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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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well there's something wrong with the u.s. financial system we're going to call not a super committee so none of the three ring circus is over is the american financial system headed toward calamity. and sanctions sanctions sanctions what do they need do they really accomplish anything well take a look at the latest round the u.s. has imposed on iran could syria the next. machine. really believe. that that is wrong with united from the speak here.
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and pressing the wrong buttons an american journalist is kept out of the national press club for asking tough questions but isn't that the journalist's job or is american media used to being subservience of people with power. it's one step forward two steps back for egypt this after another day of chaos in the streets of cairo the death toll rises in the military violence cracks down on protesters with the revolution worthing. it's tuesday november twenty second five pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our t.v. well the super committee doesn't seem to deserve their name today plans to go she a one point two trillion dollars in spending cuts failed both sides not budging on
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their stance as one wants to cut spending the other wants to raise taxes so it seems congress can't rise above their political agendas for the greater good of the country now these things are pointing began let's take a look at some of it. no deal the bipartisan panel fails to come up with a plan to cut one point two trillion dollars from the federal deficit the whole she super committee was. misconceived so who is going to take the blame there are still too many republicans in congress who have refused to listen to the voices of reason and compromise and there are a lot of people who cannot just blame one side. now while lawmakers and the media like played a blame game one of the consequences of all of this kind of words of paul staff writer for the fiscal times is here to talk more about it welcome jennifer is this a case of politics before country. you know i would say so i mean but at the end of the same time you know the super committee was set up and it almost seemed doomed
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from the start when they first started out they had the super power they were bought maybe they can move past these ideological differences taxes and entitlements but that just wasn't the case and a lot of people were meant to do sort of a missed opportunity again we saw this missed opportunity in the debt ceiling debate where they couldn't forge a grand bargain so. i think both parties are to blame that they do put the politics ahead of the country here. and there and you know why is it so hard to compromise and could it be that they're it's to their political benefit not to compromise while we can have the election coming up and twenty twelve and a lot of people are saying that at the end of the day no deal is better than a bad deal filled with some unpopular mandates that maybe wouldn't google for their constituents oh. that's what we're dealing with ok and you said before that i'm saying that it was doomed from the beginning so why even have this super committee in the first place while they had to get some when the who the duty to to find deficit savings again this was created out of the august that ceiling deal to find
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an additional one point two trillion dollars in deficit savings and with the the other part of it is even though they did feel and there will be consequences you know potential in the economy that we have these automatic triggers set in place that are such a different place in twenty thirteen ok and that is supposed to be the consequence right this the scale negotiation these across the board cuts but now they're talking about removing that punishment as punishment that was imposed on themselves and now they're like well we didn't do it so now let's just get rid of the punishment so i mean it seems like a waste of time well it's not clear that they will be removed i know president barack obama had said yesterday that he would veto any efforts to water down those cuts i know that senator mccain and buck mckeon on the. armed services had said you know there are working to stave off the defense cuts but you know right now the
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congress is looking towards a couple of things so besides those cuts that go into place in two thousand and thirteen there's the jobless benefits the extension of that there's the payroll tax cut that's also has to be extended by the end of december so. i guess we're going to put those sequester cuts on hold for a minute and then look towards the next month and see if we can extend these tax cuts and i know the president had been calling on congress today to get a vote going on the payroll tax cut ok let's say these across the board cuts do happen as a result of these failed negotiations look kind of an impact was the american people see as a result of these cuts well specifically for defense because about half will go to defense and spend six hundred billion dollars and the defense secretary leon panetta has already said it would be catastrophic and the other would come from. domestic programs so i'm sure you know there would be some belt tightening and people would feel the effects but. ok jennifer thank you so much for your
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thoughts on all of this that was a jennifer to call soft writer for the fiscal times. well the u.s. has slapped. more sanctions but those sanctions of really work or is this the latest to protagoras between washington and tehran. through to the police corruption is. what test nobody seems to know. that never break the face of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. i mean.
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this for. well you ron is facing fresh thing chanst today the u.s. u.k. and canada have announced new financial and energy sanctions against the country its own account the stamp iran from developing its suspected nuclear weapons program this comes after a controversial report came out from the u.n. the watchdog agency which supposedly shows evidence that iran is pursuing nuclear ambitions while syria is now being i'd as the next country to face a mission this as the u.n. puts pressure on syria to hold military operations against civilians and advocates
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human rights in the country you learn that human rights committee today passed a resolution condemning syria's crackdown on protesters no mention in that resolution of sanctions but it's thought that if syria doesn't listen up that it's going to be the next step would be to new country to face sanctions of what is the point of them and what are they really accomplish jamaal of the a policy director for the national iranian american council was here in studio to help sort things out i asked him how effective these new sanctions will really be here is his take. here is the nation's going to fight that all the u.s. has run out of things to sanction inside of iran and it's really an exercise in projecting toughness not really pursuing real solutions and you know this is not the first time that iran has faced saying chen's how successful are these sanctions been in the past will be wrong has been under thirty years of sanctions so the
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entire structure of the iranian economy is based around sanctions being in place and so this angels that you saw put in place yesterday they're a very short step from total sanctions on the iranian central bank and what we're finding now is that we've run out of other things that sanction and so we may actually end up sanctioning you ronnie the oil exports and for the first time actually saying something that could impact us here in the u.s. economies in europe economies around the world so we're going to find out that sanctions actually come with a cost not just to ordinary people inside of the country that are being sanctioned who certainly do suffer under these measures more so than the government does but they're also going to start impacting ordinary people around the world and in addition to iran syria is now in line to face sanctions similar to what we saw in libya the syrian ambassador is calling the u.n.
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resolution an act of war he says the aims to affect the independence of their political decision making minutes stopping them from moving ahead and their national political agenda as. what are the implications of applying sanctions to syria now. i think when a country or in this case the u.n. is supplying stations there has to be a record a recognition of the limitations of the leverage that sanctions can provide you in this case i'm not sure if there are levers that can be pulled with regard to syria that could actually affect the decision making of the syrian government i think that we have to recognize once we've sanctioned ourselves out of having leverage and figure out ways to either get leverage or pursue negotiated agreements in the case of syria i think that a lot of people are watching the situation scratching their heads trying to figure out what what can be done to resolve this standoff to end human rights abuses that
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are happening. in the case of iran i think it is it is a different situation but its reliance on sanctions as sort of. can really put policies into a sort of sleep walk right and you know with these rules. they're meant to put pressure on iran is it possible that putting these sanctions on countries can make matters worse than encrease tension between countries in the case in this case what you see is sort of a self-perpetuating cycle a vicious cycle in which one side ratchets up pressure and then the other side ratchets up pressure. you know the i.e. a report reveals you know or doesn't reveal. certain problems with iran's nuclear investigations some of its research that it's doing that's met by u.s. sanctions the whole point of this back and forth is supposed to be for one side to
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get leverage and get a deal get a diplomatic deal so that that this doesn't escalate out of control and ended war what you see is that the types of sanctions that are being put in place don't encourage anybody to come the table iran to be able to withstand the sanctions the us political system is going to to continue. to reward policymakers who put sanctions in place and so we just continue to see a cycle that really has no end in sight until something something bad happens and we end up in a military confrontation ok so if not saying chan's than what is the answer well i think that there have been a number of proposals that have put forward that we need to pursue aggressively the you are the u.s. internationally needs to pursue aggressively we need to come to the recognition that hugo she sions are a gift to iran because she is our in the interests necessarily up iran there in the interest of you know the u.s.
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and the international community we have a lot to lose and a lot if the status quo remains on a lot to gain if we can figure out a way out so i think that some of the proposals that i'm put place there's been talks of some sort of swap or you know in iran in that they've enriched up to a certain level of twenty percent and sort of getting getting the ball rolling on negotiations through that mechanism there's also a bit of a puzzle put forward that would involve you know reducing same sions in exchange for so certain iranian concessions related to its nuclear program we need to be aggressively pursuing those in our national interests and unfortunately political system just isn't rewarding people who are doing that but if we really want to resolve this that's what we have to do can i thank you so much for your thoughts and as that was jim all obviates the policy director for the national iranian american council. and a former u.s. senator is quite outspoken on this issue might for about all of the last ten thousand driving up war with iran is dangerous not only for the region it's
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a world security daniel the shelf sat down with the former senator take a listen. the irresponsibility of netanyahu and the lies not i don't have to i'm not telling you anything new circles he says he's a liar so in my humble status as a private citizen that i tell you did nothing yahoo is a liar is not nothing new but he is a liar because he's made statements about iran that are absolutely ridiculous and all it is is to create the fear for the people within israel he is part of the george who are central and that it's create a bunker mentality and create fear because with fear you can make people do almost anything in a representative society and that's what they're doing in israel israel has the finest group of peace i'd make it's right with and whenever i speak about israel i
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always quote israeli citizens i don't quote knowledge that i pick up anywhere because they are the best critics read koretz and you'll see what they think of the government and so this this whole ginning up of a war with iran very dangerous because iran is not syria not lebanon iran is a proud nation and they have missile capabilities they won't have nuclear capabilities but they have missile capabilities that they could rain down on television now i can tell you if they are attacked they will attack back and an israel is so vulnerable and so small that they will retaliate they'll use nukes to retaliate because they can't suffer to be destroyed built they'll use the n. solution so they nuke iran what do you think pakistan is going to do with its nukes
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what do you think japan china is going to do what do you think the united states is going to do in retaliation. i mean you could start your world nuclear war but you're responsibly attacking iran the best way to solve the problem with iran and leave them alone they eventually build a democracy that we americans destroyed but the british leave. and the people will develop it about to see a new theocracy where the ocracy are of the past. and that was former u.s. senator mike rebel if you'd like to see him this interview in its entirety had some artsy dot com. and from cracking down on countries in the middle east to cracking down on the media here in washington d.c. the u.s. prides itself on its freedoms freedom of speech being one of them and someone else a tough question that's even worse when our person is not part of the mainstream
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media the saudi prince recently spoke at the national press club here in the nation's capital and journalists there who see a need something opportunity to ask him some tough questions take a listen to what michigan is regina. well the good old is in there that is right with united comes from if. we do it i can come and speak here give a speech. well later that day has seen i got a letter informing him that he is banned from the process so is there an attempt to silence certain voices and certain viewpoints in the media earlier i spoke to the man himself communications director of the institute for public accuracy sample cd and the cd burning. so i try to ask a question about the role of the saudi regime. invaded the rain there at the center of kind of revolutions in the middle east it's a massage in a stupor
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a dream obviously suppressing its own people so people are asking questions about the legitimacy of the syrian regime i thought it was only fair to ask for about the legitimacy of the saudi regime and so and then you were and what happened after that what the executive director got into my face because the prince as he likes to call own self. asked me and i've been to saudi arabia and i thought that this was a typical politician and. i said what's your legitimacy and i think it doesn't matter if i've been to saudi arabia what's your legitimacy yes again i said what's your legitimacy in the second director got into my face trying to get me to shut up at that point at some words with him outside as i left he grabbed my arm at one point and then i got a letter saying that i was suspended from the press club for two weeks and what was the reason you were given for the way centrist behavior i was guilty of boisterous and unseemly behavior as best as i can determine and the so-called ethics committee
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is not telling me about other cases everything's confidential to the press club which is supposed to be this monument to the first amendment conducting all of its ethics probes in secret apparently and i've just been speaking back to other members it's apparently stuff that people who swear at the bar have been charged with occasionally and it's never as far as i can tell when applied to a journalistic situation so boisterous behavior do you think as they justified reason what you call your behavior boisterous and that what i what i were what i was guilty of was asking tough questions of a autocrat a political official who's allied with the united states. that's my crime of practicing journalism against somebody who is wedded to the establishment and you know i am. stand that you've asked questions before our national press club one of the last times i was with. the iranian leader mahmoud othman in
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a job i didn't actually get any questions in there because there were so many other people who were tripping over themselves to ask him so many tough questions would you say that they're equally out talk about the questions you're asking the saudi press that's my memory i haven't actually reviewed but that's my memory i mean i certainly have been there have been other occasions where i've asked tough questions of somebody like the neo nazi hater from australia he was at the press club a while ago but before that obviously he was at the press club and i asked him and they let me have like four follow ups because he's not somebody who is part of the establishment so they were fine with me asking them a bunch of tough questions without any constraints and they actually can imagine the moderator who was the same moderator here came up and congratulated me afterwards for my good work so it depends on who the target is so do you think there's unspoken rules about who gets the tough questions and who doesn't i think it's people who are allied with the establishment against soft treatment because
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the president wants to make sure that they keep coming where they want access and they can think of a more creative way of getting access rather than asking easy questions and i think all politicians all leaders. and indeed our leaders of movements and so on should be subjected to tough questions you know what do you think this has to say about the media and the freedom of speech and the last day i think that journalism needs to be reinvented i mean one of my main project is with the institute for public accuracy and i put out critical material and i ask tough questions at the press club another project i have is called washington stakeout dot com where i go one sunday morning to all of the somebody morning talk shows where the politicians go and they get asked but now questions and deceitful answers and they step outside and they're. more cameras there and they are from the same banal questions and i go there with a camera man and so i want to ask them tough questions and i think that we need to come to a new journalism where tough questions are asked and where politicians and others
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that are held accountable for their words i mean is anybody held accountable for their lies about iraq and w m d's and you know twenty other issues no it's just more of the same and it just keeps rolling along and we set up structures were people are accountable where their words no longer matter if they deceived so many times about so many things we hope you keep those tough questions coming thank you so much for sharing your story with us that was communications director of the institute for public accuracy sam. we turned out of egypt where a revolution is brewing thirty three people dead at least fifteen hundred injured that's all it's expected to arrive as police start firing live ammunition for the top there are two policy liars in the eye of the tahrir storm. crowd is just wailing people have been rioting since the early hours of this morning and at the same time they shall send the cries are getting louder and louder all you hear
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behind me is essentially people saying even they calling on mama to turn told me who is the head of the army here that has been looting this country since every step down i have just returned from aman mahmoud street is just a short distance away from here and that is where all the clashes continue between the security personnel and the protesters behind me you'll hear the ambulances they feed very non stop the injured and the dying because we're hearing that the number of those who have been filled continues to mount speaking to medics they say that they've lost count of how many people they've been treating now while i was on the streets it was a makeshift clinic to the one side and to a makeshift clinics throughout south is where behind me there are people literally dragging out is over the shoulders to these clinics most of the people are suffering from smoke inhalation as i'm speaking to you this is a strong smell of tear gas in the air the police have been firing tear gas they've been firing rubber bullets and these are the these guys here have been with this
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deafening sound of gunfire now a short time ago mohamed tantawi cave and lie of a phrase in which he tried to meet some of the protesters demands among the points he made is that it would be a presidential election the full truth and makes sure he also said that he had accepted the resignation of his interim government but that they would remain in power until such time that a new government was up and running he also said that all military trials would be stopped with the exception of a few he also said that the military council was ready to quit and to go back to its original role which is essentially that of defending the country if that was something that the people desired and certainly listening to protesters says something that they want and they want it immediately sounds obvious also made the point that he was fine he has been. by the criticism that the army was cheating and wanting the souls of the egyptian people he said that this was simply untrue they
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believe that the army is coming to the party much too late all this talk about an interim government they say to tax attention from the fact that that speech on egypt they actually want to step down and interim government is pretty meaningless in that context now mohamed el baradei who heads up the political party here and who's also before my head of the international atomic energy agency has indicated that he what people paid to become the next prime minister to be tossed out forming the next government but he says that this is only on condition that he is given absolute control over any decisions he has to make it seems as if this is the way the country's going to forward but i think it's worth pointing out that all fire today is a much more populist figure on the international stage exactly for figurative addition most people had actually not even heard of him already also has the support of the waist up international community and that's something that most people have will take you know. those are to his policy where with the latest on
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the ground and the jets well today marks the anniversary of john f. kennedy's death but more than fifty years later the cia releases documents that were once secret the telling the bay of pigs invasion one document is particularly interesting it highlights a conversation that president kennedy and his brother that attorney general robert kennedy they discuss worries of a senate investigation that threatens who revealed that president kennedy authorized the use of american jets and weapons in the failed attack on cuba they want board takes and end up lock out what these documents reveal. it was meant to roll back a revolution that's begun from a dictatorship. and take down a government. instead the invasion of the bay of pigs went down as one of the greatest failures in u.s. history you know there. are many that. i know that i mean. and it was killing one hundred fifteen in capturing twelve
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hundred other cuban exile paramilitaries including then twenty two year old our frail don who was convinced we would either win or die we never expected to lose them and be prisoners and be alive. but that was the highlight of all the whole invasion force the bay with all the calls after that it will all went downhill the exiles both landed on rocks and same bullets were dropped for the wrong rifle air cover arrived in our league. and within three days without food or ammunition to counter revolution was over and the john f. kennedy administration claimed quote plausible deniability. no regression. from florida or from any of the motives peter kornbluh has worked for thirty years to get that cia's own history of the bay of pigs operation declassified insist
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denying american involvement is impossible the reality was the very first person on the beach was a cia operative grayson winch and he put the beacon on the beach. if you got on the boat start firing the planes some of which turned out to be american planes freshly painted to look like the cuban air forces the twenty six bombers there were definitely american trainers american involvement american arms are medical and airplanes everybody knew it miami was like casablanca doing the war second war war was full of intrigue and conspiracies despite president kennedy's public statements this was a struggle of cuban patriots against a cuban dictator we made it because the clia the authors of this country would not intervene in any way but the us did intervene and recorded conversations president kennedy is overheard discussing with attorney general robert kennedy the
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potential political fallout from the congressional investigation i guess it's going to. try to figure out how to get it out. of the white truck but that. it was a pretty fucked up. i was right. the classified documents show that the cia knew the invasion would fail they tried to quit that we can before the invasion and try to resign on the day of the invasion but the invasion preceded anyway setting the stage for many more overt covert operations by the united states all these drone attacks and fascinations through drones everybody knows that those are cia run operations there's nothing really covert about it but of course agency takes no specific. official credit for human forward r.t. washington d.c. . does the for now for more on the stories we covered go to r.e.c. dot com slash usa and check out our yukio page if you tube dot.


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