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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EST

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protesters demanding egypt's military leadership step down immediately greeted by tear gas and rubber bullets in cairo's tahrir square. just not much substance but the country seems on the brink of a sick kid counts it's just a mob. rule sometimes the details in just a few moments. last go around on the west using it of cutting prospects of peace talks in syria where violence between protesters and government forces carry on on the base. as new is center right leaders take the helm in which we hear the spanish voices doubting whether the new dawn will do anything to lead them through mounting
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debt and skyrocketing joblessness. and business resnik the markets close deep in the red as oil price drops to ninety six dollars a barrel from isaac's lost over four percent the biggest slight since october fourth from me for a closer look at the pictures. global news around the clock this is our live from moscow with me rory singh shite tear gas rubber bullets and angry slogans have been flying in egypt's tahrir square as police and protesters clashed for a third day now the country's officials claim at least thirty five have been killed in the largest demonstrations since february is uprising that ousted the dictator the former dictator hosni mubarak. reports from cairo. there must easily be tens of thousands of people who are gathering here in town his square feet of old
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insults into small groups they're chanting various serpents among the slogans like putting on the military regime that has been in power since before which president hosni mubarak was ousted in february they cling on the chain to step down they're also saying that they are weak claims chaffee aspire and for weeks youngsters have been trying to come back to the square but they've been prevented from doing so by the police and the army says it and now that they've that here as you can see behind me they have no intention of leaving the demands really is quite simple they don't believe that the military is any different to the regime of hosni mubarak they are against the trough constitution that this regime supports saying the military when he wants to stay in power even after it hands over to and he made to civilian government and talking to youngsters here that's the way to space expressed by one person i spoke to he said with the chance to the parliamentary elections next nine day it will be the first elections to be held in this person of
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our era cares about elections to hell with elections we need to come back to tough to square and finish our way the nation people here we don't believe that this week's elections will be sweet and safe and we'll achieve anything great we've been so much the same as they were under the time of mubarak but what is interesting is that whereas in favorably when that revolution took place the army was much on the side of the people very much a stand a one hundred eighty degree turn in terms of how people view it they feel betrayed by the army and we have witnessed excessive find in some of the worst violence over the last few days in which more than twenty people have been killed the army has been firing rubber bullets it's been firing tear gas all those protests insults also been throwing stones they've also been saying heart attack tells a lot of anger being expressed by both sides against it into protesters earlier they said that they're not going anywhere until the minute he steps down so low in line to see is some kind of showdown and certainly the mood here is incredibly
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tense it's incredibly fun it's all just anything could unfold. policy reporting right there from cairo and she is constantly keeping an eye on what's happening there in tahrir square there are live updates all of the unrest twenty four seven on her twitter page or let's have a look at some of the latest tweets right now here on r.t. according to the mood is upbeat it's much less confrontational than it was earlier i was soon it will be dark and who knows what will happen then she also tweets that there are rumors that security forces are using a different type of tear gas we don't sure if that's true or not but people are becoming rather paranoid you can follow paula on twitter for the latest information from kyra. phillips and protesters demand military rulers transfer power to a civilian government however independent online journalist james corbett believes the outcome would put some western powers on edge. what ultimately happened was throwing out a figurehead instead of the actual power structure itself which has been for many
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years and continues to be a military dictatorship that egypt really is it may say so and so i think the illusion of democracy is just that until we the underlying power structure that's going on there can be outstanding i don't think anything really has changed and i think ultimately that falls into the type of power politics they get played in in situations like this the people who are watching this from behind the scenes and wondering how they're going to fit into the new geopolitical paradigm rather than what's in the interest of the people themselves that points out the hypocrisy that's been there all along i don't think the west was really and you notice that it was it was a favorite guest of the white house and all of that right up until the time of this type of an uprising in egypt and so i think really what's happening here is that the west saw an opportune time to read off of the move or up in way going in hoping that the power structure would continue in egypt that would mean two hundred status whole new region but since that the stabilization looks like it's going to go even further i think that the people in the powers in western intervention is countries
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that are now are now wondering how far this will go and whether it can go perhaps too far for their comfort meanwhile the western powers are concentrated on the situation in syria moscow's accuse the west of stirring up tensions in the arab world by calling for the overthrow of the syrian regime and russia says calls from certain states for the syrian opposition to avoid dialogue with the government are only provoking further violence. this. what we heard from russian foreign minister sergei lavrov today was him reiterating russia's position on the ongoing conflict in syria that position is that they want to see negotiations regime change become the final outcome in the conflict now sergei lavrov called what he called the western calls for assad to step aside and also for the opposition in syria not to negotiate with assad he called that
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a provocation saying that that would not bring about peace that would only spur on the opposition to continue the fight for through seeing so far over the last eight months as resulted in three and a half thousand people being killed in that country mr lavrov saying that this international provocation should not happen. in syria we're now seeing a situation where the arab league is calling for hopes of violence and the beginning of dialogue and western countries around the capitals of some countries of the region and making calls to the country expressly recommending the opposition hold no talks with the sad regime it looks like a political provocation on an international scale yes violence has to be stopped but this demand has to be addressed to the authorities and the only groups in the syrian opposition now this isn't the first time they said gill of rover's accuse the west of meddling in the syrian situation though he also suggested that there was a shadowy hand of western governments behind the arab league's decision to suspend
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syria from their group last week now. of course the last country to be suspended from the arab league before syria was libya and not the situation in the in libya the what we saw in libya is something that russia really does not want to see happen in syria also the syrian opposition who are here in moscow last week their leaders also saying they did not want to see a civil outcome is what happened in libya where international intervention took place. that straight intervention straying will be on the parameters of un resolutions that will lay down this type of something they both russia and the syrians want to avoid happening in that country. from central moscow when i mean time author and journalist webster tarpley who's in damascus says it's all very simple western powers are behind the violence in syria. the u.s. policy i think right now is to smash the middle east according to ethnic lines
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people complained that there are terrorist snipers who are shooting at civilians men women and children and blind terrorism random killing simply for the purpose of destabilizing the country i would not call this a civil war by any stretch of the imagination what you're dealing with here are death squads dealing here with terrorist commandos it's a joint production of c m i six most. of the french asked to libya becoming a bloodbath with one hundred fifty thousand dead and now with egypt showing what it was all along it was no revolution it was a complete failure and now people are beginning to understand it notice that nevertheless mrs clinton and miss rice of the united nations are continuing to push this bankrupt the strategic model of the color revolutions the cia people power coolie back by terrorists so people from al qaeda people from the muslim
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brotherhood i've heard this from some very important religious authorities here there's a growing movement inside the islamic community here which is. reconciliation we want law and order we want legality we don't want that fanatics to run the show the fanatics are being brought in by the western powers. turning our attention from syria and egypt about of libya where moammar gadhafi is a fugitive a spy chief one of the last key figures from libya's old regime still on the run has been captured in the country's south and comes just days after cathay son saif al islam was also a court the national transitional council has said that it will not hand saif gadhafi over to the hague tribunal that is about to try him at home for crimes against the libyan people that could ultimately result in the death penalty following the toppling of his father at the end of an eight month civil war and many question. about the regime remain saif is believed to be one of the few who
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knows about the death of his dealings with the west but political analyst and author adrian struggle to police that saif al islam will either be silenced by the hague or by libyan authorities. as a terrible choice between being shot or being hanged because if you use judged and tried in libya he might end up very much in the saddam hussein right trial where he will end up being or he will feel one way or the other and if he is extradited to the hague it will not be a fair trial one will of all the other the will silence the son as has any constant throughout history every time somebody survives me. uncomfortable but relations we've also seen and this is all this horrible documents how moammar gadhafi only in the last two years has shook the hands of only a radical barnard no doubt a lot of things were. a lot of very uncomfortable that the regime that information could be given by so long that that's. with r.t.
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live from moscow as if you could join us today still ahead here on the program money going down the drain billions of u.s. dollars intended to rebuild war zones were stolen pocketed millions are left to spend the ill gotten gains. and the world's top nazi hunters accuse estonia of failing to impose justice as a suspected fascist killer is allowed to go free. now at twelve minutes past the hour here in the russian capital spain is shifting right to attempt to balance the books because he is conservative so what i landslide victory in a general election and i have to tackle record unemployment of over twenty percent and find a way out from underneath a growing pile of debt because our teams are going to grow has been hearing spaniards don't hold much hope that the new crew will bring any change. this is what the spaniards want from the elections but it's very unlikely they'll get it
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the popular party may have won sunday's polls but it's highly unlikely they're in for an easy term the reality of the economic crisis in spain means five million people out of work one and a half million households are without a wage earner and if you look at what rate which has shot up to nearly fifty percent this is the repairs the winner will have to deal with but will they really be able to make a difference probably not believe gail allard an economics professor at madrid's i even in a school we're going to have to cut benefits sharply we may have to differentiate among recipients of benefits we may have to live in a program through this could really be. we may be singing the death of the welfare state but most pain years have had enough with budget cuts and empty promises protests by the fifteen m. movement the so-called the dignity marches have been spreading throughout spain since march and many people have chosen not to go to the polls on sunday believing politicians will not help the country i think people have been disappointed with
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the choices they have been all through throughout this campaign really for the last couple of months at least because i think they feel that there isn't a great deal of difference between the two candidates in terms of what they were to and it seems there is no easy way out of the current economic downturn in fact some of the minorities in the parliament believe spain is an ambitious circle and. it's all policies are being dictated to in brussels the elections will help in creating more jobs it will be the opposite public expense will go down people's purchasing power will go down but it will mean fewer investments and that translates into unemployment. and though there may be new faces in the scottish government they will have to deal with the old problems in much the same way meaning nothing is likely to change for spain already tired of the economic catastrophe in the country it even goes with trade. and more money matters are being chewed over on our website at art's dot com for example our economists predict the fall of the u.s.
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dollar within a decade china becoming the world's strongest economy and it's a new one at the reserve currency. and as wiki leaks founder julian assange faces extradition to sweden of a sexual assault charges an unlikely supporter comes to his defense as a world renowned feminist calls for an end to the witch hunt against him after more years had over the r.t. dot com be sure to check out our best videos on our r c you tube channel. is.
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the official altie allocation joint called touch from the. geology on the. video on demand. old girls. and the palm of your. dog's collar and our t. has come to you live from moscow war is a tragedy for many and a chance to make i thought for an unscrupulous few the amount of money missing in iraq and afghanistan has reached i watering levels and no one is being held to account. and restaurants. not everyone leaves the war zone empty handed a number of people indicted and convicted by the u.s. for bribery fraud in there in iraq and afghanistan has never been so high among those a marine in iraq who sent home forty three thousand dollars in stolen cash by hiding
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it in a food locker among american flags a soldier who shipped thousands more conciliatory stuffed animal they can go after people to steal forty three thousand dollars all they want necessary ok they should go. but what about on the larger scale in two thousand and six michael o'brien was tasked with helping build the iraqi military he says those who have pocketed mili is enjoyed complete impunity they rebuilt an iraqi army base and i'm telling you the condition of this space and this is just one example was deplorable it was so pathetic and when i asked the american construction project manager well what did this cost how much money went into this i really thought he was going to say three million or five million one hundred sixteen million dollars my jaw dropped the commission on wartime contracting estimated that between thirty one to sixty
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billion dollars has been lost to waste and fraud in iraq and afghanistan the figures seem even more staggering considering the overall amount the u.s. is committed to rebuilding iraq roughly sixty two billion dollars we did get around beer and was the head of an iraqi reconstruction team working for the u.s. state department the squandering of resources occurred a very small of also a thousand dollars a couple thousand dollars here and there and all the way up into hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent on hospitals that never opened or prisons that never took any prisoners in the commission on wartime contracting is out of business now after congress cut its funding. the details of their program see. move until two thousand and thirty one they don't want certain people in high places. to come under scrutiny but the u.s. congress wants to put the top. of our iraq invasion behind it the
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scope of the waste and fraud is enormous the u.s. justice system goes after individuals who have stolen a few thousand dollars here and there but not after the big players the big contractors that have really made a killing on the wars i'm going to check out reporting from washington r.t. . or let's get some other world news for you in brief with the world update here on out see the long awaited trial of three surviving former commander rouge officials charged with genocide and crimes against humanity has it begun three top regime leaders are accused of orchestrating come go to years killing for you from the late one nine hundred seventy s. in which almost two million people died but a friend of the same clued the former communist group's main ideologist along with its foreign minister. the parents of a murdered teenager whose phone was hacked by a tabloid at the news of the world have given evidence to an inquiry into the standards of the british press they say some messages were deleted from her phone after she disappeared in two thousand and two it made them think that she was still
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alive in fact a million dollar was dead and the person who deleted her messages worked for rupert murdoch's most celebrities including after hugh grant is seen here giving evidence about illegal eavesdropping by journalists. the u.k. has declared its severing all ties with iranian banks the u.s. has also announced its joining britain and canada to hit iran's economy with new sanctions over its controversial program the financial and energy restrictions will target iran companies and the country's revolutionary guard this comes after the latest un atomic watchdog report suggested tehran is building a bomb something iran for him and he denies u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to announce a specific sanctions later on monday. the so-called lone wolf terrorist has been arrested in new york jose pimentel a dominican born u.s. citizen is accused of plotting to attack police post offices and troops returning
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from combat illegibly used instructions on how to build a pipe bomb from an al qaeda magazine mental had been under surveillance for over two. total failure of justice that's our jewish human rights organization dubbed a recent decision by a stone to close a case against a suspected nazi criminal activists say there's no political will in tallinn punish nazi collaborators and critics warn it's only a part of a wider problem sassy's alexia reports. coffee is rated eighth in simon wiesenthal list of most wanted nazi war criminals but when you post he participated in the murder of three thousand jews in baton rouge in the 1940's documents proving years were provided for the australian authorities. a story is anti-fascist committee says the proof of god's course atrocities in a bell the russian concentration camp is solid and undoubted but instead of seeing
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off his days from behind bars he now lives the life of a free man in this baltic state that's the kind of call of was deported from the u.s. and stripped of u.s. citizenship but says a lot doesn't it give him shelter and try to hide him here but then under international pressure the authorities had to initiate an investigation. however the probe brought no results after months of investigation is still only in authorities close the case a well grounded doubt remains that the god squad mentioned in the material is not the hail core who is at present a citizen of the republican isto near the case will be closed as it has been impossible for the investigative team to find any additional evidence the decision raised eyebrows in israel at first but then simon wiesenthal center recalled which country they were dealing with they called washington spoke to the people who are
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here with this prosecutor. there was any doubt regarding his a belly and they said no none whatsoever. now this doesn't surprise me personally because for the last fifteen years i've been dealing with these stories have totally failed in terms of prosecuting actually walker and it's clear it is absolutely no political will to bring these people to justice and the good school story is not a one off case from sanctioning s.s. veterans marches to glorifying former nazi collaborators this has been tolerance policy for the past decade recently this man made just about every headline in a story are almost on the scale of a national holiday a country marked in ninetieth birthday of the only remaining holder of the iron cross one of the highest medals of nazi germany sixty five years ago the new tribunals sentenced the nazi leadership to either executions or prison terms this trial of history was meant to get rid of nazism for good but the s.s.
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marches in baltic states and other cases of rehabilitation of fascism now days suggests that history lessons have not been fully learned alexy russia ascii art see reporting from tallinn in a store near that circuit up today with the latest business news arena next. and about control business operate this all thanks for joining me russian markets are having a bad day as i could easily around the world tumble on concerns that the sovereign debt crisis could spread to the euro zone's biggest economies he warns that the rising cost of french jets and its weak economic outlook threatening its aaa credit rating also sees rising risks for germany to its banks exposure to troubled european economies that's a look at the numbers all this trading near its lowest in seven days on speculation that people demand may falter light sweet is trading at over ninety six dollars per
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barrel brant is a one hundred seven dollars per barrel stocks in the u.s. open lower on monday ahead of when i expected announcement from the congressional super committee that it had failed to reach a deficit reduction agreement and a few stocks among the main losers with chevron facing possible fines for an oil leak off the coast of brazil. european stock markets are dropping banking stocks are under pressure and frankfurt shares of commerce bank troubled by percentage daughter bank fell four and a half percent while in paris shares of something it has in a row and b.n.p. parivar each well over five percent and russian equity markets closed deeper in the red as well the negative trend has spurred by the falls in the oil price rise it's lost over four percent of the biggest slide says october fourth let's have a check on some of the individual shambles otherwise x. declines in the my zits is led by russia's biggest coking coal producing met show
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that's well over six percent noise to make ozols also among the top losers. it was down just under four percent and energy shares were retreating a lower crude prices would look or losing over three and a half percent. now another roadblock has been put in the path of russia's privatization program this time by the government that wants to ensure it gets a fair price for state assets vice premier search and says it shares and state companies should be sold nobler than their initial list prices proposal has already been approved by prime minister putin last year the government announced a large scale public relations plan but top officials blame turbulence markets for messing up their plants. and their capital outflow from russia in the first ten months of the year has surged to sixty four billion dollars the new figure is almost twice the earlier central bank estimate that thirty six billion dollars
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would leave the country this year a capital flight is equivalent to nearly five percent of russia's g.d.p. because we've heard from talk about believes it's not domestic stories but global was trying to castrate big signal figure factor in this year's capital flight is actually going to stronger all revenues the way to central bank or the way the government accounts for those revenues if the oil companies are right or slow to repatriate money or keep it off shore because you know they can't invest it back on for some time that actually counts as capital flight so in other words money earned and not brought back as this thing from when you put in a suitcase and brought them to zurich i think it's parky to do which is the global situation rather than anything in russia per se people are nervous all over the world that the euro zone crisis could result in the global recession. that's all i have we have no one spots to fill in about forty five minutes from now carol that's .
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was the best is the compliment and mobile home is talking about creation of the of the food system the global food system is not created to feed the people of the world is created to maximize the profits. gernot trading the
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actual cash the physical grain and your trading promises for graeme to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. for his model regulator silver or gold they can be negotiated in order to some degree in the base. yet or. possibly it's not traded now but it could be in the future of the culture is that so much of it we're going to make it a lot of people in your area but the uncertain future is the eurozone grapples with the single currency what is the future of political union to save the euro is it necessary to fix. clinician free live presentation free list for charges free l h m m's.


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