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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the police corruption is. like a protest that nobody seems to know. that never a pepper spray to face but already argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know the story and the scene so you think you understand it and then. some other part of it and realize that everything in. our world is a big. blow
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to the counseling was for. our guys time for it you said it i read it i take time to respond to my brilliant and engaging viewer comments on facebook twitter and you tube because you got something to say i listen at first i want to respond with you are that wash my interview with democracy now that ryan devereaux the new york media organizations fighting back against the n.y.p.d. is a violent censorship of the press during occupy wall street paddy eighty one it said on you tube if they're fighting. back they should file charges not write a letter and so far there have been no reports of legal action against idol city or the n.y.p.d. for their actions over the past few months and the letters which were fired off by over thirteen media organizations requested immediate needing zwick a city to discuss the incident now the city in response seems kind of moot they've
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said to capitol news to capital new york about the press we've worked together in the past to iron out misunderstandings and will be happy to do so again doesn't sound to me like a response or somebody who's taking allegations of violating the first amendment very seriously but the executive director of the new york civil liberties union said that they were contemplating their next steps with regard to the city council saying quote i think it will be time for the city council to weigh in and figure out whether whether there is a legislative response now the new york times company vice president and assistant general counsel george freeman so they certainly will continue to press the issue so we're going to keep you updated on the developments in this battle between new york city and their largest media organizations next how to respond if you are that washed our tools on a war that we gave out to newt gingrich for saying that repealing child labor laws would be a great way to jumpstart the economy undefeated patriots zero seven comments on youtube nothing wrong with a kid trying to make some cash liberals need to stop hating it good old fashioned
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hard work. right because the outrage with newt gingrich opposing repealing child labor laws is just about liberals hating good old fashioned hard work i'm sorry but we really reached the point where being against elementary school kids working is janitors of their own schools is being against hard work i mean let me take a minute to tell you what being against child labor is really about making sure the poor children are given the same opportunities as wealthier children and that is if you get an education whole other problem to be solved by the quality of education based on where you live where you from but that's for another time he against child labor is also about making sure that poor children aren't taken advantage of by either their family or their employers it's not about shielding kids from hard work it's about making sure that they can work hard getting an education and trying to make a better life for themselves period next how to respond to the viewer who followed my commentary on the republican debate last night keith to eat it. love your comments during the c.n.n. debate what is your to keel of choice maybe. i'm really glad you're joining my
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commentary and to answer your question my favorite tequila is vodka not to discriminate but come on guys i am russian and now for a little bonus a special thanksgiving portion of you said and i read it. in the piece morning before talking to my favorites. that was sent over from our teaser window who is filming at thanksgiving at a thanksgiving food giveaway in los angeles and he happened to be a fan so thank you very much i'm the one that is so very thankful for all of you out there that watch i feel incredibly blessed to be able to come on t.v. and be able to talk about the issues that i'm passionate about and i know there are people out there who are actually listening so it's in my rantings today but i will be back with more as usual next week. all right so let's get back to last night's foreign policy debate this event again in your mind it was hosted by two conservative think tanks the heritage foundation and the american enterprise institute and the audience questions either came from scholars of those two think
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tanks or those with bush foreign policy connections and there was little disagreement in the field it was mostly up to ron paul's remind the others that this stuff costs money and it appears on our constitution let's go through some clips and separate some of those foreign policy myths from the truths joining me to discuss this is jack rice former cia officer and criminal defense attorney jack thank you so much for joining us and finally got you on tell me what your overall impression was of this debate last night including the questions that only you know . and the heritage foundation basically were allowed to ask i'll tell you what i was a kind of shocked by this i found a lot of these to be incredibly narrow in terms of the answers i thought they were shockingly naive in terms of the answers but let's look at the questions for a second which really shocking to me is maybe on the verge of being the most powerful country on the face of the planet and we're talking about the chinese no one question and i think even bigger question our number one trading partner in the world is the european bloc there on the edge of blown to pieces
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a much is talking about the greeks talking about italians or talk about the straightest there's even rumblings about the french and even today the germans couldn't get the body to think they were going to get the one question about that got itself to me was absolutely shocking a little old so with it frankly ridiculous that we are let's move right along to some of those ridiculous answers that we heard and actually hear word for juxtaposing something we have a mitt romney and we have ron paul and you know these are two separate discussions essentially one was about the way that we treat terrorist suspects here in the u.s. and the other is just the concept of fighting a war on terror but i want to listen to what these communities say. congressman paul talked about about crime newt gingrich was right there different categories here there is crime and there are rights that are afforded to american citizens under our constitution and those that are accused of crime then there is war and the tool of war being used today in america and around the world is terror there's
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a different body of law that relates to war and here is an is a tactic isn't a person it isn't the people so this is a barely careless use of words what about this sacrifice liberties because there are terrorists here to judge and the jury no other suspects. so here we are on the coming down to semantics and is terrorism an act of war or is it a crime what do you think. i think ron paul was actually very very smart when it comes to decision look i realize it what we're saying from a lot of the candidates right now is all sort of number sticker politics but we have to be really accurate about when we address something like this i mean terrorism is a tactic if you treat it like going to war on that first of all where do you find it you find it everywhere and yet at the same time you take a look at who's been successful at this frankly the europeans have been far more successful in terms of their approach to this and they have actually treated this much more i mean
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a law enforcement perspective it's far more accurate and i think the biggest point that we have to make about this on the worldwide basis if we are going to be this beacon of light that i keep hearing from the republicans then what we have to do was established with that beacon stands for and that beacon is a rule of law it also is the idea of having a process any procedural expectation as to what should and should not be done rather than haphazardly doing whatever we want look i'm a former prosecutor i am a former cia case officer and i'm also a criminal defense attorney i walk into jail cells every day and i talk to quite some of whom are americans so who are not and i talk about the system of justice be it federal or state law and i talk about what it means and why this system is actually the most effective and i think if we could do that on an international basis it would make us far more powerful and frankly far more persuasive to the rest of the world that we're actually on the right side of these issues and let's
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really quickly move on to another subject here michele bachmann had a few choice words for president obama and his iran policy. president obama has he has failed the american people because for two and a half years he never ran the luxury of time he met with them with no preconditions it's a doctrine of if he's met he has changed the course of history because at the time when we needed a leader most we didn't have one. get an idea how it's changed the course of history in regards to iran and i can name a few other examples but iran specifically boy there are so many thanks to start with when it comes to michele bachmann and when it comes to iran i mean bottom line here is the iranian people are driving west you want to find a way to isolate them and push them into the hands of are we going to shout into the ruling council what you do is you stand behind the israelis and blindly go in and bomb them i mean this is the foolish concept of some of the others who said the
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same thing in fact that president obama has actually stood up and said wait a second we need to have this conversation and convince the people of iran to do the things that they need to do i mean this is a perfect example of frankly leadership i realize it doesn't fit into the congress sticker we've been talking about but honestly this is exactly how we should be approaching this rather than simply jumping on an airplane and saying just how many targets we could hit not to mention of course michele bachmann said that iran said it wants to play the u.s. is to wipe us off the earth with their nuclear weapons that they deny they even have a nuclear weapon a lot of stuff that doesn't necessarily make them think they're really quick though let's take a look at pakistan where she made a little more sense than rick perry. at this point i would continue that aid but i do think that the obama policy as keeping your fingers crossed is not working in pakistan and i also also think that pakistan is a nation it's kind of like too nuclear to fail and so we've got to make sure that
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we take that threat very seriously i understand where she's coming from but the bottom line is they've showed us time after time that they can't be trusted and until pakistan clearly shows that they have america's best interest in mind i would not send them one penny period. so a little bit of division in the republican field over this but do you think that's a good thing because they're finally starting to realize how complicated a nuance this relationship is of pakistan but without question to be honest i'm a little bit concerned that and i sound a little bit like i'm on the same side with michele bachmann on almost any issue but she's actually right we have to contemplate where the pakistanis are here i mean let's think about this you know excess of eighty nuclear weapons he ability to literally blow afghanistan to pieces if they so choose amongst other things and they are the linchpin in many ways you could make big so incredibly complicated to cd answer is simply a black or white when in fact there is
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a whole ton of gray here and something we absolutely have to acknowledge if we don't get it out that would be completely ridiculous so in fact i could be careful here she is kind of right on this issue well i'm a little concerned i afterward that that's why you know working on the intel committee i guess every now and then might help you get one right let me just really broke it clutters right reisa of why said hey let me end this with something that rick santorum was very concerned about at the end of a debate will play there when asked the candidates whether there is an issue they felt wasn't brought up in the debate and they really wanted to talk about what they were concerned with and just listeners they have their. law doesn't a lot of time and concern and a rich mentioned this earlier about what's going on and in central and south america i'm very concerned about the militant socialists and there and the radical islamists joining together bonding together. the islamists of the socialists joining in binding together is this i mean where did this myth come from.
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you know there's a whole list of things that we need to be concerned about on the worldwide basis as we've talked about but he didn't mention china once they didn't mention it you're p. had financial collapse once and yet we're talking about a combination of the socialist islamists really i haven't seen any list by anybody you have any credibility in the entire world but what i guess rick has interviewed it is uniquely rick's and you know we've actually i think heard michele bachmann in the past to say that she thinks that hezbollah is going to go through the mexican border this is this is this new g.o.p. math that you know we didn't hear anything about yemen we didn't hear there was a question about somalia but all the candidates just skirted it and moved on to the next issue a lot that was still uncovered jack thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you very much. i still work on the night that iran isn't working so hard to scare the public about reducing military that play forgot to create a contingency plan for themselves he feels my school time i don't happy hour comic
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the g.o.p. debate gets ron paul in a huff and a few more mash for a story like. they did the police corruption. but what a protest nobody seems to know. but never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so easy to understand it and then something else some other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome to the big picture.
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in this or. our guide cyber tide school of thought award tonight it goes to the government department with the biggest chunk of the discretionary budget the pentagon ever since a debt reduction deal was signed a few months ago war hawks have been fighting the second round of trigger cuts the one call on the military if the supercommittee couldn't find ways of trying to measure on their own they pulled every fear mongering lying that they could think up. if it did happen it would result in a further round of very dangerous cuts across the board defense cuts that i believe
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would do real damage to our security our troops and their families and our military's ability to protect the nation. but that is even labeled be sequestering as an apocalyptic event saying if this mechanism this kind of doomsday veganism that was built into the agreement is designed that it would only take effect it congress fails to enact further measures to reduce the deficit now despite all those epic warnings the supercommittee did fail and that doomsday back in ism is set to kick in although personally i kind of doubt congress is going to let it but get this the pentagon was fighting this move so much that they didn't even prepare for the spending reductions that will set in on january twenty thirty that's right apparently they're taking a stubborn approach here and the pentagon spokesperson says we are not planning for the sequester the focus is on trying to get congress to do what it said it would do . how long is the duty military out the second level budget cuts that just may have been coming their way it's not like they didn't have time to prepare it sounds like
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they've chosen a rather immature approach just living in denial besides i was in the pentagon had a contingency plan for just about everything from iran to climate change even a plan to case earth is greeted with extra terrestrials but the sequester cuts. now panetta has had enough time to crunch the numbers just enough to know that the new cuts would reduce the defense budget by eleven percent or nyet back to the budget that we saw in two thousand and seven and despite calls from the d.o.t. to cover some of their major weapon systems unfortunately it looks like veterans all likely get hit the hardest by sequestering not only with our current retirement system changed to a four hundred one k. style system but this new system would require the vets to wait until the standard us retirement age to access those funds and something that we're going to talk more about on friday with adam weinstein but in the meantime we're giving the d.o.d. and the pentagon tonight's tool time award for spending too much time fear mongering not enough time actually planning ahead that's what i call an epic fail.
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i guide in time for happy hour and joining me this evening r.t. producer jenny churchill and alex lights all this is an editor at think progress dot org. just realizing i said that the pentagon and the defense department whatever the same thing. let's talk about making kelly we talked about this yesterday because well clearly she's a really cold hearted person and let me just remind you of what she said about pepper spray. social pepper spray which is. right i mean it's like a derivative of actual pepper it's a food product essentially. i never knew it was a food product but now get this there's a petition out there to get her to back up her claim that pepper sprays a food product by consuming as much if it has been sprayed on each protesters in
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one sitting on camera on fox news. i mean obviously she would never do it but. that would be amazing but that's clearly not going to happen it wouldn't be as amazing as if someone like sneak attacked her while she was on air and just like sprayed pepper spray on her face. yes exactly yeah i mean it's ridiculous to call it a food product it's more of a seasoning than an actual product so i would be satisfied if she you know pepper spray her turkey for thanksgiving and some of that kind of middle ground yeah because i don't actually want to run up her face that's just horrible i don't wish that it really but she should do something or at least you know take it back but so regarding this there now is this need that's out there on the web that's because it's essentially basically the way that she compares these and so one of them is huge nuclear explosion it's like a tickle fight with a microwave. and there one is shooting spring it's dodgeball and pull its
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sensuality. you think anymore oh yeah i actually came up with one for maggette let's hear what she spells her name. and it's a stripper name essentially. out there. living is basically making stuff so sure that's what i'm doing. i don't have. a good job so let's go back to the debate because that's the best joke of all is watching these candidates talk about foreign policy and and you know it's depressing it's scary at some point and here is rick santorum talking about whether profiling is ok there is the t.s.a. and while you listen to centimes answer make sure to really pay attention to ron paul and what he's doing on the side. so just to be precise is it just the train selling religious profiling who would be profiling. the folks who are most likely
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to be committing these crimes if you look at i mean obviously it was people obviously muslims would be would be someone you'd look at absolutely those are the folks who are the radical muslims or the people that are committing these crimes this week but by and large as well was younger males i mean these are things that not exclusively but these are things that you profile to to find your best the most likely candidate. oh go where you'd like a kid i came here to fight about to go crazy over what you're saying right now that was my favorite that's just profile of muslim i mean i think that was ron paul's real shining moment and that he'd actually it was just his silent reaction just the right we're going to be other ones actually just stand there and look very stoic that he was getting to the point where he was just like i can't handle it anymore you people are so bigoted and crazy such a lewd takes i get a tweet. and it's like if you're going to profile someone he kept going on and on like saying we're in a program. they're going to know what you're looking for and then they're going to go around. i mean obviously i'm all for this because it means i will read right
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through security but i mean i think that there's experience if you're going through that period because. we drop your poems like oh yeah timothy mcveigh totally anyway and many others and this week they had fish a large you know like appearance in the foreign policy debate and interesting that all right let's move on to something that you told us there was a question about the patriot act which i was asked a question about the patriot act and all the candidates when and how it's so great and newt gingrich especially told us why we needed all of us will be in danger. for the rest of our lives this is not going to end in the short run and we need to be for her to protect ourselves from those who if they could we're not your skills or individually would take out intercity and they want to claim that
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they're not like the fear mongering party all of us will be in danger for the rest of our lives of course are in danger because we're all going to die at some point right any time you cross the street or you get in the car you're in danger is ludicrous yeah it's not a breaking news announcement to newt gingrich is going to tell you they're going to kill you and if they truly they're going to kill you in the cities they're just they're going to kill you. as you will your life is in the shower when i tell you that he's like i'm off for people having rights except when they're trying to kill other people well you know that's you think they're trying to kill other people you don't really know and then we lock people up for years and years and years without trial and justice system can prove people guilty that actually are guilty but really ruggedly danger for the rest of our lives ever ever what's the point what's the point i agree with the point. anyway. c.-span actually every now and then has a few entertaining moments when you catch something going on a hearing that was unexpected and so this comes from the house natural resources
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committee and that's just fine take a look i call it garbage dr rice it comes from the mouth doctor brinkley rice is a university well ok i know you want to write a book called anything i want to write you a chair you argue but you just be quiet well you like quiet you don't know me. thank you. better just be like you see you be quieter but you don't own me it's just good it's a little house like this is amazing that a pole like father son battle with like john young like you will do what i tell you to do and he's like you don't own me i'm a big boy i can do what i wasn't so real college should be another graduated i mean those are some really low blows they're like just calling someone's entire research card and then being like oh by the way you want to community college just so you know i mean there's some sass on c.-span is what i really learned i mean you know just to be an ass on the hill in the me way more like this all the time and
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a lot more to watch because that was amazing you were looking i love repairers thing but it was like i'm not trying i'm not any president to make friends which is a classic reality t.v. thing that everyone says like i'm not you're here to make friends. just be like reality t.v. like i'm not here to make friends we're going to call each other out on c.-span. and mostly they just call each other every now and then like sunday talk shows but it's really. made it all the restaurants closed doors in their own house together. they're all friends what i meant to say. how do you know how they are i don't think they're actually i but i just thank you anyway thanks for joining you guys so we will not have a new show for you to morrow because it's thanksgiving here in the u.s. but make sure they come back on friday i don't mind seeing for mother jones to be on to talk about how the pro-business lobby in the pentagon might be costing veterans their benefits and meantime don't forget to become a fan of your show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any other night. you tube dot com slash do you want to show where we
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post the interview it's also a show in its entirety coming up next. that's is the compliment and global is to me of creation of the two of us the food system the global food system is not created to feed the people of the was is created to maximize the profits. sure not trading the actual physical grain or trading promises for grain to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. for reasons madi regulate silver or gold they can be negotiated in order to some degree in. place. yet or.
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possibly it's not traded now but it could be in the future. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images go in seeing from the streets of canada after. shine corporations are the day.


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