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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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two thirty pm in moscow or bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news heat is turning up on egypt's ruling generals with hundreds of thousands protesting their rule on cairo's tahrir square and across the country it's leading to fears of more violence ahead of monday's parliamentary poll . russia sounds the alarm over the u.s. missile shield project in europe president medvedev warns that moscow will deploy rockets at its borders of washington's plan continues without guaranteeing russia's security. fresh credit rating downgrade shaky europe as the e.u. battles to control soaring interest rates on its runaway debt all bending markets here is that a collapse may now be imminent. producers of the documentary dead ocracy cast doubt on the course leaders have chosen to tackle the crisis up next artie's interview with the man behind it stay with us.
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from the very beginning of the year i say crisis one of the major criticisms is b. of the e.u. leaders failure to adapt to the continuing problems which joined now by aras had just found a piece documentary does focus he gained a lot of attention but opening the discussion about possible alternatives and challenging the assertion from usa needed that there was no plan b. paris thank you very much for joining us now the title of your documentary that's a pretty self-explanatory can you tell us what the main message is on that documentary you know we started with the idea that the another countries there where they're not their solutions to peace the graces that they weren't mentioned in greece by the government or the mainstream media but then we wanted also not only us journalists but also as citizens to explain to the government and to
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explain to their european nation that we are not lazy people we spend more than we're. we wanted to explain that what happened in greece is actually the same with what happened in portugal or in ireland or in spain it is the structural problem of the world financial system but at the same time a structural problem of the eurozone because your resume its system but creates deficits and debt to the european very very while at the same time creates surpluses to be european core so it's not a lazy nation it's not just the structural problems of the greek economy which of course exist it's also something deeper comes i believe some from the european union so a few years ago no one was talking or criticizing the euro now i think it's something like thirty thirty five percent that see we should leave the euro. as on which is
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huge for greece what do you think is going to happen around the country meeting forward we're going to defaults i mean we knew that many years now that it's just impossible to reach a debt of three hundred sixty billion euros the next step is to decide. if we will stay in the eurozone or if we have to leave and then if we decide that we have to leave there will be of course a problem with the banking sector it's highly probable that we collapse and then the third step down switch is to nationalize the banks. you have to take control of the banking system and to impose strict control of the capital flow so that all of these capital doesn't leave the country this may sound you know revolutionary but it's not it's actually what iceland the few months ago and managed to survive in this crisis but we have to say that it's
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a different thing if we decide to do forms if we decide to leave the eurozone and before we decide to nationalize the banks certainly it's a completely different story if these decisions are imposed by the european union or the international monetary fund in this second scenario it might be catastrophic for greece are you talking about you look still tentative options at city staying in the year i think why do you think it took so long for these options to be discussed there are many reasons first of all because the mainstream media are controlled by the same economic elite that control the. construction companies it's the same families to just a few families who control the media and these families wanted the i.m.f. in the country you know i think these economic elites doesn't agree anymore they
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realize that they might lose. the control of the banking sector but other banks from abroad might become understand that we are losing so very good foreign companies might come and take a bigger share so it comes also from these economic elites that the realize that now they have to stop they have to have a red line and of course it's the people who realized after these months that the government was lying to them that there is no solution with us theory that we have to take more. radical measures they would have to happen again incredibly tough right ahead how the people here feel about feet people are afraid and the black maids every day they are saying to them that look if you don't accept what the europeans are saying if you don't accept this there are the measures imposed by the
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government and by the i.m.f. it will be heavy. you won't have salaries for the next month we be outside the euro zone and no one will lend us money it's every day blackmail so they are afraid they're going to be described as a problem child here it's a bit here in the country people actually feel that greece is being made a bit of a state gate out so do you think that fast. yes but at the same time the greek economies of course their weakest link in the european very very so we were actually normal but all the problems we would start from greece there are many structural problems in the greek economy of course these are not the problems that usually europeans talk about it's not that we are not paying taxes or that we are not working enough if you see the statistics from always to be you would realize that we were more than many other european nations that we have less vacation and
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that in general where. paying taxes like all the other people people who are not paying taxes use a very small percent that's where most of the money greece has become tax haven for a few taxpayers for the majority of the population this is the main problem i think and of course there is also extreme extreme defense spending there is corruption in many other problems they never hear say much about these assassinations victory actually tell us how these matches back to people's lives here in greece you know the good people losing. their rights that have gained in the twentieth century as workers and employees and it's not by coincidence that there are humanitarian organizations that use the war in sub-saharan africa but they are now coming in athens and they're saying that the coverdell of greece is facing
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a humanitarian crisis so that gives you an idea about what's going on there meaning the weights used to be seven hundred euros now it's around five hundred euros you know just a few months there for the first time after the second world war people who don't have enough money for food it's something that no one would expect just one year ago so this is the situation in the east was created by their story the measures that they were that were imposed. by brussels very early in the greek government to get another document shake coming out the working on it maybe tell us about yes we believe that the next day. when you leave under economic occupation is that for a nurse and greeks that we try to sell off the public property and we are following example seen other countries from united states who are us or their money or united
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kingdom. where there were massive privatization programs that destroyed the social structure and we believe that it will be the next. in greece they will try to sell off everything only speak to people here and it's not just the austerity measures that they're angry about but the way that they feel they have some of the democratic rights. i think that the greek government and i'm afraid that probably the greek state too has lost. legitimacy to deal with the democratic legitimacy that needs in order to stay in power we should have been in the square just a few days ago during a national celebration where people were so wangari against the police it was that they were attacking them actually in the streets there was no member of the governing party that could walk in the streets so you understand that. these political system that was created after the end of the dictatorship in seventy four
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it's actually like a zombie it's dead and alive at the same time the problem is that there's no one term of the solution at the moment. the old system is dead but the venue is gets to be born chiqui feet in or out of the year i think that the eurozone is on the brink of collapse either way i mean it's not our problem i think a. group man was saying just a few days ago that. is the main problem at the moment for the eurozone when he was . saying right in the new york times that it's better for the eurozone to collapse sooner rather than later personally i believe that we should exit the eurozone because it is the responsible for this crisis in greece but of course again depends on who takes the initiative for now in the year it's a project started in history and it's such an l.p.g.
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to feed the country flight please. you know we're now seeing about three disintegrates first we believe that european human noon we be not only an economic and monetary union but the political union the union of the people and for a country that. was. coming back to democracy after seventy years of dictatorship it was really a dream that the european union and we provide to us peace and security we later realized that that was not the case that the european union and especially the eurozone was just a monetary union was just the too weak in the. big banks and that foreign corporations in order to do their job more easily and to take control of the populations especially in the european thirty three so
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start that does a dream not only for greece they also believe for portugal or spain this is the same thing and it's becoming. a baby year away here thank you very much for joining us. i had to go through a ten year old boy over there. we train him how to you know we as officers develop the orders for them to you know. we never explain to them why it's ok. most people at the point of looking down and time to pull the trigger became conscientious objectors. and i don't remember squeezing the trigger and i don't remember seeing him go down when i remembers that we shot him. except.
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the other side are soldiers too and soldiers do it so they're trying to kill us we're trying to kill them that's just the ugly face a war there's. nothing honorable and. i went to the war zone and i started seeing how i need to check. in on a way to do there that not a rival and kill another person that's why applying for concerts. hollowed out.
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minister vladimir putin has in the past few minutes accepted his nomination as the ruling united russia party's candidate for next year's presidential election. looking back at the week's top stories on our t.v. heat turned up by egypt's ruling generals which with hundreds of thousands protesting their rule on cairo's tahrir square and across the country leading to fears of more violence ahead of monday's parliamentary poll. russia sounds the alarm over the u.s. missile shield in europe president medvedev warns moscow will deploy rockets at the borders if washington's plan continues without guaranteeing russia's security. credit rating downgrade a shaky europe is the e.u. battles to control soaring interest rates on its runaway debt all fanning market fears that a collapse may be eminent. more news in fifteen minutes but first a sports update with andrew stay with us.
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hello there thanks for joining me and these are the headlines battle for the summit russian premier league leaders any look to strengthen their hold on top spot before the winter break begins. plus. roger federer pairs for the hunt for the hundredth final of his career after downing diving for the zero two arena. and sebastian vettel is ending his formula one season in style after claiming a record fifteenth pole position in brazil. let's go straight to the russian prime league where the top two sides in the championship group and the relegation group are in action today firstly a result from the last a rock bottom tom toms finally ending their nine gang losing streak with a goal is true or at least this process while it's currently school is near the relegation peak game there between rostov and am part for now and go on coming up there are two games in the championship rings any two or three points clear at the
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top of that take on locomotive and if this in sideslip are second place to this girl could go a level with them on points if they'd be big spending and g. that will be the last game before the winter break with fixtures resuming at the beginning of march down started i dunno moscow missed the chance to go second in the championship group after losing to no ten man group b. romance when young foreign home after just four minutes and got the news cut out in the double dare lead after twenty two minutes but with thirteen minutes of normal time left salvatore but chatty was shown a straight red card for punching wilshere however the twice former champions held on to their advantage winning to nail to leap into fifth to lie in the final europa league place than arma state third. miles to capsulize and an hour misled and their top two ambitions also took a dent. they were held one when they could ban the senior through right here
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putting down protest the side ahead after thirty seven minutes however with four minutes left it was a spectacular equaliser you'd get a map here leveling for valerie karp inside neither team could find a winner spartak staying for the band a seven. while over in the relegation group second bottom spot are now to be terry three nailed to me within a point of safety job and college scoring for now check on the strike at half time and ten minutes into the second half my goal might meet with a share of net at the first of his two goals making the most of a one one opportunity to put out and then he got another to make it. stay in the relegation zone but i've just one point behind six baseball while terek state third and that's the weather there they will be glad of the upcoming break i'm sure well in the same great pretty severe to move four points clear of the drop zone with a final one they'll win at home to fellow strugglers volga betteridge forwards lanka getting what turned out to be the winner early on both sides had
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a number of chances. and hit the woodwork to. also a bit of snow there and give the fans with more on target with their snowboards one nil then to clear up to fourth while volga are a point above the relegation zone. while over in england a controversial penalty for second place manchester united missed out on three points against ten manuka so one one scored old trafford have a hand as had put united ahead just after half time but with fifteen minutes left the visitors levelled from the spot through denver bar the referee's assistant ruling rio ferdinand had brought down ben arfa in the box even though a replay showed united defend they got the ball journeys gutierrez was sent off later on but newcastle did manage to hold on for a point elsewhere aston defender thomas marlin scored an own goal and then an equaliser his side's one one draw with everton one to nearly ten mantra this bolton
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chelsea beat wolves three nil ground hold hit the late winner as knowledge be q.p.r. their two one stoke blackburn three one to send rovers to the bottom and franco dissent is last minute winner at sunderland help we're going to move off the bottom of the manual added by or struck twice as tottenham came back to defeat west brom three one after a strong second half performance. encourage him but you know i think we've got we've got to realize that we have to play like we did second half you know the first off wasn't good enough and i told him out of time you know they need it in our what was in our people at first off with. a certain level felt we had. a true story come in the game and run into people. and we look different to me on sunday manchester city could go seven points clear at the top but would have to win at liverpool after the swans they take on stability in the first game. now in other news americans matt koocher and gary woodland have won golds twenty fourth world cup in china they led the united states to
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a two shot victory over england team poulter and justin rose woodland scene here and couture had six birdies during their final round based on the foursomes or turn it shot format graeme mcdowell and rory mcilroy who were the overnight leaders tied for fourth were destroyed a scotland and the netherlands. the more intelligent your federal will be playing the hundredth final of his career today he's up against joe fried to some good at the end of season world tour finals in london federer enjoyed a straight sets win over david ferrer in the semi the opener was close but the swiss got a crucial break of serve to go six five up and then served out the next game to take the six seven five but i haven't beat federer in eleven attempts before this match and didn't threaten to upset the form book going on to lose the second set six three federal now face to tsonga and his hundred five.
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amazing achievement in. doing three hundred forms is not something you ever think it's possible but then when it happens of kind of everybody talks about it gives a great motivation. to go through fear and a few other top players this week trying to get there and still haven't won the tournament so it's a lot of hard work and trying to sort of pace myself and look at two overexcited quite yet but. is this really me and i hope i can give it one last push and hope i can win one hundred final well the song will be checked thomas burdick in his semifinal the first set going away the frenchman six three the second was a bit closer but the song that came through winning that crucial point to go six five and then serving in eighths on match point he set up his third meeting with federer in fifteen days and he will be third time lucky to after losing to federer in paris and then last weekend in the round robin stage of this tournament. formula
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one champion sebastian vettel is ending the season in star he secured a record breaking fifteenth pole position in the year to start at the front of the grid for the final race in brazil today this the last race of the season in vettel is favorite to win it the twenty four year old finishing just ahead of red bull team mate mark webber in qualifying that saw him beat nigel mansell his previous record of fourteen poles in one year but jenson button and lewis hamilton are on the second round. obviously it took their master in their discipline nigel mansell a couple races less but yeah still very very historical in the. row special to me and finally the who's who of the international olympic movement descended on moscow this weekend for a prestigious ball to celebrate the russian olympic committee centenary from costa that was their. bill and summer olympics are just around the corner and most athletes are in their final preparation stages perhaps that was one of the reasons
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why the olympic balls guests were largely the heads on functionaries of various sports organizations from around the world but the stars of the past were on hand to enjoy the well deserved praise from the big wigs and today's athletic talent was that i think a true russian is one who takes pride in russia's difficult and sometimes controversial legacy and in the russian language i mean both the history and the language the names of our heroes heroes of russia are carved in them they are part of them and this is important that's all our people feel related to their achievements while the rest of the world feels aware that russia is a nation of many olympic records. the event was held right next to the kremlin and didn't go unnoticed by russia's leadership with vladimir putin joining to congratulate all the country's athletes past and present and highlighting other big values in modern society mcgettigan said jim stewart i.c.'s we are proud of the
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fact that russia was practically one of the originators of the olympic movement but you share and support the olympic philosophy in values and ideas of the battle of the kuta talent hard work the spirit of friendship and solidarity fair competition noble victories these things are part of any nation's character these values help to unite humanity and bring nations closer together the prime minister later joined the presidents of the russian and international olympic committees at the ball where the trio must have had plenty to discuss given that the biggest country on earth is about to take the center stage for world sport's greatest spectacles was always a ship with the ice used to go to russia cities will soon become the grounds of major global sporting event i'm referring to the university i had the saatchi olympics before pool and hockey world cups and many other major competitions. we understand how important these events offer the future of russia for the young people of our country the entire russian nation and for the cause of promoting the
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values of a healthy lifestyle russia's next major international events take place in two years' time when cousin host that's once you thirteen university games for now those celebrations aside the country's eyes are on the athletes or a bounce a bit tested at the summer games in london room on cost serve or easy moscow. now not as old as.
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wealthy british. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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the minister vladimir putin has.


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