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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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moscow warns it will pull out of the recent omes reduction treaty and will be forced to defend itself with a strike systems on its own borders if the u.s. keeps up its missile defense shield in europe. but washington is not planning on making any changes to its missile defense plan in europe i'll be back with more in just a few minutes. thousands vent their anger at egypt's military rulers who could just as staying put in the heart of cairo in tahrir square saying the army's concessions are not enough. and renounces three people between the front line and make that clinic dozens have been injured in the last
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few hours i worked in just a few moments. of the year i was in mortal danger of brussels once tough economic governance is the only way out of the crisis of money bag germany says every country should look after itself our top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow with you twenty four hours a day russia may pull out of the start treaty and start nuclear disarmament if the u.s. continues to deploy its missile defense shield in europe present it if said moscow could also position its own strike systems and it's going to missiles on its own borders in response. explains. some very harsh and direct words from president means may differ on the development of sounds for the u.s. nato and their eastern european allies to build and develop that missile defense
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shield in eastern europe just outside russia's border he pointed out five steps that the russian federation would take if nato the u.s. and its allies don't reconsider first off early warning systems will be immediately activated including grad which is russia's most western enclave just outside just across the border i should say from the plans for that missile defense shield also the country's strategic nuclear forces will be strengthened significantly the president said the baddies to happen urgently to quote him our strategic missiles will be fitted with advanced missile defense penetration systems so that means the latest generation war has and also the armed forces has been notified that it needs to create a system that would be able to destroy i doubt exchange and the control systems are that missile defense shield in eastern europe like i said once again it can't be shut up just outside of russia's border if all of those steps aren't enough for
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nato and its allies to reconsider this would be russia's last resort. just other measures are insufficient russia will deploy a contemporary strike systems in the west themselves in order to prevent further damage from the us missile systems including. the deployment to be as kind of missile system in the coming that region will be one such step if the situation develops in an unfavorable way russia will reserve the right to cease further steps and we reduce element and arms control. to give me an extra couple link between strategic offensive and offensive weapons reasons could emerge from russia's withdrawal from the strategic arms reduction treaty this is a vision within the content of the treaty it has to be pointed out that president medvedev once again stressed that it's not too late that russia does believe that dialogue can help to reach some kind of agreement that satisfy. as both sides in terms of missile defense the start treaty the latest one of course signed in april twenty ten held as a tremendous step in the reset so frosh
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a word to withdraw from the treaty would be a huge step back in terms of russia u.s. relations president has made it once again said today that we need a legally binding guarantees that those systems are not positions against not so they're practically surrounded from europe down to the middle east and then up across it there is toward seaboard in the pacific in terms of bases in japan and south korea so russia saying that they need more guarantees than just the u.s. and its allies say you just have to trust us it was a great step in terms of relations but obviously not clear enough because there's not enough binding agreement between the two countries that those systems will not be directed against each other so russia and the west are very much moving in different direction russia feels that if the u.s. and nato can't meet eye to eye with them they have every right to create their own system and protect their national interests. and their political analyst and executive publications told me earlier that any one sided defensive system could
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eventually provoke a first strike mentality and lead to consequences. once one side has missile defense it's courage that side to actually launch a first strike so this kind of movement these kinds of threats actually increase the chance of a nuclear war or even accidentally we will never not even deliberate this is something that's very dangerous for europe itself for western europe especially we're talking about rogue states they're all outside of europe russia has been proposing to do a joint missile defense will be based much down to the south let's say iran is there by job turkey now if you have missile defense over europe you know what happens you intercept the missile over europe you're going to have in in the skies of europe this is something that's not only unnecessary but it's no thing this dangerous i mean you're in danger of being a densely populated continent for some reasons which are not being made clear to
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anybody so this has a double or triple danger what's going on right now. washington has responded by saying it's not going to reveal its plans for a missile defense shield in europe he's going to come on has more from washington. u.s. that is not planning on making any changes to its missile defense system in europe we heard this from national security council spokesman tommy vietor and this is what he said its implementation is going well and we see no basis for threats to withdraw from it and he is also saying we will continue to work with russia to define the parameters of possible proclamation however in pursuing this cooperation will not in any way limit or change our deployment plans in iraq paul he also said the system would not be aimed at russia we. washington and moscow do not see eye to eye on this issue russia wants legally binding here in key. to which the us doesn't
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seem to be ready to give the u.s. missile defense plan that we're talking about is the four stage playing with the first two stages invision these lation of us and three interceptors of lower capability and the last two higher capability it's the last two stages that especially by those of russians the more advanced once because russians have a different analysis of the weapons that the so-called rogue states have and what they don't happen moscow doesn't want this is them to move directed against russia the war of words on missile defense has been going on for quite some time now with washington saying we need powerful missile interceptors against a possible attack from some dangerous states figures really name iran and north korea and moscow saying why would you need interceptors for weapons that those who say don't have but russia belarus and russia views america's missile defense plans as an attempt to breach that very precious parity principle that was set by the start treaty. disarmament campaign of bruce daniel has told me that the u.s.
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and its weapons industry really intends to encircle russia with missiles and that moscow has every reason to be unarmed. the weapons corporations in america always love the new enemy and they always love new instability because they're able to sell more weapons that way and weapons weapons industry is the number one industrial product of america today it's what drives us foreign and military policy and so clearly the us surrounding russia and china today are moving these so-called missile defense systems that are part of us for right strategy the missile defense system is the shield to be used to pick off where the hell it's already strikes after a us first strike sword has been thrust at you the russia or china so i don't think it's extreme paranoia sadly. and i'm against all nuclear weapons on all
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sides but i don't think it's paranoia on the part of russia as they look and they see nato and the us beginning it in circle of. its country. mass chanting for egypt's military martial to go echoes of a child here square where cell phones have gathered and are determined to stay the army says a presidential election will be held by next summer but the people want to know policy their business is current well we can hear shelves and sirens behind you paula dramatic scenes there what is it like to be there on the to his square a man. well when you tell you keep wondering how it can get much worse but i can quibble it is getting was the persuasion is intensified by the minute the standoff between protesters on the one side and the army and christmas night others just showed no sign of letting up it's still concentrated mostly in mohamed must most people focus and i mean there are the protesters are literally picking up anything
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make had a great little piece of pavement consoles at the army and the police and they're responding with tear gas with rubber bullets and with live ammunition tonight is much the same as what is what we've been witnessing since that's a little change that whenever it might force the number says well people come for people to come from work to lend their support to this growing movement of discontent against the military. estimates that at least thirty eight people have been killed in the past two days they say that as many as ten thousand people have been injured he said of the united nations human rights watch has criticized the so-called expected usenet post of force by the army that the center of cairo has pointed to hold but i think with mentioning that outside this area life is pretty much the same as usual this is not to say that egyptians don't post what's going on here the majority in fact that they are skeptical as to whether or not the
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protesters will be able to keep it all many egyptians are very aware of the fact that simply every revolution the economy has plummeted and promises from that. there is little promise and little investment but i'm the same side there was a lot of hope and a lot of optimism that of evolution this time around well as a. whole why only the protest is accepting those recent concessions made by the military rulers. for the simple answer is that they don't believe the military is serious about handing over the reins of power to the muslim brotherhood which is expected to get a majority support on its mandate parliamentary elections first issued a statement in response to the speech delivered by the head of the consul of the armed forces one hundred one our muslim brotherhood says if encouraged by some of these reforms that the army is promising met with such as promoting itself through
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the parliamentary elections it may mean a date for presidential elections to be held by june next year but at the same time the brotherhood point for the immediate acting of the information and interior ministers and this is because the government has interim government that's been in place and selected and appointed by the army is going to remain in place and kill and new government is able to be formed the people who are really reluctant and slow to believe that the military is serious about making any kind of real changes you know they were first to patch the settlements are going to pay for the main power despite the fact that the army has said that it won't recognize the visit mason of the obvious argument that seven thousand square if you can hear behind me and the meeting from one side of the west another we know that in the last few hours dozens if not hundreds of people have been injured and we continue to have reports from doctors and medics that they simply cannot count cannot cope with the
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number of injured people paula thank you very much indeed dramatic developments fast moving developments are encouraged thanks a lot updates live into his square closely as possible. we can talk to ramsey he edits an online magazine in the arab world indeed all about the arab world is to palestine cortical ramsey thank you very much indeed for being with us live here on r.t. always saying perhaps well what's happening there is indicative of perhaps what we could see on a wider scale there perhaps more arab countries following suit with a second wave of revolutions. i think that's a good way of putting it there is a complete lack of trust and i think this is what is happening right now in egypt for a while there was this kind of sense of satisfaction that the supreme military council feel marshalltown tawi where the guardians of the egyptian revolution who were going to be the ones who are going to lead egypt through this transition from
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absolute dictatorship to democracy however two months were long enough to give clear signs that the military council had no intention of truly creating peaceful democratic transition and if anything they were more interested in keeping their share power at ensuring good dominance over egyptian politics in the future and actually conceding but there is another issue here and i think this this particular evolution that's happening in egypt is different from the journey where you won in the sense that also ten months were long enough for the people to lose trust of politics and politicians are some of them are included under the former regime of hosni mubarak others were allowed to resurface as a result of this revolution and he really showed extreme has a sense in the way that they handled the demands of the evolutionary strew out of those ten months and this seemed more interested in ensuring the good have
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a greater share of the revolutionary hide and that actually ensuring that very good lucia actually all of its objectives so you have double the lack of trust here of the military council and the demands of them by a great team but also open its code parties including the muslim brotherhood and what the other parties so now egypt is going through yet another juncture another transition but if the government does want to hold all of them saying the military government wants to hold on to power even all of those supposedly democratic elections that's exactly not what the west should be supporting is it the whole idea was to set egypt on the path of democracy. well in crucible yes of course that's not where the west should be supporting but in practice the west is in fact or the united states in particular and other european powers were in fact the ones who are part of the egyptian regime during the mubarak era and also the military we
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all know that there were large share of american financial support of egypt after the kind of behavior agreement and most of that money actually went to the military it's not only about the money but also the kind of relationship that's strong bond that. unites the egyptian military with the u.s. government it's very clear it's clear to our ordinary egyptians you don't have to be part of the political elites to understand that sort of by and now the military is the one that is going to surprise us and the military is in cahoots with the u.s. government and other western powers and also corrupt our gulf countries so this raises so many questions and egyptians who are extremely hazardous and regarding the role of the military they are now certain that the military cannot be trusted in leaving egypt and that was solution repays what we just heard that the sheik un human rights chief has condemned the military crackdown in egypt after five days of
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clashes just what you've been saying about the u.s. influence behind all respect haps explains why this criticism against the military car has come so late well we see the u.n. action on its own there but clearly there is some question of the delay over the international condemnation is no absolutely i mean the little brutality that has been used by the military i think amnesty international was correct in its course yesterday where this sort of actually surpasses the level of brutality that was used during the mubarak era i guess the protesters you were talking about shoot to kill we are talking about targeting protesters by shooting them in the eyes just incredibly brutal and have to be as you've gotten the bodies by a large garbage. here to her years where it shows that the life of ordinary egyptian has never been devalued after a bit of dilution there are still being considered. kind of.
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alter the relevance to met serial beings who are being cheated so very harshly with a great deal of the cigar and humiliation and this is the new realization in egypt that the military council is more or less the same as the mubarak regime and they are not. very much and if your thoughts runs into root edge of the online magazine the palestine chronicle joining us live from seattle thank you. alonzo the euro's future is in the heart of europe brussels unveils plans for a joint eurozone boring and warns the single currency could collapse without economic ties but also if is that germany is being dragged into the crisis but it is just going through its worst bond auction ever i don't know this next cars or told me earlier that berlin is now only concerned with saving itself. germany is on principle against buying up e.c.b. bonds are monetizing e.c.v. bonds but the buddhist bank was buying up the boom the bonds so it's ok for germany
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but it's not ok for the eurozone and this is just opening up all the antagonism between all these european countries the arrow was supposed to restore peace and harmony i'm in the euro zone but they're breaking down along. country by country divisiveness and once again and this can't end good because these countries let's not forget have spent hundreds of years at each other's throats now we're back at it you have to understand this is a systemic problem that requires a total re architecting of the system and a total execution in one way or another all these factors that are just predatory leeches a cancer on the system be abal value but simply make things worse not take a profit from the chaos think of in terms of this recent offering of groupon which was a known and notorious ponzi scheme they took a public for eighteen million valid thrash through the i.p.o. price trading for many billions of dollars less but for a brief shining moment it looked good so this is what they're trying to do in the
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eurozone they're trying to refloat trillions of debt and say it's a brand new day and look great for about maybe twenty minutes but then we'll be back to exactly where we were where we started which is a massive debt the leveraging sovereignty being lost amongst all these euro zone countries and predatory i.m.f. bankers on the loose rule bankers looking to destabilize countries for a quick buck. thanks guys are talking to me a little earlier from paris where was stories and that interview in full. also the anniversary brawl police opposition supporters and clean ukraine's streets marking seven years since what became known as the orange revolution plus. ocurred. of all those struggles to resume the speeches protests is interrupted with calls and jerry can find out what made him angry at all. that's how
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the news is looking at the moment for this i'll be back with some of our main news stories about nine minutes from now in the meantime we talk to a politician from far right unhappy with the e.u.'s immigration policies on expansion plans he says they'll mean the end for the vision of a single europe especially in the next. the far right freedom party leads polls general election its leader has penned
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a rut saying islam is on the rise mr struck out while austrian so concerned about is long ceased ng this is an area where there are too many thorny issues the european crisis is our main problem that house with we also placed problems in our migration policy up this largely cholesterol migration from being countries such as turkey more than fifty percent of turkish immigrants don't want to integrate into what can society they don't want to learn the language and organize parallel and opposing structures activities are radical islamists and become visible in our society they hinder it's your peaceful democratic development in this sense we are certainly a political force that comes out against any such radicalization of the celtic you states refused to work with your policy when it was in power five years ago what will be different this time is covered if you will take it out but i think that europe is living through a turning point in its development because just as the whole world is getting through a turning point and a period of democratization i assume that the forthcoming elections in europe not
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only in austria which also in france belgium italy and germany will cause a wave of wrath and pressure people are going to give vent to their rage on longstanding parties at the polling stations that will lead to political changes since we are well prepared from this side to european governments we take these elections seriously and respect that result unlike in the middle east where the authorities try to deter democratic transformation imposing restrictions and with the help of other nations which are out of line with the principles of democracy so i will say that the good look at these things if. the president of all straight islamic community says i have a vision where every town in austria has a mosque what's your response to that as a religious legacy historic we also need to proclaim that we respect islam because islam is a world religion unfortunately it has a merging side of radicalism radical. islam is not we deny radicalism in any religion including islam it's true of any other religion where there's radicalism
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we are against it but in europe as a western christian man it's a fact when they come to us as guests they can easily hold their rituals they don't need minarets one way since they can pray herron religious freedom is guaranteed to them like islamic countries where we the christians often discover that we don't enjoy this kind of freedom the christians are persecuted and for the vision to build churches i think that wake up the europeans should wake up and become more sensitive and more conscious of our culture this also concerns the preservation of european focal check we need to do that so as not to disappear politically in that graphically so that the loss of values doesn't lead to complete disintegration this is exactly what i am trying to revive in europe why did the freedom party create a video game where you can shoot down walls and muslims this is a lot better i did not support this game and i willingly made statements in public about it they are not to my liking it should stick to the truth it's not like
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playing war as many mistakenly think this game has been played in switzerland for many years and it's fully legal and actually shot and on the contrary by pressing the delete button so to speak they collect floor tendencies like mosques and it's not a wall there are no swastikas no weapons that's what helps regulate the flow tendencies and of course it can't be interpreted as we. should turkey be allowed to join the european union as a spectator. if they are a spectacle thank is a fantastic country a proud country as well fantastic culture with fantastic economic success which inspires respect and we respect these accomplishments of every tickets man made justly proud of his country just as we have a part of our country a turkey is not a part of europe it does not belong there. or still a good look culturally and i want europe to stay within its borders i do not want to see or break spending by including non european countries which will turn europe
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into europe in asian african nation it would mean the end of europe and it would mean an end to the european idea of peace and social like the else. for it was also a perfect if you believe greece isn't right for the euro what about all the struggling economies like portugal there's a hope that if. europe is not a balanced block and that's the problem with development they was trying to manage everything in central and centralized way taking everything in its hands and to speak this is the wrong way to go about it there are different national economies and unit are different speeds europe is more than the year there are many countries which do not alone. that's why we should reject centralism and stick to more federalism and should strengthen our national parliaments regionalization and federalization also russia sort out the problems with the communal currency reform we face a great fall which will have an intercom enter a european nation at the moment a tired and flawed systems have that changed has been no change in banking system
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there has been speculation and there has been no procedure for a bank goes bankrupt or getting used to prop up a failed system with tax payers money to help a system which may end up imploding that hyperinflation intervention lately put an end to the order of the night and european nations nobody thinks about it for me that's why we need to reach. system and i think that's why isn't the right for the strong national economies to leave feeling resentful and return to their currencies in a strong national economy should create a new strong currency not a super euro they call it but a currency that will say you have to get a europe which will not get dragged down by misfeature with a tempo signal that they can say that's it.
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the a. week her to move. to. the bank. to. come up. ah. that's the tom foreman and mobile home is to meet those creation of the group of the food system that no missile system is not created to feed the people of the world is created to maximize the profits. and
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you're not trading the actual cash physical grain you're trading promises for grain to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. for reasons madi legislate silver or gold they can be negotiated in order to some degree and. place. water. possibly it's not traded now but it could be in the future.


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