fledged bombing offensive on the scale that we've seen starting in march in libya it could it could end up happening because of what they're doing now i just don't think that's what they have in mind right now and a serious go to quoting to the arab league's ultimatum to stop violence but that
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message also extend to the armed opposition groups as well. well clearly it cannot and does not the you know obviously the armed opposition groups are not are disparate they don't they're not they don't follow a unified leadership and anyway the demand is clearly not upon them when the when nato got involved in libya they certainly weren't telling the benghazi based rebels not to engage in violence against gadhafi regime so clearly it's obvious which side is being picked here this is not a peacekeeping effort this is an effort to push out of power they'd like to use the force of words and the force of precedent what happened to put off the end to saddam hussein but if that doesn't work who knows how far they'll go to your thoughts american political cartoonist north of you are joining us on the line from
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. now unlike syria egypt's calls for its leader to go brought results when hosni mubarak stepped down last february but more than six months later the people who hailed the revolution of no return to tahrir square calling for new changes to the above friday's mass rally in cairo on our web site where we also reveal what drove people back to the capital street and while you're there at r.t. dot com explained why the muslim brotherhood is at the forefront of the nation's political transformation right now and we'll tell you what to expect from egypt's coming election two. while debts drag down europe's economies russia and some of its post some of your partners are taking steps to balance out the financial climate in the broader region the region economic union is set to create a warm environment for trade and investment for the continent and he's a corpus can offer as more from moscow. this is a huge tutorial russia and kazakhstan combined put together
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a total area of around twenty million square kilometers and all the past twenty years or so it wasn't exactly used to its full potential sure there was the soviet union before but one of his main problems was that it was based on ideology which was one of the mean reasons behind its collapse in the end while the main idea of the region union is that it's based on capitalism some me see that the european union is also based on capitalised values that it's not exactly going through its easiest times right now but according to the president need to be good if it's using the experience of the u.s.s.r. and the knowledge about the mistakes made by the e.u. which could potentially make the u. regime union much more powerful. is because we won't repeat the mistakes of the european union in our integration we're conscious or were doing when to stand who we are integrating with it there are three countries sharing a common history and today we are forming a common economy that is why we start not on different levels but from similar
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positions the european union to shorten a doctor's how much stance our situation is different i'm sure we will be able to create a solid and stable economic union. this union is being beast on the foundation of the customs union between russia kazakhstan and belarus all just three states but its future vision is much bigger just picture a concert or ration of state stretching possibly from the balkans and all the way to the pacific a huge bridge between europe and asia perhaps it's too soon to talk about that at the moment since russia goes in kazakhstan just put together a community which will be working to develop this idea further but just to give you an understanding of how effective it could be just within the framework of a customs union russia goes in kazakhstan managed to increase their total treat turnover in just half a year by forty two. percent so just think of the possibilities of course probably got pissed going off we got more analysis about the eurasia union our business
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bulletin come up short lito tonight. experts tell business side see that russia kazakhstan and belarus will be boosting the economic integration to the extent that there will be a coordination of budget capital and one of terry policies but that the bric countries are very unlikely to be heading towards a single currency more details coming up later in the program. hundreds of arrests and multiple injuries are the result of massive rallies held across the us by the occupy movement protesters some of the thousand strong demonstrations were met by a strong police presence with officers accused of brutality against mostly peaceful activists the focal point of the clashes was once again new york where the movement against corporate greed started two months ago and his lucy catherine office there . there's actions initially when thirty cities across the united states based here in new york the birthplace of the occupy wall street banks started right here where i'm at right now in security part. harmony with gathering up morning assoc auction
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itself as church had surrounded all the entry points then here's the stock exchange trying to shut that down things peaceful nonviolent tactics like sitting down for example on the ground linking arms and of course regardless of that part of the packers very few publications not thanks to extremely graphic and in response assault misters iraqi people but there is one instance that's right chronic kerridge of the young protesters the strike was dropped on the right here and on market discussions sleeping on it right there on the evening he saw a student see our part of the possibility of it all alternator to pass the benchmark times of thousands of people it seemed that we were exposed were your house were pulled back out or right near city hall risky we'll meet our students are living and successfully march across the bridge but even by that evening even just the hours up the piles are supposed to be some posters
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a lot of some of the purchasers returned by the police saying one of the biggest points here is that we did not see any protesters provoking these actions which also happened several journalists were arrested i had time myself time hits that what the response on the shoulder of said three of strikes getting from outside martin just quite stirring here in the united states most of the people that i spoke to actually feel that the instances of these taliban take a more determined to go out and stand up for workers and to meet their can't very interesting difference in our policies that they support but all stems from frustration with corporate greed it looks like it's all of the just here in the us the lure of these violent crackdowns take place on current tax cuts. it. was just. part. and it was we just heard the occupy protests erupted not just in new york but also
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in americas of the major cities as well r.t. correspondents are coast to coast for the latest updates and videos on their twitter feeds as well head to our website our team got can. find a different pretenses authorities are kicking protesters out of their occupied locations no public areas there are several people to see civil disobedience to sit down just ready to get rested in support of the. reporters in philadelphia in los angeles in washington d.c. uploading the latest footage of comments on all the developments from within the protest. to see for yourself. earlier r.t. spoke to senior correspondent for the independent media routes news organization who said he believes police are purposefully going beyond the call of duty to nip the protests in the. really well we're seeing here is we have to
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really crush the occupy wall street movement really try to hit the protesters with a shock and are. proud of it and backfired and so now they're trying to find different pretext i think in the united states will govern you to know that on our situation. you know the russians are really learned a lesson in iraq nonviolent direct action and it's really very attractive and one of often shut down it's really sent a message through the political establishment that you know people are really seeing the two parties because. they're really fed up of it and they're just going to stand for it anymore so that's what we're seeing. all the occupy wall street protesters go online to find out what's happening in their city but many now beginning to suspect social media could be the enemy our website table investigates claims of twitter services ship after the events concerning recent police brutality failed to appear among the most popular topic you'd be surprised about that log on
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to lotty dot com to find out if it is becoming a corporate weapon. next they may both be pressing for action result the e.u. debt crisis but their approaches are worlds apart the german and the british leaders have been meeting in berlin to try to thrash out a possible solution artie's laura smith reports on the outcome. nothing less than we expected i mean these are two professional politicians after all they're unlikely to sling mud at each other on to the world's press they really seem to have made nice with each other this morning they said that they do have difference in their difference is that can be overcome and of course they're dealing with what is a economic and fiscal union essentially on the brink of collapse the merkel solution to all that is basically more europe she said that there should be more integration there should be more national governments to do you come to the heel of brussels much like it's least now is incumbent solution to that since of what's going on in
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europe at the moment it's less integration he says he sort of talks of a union which has flexibility which is really the complete opposite to to michael's approach to germany and luxembourg now today and she's accusing the u.k. of selfishness and shortsightedness they're saying that they want to be patient bailouts to countries that are suffering a bit more and they say the u.k.'s quick to criticize but very slow to actually step in and help also heavily indebted countries like person who are doing markedly worse than countries like germany should just keep their mouths shut they shouldn't offer advice about how to handle this crisis so there are various disagreements disagreements over the course of the euro some european central bank should it be a lender of last resort or not also disagreements about a tax on financial transactions michael once it's cameron doesn't so precinct differences in approach. or smith greece and some of these new governments are still box fresh but they've already enjoyed unfriendly world comes from thousands
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of protesters both prime ministers are committed to extremely unpopular solutions including budget cuts and tax hikes so gallegos an emeritus professor of politics and bradford university told me the e.u. per brokers have gone too far there are british. democracy is being pushed out of the picture by the e.u. brokers who could be a lot interested in using. the people's views on the little regard it necessary to how very popular with just two or three or four he will do the very harsh austerity measures that it seems will be enforced for many years to come. they seem to be very sort of self-confident. people who just loiter. who accept these measures with. practical i think the power brokers and on france are very parochial or not all people i think really forgotten how
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democracy works from thirty pm moscow time taking around the world in brief now the u.n. nuclear watchdog adopted a resolution voicing increasing concern over iran's atomic program the wording is seen as a compromise between the u.s. and its allies and russia the west was a deadline for turn around to cooperate with international inspectors while russia and china hope to avoid any direct action last week the i.a.e.a. said there was evidence to suggest the rand was trying to develop nuclear weapons the agency is expected what they could findings in march we are miles main opposition party led by and sang suu kyi is registering for future elections now the national league for democracy says it will really enter the political arena after recent government reforms the n.l.b. one overwhelming victory in one thousand nine hundred ninety lection the ruling junta refused to honor the results then the military regime kept since under house arrest for a term for the fifty years she's only freed after last year's election. the stray
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sions munching on the japanese coast eight months after that massive tsunami flattened the region residents living in rows of temporary houses voicing concerns now that the authorities aren't moving quickly enough with reconstruction plan this aerial view showing little sign of rebuilding in the coastal communities progress to this point has been simply the removal of rubble and debris. in just a less than ten minutes martin andrews explores the opera scene here in the russian capital me from contributes to it that will be a winner is addition of moscow on a short leave them close aboard another winning thing you know it's catch up with the business and the new tricks here. and welcome to business art scene as we have been reporting early in the program three former soviet countries have agreed to create a your asian economic union russian presidential bid to get up and his counterparts
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from kazakhstan and belarus have agreed on further integration christopher from troika dialog explains how the new economic bloc differs from the occurence customs union between the kinds. the existing custom unit that's coming into place next year will simply removes. restrictions and difficulties of trading across borders between the three countries that's also it'll be easier to go to for goods between the cross between each of the three countries in the custom jr what's now being talked about is closer economic policy integration so the three countries would pursue similar policy objectives which in terms of you know budget policies currency management policies capital policies as well so t.v. and policy budget policy objectives that's really what we're talking about we're not yet talking about for example the ultimate step which is monetary integration and that's that's really not only gender at this point and i think we'll obviously
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have to be a complete reassessment of what monetary information means or how it can be done in especially in the light of what's happening in the eurozone right now. to the markets while house reversed in some losses on concerns about global demand in the euro zone that gee it's stubby you to use that to do all those nonsense branches that a hundred seven and sixty cents. in the u.s. still a mixed feeling investors who shows the dow is has a vessel signed up for the full year of its three but tech stocks are still dragging aspect down because. the closing picture now in europe where renewed frankly german spat increased concern is the reason it's possibly you're saying that that price is there for the footsie on the backs of the out around the same. this is because a picture in russia also
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a negative picture of your tears my six declining one percent after pretty much talking all this week plus blue chips which are you doing it in the red sea we will price was put in for. shawn energy majors lukoil is not an exception the company says it's going to mostly pay attention to investment into new projects in order to increase production stuff next year somebody getting from metropole like the gibbs said i said in. the weeks that it's from prove the. market and we haven't seen any significant movements me for some news. on the recent nations didn't affect significant for the market and probably the only driver which was taken by markets as a significance was the announcement from buying from them but their expectation of the european economy wars and so we have seen a lot of decline on the markets including the us an emerging market in russia and this is probably the only significant driver we've seen for the weekend. we're not
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sure that anything else then the fundamental changes in the actions of the european authorities can change the mood of the markets of course of russia's second largest oil producer lukoil plans to travel its gas output in the next decade look well says the gas production investment will amount to twelve billion dollars over this period the company's vice president leonid doon says they'll be looking for gas all over the world but it. really got into next decade we plan to boost our gas production to seventy billion cubic meters annually we have huge projects and russia such as your mark in the north and caspian sea deposits in the south we are already developing a huge gas build. back now talking new projects through saudi arabia so we're trying to work with globally. the next on our headlines and i'll be back in fifty five minutes time with one final friday business up.
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culture is that so much money from which of course is most money comes only in a g.o.p. race for the white house and foreign policy front runners for the republican presidential nomination have made it clear that they're almost all foreign policy
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hard. i. just. wonder.
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what is the. new sixty square kilometers of this nation. are still suprising. and we're just here it's getting bad out here but not saying hardly any birds squirrels. you know i don't know what's going on here. cause.


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