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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EST

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brighton if you knew. me from france to pressure its. stance on t.v. dot com. these would send this elections it's not correct it's wrong ticked off the first day of parliamentary elections in egypt is met with collective glue as many vowed to boycott the vote they see as illegitimate. american diplomats converge on washington to draw up a roadmap for the world's future while their respective ball caps don't bask in libyan success similar plans for syria and iran. and baring their anger to the world a group of ukrainian women make a show across europe with a series of naked protests against the abuse women's rights.
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there and welcome to our to your source of world news twenty four hours a day monday sees egypt taking a first step of a long parliamentary election which will last in stages until march and while the current leadership portrays it as a climax in a saga of national resistance and the solution to the crisis sentiment on the streets is quite the opposite where there's growing skepticism whether the vote will be fair and democratic parties in the tsunami reports. we're told some adoptions are bracing for the worst medics are lined up and security is tight for egypt's first parliamentary election since the revolution the country's only female candidate for the presidency expects the vote to be void due to from want but sends this message to the supreme council of the armed forces or scaffold who took over after mubarak we are as. movement. we are
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watching you we. are monitoring the election just to connect their mistakes and their products we had and all know waiting for democracy others are planning to boycott the ballot minya a protester at occupy cabinet says they are encouraging people not to vote trying to do we're trying to call the people to come zone here so we would be a lot of people and nobody would vote and then they would know that these votes and this elections is not correct it's wrong how could you ask us to vote for a parliament which which you are building under you were in the scouts. the violent crackdown that swept over egypt just before elections seems to be pulling focus from the long awaited dream of democracy minya says if the vote goes through the military will succeed in covering up the blood spilled who's gonna.
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like to give him two chords or something like for the people the kills i got shot in my yard like here but of course it's not that big of deal like other people go now they're blind and a lot of them are did because of what happened was going to say when you were wrong the party likely to win a staunch number of seats is the muslim brotherhood considered a terrorist affiliated organization in some countries appears very popular here in egypt known for tight organization and a hard islamist line on. so accused by some of wheeling and dealing with the military supreme council they are politicians and. who is wrong. and this is not. the power of power that the people on talk rere have been fighting for on the streets. would love to have strong representation in the parliament. so i urge everybody who was always going to miss
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the election please don't do that but what egypt wants and what egypt gets so far proven to be two very different results many egyptians feel the political parties on the ballot don't resent the people and even more so with their revolution one of the most common things you hear on top here is that the people running the country are no different from mubarak and they're thought to be very much running this vote reporting from cairo and he's now a party of course and this is there to help you keep abreast of all the up to the minute developments in egypt by twitter stream one of the latest tweets she says this online page dedicated to stop the sale of deadly gases gyptian on the rulers amid widespread reports that banned and chemical agents is being used by security forces to disperse demonstrators. he's on screen.
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coming up later today the gloves are off in cross talk people of el grills his guests so the role of western foreign policy in the arab spring you can see the food program is next down but it's a taste. we saw a year ago almost now the turmoil in egypt which is now returning no democracy there obviously the americans with the west are waiting for a western friendly government to be imposed and this of course sucks up to the israelis. situation showed that the the border with gaza is controlled by the west and by israel so there's lots of problems and even the small country of kuwait has got a very hidden agenda there which we're not actually seeing in the media yet and of course the whole thing in syria we've got another potential libya coming up here and plans for it already in the arab countries to impose a no fly zone over syria where is this going to stop i should probably point out
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that this idea of a wide arab spring is a bit of an exaggeration considering that even in bahrain or in any of the situations in which several. segments of the society have risen up and demanded some kind of civil rights. it. will syria is also feeling the heat as damascus now finds itself battered by a slew of new sanctions from the arab league is seen as punishment for the country's failure to accept thousands of foreign observers tasked with reporting the government's actions sanctions are intended to completely isolate syria because mired in an armed conflict between pro and anti-government forces there is include a suspension of the flights to the country
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a blockade of its central bank and an end to all trade with the state but the sheer breadth of the sanctions is drawing criticism so no ordinary people end up suffering the most as a result of the arab league has lost its all floridians the voice of the people according to dr knows me bursting panamint bericht. the arab league is basically digging its own coffin here and it is publicly declaring that it has no more legitimacy in the our world so it is no longer speaking for the our people are representing our of interest in any way whatsoever and when we look at the credibility of these countries i mean that if you want to take one example when we had mass protest and behaved protests that the government of the day and responded with brutality against protest in which the people were asking for democracy and reform as is their legitimate right the g.c.c. countries did not ask for sanctions against the bahamian government for these for pressure rather they introduced their own armed forces into a hurricane and supports of the repression so when you have these very contrary as
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hear themselves condemning repression committed by another arab country they like any credibility to call for that so again what is this arab league it's not it's another farce it's another joke about that was imposed upon the arab world by the former colonialists that were here. well the heart of the neighborhood least of the masks is worries as representatives of the u.s. and europe are gathering in washington to discuss a much harsher solution and a joint a summit later today the two allies will be targeting syria and iran with a whole could nobody's calling for regime change in one country and a preemptive strike on the other is out he's got a chicken reports the goals are often seen as far from democratic. splitting the spoils of war in the middle east and north africa the u.s. and europe are meeting in washington searching for new ways to fortify their global position now with syria and iran on their plate here at the white house european leaders together with the u.s.
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president might be trying to turn political tensions around syria and iran into economic gain after all that decision on whether or not to meddle in a foreign country's affairs is never entirely selfless looking at the ranch for example a country with vast natural resources it's not hard to see the benefits in such a venture iran is the world's third largest oil exporter its seconding gas reserves the u.s. is not getting any of the rainy and oil europe on the other hand accounts for a significant part of iran's crude exports a year has severe energy problem. there are a huge net importer. in europe has recently stopped buying oil from syria it might stop buying crude from iran as well if the e.u. decides to impose an oil ban on iran but analysts say it's not full long that the west would want to deprive themselves of middle eastern oil they would mean more oil more gas lower price of oil lower price of gas more steady supply. how to make
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it happen typically what we'd like to do is make the population so you cannot make the measure that they will seek to change the regime and the second way is to isolate. that country from its neighbors to the point where you can safely without too many complications go in and simply attack iran and destroy the regime through destroying the country synch. the u.s. and the e.u. are trying to press the rands biggest trade partner china to do less business with tehran the u.s. is now calling on pakistan to stop building a gas pipeline with iran isolation seems to be the strategy regime change the end game the benefits could be enormous get a check on our team washington d.c. but syria and iran won't be the only themes dominating the summit in washington as both america and the e.u.
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struggle to contain their respective economic crises the most urgent is europe's debt epidemic at the center of which lies athens and speaking to r.t. greek m.p.c. most critically says there's no telling what tomorrow holds for the embattled union . fearful tomorrow we don't know what's coming next and i believe that the whole of europe doesn't know what's coming next now everybody realizes that it's not just the greek problem it's a european problem it's the whole system that we have made up of the european union isn't working and this is to create to the problems that we see today we believe that the germans must change their position they must realize it's for their roles good also you know german economy without the european clients is not going to do very well. that you can touch much more of mr chemical his thoughts on what went wrong in its full
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interview in about twenty minutes time here. and they could that woman in a city's central square is bound to attract attention which is exactly what one protest group is hoping for a series of extravagant demonstrations against the abuse of women's rights have been drawing eyes across europe and as alexia shifty found out these ukrainian activists have their sights set on new horizons. oh yes. on a chilly morning in key of half naked women in racing outfits drink champagne and chance slogans this is how the feminine movement celebrated the resignation of silvio berlusconi several days prior to that the very same ladies were in rome voicing their support to the anti berlusconi protest even do it i mean we had staged a lot of protests against berlusconi and his sexual adventures here in kiev and we are really happy his political career has finished this inhibition interrupted the
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last couple somebody who came to the ten embassy not only to celebrate but to say that he needs to go on trial for his sexual crimes. for more than a week the ukrainian topless protesters had been making themselves heard across europe on a dedicated road trip to draw attention to the sexual exploitation of women in room one of their activists made a revealing protest against injustice towards women in the catholic church in the vatican right in front of the pope. but. before that they had paris storming former i.m.f. banker dominique strauss kahn his residence. women from italy came to us in switzerland and said we know that you're coming to rome and will be staging protests again berlusconi and the pope thank you they said for sharing our problems there while drawing free rallies in ukraine have been making international
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headlines for several years now from protesting against the alarming rate of prostitution especially with the upcoming you are twenty twelve tournament exposing flaws in ukraine's politics now they're looking even further afield the dealing with in your could be worse what you went through the classic famine is no longer works it is if you excuse me impotent but what we do. it's the desired effect that's why not only ukraine needs us but europe as well who are planning to take over the world and actually distort what we see how well you were received in europe remember your colorful actions in ukraine where are you planning to expand now but those are just the idea more putting it in again we received lots of letters telling us to continue fighting against religious and justice towards women especially in the muslim states that's where we want to develop we are even ready to go to iran or any other islamic state to stage our topless protests knowing all
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risks of getting tale for us. they started out as a few enthusiastic campaigners now they're talking as protests message is going global. in ukraine alone they have tens of thousands of supporters the famine network has been set up in europe and now stretches as far as the united states still they say they've got a lot of demons to fight at home. alexi russia ski reporting from kiev in ukraine. but also coming up here in the program warming up at the arctic. we're convinced that this is something that our country and even the entire human race really need. comes up with plans to venture into the hope that help vales a daring project to build a town far north. if .
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mine. would be soo much brighter if you knew someone from france to pressure you. for instance on t.v. dot com. some other international stories in brief for you now the south crowds of joyful is
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the best party supporters her will the streets of american capital to celebrate victory in the parliamentary election justice and development party clinched around a quarter of the seats up for grabs with twice as many votes as the nearest rival party leaders announced that are set to form a coalition with the democratic ticket this is from the georgia arab spring has already been all time it was the most part the power to come home last month. tense clashes between police and protesters in germany well away by train in kuwait passed through the anti nuclear activists through fireworks guns and painted police responded with water cannons and tear gas fifteen hundred arrests have been reported since of them struck again a problem. remains explain thank you reject many countries affected out of the some . six general catastrophe. a number of senior u.s.
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senators have called for time to see what is them about the government that one of the closure of a nato air base on its territory the threat hinted that washington may be considering altering military aid to pakistan comes off the military alliance carried out an airstrike on a pakistani army base turning twenty four soldiers injuring a further fourteen constantine's in tense relations between two sides. despite nato's past. now russia is developing technologies to boldly go where no city has gone before it's part of an ambitious project for a new arctic settlement sheltered from extreme elements from bottom explores the world of architecture on ice frozen wilderness or building site a russian architect has come up with a plan to populate the far north he thinks his ice town can be built big and built soon. we're convinced that this is something that our country and even the entire
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human race really need it may not happen overnight but people war vengefully move to the north others aren't so sure i think it may be carrying a dream and dreams are very often healthy. it is very ambitious and it probably very costly. as it's architect of a larry regime ski cause it will rise from the ice on an island habited island off russia's north coast he intends it to house five thousand people under a huge dome containing parks swimming pools and even a church it will host mainly oil and gas engine is. the board these people provide the entire country with a huge budget funds therefore they deserve to live in proper conditions so we're providing them with comfortable living conditions practically like five star hotels . it's estimated the arctic could hold
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a third of the world's undiscovered gas and thirteen percent of its oil as the soviet union ended so did many of the mining in mineral projects it had in the arctic but in two thousand and seven the russian explorer after chilling got of planted the flag on the seabed under the north pole and with international competition increasing for gold in the cold russia is turning back north like you. said to be shut down and many settlements were abandoned therefore today we have to do some reconstruction it's all and gas companies that will played a major role here. with an estimated cost of five to seven billion dollars the larry wants to get oil companies interested in investing but to see what they'd be getting into i decided to go and look for myself sort of it's this plan seems ambitious some would say wildly so it's no secret it's part of a territory here in the frozen north but we'll have to wait
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a long time to find out whether we'll see an arctic. or just a very cold damp squid. where you can discover more about the ins and outs of the ambitious project and the revolution technologies being used by heading to our web site www dot com also online today while rescue tries his best to send the knives to the sun on a ship. to safety five are still missing. and after the recent failure russia's own rocket to mars the country's scientists are once again looking to the red planet and you probe. only on the device that set. the record planet.
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most of the come this hour will bring you the results from the latest round of the russian football premier league that's in our sports bulletin around twenty five minutes time right now though it's the business news with me. twenty minutes past ten here in moscow the russian markets open the week with an upswing we'll look at that in just a second first of all our financial tidal wave is frightening to swamp europe many economists are now predicting a severe recession on the continent in twenty twelve as government significantly cut spending however this could be of great benefit to gold prices from u.b.s. says the average price for the metal will reach two thousand seventy five dollars per ounce next to gold reflects emotions fear about the current climate and fear about what lies ahead this is
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a mistrust of governments governments in europe and you know the debt management for many of the european nations is a musudan each word safehaven acid and what we saw in two thousand and eleven was a very volatile year for gold and for other assets we continue to see that expect that again for two thousand and twelve so at some time when gold is approaching those record highs that people need to be perhaps a little bit more proactive be prepared to take profits with a view to coming back in again and buying gold in one hundred hundred fifty dollars lower. as former head back at the early predicts the euro may not survive until the upcoming christmas governments and companies around the world are preparing for what could happen if the single currency doesn't pick rates here in russia the impact on the country's biggest industry would be profound as contracts and wind limiters and not capital believes while firms would need government help to survive if the euro were to fall. strive to survive by hiking the
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domestic rates at the pump stations. after the station number two there will encounter the anger from the government then obviously there will be a clash the rates will be all the word and then the third stage russian companies will believe some sort of alleviation of tax duties for the ordeal in order for them to preserve positive trade the margins so we're made in the government who would have to make huge sessions to russian oil companies in order for them to survive. on its move through the market sell first commodities oil prices are heading up on a strong start to the holiday shopping season in the u.s. light sweet is therefore up for more than one half dollars a barrel brant is that one hundred seven dollars eight percent. asian shares also
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higher as versus reacted to reports of european international measures to get a grip on the region's debt crisis that includes news that the i.m.f. may provide financial support which saw its government form you'll see a surge again on friday banks and commodity firms are some of the top gators no more holdings is up three and a half percent this hour sumitomo metals is four percent i'll come up. russia's markets shoot up in the first minutes of trading on monday as per bag in the lead up around three and a half percent this hour the r.t.s. is up one point seven percent of my stocks one and a half percent michael starting from a pretty financial corporation explains what to watch out for this week. this week i think investors will focus very much on external factors in the euro zone of the focus will clearly be the state of the crisis investors will also look out for euro zone unemployment data and consumer confidence data in. u.s. the focus will be on the jobless data as well as housing prices data on the
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domestic side what's important will be on the corporate crime to x five will release their third quarter financial results on tuesday followed by financial results from speer bank and know most bank later in the week on the macro side investors will look at forthcoming p.m.i. manufacturing data to discern whether or not russia is seeing the slowdown very much like a we're seeing in china. michael stein there from a bank is becoming get another international car giant to localise production in russia it has agreed to establish joint venture with the local comic a sourness starting from next year the japanese company aims to annually produce over thirty thousand calls at the russian plant in the country's far east earlier there was reported to invest around eighty million dollars into the project it's not the first international corporation for russia's solar's firm provides its production capacities to a number of foreign companies including korea's ssang yong and it's
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a nice get well for more business news you can always join us around fifty five minutes time with an update all on so website forward slash business the headlines are next on.
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just simply. the band.
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world. markets technology innovation all the rest of elements from around russia. we've got the future covered. see.


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