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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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top use of the when you occupy wall street has markets two month anniversary with unprecedented protests all over the us hundreds have been arrested and the brain of beat was the movement looks a set on its pauses ever. violence bar soften egypt once again as a great ally of the arab spring seize tear gas and rubber bullets with thousands of protesters all across the country saying military was destroying the results of the february revolution. in iraq or see a standing wave of unelected favorites they cower in europe as the blogs much vaunted democracy you see it has to be placed on the back burner in face of
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detonating gas prices. plus the syrian president refuses to practice under international pressure obama's threat of further sanctions and tough diplomatic attacks stoke fierce we're about to see another reinstall intervention. fortunately live from moscow and i am here on marina josh welcome to the program anti-corporate protest escalated all across the u.s. as the occupy wall street movement mark two months since its inception hundreds were arrests of the sweet ass police tore down activists camps all over the country including where it all began in september as a college park in new york however it did nothing to stop thousands gathering to demonstrate again evidence has been emerging of disproportionate police action in response to mostly peaceful protests at the university of. california
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a group of students staging a sit down protests were have a story and the guardian newspaper is reporting on really released video showing these beating iraq war veteran one man suffered a ruptured spleen but as artie's marina for now reports the crowd down only seems to be hardening the resolve of protesters. in the financial capital of the world a movement called occupy wall street is poor in eight short weeks the fight against us corporate greed and wealth inequality manifests in all fifty states i dynamic american movement not seen since the sixty's as the power of the people grows louder police force grew stronger peaceful activists beaten by baton blinded by maze and thrown to the ground unarmed after his speech tense law enforcement flash grenade. responses. fear
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and fear of. basic. things that. people like you are right. why would. there. be to this. and so they go in. for. helping. them but there's. thousands of occupy activists have been jailed throughout the chew month campaign and mass arrest of eight hundred on the brooklyn bridge garnered international attention but this image of an eighty four year old former schoolteacher pepper sprayed during a demonstration captures the crackdown activists face brought to a boiling point by economic injustice and a little system failing the majority protesters. demonstrated unprecedented
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resilience and then u.s. authorities began occupying the occupations one by one even activists under the pretext of how for safety concerns a raid on the headquarters in new york came at one am hundreds of armed officers destroying and displacing the heart of this democratic movement you can't evict an idea it's a good idea that we're that i could i percent of americans that you know we need to resist the good points of right and try to do the corporations right for economic justice those messages you are being spread around the country what began as an occupation in a park has grown into a national movement fighting for principles the momentum has shifted much more to large existing institutional actors like labor unions and well known community organizations that are picking up their basic message and i think that that message has got such resonance right now that people are going to turn out on the streets
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around these issues whether or not there's an encampment in zuccotti park the largest the loudest turnout so far came thursday as o.-w. west turn two months old a day marked by the attempt to shut down the new york stock exchange occupations in parks and subways and heavy handed tactics by the n.y.p.d. a protest that began peacefully turned she looked more like urban warfare hundreds rustic and by the evening more than thirty thousand activists students and labor unions showed their strength in numbers along the brooklyn bridge for me york to l.a. and just about every city in its mean the occupy movement has flooded the streets uniting thousands of strangers bound by common hardship and frustration two months in there is no denying this grassroots campaign has become a brand of the big apple and the social marker in america. artsy new york.
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joshua holland an editor and senior writer at the online magazine alter net says there are signs that the movement is evolving from a protest to a full blown revolution. based on the many many people that i've interviewed but were part of that i would say that there is an extremely strong sense of resolve you know we almost missed the point when we call it approaches a lot of the people who i've interviewed see themselves as part of a nonviolent revolution and to really deeply entrenched status quo so you know revolutionary whether we like them or not are people who are pretty dedicated to their cause i don't see this going away any time soon artie's lucic as were the latest occupy action is unfolding in oakland and she's sharing her impressions on her twitter feed well in her latest tweets she's reporting that more than five hundred people are gathering in an empty area alone by the city bringing
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a chance to sit by the police probation they expect officers to arrive and start arresting people within hours so follow the story has a brace on our t.v. and our twitter feed. meanwhile the cradle of the arab spring that inspired protesters all around the globe is once again seeing brutal clashes police used tear gas and rubber bullets against dozens of thousands of demonstrators who returned to where you're square in cairo one person has been killed and around seven hundred injured during two days of clashes protests have been raging all across the country was demands for the withdrawal of a constitutional draft declares the military the guardian constitutional legitimacy critics say it will lead a return to the same problems under hosni mubarak's ousted regime pascoe bar columnist and correspondent for the asia times believes the unrest coming and have crucial elections may lead to another revolution. is being repressed this
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syrian style this is going to get out of specially against the muslim brotherhood and if we see let's see a large metal. what's going on. with all the factions of the muslim brotherhood. the google generation everybody in this square i guess the military dictatorship which is something that could happen within the next few weeks let's put it this way then we're going to have thirty square to every saying depends on these parliamentary elections they start in a few days do go on for a few months they're going to elect their constituents assembly and then they go to promulgate the new gustafson of the country and every single writes from that. a lot more still to come in the program including snaring the heir konami's most prominent sons finally in the hands of libya's new worst but questions remain on whether he'll make it to the hague alive or share the fate of his father.
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down with spain looks to stamp new future at voting booths today as a stereo already tax people's patience to limit. the wild across the european union the young going to a crisis has sparked an upheaval in the last political landscape from greece to italy to europe grads are on the a standard as democracy gives way to a desperate struggle for economic survival and italy power is gone to e.u. veteran mario monti after his nomination as a senator for life to replace incumbency connie wasting little time he unveiled his new strategy the very day to cough more stary more cuts more tax hikes for markets are far from convinced was debt interest rates across the e.u. reaching catastrophic levels this week and actually sarah first reports it's all providing great fodder for the unification janda of the glocks prime financial
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powerhouse and undeclared leader. it was never going to be easy to put it to unite europe seventeen countries of which you know in the one currency and try could face criticism we missed the beginning of a dishonest and downright dangerous president. to revive the called situation but to do it in such a way that you want to avoid referendums in the key member states some might now be wishing they'd heeded the warnings one after another and then the states begin to wool its least in the latest country to come under scrutiny we haven't wouldn't sing in the us at least lamarr. growing pressure from europe and i'm talking in particular from prague. and germany hardly the u.k. certainly the european parliament and the commission is going to start the crisis is say first the leaders who quit and italy were placed by people who were never
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elected to office he knew their way around brussels and here in italy with berlusconi now gone doesn't. painful reforms now need to be implemented to meet. for the first time since the crisis began talks have now begun to turn to the possibility of exits from the year or the creation of the cool europe countries like germany seem to be leading the way but i think it's not in the best interest of the germans to keep on going with this article over your head you have behaved badly we're going to punish that's not a union in united states of america you for steve behaved badly imagine taxes behaving badly what you think obama is going to do we're going to keep you out of united states of america no they're not going to be growing sense of a bad year with a good year agreed has not gone and missed by struggling countries because it's clear that those who have a spend less now face a painful sperry's he measures the sense of being treated like
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a naughty school child only added to the growing strain community if it's only now sarsour because well so to say there will expose much more france and especially germany to the times there must be up to a say two to express a politically defeat not just for their own countries but for your of us all your attentions have not called on this by the financial markets punish political leaders to try to eat and dealing with the crisis and struggling economies like italy now cause even the napery think we are mistakes it's least being considered by many the test case for the entire year you say it fails and it could take down the entire system the question now is whether or not those measures can fix feet whether we'll see them going the same way as previous measures put forward by european leaders. fails to come up with a convincing year investigate third party. and with markets pounding
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down one european economy after another it's well understood across a blog that the fuse is burning and time isn't critical supply a lot of there are to marry up opposing interests in brussels preventing a credible solution being implemented and the economies of the eurozone of failing their growth is non-existent in many cases their colonies are going backwards they're in a debt spiral and have economic growth is not helping at the core of their problems is the eurozone problems caused by the single carbon c and there's serious economic difficulties which are just not being cured last these countries remain within the e.u. single currency the euro the of the answer to their problems really is to cut loose the countries that are struggling economically because of the euro being one of them especially the main focus is of course italy and greece and then those countries can start to grow again and then we can have economic growth back in europe we can have hope for you citizens and jobs can be created and the debt can
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then be dealt with the european union with so many different vested interests isn't acting nearly as fast enough and the solutions are they coming up with actually in the interest of their citizens because the institutions of the you and accountable to the citizens of those countries in spain voters are today having to the polls to voice their rage against an epidemic of unemployment and poverty gripping the country polls show the ruling socialist fashion assertive give way to the popular party which is riding a wave of public discontent over uncompromising astaire and our correspondent really lucia has more from madrid. well polls have opened it is that is general elections which has begun four months earlier than it was originally scheduled but a lot of political analysts are not predict are predicting that the turnout will be high for this particular election in the country just to give you an idea at this point in time about five years out of work one and
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a half million households in the country do not have a wage earner of course a lot of people are blaming the current socialist governments and the socialist party is expected to lose with the popular people's party coming ahead will spin are starting to lose hope in the choices that they have on the political arena a lot of them are saying that no matter what they do no matter who is going to come . in these elections they will not be able to get the country out of financial and as a matter of fact political turmoil and certainly the younger people are starting to move to other countries they're going to latin america a lot of people are going to european countries so these elections will probably not bring forth any palpable results and a lot of a lot of analysts that we have spoken to are saying that in order to make things better for the country whoever is going to come to power will have to implement a lot of very unpopular decisions they will have to implement very strict thirty
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measures and that will result in people's financial situation getting a lot worse before it gets better. one and they're coming out of it later in the program here in r t iran and the frying pan iran is pressure from all sides with the i.a.e.a. why questions over its alleged nuclear for soup and the u.s. threatening to unleash israel if you state doesn't draw to very. foundations laid for the creation of a new konami block in eurasia barings the european union to avoid its mistakes syria's president said sadly. won't bow down and will continue its resistance to foreign pressure the country is facing sanctions from the arab league after the bodies ultimatum for the regime to and bloodshed expired on saturday however syrian human rights activists suggest violence continues into the weekend
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with around two dozen people killed in clashes involve the country's opposition leaders are heading to london worthier hold talks with the british foreign secretary u.k. was reportedly approached by jordan to spear had a diplomatic campaign against our desire bennett looks into the allegations. after its pivotal role in the overthrow of moammar gadhafi britain's become the new go to guy when there's trouble in the middle east prime minister david cameron's been handpicked his team captain for another libya style control group aimed at forcing president bashar al assad out to begin with it will be a diplomatic offensive but russia is it's an overreaction that could pave the way for military intervention look at a global we suggest that all it will be repositioned has been place all countries concerned with a peaceful outcome develops and seriously if you demand not only from the syrian authorities would also from the opposition please stop the violence the ongoing attacks on the government buildings in syria look like
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a civil war still likes you the moment there's no mention of military action from britain their offensive is purely verbal for now but that's exactly how the libyan intervention began and the timing is very similar to the opposition in syria is now militarized making them much easier to support and adds more weight to any international friends. who there are of them raising. the profile and. learn the lessons of thousands on. the rope a bombing. a nato or any other intervention another military intervention will have even more serious consequences because of the regional threat whole question of iraq the whole question is well the ukase apparently been handed its leading role by king abdullah of jordan so far the only arab leader to publicly call for and sad to quit but the patience of ceres other neighbors and crucial regional
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brokers' is now wearing thin to the arab league suspended series membership in the free syrian army has been the main driving force behind the growing opposition movement most of defectors from the army launching their latest attack on a security base russia and china are still appealing. dialogue is the way to end what they call two way violence desperate to avoid another libya style intervention but that chance may be fading but the wheels are already in motion for a coordinated attack it's verbal for now but when it came to libya wasn't long before the words were backed up by weapons and bombs are the bennetts r t. russia refused so bad calls for president nixon stepped down after hosting serious opposition council in moscow earlier this week during foreign minister sergey lavrov dialogue wasn't possible without sufficient pressure on the syrian regime this hasn't prompted moscow reverse its stance that both sides should be engaged in
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negotiations on line journalist patrick hayes says political changes in syria should be made from within the country. it should be for the syrian people to. really get engaged in their struggle so if. they so choose and anything any external intervention the un observers or anyone else starts meddling in syria is alternately going to make the situation worse it's going to take away from the struggle that it must be really for it to be a true democratic struggle which is to the syrian people to try and right up and overthrow the government should they. wanted to a lot of western powers are saying that they won't. typically want to speak on behalf of the syrian people and think they're in a far better position than the syrian people themselves to do so actually fundamentally it can be a long protracted struggle when you have a western another how it's intervening also can really get in the way of membership true position forming in these countries we're seeing that in libya now where to be
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what you've got are the you know the lackeys of the west in charge who don't really have democratic legitimacy but miss the fords through a struggle to get rid of these. hundreds across libya have poured into the streets after the government announced the arrest of the late leader moammar gadhafi is most prominent son crowds fire guns and honky or car horns to celebrate the capture could affy was seized along with two of his aides while attempting to flee to neighboring the share is one of by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity however the leading authorities want to try him in the country on the charges that carry the death penalty and sisi has pledged to provide a fair trial for say but some have their doubts this is likely to happen. it's unfortunate but since this man has been captured and i think that it's because he will not stand. trial and after what we have seen what
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the new government the media have done or a very big mission and it's what the. media have done with his father and brother i don't think that people who are opposing the new regime in libya we put down their weapons and i think that this struggle will continue on for. months to come years to come as a whip. always more on our website i see that tom here is what's online for you today. in a disputed land torn apart by decades of violence there lurks conflict they've been double the worst once made up the bulk of the population in kashmir are now at minority claiming discrimination from the muslim majority. there is a huge sigh of relief in the space community as a three man crew successfully dogs was the international space station it's the first manned mission to fly after global supply crashed in on.
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russia along with some of its posts saudia partners has moved closer to creating a new economic body the ration economic union is expected to be said set out by twenty fifteen modeled on the best of the european union. the courts on the ambitious plan three nations twenty million square kilometers of learnt one giant idea. is correct but we won't repeat the mistakes of the european union in our integration conscious. and understand who we are integrating with free countries sharing a common history and today we are forming a common economy. starting from january first next year's seventeen agreements
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aimed at creating a unified economic space will come into force the eurasian union will be based on the already existing customs union between the three nations which are among the largest economies in the walls or get area within its framework in just six months russia will resume kazakhstan managed to increase their total trade turnover by over forty percent. in case of a crisis in this configuration it's much easier and even more appropriate not only to overcome any negative consequences but turn risks into possibilities. its plans they're great twenty fifteen the union will not only have one border line an economic zone but we switch to one currency as well stan and stan are a swearing could join ukraine is selling i would. be becoming a member of. this sort of cooperation means more jobs bigger salaries and a chance to boost reforms and modernize our country that's why most ukrainian
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support the idea they want stability form some groups have dismissed the union as an attempt to restore the u.s.s.r. but experts say the difference is clear if this place this this union is different from the u.s.s.r. the u.s.s.r. was built on ideology while the eurasian union will be based strictly on the economy and pragmatism but experts say that even some latin american nations like you work in venezuela me join the so-called e.u. two in the future while new zealand has already shown interest in joining as a large producer of meat with no cost them charges the benefits of being a member are simply too attractive nor surely it's way too early to talk about anything massive like an industrial bridge which right all the way from europe into the pacific ocean so far only three states up the wrong are happen but if the current momentum is anything to go by more are certain to follow it got this one
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off are to not sell. pressure kept piling on iran this week over the country's nuclear program the international atomic watchdog has called into iran to clear up all of the outstanding questions on the matter the u.s. has promised to introduce new sanctions against the country's oil industry washington also reportedly told to run through its nuclear program by spring two thousand and twelve or it will stop holding back israel's long planned attack on the islamic republic talk of such a strike has been heard from israel in the past two weeks following the i report that failed to disprove iran's drive for nuclear weapons but mohammad marandi from tehran university believes the only difference sanctions will make is expose washington's reasoning influence on the situation. they imposed sanctions. on the ronnie and oil ministry for years now and the iranians continue to develop
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oil and gas fields they continue to develop their chemical petrochemical industry and i don't think there's going to be any change whatsoever basically what it is doing it is that it is showing the american hand and how the americans are really unable to do anything you run so in general the iranians feel that the americans their strength is weakening and we even see that he'll be in that or indeed statement issued by. a board he did not contain any of the major elements that the americans were seeking but it does seem that there's a relative decline in american fortunes and american power or both the political level as well as. reckon i mean its ability to apply economic pressure. and tens of thousands of moscow by the year is half queued up to worship one of the most revered orthodox christian relics the mother of god's belt it's believed to
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have been taken from the body of mary the mother of jesus by apostle thomas the relic that's usually stored in a monastery on a mount aphasic will be on display at moscow's main christ the savior cathedral for more than a week at the moment you're looking at live pictures coming out from the cathedral and you can see the worshipers gathering there to sew or there is believers have faith in the belts divine powers to cure infertility and disease and the occasion also coincides with today's sixty fifth birthday celebrations of the patriarch of moscow and all russia is expected to give a special service and the cathedral once again you're looking at live pictures there. and coming out here in the program we'll continue our series of special reports looking at a price people sometimes have to pay for living in a high tech age and all that is coming after and have minds.
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right to clean and those dumb. squandered morning. one. more than sixty square kilometers of the one move in the midst nation and those who are still soup lines.


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