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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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moscow warns it will pull out of the start treaty and stop nuclear disarmament if the u.s. continues to deploy its missile defense shield in europe. and the response to be russian is candy or missile hours deployed on its borders from east to west i'll have more details from the kremlin in just a moment. thousands vent their anger at egypt's military rulers with protesters staying put in the heart of cairo on top here square saying the concessions are not enough. i don't murder mystery spies so i go with a pinch of global politics five years on the soul of killing of russian former security agent alexander litvinenko continues to muddy relations between moscow and
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london our top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow twenty four hours a day our top story this hour russia may pull out of the start treaty and stop nuclear disarmament if the u.s. continues to deploy its missile defense shield in europe as an inventive said moscow could also deploy its own strike systems like it's kind of missiles on its own borders as a response let's get all the details now from marty's and he said. some very harsh and direct words from president makes very devout on the development of founds for the u.s. nato and their eastern european allies to build and develop that missile defense shield in eastern europe just outside russia's border he pointed out five steps
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that the russian federation would take if nato the u.s. and its allies don't reconsider first off early warning systems will be immediately activated including ground which is russia's most bluster and quite just outside just across the border i should say from the plans for that missile defense shield also the country's strategic nuclear forces will be strengthened significantly the president said the cat needs to happen urgently to quote him strategic missiles will be fitted with advanced missile how can a trace in the system so that means the latest generation war has and also the armed forces has been notified that it needs to create a system that would be able to destroy i doubt exchange and the control systems of that missile defense shield in eastern europe like i said once again it can't be stressed enough just outside of russia's border if all of those steps aren't enough for nato and its allies to reconsider this would be russia's last resort. just a peach if other measures are insufficient russia will deploy
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a contemporary strike systems in the west himself in order to prevent further damage from us missile systems applied in europe deployment of the is going to missile system in the coming right region will be one such step if the situation develops in an unfavorable way russia will reserve a rush to cease further steps in the area reduce element and arms control. giving you an extra couple link between strategic offensive and defensive weapons reasons could emerge from russia's withdrawal from the strategic arms reduction treaty this is a vision within the content of the treaty it has to be pointed out that president medvedev once again stressed that it's not too late that russia does believe that dialogue can help to reach some kind of agreement that some. besides both sides in terms of missile defense the start treaty the latest one of course sided april twenty ten held as a tremendous step in the reset so far sure word to withdraw from that treaty would be a huge step back in terms of russia u.s. relations president medvedev once again said that today that we need
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a legally binding guarantees that both systems are not physicians against starting their practically surrounded from europe down to the middle east and then up the cost if there is turn seaboard in the pacific in terms of bases in japan and south korea so russia saying that they need more guarantees than just the u.s. and its allies say you just have to trust us it was a great step in terms of relations but obviously not near enough because there's not enough binding agreement between the two countries that those systems will not be directed against each other so russia and the west are very much moving in different directions russia feels that if the u.s. and nato can't meet eye to eye with them they have every right to create their own system and protect their national interests. nice analogy there well russia's envoy to nato has stressed that russia now expects some serious dialogue with its nato partners and said it is a point where they go she will have to stop. it war but we will carry on
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to american and nato partners until the u.s. passes the point of no return which point of no return is the fine lines ation of the european missile defense system with russia make sure the matter under question is the location of sites from which a strategic nuclear forces can be monitored we will take a fully adaptive approach there is still time for negotiations and we are calling on our american counterparts and nato partners to waste no time and make sure that all european countries involved even those involving israel will not only assurances but legally binding guarantees based on the specific technical capabilities of missile defense. let's get more on this from political analyst alexander permits he's joining us from belgrade what we know that the intended is to protect europe from those so-called rogue states the likes of iran and north korea from perceived missile threats let's get the geography before we
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talk we'll get this in perspective in terms of the geography now we can see that where these proposed missile defenses will be deployed the czech republic has to have a radar set up there remain with missiles and a radar there also turkey would have a radar a missile base is supposed to be developed in poland if this scheme is to go ahead and also bowl garia will be home to some missile launches of course your small really has systems in iraq afghanistan japan south korea and of course israel its ally has significant capabilities there so why are the systems being proposed to the west of russia this is moscow's concern isn't it that in fact they will be totally encircled and indeed threaten russia but this is this european scheme is a missile defense system why is russia concerned that it could be an offensive system. well because you can never dull verification is very hard and these things
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they can very easily and quickly be turned into office of systems. the second thing is we keep we keep getting back to this thing we have to remember that in two thousand and two george bush president george bush of america. unilaterally withdrew from the a.b.m. treaty the anti-ballistic missile treaty and this was the treaty that actually kept nuclear stability not just in europe or throughout the world for more than thirty years the mutually assured destruction meaning there no side was sure of not being destroyed by the other precisely because the other side didn't have missile defense once one side has missile defense they encourage that side to actually launch a first strike so this kind of movement these kinds of threats actually increase the chance of nuclear war or even accidental nuclear war not even deliberate this is the main point and the further away we get from these from that doctrine which i
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actually assured the peace the more dangerous the whole international environment is becoming could all this be settled quite simply legally the u.s. is has a take it in fact refused to come up with legal guarantees that the system is not aimed at russia i mean that's a fair request from moscow isn't it absolutely and i think that. these warnings have been going back you know for several years now and in fact president obama when he first took office he said he would scrap these plans. precisely because. he didn't want these to seem as a threat to russia he's since gone back to his word and no one is as you said offering legal guarantees and the question of course is the obvious question is why the other thing is i think that. would be really pointed out is the following this is something that's very dangerous for europe itself or western europe especially
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we're talking about rogue states they're all outside of europe russia has been proposing to do or joints missile defense will be based much down to the south as there are by john turkey now if you have missile defense over europe you know what happens you intercept the mist over europe you're going to have fukushima in the in the skies of europe this is something that's not only unnecessary but it's no thing that's dangerous i mean you're endangering a densely populated continent for some reasons which are not being made clear to anybody so this has a double or triple danger of what's going on right now but then again as you said no no legal guarantees are being offered but another concern of course is the threat from inventive as we've heard is that they could be russian skandha missiles directed towards europe as a response to this is that really a cause for concern for europe should the e.u.
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be concerned about this. well you know once again of course because now there are no missiles being targeted at any of any targets in europe in a year or two you may have some even earlier than that so of course it's it's a reason for concern especially because once again it's totally needless. the real the real answer as has been proposed for four years is joint missile defense but it seems like the west especially of the united states does not want joint missile defense and we must remember the first time this was offered was not just a year or two ago that can one thousand nine hundred two boris yeltsin offered the west joint missile defense and this is a story that's twenty years old so it's not at all surprising that russian leadership is slightly losing patience to say the least and he's on a puppet show live there in belgrade thank you very much indeed for your thoughts
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on this thank you thank you. thousands of egyptians are refusing to leave touch his square saying they're not satisfied with concessions being offered by the military council the army says a presidential election will be held by next summer but people want them now let's get more from marty's point of slim who is in current support are we seeing the same level of violence as we have in previous days now that. when the country in the last few minutes the government financier is gone i mean if not it's all chaos pandemonium has broken out that one of the just concentrated in mohamed mahmoud street just a short distance from the head we understand he said he firing live ammunition a number of fires have broken out in the area and there are ambulances behind me harming both directions having the wounded and the sick to the various makeshift clinics that if you where now of course plus the distance from that to me it's scary when a youngster around here looking up at monitors tells at the army it's a lot of anger there's
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a lot of patients to see coming. i think twenty four hours since we've heard from mama can tell you this is a sixteen ounce of off this is saying that on this message to hang the power so as the violence here increases it may have the i want to face of actually harming the result but just as they now say they going no where in fact if he sings along the setting out they have no intention of believing the army any more than they did over the last seven eight months during which time they see it make very little difference there's also the heavy smell of tear gas in the air it raises concerns that human rights activists have been asking for all day what gas exactly are the police using with hearing from doctors that many of the people who dies have died from gunshots to the hades as well as from choking. well the concession was just as indeed being made by the military joins it but what in fact will make the protesters go home now. that's not to say the sisters will go home at all anyway
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just hearing from me keep him on our feet in egypt since he is urging the army to stop firing of the sisters on the one hand if the army takes the heat of this kind of war and he needs the sway the protests to settle something remain and they will remain with their demands for the army to step down on the other hand the army just simply making some kind of reforms i mean it has promised that they will be fundamentally make sense makes my big protest i'm not satisfied with this they say that how can they proceed against the backdrop of hers and even if people turn out to vote one fifty two states across the ballots doesn't question the legitimacy of those elections the army is also promising next time to make stir it will be haitian elections but this only helps in every complex you make for system and process so at this point there's nothing that bionic woman do or say that is actually going to meet the requirements of the footrest as a standing here when we make it seems that the situation at the moment is a manageable and very difficult time for the army to not decisive house and deal with the demands of the protesters pulled as their life and carries thanks very
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much and. for that update joining us now is william angle he's author of full spectrum dominance to turn to mark a seat in the new world order and joining me live now is william and i trust you are william are you. coming here good i can't see yet but i think we will be coming to you in just a second william engdahl help getting us live there now william egyptians are. calling for the army to resign immediately in favor of a civilian government but is it really any other alternative to rule the country when it's so unstable with parlance and crime soaring and we're seeing the unrest there at the moment well all developments in egypt are very. complex and frankly very bizarre what's going on on one level it's understandable that the civilians would say we have the same dictatorship it's just been
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a military putsch that got rid of mubarak and kept the same old military carry leaders in which is the case. the senior command of the military was in washington at the pentagon when the whole put a revolution was was kicked off and orchestrated their response quite calculatedly in cooperation with the pentagon so it's a complex game because the twitter leaders were also trained by the cia and u.s. intelligence n.g.o.s and other things so one might ask is this and scenario where discord and chaos is is the order of the day and that that's what's not yet clear the demands of the protesters are quite legitimate there is no democracy there's a military dictatorship that's true but democracy is an explosive and energy loaded word and what does it mean in real content what's emerging is the muslim brotherhood it's the largest organized political force in egypt and with that being
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the case you have the potential for redrawing the map of the middle east so it's a very very unstable situation and egypt you talk about democracy but that's exactly what we're about to see when we the democratic process whereby the elections are about to take place so why have the protest is run out of patience so soon before those promised elections. well that's what i think is a little bit suspicious the timing of this thing. a i suspect the long arm of washington is meddling around with this only very calculated response of the white house to date to confirm that. and so washington is concerned about what if for example it is the case that the muslim brotherhood does have the upper hand in terms of popularity and could win an election is that something that the west and the u.s. would not want no i think quite happy with that because it creates a permanent instability but justifies
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a long term presence of nato throughout the region so we're seeing the nato allies asian libya's only the most blatant example of it and need to as ation of the entire muslim world so in effect the middle east of the bush administration say in effect the attention is to keep the revolution going some are saying this is the second revolution others are saying this is an ongoing revolution your same intention if you keep that revelation revolution going well james woolsey the former cia director talked about a thirty years process of instability which he called the war on terror the obama administration is simply renamed put in the media cause of the arab spring but i think that's what we're looking at. the long term process of instability what are the wider implications here could this trigger a chain reaction in countries like libya and tunisia that have also seen similar anti regime uprisings you know certainly certainly. is there is
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a party very is not tunisia regarded as a successful revolution by the west of story which which one couldn't hear acoustically persones rock what about tunis and that seems to be from the point of view from the west a successful revolution it doesn't seem to be much instability there at the moment . well the main problem in tunisia is the konami instability and that's why it's not gotten any better through this regime change just very briefly and finally an international report highlights the excessive use of force against anti-government protests in bahrain we're just hearing that over the last day or two but today we just heard the human rights chief condemning the military crackdown there in egypt after five days of clashes and indeed loss of life why has that condemnation come so late well that's an interesting question. what is the obama administration's role in. what is the longer term interim leader i'm very suspicious of most of. if william bell i'll have to leave it there thank you very
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much indeed for your thoughts there live from frankfurt. it's a case where the poison spread much further than just its intended victim its five years since the death of russian former security agent alexander litvinenko in the u.k. triggered a diplomatic spat between moscow and london which shows no signs of letting up and as r.t. is laura smith reports the course of justice isn't running smoothly either five years on and still an immovable thought in the side of british relations mosco weren't extradite britain's chief suspect in the two thousand and six murder of alexander litvinenko because andrey lugovoy is a russian citizen and britain refuses to hand over the evidence so russia can conduct its own investigation britain insists extradition is the only path to justice russert weren't against its constitution and path both government and
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position it's very difficult to converge and i decide giving anything the fortune of the soberly question you know we've been going through the last five years. with more effect on the green. neither side really. anywhere near the middle. difficult to see how it's going to move forward in london a little young because we don't really know has successfully lobbied for a new wiser ranging inquest into her husband's death look i voice says he welcomes the news and has offered to give evidence via video link he also welcomes marina libyan because admission that her husband was working as a consultant for the british secret service is look up voice says he himself was branded a liar for saying the same thing but it's not just the truth it's most of basing her you have been reading about it but she didn't like the position of the british government who were against my being the investigation as he was in egypt he wasn't operating alone he was acting in accordance with some kind of orders in some kind
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of command structure so the british secret service was recently a by close to his death so in her mind they should take responsibility and that means paying the lawyers who were expanse of the british teaches me this was really a good idea. marina because legal costs could run to one and a half million dollars and international relations have paid a heavy price to the litvinenko affair lurks in the background of every to visit and business deal between russia and britain and the new hearings in which accusations from both sides will be heard in open court unlikely to mend fences in another new development reports suggest another suspect could enter the frame in the shape of dimitri kovtun he's jordan this road before formally a suspect he was with litvinenko and lugovoy here at the millennium hotel on the day it's believed it began who was poisoned he was investigated by german police in
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connection with traces of polonium that were found in his handbag apartment but the case with strops for lack of evidence he also russian citizen so called be extradited another day for the u.k. investigation. following the closure of the criminal case in two thousand and nine got hold of the police the evidence against him he doubts they'll be able to pin anything on him this time around either. there is a significant amount of information in there regarding written communication between the government's emergency committee and the prosecutors department in germany an actual department of homicide according to these materials britain has no grounds for charging me with anything or at least they had not back in two thousand and eight explore different scenarios in case i will turn up on the territory of the u.k. . cotton will give evidence at the new hearings by video link two so far as
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an interested party five years on since litvinenko died there are still a lot of interested parties ready to put their case but there's little sign of anyone being held accountable laura smith r.t. loved and. twenty three minutes past the hour here in the russian capital all of our stories more on our t.v. dot com for you the anniversary brawl police opposition supporters battle in ukraine's streets marking seven years since what was become known as the revolution class. farmer struggles to resume his speech as protest is interrupted with calls and jeering you can find out what made them angry at r.t. dot com. time now for some other world news in brief this hour before the business news the yemeni president has just minutes ago side of power transfer deal brokered by gulf states donna sunday is now the fourth arab leader to resign in a wave of civil unrest that spread through the middle east this year following
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those and tunisia egypt and libya under the agreement to transfer part of his vice president in exchange for immunity from prosecution after his crackdown on protesters left almost nine hundred people dead. french police have clashed with hundreds of anti nuclear protesters attempting to prevent the last planned rail shipment of radioactive waste leaving for germany security forces use patterns and tear gas to disperse the crowds and at least five people were arrested in the same time in germany hundreds gathered to call for the shipment to be stopped that follows the country's decision to phase out using nuclear power after being spooked by japan's fukushima disaster. or rouge leaders charged with genocide torture and crimes against humanity have denied alleged roles in the country's atrocities decades ago the surviving three most senior members of the regime are accused of orchestrating cambodia's infamous killing fields of the late seventy's which almost two million people die the former presidents of the prosecution case was monumentally biased and based on false reports but to bring it up to date for
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the moment back with some of our main news stories in about six minutes from now in the meantime the business is next with korea. welcome to our business our foreign direct investments in russia is up forty three percent in the year through september at twelve billion dollars however most of the plans to come from cyprus where many big domestic firms are registered the emerging markets private equity association says russia remains one of the least attractive investment destinations among developing economies but the head of russia's newly created direct investment fund is optimistic this will soon change speaking exclusively to r.t. tree of highlights the sectors to the. commodities is definitely going to be interesting but also as was major interest invest in infrastructure and to invest in sectors of benefit from the growth of the russian middle class there is massive
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grows in the middle class which fuels growth in agriculture in medical and substance from a sort of goals your financial services in all sorts of sectors. the second wave of the economic crisis appears to be almost upon your opinion did some economists argue the content is already drowning there's less concern here in moscow how it will affect the russian economy ahead of barclays capital forsman is work to be optimistic he believes ruf is strong enough to withstand external shocks. but why do we have strong commodity prices was because of the oil price goes is a very strong the macroeconomic. situation the fiscal situation its debt to g.d.p. needs surely little but since in europe the united states simply to since the political stability that russia has today with the likelihood of the election of mr putin for another six years on there could be some negatives associated with that but given if you look at what's going on in the world today in europe and even in
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the u.s. we look at the still mates having some degree of political stability could be considered a positive for us into the. first to come up with the markets now oil is lower as a method speculate that rising gasoline stockpiles in the united states and slowing economic growth in europe will reduce demand for fuel. is trading at just over ninety five dollars a barrel and brant is at one hundred and seven dollars per barrel the u.s. stocks are lower on worries about global economic growth the dow jones industrial average down this two hundred points one point seven percent financial stocks are under pressure of bank of america j.p. morgan chase it down about three and two percent respectively and european markets are also lower and evening trading sentiment has taken another knock out after a failed german bond sale the government was able to sell only two thirds of the six trillion you option analysts say this is the worst result in recent memory that suggest investors now see high risks even for the safest they do as well because
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it's. here in russia markets and makes down mines day with investors still concerned about how europe and the u.s. will solve their debt problem if it can look at individual channels otherwise it's spread back was up just a notch rules hydra game over the sense part is goals that was in the red vest as we're buying into precious metals and in the cards for all eternity and douglas rolls from we're all super wraps up the day's trade. today has been. stream the volatile on the markets and then we've sort of fluctuated between you know gains and losses over the day looks like the you know the news is still mainly focused on the europe the you know and i guess the in sort of week if. the u.s. figures coming out later in the day for you know you know employment figures are weaker than expected you know some point figures and sort of put the you know tamp
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down on the market a bit. but a stop lenders very bank wants to cut the price and offer to buy the eastern european unit of fox bank and the bank wants to pay five hundred million euros that's fifteen percent less than they originally asked for german media reports that his bank wants to pay less after talks back on the phone worse than expected. and that's all the stories i have for you this hour but don't forget you can always log on to our website i get out flash business for mine.


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