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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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thank you for joining us today's news in the week's main stories on our t.v. clashes in cairo as protesters gather on tucker square ahead of the country's first parliamentary elections since the singer possibly brock analysts say the muslim brotherhood said to be the country's most organized group could claim up to forty percent of seats in parliament. russia gets turned over the planned u.s. missile defense shield in eastern europe president medvedev one small scale won't hesitate to deploy its own strike systems unless it's assured it will not be a target at the same time the russian leader of stressed the importance of dialogue
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to which moscow remains open. and prime minister putin is officially nominated by the ruling united russia party as its candidate to run for president in next year's election if he wins in march putin will take up the post first six years. and your film titled debt ocracy cast doubt on the path chosen by e.u. leaders to tackle the debt crisis up next our interview with the man who made the revealing program. from the very beginning of the year as a crisis one of the major criticisms to be of the e.u. leaders failure to adapt to the continuing problems which by aras had just fallen a piece documentary that focused they gained a lot of attention but opening the discussion about possible alternatives and challenging the assertion from yours they needed that there was no plan b. paris thank you very much for joining us now the title of your documentary that'll
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be pretty self-explanatory you can you tell us what the main message is on that documentary you know we started with the idea that the another countries there where they're not their solutions to this grace is that they weren't mentioned in greece by the government or the mainstream media but then we wanted also not only as journalists but also was citizens to explain to the government that which means their european nation that we are not these lazy people we spend more than we are and we wanted to explain that what happened in greece is actually the same with what happened in portugal or in ireland or in spain it is the structural problem of the world financial system but at the same time a structural problem of the eurozone because euro zone it's a system but creates deficits and debt to the european very very while at the same
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time creates services to the european core so it's not a lazy nation it's not just the structural problems of the greek economy which of course exist it's also something deeper comes i believe some from the european union so a few years ago no one was talking or criticizing the euro now i think it's something like thirty thirty five percent but see we should believe the eurozone which is huge for greece what do you think is going to happen around the country meeting forward we're going to defaults i mean. we knew that many years now that it's just impossible to reach a debt of three hundred sixty billion euros the next step is to decide. if we will stay in the eurozone or if we have to leave and then if we decide that we have to leave there will be of course a problem with the banking sector it's highly probable that if we collapse and then
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the third step down switches to nationalize the banks. you have to take control of the banking system and doing both strict control in the capital flow so that all of this capital doesn't leave the country this may sound you know revolutionary but it's not it's actually what iceland the few months ago and managed to survive in this crisis but we have to say that it's a different thing if we decide to default if we decide to leave the eurozone and before we decide to nationalize the banks certainly it's a completely different story if these decisions are imposed by the european union or the international monetary fund in this second scenario it might be catastrophic for greece are you talking about you look still tentative options to staying in the year you think why do you think it took so long for these options to be discussed there are many reasons first of all because the mainstream media are controlled by
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the same economic elite that control the. construction companies it's the same family least just a few families who control the media and these families wanted the i.m.f. in the country no i think that these economic and leads doesn't agree anymore they realize that they might lose control of the banking sector or that other banks from abroad might come under sea. and that we are losing so very good foreign companies might come and take a bigger share so it comes also from these economic elites that the realized that now they have to stop they have to have a red line and of course it's the people who realized after these months that the government was lying to them that there is no solution with
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a steady that would have to take more. radical measures you know whatever happens it's going to be incredibly tough right ahead how the people here feel about feet people are afraid in the black maids every day they're saying to them that look if you don't accept what the europeans are saying if you don't accept this there are the measures imposed by the government and by the i.m.f. it will be held. you won't have salaries for the next month we be outside the euro zone and no one will lend us money it's every day blackmail so they are afraid of greece is being described as a problem child figure it's a myth here in the country people actually feel that greece is being made a bit of a state gates out so you think that's fair so i said yes but at the same time the greek economies of course their weakest link in the european very very so we were
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actually normal but all the problems we would start from greece there are many structural problems in the greek economy of course these are not the problems that usually europeans talk about it's not that we are not paying our taxes or that we are not working enough if you see the statistics from always to be you would realize that we were more than many other european nations that we have less vacation and that in general we're paying our taxes like all the other people and people who are not paying the taxes you see very small for. it's where most of the money greece has become doc's heaven for a few and the taxpayer for the majority of the population this is the main problem i think and of course there is also extreme extreme defense spending very score option in many other problems maybe we just say much about these assassinations but to actually tell us how these measures have acted people's lives here in great you
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know the good people are losing. their rights that have gained in the twentieth century as workers and employees and it's not by coincidence that there are humanitarian organizations that use the war in sub-saharan africa but they are now coming in athens and they're saying the coverdell of greece is facing a humanitarian crisis so that gives you an idea about what's going on there the minimum wage used to be seven hundred euros now it's around five hundred euros in just a few months there are for the first time after the second world war people who don't have enough money for food it's something that no one would expect just one year ago so this is the situation in this was created by their spirit the measures that they were that were imposed. by brussels barely and the greek
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government to get another document shake coming out the working on it may eventually tell us what that's about yes we believe that the next step. when you leave under economic occupation is that for a nurse and greeks there we try to sell off the public property and we are following example seen other countries from united states who are us or their money or united kingdom where there were massive privatization programs that destroyed the social structure we do. believe that it will be the next day. in greece they will try to sell off everything they only speak for people here and it's not just the austerity measures that they're angry about but the way that they feel they have some of the democratic rights. i think that the greek government and i'm afraid that probably the greek state too has lost. legitimacy of the demo the democratic legitimacy that needs in order to stay in power we should have been in
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the square just a few days ago during the national celebration where people were so wangari against the police is that they were attacking them actually in the streets there was no member of the governing party that could walk in the streets so you understand that . these political system that was created after the end of the dictatorship in seventy four it's actually like a zombie it's dead and alive at the same time the problem is that there's no one term of the solution at the moment. the old system is dead but the venue he's gets to be born chiqui speak in or out of the year and i think that the eurozone is on the brink of collapse either way i mean it's not our problem i think at that point group man was saying just a few days ago that. is the main problem at the moment for the eurozone when he was
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. saying writing in new york times that it's better for the eurozone to collapse sooner rather than later personally i believe that we should exit the eurozone because it is the responsible for this crisis in greece but of course again depends on who takes the initiative for now in the usa project started his team is such an opportunity to feed the countries like greece but we now think that three disintegrates first we believe that the european union. we not only an economic and monetary union but the political union of a union of the people and for a country that. was the coming back to democracy after seventy years of dictatorship it was really a dream that the european union we provide to us peace and security we
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later realized that that was not the case that the european union and especially the eurozone was just a monetary union was just the tool in the on self but big banks and that foreign corporations in order to do their job the more easy to take control of the population especially in the european thirty three saw the start of that as a dream not only for greece they also believe for portugal or spain this is the same thing and it is becoming a heavy day by day year way year thank you very much for joining us. maginnis assets the tempo no watches you every single day.
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question on the dot com. take recap of your headlines clashes in cairo as protesters gather on top where square ahead of the country's first parliamentary election since the out saying of. analysts saying the muslim brotherhood set to be the country's most organized group could claim up to forty percent of seats in parliament. russia gets turned over the planned u.s. missile defense shield in eastern europe president medvedev warns moscow won't hesitate to boyd's own strike systems unless it's assured it will not be a target at the same time the russian leader stressed the importance of dialogue which moscow remains open. and prime minister putin as officially nominated by the ruling united russia party as its candidate to run for president and next year's
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election if he wins in march putin will take up the post for six years. or news bulletins just fifteen minutes away before about kate's here with the latest from the world of sport. thank you for joining me at the top story of. wiles' football manager for the midfield star gary speed is found dead at his home at the age of forty two. while big bottles and six points clear at the top of the russian prime in the play too long when you have a lot more to. lose to a late at a penalty. and fine finish red bulls maul wins the brazilian. thank you first victory of the season in the final race on talent. but we start with the sad news that wales football manager gary speed has
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been found dead at his home in england at the age of forty two as a player the former midfielder won the football league title with leeds in one nine hundred ninety two before playing for everton newcastle bolton and sheffield united making five hundred thirty five premier league appearances speed also won eighty five caps and was captain for wales before retiring from international football in two thousand and four he became manager sheffield united last year but left in december to manage wales where he won five out of his ten games in charge scottish legend graeme souness has described speed as the consummate professional. well following the news of gary spears' death and while swanzy drew mill with aston villa in the premier league in an emotional atmosphere the liberty stadium while later sandman national city regains their five point lead at the top but have goalkeeper joe hope to sign their one one draw at liverpool vincent kompany open
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for the visitors just off the half an hour journey lescott swiftly through his own net for the reds level and city substitute mario balotelli lasted eighteen minutes before picking up to yellow cards late on but hart was inspired a city remain unbeaten the reds just six. and in the meantime defending champions and it's an petersburg went six points clear at the top of the russian premier league after winning two one a time to look about if they're trying to split his men were gifted and opening opportunity after twenty two minutes think you may have judged you have attended the last of it but the keeper redeemed himself by saving the serbian spot kick however the home side did take the lead after twenty six minutes to go diving. said gates of x. then quickly added a second. denise
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majette for paul to go back just before the break however a goal a second hoffman to finish to want the champions the penalties now just one point in the last four games. no mean lost second place to scout and missed a chance to close the gap back to three points after losing to want to turn jade lucky off and gave the mega rich boost the lead straight after the interval while the love immediately levelled for the army band however with three minutes to go that great chance you got sent off of point down usually it's on them to eat from the resulting penalty to one to one cheek to guys to sevenths. fatherly on the sunday rock bottom time for. finally ended their nine game losing streak the goalless draw attention relegation group need is close know both teams created a number of scoring opportunities but still unable to break the deadlock despite the point just only one seven points from safety winners since july doesn't stay
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six points clear of roster of at the top. spot on call have gone four points clear of the drop zone after drawing one want to second place first off the home side mania midfielder. sheesh after thirty one minutes. alexander kaleri itself through the home side level twelve minutes after the break and worked for another side to find a winner when it finished last offstage second i'm caught up to false. alsace they demo moscow missed the chance to go second in the championship group after losing to their two man redeem them on going to foreign home after just four minutes and got the nice kind of the nice double that lead to twenty two minutes. past the fifteen minutes of novo time left salvatore beckett to shine
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a straight red card for punching you will cheer however the twice for the champions held on to their advantage to know it's enough and to face life in the finally very bleak place in other states that. the spotlight failed to capitalize on the number slip and ambitions to finish in the top two also took it down as they would have wanted to run this in a try henri put down to trust their side to head off to such a seven minutes however it's four minutes left there was a spectacular equaliser going care for levelling america happy side and neither team could find a win spot to stay fourth than the top two rights. while they were in a relegation second bottom spot acknowledge it won three no time to turn back time after then a point of safety golly each open for the home side on the stroke of half time. was on the net with a chef netted the first of his two goals making the most one an opportunity to
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notice tuneup he then netted another to make it three no an object stay in the relegation zone just one point six baseball the stacy. pound really is about off moved four points clear of the drop zone with a vital one there when two fellows from his boulder police believe that when a langkow struck what turned out to be the winner to just eleven minutes. both sides had a number of chances and hit the woodwork. so if it wanted to carry on her up to force well vulgar point above the relegation zone. for no one now read those mark webber won the brazilian grand prix to claim his first victory of the season in the final race of the world champion teammate sebastian vettel had given problems that's all he had started on pole lead from the start but let webber go past when he ran into trouble and concentrated on finishing
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second with ten laps to go in mclaren's jenson button out battle for hours spent under alongside to take stood in the race in second spot overall in the championship with this victory moved him head of alonzo into for by just one point the talented mr hamilton retired from the race if you think you box failure the brazil finale closed a season dominated by of effort to eleven wins the record fifty four positions and nineteen complete. gulf now and american jewry much crucial and gary woodland hit sits in a final round of sixty seven to win the world cup by two shots at mission hills in china in a dramatic final. there was disappointment for overnight leaders island. graeme mcdowell could only card an even par seventy two if you try for a false germany they were targeting a first win since one thousand nine hundred ninety but alex jacka time of just a sixty nine to share second place with england but of justin rose and even poulter
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enjoyed the best round of the day isu perve sixty three. hundred in. the usa go to the first two holes if there be times when to push out showing signs of nerves i caught a five under par sixty seven to leave them on twenty four and give us their first world cup title for eleven years. and finally over to the ice and we continue our series of reports featuring clubs this time robert father and young takes a closer look at bodies the snow leopards from kazakstan who have a stanley cup winner on their roster. getting stronger. getting tougher. getting faster. just the way snow leopards shoot the breeze of knowing consider it a good job our house i have never been afraid of anybody and this isn't because
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it's downside hell really bit to time get boring cup winners. and reigning champion so i want you on my list was a team of definitely go better this season now was strong enough to beat anyone including the league's best we finally edged namesakes akbar's i have this year will win a lot of games in the playoffs business and it's hurries have already proved to be as aggressive as leopards and are in the league still why far away wins among the miles and goal is to build an attacking team with accurate passing of course defense is an essential part of the game but we definitely focus on offensive play no attack no big victories that's my hockey philosophy as a. head coach and they show you on the sopranos has paid off so far and he's manner now stronger than ever having brought in significant reinforcement from across the atlantic very sustained now one of the most not american influence was in the
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kitchen with the americans and what canadians bring in extra white to the snow leopards from kazakhstan and one of the seven can't even boast a stanley cup winners bring american defensemen and you how much insulin one will hog is most prestigious glop trophy with a girl in the hurricanes in two thousand and six his chance to do rare double by lifting the door in cup with maurice i think just like you said. you know the pre-season very plan twelve games to get us ready and then you just sit over here and it's been good i think that just to get the better i should say. it's. a natural feeling that. meanwhile the team's captain given them and has the established his name in europe's strongest league the canadian joint breweries in two thousand and eight and was quick to own the owner of the top scoring defenseman
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in the new formed league with an impressive twenty eight ghouls and fifty eight points from fifty three games although down in some visions too far beyond his personal stance it's definitely a goal of ours to deafen pass a first round and get in the conference conference finals was a lot and i think we have the team to do it and we just our continuing to gel together and iran's get more comfortable playing with each other so in the next forty forty five games we should turn things are on the turn things around we're playing well but just just get us to steamroll in the playoffs before. burress they want eight out of their last ten games although it still want to bring in now this is why their hunger for victory at the snow leopards have really just started there becomes. the record in your own party because it's down. and that's often the sports desk i think it's just. cultures that so much are
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different and there's a huge percentage heir apparent minute mark was different than the spring a state appointed investigation claims bahrain used excessive force as it halted protests led by the shia majority in favor.
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