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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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it was them. coming up in the big picture missing critical deadline seems to be all the rage on capitol hill these days but can you afford to foot the bill of congress misses the next big one coming up in december. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through it it may who can you trust no one who is in view with a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm sartin coming up in this half hour are republicans going to put aside their pledge to grover norquist for the taxes go up by a thousand bucks a family in the middle class we'll see next week in the meantime i'll ask you conservative why tax cuts for millionaires are great but tax cuts for the middle class are a waste of time and every mother worries about her baby's mental and physical development but that very worrying may be doing more irreparable harm than anything a mom charged. trial in size daily take this thanksgiving we should all be thankful
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for occupy wall street. the failure of the gang of twelve super committee this week doesn't just mean one point two trillion automatic spending cuts are now coming down the bike ride it also means average middle class americans could see their taxes go up that's because such to expire at the end of this year is the payroll tax cut passed by congress and signed by president obama at the end of last year was tax cut reduces the amount of social security taxes that are withheld from people's paychecks and that's not extended by the end of this. samberg than typical family bringing home fifty thousand bucks a year and see their taxes go up by a thousand dollars democrats had hoped to strike a deal in the supercommittee to extend the payroll tax cut but that failed and now republicans appear on interested in extending the tax cut since it mostly just
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helps the middle class and not the millionaires and billionaires at the republicans normally cater to yesterday in new hampshire president obama made this urge to congress to get to work and make sure the payroll tax cut is extended. i know republicans like to talk about you know where the profits accidents on the maps want to go we're never going to raise taxes on anybody for as long as we look even though before you go to the against these middle class tax cuts he wants but the question the laughter answer when they get back from thanksgiving is this how they really will not break their oath of never raise taxes and raise taxes on middle class just to play politics so will the republican party the party of tax cuts live by their mantra and extend the payroll tax cut so that no class families are hit with a big tax increase or are they more committed to sabotaging the president's political agenda or his future electability by crashing the economy here offer his take is
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conservative commentator david sullivan david welcome back program hey thanks for having me it's always a pleasure david i'm thankful that you're showing up tonight and thanksgiving tomorrow i'm curious what your thankful for well. first of all i'm thankful to have been born in america in the greatest country in the world and i'm also thankful to be on your program because it gives us an opportunity to engage in some spirit to discourse thank you thank you that's. there president obama said the people opposing his payroll tax cut extensions are grinches so why do you want to be a grinch your christmas or holiday season well by my very nature i am a grinch but that now would standing i don't think we should extend these payroll tax rates i think we should permanently lower them as i've said many times on your program we are already overtaxed additionally i think we should lower the corporate
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tax rate and increase our military spending i think we can cover a lot of this by slashing the non essential services that are just spending us broke i mean like food stamps. well i think there are abuses in a lot of programs food stamps there may be. schools as well education really should be administered properly and not this mumbo jumbo that we're peddling these days were as you know i meant to say they did want to thirty years ago energy bills that were earning a living why is it that you know twenty thirty years ago when our schools were really well funded and you know freshly built by eisenhower all across the country had schools being built teachers were paid very well why is it that there are schools here working and now now that we've cut so much i mean education that our schools aren't working anymore i think there might be some correlation there. no the answer to that is the lousy agenda that is being pushed and the exponential
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increase in illegal aliens that have come in and affectively broken our public school system. ok i just that that that boggles my mind as we have schools that have nothing to do with but any a based on analysis by the group macroeconomic advisers allowing for the payroll tax cut to expire recrossed four hundred thousand jobs you say you want to permanently reduce this if you're going to do that if we if we permanent reduce it you're going to permanently reduce the revenue that's going to source kerry trust fund rye about what ten fifteen. what are you going to do i don't think we can yes i'm going to have i don't think we can adjust just ok i can answer that i don't think we should just focus on this one issue i think what we have to do is apply some generally accepted accounting principles to the government's budget and the way the government spends its money
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they are if you were to operate a business any of the businesses you have operated in the past the way the government operates you would be in prison and we have got to manage business by hand show accountability i really should not go on that business well wait a minute we're going to have a great of and i agree with that however we're talking about financial matters here and as we are so finding out even the most myopic member of your audience can say you can't continuously prints money and give money away even though it may make you feel good then why did ronald reagan hired to do it the bill. you know that exactly what was it suggested a crank a doubled military has been massively increased military spending cut taxes on the very wealthy cut taxes on corporations yes he actually is and what do we get triple the national debt and it made it look like things were good for a couple of years but as you and i both know we were living on
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a credit card i mean you know ronald reagan had to be hard and now it's backwards two trillion dollars was a hell of a lot of money that's largely because of the unintended consequences of the tax revision act of one thousand nine hundred eighty six the fact of the matter is ronald reagan was a visionary but things have changed so what we have to do is cherry pick the ideas that work let's get one area of a little international doubting and then claiming the that the good times that come from the cal backings i mean he was the ultimate keynesian at least at least f.d.r. when he was you know running up a big debt to fight world war two had plans down the road to pay it off it was off within five years of the end of world war two ronald reagan never had any plans to pay it off it was just hey let's have a party on the graphic card and then tell everybody what did we have a great presidency i don't get it and now you're saying we need to be on exact same thing no not the exact same thing what i am saying we have to do is lower taxes and
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increase in military spending has a very good being strong is never perfect good of being weak is a provocative act and this is a dangerous time it's dangerous economically it's dangerous militarily so as you so you think iran does not have a stray sions adventurism i would like to retain our monies rather than just wasting it but at the same time we have to be smart and we have to stay strong so you're suggesting that if iran does not develop a nuclear weapon that is a provocative act and if they do develop a nuclear weapon that is not provocative because that's been strong. well i think you're twisting the message that i was making i was actually i would say this as their logical model of every other country that has nuclear weapons from our own vantage points i am not going to insinuate myself on the military adventurism some of another country i'm just concerned with the united states or do you think that the republicans stated are going to use this payroll tax extension they've already
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voted against extending the tax cut for working class americans once. yeah do you think that this is they're going to they're going to use this is that we're going to see another hostage taking scenario here. i sincerely hope that the republicans and the democrats stop bloviating and stop carrying on with this sound and fury that signifies absolutely nothing that they sit down and resolve this problem another thing i think we have to stop looking at these millionaires as a convenient cash cow even if the government were to seize all of their property and money it would not address the problem and the problem is the lack of business ach human and out of control spending well here's the theory david and by the way david sullivan shakespear. the the the rationale for raising
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taxes about fifty percent after a certain number of dollars have been earned three hundred thousand five hundred thousand a million by raising those taxes and i think it's been demonstrated you know this was the rationale that was done back in the one nine hundred teens this is the rational it was in the thirty's the forty's the fifty's the sixty's any democratic and republican administrations is that if people are heavily taxed it was when they start making fabulous amounts of money to keep their money in their businesses to grow their businesses maybe so and that's what happened and they pass another fifty years. so let's go let's go back to it and then then you've got a cash cow then you've got successful businesses. it's an interesting point that you make i would probably want to know a little more about it on its face i disagree but again i think right now the republican party and the democrats have to sit down and actually address the issues
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you have to remember a lot of small and medium sized businesses are just hanging on by a thread there over time economy audience. they need an economy to work and they need the government to stop meddling this governmental you've got a good we're going to have we're back to high tax rates on billionaires anyhow david o. world we're in iraq we're out of time i'm sorry to cut you off but we're just flat out so david thank you very much dr shah and of very very happy thanksgiving to all of your viewing audience thank you very much to. you could already see what's going to happen when it comes to extending the payroll tax cut republicans will threaten to use inflict severe damage on the economy by voting down the payroll tax cut unless democrats agree to more tax cuts for the top one percent or privatization of medicare and social security it's the return of the hostage taker government planet .
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a new study conducted by scientists at the university of california has found that infants thrive physically and mentally if their mother's emotional health remains stable both during her pregnancy and after the birth whether she's depressed or healthy these researchers found that kids whose mothers who stayed depressed from the fourth month of their pregnancy until they gave birth and then afterwards stayed depressed displayed mental and physical development comparable to those children whose mothers stayed emotionally healthy during that same period time but if a mother's emotional state changed right after she gave birth then the baby's development during that critical first year of life suffered considerably and that was true whether it was depression during pregnancy that disappeared after the mother gave birth or depression first appeared after the baby was born. in my book the edison gene i wrote about what is probably the mechanism that these researchers are
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noticing throughout pregnancy the fetus is constantly asking is the world going to be born into a safe world or a hospital is the question non answers that question without even realizing it by sending various levels of hormones like cortisol through the bloodstream the more stress mom experiences and more cortisol there are other neurotransmitters as well a certain tone and dopamine vary with mom's mood and also communicate to the fetus the answer to that question what kind of world should he or she be getting ready to be born into in my book i pointed that to a pretty substantial body of research that shows that when mom is exposed to lots of stress and produces lots of cortisol the baby will develop a stronger fight or flight response more rapid physical reese reflexes things necessary for survival in a hostile world on the other hand foetus is exposed to lower levels of cholesterol lower levels of maternal stress hormones tend to develop with more focus on the foregoing the thinking part of the brain and are born better adapted to be
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a scientist than a soldier so it made perfect sense that if a baby is born into a world his or her that his or her brain has adapted to through a pregnancy and then suddenly mom starts reacting as if it's an entirely different world where the she suddenly happy or suddenly depressed the baby would have difficulty making sense of it and its reactions would be all of us think. well this most recent study has been gone down too by the drug companies to say that it's important to use any depressants to keep even keel throughout pregnancy and afterwards i think the real message is that we need to work together to build a world don't experience much stress where they don't worry that the cost of the medical care for their pregnancy will bankrupt their family where they don't worry that of dad loses his job will be homeless or they don't worry that their child will never be able to attend college or the world will be ruined by global warming or more pollution from koch industries my carry home from the study is that we need
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to make a safer and more secure country for our children rather than just shovel more drugs at them it's not as profitable for the drug companies are pushing the study but i think frankly it makes a whole lot more sense. coming out pins and i'd still say thanksgiving is the only truly american holiday and this year it is the perfect opportunity to get out there and get active by not just about. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions it's to didn't break through a bit if you can maybe who can you trust no one who is in view and with of global machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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your take my take is the segment of our show when we answer your questions comments criticisms and opinions here on the big picture in last night's daily take i told you about a new attack ad that mitt romney's campaign is running in new hampshire that makes president obama's words. not just makes them takes the pulls them out of context to make it look like the president doesn't care about fixing our economy and i came to the conclusion that the romney campaign can get away with this blatant lie because the people tasked with keeping him honest the news media don't do their job because it's not in their best interest the politicians know. that they can basically get away with anything that is wrong as they don't tweet out a leak a lewd photo of themselves when it comes to why that's fair game because the corporate media isn't doing its job anymore they aren't calling liars liars in
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washington they're calling crooks crooks on wall street and they are calling hacks tax when they look in the mirror and that's why the news media isn't going nuts today pointing out that a man who could be the president of the united states in this first day ad comes off as a bald faced liar. it's all about access now keeping access to the news makers and if one of the multimillionaire talking heads on t.v. calls romney a liar then guess what romney may not do an interview with that network in the future it's also all about the money strictly hypothetically let's assume there's a billionaire media mogul who owns a cable news network and he wants his taxes to go down so you think he has any interest in calling out is a liar a politician who promises to lower his taxes i don't think so and ditto to the for the multimillionaire executives and boards of directors of all the for profit networks as long as the corporations running the networks like your politics and as
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long as they depend on access to to you to keep viewership up an ad revenue coming in then you could waltz on any time you want spew as many lies as you want and no news person will ever pointed out nancy shared her thoughts on the subject on the tom her facebook page she wrote i so badly want to think that the american people are intelligent enough to see through most of it personally in two thousand and twelve i'm voting third party or i'm writing in a name i will not vote g.o.p. or democrat probably in any level. well nancy i wish the american people could see through it in an ideal world is the responsibility of every single individual to be a well informed citizen he get out there and educate themselves about the issues that have a direct impact on our lives and the well being of our families and then a put that knowledge into action and work to keep our elected leaders accountable and honest but unfortunately most of us don't live in that ideal world far from it
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between between working forty fifty sixty hours a week juggling all the other responsibilities and feel your life most americans don't have the time and energy to educate themselves about the issues beyond what they hear on the radio as their cars they sit in traffic or on the evening news cast as they feed the kids at the table and that's why it's so important that the part of our media calls itself new ones once again becomes a source of real news instead of infotainment or in the case of g.o.p. t.v. a fox news source a flat out descend from asian course there is another factor in play here adam also posts on our facebook page as he wrote wait are there politicians who tell the truth i had bought explode adam i know some people share your sentiment but there actually are some great politicians who do tell the truth people like bernie sanders jan schakowsky sherrod brown jeff merkley does percentage and god willing elizabeth warren we need to do everything we can to support them that's it for your take my take it like your comments and questions heard on this segment of the big
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picture listen up we want to know your to send us your comments by visiting the tom hartman facebook page but twittering that tom underscore apartment or in the champ room on the message boards or the blog thom hartmann does it also leave a message on a rant line at two to five three six fifty three zero six agree disagree sound on it's all welcome to remember that your comments may be used on the air. that very first thanksgiving was made possible thanks to the native americans and while it might have been out of an out of the ordinary feast and community gathering for the pilgrims it was just another potlatch for native americans that's because the idea of coming together the idea of community and sharing is a staple of native american culture in fact it's
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a staple of most older cultures everywhere in the world cultures where there are no rich there are no poor there are no prisons and there is no denial of healthcare and there is no waste unfortunately in the years since that very first thanksgiving that very same native american culture that helped early european settlers alive has been largely killed off by a genocidal war and diseases like influenza were just pushed further and further back into isolation and god for saken plots of land that we call indian reservations but that basis of potlatch cultures what are sometimes called hospitality cultures are older cultures or again o'quinn calls the lever's is still around albeit mostly in remote tribal areas its core concept is that you gain the most prestige by giving the most away potlatch as were in part gatherings where
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one tribe or clan or family would try to outdo the others by putting on the biggest feast and giving away the most goodies you were the most well thought of person in the community when you served at the most and those who try to lock up their food or their wealth and are considered mentally ill and either people feel sorry for them or they shun them or they banish them from the community. most americans know nothing about native american culture except that for that one studio day of the year and we come together to celebrate thanksgiving the other three hundred sixty four days though it's back to business as usual trying to get rich but today on the eve of this this things kitty there's a new culture taking place in america taking hold in america and it's reminiscent of the native american culture that brought us the first thanksgiving and that is the occupy wall street movement thanksgiving is about community and there's no other movement in america today that embodies this principle more than occupy wall
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street for the last two months occupations of sprung up all around the nation occupations of people who are looking after each other who feed each other who are healing each other who are teaching each other and who never demanded anything in exchange for these are true communities which is why they so bath a libertarians and republicans and as native americans learned so long ago and our young people are now really learning today these sort of potlatch are cooperator communities are a threat to established culture a reaganomics culture of hierarchy of competition of material worth and of war that's why one by one police are trying to destroy each occupation in the same way that nearly every native american community was burned to the ground over two hundred years actually over about four hundred years but as the patriots have chatted while they've been beaten pepper sprayed or murdered and cuffed to the
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police crosses you can't a victim and idea and the idea of occupy wall street is very much with us today and it will be tomorrow when all americans come together create community and follow the principles of the movement whether they know it or not over the thanksgiving table and that doesn't just mean having community with your family and loved ones. acts by wall street isn't exclusive to just friends and people who know each other it's a movement that looks out for strangers for anyone who's in need somewhere near you there's a homeless shelter or a battered women's shelter or a free medical clinic someplace filled with people who don't have access to the support of a community somewhere where near you people need help to stop by with a turkey for a tofurkey and a plate of stuffing and green beans stop by your local occupation see what's going on see how you can help or simply log onto an organization's website and see how
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you can contribute either financially or with your time and sweat to their efforts in your community that's what thanksgiving with its roots and potlatch culture is all about so let's give thanks for the street movement today as it is our best hope for returning to the principles that made that very first thanksgiving possible and the best hope for making sure that future thanksgivings take place in a more perfect union and let's all give thanks that despite the horrors of police brutality pepper sprays sound cannons we live in a country that has undergone fundamental change in the past thanks to movements like occupy wall street and hopefully will again in the future. that's the big picture and on this thanksgiving eve i'm thankful to you for watching our show and all the great people who work on the show good in the waves strong sam kelly brook's irene ernst mark lundy rick michaels eugene frank ricky stick stephanie cameron and rose out for more information on the stories we covered this
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is our website and tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and. you can also check out our two you tube channels there are a link with tom hartman dot com and this entire show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and we have a free thom hartmann i phone and i pad app in the app store and so this feedback twitter aton underscore our on facebook at tom underscore our open our blogs message boards and telephone comment line it's all part of our and don't forget your marker see begins when you get out there and get active tag you're it occupies something.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images and seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.


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