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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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ah egypt's military rulers say they're sorry for the deaths of almost forty demonstrators killed in the worst clashes since february revolt. gearing up for another night of classes as tens of thousands are back and so yes commanding that the military step down from cairo in just a few moments. arab foreign ministers were also in egypt syria that's on their agenda as they threaten damascus with sanctions on all fronts proposes what he calls a humanitarian intervention. to stop the reset of
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ties but moscow says it will pull out of the nuclear disarmament treaty and place rockets on its borders of the u.s. goes ahead with its missile defense shield in europe our top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow twenty four hours a day egypt's military is apologize for the deaths of nearly forty protesters over several days of violent clashes with police have a thousands on talking they're not buying it and plan to boycott next week's elections. in colorado paula it looks as though a massive gathering is building i'm told here square behind you there in spite of that apology from the army the people are certainly not going anywhere on their. own people simply are not going anywhere in addition to that we know. here was all
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that fresh classes had broken out there's been gunshots explosions and ambulances rushing past for the past few minutes now the chant of the tens of thousands behind it is the same that it has been for the past six straight days we want the field-marshal gone people here are screaming the field-marshal of course being must understand how we the head of the supreme council of the armed forces now earlier today thursday in the middle of it with a full make you just heard prime minister come our guns early and initial of course asked that country has accepted the post of prime minister not yet able to independently verify that the thirty if it is true his hands will be cool with forming a new government before monday's parliamentary elections now country is a popular figure among egyptian people he was the prime minister from one thousand nine hundred sixty to ninety nine to ninety but he is also very closely associated with the mubarak era of course the prime minister will power it was president and
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for that reason people here will not support his appointment but in addition to that people say it doesn't really matter who is going to be the new prime minister and who will make up the new government they want the military to step down and certainly when the room is the first part of full swing through about at this point the people here at this concert chanting louder that there's one solution to go now a not of concern amongst protesters here is what exactly is the kind of tear gas that the security cushion l. had been using and we're now hearing from egypt the media much the same as we've been reporting earlier that these people gas prices and burning in the lungs to the liver and the heart with many people here say that they have gas canisters that is fired more than five years ago many people saying that this is a crime against humanity earlier today thursday the ministry so many apologized for the deaths of protesters they say that they were which is this and that by the way . can't they would have released people who had been attained at the same time the
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military we committed itself to opposing parliamentary elections on monday that most people would thirty the majority of those that i've been speaking to asked in the speech items number one how can an election go ahead with this kind of silence on the ground and number two what kind of this just in the seat will the parliamentary elections have interesting a poll of the arab league has held a meeting today there in car of the scene of the heaviest clashes since their result friday where they discussing the unrest there in any way the truth. the irony of this lesson is that while the arab league was meeting here in tyler he showed us a bit from discussion was the violence that was unfolding around them and the ways that people have been using a double standard and to complicate the focus of that arab league meeting was a lot is happening at the moment in syria and they have now given to damascus a did nine until one o'clock local time smaller supply date to the sponsor
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positively their proposal to spend some quiet hundred observers to monitor how the government is the main anti government protesters now we have no indication at this stage from damascus how they will respond we have heard from the iraqi foreign minister says that damascus will respond positively but if he they don't the arab league will meet again on sunday and then they will begin the process of voting for sanctions and one they've been on has indicated it will not vote how differently the signs are that the majority of the arab league foreign ministers in fact will give their knowledge not of these sanctions include things like a ban on the travel of syrian officials think these things like you know more commercial flights to the country leading to the central banks and also no more government to government trade the purpose of these sanctions is not to stop the violence that would be impossible for this was to put pressure on the assad regime but again to. well saying that this is
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a double standard and not in the arab league need hylas and not deal with the situation you see behind me although there are tens of thousands of people here in tokyo at the moment the focus now is on friday there has been and not a call for eight million man march for the friday the traditional day when millions if not hundreds and thousands of people gather voice be just one tenth of a government it doesn't seem likely that if this is going to be a moment when a million egyptians take to the streets it could be this friday paula thank you very much indeed for that live update from come here where kyra that southeast corner sneer that well while the arab league discusses sanctions against syria in cairo france has become the first western country to suggest intervention on a humanitarian basis well to talk more on that i'm not joined by north stevenson he's a professor of history at west chester university in the u.s. and an expert on the middle east well persons talked about the possibility of an intervention in syria by creating what they called humanitarian corridors nato use
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the same reasons to impose that no fly zone over libya that assisted gave up his downfall so are we seeing history repeat itself perhaps there in syria well if they're serious about its catastrophic. to essentially in syria which is what they were to do. from the air. they're going to bring it potentially syrian out syrian allies. and. i don't think this is a very good idea i don't know if they actually go through that is the political figure it's actually going through the consequences of that kind of action because syria is a very different position to libya in terms of its geopolitical situation and i as you are mentioning the impact it would have on the its neighbors. that's right and
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you know they haven't thought through least at the political level they haven't quite through yet regime for a while. now the intelligence people probably thought this through but here in the united states for instance politically this could become a high potato for the election and you can get all these finger pointing about obama being soft on this or saw combat. and this is done with out any forethought as to what the consequences of all this it's interesting as you say yes the you say they don't know who they will get yet the french foreign minister today has said that the syrian national council which is made up of the opposition there regarding that now is the legitimate authority in a way they created or recognized this organization which again is very similar to libya's national transitional council isn't it well and look at libya they don't
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even have control over their own militias. and so that's a real country could potentially degenerate into civil war and so it's just it's just totally irresponsible so one wonders what's happened to the diplomatic core of the western world after world war two i mean it's just a steady decline up close just briefly ask you finally turkey. having joined france's condemnation of assad as this week talked of his vision for a middle east along the lines of the new what about turkey's influence and its vision now for the middle east where i think turkey has a potential playing a very very important role. but i don't think the turks have any any more influence in syria. the americans do so. i think turkey is trying to position itself to be sort of a conduit for
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a bridge between the west and east middle east when everything shakes out but quite frankly we don't know when things are going to look like when they shake out it's my opinion for what it's worth that in fact aside has this potentially under control. that's interesting because some will question whether assad really does have control or easy under pressure from the military and other influences a lot of international pressure but is that where the pressure should be well look when i say that side i mean that regime ok but i don't let alone i think that the regime will always come out on top in this struggle. that whether that means a lot more bodies potentially but if. the americans or the europeans start to play around you then we get more dead bodies in you so so
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you know in libya they claimed it was a humanitarian role but it turns out that the air airstrikes killed many many more people then it was alleged. you know could that be where it's going to do in bad guys so you know it's just a lot of propaganda and it's very difficult to to make that humanitarian claim when in fact your actions. lawrence davis and thank you very much indeed for your thoughts live here on r.t. we really appreciate your time thank you. violence is fed up in northern kosovo with nato soldiers using tear gas against local serbs you tried to stop their barricades being dismantled troops and right gear attempted to remove concrete barriers and put up a barbed wire fence to try and restore control of the area controls were reportedly heard when hundreds of ethnic serbs poured into the streets to remove the wire
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tensions have been on the rise over disputed border crossings since july because of our authorities trying to take control of checkpoints impose a trade ban on certain goods producing a listener kind of thomas said she told me earlier that the serbian side has every reason to defend itself. there is no doubt that nato has a legitimate presence in the whole of cost of all it's not a problem of whether they should be there and it's not a problem that they are the ones that are the only illegitimate force that we should act upon such situations but the problem is that they are exceeding their limits and they are exceeding their authority and nobody wants the fear all night at some barricade and. like nobody have something better to do the problem is that people are really scared there are threats all the time there are incidents from being inside they are there are people getting shot there are all sorts of pressure and there is a great number of people especially from being inside and some of your supporters
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both in both in europe and even in serbia which are constantly threatening with the so-called croatian scenario and that is the worst thing that could happen. well coming up a little later in the program this here in r.t. one for all all full on the e.u. leaders pledged closer ties and stand by the single currency but the question of collective pouring from the euro zone continues to divide the region's top brass. because it's not planning to halt the reset of ties with washington but is ready to pull out of the nuclear arms reduction treaty if the u.s. goes ahead with its defense shield plans in europe washington says it will not review its program despite russia warning that it could move its own offensive its all systems to its borders in response and he said no he explains. first his reaction to the active development of plans for this missile defense shield in eastern europe came in the form of an announcement from president medvedev where he highlighted five steps that the russian federation would take if the u.s. and nato don't reconsider their plans first of all activated immediately will be
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early radar warning stations in kaliningrad which is russia's most western enclave the country's nuclear strategic forces will be strengthened significantly he pointed out that this needs to happen post urgently at the country's strategic missiles will be fitted with advanced penetration systems and latest generation warheads and he also notified the armed forces that a system needs to be developed that could destroy data exchange in the control systems of this planned missile defense shield if these steps are not enough the president pointed out that this would be russia's last resort. just other measures are insufficient russia will deploy and temporary strike systems in the west and south east in order to prevent further damage from the u.s. missile systems employed in europe the system the deployment of the is going to missile system an accounting of the region will be one such step if the situation develops in an unfavorable way russia will reserve the right to seize further steps
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to meet him going to disarmament and arms control. and expectable link between strategic offensive and defensive weapons reasons could emerge from russia's strategic arms reduction treaty because this is a vision within the content of the treaty the president pointed out once again emphasizing that he believes dialogue is the way to go and that cooperation is still possible it's not too late for promises are just not going to be enough russia needs a legally binding agreements from nato and the us that these systems are not meant as a deterrent against them from the was still a lot of the same rhetoric that russia has been listening to for years again that this system is meant aimed against so-called rogue states like iran and north korea that it's not anyway meant again. russia that they do believe that russia and the west have separate systems from the representatives from the national security council we've heard that cooperation again they praise president has made a statement about further cooperation but also pointed out this is very important
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that they will continue to cooperate but that pursuit of cooperation will in no way be limited or changed or changed the plans for missile defense shield and then from secretary general rasmussen of nato we heard again praise for the statement on dialogue and you operation but when you say he is disappointed by president medvedev statement that it's not in the spirit of russia nato cooperation but again if you look at a map you will see very clearly that nato is rapidly expanding eastwards on russia's what's eastwards on russia's western border you have the united states and their bases all throughout the middle east and then up russia's eastern seaboard you have bases in japan and south korea so basically russia is being surrounded and it's pretty easy to understand why this is such a major concern for their national security. but as the euro zone's members continue to hold high france and germany say they will propose changing e.u. treaties to improve financial governance in the region president sarkozy and chancellor merkel have been talking in strasbourg where they're meeting the newly
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appointed attorney in crimea and it is also reaffirmed their commitment to the single currency the idea of collective eurozone coring though is still a divisive issue champion for e.u. technocrats and paris but strongly opposed by the blocs financial power house burn in hell raise much needed capital to be ridden nations but largely at germany's expense it's pouring costs would rise investment advisor patrick only says the eurozone needs someone able to make executive decisions. the problem is first of all to go back to what we always keep hammering on a buy we really need leadership mr barroso is trying to push forward this idea of your reforms amongst others alternately also germany either has to decide that it wants to be sickly take away the ball and threw a lot of other members out of the euro zone club because they view them as not being worthy of being membership or they're going to have to essentially bite their tongue and they're going to have to come forward and do something with the
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marketplace and in some way find a solution the problem we have is you know euro bonds we were talking about those a year ago fifteen months ago but the difficulty has been all along the lack of political leadership and right now there is definitely are pople smell of fear in brussels over what's going on when you're in the euro parliament in the coffee shops the huddled corners are discussions about whether the euro always going to survive in any shape or form and hopefully that's going to be a catalyst to see an oil rig of leadership and break of government and we will find a solution whether it's a collective euro bond or some other form of transfer that at least gets the market working again and the large countries to borrow this crisis is like a pandemic of financial panic nobody really for you see if in the euro zone. and that's why germany must come i don't believe a euro bond is basically a case of putting lipstick on the pigs quite literally in every possible sense and of course the other countries are currently shocked out of the borrowing market or
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have to borrow at very expensive rates i want to be part of a club where hopefully they will be able to borrow money and they'll be able to borrow it much much more cheaply than they can get it in their own right. where you can head to r.t. don't come for more on the debt crisis marching through the euro zone but across the atlantic the u.s. has apparently found an unconventional way to save its own currency that's what some say could be behind the recent threats of a strike against iran's nuclear sites was on that story online also the moment on the web site. we explore some of the possible reasons behind the failure of russia's interplanetary probe food was groomed among the suggestions as interference from an american research station in alaska. those stories all available free online dot com let's check out some other international news not a triple bombing at a busy market in the iraqi city of basra has killed at least nineteen and left dozens injured police say two bombs hidden in
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a motorbike exploded one after the other and if there was detonated after people gathered at the scene most of the victims are said to be police officers and military personnel and in several deadly attacks in iraq in the last month with u.s. troops children to completely open up by the end of this year. bloodshed continues in yemen a day after the president announced his resignation at least five people are reported killed after crowds demanded informally to put on trial were fired on by supporters of the regime and a bonus ali agreed to transfer power to his deputy in exchange for immunity from prosecution once a protest of a brutal crackdown by government forces in yemen have left almost nine hundred people dead. in tripoli libya's transitional government has formally been sworn in the twenty four ministers one i'll stay in power until elections in june they are said to be upbeat and optimistic but really face opposition moves day several tribes refuse to recognize the new government and they've been clashes
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between loyalists to the form of the day when the gadhafi government troops in the city of bani walid leaving seven dead. the germans are out in force to protest against the arrival of a train in their country packed with nuclear waste to be reprocessed the latest reports suggest police have used water cannon to try and disperse the protesters shipment regime is in france where police clashed with hundreds of protesters as the train began its journey security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds and at least five people were arrested. plans for the sheema disaster germany decided earlier this year to phase out using nuclear power. opens up that for the moment but with some of the main news stories in about eight minutes from now in the meantime we discuss the challenges that lie ahead for the people in countries where regimes have recently been toppled that's a special interview next week on r.t.
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. the boy. and your times in the state department just how hard it was to explain to the people that the u.s. brings peace and democracy with its and seven cents as in the end reality it will pass and the struction. look you know i believe
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earnestly in the best of intentions of u.s. policy a stable peaceful prosperous middle east is in everyone's interest there's no question that the united states with the best of intentions intervened in iraq in two thousand and three we were out really understanding not only what was going to happen inside iraq we thought it would be easy inexpensive quick and those judgments were all profoundly wrong. understanding that that in in the intervention one of the big winners for some time was iran and a resurgent iran had implications within the gulf and across the broader region certainly was not something that united states wanted to see happen and how severely the us economic problems undermine its ability to protect its power globally well you you project power in support of your national and international
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interests which includes. the economy so so that this is this is where it is it's easy for someone who's running for president to say oh yeah let's let's strike iran it's harder to then understand across the board will a military strike be successful. it very difficult to see how a military strike it might retard an iranian nuclear program it is not likely to stop and. you also will a military strike. would that. increase the tension and fisheries to do exist within a. ronnie in society between the regime and the people who don't like the regime very much or what actually would drive. them closer together so you really have to look at this in a truly strategic you know way and that's why for the moment cooler heads recognize that the answer is political and economic pressure while leaving the
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military option there as an option but recognizing that that comes with very profound costs what are the prospects that this military i mean everyone recognizes the danger of iran going nuclear and it's not just about iran if iran crosses the threshold in the absolutely roughened how does that change calculations by a saudi arabia a turkey and egypt someone else do they then. feel they have to have their own weapon you know everyone recognizes the last thing that you need in the region has a nuclear arms race we not withstanding emergence of a pocket stone or a north korea you've got many many countries around the world who know how to build a weapon and chose so not that that is the optimal you know stabilizing situation do you think the u.s. is robust enough that will magically and economically to manage the consequences of the turmoil in the arab states that's largely responsible for i don't think you can
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say that anyone today is managing what is a remarkable transition but these these transitions are evolving in very different ways you know country by country by country so do you think that the world should be concerned up the. islamic extremists coming to power in the so-called arab spring well i think that that is a that is a longer term danger in the short term. these you know take take egypt for example there is an open process underway. a group like the muslim brotherhood that has a long tradition within egypt and a pretty good political and social structure and those that are going out of the world will likely do very well in the in the upcoming parliamentary elections. i think what's very important people in the region have to be patient if people
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become impatient and then become violent yes there are protests potential that spoilers including a resurgence of al qaeda a lot of talk about. being part of the uprising the revolution whatever you want to call it in libya we'll see i mean i i do think that libya has the ingredients to be successful even under coffee it was a it was a society that was. being sort of. the real question is can everyone come together and see that your but that's given legitimacy to well cried down there have been elements there have been individuals and small groups associated with al qaida that have you know are in libya or have emanated from libya those there's a very definite libyan strain to al-qaeda. but absent organized force i don't i don't necessarily use but the rebirth but obviously it's hiding in the
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magreb is there could they try to take advantage of a failure in the transition in libya absolutely could absolutely. ah. that's the tom foreman and mobile home told me oh creation of the global food system the global food system is not created to feed the people of the world is created to maximize the profits. sure not trading the actual physical grain or trading promises for the grain to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. for is a commodity like labor silver or gold that can be negotiated and afforded some
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degree of. the be. water from. possibly it's not traded now but it could be in the future. if. it. is if you think. you. need to. see. the big.


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